Pinewood MBS Lighting supports David and Bathsheba
Friday, 17 November 2017
underwaterFilming took place at Pinewood Studios Underwater Stage
UK - Rental specialists Pinewood MBS Lighting worked alongside cinematographer Josie Williams on the award-winning film David and Bathsheba by directors Sammy Patterson and Dagmar Scheibenreif.
Filmed at Pinewood Studios Underwater Stage as part of the 48hour Film Project, the film is a resplendent mix of storytelling and spectacular lighting and camerawork.
Working with Robert Shears, Pinewood MBS provided supported and equipment to the shoot, including ARRIMax M18 and Dedo Octadome kits which the crew employed to good effect, particularly during the underwater sequences filmed by Dagmar Scheibenreif.
Commenting on the support received by the production, director Sammy Patterson says: “Our heartfelt thanks go out to Pinewood MBS Lighting, Pinewood Studios and absolutely everyone who helped us and worked so hard to put this film together - we could not have done it without them. We’re thrilled to have won in three separate categories and are looking forward to sharing our film with audiences around the world.”
Commissioned and created in just 48 hours, the winning production will now go on to represent London against winners from other cities around the world as part of Filmapalooza 2018.
Pinewood MBS managing director Darren Smith adds: “We are always delighted to be able to play a part in productions such as this - the entire crew have done an incredible job on David and Bathsheba, creating such a fantastic looking piece of work in just 48hours. We wish them the very best with their production.”
(Jim Evans)

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