Large CLF line-up for Electric Fireworks show
Monday, 18 January 2021
clf-lighting-electric-fireworksNew Year’s Eve Electric Fireworks in the Amsterdam ArenA
The Netherlands - Over 500 CLF fixtures were part of the first Electric Fireworks NYE show in the Amsterdam ArenA.
Selected because of their power and punch, Poseidon and Aorun beams took care of the aerial effects. LEDbar PRO and Ares fixtures were added to create blinding firework effects. 4Light Showprojects and Dutch7 were in charge of the technical production.
Lighting was designed and programmed by LD Company. During load-in, the roof of the ArenA had to be open all the time. Therefore, fixtures with an IP65 rating were preferred. Ronnie Santegoeds (4Light Showprojects) explains: “Initially we planned an outdoor event. That’s why we started the preparation process with a big fixture shoot-out, based on projection at 50m and beam intensity. The CLF Poseidon Beam was chosen to feature the circle shaped structures which resemble fireworks.”
The firework structures also included LEDbar PRO and Ares fixtures. “We used these fixtures for the most powerful part of the fireworks - launching and exploding. Due to their output, the LEDbar PRO and Ares were ideal to emphasize these accents,” comments Santegoeds. One hundred and eighty linearly lined up Aorun Beam fixtures completed the scene.

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