Verge unveils all-in-one drone show solution
Wednesday, 4 October 2023
verge‘The introduction of the X7 is a testament to Verge Aero's seven years of innovation’
USA - Verge Aero has unveiled the Verge Aero X7 drone at the 2023 UP.Summit, a gathering of innovative minds rethinking transportation. Drone shows are one application of the new technologies transforming mobility.
The Verge Aero X7 is a breakthrough product that delivers exceptional performances and smashes the barriers to entry into the drone show industry with a price designed to accelerate adoption, says the company. Now, almost anyone can create and perform drone shows with Verge Aero’s integrated, all-in-one drone show solution.
Venturing into the drone show industry has presented aspiring providers with a maze of mismatched hardware and software components creating disjointed workflows, at higher price points, making entry a daunting task. But Verge Aero, driven by a dedicated development team committed to making drone shows accessible to everyone, has flipped the script.
The introduction of the X7 is a testament to Verge Aero's seven years of innovation and dedication to building an-all-in-one drone show solution, streamlining workflows and democratising the drone show landscape. Designed from the ground up with ease-of-use in mind, the X7 integrates all essential elements for designing and performing sophisticated drone shows into one user-friendly system.
This unified approach drastically increases efficiency, making owning a drone show business an attainable dream for many more enthusiasts.
“As Verge Aero moves forward, we are not just advancing technology but also driving access to the industry, creating community with our partners and audiences, and ushering in a new era of aerial entertainment that can safely blend into festivals, communities, celebrations and more, while minimising the environmental footprint, fire threats, and air and noise pollution,” says the company.
"People love drone shows, but the industry has been slow to develop due to high prices, complex software, and labour-intensive workflows. Together with Verge Aero’s user-friendly software, the X7 gives users a complete solution at a price point enabling mass adoption of this exciting, new technology,” comments Nils Thorjussen, CEO of Verge Aero. “Shows can be designed and flown in minutes. There’s so much potential for shows and we’re excited to get these tools in the hands of people everywhere.
“The Verge Aero Drone Solution Verge Aero is not just about drones; we offer end-to-end drone show solutions with a plug-and-play approach that enables anyone to easily become a drone show operator. From the Verge Aero Design Studio and the Verge Aero Network to our unmatched support, training, and services, we ensure that our clients experience nothing short of excellence.
“Verge Aero’s mission is to make drone shows ubiquitous. Developing the enabling technologies is the singular focus of the in-house engineering team that has developed every aspect of the Verge Aero X7, our software, and entire platform. Like Apple, we believe that tight hardware-software integration delivers the best overall user experience while maximising safety. The market finally has what it needs to satisfy the rapidly growing demand for drone shows.”

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