Zappa Group commits to DiGiCo
Wednesday, 8 December 2021
zappaclubfohq2252All Zappa venues are switching to DiGiCo
Israel - Named after Frank Zappa and founded in 2004, Israel’s Zappa Group is a live show chain of clubs with an ethos of respect for music, musicians and listeners. From its first venue in Tel Aviv, it has grown to include clubs and outdoor venues in Herzliya, Jerusalem, Haifa ,Beer Sheba, Zappa Amphi Shuni and Zappa live Park, and hosts top Israeli and international music acts.
Following a change of ownership, a new technical manager was appointed to supervise the venues and raise their technical standards. Having worked as technical producer on large-scale concerts, he recognised their ubiquitous use of DiGiCo consoles. This prompted the start of a major move for all Zappa venues to install DiGiCo.
Supplied by Israeli distribution company, Gidron Levitan, the main Tel Aviv venue now boasts a DiGiCo Quantum 338, with Herzliya and Haifa upgrading to Quantum 225s, and the Jerusalem club continuing to rely on its tried and tested SD9 for all live, private and business events.
“Zappa’s commitment is significant both for us and for DiGiCo,” says Eytan Gidron, co-founder of Gidron Levitan and responsible for sales, planning and consulting, as well as technical support. “With the majority of local talent and international artists playing at Zappa clubs across the country, it means that all their engineers will now be using DiGiCo consoles, making it the most accepted and approved console in Israel.”
Having recently moved to new and larger premises, Zappa Tel Aviv is now in its last stages of construction. Purchasing the Quantum 338 was an opportunity to raise the standard of the group’s flagship venue by integrating the latest technologies in power and connectivity into their new audio setup. “We wanted to install a system that is solid and future-proof and will last for many years. The Quantum 338 ticks all these boxes for us,” adds Itamar Bar-Shavit, VP productions & technical manager at The Zappa Group.
According to Bar-Shavit, 95 percent of those using the new Quantum 338 will be visiting sound engineers who usually handle monitors from the FOH console. In fact, the only venue that will have a separate monitor console is Zappa Tel Aviv, which has also purchased an SD9 to be used in its smaller room, and as a monitor console in the main room from time to time, whilst Zappa Jerusalem benefits from a new Quantum 225 to match the Herzliya and Haifa venues’ specs.

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