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louis-vuitton-foundation-1-photocreditgettyimagesMaverick Silens enrich Louis Vuitton Foundation
Tuesday, 13 October 2020

France - Silence is often elicited by the sight of the Louis Vuitton Foundation building, Frank Gehry’s stunning architectural gem in Paris. Soaring skyward like the giant sails of a great ship, the distinctive structure inspires a quiet, cathedral-like reverence through the sheer power of its design.
Inside the expansive auditorium section of Louis Vuitton Foundation, silence is not only a natural response to the room’s beauty, it also quiet desirable - enriching the experience of hearing performances by internationally renowned artists like Yuja Wang, and Vladimir Spivakov that take place within its walls.
It was with this desire for utter quietness in mind that Prodster recently installed 14 Chauvet Professional Maverick Silens 2 Profile fixtures inside this performance space. The 560W fanless fixture operates in complete silence, making it well-suited for this intimate venue, according to Bruno Madec, technical director of Prodster.
“We manage several cultural and institutional venues in Paris, including Louis Vuitton Foundation,“ said Madec. “For several years we have been wanting a silent LED spotlight projector of a reasonable size and weight. Considering the shows we host, including classical, dance and jazz performances, we want to create an environment that is as silent as possible.”
Delivered to Louis Vuitton Foundation in June, the Maverick units are arranged on three different front stage positions. From here they can cover the entire stage, in addition to highlighting the architectural features of the room during a ve

robe-greek-national-theatre-the-persians-ah4a2517-photo-thomas-daskalakisRobe lights NTG’s production of The Persians
Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Greece - The National Theatre of Greece (NTG) staged three acclaimed performances of Aeschylus’s The Persians - first produced in 472 BCE - in July at the ancient Epidaurus open-air amphitheatre, complete with a fully socially distanced audience - of 4,500 instead of the usual 10,000 capacity, who enjoyed the drama and energy of live performance in this classic tragedy.
Lighting designer Christina Thanasoula chose Robe LEDBeam 150s to add flexibility and multiple options to her design, placing 10 of the fixtures in the footlights position around the front of the stage floor.
All three shows, directed by Dimitris Lignadis (artistic director for the NTG), were fully sold out, and the second night’s performance was live-streamed worldwide with support from the Greek Ministry of Culture in partnership with Google Greece as part of the 2020 Athens and Epidaurus Festival. Over 100,000 tuned in to catch the action which was widely applauded by press, critics, and the public.
This was the first production by the Greek National Theatre since the initial pandemic lockdown ended and outdoor shows were permitted again in Greece from 17 July. They lost no time in sating the public’s appetite for live entertainment, scheduling these landmark performances for the end of the month.
Christina first worked in the Epidaurus venue two years ago, designing lighting for Electra, directed by Thanos Papakonstantinou, also for the National Theatre of Greece, where she used Robe BMFL Wash Beam fixtures. Before then, she has utilised Robe moving l

art-aquarium-japan-4Martin illuminates Tokyo’s Art Aquarium
Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Japan - Bringing out the beauty and diversity of the underwater world, Art Aquarium hired TSP Taiyo to integrate and install a Martin by Harman lighting solution that delivered stunning visuals and a mesmerizing experience for guests.
Since its inception in 2007 and subsequent shows every year after, the Art Aquarium has emerged as a summer tradition in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. However, stretching beyond the base of Nihonbashi, Art Aquarium producer and artist, Hidetomo Kimura, has seen his exhibit on display in countries around the world.
The shows take place every year with previous locations including Milan, Italy, Shanghai, China, Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall, Kyoto’s Nijo-jo Castle and the 21st-Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa. To enhance the exhibit, Art Aquarium hired TSP Taiyo to integrate and install a Martin Professional lighting solution that ‘provided unforgettable visuals and an elevated guest experience’.
“To enhance the museum in the way the producer visualized it, the client required a powerful yet energy-efficient lighting solution,” said a spokesperson at TSP Taiyo. “Martin ERA 800 Performance is perfect for venues like Art Aquarium due to its compact design, tour-worthy moving head and excellent brightness.”
In addition to illuminating the exhibit’s artwork, the fixtures offer a variety of effects and features that allow Art Aquarium to tailor the lights to fit their needs. Further, the ERA 800 Performance includes a full curtain framing system, which offers a high degree of flexibility to achieve the desire

ghentGent Music Centre re-opens with Avantis
Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Belgium - Allen & Heath Avantis and SQ mixing systems have been installed as part of a major update of Music Centre De Bijloke in Gent.
The venue reopened in September, resuming its role as a focal point for classical music in the region following a one-year refurbishment. Although Music Centre De Bijloke has been hosting performances since 1988, the building dates all the way back to 1228, when it served as a hospital.
A team of experts has enhanced the experience for performers and audiences in the main performance hall, going so far as to lower the floor and install extensive wood panelling to bring its unruly acoustics into the twenty-first century without detracting from its medieval oak ceiling and stone walls.
With the acoustics finely honed, the venue turned to its AV partners, City Sound Rent, to identify a mixing system capable of delivering excellent sound quality while being easy to use for in-house and visiting engineers. The centrepiece of the new setup is a 96kHz A&H Avantis at FoH. “I fell in love with the Allen & Heath Avantis mixing console from the first moment I used it,” comments Pieter Kinoli, sound engineer at Music Centre De Bijloke. “It’s so intuitive, easy-to-use and trustworthy. It’s definitely a step forward for us and the live performances we mix for.”
The Avantis is teamed up over a digital split with an SQ-6 on monitors. A GX4816 AudioRack provides the main I/O, with a portable DX168 stagebox giving Peter further I/O and added flexibility. A 64 channel Dante card in the Avantis gives the o

deeprunhighschoolfieldDanley delivers for Deep Run High
Monday, 12 October 2020

USA - As the Henrico County, Virginia school system slowly rolls out a turf upgrade for all of its high school football stadiums, the Deep Run High School Wildcats are the lucky recipients of the first upgrade. Attendance at the games is a regular part of Friday-night football culture in the suburban-Richmond area.
To give a sense of its size, the Deep Run stadium held over 8,000 people for a Sarah Palin rally in 2008. As part of the entire upgrade, Deep Run High School local AV integration firm RTW Media installed a new, concert-level sound reinforcement system comprised of Danley Sound Labs OS80 fully-weatherised loudspeakers and stand-shaking TH118XL subwoofers. The other schools in Henrico County will follow Deep Run’s lead in the coming years.
“High school football is a huge part of life in southern Virginia,” explained Zack Guida, logistics manager at RTW Media. “Everyone pours tons of time, energy, and resources into football: students, parents, coaches – even the administration! Deep Run’s existing system was in the neighbourhood of 20 years old and was barely able to effectively deliver announcements, let alone play music that anyone would call inspiring. It was a pair of tired speakers mounted to a pole far away – beyond the end zone. It had terrible coverage and zero horsepower.”
He continued, “We have used Danley’s ‘standard’ press box-mounted high school football design in the past, and we knew it would be a great solution for Deep Run. We could mount Danley’s fully-weatherised OS80s on the press box and get ev

robe-pilbeam-theatreRobe washes for Rockhampton Pilbeam theatre
Monday, 12 October 2020

Australia - The Pilbeam Theatre in Rockhampton, Queensland, is a lively performing arts hub for the city and region. Located in a commanding position fronting onto the Fitzroy River, before the coronavirus pandemic dramatically impacted on all areas of performing arts the venue regularly presented a diverse mix of drama, dance, musical, concerts and comedy productions in its main 1000 capacity auditorium, and they also invested in Robe T1 PC wash moving lights.
These are replacing 12 tungsten moving head washes – from a competitor brand – as part of a general lighting upgrade which is part of a programme to transition to LED.
Jim Thorogood is the theatre’s head of lighting. The venue is both a producing and a receiving house, and he lights most of the shows produced there. Jim was integrally involved in the specification of the T1 PCs together with Ashley Salta who, as supervisor of technical & production services, oversees all the equipment spends.
They wanted a product that had more output than the previous tungsten moving lights and that was good quality.
They looked at several single source LED options, but what struck Jim about the T1s was the richness and depth of the light produced by the multichip LED. “It was far superior to anything else we looked at,” he commented, adding that he also liked the barndoor mechanism and other features of the T1.
“We were keen to replace tungsten with the newer technology, but the source also had to match as much as possible in appearance and style, and the T1 was the only fixture

claypakylightsofhopeOlympiacos celebrates title win with Claypaky
Monday, 12 October 2020

Greece - Athens football club Olympiacos celebrated the 45th championship title in its history by sending a message of hope and optimism to its supporters in Piraeus, all of Greece and around the world.
A spectacular televised show, filled with light and music, was staged in the empty G. Karaiskakis Stadium where the team demolished a coronavirus pandemic “wall” and fans joined players virtually to raise the championship trophy. Claypaky Mythos 2 fixtures contributed to this Lights of Hope ceremony and its theme of overcoming obstacles to emerge triumphant.
George Tellos, lighting designer with Lighting Art Athens, was responsible for the programming and lighting coordination for the show. He selected Claypaky Mythos 2 fixtures over two other moving light candidates for their performance across long distances. “I was astounded by them,” he says. “I had seen them used at the Super Bowl, but it was impressive to witness them live. The Mythos 2 combines brightness with compact size, reliability and great optics.”
Tellos notes that the lighting design aimed to create “an exceptional televised result. The stadium was empty except for the champions who stood on the crescent-shaped stage in the middle of the court. Our lighting design team took into consideration – in fact took advantage of – the fact that the stadium was empty. This rare occasion gave us the opportunity to install lighting fixtures on the spectators' vacant seats. We were very grateful for the extraordinary opportunity to illuminate the stadium in this way.”

orbit-eventsphotocredit-natalia-santanderChauvet DJ lights Orbit Eventos hybrid show
Friday, 9 October 2020

Columbia - Drive-in concerts have become popular in the wake of Covid-19 lockdowns. So too have livestream shows. Orbit Eventos combined the two formats this September, in a show that offered fans the choice of watching at home via a livestream, or enjoying the DJ and band performances from their automobiles at a simultaneous drive-in show.
Collaborating with Orbit Eventos, Colombian producer, Ricardo Ruiz, who has worked with leading Latin stars like Justin Quiles, Darkiel, Victor Manuelle and Grupo Niche, created the dual-purpose show at a park south of the city of Cali. Although the two-hour event offered fans the best of both worlds, it did present some special concerns for lighting designer Milton de la Cruz, who had to balance the demands of creating looks that were bold enough to reach the spread-out drive-in audience, yet tight enough to work on a livestream.
“For me as a lighting designer, the challenge was to do something that would engage the drive-in audience, while at the same time lighting the stage as if it were a television studio,” said de la Cruz. “I needed to generate excitement while still being camera friendly.”
Helping de la Cruz accomplish this goal at the Orbit Eventos show were 18 Intimidator Hybrid 140SR and 10 Intimidator Beam 140SR fixtures from Chauvet DJ. Positioned along the upstage deck at the base of a curved video wall and on overhead truss, the versatile 140W hybrid fixtures performed as both a beam and wash. To complement these effects, the Intimidator Beam 140SR units, which were flown in a straight line

rokundaRokunda rides COVID-19 wave with DirectRo
Friday, 9 October 2020

South Africa - Rokunda Netshiluvhi of DirectorRo has managed to ride the COVID-19 wave and come out tops, using this time to learn, establish himself as a lighting designer and set up a virtual platform at Vision View Productions based in Cosmo Business Park, Johannesburg.
Rokunda resigned from full-time employment at rental company Murangi Productions and started his own company as a freelancer in November 2019. “I decided to register myself as a business so that I could be accountable in everything I do,” he explains. “If freelancers pay attention, they can do what I’m doing. It starts off by thinking of yourself as a business instead of living hand-to-mouth.
“Many freelancers rely on receiving a phone call and being booked for an event. They think that to get work, someone has to call, instead of thinking let me try and make something myself, let me pitch an idea to people, let me do something for myself. If work can’t come to you, find work. For people to trust and take you seriously, present yourself as a business, ensure you have a business profile and have a voice outside your personal self that will enable you to work for a company or event.”
With gratitude to his former employer, Murangi Productions, where Rokunda worked since 2016 as an audio engineer and a self-taught lighting designer with an interest in technical directing, Rokunda established DirectorRo.
Working as hard as possible to make an income, Rokunda pushed hard. More work trickled through in January, and then, just as his calendar started filling up with bo

bny-studioBNY productions on the virtual campaign trail
Friday, 9 October 2020

USA - In Sioux City, Iowa, BNY Productions has been working in their production studio remotely broadcasting an average of 100 live and virtual ‘hybrid’ events per week for the past six months. As high-profile candidates travel throughout the United States for political rallies and speeches, BNY Productions has relied on Meyer Sound Bluehorn System full bandwidth studio monitors for accuracy and precision every step along the way.
BNY, a Meyer Sound dealer and collaborator, is a full-service production company, delivering events that vary from phone and television interviews, video conferencing, and remote recordings. The circumstances called for an audio system that would deliver transparent and linear phase response. The Meyer Sound Bluehorn System was the optimal solution for BNY and their clients.
“Bluehorn eliminates the guesswork. So if it sounds good here, that is how it is going to sound everywhere. That makes my job so much easier - it is what it is and I love that,” Bill Kristijanto, co-owner of BNY, said.
In addition to BNY’s remote-only events, they have taken on ‘hybrid’ events, which include physical and virtual attendees who access the event via a virtual conference room. While in-person events in cities around the country are still produced and broadcasted remotely in the BNY studio, ULTRA-X40 point source loudspeakers have been used for on-site monitoring. The sound reinforcement systems for the events vary by location, but are comprised of Meyer Sound equipment including ULTRA-X40 and LINA very compact linear line arr

astera-sunstudios-sydney-sun200307587Astera shines at Sydney’s Sunstudios
Friday, 9 October 2020

Australia - Sunstudios in Sydney, is a diverse creative hub for the photographic and motion picture / imaging industries and creatives. Owned by Canon Australia, the Sydney facility offers five studio spaces plus camera and lighting rentals, CPS service, a gallery space as well as fine art printing and other specialist services.
With the video elements of the business expanding, explained sales manager Zoltan Blazer, they sought more flexible and practical options for lighting, and were hearing good reports about Astera’s wireless battery-operated LED product range from several sources.
So, he and motion specialist Neale Head thought they should take a further look for themselves.
Astera’s Australian distributor ULA group arranged a demo and the Titan range of LED tubes “really impressed us” stated Zoltan, “and after seeing this we knew we wanted this product so discussed the opportunities and additional exposure that Sunstudios could bring to the equation as a reseller.”
Zoltan explains that they saw many parallels between Sunstudios and ULA Group including expertise, strong technical sales, thorough and efficient support with an established infrastructure for rapid troubleshooting and repairs if needed.
This came into effect last year and Sunstudios has been selling Astera, especially the Titan Tubes regularly since then. “There is a long list of extremely well-thought-out features in these products,” he says.
Sunstudios works closely with universities and educational establishments including AFTRS - the Austral

tulsa-fights2Elation helps take street fighting to a new level
Thursday, 8 October 2020

USA - In mid-August, Matchroom Boxing and sports streaming service DAZN placed a boxing ring in the middle of the street in downtown Tulsa for a night of fighting action that gave a whole new meaning to street fighting. Omni Lighting in Tulsa was called on to light the event for co-producers Matchroom and DAZN and chose to support the action using an adaptable rig of Elation lights. Holden Productions promoted the event locally.
There are few things more exhilarating than a good boxing match where two evenly matched opponents go toe to toe to see who’s got the most grit. Tension runs high and the excitement level is at a peak both leading up to and during a bout. That suspense is the result of a number of factors, not least the lighting environment, which can ratchet up the fervour one moment then settle to put clear focus on the task at hand once the bouts begin.
Wanting to stage something different and spectacular, DAZN and Matchroom placed a ring at the intersection of E. 5th Street and S. Boston Avenue in the heart of Tulsa, with no fans present and strict social distancing and medical protocols in place for the full night of action. In a display of high-visibility promotional lighting, Olsen got his hands on some of the first Elation Artiste Mondrian moving heads available and used the 51,000-lumen strong LED luminaires to project logos onto the nearby 52-story BOK Tower skyscraper prior to and during the boxing matches.
“The BOK Tower was our target building for logo projection but it lies at the end of the street so our challenge was ho

walkerDJ Johnnie Walker chooses RØDE system
Thursday, 8 October 2020

UK - Veteran broadcaster Johnnie Walker has chosen the RØDE RØDECaster Pro all-in-one podcast production studio to professionally record his weekly BBC Radio 2 show Sounds of the 70s, from his home in Dorset.
Hosted by Walker since 2009, Sounds of the 70s shares a portion of the over 14m weekly listeners to BBC Radio 2 on FM, DAB and the BBC Sounds app. Responding to a need to record the programme remotely in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Walker sought a solution from retailer Solid State Sound based in Warminster, Wiltshire, who recommended the RØDECaster Pro.
Walker co-presents with wife Tiggy Walker in their home, creating an ad-hoc studio environment to record the programme. The RØDECaster Pro allows for up to four in-studio guests to record professional, Aphex DSP-enhanced sound at the touch of a button, with remote guests - via bluetooth on mobile or VOIP applications over USB - being able to be recorded, with mix-minus for echo cancellation. The RØDECaster Pro is designed to allow for professional, polished recordings to be made in less than ideal environments, and with the absolute minimum of technical knowledge, allowing presenters to focus on content, rather than equipment.
Following successful tests, shows recorded on the RØDECaster Pro were nationally broadcast on BBC Radio 2 on 6 September.
DJ Walker reports, “It’s an amazing piece of kit, that does everything you need so easily and efficiently. I especially like the Aphex add-ons and the eight buttons for audio jingles, the on-board record facility to

martinKaho Theatre calls in WPC for online streaming
Thursday, 8 October 2020

Japan - The Kaho Theatre in Iizuka City, Fukuoka, has survived many difficulties since the original building appeared in1922 and along the way this playhouse has been designated a Japanese ‘national registered tangible cultural property’.
The predecessor of the current Kaho Theatre, Nakaza, was originally opened as an entertainment place for people working in coal mines in the Chikuho region. Mainly traditional drama, Kabuki, standup comedy, juggling and silent films were performed during that era.
In recent years, it has been used as a multi-purpose event venue, and at full capacity can host audiences of 1,200. In addition to traditional performing arts, various events such as music plays, lectures, talk shows and concerts have all been staged there.
Because of Covid-19, the theatre was recently forced to close, but in collaboration with rental company, Toyo Amuse, who own a Martin Audio Wavefront Precision Compact (WPC) rig, they have been able to stream live online various performances at the theatre, creating a lot of impact in the media.
This is known as the ‘Yumebutai Project’. With fewer professionals coming to play at the theatre because of the pandemic, the production team decided to embark on a policy of open recruitment of performers, who in turn can feature their work online via a livestreaming service.
Mr. Masanori Keuchi, CEO of Toyo Amuse explains: “When all events and concerts were cancelled due to Covid-19, the theatre decided to collaborate with us to record and deliver performance online, to make people happ

etc-alarabiya-1ETC controls lighting in Al Arabiya studios
Thursday, 8 October 2020

UAE - ETC lighting solutions have been selected for the new TV studios of news channel Al Arabiya. ETC dealer, Oasis Enterprises supplied the equipment including a Sensor3 Power Control system, a Gio @5 Eos-family control console, Response Mk2 DMX Gateways and DataTrack Backbone system.
The TV studios, located in Dubai, had the full ETC lighting equipment installed in just three weeks with the help of Oasis Enterprises who have worked in collaboration with Al Arabiya for almost twelve years.
Lighting manager at Al Arabiya, Safwan Harcouss commented on the installation: “The news programme is a 24-hour show and requires the best and most reliable equipment. Having worked successfully with ETC products in the past, we are confident that the new additions will perform well.”
Last year, the Al Arabiya news station added an Eos Ti console desk to its production studios, where the flagship console’s powerful features have proven valuable in controlling the lighting across multiple studios at a time. Now, with the addition of a Gio @5 in the new studios, the lighting team at Al Arabiya can take full advantage of the range of options available with Eos software in a more compact but versatile console.
ETC’s Sensor3 Power Control system brings high quality power and dimming control to the broadcast station. The studios have also been upgraded with ETC’s network infrastructure and Response Mk2 DMX Gateways as well as implementing a DataTrack Backbone into the three-metre high space. The DataTrack Backbone has a strong aluminium frame which bri

blackberry-drive-in-1Mavericks set the mood for Blackberry Smoke
Thursday, 8 October 2020

USA - Chris ‘Thumper’ Hathaway made the backdrop created for Blackberry Smoke’s Leave A Scar LP an integral part of his design for their performance at the Starlight Drive-in outside Pittsburgh. Aside from that, the colourful backdrop also helped him create a compelling look for the show, despite the small size of the drive-in stage, especially when it was enlivened by the eight Chauvet Professional Maverick Strom 1 Wash fixtures in his rig.
“I have always been a big fan of backdrops, especially for Blackberry Smoke, given the nature of the band’s sound,” said Hathaway. “This one was designed by the band’s drummer, Brit Turner, as album cover art. It’s a blow-through and has become our go-to piece for outdoor shows, including this one, even though it’s supporting a new album.
“A thing I really like about this backdrop is that it lights up very well,” continued Hathaway. “You can have a beautiful backdrop that doesn’t respond well to light, but this one dances with it.”
To bring out the full evocative power of the backdrop, Hathaway adopted what he calls a “no-colour approach” toward lighting this show. Aside from directing hints of colour at truss and posts, he mostly relied on white light to highlight the backdrop.
Hitting the backdrop with light from different top and side angles, he was able to keep a fresh flow of looks flowing throughout the two-hour set. “I used some standard dark blues for slower tunes, but mostly I let some really beautiful light play off the colors of the backdrop so they cou

royal-china-kolkata-3Royal China elevates Kolkata nightlife with JBL
Thursday, 8 October 2020

India - Sighapandi Electronics recently equipped Royal China with a JBL Professional networked audio system to deliver the audio in the restaurant and nightclub areas.
Royal China is a fine dining restaurant in Kolkata, serving authentic Cantonese cuisine in a chic and upscale environment. Located in the Forum Courtyard Mall, Royal China also features a small nightclub.
During the design phase, the owners of Royal China recognised that the restaurant needed a flexible loudspeaker system that offered a clear, high quality sound. However, due to the low ceilings in the venue, they required a compact solution that would not detract from the décor. The owners of Royal China worked with Sighapandi Electronics to install a JBL Professional network audio system featuring JBL loudspeakers, JBL and Crown amplifiers and a BSS signal processor.
“The ceiling height of nine feet was a big challenge,” said Jagjeet Singh Bhatti, Sighapandit Electronics. “We obviously had to be very careful about reflections in the live room and ensure that the direct-to-reverberant sound ratio was kept high for every audience member.”
Sighapandi Electronics chose four JBL AM7212/95 loudspeakers with two JBL ASB6125 subwoofers for the club area. Sighapandi Electronics also designed brackets for the JBL AM7212/95 loudspeakers, as there was no option to fly the speakers with such a low ceiling.
In the restaurant, the team installed 12 JBL 8128 in-ceiling loudspeakers along with four JBL 8124 in-ceiling loudspeakers. These full range high fidelity speakers deli

iheart-music-festival-usherphoto-credit-eric-gorleski-traskhouse-1GLP FR10 boosts Usher’s iHeart festival set
Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Germany - The 10th anniversary edition of the iHeartRadio Music Festival took place recently in Los Angeles. Among the cast was Usher, broadcasting from a red-lit stage. Both his 20-minute set, and the generic lighting rig at the iHeartRadio Theatre LA, were studded with GLP fixtures - supplied by locally based Volt Lites and put to work by LD Matt Ardine and programmer Mark Butts.
While the generic rig itself contained a ceiling of 36 GLP X4 atoms - described by Ardine as “an inexpensive way of making the lighting rig look large” - along with 77 discreet GLP FR1’s, Usher’s set featured GLP FR10 bars, at the request of the artist’s design team, Eric Gorleski and John McGuire from TrasK House creative agency.
“We wanted Usher’s set to feel different than the other performances at the theatre, with a more intimate, but still 6ft socially distanced feel that drew focus to the live band and Usher’s dance,” they remarked. “As we didn’t have a backlog of video content, we knew we needed to lean heavily on a lighting element. “
In stepped Matt Ardine, who is one of iHeartRadio Theatre LA’s regular LDs (as is Mark Butts). “I designed the base rig for the whole festival then worked with every artist’s team to create an individual look that works for their artists’ brand.
“TrasK House already had an idea in mind for Usher. They sent over the plot for their rig and I immediately replied that I loved it.”
This hinged around how they wanted to use the FR10 bars in the Usher set, which the LD would be using for the

vergeVerge Aero lends expertise to UFO investigations
Wednesday, 7 October 2020

USA - Drone show technology specialist Verge Aero recently provided its expertise in drone swarm technology to a US television show, the History Channel’s Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigations.
The show follows Luis ‘Lue’ Elizondo - former director of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Programme (AATIP), the secretive Pentagon unit that studied UFOs - as he investigates reports of unexplained aerial phenomena.
Last December, sightings of large drone formations flying over Eastern Colorado and Nebraska sparked considerable press attention. However, extensive investigations by state and federal authorities including the FAA, DOD, and FBI failed to find an explanation for the presence of the machines.
Elizondo met Verge Aero’s experts to find out more about its proprietary drone ‘swarm’ technology, and consider whether this kind of technology could give rise to UFO sightings. Could advanced drones - designed to deliver entertainment light shows - form seemingly ‘solid’ objects in the sky, and move in the ways that witnesses have reported?
To answer Elizondo’s questions, Verge Aero flew a swarm of drones to demonstrate their formation capabilities. The flight attracted onlookers who pulled off the nearby road to figure out what was happening in the deserted New Jersey field. When interviewed, some said they had thought they were seeing a UFO.
Elizondo concludes: “These things are manoeuvring so precisely in the air that the eye actually believes there’s a solid object that is holding these

rapperBedoes ignites audiences with Prolights
Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Poland - Bedoes is one of the most popular rappers in Poland and boasts many collaborations with popular Polish singers.
On 18 September, he held an open-air gig in Warsaw, the last date on the Opowieści z doliny smoków (Tales from the land of dragons) tour.
“The tour started in January 2020, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic we were forced to postpone the last two shows until the end of summer” said Szymon Płotkowski, lighting designer who oversaw the project.
“While designing a lighting plot for this tour, I wanted to reflect the dark atmosphere of the album (medieval, fantasy references), adding some glamour when needed. That's why I used Prolights SunBlasts 3000FC in the basic plot. These fixtures gave me the opportunity to have ‘dirty’ wash sidelight, fancy pixel effects and powerful strobes. A huge range of amazing effects all from one fixture. Super useful in smaller venues.
“During the tour we didn't use front lights at all. The idea was to use only footlights and this time I decided to make use of brand new Prolights EclCyclorama 100. With these products I was not only able to recreate warm tungsten-like light, but also to change slightly feeling of the show by using colours instead of white footlight.
These projectors provide an amazing brightness and beautiful colours, and thanks to their wide range of effects there's no limit to a lighting designer's imagination. That's why I can easily imagine further uses of Prolights fixtures in my future projects.”

jbl-vtx-v20nba-bubble2Firehouse energises NBA bubble with JBL
Wednesday, 7 October 2020

USA - To bring the energy and excitement of a typical basketball experience to an NBA season that was anything but typical, Firehouse Productions deployed two complete Harman Professional Solutions audio systems featuring JBL Professional loudspeakers and Crown amplifiers.
Due to restrictions on large gatherings related to COVID-19, the NBA decided to proceed with the 2019/20 season without fans present. To safely accommodate players, staff and support crews, the NBA set up a strict isolation ‘bubble’ at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at Walt Disney World. Teams began playing 30 July at the 8,000-seat AdventHealth Arena and 5,000-seat HP Field House venues with audiences of just a few hundred essential personnel.
To ensure uncompromised, high-impact sound for the dramatically reduced crowds, NBA officials turned to Firehouse Productions, who have been providing sound reinforcement for NBA games for more than a decade. To deliver a dynamic experience while retaining intelligibility under strict volume limits and preventing bleed onto the court, Firehouse Productions deployed JBL VTX V20 line array loudspeakers and VTX S25 subwoofers powered by Crown I-Tech HD Series amplifiers.
“The NBA has a very strict 85 dB limit on the PA system, so intelligibility becomes everything,” said Mark Dittmar, vice president, Firehouse Productions. “When you can go up to 100 dB, you don't need as much intelligibility, because you can just turn it up and people can hear it. When you have an 85 dB limit, that's a very different game. You need to be inte

21cc-group-tree-lightingWondrous Woods trail secures sponsorship
Wednesday, 7 October 2020

UK - Scottish lighting trail Wondrous Woods has secured a corporate sponsor for their relaxed performance evening in October. The lighting trail, being organised by Edinburgh event company 21CC Group opens its gates at Hopetoun House on 21 October promising “2km of beautifully-lit woodland trails and a magical safe night out for families”.
Organiser, Geoff Crow of 21CC Group says: “We understand that the multi-sensory nature of the environment may cause sensory overload in those with Autism or other sensory processing disorders, so on Tuesday 27 October we are reducing capacity, decreasing the sound levels, and increasing the lighting levels to ensure the best possible experience for our guests. All of this is only possible with the support we have secured from Walter Scott; we are delighted that they are on board with us, allowing us to bring this event to those who may have ordinarily decided not to attend.”
A spokesperson from Walter Scott adds: “The Walter Scott Giving Group is proud and delighted to support this ground-breaking event. This relaxed performance is a tremendous opportunity to raise accessibility and inclusivity for all children and young people and enabling them to share and enjoy this wonderful Wondrous Woods experience.”
Crow continues: “In a year where there have been so few events, it is hugely encouraging to have secured a corporate sponsor that allows us to deliver this relaxed evening at a significantly reduced ticket price. With this addition to our programme, we are now opening the gates for a fantastic 18 n

r-howardWhite Light returns to Russell Howard Hour
Wednesday, 7 October 2020

UK - Having worked on the show’s previous series, White Light recently supplied the technical system to run all the visual content on the latest socially distanced series of The Russell Howard Hour. The company also helped create the technical set-up of the show’s newly built lockdown studio, Your Questions Room.
WL has worked on The Russell Howard Hour for the past two years, having initially being approached by the show’s production company Avalon. The company’s role is to provide a system to run all of the content being sent to the screens throughout the studio. This includes those positioned behind Russell Howard which act as his backdrop and a point of reference for most segments.
WL’s key account manager for broadcast Ian Charlampowicz explains: "The content used is based on a main run of the show but changes every week depending on what topics were being discussed. As we live in a world where so much is changing day in, day out, we had to utilise a system that would respond quickly to any last-minute changes. As such, on the day of recording, our team, led by Lee Woodger and Alex Loftie, has to program in new bits of content for that day’s show which often includes different guest introductions, updating the topic images and, from time to time, adding an entirely new section."
One of the most important aspects of WL’s role is to create a relaxed, helpful environment for Russell Howard which allows him to feel at ease and completely confident that no disruptions will occur; hence he can focus solely on presenting t

wplMartin Audio WPL services College events
Tuesday, 6 October 2020

USA - When they invested in Martin Audio’s large format Wavefront Precision Longbow (WPL) early last year, Virginia-based Southard Audio became the first of two co-operative live event production companies in the US to acquire the line array.
Servicing a wide range of events in the mid-Atlantic region, Southard found much of their workload in the surrounding East Coast states cut off after COVID-19 struck … and even in the academic sector - a market segment in which they are usually particularly active - the normally busy Orientation Events week was virtually wiped out.
One that did go ahead, albeit under heavily moderated conditions, was Bridgewater College. The presence of COVID-19 meant an enlarged role for Southard at this Liberal Arts institution, as the students were divided into pods and the classrooms were moved outside onto two large grassy spaces providing plenty of room for social distancing.
Each of the two back-to-back main stages contained a pod for 250 students, with a road running between, respectively serviced by Martin Audio WPL and WPS rigs. However, it was not without its challenges.
Southard Audio managing partner and operations manager, Jason Misterka, noted that the College wanted to avoid either of the stages feeling like a ‘second stage’.
“We used a wireless HD video stream to cross the street, and a wireless audio stream as a redundant, allowing announcements to be made locally from either stage,” he explained. “The internet hit the WPL stage and multiparty Zoom calls were shown on both large LED w


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