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ft-tvDoughty makes headlines at FT-TV with Projects Department
Thursday, 30 April 2020

UK - When Projects Department Ltd won the contract to create two live studios and two breaking news spots for the Financial Times TV studio in London, Doughty Engineering was quickly brought on board to supply a range of broadcast kit.
Peter Daffarn, managing director, Projects Department Ltd explains: "The client briefed us to create the studios and news spots for presenting live news bulletins at short notice and for occasional use and, with Doughty being our go-to company for hoists and grids, we knew they'd be fundamental to the project from the start."
Building a bulletin studio meant that Projects Department Ltd had a smaller than usual space to work with, therefore the design and build needed to be imaginative. The studios were required to be integrated into a working office space and, with a number of high-profile guests visiting, the client wanted it to be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. The lack of height in the studios was a major factor as Daffarn explains: "Due to limited space, Doughty's Dan Phillips and I spent time creating a grid that was both aesthetically pleasing and functionally slimline. Dan has been central to the reason I work a lot with Doughty. I often share early design thoughts with him and we bounce ideas between us as no two studios are ever the same. Once we are on site installing, I know I could call Dan on a Sunday and he would try his best to help."
Doughty and Projects Department Ltd designed and installed the ‘Flat Grid’ which was first used at the Tate Modern and was essential to the clean look

lightitblueVerge Aero's sky-high salute to health workers
Thursday, 30 April 2020

USA - On Tuesday evening, Verge Aero, the leader in high performance drone light shows, delivered a unique aerial tribute to medical staff and essential workers on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The display of gratitude took place opposite the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and The Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania as part of the global #LightItBlue and local #PhillyShinesBlue campaigns, not far from Verge Aero’s Pennovation Works offices at the University of Pennsylvania.
The aerial light show was launched from Philadelphia’s Franklin Field football stadium, adjacent to the hospital complex. 140 extremely bright drones configured themselves into giant images up to 400ft above the ground, making themselves visible throughout the University of Pennsylvania campus and medical centre as well as far away across the Schuylkill River in downtown Philadelphia.
The drone light show featured images designed to offer hope, thanks, and love. There were also reminders to wear masks, wash hands, and maintain social distancing. Giant hearts danced around, and the iconic LOVE artwork by Pop artist Robert Indiana floated gracefully over the City of Brotherly (and Sisterly) Love.
Emergency vehicles with lights flashing appeared in front of the hospital to announce the start of the drone light show. “The show was planned to ensure maximum visibility for those inside the hospital and allow them to view the show while maintaining social distance,” says Verge Aero CEO Nils Thorjussen. “There was no advance publicity. We flew th

mxlThe Big Swing hits home run with MXL
Thursday, 30 April 2020

USA - Breaking down barriers between athletes and fans, Ross Stripling and Cooper Surles launched The Big Swing podcast in January 2019 to discuss everything from sports to pop culture to finance, with a focus on all things baseball. When the co-hosts were looking to deploy a high-quality microphone solution to capture crystal-clear audio for their podcast, they found what they were searching for with MXL Microphones’ BCD-1 Live Broadcast Dynamic Microphone.
“In our first few months of podcasting, audio was the biggest challenge for us,” says Stripling. “Once we were able to deploy the MXL mics and put them in front of each speaker, our audio went up twofold – the sound quality of MXL’s BCD-1 is incomparable to the previous solution we were using.”
In addition to quality audio pickup, Surles finds the noise rejection capabilities of MXL’s BCD-1 to be beneficial for their recordings. “Not only do the mics pick up audio well, but they also do an awesome job of rejecting outside noise,” he says. “This is a particularly helpful feature when we record in our home studio set up, where my dog might be barking in the other room. Also, we frequently have guests that have no previous microphone experience, so they often won’t speak directly into the mic, and the BCD-1 does a solid job of capturing their voices off-axis.”
For Surles and Stripling, it is also important to have a portable and durable microphone solution as they travel from place to place recording remotely. “When we travel, I keep the mics in my carry on, which

stjosephcatholicchurchDanley brings clarity to Kalamazoo church
Wednesday, 29 April 2020

USA - St. Joseph Catholic Church in Kalamazoo, Michigan features a 250-capacity sanctuary replete with stained glass windows, smooth white walls, and an ornate baptismal font. It was built in the 1910s and continues to serve as a cornerstone of Catholic social life in Kalamazoo
An outdated sound reinforcement system made it difficult to understand what was being said during St. Joseph’s services. Local AV integration firm, Sound Connections Group, remedied the problem with the installation of a single Danley SM96 loudspeaker.
“St. Joseph Catholic Church had a handful of old loudspeakers in place that were blasting the room and walls with sound and adding chaos to the already poor acoustics,” explained Sound Connections group founder and owner Duane Davi. “To make matters far worse, the church’s priest, Father Antony, is a native of India. His accent made the sound reinforcement system’s intelligibility problem far more consequential. Trying to understand him was nearly impossible.
“The church had already removed most of the low end by the time I was called in, which was a good move considering the situation. I was able to make a few more adjustments to make the system usable, but they really needed new loudspeakers using a fundamentally different approach. We arranged a demo.”
David brought two distinct Danley Sound Labs models for the demo – a Danley SBH20LF column-form loudspeaker and a Danley SM60 loudspeaker. “Danley’s coverage patterns are perfectly even and tight, which is critical in this case to keep energy off

brentschmidt1Chauvet DJ joins Six Feet Apart parties
Wednesday, 29 April 2020

USA - Like many DJs, Brent Schmidt who has been side-lined by the Covid-19 lockdown, has taken to streaming performances every week, partly to stay busy, partly to reach out to friends and fans in his community. In the process, thanks in part to their attractive visuals, his livestreamed shows have actually resulted in new business.
Sporting catchy titles like the Six Feet Apart Party, Schmidt’s streams emanate from his home studio. From a production standpoint, this ‘venue’ is a far cry from the rooms that he has worked while lighting major conferences like SkySprout, or touring with celebrated TV magician Rick Smith Jr.
Still, Schmidt strives to give these online shows at least a basic level of production looks.
“I love doing these streams, and I think it’s great that other DJ are going on line to do this kind of thing,” he said. “In my view, these streamed shows help take everyone’s mind off what’s happening in the world today.
“However, I think it’s important not to go out there with just a plain lighting setup, or worse,” continued Schmidt. “You have to remember, every show you stream is a reflection on your services, so it makes sense to create a good impression. You never know who is watching!”
Using two camera positions in his livestreamed shows to create more variation, Schmidt delivers visually engaging presentation with multiple colours, overlapping layers of light, and deep texture. Helping him accomplish this in his improvised studio is a collection of Chauvet DJ fixtures from the inventory

warandepoort-theatreElation Fuze plays variety of theatre roles
Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Belgium - CC de Warandepoort Theatre in Tervuren near Brussels took delivery of Elation Fuze Profile luminaires shortly before performance venues went dark in March and looks forward to using the new full-colour framing moving heads on a variety of productions once the theatre can again welcome patrons to its stage.
Warandepoort Theatre is a 370-seat performance arts venue and the cultural centre of the municipality of Tervuren, presenting both modern and classic theatre, concerts, comedy, dance, film, and the occasional corporate or community event.
Although many of the productions the theatre hosts carry their own equipment, according to Alexander Remmerswaal, technician at the theatre, many do not. “When that is the case, we are glad to step in with technical support by providing our own equipment,” he says, clarifying that there is little budget for renting in gear. “We have wash fixtures in the rig but needed a fixture with breakup gobos to complement those so I started looking around at expos at the different possibilities.”
Elation key account manager for Benelux, Bert Schmeits, reports: “Alexander was looking for a high-quality profile moving head with framing shutters. He also needed a fixture with variable colour temperature with a high CRI value so that the spots can be used universally, also as front light. As we had just launched the Fuze Profile and it fulfilled his main requirements, I suggested it to him.”
The most important features, says Alexander, besides the profile framing requirement with breakup gobo functio

green-hippoHippotizer powers Cyber-Gen ShockWave tour
Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Germany - Hippotizer Media Servers were recently chosen to drive the visuals for the Cyber-Gen ShockWave tour. Featuring a line-up of Deutsch-rap and R&B artists signed to the Cyber-Gen music label, including YouTube stars TJ Beastboy, Young Mokuba, Wavvyboi and others, the tour played dates in Germany, Austria and Switzerland - and sold out in under 28 hours.
Lighting designer Otto Schildknecht asked Emanuel Jörgner to programme and operate the show’s video and lighting elements. “Because we needed a high performance server, which would ensure all the live notch FX ran smoothly, we chose the Boreal+,” says Jörgner. “The other good reason for choosing the Boreal+ was the fact that we could deform the content with the FX library.”
The display setup consisted of a 8m x 2.3m, 16mm pixel pitch LED wall positioned upstage, with alternative configurations for shows in the smaller venues on the tour. “Besides the LED wall, we integrated eight Astera AX-1 PixelTubes on each side of the screen,” explains Jörgner. “In special parts of the show we used the Hippotizer’s PixelMapper to map the video content to the PixelTubes.”
Jörgner merged ArtNet data from both the Boreal+ unit and the lighting console to control the PixelTubes, providing a wide range of effects possibilities.
In addition, the stage set featured custom-made cubes of 4mm pixel pitch LED panels. Each visible surface was mapped with a variety of video content and effects, while content was also fed to the top sides of the cubes for a complementary uplight effect

frogsTCU’s Horned Frogs jump with L-Acoustics
Wednesday, 29 April 2020

USA - For fans of Texas Christian University’s (TCU) Horned Frogs football team, this school year’s Big 12 conference football season was bigger and bolder than ever thanks to the kick-off of a $118m expansion of the Fort Worth campus’ Amon G. Carter Stadium.
Among its many improvements, the first phase of this multi-year initiative notably involved a significant upgrade of the nearly 50,000-capacity stadium’s video and audio facilities, including a new L-Acoustics K1/Kara loudspeaker system designed and installed by local integrator Electro Acoustics (EA).
According to EA Account Manager Ryan Walker, who has been with the firm for 20 years, the project actually marked the second L-Acoustics system to be installed on TCU’s campus. In 2015, the company installed a Kara loudspeaker system paired with SB18i subs at the school’s Garvey-Rosenthal Soccer Stadium, home to the popular Lady Frogs women’s soccer team.
“After discussions with Ryan and Chris [Jordan, EA president], as well as our own experience with L-Acoustics at our soccer venue, we knew it would be the right choice for our football stadium,” says TCU senior associate athletic director T. Ross Bailey, who also overseas facilities & operations.
When the university revealed that it would be installing a much larger 5,500-square-foot video display at the top of the north end-zone seating section at ‘The Carter’, the Electro Acoustics team contacted L-Acoustics sports facilities application manager Gino Pellicano for product guidance and Soundvision design assistan

thailandHarman enhances Buriram hotel complex
Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Thailand - To create an immersive AV solution for a wide range of events, Mahajak Development Co equipped Modena By Fraser Buriram Hotel with a Harman Professional Solutions networked audio system.
Located within walking distance of the Chang International Circuit racetrack and Chang Arena football stadium, the Modena By Fraser Buriram hotel features 152 guest rooms, a spacious foyer and a large ballroom and more.
To deliver clear, detailed sound in the ballroom and throughout the hotel, Modena By Fraser Buriram hired AV integrators Mahajak Development to design and install a premium networked audio solution. Mahajak Development designed a networked audio system featuring solutions from JBL, Crown, Soundcraft and BSS.
“To ensure consistent sound throughout the facilities, we installed a networked audio system using Harman’s industry-leading AV solutions,” said Pongsakorn Kanchanachayphoom, director of project, Mahajak Development Co. “With the grand ballroom serving as a multi-purpose venue, we developed a highly customizable audio system with superb clarity for any event.”
Mahajak Development equipped the ballroom with JBL CBT 200LA-1 line array column speakers. To provide additional low-end support, Mahajak Development selected JBL AC118S high-power subwoofers. Additionally, Mahajak Development installed JBL Control 226C/T ceiling speakers throughout the facility to provide balanced, even coverage. The system is powered by Crown CDi 2|1200 and CDi 2|300 amplifiers, which feature pre-loaded JBL speaker tunings to help make installat

sfcrb-8-scaledLinea Research delivers on Union Square
Wednesday, 29 April 2020

USA - The luxurious Sir Francis Drake has anchored the San Francisco’s famed Union Square since 1928. And since the landmark hotel’s opening day, Lizzie’s Starlight (originally dubbed the Starlight Room) has drawn hotel patrons and locals alike to the roof of the 21-story hotel for entertainment, food, drinks, and spectacular views.
In 2019, Lizzie’s underwent a major renovation - torn down to bricks, bare floor, and bare ceiling and entirely remodelled. Ayre Productions of Chicago, the company behind multiple projects for owners Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants, designed and installed a new audio system for the venue, driven by Linea Research 44C and 88C Series power amplifiers.
“We worked on this project for two years, and the design has changed three or four times,” notes John Wagner who, along with brother Joe, is co-founder and co-owner of Ayre Productions. “We were introduced to Linea Research amplifiers through Martin Audio, one of our lines. We did comparative listening tests with Linea Research amps and other major brands and the Linea Research amplifiers came out on top because of their warmth and overall clarity.”
The biggest challenge at Lizzie’s Starlight was the room combining scheme. Although the overall space is not all that large, it’s divided into four meeting rooms of varying sizes (one of which includes the main dance floor) that can be combined into a single space. It’s a configuration that enables the venue to draw daytime business for meetings and other events, in addition to its traditional identity as a n

martin-churchThe Springs Church upgrades with WPS
Tuesday, 28 April 2020

USA - The Springs Church in Colorado Springs, CO recently underwent an audio upgrade with a Martin Audio WPS system spec’d and installed by Sight and Sound Technologies, the first installation of the new system in the United States.
Asked about the project, Sight and Sound COO Kris Johnson explains: “It was basically an upgrade of their PA. They had an aging left-centre-right line array system that in some respects was overkill for what they needed plus they were starting to have some problems with the speakers. They had a plan to repurpose them in another room which worked out really well timewise for us because we were able to pull the old ones down, test them out and re-install a handful of them in another room.
“In terms of the main room or sanctuary, we had already installed the Martin Audio WPM system on multiple occasions and really liked it. Then we got to hear the new WPS system at a trade show and it was like the WPM with more beef because of the 8” drivers so we decided to look at those for the sanctuary. When we ran the projections, the system looked amazing so we moved forward with it.”
Springs is a modern church with a contemporary worship service featuring an electric band and several vocalists. The sanctuary is a 2,000-seat room which gets wider from the stage towards the back corners of the room. According to Kris, the widening shape of the space “made it a bit of a challenge in terms of getting the coverage we needed in the back. We wanted to be sure we had enough power, another reason why we chose WPS”.
The sys

daniel-davidsen-homeMerging in the mix for Queen’s birthday
Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Denmark - The global response to COVID-19 varies from country to country but it seems to be universal that large public gatherings are not permitted. This affects musicians very seriously but it also has implications when it comes to a national celebration. Social media has been awash with inspirational videos of Italians singing from balconies and virtual gigs from musicians and singers who just want to perform.
In Denmark there is a popular tradition of ‘Fællessang’ which can be literally translated as “common-singing”, that is as popular now as ever before. The question is how to celebrate your Queen’s important birthday when public gatherings cannot take place and all of the celebrations are cancelled. The challenge of leading the nation in song was picked up by the Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra who wanted to capture more than 100 musicians and singers on video to lead hundreds of thousands in singing Happy 80th Birthday to Queen Margarethe.
The audio production for this venture was assigned to Daniel Davidsen whilst there were three people involved with gathering the video content. This proved to be not only innovative but complex and very time consuming. It involved working flat out from 2 April to the morning of 16 April which was the actual birthday. The final mix was completed at 7.00am, the video was completed at 10.00 and the production was aired at midday. Not content with just singing the traditional Danish Happy Birthday song, three other pieces were added to the programme.
Daniel Davidsen explained what went on

eminence-boulder-city-photocredit-tarafotoGibson goes Rogue for Eminence Ensemble
Tuesday, 28 April 2020

USA - Taking the stage at the Boulder Theatre in Frisco, CO, on Saturday 21 February, the six members of Eminence Ensemble likely had even more spring in their step than usual. The jam band was clearly on a roll. Their recently released first EP, Real News a mash-up of jazz, rock, electronic, funk and hip-hop, had cemented their reputation as one of the brightest rising stars in the West.
The Boulder-based group was also about to embark on a national Road to Red Rocks tour in celebration of their first-ever appearance at the famed outdoor amphitheatre, which was scheduled for Saturday 25 April. Then Covid-19 happened, putting the tour, the Red Rocks show milestone, and every other live event on indefinite hold.
Undeterred, the band continued to stay connected to its loyal fan base. A video of their Boulder Theatre show (the last before the lockdown) was posted on social media. Taking this connection, a step further, Eminence Ensemble performed at an empty 10 Mile Music Hall in the Rocky Mountain town of Frisco, CO and had their show livestreamed on
Over 11,000 people saw the livestream show, which was part of the Live From Out There series. To ensure that their show engaged viewers quickly, Eminence Ensemble started off their stream in the middle of Queen Bee, a hard-driving bluesy tune reminiscent of the early Allman Brothers.
Also adding an instantaneous kinetic force to the live stream was a dynamic Jake Gibson-designed lightshow that featured Chauvet Professional Rogue R1 Spot fixtures.
“As far as the energy

tolerance-bridge-1Martin Middle East lights Tolerance Bridge
Tuesday, 28 April 2020

UAE - Martin Professional Middle East (MPME) and Scientechnic LLC recently deployed Martin by Harman lighting fixtures to illuminate Tolerance Bridge in Dubai with a dazzling lighting display.
Tolerance Bridge is the first and only clear span suspension bridge in the Middle East. Named in honour of the International Day of Tolerance, the bridge offers pedestrians a 690ft-long walking and cycling path over the Dubai Water Canal. The canal is a three-kilometre long project starting from Business Bay into the Persian Gulf through Safa Park and Jumeirah. The canal comprises one shopping centre, four hotels, 450 restaurants, luxury housing, and various green networks, which allow pedestrians complete autonomy from vehicular traffic.
In order to create a visitor experience, the Dubai Road and Transport Authority (RTA) hired Scientechnic LLC to design a lighting solution, which would make the bridge “beautifully illuminated without causing any glare at the pedestrians using the bridge”. Scientechnic consultant Christos Tsikiloudis worked with lighting solutions provider Martin Professional Middle East to design a captivating lighting display using Martin Exterior Wash 310 LED fixtures.
“Love and tolerance are bridges of communication and a universal language, binding humanity across different languages, religions and cultures," says Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, vice-president and prime minister UAE. “Our UAE today is a light in a dark place, setting a bright example for others."
Scientechnic selected 22 Exterior Wash 310 LED fixtures to illu

allman-brothers-band-jbg3379-photo-jake-brickAllman Brothers Band celebrates 50 with Robe
Tuesday, 28 April 2020

USA - The Brothers: Celebrating 50 Years of The Allman Brothers Band show was staged at New York’s Madison Square Garden just before the state went into lockdown.
Lighting designer Chris Ragan utilised over 100 Robe fixtures in his design for the epic four-hour performance which delighted Allman Brothers and Allman Brothers Band (ABB) fans from several generations and all walks of life. The Brothers’ cult status and their dynamic fusion of blues, jazz and country with their own distinctive rock sound have resulted in their music and influence being relevant long after their first period of ‘glory days’ in the 1970s.
Chris has many connections and crossovers with several current members of the ABB, which has been a client for lighting rental vendor BML-Blackbird for 30 years - showing some impressive client loyalty.
When the late Earl “Pappy” Francis, ABB’s long-time lighting director passed away last year, Chris and many others in the lighting community lost a well-loved friend and hugely respected mentor. So, Chris was honoured and proud to be asked to light this seminal 50-year celebration show.
The Robe count included 44 Spiider LED wash beams, 20 BMFL Spots, 26 MegaPointes and 12 PixelPATTs, all supplied by BML-Blackbird.
By the time the event reached the design stage, the show had been sold in a 360 format, so Chris knew exactly what was needed in terms of sightlines.
The Allman Brothers were known for having liquid lightshows during the 1970s and “we all really wanted to involve that look and style i

adamAdam Audio debuts T8V studio monitor
Monday, 27 April 2020

Germany - Adam Audio has announced the T8V studio monitor, the latest addition to its T-Series line of professional studio monitors. The T8V features an 8-inch woofer paired with powerful amplification and its power and lower bass extension make it a suitable choice for project and home studios, clients who work in bass-heavy music genres such as hip hop, dance, ambient, dub and EDM, and those who work in non-electronic genres like funk, metal, blues and pop.
The new T8V offers a frequency response that reaches down 33 Hz and the ability to project an impressive SPL of 118 dB per pair.
Adam Audio’s T-Series line of studio monitors was launched in 2018 with the T5V 5-inch woofer and T7V 7-inch woofer models, followed in 2019 by the T10S subwoofer. Like the previous two monitors in the T-Series line-up, the T8V makes use of Adam Audio technology developed for the company’s high end flagship S series available at an affordable price point.
Its U-ART tweeter (Unique Accelerated Ribbon Tweeter) is mated to a sophisticated waveguide with the same dispersion-control attributes as the HPS waveguide in the S Series. The Class D amplifiers for tweeter and woofer offer ample power for the 8-inch woofer, delivering 20 W and 70 W respectively and providing 118 dB max SPL per pair.
All T Series models feature a bevelled cabinet design, rear-firing bass reflex port, built-in DSP-controlled driver crossovers and equalization, and multi-way analogue connections; and are compatible with the ADAM Audio T10S subwoofer.
“Adam Audio is very well-known

wharfWisconsin Town honours unsung heroes
Monday, 27 April 2020

USA - Rising high over the flatland at the mouth of the Manitowoc River as it flows into Lake Michigan, the Briess Grain Tower in Manitowoc, WI, has served a familiar landmark for sailors and townspeople for generations. On the night of Friday 10 April, the venerable structure offered another kind of hope and reassurance. From 7:45 to 11 pm, it glowed in blue against the clear, dark sky as a show of solidarity and support for the healthcare workers and front-liners during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Local businesses, The Wharf Manitowoc, Powerhouse Productions and Brennan Seehafer Productions, came up with the idea of lighting the tower, along with another landmark, the decommissioned WWII submarine, USS Cobia, to honour these unsung heroes.
“They are making great sacrifices to ensure that things continue to function during the pandemic, and this is a way for our community to say thanks,” said Brennan Seehafer, who owns The Wharf Manitowoc, a popular seasonal music venue next to the grain tower.
Providing the richly coloured light for the display was a collection of Chauvet Professional Rogue fixtures supplied by Powerhouse Productions. Brandon Zinn, owner of the lighting company, used four Rogue R2X Beam and six Rogue R2X Wash fixtures to achieve the powerfully moving effect.
Zinn positioned the six wash units on the ground about 75ft from the tower, arranging them so each side of the structure was bathed in light. To light the submarine, he relied on the four beam fixtures, positioned across the river from the vessel, about 300ft away. In bo

blissgizel-jime-conor-ryan-mario-cantonephoto-credit-tracy-martinBreaking new ground with Bliss and Rayzor
Friday, 24 April 2020

USA - Created at The 5th Avenue Theatre in Seattle, Bliss is a new musical fantasy full of emotion and humour that shatters assumptions about what a fairytale princess should be. The empowering tale had its world premiere run 7-23 February and was enthusiastically received for its catchy music and non-traditional storyline, plus its scenic and lighting design.
The unorthodox ethos carried into the lighting rig as well where lighting designer Yael Lubetzky incorporated Elation Rayzor 760 luminaires in her design, an LED moving head fixture you more typically find in a concert rig, which is exactly where the LD first discovered it. “I saw a Rob Thomas concert at the Beacon Theatre in New York and saw the Rayzor 760 and thought these are exactly what we want in the show,” Yael shares. “When I saw the units sparkle effect, I was so surprised. I had never seen anything like it before. It was fantastic.”
The Rayzor 760 is a wash effects fixture with seven large RGBW LEDs, wide zoom and continuous rotation, but it was the luminaire’s unique SparkLED background illumination system that really caught her attention. “[Elation national sales manager] John Dunn did a great demo for us and showed us everything it could do,” the lighting designer says. “When I saw the SparkLED I knew how perfect it was for our show. Not only for the music and concert effects, but also as a reflection of this character who lives in the Castle of Mirrors. It was specifically because of it that I chose the fixture.”
SparkLED is a sparkle effect created by 2

sarasotaphotocreditsorchaaugustineOvation balances dance studio looks
Friday, 24 April 2020

USA - Every day, dancers at Sarasota Contemporary Dance, in Sarasota, FL, gather at the company’s studio to rehearse intricately choreographed routines that will later be performed before appreciative audiences.
On some occasions, the company’s studio in Sarasota’s bustling Rosemary District, will be turned into a performance space, either for a special dance, or a “behind the scenes” event put on for donors. When this happens those in attendance are invariably dazzled, not only by the graceful moves of the dancers, but also by the colourful and elegantly balanced lighting created with 20 Chauvet Professional Ovation P-56FC fixtures supplied by the New York-based Lighting Design Group.
The studio, which opened in 2018, is stylish and comfortable, but its relatively low ceiling presents a challenge for anyone lighting a dance performance. Fixtures that are relied on to illuminate the dance area are only 11ft off the floor, making it tricky to get optimal light angles.
“Our low ceilings were a big factor in determining our choice of fixtures,” said Michael Sperber, the Sarasota Contemporary Dance stage manager and production consultant. “We have only about an 11ft throw, but we need to light a 20ft by 20ft dance area in the round in any colour with no dimmers, all while not generating noise or heat. Nobody could have imagined doing this 15 years ago, but technology changed things.”
For Sarasota Contemporary Dance, that technology arrived in the form of Ovation P-56FC, recommended by Scott Laurentz and Joshua Aldridge of The Lig

alcons-audio-Alcons brings Hi-Fi to EDM dance clubs
Friday, 24 April 2020

China - JX Investment Group is one of China’s leading entertainment brands, with a range of chains throughout the country. It has recently launched JX EDM Live, new clubs where Alcons pro-ribbon audio systems are installed.
JX EDM Live currently comprises two clubs, one in Yulin, Shaanxi Province and the other in Wúzhōu, Guangxi Province. Both are large venues, with a floor area of 640m2/6889ft2 and a height of 18m/59ft. Guangzhou-based EAD was asked by JX Investment Group to design audio systems that would deliver pure, driving low frequencies and clean highs seamlessly throughout the spaces.
“In China, the EDM club market is very competitive. They are using high-end speakers because customers want the best quality music experience,” says Locky Deng, marketing manager at Alcons Audio’s Chinese distributor EAD. “After tests with two other leading loudspeaker brands, they chose Alcons because the pro-ribbon technology met their demand for the best sound and coverage.”
For both venues, EAD project design engineer Mr Kanon chose an Alcons pro-ribbon system of eight LR28 large format three-way double 14” line-array modules, installed as L-R main clusters, with seven VR12 mid-size versatile 12” pro-ribbon monitors covering the space behind the LR28 arrays, as well as for DJ monitors.
Fifteen BF362 high-output double 18” subwoofers are installed, four as a main central bass cluster at the DJ booth and the rest in a symmetrical arrangement throughout each club. A BQ211 compact high-output 21” quarter-wave subwoofer is also inc

astera-delivered-livehr05-photo-by-andrew-panellaAstera Tubes define social distancing
Friday, 24 April 2020

Australia - Astera AX1 Pixel Tubes are doing their bit - both as energising effects luminaires and as practical lights - marking out the social distancing spaces - onstage at Delivered Live, a new performance-based web streaming concept for music and comedy.
The show is broadcast weekly from The Studio at Harry The Hirer Productions’ HQ in the Richmond district of Melbourne.
The project is being driven by artist agency Handshake Management, technical and production rental company Harry The Hirer Productions and The Victoria State Government, offering a mix of entertainment from some of Australia’s established and rising star artists who are based in and around the city.
It’s also designed as a fundraiser to provide vital financial assistance for those directly impacted by the devastating effect of the Coronavirus pandemic on the live show and events sector.
The Studio is the production / demo area within Harry the Hirer Productions’ copious main office / HQ facility, a large technical ‘development space’ complete with lighting and audio consoles, previz viewing, etc., all intended for LDs, engineers and production designers to block, program and work on their projects.
Delivered Live’s lighting designer is Marcus Pugh who works full-time for Harry The Hirer Productions, usually as business development manager which also entails some production design.
To light the 2.5-hour webcasts, currently being streamed every Saturday evening, he is using a variety of lighting fixtures including the Astera AX1s as

monmouthAudiotek delivers clarity to St. Nicholas
Friday, 24 April 2020

UK - The Church of St. Nicholas in Grosmont, Monmouthshire, dates from the early 13th century, making it one of the oldest churches in Wales. The Grade II listed building’s large medieval nave is widely considered to be the finest in the country.
During the late 19th century, the church was on the verge of collapse, but was saved by architect JP Seddon in a Victorian renovation which separated the nave from the transept and choir, leaving the nave – which is now used for village events, farmers markets, concerts, private parties and the like – in predominantly untouched original condition, while the church space remains as a place of worship.
As part of a recent 15-year programme of modernisation, which included restoration of the roof and lime-plastering the transept walls, as well as new lighting, heating and toilet facilities, provision was made for a new sound system in order for congregations and participants to be able to hear voice and musical content more clearly.
With funding secured and permissions sought from church authorities, the technical team brought in commercial audio integrator Audiotek to assess the building’s acoustics and propose a solution that would provide good intelligibility and coverage of the church’s naturally reverberant environment.
Audiotek’s UK installations manager Chris Kmiec enlisted the help of Martin Audio’s Robin Dibble to specify speaker systems from the company’s O-Line and CDD series products.
“The brief was for two separate but linked sound systems for the church and the nave,

anolis-blue-o2-guildhall-southampton-dscf6356Regional landmarks turn blue with Anolis
Friday, 24 April 2020

UK - Various landmark installations that have been lit with Anolis lighting fixtures have been turning blue on Thursday evenings for the Clap For Carers initiative in support of the National Health Service (NHS) and other essential workers.
This includes Rhyl Promenade in North Wales where several key features are lit; Bromley High Street in Kent, a major thoroughfare in the heart of the city and popular live music venue the O2 Guildhall in Southampton, Hampshire.
All the Anolis-lit areas across the seaside town of Rhyl are turned blue for the NHS including the Pavilion Theatre, Clock Tower, Sky Tower, waterfall, and seafront viewing shelters.
The 80m-tall Sky Tower is highlighted with ArcSource Outdoor 48MC RGBW integrals which transform it into an elegant beacon of light at night with smooth and even coverage of lumens up and down the mast.
The current Pavilion Theatre is located further along the seafront on the East Parade where an opaque Perspex strip covers ArcLine Optic 36 RGBW linear fixtures running up the exterior of the tower, with more lights brightening up a large panelled area on the venue’s front façade.
The concrete viewing shelters were the first element of the overall Rhyl lighting scheme to be implemented and they are brought to life with ArcSource 1MCs RGBWs.
The main concert / show venue in the O2 Guildhall Southampton is now managed by the Academy Music Group. That part of the building is currently closed under the lockdown, however, the exterior façade is still shining bright, lit with Anolis ArcSource 96

galaStage Electrics supplies SolaFrames to Gala Theatre
Friday, 24 April 2020

UK - Stage Electrics has supplied High End SolaFrame 1000s to the Gala Theatre Durham, owned and operated by Durham County Council.
The company’s Davie Bell says Stage Electrics “were able to demonstrate a number of fixtures to the Gala Theatre and assist in their process of choosing the right solution for their venue.”
Tez Errington, the acting technical manager at the Gala Theatre who made the purchase decision, explains: “This unit was considerable quieter than its rivals, offering more features, with clean cut colours and great shutter control, too. But the thing that sold it was both the light output and how quiet the fixture was.” The venue purchased eight in total with flight cases.
“Despite the difficulties facing everyone in the industry, I am pleased Stage Electrics was able to deliver these units ready for when the venue re-opens - let’s all hope that is not too far away,” adds Bell.


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