Radio Norba creates flagship studio around GLP
Tuesday, 20 July 2021
radio-norbaThe main studio was recently fitted with innovative new lighting effects from GLP
Italy - Based in Conversano, Bari, TeleNorba SPA has been one of Italy’s principal TV broadcasters since RadioNorba TV production began in 2012.
The main studio at its headquarters, used for all TV production, was recently fitted with innovative new lighting effects from GLP - including KNV Dot and impression FR1 - supplied by its Italian distributor, Alto Lighting Srl.
Alto Lighting has enjoyed an extremely good relationship with RadioNorba. “Therefore, when they started to think about the new studio, we were asked to provide support with the lighting,” said Alto Lighting CEO, Cristiano Perandini.
He emphasised that since the studio was only three metres high, it had not been possible to create conventional beam effects. Therefore, designer Massimo Pascucci, one of Italy’s most experienced LD’s and DoP’s, looked no further than GLP’s KNV Dot modular strobe, which would be used in combination with special double, pixel controlled RGBW LED Bars - custom made by Alto.
He deployed 30 of the GLP fixtures, installed inside the scenography, which are used both for lighting effects as well as for back light. “This creates perfectly balanced whites at 180° and lights the studio homogeneously,” said Perandini. All are controlled in a matrix from the Resolume platform.
One particular advantage of the KNV Dot - particularly in a TV studio - is that the source can ‘disappear’ back into the set when used individually.
According to the Alto CEO, Massimo Pascucci was already experienced in using solutions from the GLP portfolio. “He really knows how to get the best from their products, including the KNV range, which he used last year on another RadioNorba production, Battiti Live. This provided him with something new, something completely different.”
At the same time, Alto Lighting provided 12 GLP impression FR1 pencil beams, for the in-house technicians to install on the studio’s rail system.
Paying tribute to RadioNorba, Massimo Pascucci sent special thanks to Alan Palmieri and Marco Montrone, president of the Norba group (whose father Luca, founded RadioNorba) for their continued belief.
For Alto Lighting, this project also marks a major success. “We have been involved for about six months, when the studio was still at the design stage, and supported the installation right up to the first day on air. During this time we offered full technical support to all the RadioNorba technicians.”

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