Solaris Flare IP lights Sculpture Sur la Mer
Monday, 13 February 2017
salmonThe challenge was to bring out the colours of the dichroic glass ‘scales’ covering the fish’s metal skeleton
Canada - What better way to adorn a new Canadian seaside shopping mall than with a 45ft stainless steel and glass leaping salmon sculpture? Located near Vancouver, BC, the Tsawwassen Mills Mall opened last October and every night since, shoppers have enjoyed just such a noble work of art, brightly illuminated by a Solaris Flare IP RGBW outdoor LED wash fixture.
“The challenge was to bring out the colours of the dichroic glass ‘scales’ covering the fish’s metal skeleton,” says Chris Moreno of ShowTech AVL in Burnaby, BC. “Each two-foot square glass panel has natural hues which are quite evident in daylight. We wanted to achieve the ‘sunlight’ effect at night but LED fixtures we tried fell short, creating hot spots and making the glass look merely transparent.
“We found the perfect solution with the Flare IP HD RGBW outdoor wash. The Flare has the ideal combination of extremely bright and even output with a wide and precisely controlled colour palette, giving us exactly what we needed to make the glass panels really ‘pop.’”
Moreno adds, “Getting the colours right was pure art. Prior to the opening, we sat with the clients and a four-channel DMX controller, adjusting the RGBW until everyone was 100% satisfied. Custom firmware was supplied by TMB, allowing us to store and retain the colour settings onboard! ‘Set it and forget it’ was our goal, and every night since then the Flare IP has automatically activated along with the mall lighting.
“The sculpture rests on a pedestal surrounded by a flowing fountain so we needed a battle tank of a fixture that could withstand constant high humidity. After five months of a Canadian winter next to the sea, the Flare IP has performed without fail every night, like ‘Old Faithful.’”
(Jim Evans)

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