Robert Juliat flies high with Florence
Tuesday, 8 January 2019
trld-florence-and-the-machineFlorence and The Machine return to Europe in March (photo: Luke Dyson)
Europe - Lighting designer Tim Routledge has made good use of Robert Juliat Dalis 862 Footlight fixtures on Florence and the Machine’s current High as Hope tour by utilising the 150W LED Dalis’ variable white tones to light the eight-strong band. The English indie rock band’s eclectic music switches between the ethereal and the energetic, at times dreamy, or effervescent, with Routledge’s lighting marking out rhythmic beats or subtly backlighting the band and set.
On this occasion, Routledge has worked alongside show designer Willo Perron whose wooden topographical stage design conceals 16 Dalis 862 fixtures in wooden hides, through which the light filters to light the band members and backlight the set. RJ Dalis fixtures have a slimline, low profile body that renders them unobtrusive on stage and ideal for concealing within set pieces. Routledge uses two Dalis battens to illuminate each musician from both sides and maximizes the subtle colouring that can be achieved with the variable white sources.
“The show is lit in three colours, tungsten, peach and rose gold, and the Dalis fit beautifully in this world,” says Routledge. “By playing with cold and warm white and various accents, the Dalis gave us dynamic and unique key-lighting on each of the eight players. Moving from low, warm dimmed key light to strobing in cold white, we were able to achieve a huge range of looks out of what, at first glance, looks like a fairly simple unit.”
The Dalis 862 fixtures for the tour have been supplied, along with the full lighting inventory, by Premier Global Production of Nashville.
“I’m a huge fan of Dalis 862 having used them extensively on the Sam Smith World Tour, Stormzy and just recently, a few episodes of the X-Factor UK,” says Routledge.
Florence and the Machine completed the UK leg of tour in November 2018 before hitting the US in December; they are now travelling across Australasia throughout January and return to Europe from March until August 2019.
(Jim Evans)

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