LPM Restaurant & Bar
UK - LPM Restaurant & Bar, a French and Mediterranean restaurant in the heart of Mayfair, recently upgraded their audio system to 1 Sound. Leonardo Dani, sales executive from 1 Sound, approached Middlesex Sound & Lighting Limited (MSL) looking for a UK installation partner to work on this project, which would mark the first 1 Sound installation in the UK. 1 Sound had previously been installed in LPM’s Miami restaurant location.
The design challenge was to create evenly distributed audio where the main dining area is an unusually triangular shape. MSL deployed 16 Cannon C5i’s for a premium audio experience. These 5-inch coaxial point sources were mounted and aimed using the C5’s C-Clamp accessory. The C5i’s were combined with 1 Sound’s ultra compact and discreet FSUB45’s. Six Floor subwoofers were distributed under existing banquet seating throughout all the FOH trade areas for distributed bass.
“The system design of 1 Sound C5i Cannons perfectly positioned combined with FSUB45s creates an exceptionally premium sounding audio experience for the guests,” says Darrel Olivier, director of MSL.
To ensure optimum control, set up, and performance for LPM’s audio system. All of the loudspeakers are driven using Powersoft quattrocanali Q2404 DSP-D amplifiers and BSS Audio DSP with iOS control.

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