Nexo arrays installed in Atomy’s Korean HQ
Wednesday, 20 January 2021
nexoThe new Atomy auditorium
South Korea - Nexo’s installation business has started the new year with good news from South Korea, where the company’s distributor A-Works prosound has delivered an installation project for a new auditorium, owned by the billion-dollar network marketing company Atomy.
Following a four-way shoot-out competition last summer, A-Works won the contract with its demonstration of a Nexo Geo M12 mid-size line array system, paired with MSUB18 subs, and extended by a sizeable delay system using Nexo’s super-compact ID24 point source cabinets.
The auditorium is located at Atomy HQ in Gongju, and is used for mini-concerts, education, internal events and the Atomy Corporation’s annual awards ceremony. The Geo M12 fits ATOMY’s purposes, specified with eight-module arrays left and right, and a three-module hang in the centre. Twelve of the powerful 18” MSUB bass units are flown above the centre of the stage. Four ID24 compact cabinets provide near-fill, mounted underneath the stage.
Around the auditorium, a total of 34 ID24s, in white, comprise the delay system. For stage monitoring, A-works has chosen Nexo’s new P12 point source speakers. The whole system is driven by NXAMP4x4Mk2 amplifiers.
All system design was completed using Nexo’s NS-1 proprietary modelling and simulation software by Jinhee Kim from A-works prosound. Regular Geo M12 production company user PLAN24 was there to mastermind the winning demonstration system at the shootout, which was tuned by Mr. So-Yong Lee, engineer from Prof. Sound Korea. Coordination of the demo and the installation was overseen by Mr. Sung-Ho Lee, general manager of A-works prosound.

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