The Padova Congress is a massive conference and exhibition space in the heart of the historic city of Padua
Italy - To provide the newly designed Padova Congress building with an innovative and future-proofed AV over IP system, Intermark Sistemi selected and deployed a range of advanced AMX networked solutions.
Opened in 2022, the Padova Congress is a massive conference and exhibition space in the heart of the historic city of Padua. The venue serves as an international crossroads for culture, business and innovation, reflecting Padua’s legacy as the home to some of Europe’s greatest minds like Galileo Galilei and Giotto.
At the heart of the new AV system are the large LED walls placed on the main stages, designed by Stefano De Troia. The Congress’s largest hall - the 1,565-seat Sala Giotto - sports the largest screen in the venue as well as one of Europe’s most advanced multimedia stations for presentations, screenings and events. With such technology housed within a building designed by esteemed Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, the venue itself reflects art and technology working in harmony to incite collaboration and progress.
With collaboration and innovation as the top priorities, the Padova Congress facility required a state-of-the-art, networked AV system to transmit media and streams over IP throughout the venue’s event halls, multipurpose spaces, press room and restaurant area. To meet these requirements, Intermark Sistemi selected and installed several AMX solutions throughout the venue for fast and reliable AV processing.
“The AMX integrated control and audio/video distribution system runs entirely on a dedicated fiber network with Cisco switches,” said Roberto Tramarin, senior sales director, Mosaico Group. “In summary, the result is a state-of-the-art system architecture, open to any future implementation.”
For networked processing, AMX N2400 Series encoders and decoders provide both video and audio data management with near-zero latency throughout the facility. With both copper and fibre-optic connections available for high signal quality at any distance, the NMX-ENC-N2412A encoder and NMX-DEC-N2422A decoder support up to 4K60 resolution - suitable for spaces with large-scale, high-definition video. Additionally, both solutions offer KVM functions via USB for remote PC control, achieving a balance between simple controls and advanced functionality.
Running in between the encoders and decoders is the AMX NMX-WP-N2410 Windowing Processor, which allows for simultaneous streaming of up to four high-definition sources onto a single image source. With real-time, user-friendly controls available for background options, window dimensions, zoom functionality and more, the NMX-WP-N2410 drastically increases the functionality and flexibility of the Padova Congress’ various video spaces while minimising bandwidth and installation needs.
Finally, AMX Netlinx NX-2200 Integrated Controllers provide responsive programming and control options throughout the space. Equipped with backwards and cross-compatibility as well as advanced security features including Dual NIC, the NX-2200 provides versatile control and automation options throughout the Padova Congress spaces and offers support for future system expansions and modifications.
“The aspect I most appreciate about this project is that it can respond to virtually any request from customers in the conference sector, combining ease of use, functionality, quality, flexibility and scalability,” said Stefano De Troia, founder, De.Re.Com. “There is not much to invent in this field, but I believe that having an entire congress centre with AV-over-IP signal routing is unique in Italy.”

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