New Flare Q+ on Clean Bandit tour
Monday, 26 June 2017
clean-banditClean Bandit has further European festival dates scheduled through August
Europe - Grammy winners Clean Bandit are an EDM tour de force. Following their critically acclaimed appearance at the Isle of Wight Festival earlier this month, they played Glastonbury and have other summer festivals around Europe through August. The American leg of their tour is scheduled for October. In large venues and small, 18 Solaris Flare Q+ fixtures are integral to the band’s show.
“We’re using two sets of six for side-washes, and seven units upstage, all with Kasmer diffusers for a really clean look,” says tour lighting designer and programmer, Liam Griffiths. “I wanted the diffusers to hide the LED sources, which can be harsh on camera. I use the fixtures in two-pixel mode and as strobes. I've used Flares on almost every tour I've done and the new Flare Q+ is far brighter. Most of the time I actually find myself restricting them to 75%!”
Show design is by Rob Sinclair, with the entire lighting package for the European tour provided by Entec Sound and Light of London. “We had been speaking with Paul Hartley at TMB about the new Flare Q+ and were aware of its power and potential,” says Adam Stevenson, Entec’s assistant head of lighting. “When Sinclair and Griffiths specified Flare Q+ and Kasmers for the tour, it was a perfect opportunity to make the investment.
“The fixtures are everything we thought they would be and way more. Their increased output and versatility as a combination wash, strobe, and blinder, with the new quiet mode for theatre or studio use, make Flare Q+ ideal for a variety of applications and an excellent investment.”
(Jim Evans)

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