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el-teatroRobert Juliat Topaze followspot added to El Teatro
Tuesday, 4 August 2020

USA - New York City’s El Museo del Barrio’s multipurpose theatre has added a Robert Juliat Topaze followspot to its rejuvenated lighting rig during its extensive renovation.
4Wall was the lighting integrator for El Teatro which was meticulously restored in 2018 and reopened early in 2019. Originally called The Heckscher Children’s Theatrer, El Teatro was built in 1921 and boasts a Landmark-Quality interior with a series of 30ft murals and stained-glass roundels. It was the original home of the Joseph Papp New York Shakespeare Festival. The theatre seats approximately 600 and is a venue for museum-hosted performances and rental events.
The restoration included an upgrade to the theatre’s lighting plot, which included Robert Juliat’s Topaze, an economical yet full-featured followspot with a 1200 W MSD source. The fixture’s long lamp life and low running costs make it a powerful, cost-effective solution for mid-size theatres and shows. Among its features are a fully closing iris cassette, universal adjustable gobo holder, frost filter, individually removable colour frame, colour changer and easy focus reference.
“The Topaze is mounted in the projector booth above the balcony and shoots through glass to the stage,” explains Mark Mainolfi, technical and production coordinator for El Museo del Barrio. “We’re impressed by the reach and ease of Topaze. It also offers control parameters for focus, frost and iris.”
Most recently, the museum used the Topaze to highlight dancers during a performance by The Manhattan Ballet School.

claypakyforestClaypaky Mini-B chosen for Forest Showcase
Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Germany - Cube Entertainment in Rostock selected Claypaky Mini-B fixtures for the Forest Showcase with psytrance DJ Morten Heuer at the Housersten electronic dance music club tour in northeast Germany. Due to Covid-19, this year’s Houserasten events consisted of videos and livestreams targeted to fans instead of in-person shows at clubs in various German cities.
Cube Entertainment supplied the lighting and sound gear for the nighttime Forest Showcase, designed the set and handled the video production and postproduction. “The design was simple, but a bit futuristic,” says Fabian Schikorr, Cube’s owner and an event technology specialist. “We had the idea of building a little truss cage on the ground and illuminating that. In the middle of the cage there was the DJ stand with his platform, monitoring system and DJ setup.”
Cube chose eight Claypaky Mini-B fixtures for the Forest Showcase, mounting two on each side of the truss cage. Mini-B is the smallest LED moving light ever made by Claypaky for the professional market. Although it weighs just 7 kg and measures only 34 cm, the versatile Mini-B features the most advanced, modern optical and electronic technology.
“The Mini-B is one of the most flexible fixtures we use,” notes Schikorr. “It is small, bright and fast with a wide zoom range, tight beams and brilliant colours, so it was perfect for the Forest Showcase. We needed a small fixture with a big output to produce both strong beams and a wide wash to illuminate the forest around the set.”
VisionTwo is the Claypaky distri

grand-concertBroaMan and Optocore enable Paris spectacular
Tuesday, 4 August 2020

France - Once again BroaMan and Optocore network devices were deployed to maximum effect at this year’s Grand Concert de Paris spectacular.
The event coincides with France’s National Day (on July 14). And having scaled new heights last year with the solutions and I/O capacity provided by the two German partner brands - creating an immersive environment for Radio France, with 152 Optocore preamps and MUX22 IVT / MADI connectivity - this year technology contractors GB4D went even further. Working once again for Radio France, they set up an elaborate optical broadcast network topography on the Champ de Mars in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, but with the location eerily empty other than for technicians.
“Playing without an audience due to COVID-19 was certainly weird,” stated GB4D owner, Gilles Bouvard. “We felt really alone without the 500,000 spectators!”
Bouvard was clear in what the challenge represented, and it was essentially to produce an advance multi-format broadcast signal flow to the Radio France and France TV OB trucks from the FOH and monitor positions, as well as from the pyrotechnics position.
“We had to provide Radio France’s sound engineers with all the necessary tools,” he confirmed. And this year that again included 144 Optocore microphone preamps (both X6RFX and TP) as well as MADI stream connectivity between the Lawo, Yamaha and Studer consoles, via BroaMan MUX22 MADI and Optocore M12 and DD2FR-FX devices. In all, GB4D created a distribution universe of more than 600 audio streams between the FOH and monito

tridentmrbasselalhalabiTrident to represent Atlona in Middle East
Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Qatar - Atlona has appointed Trident Technology Services as its manufacturer’s representative across the Middle East and Africa, effective immediately. Trident will focus on growing Atlona’s increasing demand and market share with a large community of ICT professionals that now require networked AV over IP solutions for enterprise-level projects.
A long-time Panduit representative, Trident is among the largest sales and marketing representatives for global ICT manufacturers in the MEA region, with four corporate offices and localized sales and support channels in key metropolitan areas. Trident’s team of sales, marketing and technical engineering experts support a broad community of ICT systems integrators, distributors, consultants and end users - many of which find themselves needing IT-friendly systems to serve modern AV environments.
“We have watched the evolution of AV, IT and telephony converging into one platform, and working with Atlona and Panduit will maximize our penetration into the data network infrastructure,” said Mr. Bassel Alhalabi, managing director, Trident Technology Services. “The ICT community is only starting to learn about AV technology and how it can help win new business. Atlona’s strengths in AV over IP distribution, collaboration, and control - and its interoperability with Panduit’s network infrastructure solutions - will help us create stronger demand for complete networked solutions that are scalable, flexible, reliable, and of exceptional quality.”
Mr. Alhalabi, who previously was a Panduit business

green-hippoGreen Hippo performs for Don Giovanni
Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Sweden - Hippotizer media servers from Green Hippo were used recently to drive the visual content for a production of Mozart’s opera, Don Giovanni, staged amid the COVID-19 pandemic to an empty Berwaldhallen concert hall in Stockholm.
Directed by British operatic tenor Andrew Staples, the production was conceived and produced under COVID-19 restrictions, with the necessary social distancing for all crew and performers. Instead of playing to a live audience, the performance was broadcast on the Berwaldhallen Play channel, in partnership with Medici TV.
To look after the creation, management and delivery of the production’s video content, set designer Bengt Gomér contacted Stockholm-based PXLFLD, a specialist in visual design and a long-standing Hippotizer user. Their team, led by Anders Granström, quickly created a visual breakdown of the script and an in-depth projection study before developing actual content.
“As the entire performance was broadcast in black and white, we relied heavily on stark contrasts throughout,” says Granström. PXLFLD artists Per Rydnert and Andreas Skärberg, working closely with Staples, created custom visuals, combining American photographer Franscesca Woodman’s deeply evocative black and white photography with a live camera feed and various pre-recorded sequences filmed during rehearsals.
Because the opera environment is so sensitive to unwanted noise, Granström chose the small-but-powerful, single rack-unit Hippotizer Amba+ as the media server for the job, confident in its power to deliver the

florenceK-array backs Musica in Giro in Florence
Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Italy - On Saturday 1 August, the first concert of the Musica in Giro was held behind closed doors at the Verdi Theater. The format, created by Luigi D’Amico, was in collaboration with Stefano Zaccaria VP global sales & marketing of K-array, who were the main supporters of the initiative, along with Toyota Material Handling Italy, Simai, and Tab Italia.
Maestro Beatrice Venezi, directed the Orchestra della Toscana, in the execution of her first album My Journey- Puccini's Symphonic Works, published by Warner Music Italia.
At the opening, D’Amico explained that following the difficult period in which the world is living due to the global pandemic caused by the coronavirus, the purpose of Musica in Giro is to give a little contribution to return to some sort of normal, offering people entertainment in compliance with anti-assembly rules. The project - continued D’Amico - was achieved thanks to the main sponsors who together have created Cricket PE30, the first fully electric vehicle with professional equipment on board for audio diffusion.
From this partnership between Toyota Material Handling Italia, Simai, Tab Italia and K-array, a solution of innovation and effectiveness, imagined by Zaccaria in full lockdown, has come to fruition to support the reality facing the events sector in these troubled times.
Two Cricket PE30 vehicles broadcast the entire concert via live streaming and followed two distinct routes throughout the streets and squares of Florence. One of these started from Piazza Santo Spirito, to pass through some of

finelineglastonburypyramidFineline lights Pyramid Stage red with Chauvet
Monday, 3 August 2020

UK - Like a ghost ship at bay, the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury stood eerily silent when Rob Sangwell and his team from Fineline Lighting visited in early July.
In its isolation, the stage served as a metaphor for the state of the live entertainment industry, believed the Fineline team. This led them to select it as the site of their Light It In Red display.
“We wanted to do something big and we considered many local landmarks, but the pyramid stage was the best choice, because it is such a recognizable structure,” said Sangwell. “Plus, in its current form, with no stage deck or sheeting, it’s very representative of the state of our industry today. The Pyramid Stage is a steel skeleton waiting for the talented crews and companies who usually descend on the site in June to transform it into the spectacular production space we all know and love. We knew that if we could get permission, it had to be the site we lit.”
Included in the kit that Fineline used to light this redolent site were 28 Maverick Storm 1 Wash, eight Maverick Storm 1 Spot and four Maverick MK3 Profile fixtures from Chauvet Professional. Controlling the kit with a ChamSys MQ100 console, they positioned the wash fixtures all the way around the interior of the Pyramid. Orienting these units downstage, the design team used them to highlight the main steelwork supports and accent the structure’s shape.
The spot units were positioned in a line across stage roughly where the upstage video screen is typically located. These fixtures were used to boost the brightness towar

fuse-plein-air-002Pioneer changes The Fuse in Brussels
Friday, 31 July 2020

Belgium - Fuse has been a significant landmark in Brussels’ electronic music scene for more than a quarter of a century. The 1,200-capacity club, a converted cinema, which regularly plays host to leading artists, labels and promoters, has evolved with the times, and remains one of Belgium’s most successful electronic music institutions.
When the Coronavirus pandemic took hold, Fuse, like every other nightclub found itself in a bleak space. Closed with immediate effect as lockdown was enforced, business was halted overnight, leaving the club to contemplate an uncertain future. Determined to find a way ahead, the Fuse team began to consider its options. Assuming that as the virus was brought under control and lockdown conditions might be eased by degrees, the club’s team began to think creatively about how they might begin to recover some ground.
With indoor venues set to remain closed in Belgium through to September, Fuse searched for an outdoor venue that would allow social distancing. Working in co-operation with both city and regional authorities, the team located an ideal space near Brussel’s city centre. In a short time, the new space was configured to meet regulations that allowed customers to enjoy the venue. A stage was built to house the DJ booth, Plein Air by Fuse opened its doors at the start of July.
The key element in the creation of this new experience was a sound system that could provide the requisite audio quality and coverage to create an authentic ‘club’ environment outdoors. Fuse chose to work with Pioneer Pro Audio in

cicatriz4photocreditesteban-chinchillaChamSys helps create stories for Cicatriz
Friday, 31 July 2020

Costa Rica - Aiding Alvaro Piedra in a production of Cicatriz (Scars) was a newly acquired ChamSys MagicQ MQ80 that he used to create a unifying architecture of shapes and colours that pulled together the intricate facets of this interdisciplinary production, which involved some 40 choreographers, theatrical directors, dancers, actresses, , video designers, costume designers and stage designers.
Taking place at the Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica School of Dance in late 2019, the production won the national Mireya Barboza 2019 award for best designed dance show in February. It captivates audiences by presenting a series of stories built around its central them.
“The movement and choreography are what set the pace for our stories,” said Piedra. By creating textures and moods with colours and patterns, lighting supports these stories.”
This production marked the first time that Piedra used a ChamSys console. He recalled how the MQ80 contributed to his creative effort, making it easier for him to manage the variety of looks called for by the show’s procession of stories. He was also impressed by how the fluidity of the console’s user interface allowed him to change fixture positions and colours in less time.
“In a production such as this one, where there were so many components and so many changes of scene, it was very important to have a smooth workflow,” said Piedra. “The ChamSys console aligned with my creative process. This was fantastic, because it let me focus on what is truly important, telling the story a

egyptUniversal Pixels supplies The Prince of Egypt
Friday, 31 July 2020

UK - The musical, The Prince of Egypt produced by Dreamworks Theatricals, Michael McCabe and Neil Laidlaw, opened on 25 February at the Dominion Theatre, London, following 20 sold out previews (see a detailed production report in LSi July 2020).
Video rental specialist, Universal Pixels (UP), has supplied a 162sqm Leyard CLM10 screen for production. Configured as a single 18m x 9m screen, it provides a stunning backdrop to the dynamic scenic design.
Adapted from The Book of Exodus, The Prince of Egypt - written by Philip LaZebnik - was first released as an animated musical film in 1998. Featuring songs from Grammy and Academy Award-winner Stephen Schwartz and a score from Hans Zimmer, it earned critical acclaim as a cinematic milestone. The theatre show has 10 new songs from Schwartz, together with five from the original soundtrack. It is directed by his son Scott Schwartz with choreography by Sean Cheesman, set design from Kevin Depinet and costume designs by Ann Hould-Ward.
The story is set in ancient Egypt and follows two young men, raised together as brothers in a kingdom of privilege, who find themselves suddenly divided by a secret past. One must rule as Pharaoh, while the other must rise up and free his true people.
Forming part of a multi-faceted stage design, the video wall from UP brings depth and dimension to the visual spectacle - lifting the show from the stage into a world of starry skies

southcoastchristianchurch1South Coast Christian Church switches to Danley
Thursday, 30 July 2020

USA - South Coast Christian Church in San Juan Capistrano, California, delivers an upbeat, contemporary service to an energetic congregation. However, its aging sound reinforcement system was holding the ambitious worship team back and preventing the full translation of the praise band’s talents and hard work.
In coordination with a larger renovation, local AV integration firm Tech Arts designed and installed a new sound reinforcement system for South Coast Christian Church centred on Danley Sound Labs loudspeakers and subwoofers, along with new video and lighting systems.
“Our original sound reinforcement system was decades old and worn out,” said Jeff Wallace, technical director at South Coast Christian Church. “We were running at 25% of capacity!” In conjunction with a larger architectural remodelling, which would remove the soffit that housed the loudspeakers anyway, the church leaders reached out to Tech Arts to completely revamp their AVL system. Working in phases, the Tech Arts team had the new Danley sound reinforcement system installed in time for Christmas celebrations and many weeks of Sunday services before Covid-19 shut things down.
“The room seats 500 people and is wider than it is deep,” explained Chuck Mitchell, CEO of Tech Arts. “That ruled out line arrays. We found that models of the Danley SH60 gave us the width we needed to cover the seating from end to end without requiring front fills. Moreover, Danley’s exceptional pattern control would keep energy off the walls and ceiling.”
Jason Vandergrift, design

audi2K-array reinforces Kehlani Summer Drive-In
Thursday, 30 July 2020

USA - Audi Presents: Summer Drive-In Concert, which was held in appreciation of Los Angeles' frontline and essential workers, was the first time the R&B artist Kehlani performed songs from her album It Was Good Until It Wasn't, which she released mid-shutdown on 8 May.
The 100-person crowd watched the show at Calamigos Ranch nestled in the hills of Malibu, California from vehicles that had been provided for the concert.
The show was also an experiment in live music and larger events in the coronavirus era, with masks required and cars spaced six feet apart.
In what may become the new normal, upon arrival at the drive-in guests had their temperatures taken and were asked to fill out a questionnaire. Bags of hand sanitizer and Audi-branded masks were handed out to each attendee, along with a picnic basket of popcorn, pretzels, charcuterie, and beverages, including non-alcoholic mixed drinks Malibu Spritz and Agua Fresca. Blankets and folding chairs were also placed inside the cars for out-of-vehicle seating.
DJ Jasmine Solano performed on stage for two hours ahead of Kehlani's set, also wearing a mask.
For audio setup, rental company and long-term K-array partner, On-Stage Rentals supplied a Firenze-KH7 sound system. Total coverage was provided by three KH7 loudspeakers hung vertically per side plus six KS8 subwoofers in front of the stage.
Not only was Audi happy with the setup, but Kehlani’s sound engineer was also very impressed with the clarity of the system.

claypakyworldstage1Claypaky Mythos 2 creates rainbow in the Sky
Thursday, 30 July 2020

USA - Celebrations of Pride Month in New York City, the birthplace of the modern LGBTQ+ movement, took on new importance this year as COVID-19 cancelled in-person events, including the 50th anniversary Pride March.
Instead, a number of Manhattan landmarks staged rainbow illuminations as civic expressions of Pride. Among them was the famed Stonewall Inn where 160 Claypaky Mythos 2 fixtures produced a rainbow in the sky seen from miles around.
The snack brand Kind partnered with experiential marketing agency Bankrobber Projects on the light tribute in the West Village at Seventh Avenue and Christopher Street, near the site of the Stonewall Inn riot, which sparked the LGBTQ+ movement five decades ago. MediaGenics produced the event with technical support from WorldStage.
Kind wanted to create a huge rainbow in the sky, similar to the dramatic 9/11 illumination over lower Manhattan where columns of white light serve as a memorial to the World Trade Centre every 11 September.
“But white light in the sky is easier to do than colours, which dissipate much faster. You have to throw a lot of light at colours,” explains WorldStage account executive Ben DeFusco. “We looked at five fixtures, and the Mythos 2 checked all the boxes. Mythos 2 was powerful, it offered all the different colour options, and had a long enough throw. In addition, we had a fair amount of them in our inventory and knew we could get more from other vendors with relative ease.”
WorldStage worked with lighting designer Fred Bock, from The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallo

glp-drive-inGLP supports cultural stage at Karlsruhe Fair
Thursday, 30 July 2020

Germany - The event industry may be idle due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but that didn’t stop Florian Vitez from Reposit Entertainment teaming up with Gerd Gruss from Crystal Sound, Sahar Gleich from Gleich Gesitzt, and Mitja Gleich from Messe- und Eventtechnik Gleich and putting together the Karlsruhe Trade Fair’s cultural stage.
The four quickly agreed and went straight to planning. Following a call to Michael Brombacher from Megaforce, the main stage was ready in no time, then Lars Wolf, from the company, Hell, brought his lighting design expertise to the project. This small but powerful group was quickly able to bring the idea of the cultural stage to the local cooperation partner, the Karlsruhe Exhibition Centre.
On 12 June, the cultural stage at the Karlsruhe Trade Fair opened with a concert by the Swiss pop singer Beatrice Egli. The programme itself is currently scheduled to run until the end of August, but depending on how the general situation develops, the project may continue into September.
GLP, based in nearby Karlsbad, was quick to support this demanding project with professional lighting technology, and provided a wide range of its solutions. These included impression X4, KNV Cube and Line, JDC1, Exobeam and Fusion Stick FS20, all installed on the culture stage.
In the stage roof itself there were 10 impression X4 Wash fixtures, as well as 15 additional X4 and 15 KNV Lines, which are used as front lights. A background matrix made up of 12 of the versatile JDC1 hybrid strobes ensured there was impact from behind. The side wings

bastilleday2020foh2sBastille Day 2020 concert mixed with Lawo
Thursday, 30 July 2020

France - The beginning of the modern French nation is celebrated each year on 14 July, with events taking place all over the country - but this year’s National Holiday was quite different due to the pandemic.
Lawo mixing consoles provided the audio quality for the traditional Concert de Paris taking place on the Champs du Mars at the foot of the Eiffel Tower - Lawo’s sixth successive year serving both the live and broadcast sound requirements.
The FOH consoles used were a 48-fader mc²56 production console for the orchestra mix, and an mc²36 all-in-one console for the soloists. A 48-fader mc²56 took over the monitor tasks in a setup with a 16-fader mc² extender that was used in order to allow social distancing between the two operators. Working over the Optocore fibre-optic network deployed by Radio France for the live sound system to connect the event’s mixing consoles and I/O systems, the Concert de Paris proved again to shift audio standards and operating efficiencies to a new level.
Separate preamp control for FOH and monitors and a split to the Lawo mc²66 console used for the broadcast mix in a Radio France OB vehicle enabled use of the on-air console’s own stageboxes and DALLIS mic preamps.
The Concert de Paris is one of the largest classical music events held anywhere in the world with as many as 500,000 spectators on-site in pre-pandemic years, and is followed by a traditional firework display. The show - featuring the Orchestre National de France and the Chœur de Radio France, along with internationally renowned soloist

prolightsProlights on stage with Taco Hemingway
Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Poland - Prolights products gave light to Pocztówka z Polski Tour 20 (Postcards from Poland 20) which featured popular Polish rap artist, Taco Hemingway.
Gwidon Wydrzyński, lighting designer at Źle i Tanio realised an impactful set-up. “Because of the spread of Covid-19, we played just half of the tour. Nevertheless, shows took place in Warsaw, Kracow, Opole, Katowice and Rzeszów, and Taco Hemingway played in really big venues, like Warsaw's Torwar and Katowice's MCK, but not only- as well in big clubs like Studio, in Cracow.
“To light up the stage and the artist, I used Prolights Stark Bar1000 up in the back of the stage, SunBlast 3000FC as ambient lights around it, and Air 5Fan on the towers on the back. I decided to use these particular fixtures because of their unique and specific features: StarkBar 1000 provide a wide range of colours and powerful zoom and tilt; SunBlast 3000FC are equipped with a powerful unit, including strobe with some colour on it. The Air5Fan fixtures are extremely versatile, to say the least: colourful, equipped with mirrors to reflect the light coming from other sources and possibility of spreading beam. Really cool. Taco, the artist, and his manager trusted my choices and they've been so impressed by the final result and the yield of every single fixture on stage.”

pliantpenn--teller-tony-kremerPenn & Teller make magic happen with Pliant
Wednesday, 29 July 2020

USA - Known for their blend of magic and comedy, Penn & Teller's Las Vegas show takes a different approach to live entertainment with provocative, and often amazing results.
When looking to upgrade the intercom system for season seven of Penn & Teller: Fool Us, Tony Kremer, founder of Kinetic Productions, turned to Pliant Technologies’ CrewCom wireless intercom system. The show required a solution that offers increased flexibility and usability, and seamlessly integrates with the venue’s existing hardwired intercom systems for broadcast and theatrical use. Since 2014, the comedy/magic duo has presented their Fool Us television show at the Las Vegas Rio Hotel and Casino.
“With our previous system, each base station offered only four 2-channel beltpacks, limiting our capabilities in terms of communication,” says Kremer. “When looking to upgrade our wireless intercom, it was of utmost importance to deploy a flexible system that simplifies frequency coordination and offers up to four channels per pack. I was thrilled to find exactly what we were looking for, and then some, with Pliant Technologies.”
Pliant’s 900MHz CrewCom wireless intercom system for Penn & Teller: Fool Us consists of a CrewCom Control Unit (CU) located backstage connected to two radio transceivers (RTs/antennas), supporting four 4-channel Radio Packs (RPs) and four 2-channel RPs. With the 4-channel RPs, Kremer can offer additional paths of communication between the four stage managers, house/stage personnel and the All Mobile Video truck

let-there-be-rock1Showtime lights rock dream livestream
Wednesday, 29 July 2020

USA - The coronavirus may have put a temporary halt to rock concerts, but it hasn’t done anything to dim the passion of aspiring stars who dream of one day taking to the arena stage. This relentless spirit was on full display at Let There Be Rock, a two-day livestream featuring a dozen bands from the Frederick Rock School in Baltimore.
Videoed at the improvised production studio in the Showtime Sound LLC warehouse, the event, which was streamed on Facebook and YouTube, featured a fittingly intense, hard-driving light show created by Aaron Kovelman, Showtime’s director of design & production.
“This was an important moment for students, so we wanted to give them something that made them feel special,” said Kovelman. “We wanted to create looks that were not only powerful, but were also different for each band to reflect their unique personalities.”
Helping Kovelman accomplish this goal were 13 Maverick MK3 Profile and 10 Rogue R2 Wash fixtures from Chauvet Professional. Taken from Showtime Sound’s own inventory, the moving LED fixtures were used to coordinate colours and patterns with the images displayed on a 10’ by 30’ horizontal video wall.
“We used a lot of different video content to give each band its own core look and add extra meaning to each song,” said Kovelman. “Of course, in order for this to work, and not have the video wall look out of place on our live stream stage, we need to coordinate it with strong color statements. Given that livestreams are often watched on smaller screens, we weren’t going to be

blackberry-mountain-1Bandit lights Blackberry Mountain wedding
Wednesday, 29 July 2020

USA - Blackberry Mountain sits among The Great Smoky Mountains with eight miles of protected ridgetop and 5,200 acres. Touted as an immersive experience that “seamlessly infuses wellness, outdoor adventure and hospitality into every experience”, the resort entrusted Bandit Lites to illuminate a three-day wedding that spanned multiple venues and events.
The Beall family opened Blackberry Mountain in 2018 after years of success with their property Blackberry Farms. They called Bandit Litesto bring their expertise, preparedness and creative adaptability to their guests. Wedding coordinator Jennifer Matteo worked with Bandit to configure a lighting design that would fit the spaces and budget.
“The buildings of Blackberry Mountain have an aesthetic that must be seen in person to be appreciated,” said Bandit Lites general manager Giff Swart. “They are designed to complement the surrounding area through use of natural materials, so one of our goals was to enhance and showcase this beauty. Communication with the Blackberry team of Savannah Sullivan and Savannah Tyree was absolutely critical to our success. They are a delight to work with, and we understand fully our role in maintaining their clients’ comfort and enjoyment of the spaces we are tasked with lighting.”
With limited access to each of the venues for the three-day event, Bandit’s team had about two hours to get the lighting set up and working for seated dinners. Two spaces had no existing lighting to speak of.
“Our first challenge was to get some overhead lighting,” sa

kofa-yuma-union-36-edited-830x553Audient aids education in Arizona school
Tuesday, 28 July 2020

USA - An Audient ASP4816 is at the heart of a new studio setup at Kofa High School in Yuma District, Arizona, which happens to be the only school in the Yuma district to offer a Music & Audio Production programme. Career and technical education (CTE) Instructor, Adrian Matthews, describes it as “an incredible opportunity for our students”.
“We are currently in our second year of the program and it is going extremely well,” says Adrian, who since the new studio opened has been overwhelmed by the feedback from other staff members. “Reactions have ranged from complete amazement, to utter disbelief that there is a professional recording studio in a high school.”
When it came to specifying the gear, Adrian was looking for professional quality and an uncomplicated interface. “We only have 180 days in the school year, so I didn’t have the luxury of spending eight weeks teaching students how the console works. The inline configuration of the ASP4816 makes it extremely easy to use, so students get to spend more time using the console rather than just learning it.”
The studio itself is centred around the British console and a ProTools HDX system with AD-DA conversion handled by the Apogee Symphony I/O MkII. “The flexibility of the ASP4816 and the Symphony I/O allow us to track up to 24 inputs simultaneously. More than enough to handle any student session,” confirms Adrian who teaches levels I & II of Music and Audio Production. In time, his level II students might well get additional experience running recording sessions. “Ther

mcg-bowl-profile-4-photo-courtesy-auditoriaOptocore at heart of MCG stadium upgrade
Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Australia - The Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC) recently committed more than AUD$50m to a substantial upgrade to its 100,000-seat stadium.
This included an AUD$25m contract for a new site-wide PA, transport and connectivity, masterminded by two eminent technology companies. Australian sound & AV consultants Auditoria conceived the system, and Diversified (who in 2019 acquired Rutledge AV in Australia) undertook the complex integration at the famous MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground).
Premier pro audio brands, including fibre network specialists, Optocore, were vital to the implementation. To give an idea of scale, more than 3,000 speakers now populate the seating bowl, function rooms and VIP suites, atria, internal concourse areas and exit gates.
The existing PA system, installed 14 years earlier, no longer met audience expectations, hence informal conversations with Auditoria concerning a refit began. They were duly awarded the audio upgrade consultancy, whereupon Auditoria and the MCC released a tender for the integration of the new design, and Diversified provided the winning bid. Following a year-long project the installation was completed in time for the first Test Match on Boxing Day 2019.
Auditoria co-designers Scott Willsallen and Luis Miranda designed and engineered the systems and specified all componentry and connectivity, with the latter managing the project and being joined in the latter stages by Justin Arthur for the commissioning process. For Diversified, Daniel Woodward managed the project, with Matt Edgcumbe (project director),

shanghai-ff-imageChristie continues partnership with SIFF
Tuesday, 28 July 2020

China - Christie is continuing its long-standing partnership with the Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) for the 12th consecutive year.
The 2020 festival, which runs from 25 July to 2 August, is the first major international film festival to be held in China since the COVID-19 outbreak at the beginning of this year. Christie cinema projection systems will be used for movie screenings in theatres across Shanghai’s metropolitan area throughout this nine-day event. In addition, a Christie cinema projector will also be deployed for adjudication of films nominated for the Golden Goblet Award for Best Film. A total of nine films from around the world will vie for this award this year.
“We’re delighted to continue our partnership with SIFF for the 12th consecutive year to deliver visually-engaging contents from around the world to cinema audiences in China,” said Peter Chen, executive director, cinema sales for Greater China, Christie. “This is a clear affirmation of the enduring partnership that Christie has built with the SIFF, which has become one of the largest film festivals in Asia.
“Over the years, Christie’s success has been based on our strong relationships with our partners and customers. We highly value SIFF’s confidence in Christie to deliver an unparalleled experience for movie-goers, and we are strongly committed to faithfully deliver filmmakers’ vision to their audiences using our tried and tested cinema solutions.”
In addition to SIFF, Christie is associated with major film events such as the Cannes Film F

robe-vinegar-bottle-vin260528046Robe in Auckland Vinegar Bottle installation
Tuesday, 28 July 2020

New Zealand - Auckland-based lighting designer Rachel Marlow of Filament Eleven 11 created an ‘edgy and exciting ambience’ with Who Lived in a Vinegar Bottle, an immersive lighting and audio installation work staged over four days in Auckland Town Hall Concert Chamber.
This was part of the Auckland Live Fringe Town aspect of the city’s annual Fringe Festival event, an independent and popular open-access arts festival which took place earlier in the year, just before the Coronavirus pandemic shut down the industry for an indefinite period.
Rachel used the venue’s lighting equipment which includes Robe MMX Spots, WashBeams and T1 Profiles to help realise the piece, which was commissioned by Auckland Live programmer, Anders Falstie-Jensen.
Collaborating with Rachel was Bradley Gledhill who assisted in the design, rigging, lighting programming and timecoding; Thomas Press who produced the special 20-minute soundtrack; and dramaturg Benjamin Henson with whom both Rachel and Brad have worked on previous invigorating projects.
Combining a mix of technical disciplines and fusion of ideas, a performance concept was developed to unfold Elizabeth Clark’s traditional story – a favourite from Rachel’s childhood – in a new and engaging medium.
Lighting wise, this included the notion of creating an art installation using what are essentially rock ‘n’ roll moving lights, plus a few custom elements, and this was one of the key provocations.
The performance area was beneath a box truss in the centre of the room. T

belfastSt. Mark’s Belfast installs Martin O-Line
Tuesday, 28 July 2020

UK - Situated in the Dundela district of Belfast, St Mark’s Church has a remarkable heritage. Historically, it has strong links with the author CS Lewis, whose grandfather was the first rector of the Parish.
Designed by celebrated Gothic architect, William Butterfield, in 1876, it recently underwent a complete overhaul of its sound system, with Martin Audio partners, Rea Sound (under the project management of Roger McMullan), installing the manufacturer’s discreet O-Line software-optimised micro line array, which is purpose designed for houses of worship.
Rea Sound had introduced O-Line to the Irish church market as soon as it was introduced back in 2007 - and wherever budgets have permitted, they have continued to specify the award-winning solution. “Nine out of 10 people don’t believe it will deliver such clarity of voice reproduction until we demonstrate it,” McMullan explains.
In this instance the facility wanted an effective sound system that would provide just that clarity from front to back of the long rectangular space. “At the same time they didn’t want to have visible loudspeakers everywhere - and so O-Line was the obvious choice.”
The Grade A-listed Church of Ireland establishment had first approached Rea Sound back in 2018 after responding to an advertisement in a church magazine. “The previous PA was an old 100V line system and people in the centre and rear of the church couldn’t hear,” notes the Rea Sound project manager. “They had spoken to other sound companies, who had wanted to put speakers on pillars,


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