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germany-unification-anniversaryphoto-by-manfred-vogel2Unification anniversary celebrated with Elation
Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Germany - From 4-10 November, Berlin was transformed into an open-air exhibition and event venue as part of a large-scale festival. Used to illuminate a 150m long artistic Skynet along Straße des 17. Juni, as well as a large festival-ending stage show at Brandenburg Gate, were Elation weatherproof Proteus and Paladin series luminaires. celebrating the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall
The city honoured the peaceful revolution of the autumn of 1989 with numerous exhibitions, events and art projects. One of the most interesting was a Skynet of approximately 120,000 ultra-light, partially reflective flags onto which 30,000 people from all over the world had inscribed with handwritten messages and memories of the events of 30 years ago. Installed on behalf of the Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH, the Skynet was the creation of Patrick Shearn and his team at the American artist collective Poetic Kinetics.
The lighting design for the super light Skynet, titled Visions in Motion, as well as for the closing ceremony at the Brandenburg Gate, was by Flo Erdmann working together with the Berlin artist collective phase7 performing.arts and their creative head Sven Sören Beyer. In order to be on both the safe and visually appealing side in Berlin’s November weather, IP65 rated lighting was a prerequisite.
"In November, at our latitudes, you have to expect bad weather and that's exactly what we got," stated Flo Erdmann. In fact, it rained nearly every day of the 14-day-setup and show. "For aesthetic reasons, domes were out of the question for

robe-masada-mountain-av-show-048a4014-editRobe moves the mountain at Masada
Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Robe equipment was chosen to be part of a new permanent multimedia spectacular, From Dusk to Dawn, which is projected onto the western slope of Masada Mountain near the Dead Sea in Israel.
The area is operated by Israel Nature and Parks, a government organisation that manages nature reserves and national parks across the country. This environment is also a UNESCO designated World Heritage Site.
Robe BMFL Blades and IP rated Robe ColorStrobes are now a main part of the light show designed by Eran Klein & Ben Alon from Cochavi & Klein light architects which supports the new large format (approx. 120m wide and 60m high) video images which are mapped onto the mountain’s rugged terrain.
The lighting supports the moving images and the narrative as it covers this vast canvass with a series of special lighting and effects, complete with a dramatic soundtrack by Shlomo Gronich, telling the gripping story and history of the Mountain.
There had been a light & sound show onto the mountain for over 30 years, but with the march of time and technology plus people’s rising expectations, it was time to modernise and present something for a new generation!
The recent revamp has taken the whole Masada cultural pilgrimage to a new level of experience and excitement.
The design and production were delivered by Breeze Creative, directed by Oded Avraham with script and song-writing by Oren Neeman. The new lighting kit has been supplied by Danor Theatre and Studio Systems from Hod Hashron who were involved in the original lighting insta

dad-speakers-get-to-the-point-with-help-of-ac-et-photoD.A.D. speakers get to The Point with AC-ET
Tuesday, 3 December 2019

UK - A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET) has supplied Dynamic Audio Device (D.A.D.) loudspeakers to The Point venue in Eastleigh, to deliver high-fidelity performance for its annual programme of outdoor events and other offsite activities.
The Point attracts British & international artists in contemporary dance, theatre, comedy & film. In 2015 it became one of Arts Council England’s National Portfolio Organisations - recognising its cultural importance to the creative community.
Each year The Point’s outdoor pop-up live music, festival, cinema & family events are held in the venue’s grounds and nearby public spaces, bringing together the local and creative communities.
When the venue’s technical manager, Tim Slater was looking to invest in new PA loudspeakers for future outdoor events, he contacted Steve Eaton, sales executive in AC-ET’s specialist audio sales division. Steve invited Tim to see a demo of the D.A.D. speakers range at the PLASA London show.
Slater comments: “Although I was unfamiliar with D.A.D., having bought equipment from Steve before, I trust his ears and advice. After hearing them I was hugely impressed with the clarity of sound, which was very good at high pressure levels. For the price point they are such great value.”
He adds: “In addition, the high build quality means I have confidence in their long-term use. The cases integrate tightly around the speakers, which provides great protection when they’re being moved around and used outside.”
Slater purchased a package consist

drDoctor prescribes Outline Newton
Tuesday, 3 December 2019

India - Although holding a degree in medicine, Dr. Rajesh Khade is the son of a professional musician and his passion for music and audio and desire to connect artists with their audiences eventually led to him becoming a sound engineer or, to be more precise, a system engineer and official Smaart Trainer in his home country of India.
In recent years, Khade’s work in the audio field has enabled him to build up considerable experience with major PA brands, worked as a system engineer for numerous events with major acts across India, as well as holding his own system engineering courses.
He became a Smaart Instructor in 2019 and hosts training sessions throughout India in English, Hindi and Marathi. This work brought him into contact with German system technician and Smaart Instructor Michael Häck, who introduced him to Outline’s new Newton processor, which he used during Stuttgart’s 2018 Jazz Open Festival, one of the largest jazz festivals in Europe.
Khade explained, “I’d been constantly on the look-out for a processor for more than a year, but was undecided on which to go for, as each one lacked some features. But, when I first got to know about Outline Newton, through the SMAART API integration feature, and I went through its specs, I was mind-blown, as it definitely ticked all the boxes in my list.”
Following some more insight from Häck, Khade decided to go for it, even without being able to have a demo unit in India.
“What appeals to me the most is its use as a central system processor: driving, controlling and pro

whuWHU management school opts for Microflex
Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Germany - WHU - Otto Bensheim School of Management is a business school with campuses in Vallendar/Koblenz and Düsseldorf serving over 1,500 students.
In recent years, this privately-funded university began investing in networked learning with a goal to record lectures using the latest AV and remote camera technology for the benefit of all its students.
A comprehensive Panopto system plus a Creston signal management and media control system were installed in the university’s lecture halls to provide quality video.
Having planned and installed the video recording systems for the lecture halls, the AV integrator specialists at SIGMA realised that voice transmission confronted them with a very challenging scenario.
“The client required a microphone solution across several lecture halls and seminar rooms. Students should be able to participate without needing to interact with a microphone, yet still follow the lecture without distractions,” explains Christian Backes, CEO at SIGMA System Audio-Visuell GmbH.
SIGMA has begun the process of upgrading the audio components, with several lecture halls and seminar rooms now equipped with Shure Microflex Advance MXA910 Ceiling Array Microphones, allowing the university to create high quality educational content and lectures available to students anytime and anywhere.
While the lecture halls feature partially fixed seating, the flexible seminar rooms at WHU are used differently, as required. To cover all rooms without any variations in pickup quality, SIGMA incorporated several Shure M

dereksmallscreditrobshanahanDerek Smalls goes large with Yamaha
Tuesday, 3 December 2019

USA - Famed for his struggles with stage props, attempts to smuggle vegetables through airport security and a Big Bottom, former Spinal Tap bass guitarist Derek Smalls recently delighted fans by inviting them to ‘rock til you sit’ at Lukewarm Water Live, a one date tour of the US West Coast. Increasing age may have brought Derek a subtle change of hair colour but, with a Yamaha PM7 digital mixing system on monitors, he delivered the full majesty of rock.
Playing songs from his 2018 solo album Smalls Change (Meditations Upon Ageing) alongside classics by his former band (formerly known as Spinal Tap), Smalls - known to some as comedian Harry Shearer - invited a star-studded line-up to perform alongside him and a full symphony orchestra.
“This was the first time I mixed a show on Rivage PM7,” says monitor engineer Gabriele Nicotra, who has also worked with Ed Sheeran, Mark Ronson, John Grant, Lorde, Siouxsie Sioux and Judith Owen. “My friend Jon Sword had a PM7 system at FoH with Bush and, when I saw it, I had the usual feeling when a new Yamaha digital mixer comes out. It improves on the things we all like, without radically changing the surface and screen layouts.
“Rivage PM7 is instantly familiar enough to not need a course to learn how to use it. My first day on it was the first day of production rehearsals with the band. It was so comfortable that nobody was aware that I was learning a new control surface.”
As a show with comedy at its heart, some of the production elements made life a little more complicated fo

chinaMLA makes waves in latest One Third Club
Tuesday, 3 December 2019

China - Hangzhou, the capital of the Zhejiang province, is home to a new One Third club destination located in a former locomotive depot, another of the NOA’s Arc Group’s entertainment ventures.
The third in the chain (including one in Beijing), the 2,500-capacity dance venue, specialising in Hard style, has been equipped with Martin Audio’s MLA Multicellular Loudspeaker Array.
This was supplied to the Dutch creative team, Live Legends, and their creative director Daan Oomen by Martin Audio’s Chinese distributor, Sino Hui Feng, who worked hard to win the project with the Martin Audio bid to ensure One Third Hangzhou stands out in a competitive marketplace.
The One Third vibe is all about the story of an old locomotive factory that comes to life. Live Legends delivered all creative elements from concept to execution, including show production, interior and technical design which included coordinating all the visual disciplines and optimising the guest experience with their usual flair and imagination.
Live Legends was asked onboard, to bring their extensive skills, knowledge and visions from the world of live events.
After sampling several competitive sound systems, it was decided that MLA would be “the perfect weapon” for this application and that Martin Audio overall was the best loudspeaker partner for all the subsidiary spaces.
The installation was carried out by Sino Hui Feng’s audio technical team, supported by Martin Audio Product Support Engineer, Robin Dibble.
All the rooms were equipped with Martin Aud

richard-smith-of-dwr-distributionDWR hosts L-Acoustics training sessions
Tuesday, 3 December 2019

South Africa - Richard Smith of DWR Distribution, an L-Acoustics authorised training centre, recently headed up L-Acoustics certified training for a group of technicians at the company’s offices in Johannesburg.
The two-day training course provides technicians with both the technical and practical skills and certification needed to operate a range of L-Acoustics professional sound systems.
Under the guidance of Richard Smith, who has served as a brand ambassador for L-Acoustics in Africa for over a decade, attendees are taught all that they need to know to operate L-Acoustics’ Kara, Kiva II and K2 professional audio system. Smith is a passionate and committed teacher and trainer and takes enormous pleasure in passing on his years of knowledge and experience to a new generation of L-Acoustics Certified Technicians.
“I have always loved teaching and try to take advantage of any opportunity presented to share my knowledge and experience with others in the audio field,” says Smith. “There is nothing more rewarding than watching those special light-bulb moments when a trainee suddenly grasps a new concept or skill.
“In the past, L-Acoustics took a highly structured, standardised approach to its training programmes. However, in recent years, they have adopted a more modular ‘a la carte’ approach. Participants start out with Level 1 training, which consists of two modules. Once they have completed the compulsory System Fundamentals module, covered on the first day of training, they are able to stipulate which system they would like t

edinburghTiMax TrackerD4 transforms Edinburgh tattoo
Tuesday, 3 December 2019

UK - This year’s Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo undertook one of its biggest technological transformations to date (read more about this in the December issue of LSi, coming soon). For the first time in its history, the vast and complex event trusted its audio control to an audio tracking system, implementing the largest TiMax TrackerD4 precision stagetracking system yet, controlling a pair of Out Board’s TiMax SoundHub-S64 spatial audio processors featuring new HARDCore FPGA processing - all supplied by Wigwam Acoustics.
Since 2014, sound designer, Seb Frost, has overseen the execution of audio reinforcement for the event, in which a continuously moving cast of over 1000 military musicians march through Edinburgh Castle’s parade ground in increasingly complex configurations.
Frost claims, “TiMax TrackerD4 dramatically improved the accuracy and resolution of the loudspeaker system. The advantage was that because everything sounded so natural we could increase the volume, which 100% had the effect of engaging the crowd and giving them - dare I say it - a more immersive experience.”
Along with 60 channels of radio microphone, 48 TiMax Tracker tags were swapped onto performers every four to six minutes during the course of the 100-minute performance. Over 700 tag swaps, from full bands to individual and group performances, demonstrates the level of complicated organisation that lies behind this unique event.
The TTd4 tags drive a 48-channel TiMax2 SoundHub audio spatialisation matrix to continuously maintain localisation and musical ti

bbc-promsVari-Lite’s VL2600 Profile lights BBC Proms
Tuesday, 3 December 2019

UK - Television lighting director Bernie Davis successfully trialled the new VL2600 Profile LED luminaire from Vari-Lite on the BBC Proms classical music festival this summer.
Staged through August and September at London’s Royal Albert Hall, the BBC Proms has an intense schedule, with concerts broadcast daily on BBC Radio and many performances recorded or broadcast live on BBC Television. With such time pressures, it’s essential for lighting fixtures to be reliable and versatile, but also quiet in operation and great-looking on camera.
“I was looking for a good, programmable profile spot that would be quiet enough for use on the Proms yet flexible enough to provide a high-quality light source with good zoom range, good shuttering on a flat field, and colour suitable for camera,” says Davis.
Having seen a demo of VL2600 Profile, Davis decided to trial them on the Proms. He positioned them on an advance truss, quite high over the front of the stage. “They seemed to meet all those needs comfortably,” he adds. “They were very successful in keying items all around the hall, particularly during the children’s ‘CBeebies’ Prom, which had action everywhere, even a rocket that ‘launched’ from the area lift.”
Overall, the VL2600 Profiles delivered a pleasing performance, as Davis explains: “The very flat field and good shutter performance makes them very usable. Their colour performance on camera is very good, and the wide zoom range is an essential for me, as they can answer so many demands during the season.”
(Jim E

rockinOutline and Powersoft electrify Rockin’1000
Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Italy - After captivating the Stade De France in Paris and the Commerzbank Arena in Frankfurt, Rockin’1000 brought their That’s Live - No Borders, On Board tour to Italy, landing in Milan and hosting two special guests, Manuel Agnelli from Afterhours (joined by Rodrigo D’Erasmo), and Subsonica.
The band originally found fame on 26 July 2015 at the Ippodromo Park in Cesena, where the 1,000-piece band played Learn to Fly in an effort to convince Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl to perform live in Italy (which happened the following November). Since then, the Thousand have been organising concerts around the world.
The band’s latest appearance - an outdoor show at newly renovated Milano-Linate airport - required the combined audio firepower of Outline’s GTO system and Powersoft’s K and X Series amplifiers to match up to the sheer the size of the stage and venue. This combination proved extremely effective at capturing the band’s massive live sound in Florence in 2018, so the show’s organisers knew the technology would be up to the task.
With so much equipment necessary to pull off this event, the gear had to be supplied by three companies, all of which belong to Outline and Powersoft’s Italian / European rental network: Gigant Sound (Poznań, Poland), Emporio On Stage (Scandicci, Florence), and Show Technologies (Recco, Genova).
To ensure even coverage across the venue, 100 of Outline’s GTO modules and 72 Outline DBS 18-2 subs were required. Several point-source systems (about 14 Outline Vegas 12 CX) were scatte

a-haVideo Design adds dimensions to a-ha dates
Monday, 2 December 2019

Europe - The recent European tour by a-ha saw the introduction of 10-bit video into the world of concert touring (full production report coming up in LSi December, out later this week).
Content was produced by the band’s chosen video creative, Knut Helgeland and realised live by Icarus Wilson-Wright. Alex Leinster of Video Design, who oversaw the upscaling of technological standards, outlines the challenges: “There were three important issues to be addressed - how to render out Helgeland’s content in 10-bit; finding an LED screen that could accept the 10-bit source natively, and creating the backbone to transport and manage the data traffic flows.
“Icarus had obviously been thinking about this for some time,” he continues. “I think the content he saw being developed by Helgeland was so beautiful that he felt this was the ideal opportunity - that the result would entirely validate the effort and expense.”
Wilson-Wright had already identified that two server types were 10-bit ready and could provide the platform; disguise was chosen and Video Design promptly invested in a pair of the latest disguise gx2c servers.
The rendering of Helgeland’s content proved a little more difficult, timespans required to do the work initially appeared intractable. Wilson-Wright spotted a codec within NotchLC that provided the lifeline. “The key to LC is quality and accuracy and it’s very fast to encode or decode,” explains Leinster. “These are not the smallest files, but because with the Codec, as with all else about Notch is GPU based ra

robe-love-the-90s-2019-madrid-5d35224Robe Loves the 90s in Spain
Monday, 2 December 2019

Spain - The Love the 90s festival staged three ‘extravaganza’ shows in 2019 in Madrid, Seville and Valencia.
Lighting and show designer Eduardo Valverde from Madrid-based creative specialist Pixelmap Studios was this year’s creative director, and his brief included imagineering the stage layout, set architecture including LED screens and the lighting.
Prominent on his lighting plot were around 150 Robe moving lights including Pointes, MegaPointes, LEDBeam 150s and LEDWash 800s, complete with three RoboSpot systems run with BMFL Spots, all supplied by rental company Fluge.
Due to the different venues, the rig design varied slightly for all of the shows, but the Robes were right at the heart of the aesthetics for each of the one-day hi-energy, all-action concerts featuring a dynamic multi-artist line-up with Dr Alban, La Bouche, Sonique and many more classic sounds from the era.
This year the stage design took on a new dimension as Eduardo and his team created a near 360º experience with a 45m wide stage and a 30m runway thrusting out from the front that sliced the near-stage audience into two, with a circular B-stage at the end.
Flying above this B-Stage was a 9m diameter ‘disco ball’ made up of curved trussing, rigged with lights and a think ring of LED. For some acts, the DJ booth was located on the B-stage, putting the performers right in the middle of the fans, which really boosted the show energy and excitement levels.
This 360° concept - in which the production wrapped around 270° of the stage - leaving room only

cosmos-21Cosmos Within Us gets immersive in NYC
Monday, 2 December 2019

USA - After three sold-out performances at Amsterdam's Eye Filmmuseum, which saw Cosmos Within Us win a VR Days Halo award, the Future of StoryTelling will present the theatrical preview of Tupac Martir’s mixed reality performance piece at New York Live Arts on 2 December (Monday).
A co-production between Satore Studio, a_BAHN, and Satore Tech, Cosmos Within Us ‘turns the solitary experience of virtual reality into a multisensory performance piece for an audience of 100-150 people, creating an entirely new artform’. It features 13 live performers, including five musicians, voiceover artists, live digital animations, two dancers, a conductor, and one ‘interactor’.
Director Tupac Martir comments: “Performing at the Eye was very special. Being able to take our piece outside of the film festival circuit and show it to over 100 people per screening meant that we have been able to create something communal.
“We had only performed it to a maximum of 10 people, so to grow the audience 10-fold meant that we were taking risks we didn’t know would pay off.”
The Venice and London performances earlier this year used small surround sound speaker systems, yet the Amsterdam shows saw the introduction of Sennheiser HP-02 headphones with wireless transmitters. These headphones were given to each audience member where they received a live feed, including that of the voice over artist.
Martir adds: “When we first started the show audio was primarily designed for the interactor as they would be inside the environmental la

donbroco2Squeek Lights goes Rogue for Don Broco
Monday, 2 December 2019

USA - Keeping pace with Don Broco on their first North American tour this autumn was a fast-moving Steve Kosiba lighting design that featured Chauvet Professional Rogue fixtures from Squeek Lights.
“The show is very high energy,” explains Kosiba. “Don Broco has a big sound with lots of changes. The band is like a force of nature on stage. I wanted to reflect that with the lighting. One way we did this was to get very detailed with the cueing, as this was a timecoded show. We had 256 cues in one particular song.”
Kosiba also reflected the flavour of his client’s stage presence by directing light in multiple directions, often changing the orientation of beams quickly and dramatically to accent different moments. “Different positions keep the show visually interesting,” he said. “This is something I always try to do. I want to change up positions as much as possible. Using the same positions every time is boring. I feel this is important with any band, especially one with this level of energy.”
The compact size and quick movements of the Rogue fixtures in his rig, as well as their intense output, helped Kosiba achieve the kaleidoscope of movement he was after. His rig featured four Rogue R1X Spot and eight Rogue R1 Wash fixtures.
Positioned on top of vertical pipes, the R1X Spot units in the rig were used to create aerial effects, as well as intense crowd lighting, which worked to support lead singer Rob Damiani’s strong rapport with the audience.
Kosiba had the Rogue R1 Wash fixtures placed on the deck upstage and o

dove-awards-20192Smarty Hybrid celebration at Dove Awards
Monday, 2 December 2019

USA - Mark Carver, lead designer at Nashville-based Carver Lighting Design, turned to Elation’s compact Smarty Hybrid moving head to help the GMA Dove Awards celebrate their 50th anniversary. Presented by the Gospel Music Association and aired exclusively on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), the Dove Awards have honoured excellence in Christian and Gospel Music since 1969.
The 50th anniversary show was held 15 October at Nashville's Lipscomb University. With multiple awards to hand out and 20 performances to light across both a main and satellite stage, Carver says diversity in looks was essential. “The Smarty Hybrids were definitely the main workhorse fixture on the show,” states Carver, who has lit the awards show for the last few years. “This isn’t the type of show where we had a lot of different fixtures to choose from so we really relied on the Smarty’s to get as many different types of looks as we could.”
Distributed across multiple levels on what the designer calls eye-candy trusses, 64 of the CMY colour-mixing Smarty fixtures were sprinkled throughout the set, intertwined with set piece ladders and also used as an audience surround. “They worked great as my eye-candy beam gobo fixtures in the camera shot,” he said. Mostly used for beam and gobo looks, the designer also turned to the multi-functional moving heads for colour accents.
One of the designer’s favourite looks was a narrow beam look that transitioned from amber to teal green, with another favourite a gobo look for artist Riley Clemmons in peach and magent

red-carpetStage Engage rolls out red carpet with Luxibel
Friday, 29 November 2019

UK - Stage Engage has invested in Luxibel B Blinded1 fixtures for its growing film premiere and product launch events.
The pro AV and staging company, based in London and Exeter, was looking for an IP-rated, LED stage blinder solution for high profile projects such as the BBC Peaky Blinders season 6 world premiere, which took place in Birmingham.
“We were looking for a multi-purpose, high brightness, IP-rated fixture that we could use for a variety of corporate events, film premieres and product launches,” says Cameron Baker, operations manager at Stage Engage. “The quality of the Blinded1 is very good and they have been super reliable. The connectors are great, the display makes sense and the quality of the materials is very good. Investing in them was a no-brainer.”
Created as the little brother of the B Blinded, the 110W B Blinded1 has the same functionality, feel and tungsten emulation and can be used as warm wash light or strobe fixture.
“We’ve been using our new stock of B Blinded1 for so many things, most commonly for flood lights on red carpet events, including at the Peaky Blinders event outside Birmingham Town Hall. Being IP-rated, they are awesome for that. The high brightness output they provide and low power consumption are a winning combination.
“We also used them for a large corporate event at Goldmiths University in London as house lights in the main marquee. They worked amazingly for that, too. They are a great replacement for halogen and are multi-purpose: crowd blinders, face light, house light,

newzroomSDS and DWR in Newzroom Afrika project
Friday, 29 November 2019

South Africa - Newzroom Afrika, a channel on Multi-Choice’s DStv satellite pay-TV service, went live earlier this year in time for the South African elections. The set, based at their new premises in Linden, was designed by Michael Gill Designs, built by Sets Drapes Screens (SDS), part of the Gearhouse Group of Companies and features Absen DW 2.9 LED panels, Green Hippo Boreal+ and dot2 lighting console supplied by DWR Distribution.
“The project was very exciting,” says Michael Gill of MGD. “I can honestly say that Thokozani Nkosi and Thabile Ngwato, the television producers and entrepreneurs, are the two most forward-thinking individuals I have ever worked with. Their way of thinking is so youthful, fresh and digital. The mindset behind Newzroom Afrika is that news breaks on your telephone these days and not always on TV. With an emphasis on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp, the idea is to link what is on your phone to the studio, hence screens were an important part of the set brief.
DWR’s Bruce Riley, Andi Rodgers, Schalk Botha and Tylor Pugin worked alongside Jacob Mogale from the Install Crew for the installation and wiring. The Absen Screens have three MCTRL 4K processors all fed from three Calibre LedView770SV scalers and at the heart of it the Green Hippo Boreal+. Dylan Jones took care of the Green Hippo Boreal+ install and training. The Hippotizer has four SDI inputs, so from the main studio, content can be routed onto the screens in the studio as a PIP or background using multiple layers pre-programmed on the

singmeinensongwaldbuhneamphitheatreSing meinen Song live in Berlin with dLive
Friday, 29 November 2019

Germany - A live concert featuring the stars of German TV show Sing meinen Song was recently mixed with two Allen & Heath dLive systems at FOH and monitors.
Sing meinen Song - das Tauschkonzert, produced by German broadcaster Vox, is one of the most successful TV formats in recent years and has just completed its sixth season, with the accompanying album releases always hitting the top of the German album charts. For the first time ever, the 2019 season closed with a live concert in Berlin where all the artists involved reunited for one big final live show. The venue chosen for the event, Berlin’s Waldbühne amphitheatre, is one of Germany’s biggest open-air stages with a unique architecture and atmosphere.
The concert was mixed by Daniel Lauer (FOH) and Sascha Kohl (monitors), who have been working with dLive systems for several years.
“The main challenge of the show was the limited time available for preparation,” explains Lauer. “Because of its size and special acoustics, the Waldbühne is quite a demanding location for a sound engineer and we only had one day of studio rehearsal for 25 songs, so we had to be able to adapt very quickly to any changes at soundcheck. The variety of songs and artists also presented us with a full spectrum of sound and dynamics to cope with, which was a huge challenge for us mixing the show, but of course also what made it interesting. The two dLive systems were an enormous help in dealing with those issues.”
Two Allen & Heath dLive S7000 surfaces, each paired with its own DM64 Mi

robe-polish-national-theatre-warsaw-hedda-gabler-by-krzysztof-bielinski-1Polish National Theatre upgrades with Robe
Friday, 29 November 2019

Poland - Teatr Narodowy (National Theatre) in Warsaw has invested in 40 Robe DL7S Profile moving lights which are part of a lighting upgrade to replace over 100 halogens and gel-scrollers in their rig with new LED light sources, a graduated process taking place across all three of the theatre’s performance spaces.
In addition to modernising their house lighting systems - including some previous moving lights that had been in place for nearly 20 years - they were essentially looking for quieter fixtures, stated head of lighting, Zbigniew Szulim.
They considered all the options, and apart from the silent running of the DL7S, also liked the colour rendering and the smoothness of its dimming. They also wanted a luminaire that could replicate the effect of halogen lamps.
The National Theatre Warsaw, one of five in Poland, each associated with a major city, stages nearly 500 shows a year across all its stages - Bogusławski Hall (Big Hall), the stage at Wierzbowa (Small Hall) and the Studio Stage - a mix of own produced shows and those received from other companies.
The capacities of the Small Hall and the Studio are 120 and 100 respectively, and in these rooms, the audience is sitting very close to the lights, so having less ambient noise coming from the fixtures is a real bonus for those watching.
The theatre’s current building in Teatralny Square was reconstructed after a major fire in 1986 - the fifth in the theatre’s history - and it reopened in its current format 11 years later in 1996.
This is when Zbigniew Szulim joined the

kodaline3-1EPIX Strip Tour fixtures on Kodaline duty
Friday, 29 November 2019

Ireland - D. Reilly of Dandy’s Lighting utilised Kodaline’s logo in designing the band’s lighting for their European tour. After conferring with the band, he used the logo lettering as the inspiration to create geometric diamond-shaped set-pieces for their touring rig. To make this design element work, he outlined these pieces in vivid colour with Chauvet Professional ÉPIX Strip Tour fixtures supplied by Reynolds of Raphoe.
Flown over mid-stage as three large ‘diamonds, and mounted on two stage left and two stage right truss columns, the geometric patterns are creating a powerful, consistent and easily identifiable look for the band on their tour.
“There is a level of subliminal branding with the patterns, since it mirrors the logo,” says Reilly. “Mostly though, it’s something very attractive and engaging to look at. It captures attention and draws eyes toward the stage. Because it’s also very modular, it allows us to create a consistent environment for the lads to perform in as we move from one venue to the next on the tour. If we run into a smaller stage, we can cut down the size of the patterns, but it’s still the same feel.”
Reilly weaves the ÉPIX Strip fixtures into the dynamics of his design with chase sequences. For dramatic impact, he will turn the linear fixtures off during some songs, taking advantage of their smooth dimming curve. He’ll also use the strips to show pixel mapped video images created by Lumio Productions.
“Lumio has been wonderful to work with, as has Reynolds of Raphoe,” adds Reilly.

holoplotHoloplot technology at London’s Science Museum
Friday, 29 November 2019

UK - 3D beamforming and wave field synthesis technology from Holoplot were an integral part of a recent showcase organised by White Light at the Science Museum in London.
Held in the Level 1 exhibition space, the three-day event It’s Virtually Reality: The Future of Technology attracted more than 300 people keen to find out about the application of augmented, virtual and mixed reality technologies to the broadcast, education and events markets. Sound Technology, Holoplot partner in the UK, supplied and installed the loudspeaker array for the event.
The It’s Virtually Reality: The Future of Technology showcase provided an opportunity for Holoplot to demonstrate the new dimension it has brought to installed audio. According to White Light, “Guests were blown away by the impact of this directional sound capability and the personalized experience that it provides - with no audio system in visible sight.”
The installation saw visitors enter a tunnel and pass through the different stages of a story. During their journey they faced various immersive AV experiences, but at no point did they see the actual loudspeaker system, which had been concealed at the end of the tunnel. The design allowed visitors to experience focused audio objects at certain points on their route -making for an exciting and varied audio environment. The installation consisted of one Holoplot loudspeaker array that was positioned at the end of the tunnel.
The event also featured products from a number of other brands. These included BlackTrax (tracking and

alcons-audio-press-release-grace-live-house-band-playingAlcons serves up appetising audio in China
Thursday, 28 November 2019

China - Grace is a national chain of bar/restaurants with live entertainment. The latest venue is in Yangjiang city, Guangdong province, where an Alcons Audio pro-ribbon system has overcome architectural challenges to serve up an appetising audio menu.
Grace in Yangjiang has a 400sq.m main area and a 100sq.m mezzanine, with internal architecture that created significant acoustic challenges. Its classical Chinese style features a tiled roof decoration with varying heights, producing multiple reflections. Additionally, a tall decorative column was likely to cause issues with sound coverage from one side of the stage.
The live performances feature vocals, bass, guitar, keyboards, drums and have a wide dynamic range. Guangzhou-based EAD was asked to design and install a sound reinforcement system that would make sure diners throughout the venue enjoyed high quality sound. The company chose an Alcons Audio pro-ribbon solution.
The main dining area is covered by four RR12 point-source array modules, with four BF362 high-output subwoofers installed under the stage. Four VR8 compact versatile monitors cover the mezzanine area, with two more filling the area behind the decorative column. These have a set delay to ensure the frequency response curve and sound pressure on the left and right sides of the space are equal. The system is managed by two Sentinel10 amplified loudspeaker controllers.
“We set up the RR12s in increments of 30° in the coupling plane and, thanks to their asymmetric 60° (+20°/-40°) in the non-coupling plane, we could cover the

nathist-museum-liveColdplay launch with live streaming and Lawo
Thursday, 28 November 2019

UK/Jordan - On Friday, 22 November, Coldplay performed two Sunrise and Sunset sets at Amman’s Citadel, Jordan, both of which were streamed live on YouTube to celebrate the release of the band’s new album, Everyday Life.
Following Coldplay’s decision not to tour Everyday Life for environmental reasons, the band came up with an alternative for achieving maximum impact: “We wanted to pick somewhere in the middle of the world where we normally don’t get to play,” Chris Martin, Coldplay’s frontman, told the BBC.
A few days before the Amman performances, Coldplay’s management announced the addition of a one-off live show on 25 November at London’s Natural History Museum. Selected songs of this performance will be available on radio and social media, and the proceeds will be donated to an environmental charity.
As always, what looked easy at show time was the result of intense preparations involving the best people in the industry. Tony Smith (Coldplay’s audio designer, FOH tech and crew chief) liaised with Toby Alington, broadcast sound engineer, to find a solution for the Amman broadcast mix. Alington in turn approached Dirk Sykora to discuss a Lawo console solution for Jordan through SR Films. Alington mixed the two sets live in Amman with the help of Coldplay’s Rik Simpson (producer, sound engineer) and Dan Green (FOH engineer).
Both the band and the technical crew had arrived in Amman one week prior to the Sunrise and Sunset performances. According to Dirk Sykora, who configured and programmed t


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