The Teatro dell’Opera di Roma
Italy - From 2-26 March, the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma hosts the Richard Strauss opera Salome with its famous Dance of the Seven Veils, based on the play by Oscar Wilde.
Stripped of lavish scenery, this pared-back production directed by Marc Albrecht with conductor Barrie Kosky invites the audience to focus exclusively on the characters, the dialogue and the music, with sound therefore playing a role of heightened importance.
At some moments of the production, the voice and movements of the performer on stage are required to generate a dynamic effect in the auditorium, with the echo of a higher voice propagating from the stalls to the gallery.
AV technology specialists AMG were approached early in the production development phase to configure and install a sound system that could deliver the complex sound design.
Stacks of five Nexo compact Geo M620s on an MSUB15 were located left and right, with eight Nexo ID24 front-fills and eight more ID24s on the stalls, and a further four speakers at the rear.
With the audience effectively surrounded, the locations of performers’ voices were able to track their positions and the directions in which they were facing, helping to create a more immersive and engaging experience for visitors to the opera.

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