Solaris Flare Q+ LR debuts on The Weeknd tour
Monday, 6 February 2017
solaris-flare-lr-front-sm-darker-color-mediumthe Flare LR linear fixtures have all the features of the original Flare
Europe - Grammy award winning singer/songwriter The Weeknd kicks off his 2017 world tour this month in Stockholm, with concert dates scheduled through July in Europe and the Americas. The dynamic stage design boldly features 88 new Solaris Flare Q+ LR linear fixtures.
“The Flare LRs are lining trusses inside the flown structure,” explains lighting designer, Sooner Routhier. “They are very bright and create a smooth linear light effect that you can’t get out of most LED strips. We were looking to line the trusses in a smooth field of light that could give us some beautiful modern looks. The Flare LRs are the perfect choice for this tour and we’re very happy with the results.”
Sooner continues, “In addition, the Flare LR linear fixtures have all the features of the original Flare, which we’ve used for a very long time on The Weeknd and several other designs. I absolutely love running content through Flares. There are ethereal sounds in some of The Weeknd’s tracks that lend themselves perfectly to the effect created when slow moving video content is pushed through the LED engine. I also love using Flares as a powerful wash light behind a band. They create a beautiful, even field of colour and do an incredible job of lighting the air in a hazy room.”
Sooner Routhier, Parnelli 2015 lighting designer of the Year, is co-owner of SRae Productions, with partner Robert Long. She’s worked as a lighting designer and director for many shows in modern dance, theatre, and concert touring. In addition to The Weeknd, she’s worked with Rage Against the Machine; Imagine Dragons; Motley Crue; KISS; Jay Z; Bon Jovi; and others. The Weeknd tour lighting director is Darien Koop of Darko Visual Design, Nashville. Lighting, audio, and A/V equipment is supplied by Solotech.
(Jim Evans)

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