Maroon 5 get X4 Bar 20 treatment at Mandalay Bay
Wednesday, 22 February 2017
glpMaroon 5 at the Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay Events Centre
USA - The latest in a succession of lighting professionals to adopt GLP’s award-winning X4 Bar 20 platform has been designer and programmer, Brian Jenkins. Part of an experienced team based on America’s West Coast, along with people like Roy Bennett, his verdict was unequivocal. “In the moving LED batten market, GLP has hit it out of the park.”
Jenkins is no stranger to the German company’s products, having originally been introduced to the Volkslicht by Seth Jackson when he was designing the Selena Gomez tour. This kick-started an enduring relationship with GLP and its staff. Now in his fourth year with Maroon 5, the LD says, “When we first fired-up in 2015, Roy Bennett designed the production and lighting, with Jason Baeri and myself handling programming and associate design duties. We’ve found a workflow that we both enjoy.
“Outside the main tour, which Roy designs, I handle all the other designs and show direction and am given creative freedom for each show.” And this included two shows at Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay Events Centre on 30-31 December.
Regarding his lighting plot as “an extension of Roy’s vision”, Brian Jenkins kept returning to a promising, and pre-existing structural concept but recognised that it needed some “extra legs”.
Having been introduced to the X4 Bar 20 by Matt Shimamoto at Volt Lites he could see instantly that it had great potential.
“A few designers were present and we rammed through all the normal FX: colour saturation, dimmer curve, speed, pastels, homogenisation, etc. Fast forward to LDI 2015 and 2016 when Matt programmed the hell out of them - and this gave the industry a chance to see the uniqueness of this fixture.”
With the Maroon 5 rig at Mandalay Bay he could build on the dynamics created by Roy Bennett, by incorporating the X4 Bar 20 into the plot. “They stayed out of the way for part of the set, but when the intensity finally flew to full, it gave the stage a slick, framed look.
(Jim Evans)

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