Ozuna on world tour with dot2
Tuesday, 30 May 2017
ozunaTwo dot2 XL-F control a set consisting of more than 100 fixtures
Mexico - Latin American artist Ozuna recently started his world tour in support of the Odisea album. Lighting designer Alex Soto’s first choice for lighting control was two dot2 XL-F to control a set consisting of more than 100 fixtures.
Soto commented: “The dot2 is an amazing console to do any kind of show. It is fast to programme and easy to use. It is really an amazing console for a fast live show. We had a quick access to the different kind of options of the fixtures and could create different types of effects in a short time.
“We had the performance divided by scenes that took the audience to a unique experience”, continued Soto. “By this they could feel and live the music. All of this to show how much the artist has grown in a year and a half of his musical career.” The lighting equipment was delivered by PRG Mexico.
(Jim Evans)

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