France - The Royal Opera of Versailles, part of the famous Palace of Versailles, was inaugurated in 1770 and is also known as the Théâtre Gabriel. The interior decoration by Augustin Pajou is constructed almost entirely of wood – for enviable acoustics – and painted with a faux marble technique.

After years of neglect, the venue was transformed by two complete restorations – the 1,200-capacity main room was re-gilded in 1957 and the stage and machinery were revamped in 2009. Since then, it has been busy hosting an annual programme of concerts of baroque music, operas, and ballets.

More recently, a major lighting upgrade comprising 40 x Robe T2 Profiles was delivered in two batches by Robe France, an initial purchase of 30, followed by another 10 x T2 Profiles, which they liked so much that they purchased 12 x TX1 PosiProfiles.


France - Permanently moored on the river Seine in the heart of Paris, Mademoiselle Mouche provides breathtaking views of the Eiffel Tower from its rooftop party space. Guests enjoy a signature menu from the Paris Cocktail Club alongside DJ sets delivered by a newly installed Nexo sound system.

To provide the power and headroom combined with the all-weather performance required in the outdoor space, the Novelty Paris agency of AV technology specialists the Novelty-Magnum-Dushow group designed and installed a Nexo ePS Outdoor system featuring two ePS12 with two eLS18 subs for the main DJ system, and eight ePS8 with four eLS600 subs for delays and coverage of a VIP zone. Cabinets are finished in white to complement the chic design of the venue.

Amplification and processing are provided by Dante-equipped Nexo NXAMP4X2Mk2 (X 1) and NXAMP4X1Mk2 (X 2) Power

USA - Taking Back Sunday lighting designer Eric Price is the first to tour with Elation’s new SŌL I Blinder, integrating the tiny yet impactful LED light into the rock band’s set on their current North American outing. Celebrating their new album, 152, the tour kicked off on 19 May in New Orleans and continues through the summer.

“I was looking for a low-profile blinder to skirt the risers, set pieces and steps -something powerful, functional, and small enough to put on a pipe for easy travel, install and pull - and the SŌL fit the bill,” Price said. First shown at the LDI tradeshow in December, the SŌL I Blinder is not only compact and versatile enough to seamlessly integrate into virtually any stage setting, its RGBLAW LED engine offers full-spectrum colour and packs a punch at over 8000 lumens. Its modular design, coupled with a variet

Australia - Northside Wizards is a successful basketball team based in Brisbane which runs sections for men, women, and juniors. Competing in the NBL1 Central, Australia’s second division basketball league, the team’s home fixtures take place at the Northside Indoor Sports Centre in Zillmere, where the Wizards recently took steps to improve the game-day experience of fans by improving the audio provision on their main court.

The Wizards have been clients of Brisbane-based supplier Brisbane Sound Group (BSG) for more than 25 years, and consulted with the audio, visual and lighting specialists about the best way forward. With its experienced sales, install and hire departments, BSG is a one-stop shop that can meet the audio needs of a wide range of settings. BSG Installation and project manager, Josiah Kerridge, took account of the venue and designed a sys

Europe - Shure has announced its updated, newly designed low-profile WL18Xm professional lavalier condenser microphones, including the cardioidWL185m, supercardioidWL184m, and omnidirectionalWL183m, for use with wireless bodypack transmitters.

The refreshed portfolio builds on the legacy and performance of existing Shure WL lavalier microphone technology, offering full and accurate sound quality with an improved presence response. The WL18Xm line delivers enhanced specifications for optimal compatibility with modern wireless systems and is specifically designed for speech and presentation applications in corporate, education, and worship environments. 

“Our WL series has been the go-to lavalier solution for decades, known for reliability, durability, and full, accurate sound. As wireless technology continues to improve, we saw an opportunity to in

USA - When fans of Noah Kahan come to see one of the shows on his We'll All Be Here Forever North America Tour - assuming they can get tickets to this largely sold-out trek visiting stadiums, arenas, and amphitheatres across North America between 26 March and 19 July - they’ll see six musicians on stage. What they’ll hear, though, in addition to Kahan’s folky-pop melodies and piercing lyrics, are literally dozens of instruments.

“Everyone plays like 15 instruments each,” says tour monitor engineer Clark Wright, being only slightly hyperbolic. “One person plays a fiddle, 12-string guitar, mandolin, and banjo, and everyone is just constantly swapping instruments. Aside from drums, I think the minimum that someone plays is three instruments and the most is seven or eight. This really is a band of multi-instrumentalists.”

Managing that matr

Germany - PRG was one of the first users worldwide to use the Cameo ORON H2 IP65 hybrid moving-head with phosphor-laser engine in a live production. The laser moving head provided beams and effects on the main stage of this year's OMR Festival 2024 in Hamburg.

PRG and lighting designer Ben Marquardt (QConcept) placed eight ORON H2s on the floor in front of the huge projection screen on which all the talks and presentations in the large hall were projected. The ORON H2 thus accompanied the eagerly awaited appearances of OMR top guests Kim Kardashian, Robert Habeck, Jeff Koons, Rick Rubin and many more.

"The ORON H2 is a special spotlight," says Ben Marquardt. "With its razor-sharp, narrow beams, it is perfect for prominent stage looks and fan effects at the speakers' entrances, but also as a static 'spotlight' when the focus is fully on the talks."

USA - The University of New Hampshire Spring Concert, headlined by MTV Award nominate rapper Lil Tecca was backed up by a bold and intense light show created by the Events United team that featured 58 Chauvet Professional fixtures, and 30 F4 IP video tiles.

Matching the music of the artists on the 48’ by 64’ stage, the production featured a penetrating industrial look with stark colour contrasts, an ample amount of dark space, fog, and plenty of audience lighting.

“I wanted to create an edgier look using practical pieces on stage,” said production designer Rachel Fahey of Events United, who designed the show. “I included a decent amount of crowd lighting. I think it's important to include the crowd in what is going on stage. Crowd lighting can help them feel more comfortable to dance or sing along, and for some that's the best part about go

USA - The Famous Group is a creative technology provider and mixed reality specialist based in Los Angeles. Working with high-profile brands to create memorable fan experiences, the team was recently involved in Carnival Cruise Line’s launch campaign for its new destination, Celebration Key.

For maximum impact, Carnival and its media agency, Initiative, planned to air adverts during two of the most important sporting events in the US broadcast calendar: the NBA All-Star Game and the NFC Championship. Leading on the creative aspect of the project, the Famous Group deployed Stage Precision’s comprehensive SP toolkit to action a mixed-reality advertisement that would truly capture the imagination of viewers.  

“Carnival Cruise’s new resort is still under construction, so it wasn’t possible to show footage of the destination,” explains Erik

USA - Jesamondo Salon & Spa in Natick, MA, has installed 22 Genelec 4435A Smart IP active in-ceiling speakers, allowing Jesamondo’s management to toggle between four different Pandora music feeds in any of the facility’s many rooms.

Genelec Inc. senior technical sales manager Paul Stewart is himself a longtime patron of Jesamondo. Owner Matt Traiger was open to any ideas for the salon’s audio renovation, and it didn’t take long for the prospect of a Genelec system to strike the right chord with him. “I chatted with Paul.  And then, an hour later, I’m at Genelec’s Experience Centre in Natick, and he’s showing me and testing everything. He just turned on the Genelec speakers, and it took half a second to tell a distinct difference from the sound system we had. The quality of the sound was just like night and day, and I said ‘Let’s do t

UK - Big Church Festival, Europe's largest Christian and gospel music event, made history this year by powering its main stage with green hydrogen for the first time.

Hosted on the Wiston Estate in West Sussex, this annual gathering brought together over 30,000 attendees from across the UK and beyond to worship alongside some of the world's most renowned Christian artists and the only emission from powering the headline acts was water.

Diesel generators, long used in the events industry, pose significant environmental and health risks due to their emissions of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and particulate matter. By transitioning to green hydrogen power, Big Church Festival has taken a proactive step towards mitigating climate change, cutting air pollution, reducing noise and safeguarding the well-being both of event workers and of local communiti

UK - Britain’s Got Talent contestants battle it out each spring to reach the top spot - this year won by singer Sydnie Christmas, to the tune of £250,000 and a coveted place on the Royal Variety Performance. Viewers tune in at an average rate of 5-6m per episode, with the first episode watched by over 12mviewers, making BGT ITV’s biggest entertainment show this year.

2024 marks the third year television, broadcast and event lighting specialist, Version 2, has supplied the lighting, distribution, cabling, control equipment and supplementary truss for the series’ fun-filled auditions, all of which were filmed over two intense week-long sessions at the London Palladium and Manchester Lowry.

The series was lit again by award-winning lighting designer, David Bishop, who was happy that Version 2 won the tender process for the series once mo

Spain - The Teatro Real in Madrid, winner of the International Opera Award for Best Opera House in the world, has acquired five Christie M 4K25 RGB pure laser projectors to enrich its opera, dance, concert, and recital programming with stunning visuals.

The Teatro Real was inaugurated in 1850 and is currently one of the great international centres of opera activity. The building is an architectural mixture with 28 boxes on different floors, in addition to eight prosceniums and the double-height Royal Box. The jewel of the theatre is its 1,472sq.m stage box which accommodates complex scenery changes, including multiple set design elements such as lighting and visuals on stage and in the orchestra pit.

The theatre acquired three Christie lamp-based 3DLP projectors nine years ago, and recently upgraded to more modern and efficient models with improved c

UK - Based in London’s West End, The Twist Museum is an immersive, interactive, multi-sensory attraction, set on a 15,000sq.ft site.

Challenging the visitor to explore the world of illusion, Twist - which stands for The Way I See Things - is a collaborative work of leading artists, psychologists, and neuroscientists.

The audio-visual integration was entrusted to London-based Crossover, who specified, installed, programmed and commissioned essential audio-visual equipment, for management and routing over a digital backbone.

Developed by multimedia artist Aristotle Roufanis, the Digital Mirror exhibit uses a camera and large format display to create an interactive ‘mirror’, distorting peoples’ reflections in real time. The Crossover team provided the displays, the audio system, and the back-end processing hardware, that manipul

Spain - The newly-renovated Santiago Bernabéu stadium lit up on 18 May with the Telefónica 100 Live spectacular. This celebration of Telefónica’s centenary brought together over 60,000 attendees for a night of music and technology.

The night was a symphony of light and sound, where renowned artists like Alejandro Sanz, Hombres G, and Ana Mena delivered vibrant performances. Each act was accompanied by a top-tier audiovisual display that transformed the event into an unparalleled sensory experience. The mastermind behind this impressive setup was lighting designer Caco García. Known for his creativity and attention to detail, Caco turned Telefónica 100 Live into ‘an unforgettable visual and emotional spectacle’.

“Creating a show perfect for Telefónica’s centenary and the magnificent Santiago Bernabéu was an exciting challenge,” comm

UK - The final show on the UK-EU leg of the Classic Tales of Yes tour at Glasgow’s Royal Concert Hall on 20 May featured an intricately textured Martin Dudley/Chris Davey light show that included 12 Chauvet Professional Rogue R2X Wash units from Martin’s Lights Ltd.

Early on in the 24-city tour, which began in April at Lisbon’s historic Sagres Campo Pequero concert hall, the design moved into a new more intense realm.

“At the start of the project, we were told that it would be a ‘no haze’ tour,” said Dudley. “Therefore, we knew that the lighting had to be about colour, pattern and texture, rather than beams of light and movement in the air. Many of our lighting designs are quite understated, and after the first couple of shows, the feedback from the band was that they wanted “more” of everything, so we went for it.”


Venezuela - The chapel of Divina Misericordia is a new catholic house of worship located in the recreational area of the giant Arroz Mary food processing plant in Acarigua.

Architects were determined that the requirement for a high-quality sound system with impeccable speech intelligibility should make the lowest possible visual impact, so Nexo distributor Sun Music Pro proposed a Nexo system using ultra-compact ID and ePS Series speakers.

“In the first phase carried out in October 2023, a temporary black system was installed to allow the inauguration of the chapel and the celebration of masses while a custom-finished system was being prepared,” reports  Sun Music Pro commercial manager Valeska Grüber.

The finished installation includes a pair of Nexo ID84 column speakers with a central ePS10 at the front, all finished in a custom RAL c

UK - Singer/songwriter James Blunt’s production team relies on Skan PA Hire for additional sound reinforcement due to audience demand on James Blunt’s Who We Used To Be tour.

Tour and production manager Robert Hayden has worked with James Blunt since the singer first ventured into full time musicianship. He begins: “James and I started off doing little club shows around England before we went to mainland Europe where we played to even less people! When we returned, everything just took off for him, first with the single, and then the album.”

Following 2005’s You’re Beautiful from debut full length record Back To Bedlam there’s only ever been one audio supplier to help James’s sound reach audiences on tour. Robert continues: “I’ve used Skan since the beginning of needing production,” he explains. “The

Portugal - Choreographer and contemporary dance innovator Andrew McNicol presented the world premiere of Upstream, his first collaboration with the Companhia Nacional de Bailado (CNB) – the National Ballet of Portugal – for which he asked lighting designer Yaron Abulafia to create scenography and lighting for the performance which was staged at the São Carlos Opera House, Lisbon.

Upstream was presented as part of a trilogy of works, together with Baracco Concerto by the late George Balanchine and Workwithinwork (which originally premiered in 1998) by William Forsythe – three distinctive works from very different eras and generations of choreographers based on classical dance.

Yaron was excited to use the CNB’s 20 x Robe T1 Profile moving lights – the only moving lights on the rig – as the backbone of h

The Netherlands - The Pop on Top festival returned to the scenic hills of Valkenburg aan de Geul last month, captivating thousands of visitors with a blend of music and light. Central to the festival’s success was Sonic Support VOF, whose lighting and LED screen solutions from Showtec, Infinity, and DMT transformed the event into an unforgettable visual spectacle.

The family-friendly event attracted thousands of visitors who defied the rain to enjoy performances from national and international artists including Lucas & Steve, Rowwen Hèze, Clouseau, Krezip and many more across four stages.

Sonic Support VOF used 60 DMT Premiere Series PS3.9 Blue Line LED panels to create two large LED screens on either side of the main stage, ensuring that every audience member had a good view. These panels were complemented by an additional 30 DMT Premiere Ser

UK - At Hamilton the Stereofunk Festival, staged in the Chatelherault Country Park, Hamilton, Steve McCracken of Mac-Events, used the ChamSys Stadium MagicQ MQ250M to busk lightshows for Wanda Dee, hip-hop artists from The Bronx, Vengoboys, a Top-10 Dutch Euro-dance group, and Urban Cookie Collective, a UK electronic duo, along with a wide range of other global acts.

“None of the artists brought their own LDs, so we busked the entire festival,” said McCracken, whose boldly coloured looks flowed as freely and joyfully as the do-it-yourself artwork that seemed to be everywhere at the festival site, which was set against the background of a hunting lodge from the 1700s.

The flexibility of his MQ250M was invaluable for McCracken, who designed his show in Capture and programmed it onsite, then added to it throughout the festival. “There was a bit of

Germany - Vortex, the new electronic music festival, made its debut at Göppingen’s EWS Arena, offering techno, trance and hardcore continuously over 12 hours, through Martin Audio’s flagship Wavefront Precision line array series.

It was a far cry from EWS Arena’s normal sphere of activity, which is hosting the Bundesliga handball club Frisch Auf! But since the venue is located in the centre of the town, surrounded by shops and flats, the requirements with regard to noise escape were predictably stringent.

As a debut event, it was particularly important for the organisers not to provoke complaints from local residents in order to preserve the future of the event. The Martin Audio Wavefront Precision systems deployed met these high requirements.

Jürgen Schuster, from event technology specialist Skyeline Live, who provided the technical

Columbia - Grammy winner Eladio Carrión’s performance on stage features a mix of trap, reggaeton and other sounds and also draws on his background as a comedian. The stage on his The Sauce Tour features a fast-moving and majestic lightshow by lighting designer, Andrés Campos.

Campos’ touring rig varies by locations on the multinational tour. For the Latin American leg, it featured 68 Color STRIKE M motorised wash-strobes and 54 COLORado PXL Bar 16 motorised battens from Chauvet Professional. In the United States, the tour excitement is driven by 30 Color STRIKE M units, 32 COLORado PXL Bar 16 battens, 32 Rogue R2X Beams, and 12 Maverick MK3 Washes.

The lighting design has been created to be carried out in three scales: one large, one medium and one small for the United States, according to Campos. “The main objective was to be able to generat

Columbia - Mega star Karol G said goodbye to 2023 with two spectacular home-coming nights at the Atanasio Giradot Stadium. Part of her epic Mañana Será Bonito (Tomorrow will be Beautiful) tour, which continues until July 2024, the sell-out shows marked the end of the first phase of the tour.

Prodigy.MP was at the centre of the audio infrastructure with its flexible, fully modular hardware fulfilling a number of roles across the whole system.

The multi-format, hybrid audio signal flow was handled by Prodigy, thanks to the analogue, MADI, AES and Dante audio modules integrated into the main chassis. The flexibility and modularity of the DirectOut solution was essential in providing the production with all the interoperability options required.

Multiple mixing consoles were connected via Prodigy.MP and the Sample Rate Conversion technology mad

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