PAM Invests in Chauvet Ovation fixtures
Thursday, 26 September 2019
ovation-f-265wwThe Ovation fixtures are set to be utilised for a wide spectrum of events and purposes
Germany - Almost 30 years after Thomas Fenzl and Thomas Moritz joined forces to create the successful West Berlin rental house, PAM Events, their company is still setting the bar high for large scale productions both in Berlin and Germany at large.
After looking to replace and update their stock of conventional Fresnel fixtures, PAM Events joined forces with a number of other Berlin-based rental houses in acquiring 48 Chauvet Professional Ovation F-265WW, 24 F-55WW and 24 E-260WW fixtures as part of a Berlin-wide cross rental platform.
In a move echoing the collaborative efforts of Fenzl and Moritz behind the Berlin Wall, the Ovation fixtures were able to win over the wide collection of Berlin-based rental companies, such as Lichtwerk, Audio + Frames, Spice Events, Huth Events, Edelmat, Wemme-Evennt, and Atlantis-VT with their versatile yet highly efficient Fresnel style output, which is suitable for a wide array of purposes.
“We conducted several tests with different manufacturers,” comments Thomas Moritz. “During demos with the Ovation fixtures on the Chauvet Professional Roadshow in Germany last year, the Ovations made a pretty good job in our view - so much so that we immediately considered them as a replacement for our halogen Fresnels.
"Not only did the Ovation fixtures outperform the classic 1kW Fresnel lens significantly in output, they also have a very homogeneous light distribution, which is a crucial factor for us,” continues Moritz. “As a result, the Ovation is proving to be more than a match for the old Fresnel fixtures.”
With PAMs client base covering everything from classic stage lighting to television and live studio broadcasting, the multifaceted capabilities of the Ovation fixtures are set to be utilised for a wide spectrum of events and purposes.
(Jim Evans)

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