Karachi sports club revamps with Harman
Tuesday, 12 February 2019
dhaKYAF installed eight JBL AWC82 all-weather compact speakers
Pakistan - KYAF Corporation recently outfitted DHA Sports Club with a new complete Harman Professional Solutions sound system to provide an immersive audio experience on the field and in the stands.
Located in the heart of Karachi, DHA Sports Club is managed by renowned Pakistani cricketer Moin Khan. As part of the facility’s mission to provide a place for young Pakistani athletes to develop their talents in a supportive environment, DHA Sports Club hired KYAF Corporation to upgrade their sound system with modern audio solutions. After careful consideration, KYAF Corporation and DHA Sports Club selected a sound reinforcement system comprised of JBL Professional speakers, Crown amplifiers and AKG microphones.
“DHA Sports Club asked us to provide a high-quality audio system that would complement their beautiful sports facility and provide great coverage,” says Ahmed Bawaney, KYAF Corporation. “After we demonstrated the quality and performance of the Harman audio system, they gave us the green light to install.
“We faced a few challenges during the installation - namely, the left side of the stadium is blocked by an apartment building, posing a potential for harmful reflections. In addition, the unusual architecture of the stadium posed challenges in the rigging of the speakers. The flexibility and clarity of the JBL speakers helped us overcome these challenges to provide perfectly clear sound throughout the stadium.”
To ensure premium audio quality and coverage throughout the facility’s stadium, KYAF installed eight JBL AWC82 all-weather compact speakers. KYAF also included four JBL EON 615 portable PA speakers as on-field fills to ensure announcements and music can be heard by players on the field.
KYAF used Crown XLi 2500 amplifiers to provide reliable power to the JBL speaker system. In order to ensure maximum intelligibility and vocal sound quality for announcements, the KYAF team completed DHA Sports Club’s sound system with AKG WMS470 wireless handheld microphones and CGN521 STS tabletop microphones.
“Our audio system is the first of its kind in Pakistan - other stadiums are still using antiquated horn-type speakers for announcements only,” says a spokesperson for DHA Sports Club. “We wanted to set a new standard for sound quality in sports stadiums, and the KYAF team helped us achieve that goal with a state-of-the-art system.”
(Jim Evans)

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