MGG at the Discovery Sport Awards
Wednesday, 13 September 2017
mggA futuristic look for the 2017 Discovery Sport Industry Awards (photo: Janco Haywood)
South Africa - Johannesburg based MGG Productions created a futuristic look and feel for the 2017 Discovery Sport Industry Awards held at Sandton Convention Centre’s Pavilion venue. A huge claw-like Prolyte H40 structure, designed by Francois van der Merwe, formed a dome over the stage area and a Robe retinue with control on grandMA2 lite, completed the look while sound was mixed on a DiGiCo S21. The show attracted and acknowledge sport professionals in South Africa.
“The client wanted something different,” said DJ Carstens, project manager at the event. “Instead of a usual set, we created an industrial expression. Francois van der Merwe came up with the design.”
Lighting incorporated 12 Robe Squares. “The Squares were bright, and they were really great,” commented Francois van der Merwe. “The rig also included Robe Spiiders which I enjoyed. In addition, we used six Robe BMFLS Blades and six WashBeams, 12 Robe LEDBeam 100s for truss warmers, 24 Martin MAC 101s, 18 Claypaky Sharpys and 18 Philips Nitro 510C Strobes. A grandMA2 light with NPU was used for control. A 3,9mm VuePix stacked screen served as a backdrop.
“The client wanted something beautiful,” added Francois. “We had three different looks, warm, cold and neutral, and a ballyhoo for the announcement of the winners.”
On the audio side, sound engineer Constant De Vos from MGG mixed on a DiGiCo S21. “It’s a lovely console, and the one I use the most for events,” said Constant. “The S21 is user friendly and is easy enough to navigate even if are new to the desk.”
(Jim Evans)

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