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pasionocultaChamsys powers emotions in Pasión Oculta
Monday, 22 July 2019

USA - Irma Suarez-Ruiz had one request for Dustin L. Derry when she asked him to light her dance composition Pasión Oculta, which premiered at Chicago’s North Shore Centre For The Performing Arts this summer. She told him to ‘think big’. The artistic director of Ensemble Español, Suarez-Ruiz wasn’t thinking in terms of a giant rig replete with special effects when she proffered this advice. Her words had more to do with the visual impact and emotional force of his design than its size.
Derry, who has been working with Ensemble Español since 2015, did not let his friend and colleague down. His lighting for the sensual six-minute Flamenco-style dance piece glows with raw passion and the aching yearning that boils at the heart of this dance narrative as it swirls around hidden desires. Yet, at the same time, his design also flows gracefully with the dance’s five couples as they move on stage.
Helping Derry achieve this balance is his ChamSys MagicQ MQ500 Stadium console. “For me as a dance designer, it is all about timing,” he says. “Timing is a massive part of what I do. Following dancers that all move at slightly different speeds, but land at the same time, would have been next to impossible for me if ChamSys didn’t make precise timing so easy.”
Designing for Pasión Oculta involved a two-step process before tech week for Derry. “I started with Vector Works for designing the plot, projection, rigging, etc.,” he says. “Then I exported the lighting data to my ChamSys via CSV, and also to Capture 2019. After that, S

almasah1Supersharpys light up Cairo ballroom
Monday, 22 July 2019

Egypt - The Al Masah Hotel and Spa in Cairo has installed 16 Claypaky Supersharpy moving heads provided by AV equipment retailer, Audio Technology. The fixtures were part of a new build phase at the luxury hotel, a favourite for hosting prestigious weddings and events in the capital.
The Supersharpys were installed in the lighting grid of the hotel’s Andalusite Hall, one of the largest ballrooms in Cairo. It seats up to 1,200 guests and features 15 balconies for private celebrity and VIP invitees.
“We know the outstanding performance of the Supersharpy with its powerful beam light and recommended it to the client,” says Emad Adly, Audio Technology’s president.
“The fixtures are used in many different set ups as required by the events staged in the ballroom,” adds Adly. “The Supersharpys offer diversity and flexibility for these events and have been performing just great. The client is very happy with them.”
(Jim Evans)

stormzyStormzy’s Glastonbury set mixed on Soundcraft
Monday, 22 July 2019

UK - The sonic delivery for Stormzy’s Friday night headline slot on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury was handled effortlessly by FOH sound engineer Raphael Williams, a long-time user of Harman’s Soundcraft Vi Series of mixing consoles.
To mix the show, Williams used a pair of Soundcraft Vi2000 desks at FOH connected together in Mirror Mode, provided by his own company Bethel Productions. This mode allows the two consoles to constantly push control data to one another, effectively increasing the available number of faders and Vistonics touch screens. Not only did this provide Williams with a surface extension, but also redundancy in the unlikely event of a console failure. “It was not that I needed a back-up, though,” he affirms, “as these consoles have always been rock solid.”
In addition to the two consoles, he also carried two Soundcraft Realtime Racks, augmenting the consoles’ on-board processing with the full suite of UAD-2 plug-ins. Although he says he is “not a plug-in crazy person”, using the DSP engines sparingly, his lead vocal insert contains a UAD Precision Channel Strip for its EQ and compressor, running into an SSL 4000 E channel strip. “I use the modelled SSL preamp on that strip to produce a “glassy” sound on the lead vocal. I’m also using a Fairchild 670 Legacy on the drum bus and the dbx 160 plug-in on various guitars, brass and keys.”
Also travelling with him was a Soundcraft Ui24R digital remote-controlled mixer, which acted as a shout system, handling all the communications between FOH and backstage

chrisyoung-camden-2019toddkaplan-smlChris Young hits the road with Ayrton Ghibli
Monday, 22 July 2019

USA - Multi-platinum entertainer Chris Young kicked off his headlining, 45+ dates Raised On Country world tour on 16 May in Georgia before it was due to wrap in November. Ayrton Ghibli LED spot luminaires, with framing shutters, fill out the rig for the slate of arena and amphitheatre shows coast to coast.
The design of the show is based on a W-shaped videowall with four individually moving panels. Chevron-shaped lighting trusses increase in size moving upstage to downstage; six individually moving light pods are located between the downstage and midstage truss.
Lighting designer, Chris Lisle, has positioned 36 Ghibli fixtures throughout the three midstage and upstage trusses. He selected them after staging a fixture shootout before the tour. “We were super-happy with the output and parameters of the Ghiblis,” he reports. “They are the punchiest and brightest LED fixtures I have ever seen.”
Bandit Lites is supplying the Ghibli LED spots for the run of the tour. “The Bandit prep was top notch and their crew is amazing,” Lisle says. “We are extremely happy with the Ghiblis - their intensity, colour range, feature set and more. They are definitely the workhorse of this tour.”
The Ghibli units were sourced from ACT, Ayrton’s exclusive distributor in North America. “Chris Lisle has always trusted ACT products and has used many of our new fixtures on new tours,” comments Doug Mekanik, ACT’s southeast regional sales. “We couldn’t be happier that he has trusted us yet again with a new product in the ACT portfolio. Ay

cats-imageHarlequin gets feline-friendly for Cats
Friday, 19 July 2019

UK - Harlequin Floors' Liberty panels were used for the set of the eagerly-awaited film adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cats, the manufacturer has revealed.
Filmed at Warner Bros Studios in Leavesden, Hertfordshire, the upcoming musical drama features a star-studded cast, including actors Jennifer Hudson, Judi Dench, Idris Elba, Taylor Swift and James Corden, as well as Royal Ballet principal dancers Francesca Hayward and Steve McRae.
Over 550sq.m of Harlequin Liberty panels were hired for the film set, to provide the cast a safe sprung floor on which to practice their lifts and jumps. The sprung dance floor panels were then covered in Harlequin Reversible Pro performance vinyl, which helps to prevent slips and falls. Ballet barres and 15 mirrors were also bought from the Tunbridge Wells-based manufacturer to complete the professional dance environment in which the cast could train.
Jamie Stirling, technical development manager at Harlequin, visited the set and oversaw the installation. "Working on projects of this scale and prestige, which are often technically challenging, is a real privilege, especially one such as this that combines film and performing arts,” he comments.
Cats is released on 20 December by Universal Pictures. The film is the second musical adaptation directed by Les Misérables director, Tom Hooper and is choreographed by Andy Blankenbuehler, with Steven Spielberg as executive producer.

europalcoProlights Omega canvas for Lisbon art show
Friday, 19 July 2019

Portugal - Lisbon’s Colombo Centre, one of the largest shopping centres in the Iberian Peninsula is playing host the ninth edition of the Art Comes to Colombo project, an immersive installation designed to honour the works of famed Portuguese artist Maria Helena Vieira da Silva.
The summer-long installation which runs through until the end of August has been organised by event planners Europalco as an immersive digital museum designed to showcase works from the artist. The concept was to create an immersive digital and multimedia experience that uses perspective and colour to celebrate 35 of Vieira da Silva’s works. The use of digital and multimedia allowed Europalco to add life to them digitally and offers visitors a chance to immerse themselves in the art.
Five hundred and sixty Prolights Omega X26B panels have been temporarily installed as canvas for the paintings throughout the exhibit.
Using modern technology to bring a traditional art form to life, Europalco chose the Prolights Omega X26B due to their sharp 2.6mm pixel pitch, superior video image quality, creative flexibility but above the all, reliability of the screen.
Rodrigo Leão, composer of the music element of the installation, comments: “Created from scratch, this exhibition reconciles art, in the most classic and conventional sense of the work, with boldness and digital disruption. A show that unites architecture, multimedia, music and painting in a unique experience around the work of Maria Helena Vieira da Silva, one of the most renowned Portuguese painters.”

equip-thgo-shepherds-bush-empireequip supplies THGO at The Empire
Friday, 19 July 2019

UK - Technical production specialist equip event services co-ordinated all the technical elements - lighting, audio and staging - for The House & Garage Orchestra’s (THGO) recent sold-out gig at Shepherd’s Bush Empire.
The ensemble, founded in 2015, has ignited an appetite for their energetic reimagining of some of the UK’s biggest house and garage hits.
When production manager Kevin Jianoran joined in November 2018, they were an eight-piece with guest vocalists and just him on the crew as the touring sound engineer. Since then it’s quickly upscaled to become a 20-piece orchestra, complete with brass and string sections, 14 guest vocalists and a technical crew of eight.
equip, based in Brixton, London, were approached by Kevin, who is also the band’s monitor engineer, to work on their tour last November, which was a big success. He then returned to James Cooper and the equip team and asked if they could work on the high-profile Shepherd’s Bush gig, plus their upcoming tour.
“Everyone at equip has always been very accommodating and friendly. Nothing is ever a problem, they come up with smart and imaginative solutions and work sensibly within designated budgets and other parameters” he commented.
He also specifically wanted a single production supplier able to deal efficiently with all the technical elements and co-ordination, and being local to the London venue was considered a bonus.
Dan Barley, equip MD, states: “We were all super-excited to be working with Kevin and THGO band again. Shepherd’s Bush was a

dermotGLP floor package for Dermot Kennedy
Friday, 19 July 2019

Europe - Last autumn, production designer Owen Pritchard-Smith (of Spirit Design) joined up with fast-emerging Irish singer-songwriter Dermot Kennedy for a European tour, having previously worked with the artist’s management on other projects.
Though he was largely playing through house rigs on that initial tour, a UK stint quickly followed, enabling him to carry a basic floor package comprising four GLP X4 Bar 20 battens and four JDC1 hybrid strobes. “I had never used either before, but was interested in trying them, and the flexibility of the JDC1 - essentially two fixtures in one - was perfect for a small package,” he says.
So far this year Kennedy has undertaken tours of the US and Canada as well as further dates in Europe and the UK - and the floor package has expanded accordingly, although it is still based around Owen’s favoured X4 Bar 20 and JDC1. “I’m loving working with them,” says the lighting designer.
Christie Lites has supplied all inventory to date, on both sides of the Atlantic. “I had worked with Andy [Strachan] and so it was natural for me to go to him. He introduced me to the JDC1, whereas I've always been a big X4 (and X4 S) wash user anyway and generally leant towards GLP fixtures, as I am a big fan.
“If I needed an LED wash I’d gravitate to an X4, and when I wanted a tilting, pixel mappable LED batten I immediately went for an X4 Bar 20 - it was a no brainer especially as Christie had them in stock.” It was when he was looking for a combined wash/strobe that Andy Strachan proposed the JDC1. “Christ

tokyo-sing-song-1Tokyo Sing Song makes waves with Pioneer
Friday, 19 July 2019

Australia - Tokyo Sing Song is located in the basement of the Marlborough Hotel in Newtown, Sydney and although the 200-capacity venue is compact, since it opened in 2014 it’s earned a reputation for its loud late-night parties and electric atmosphere.
In late 2018, Harold Dumke, Tokyo Sing Song’s marketing and entertainment coordinator, was made an offer he couldn’t refuse. In partnership with DJW Projects, Pioneer Pro Audio gave him the opportunity to install the brand’s first sound system in Australasia, replacing the club’s old PA. “I was completely blown away,” remembers Dumke. “I thought we were very lucky to be able to have a top-tier product from Pioneer Pro Audio that no one had seen or heard before in Australia.”
The musical offering at Tokyo Sing Song is so diverse - with DJs and live acts playing everything from hip-hop, disco, and soul, to house, jazz, and techno on different nights of the week so the club needed a versatile system.
Ryan Gay, product manager at Pioneer Electronics Australia, worked with DJW Projects’ managing director, Dave Coxon, to specify a setup of four XY-3B three-way bi-amp loudspeakers and two XY-218HS dual 18-inch horn-loaded subwoofers. The natural audio produced by these units allows the accurate reproduction of the myriad genres of music played at the club and their high output fills the basement space with the huge sound pressure the crowd was used to but with increased clarity.
“DJW Projects did a great job working with the venue and us to make sure the sound was designed perfect

jewelle-blackman-kay-trinidad-and-yvette-gonzalez-nacer-in-hadestown-photo-by-matthew-murphyCity Theatrical’s wireless DMX on Broadway
Friday, 19 July 2019

USA - City Theatrical’s Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM technology is currently being used to provide DMX data at eight-time Tony Award winning Broadway show Hadestown.
Selected for its ability to communicate DMX data wirelessly in the 900MHz band at a distance of up to 300ft indoors, Multiverse Transmitters, in combination with Multiverse Nodes operating on a SHoW DMX Neo SHoW ID, broadcast DMX data to QolorFLEX Dimmers that provide dimming control for battery powered headlamps used for the show’s daily performances, as well as in the company’s 2019 Tony Awards performance at Radio City Music Hall.
“Getting set up with Multiverse wireless DMX was unbelievably good,” says Justin Freeman, production electrician for Hadestown. “Communication with City Theatrical never stopped. If things changed, Multiverse changed with us. It has been very successful for our show.”
Recently recognised as the winner of the Live Design Award for Best Debuting Product in the Lighting Accessories and Integration category at LDI 2018, the Multiverse Transmitter 900MHz/2.4GHz (P/N 5910) model can broadcast as many as nine universes of DMX data (licensed for use in North America) from a single transmitter, while producing less radio energy than present-day single universe systems.
The Multiverse Transmitter 2.4GHz (P/N 5911) model can be used to broadcast up to 10 universes of DMX data from a single transmitter anywhere in the world.
(Jim Evans)

the-glade-stage-2019-funktion-oneGlastonbury debut for Funktion-One’s Vero
Friday, 19 July 2019

UK - Funktion-One teamed up with long-term partner Audio Plus to give Vero its first Glastonbury outing at The Glade. The stage, which enjoyed a mixed programme of DJ and live performances, received plaudits from artists, festivalgoers and sound engineers, who praised the system’s precise stereo imaging and generous headroom.
Luke Piper, area coordinator of Avalon, Glade and The Wood, said: "I was overjoyed with the new system - it surpassed all expectations. We quadrupled the normal capacity of the venue up to 20,000, with people dancing right at the back of the crowd to Carl Cox, Fatboy Slim and Squarepusher. Here it sounded just as good as at the front with a full range, solid, clear and real bottom end, and great mid-range separation. Vero is a very real 'non-synthetic' alive sounding system that's perfect for live and electronic acts alike. It's the best system I've ever worked with."
The Glade Stage system comprised left and right hangs of seven Vero enclosures per side - three V315s, two V90s and two V60s. These flown arrays were paired with an asymmetric bass setup consisting of a two wide/six high block of F124s stage left and a stack of four F221s stage right. The system was powered by Lab.gruppen PLM20K44 amps.
A fill system was deployed around the video relay screen which serviced the overspill area. It featured Evo 7Ts with Evo 7THs (for enhanced mid/highs) and F221 bass enclosures and could be turned on or off, depending on the size of the crowd.
Funktion-One implemented new crossover filter discoveries made during the develo

zero-88-little-field-theatre-st-andrews-school-img9963Zero 88 control solution for Little Field Theatre
Thursday, 18 July 2019

UK - A Zero 88 lighting control solution - including FLX S48 lighting console and Bypass dimmer / switchpacks - has been supplied to St Andrew’s School in Woking, Surrey, UK, by rental, sales and installations specialist Henley Theatre Services (HTS).
The school, founded in 1937, is a respected co-educational prep school for around 300 children aged 3 to 13. As part of a commitment to deliver a stimulating and vibrant educational and developmental environment for its pupils, last year St Andrew’s invested in a new, 230-capacity purpose-built theatre - the Little Field Theatre - and rehearsal space in its 11-acre grounds.
The venue’s technical specification - including the Zero 88 elements - was delivered by consultants Theatre tech who designed the production lighting, sound and comms systems. A tender issued for the equipment supply was won by HTS who liaised closely with both the consultants and the client. HTS completed the installation and commissioning of the equipment on site.
HTS’s Reg Berry explained that the FLX S48 provided an ideal lighting control option due to its “clever but simple” approach to controlling a combination of different lightsources including LED and tungsten units.
In this case, the client also had several tungsten ‘legacy’ fixtures from their previous drama studio (Jnr School Hall) that needed to be integrated into the new theatre system, together with some new LED PARs, Selecon Acclaim fresnels and profiles.
The two Zero 88 Bypass dimmer / switchpacks provide dimmed and hot power for the l

godiva-festivalSAS debuts Martin MLA at Godiva Festival
Thursday, 18 July 2019

UK - Coventry’s Godiva Festival, which takes place in the City’s War Memorial Park, was founded as a free festival in 1997. This year, the 120,000 festivalgoers had to pay a nominal admission fee to attend the weekend-long event, which was headlined by The Levellers, Feeder and Busted on the respective days.
Chris ‘Stan’ Saunders has been overseeing the festival’s evolving technology requirements, as has the company with which he has long been associated, Stage Audio Services (SAS).
SAS owner Kevin Mobberley comments: “We’ve been providing event services for Godiva since the year 2000 but this is the first year we have used [Martin Audio’s] MLA PA. Previously, we have used other brands.”
This public park is a highly sensitive noise area, and acousticians Vanguardia are contracted to measure sound propagation and set offsite thresholds - something that the advanced controllability of MLA is equal to meeting. “MLA was our natural choice,” says Mobberley, “and we pushed the organisers in that direction.”
They rigged the full-sized MLA, nine elements per side, with 10 x MLX subwoofers in a cardioid array along the front. Three MLA Compact enclosures provided near-fills and four DD12’s were also on hand should any other gaps have needed plugging in the coverage pattern.
One of the key challenges was the proximity of the two stages, but with programming in the capable hands of Stan Saunders, a fully-qualified MLA operative, sound spillage was kept to a minimum. “I have used MLA quite a few times and it was good to

vari-liteVari-Lite and Strand deliver for HSPVA
Thursday, 18 July 2019

USA - Vari-Lite and Strand, part of Signify, are meeting the demand for state-of-the-art technology at the new $88m Kinder High School for the Performing and Visual Arts (HSPVA) in Houston, Texas. The flagship education and arts facility benefits from over 600 lighting fixtures as well as control and networking technology from the two lighting equipment brands.
Designed by Gensler Architects, the HSPVA features an 800-seat main theatre, plus a Black Box theatre, a mini theatre, recital hall, dance studios and recording studio. In addition to its educational programme, it will also play a lead role in the cultural life of Houston’s thriving downtown arts district.
“This is not your typical high school space,” says Chris Purpura, who led the project on behalf of theatre consultancy WJHW Inc. “This is a state-of-the-art performing arts facility with many different rooms and spaces. From the get-go, they wanted systems that were in the forefront of technology.”
He adds: “The client wanted to treat the spaces as a blank canvas. Maybe, in the main theatre they use the whole space, or half the space, or maybe a performance takes place across two or more spaces simultaneously. We designed the network so that the spaces can be connected, or divided, as required.”
Working in close collaboration with the architects, building contractor McCarthy Construction and entertainment systems integration specialists from Wenger Corporation, WJHW specified an integrated stage lighting and control solution from Vari-Lite and Strand.
At the system

glpGLP JDC1 out on Ramazzotti's world tour
Thursday, 18 July 2019

Europe - Eros Ramazzotti embarked on his Vita ce n'è world tour 2019 in February this year. Included in the lighting design were 63 of GLP’s JDC1 hybrid strobes and 54 impression X4 Bar 20s, supplied by rental company Agorà.
The lighting concept was realised by Jamie Thompson of UK company, Mirrad. He explains: “The JDC1 helped us create a back wall that would be an extension of the video screen. It is incredibly bright and was perfect for this purpose.”
The X4 Bars were also essential to outline the shape of the stage. “They created a perfect effect picture,” says Thompson. “The X4 Bars are very versatile,a great product."
Jamie Thompson has been using GLP products for many years now, and they have always given him great satisfaction. "I will continue to use them for sure,” he declares. "The X4 Bar 20 has become a standard, a must-have product for a lot of people. And as for the new wash, The Highlander, that’s also very exciting.”
(Jim Evans)

ice-hockeyProlights leads in ice hockey championships
Thursday, 18 July 2019

Slovakia - Designed, directed and choreographed by Ján Ďurovčík and the Slovak Dance Theatre, the 2019 edition of the World Ice Hockey championships was held at the Košice Steel Arena in Slovakia. The event not only saw the Finns rise to victory, but also featured the Prolights Stark doing what it does best.
Lighting suppliers and installers for the project, SRS light design, had recently purchased 24 Prolights Stark1000CC fixtures, using 16 to cover all corners of the ice for the opening ceremony.
The lighting for the show was designed and programmed by Lukáš Hirčák, who comments: "I was surprised by the light output and the extensive zoom in the Prolights Stark. The equipment worked flawlessly throughout the championship and covered the ice with very balanced brightness and excellent colour mixing."
When asked about their purchase Robo Sloboda from SRS light design explained, "We have tested several models of heads from several manufacturers, but the price / performance ratio, excellent processing and very good colour mixing have convinced us that Prolights Stark1000 is the best choice for us.”
(Jim Evans)

ssllive-l500-jerome-kalfon-fohSSL Live on The Voice France
Thursday, 18 July 2019

France - The Voice France is broadcast on TF1, the largest private French TV station, during prime time on Saturday nights.
Set in Studio 217 at La Plaine Saint Denis, just north of Paris, its stage is the largest in Europe at 2090sq.m, with a 1,300 capacity. As with any major broadcast event, it's a meticulous, multi-console affair, and requires a plethora of inputs. FOH engineer Jerome Kalfon and monitor engineer Alex Maggi both mix the show on SSL L500s to mix the show.
The Voice France utilises 128 mics, four SSL ML32.32 stage boxes, and an SSL BL II - Blacklight Concentrator, which allows FOH and monitors to share all inputs. The two broadcast consoles in the OB van receive inputs directly from inbuilt broadcast MADI splitters located at the back of the stage boxes, and the broadcast mix comes directly from the SSL mic amps and SSL conversion.
Jerome Kalfon has used the SSL at FOH for three years on The Voice, and enjoys working from it even more now than when he first started, testament to all the feature enhancements that have been implemented along the way.
“This is such a sophisticated musical show, where each song is sung by a different performer, with a different ambience and style, so setup can be radically different from one title to the other. For the live shows it is very intense to manage the music mix, and also to deal with the frantic comms between all the production teams, such as the video sequences being fired from the OB van.
“It's so often the way when you're working on a demanding TV sho

hogsHogs swing with Robbie Williams in Las Vegas
Thursday, 18 July 2019

USA - Following the success of Robbie Williams’ first US residency in March, the singer returned to Las Vegas for another sold-out run this summer. In all performances, High End Systems’ Hog lighting consoles were networked for the lighting, lasers and media servers’ video content.
To make a splash in the American market, Williams put together his Live in Las Vegas set list at the Wynn’s Encore Theatre to include more well-known Rat Pack standards, with fewer of his own UK hits.
LD Sean Burke not only designed the production and the lighting, but also programmed and served as lighting director. Barry Lather worked with him as the show director and set co-designer.
“The design came from Barry,” Burke notes. “He had this vision of a ‘swing’ show with dancers, props and so on. The band is pretty big for this small stage, so trying to fit it all in was a challenge. Different levels were needed to give visual perspective in this small space.”
To deal with the narrow width and low proscenium, Burke added six vertical ladders which flank the video screens and the downstage areas. “This gives a lot of really good looks toward the audience; it’s right there in front of them and being low produces a big impact visually,” he explains.
Having been a Hog console user for many years, Burke dedicated specific desks for different segments of the production.
“We used a Full Boar 4 and a Playback Wing 4 for the lighting and video content control. The video content on a media server is triggered via ArtNet. We al

radio-activeSeattle’s McCaw Hall goes Radio Active
Wednesday, 17 July 2019

USA - Marion Oliver McCaw Hall at Seattle Centre, home to the Pacific Northwest Ballet and Seattle Opera, upgraded its wireless intercoms with four Radio Active Designs (RAD) UV-1G base stations and 24 belt packs provided by Lift AV, also of Seattle.
“When we heard about the frequency restack we immediately worked on getting ahead of it,” explains John Coulter, AV technician for Seattle Centre. “We compared three or four different intercom systems but, in the end, the RAD units provided the frequency agility and signal latency our residents needed.”
McCaw Hall opened in 2003 after a $127m renovation of the Seattle Opera House. The Hall is owned by the City of Seattle and operated by Seattle Center. McCaw Hall is home to the 2,900-seat Susan Brotman Auditorium, the 380-seat Nesholm Family Lecture Hall, multiple lobbies and a public plaza that serves as entry into McCaw Hall and the Seattle Centre campus.
“The RAD intercoms are in almost constant use,” adds Coulter. “In addition to roughly 150 performances by the ballet and opera, the hall hosts music concerts, lectures, corporate meetings, festival performance and a variety of community and non-profit events. We typically check out up to 18 belt packs for each and keep one system free for whatever is coming and going. There are events squeezed in between ballet and opera performances regularly.”
The UV-1G base stations operate in a very small slice of the UHF spectrum 25 kHz) while the body packs operate solely in the VHF realm. This frees up considerable RF bandwidth for other

nac-theatre-004Optocore at the hub of NAC overhaul
Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Canada - Based in Ottawa, and designed in the brutalist architectural style, Canada’s National Arts Centre (NAC) has been serving the performing arts since 1969.
A bilingual, multi-disciplinary home for Canada’s most creative artists, the NAC strives to be artistically adventurous in each of its programming streams - the NAC Orchestra, Dance, English Theatre, French Theatre, Indigenous Theatre and NAC Presents. Offering a variety of free programming and events, The Centre collaborates with artists and arts organizations across the country, invests in ambitious new works and nurtures the next generation of audiences and artists from across Canada.
As part of a recent $110m overhaul, globally-renowned integrators, Engineering Harmonics, were hired to design a comprehensive audio/visual system that would service their needs for the next 15 years and beyond.
The project required upgrades to three of the performance spaces, replacing outdated equipment and infrastructure including some items from the original fit-out. These included Southam Hall, the Babs Asper Theatre and the Azrieli Studio and the upgrade included mixing consoles, speakers, amplifiers, DSP, intercom and a state-of-the-art digital fibre optic network provided by Optocore.
The NAC purchased a total of 54 Optocore units deployed across the three networks. Each venue was designed to have its own dedicated network, with a mix of permanently installed Optocore devices and mobile racks that could be moved freely between connection points in a venue or from one venue to another to

robe-aus-licht-amsterdam-day-1-michaels-reise-um-die-erde--ruth--martin-walz-dutch-national-opera-0047Robe T1s for every day of the Aus Licht week
Wednesday, 17 July 2019

The Netherlands - One hundred and forty Robe T1 Profile LED moving lights were specified by the Dutch National Opera and Ballet’s lighting department for three performances of Aus Licht directed by Pierre Audi and staged in the Gashouder venue in Amsterdam as part of the 2019 Holland Festival.
The epic performances each took place over three consecutive days delighting Karlheinz Stockhausen aficionados and opera buffs with a total of 15 hours of music per show, featuring selections from the iconic composer’s seven opera Licht cycle which takes place over seven days of the week.
Aus Licht was a collaboration between the Dutch National Opera, Holland Festival, Royal Conservatoire of The Hague and the Stockhausen Foundation, created in cooperation with the wardens of Stockhausen’s legacy. The music from LICHT was presented in a mis-en-space by Pierre Audi in his role as creative director for the DNO and the festival.
Production lighting and set designer Urs Schönebaum created a design and sent his plot to the Dutch National Opera’s lighting department where it was interpreted and realised by their head of stage, video and lighting, Pieter Huijgen, and lighting manager / chief LX Cor van den Brink.
The primary need was for a quiet light source - less than 33 dBs - stipulated by Urs Schönebaum and Pierre Audi who are both leading international practitioners in the world of opera production. This was to provide the main general stage lighting required in the venue.
Pieter and Cor looked at what was available and

digicoDiGiCo shines on Alfie Boe UK tour
Wednesday, 17 July 2019

UK - Tenor and actor Alfie Boe is perhaps best known for his portrayal of Jean Valjean on the 25th anniversary edition of Les Misérables at the O2 in 2010, which earned him a five-month run in the West End production at the Queen's theatre the following year. He has also sold more than one million albums in the UK, with his recent duet albums with Michael Ball. He has recently completed a highly successful UK tour, as well as a handful of shows in Europe and Japan, with long-time FOH engineer, Mark 'Joey' Jowitt, and monitor engineer, Steve Bunting, both relying on DiGiCo consoles - an SD10 and SD7 respectively, supplied by Major Tom - out on the road.
“Alfie is a very personable and easy-going guy, and he's very appreciative of the job everyone does,” says Bunting, who has worked with Boe for several years, including his time touring with Michael Ball. “We have a great team on this tour - not just on audio, but across the whole crew and band. And we still get on! The support we have had from Andy Banks at Major Tom has also been great - and the schedule hasn't been too tough - we never do more than two shows in a row - and it's done good business.”
The main production tour took place in and around the UK, predominantly in the north, and finished at the Royal Albert Hall in London. After that, Boe took a smaller, five-piece setup to Ireland, Holland and Japan, using local production.
Bunting has been a DiGiCo user for eight years; he says there is always a DiGiCo option to fit whatever gig he is doing, big or small.
“They s

golden-gate-cathedral-2Community solution for Golden Gate Cathedral
Wednesday, 17 July 2019

USA - Unbalanced sound in a highly reverberant space motivated Golden Gate Cathedral to seek specialist advice to solve the problem. The church turned to integration specialist MC2Solutions, whose experience in designing and installing high quality systems in similar venues has become well known.
Golden Gate Cathedral is a church in Memphis, Tennessee. With a membership of over 2000, the church’s main sanctuary has a seating capacity of 1,350. The church’s pastor, Bishop Edward H. Stephens, is a passionate and expressive preacher, so a sound system with a natural balanced sound and outstanding intelligibility is an essential element in delivering his sermons.
Carl Woodard II, owner and designer of MC2Solutions, explained, “Used for a wide range of services and productions, the sound system is required to provide very high-quality speech and full-range music, with the crucial focus being on frequency balance and intelligibility. To avoid reflections, we designed the system using wide dispersion line arrays to ensure even coverage of the congregation.”
Woodard continued, “Community provides the ideal solution for this application in the form of its new IV6 modular vertical array system. IV6 is a passive system that delivers a cost-effective combination of acoustic purity and long-term reliability. Its multiple configuration and splay options gave me the tools to design a system with excellent SPL and frequency response consistency and seamless coverage.”
The system consists of left and right arrays, each comprising six IV6-1122 wide

parliament-roomJordan parliament upgrades with Pan Acoustics
Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Jordan - The Jordan parliament in the capital Amman has installed a Pan Beam sound system based on the Pan Beam PB 24.
In the Parliament the Pan Acoustics integration partner Girhoma combined the Televic conference system with the Pan Beam PB 24’s to meet the requirement of a more speech intelligible slim speakers system.
The main challenge for the engineers of Girhoma was the amphitheatre lay out of the building where a conventional system had proven not be able to cover all seats within a height difference of over 4m between the lowest and highest positioned seats. The Pan Beam systems offering multi-beam technology use three beams directed to the different levels.
Another challenge was the very reflective walls creating a confusing sound distribution with high reverberation times. For this situation, the 2.40m long PB 24’s were able to get much more control of the acoustics.
After completing the integration with the Televic conference system and fully setting up the Pan Beam systems, the members of the parliament were very happy with the high speech intelligibility all over the conference area, tested during a parliament meeting.
Hanna E. Zannaniri, general manager of Girohma commented: “We were so happy to finally having found the best solution with the Pan Acoustics, Pan Beam PB 24, making our lives much easier to solve all the difficult acoustical problems we have faced in the Parliament.”
(Jim Evans)


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