Robe encouraged by Chance
Tuesday, 12 September 2017
robe-chance-the-rapper-7134--steve-jenningsChance The Rapper in action (photo: Steve Jennings)
USA - Chance the Rapper is enjoying plenty of popularity and critical comment in general, and on his past US tour in particular, which featured an eye-catching show designed by another rising star in our own industry, Michael Apostolos.
Like the artist, Michael is also based in Chicago. They met through Chance’s management team four years ago, when Michael started as LD, and he is now the creative director as both their career trajectories have soared.
Michael put Robe moving lights right at the heart of the Be Encouraged tour, specifying 30 x BMFL Spots, four BMFL WashBeams and 56 x LEDWash 1200s as well as eight CycFX 8s for the tour, all supplied by rental specialist, Solotech.
The lights were positioned across five overhead ‘finger’ trusses, fanning out from upstage center and along the deck upstage of the band risers.
The LEDWash 1200s formed the “backbone” of the show explained Michael. They were in virtually every cue, programmed into the grandMA2 console, and some meticulous programming ensured that each LEDWash look was unique and interesting.
The BMFL Spots were the major profile fixture, while the WashBeams were used for specials and surprises in this colourful, high-impact performance.
The CycFX 8s were used to add low backlight to the band and help create highlighting moments delineating the musicians on stage.
In his creative director’s role for the tour, Michael also designed the set, based around a large upstage curved LED screen, bringing a clean and elegant look to the stage. This was framed by two proscenium ‘light boxes which added further colour and definition.
(Jim Evans)

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