Silent Conference supports Record Store Day
Friday, 13 March 2020
record-store-day-eventThe Big Moon recorded their release live in front of an audience at Metropolis Studios
UK - Silent Conference supported the live-to-vinyl recording event by Record Store Day 2020 ambassadors The Big Moon at Metropolis Studios, London.
Ahead of Record Store Day – which takes place this year on 18 April – The Big Moon recorded their Record Store Day release live in front of an audience at Metropolis Studios on 5 March.
Metropolis Studios recreated the experience of recording live to vinyl, a process that was once used regularly by musicians. The attending audience, comprised of music industry personnel and fans of The Big Moon, used wireless headphones provided by Silent Conference to listen to each individual track as it was performed and recorded live. Through the headphones, attendees also heard conversation between the band members (Juliette Jackson, Soph Nathan, Celia Archer and Fern Ford) and studio engineers throughout the recording process, as well as comments from The Big Moon.
Tom Stirling, marketing manager, Silent Conference, commented: “Our wireless headphones and technology have been used for all sorts of events around the world, but this was a new experience we are proud to have supported with our partners at Metropolis Studios and Record Store Day. Recording live to vinyl requires performances from confident and accomplished artists – and, as everyone listening on the headphones can attest, The Big Moon were more than up to the daunting task.”
Gavin Newman, brand director at Metropolis Studios, added: “We consider ourselves privileged to be able to combine today’s technology with the techniques of the past to create incredible recordings. Bringing the audience right into the studio with the band as they recorded live to vinyl made it even more special.”

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