Martin Garrix live show launches with Robe
Friday, 9 June 2017
robe-martin-garrixThe new Martin Garrix live show which will tour around the world for the rest of the year
USA - Three hi-energy sold out shows at San Francisco’s Bill Graham Civic Auditorium launched the new Martin Garrix live show which will tour around the world for the rest of the year as the young Dutch superstar DJ and music producer continues to wow crowds.
Equally hot in appearance is the lighting and visuals show created by production designer Gabe Fraboni which features 138 Robe moving lights – 90 x Spikies, 20 x Pointes and 28 x BMFL Spots.
The main goal of this design is to take Martin Garrix out of a purely DJ context and take a more rock / pop approach.
Fans at this year’s Coachella festival received a sneak preview of what was to come with the plus-shaped video screen and surrounding grid of 90 x Spikies tight at the heart of the performance environment. Now the power and impact of this and the full new production design has been unleashed to the delight of his fans.
Gabe had used Robe Pointes and BMFLs very successfully on the last Martin Garrix tour, so when it came to the new design he wanted to add a dynamic “trick fixture” for this one and chose to do it with Spikies.
They are rigged onto an elegant industrial trussing structure which is built upstage of the DJ booth and frames a large plus-shaped LED screen in the centre that is also attached to the truss uprights.
The Spikies are placed exactly 2ft.9 inches apart on the horizontal and vertical plane and are the main focus of the show lighting.
“Spikies were the perfect fit” declared Gabe. “The continuous pan-and-tilt, flower effect and the prism give the exact ‘trick’ elements I need to keep up with the frenetic pace of Martin’s set.”
The Pointes and BMFL Blades are hung on three straight trusses above the stage and add a complimentary architecture to the space, together with texture and depth. In the full production version of the design there is also a large 9 mm LED screen upstage as a backdrop.
The BMFLs and Pointes also become prominent at certain points, providing a classic show lighting element creating structures with beam work and layering this with gobos and color on top.
The light show was programmed by Gabe and Ben Dalgliesh and run by Gabe for the three San Francisco gigs together with lasers, calling all the other elements via comms. Ben will be taking it on the road globally, with video being run by Lorenzo de Pascalis.
For these three launch performances lighting and video equipment was supplied by VER and lasers and SFX by Pyrotechnico.
Internationally, the production will be supplied to Gabe’s spec by the local promoter and the fact that Robe is now widely available on all continents has also given Gabe confidence that the integrity of the design will be maintained everywhere.
(Jim Evans)

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