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ChamSys MagicQ finds home in ElsewhereChamSys MagicQ finds home in Elsewhere
Friday, 21 February 2020

USA - Every form of the city’s creative expression seems to find a home with the 24,000sq. ft confines of Elsewhere in New York City, which houses a loft café, art gallery and four performance spaces. It is, as one New York newspaper critic declared, a “community-driven environment where art thrives and different cultures meet”.
Tying this creative cauldron together is a flexible lighting system that includes a large number of moving luminaires and stage fixtures as well as LED panels, most of which are controlled by the house ChamSys MagicQ MQ80 console. Chris Madden, head of production at Elsewhere, selected the ChamSys desk as the club’s main console because of its price to performance ratio.
“In addition to having a large number of fixtures, Elsewhere relies heavily on LED installations in the Hall, and throughout the building,” says Madden. “The MQ80 can handle a huge number of universes, in particular for its price point. It allows us to control all of our fixtures and multiple LED installations. Additionally, when artists bring in their own lighting package or video wall to the club, we still have open universes to control them as well.”
Elsewhere’s four performance spaces are The Hall (700 Cap), Zone One (250 cap), the Loft (100 cap) and a rooftop space (500 cap). The MagicQ MQ80 controls the lights in the Hall, where the headliner performances take place, while a MagicQ PC Wing with a computer runs lights in Zone One.
“Everything in Bushwick is busking,” says lighting designer David Wilson. “The vibe here i

Northern Light adds flexibility to the BarracksNorthern Light adds flexibility to the Barracks
Friday, 21 February 2020

UK - Northern Light was commissioned to design, supply and install a new lighting and AV system by The Robertson Trust for Stirling.
They were asked to provide systems which were as flexible as possible and allow the room to be used in many different configurations as the final configuration of the rooms was yet to be determined.
The proposed systems included: overhead suspension bars and lighting grids, power distribution, LED fixtures, projection, installed sound, fixed control rack, facility the new conference space within the Barracks Conference Centre, panels with cable infrastructure and a lectern.
Northern Light was also asked to provide video conferencing and presentation systems for the meeting rooms within the barracks building. The systems had to be capable of interoperability between the systems as the room will be hired out for many different client needs. Northern Light worked alongside Blackstar solutions to provide a Starleaf solution which is able to communicate between all different video conferencing systems.
“We worked with the client to produce an end result that provides the room with a user-friendly conference presentation system with additional control for larger different events and the additional challenge of an infrastructure to meet any unknown requirements in the future,” comments project manager Steve Dick.
(Jim Evans)

Focusrite RedNet interfaces at Arcadia EarthFocusrite RedNet interfaces at Arcadia Earth
Thursday, 20 February 2020

USA - Visitors to Arcadia Earth can’t help but feel at one with the assortment of environments represented in the art installation’s 15 rooms in Manhattan’s NoHo district, ranging from the depths of the sea to the tops of glaciers. They will also be touched by the dangers posed to each from climate change, from overfishing and plastic pollution to deforestation, as envisioned by environmental artist Valentino Vettori. But what brings it home emotionally is the score and ambient sound created by Dave Hodge of Finger Music, with specific music and sound design for each of the rooms, delivered subtly but powerfully.
The audio is riding on a networked backbone with components from Focusrite’s RedNet range of Dante-networked audio converters and interfaces. Four RedNet A16R 16-channel analogue I/O interfaces provide 119dB of 24-bit/192kHz dynamic range and Focusrite’s superb sound, thanks to top-shelf AD/DA conversion, to cover the exhibition’s 13,000sq.ft over two floors. Bond Applied Technology served as installation partner, assisting with the wiring and other technical aspects of the job.
“We couldn’t have accomplished this without RedNet,” says Hodge, who serves as creative director and partner at Finger Music, as well as the sound designer and music consultant for the project. “We have two channels of full-range audio per room, played through either two or four speakers per space. There’s another 32 channels of ambient sound that plays throughout the entire installation on tiny speakers embedded in the walls, holding it together wi

The Factory offers a new Live experienceThe Factory offers a new Live experience
Thursday, 20 February 2020

UK - The Factory Live is a new venue in the UK's south coast town of Worthing. Already attracting much critical praise, its audio system of Yamaha DZR and DXS XLF loudspeakers is impressing audiences and artists alike.
The 300-capacity venue is the brainchild of managing director Steve Gardner. Having taught himself to play piano upon retirement from a successful corporate life, Steve was approached by an old school friend who had an empty building in the town of Worthing, formerly used by the local college as a music and dance training centre. Spotting an opportunity, Gardner started the successful Soundhouse and Dancehouse rehearsal businesses.
It was natural for him to approach nearby high-end audio retailer The Audio House when equipping the rehearsal studios, developing a close working relationship with company founder Gerry Heeley.
As Soundhouse and Dancehouse quickly established themselves as ‘go to’ music and arts rehearsal spaces in the area. Gardner saw the opportunity to develop a large, unused space in the building as a new venue. The Factory Live was born and, with 30 years’ experience of the local music scene, Gerry was the perfect collaborator.
“There is a keen appetite for live music in and around Worthing. Although there are a few existing venues, most of them are not purpose built, have limited capacity or are in concentrated residential areas,” says Heeley.
“Being a 10-minute stroll from the centre of town, two minutes’ walk from the railway station and with no immediate residential neighbours, we had the


Diriyah Gate opens with visual spectacularDiriyah Gate opens with visual spectacular
Thursday, 20 February 2020

Saudi Arabia - Diriyah Gate is the birthplace of the Saudi Kingdom and was the original home of the Saudi Royal Family. Today, it is a 19th-century UNESCO World Heritage site which is set to attract thousands of tourists as part of Saudi Arabia’s vision 2030. King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and HRH Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Al Saud launched the opening ceremony of Diriyah Gate with a visual spectacular show.
CT was called upon by Executive Visions (EVI) to deliver the technical implementation of the striking cinematic projection mapping on the historic site to tell the visual story of the kingdom’s history.
The ancient ruins ‘mud city’ of Diriyah has been restored over the years by the Saudi Royal Family, enabling it to be the centre stage for the production. CT provided 170 Panasonic RZ31 and 21k projectors span across the 350m+ wide projection canvas.
CT were tasked to ensure all visible surfaces across the 350m+ wide canvas was covered to enable content to run smoothly across six content zones.
“We carried out various site visits during the planning phase so we could strategically plan where the projectors would be located. This enabled us to avoid any potential issues early,” says Dan Hughes, CT’s project manager. “As this was a UNESCO world heritage site, we needed to carefully asses where the projector locations could be positioned. We worked closely with our client EVI and the Diriyah Gate Development Authority (DGDA) to ensure all locations were approved by the DGDA ahead of time.”
CT was tasked to e

White Light is part of the family for Uncle VanyaWhite Light is part of the family for Uncle Vanya
Thursday, 20 February 2020

UK - White Light has supplied the lighting equipment for Anton Checkov’s Uncle Vanya which has opened at the Harold Pinter Theatre in London’s West End.
This latest production has been directed by Ian Rickson and features a lighting design by Bruno Poet. Bruno comments: “What’s great about this translation is that it doesn’t reinvent the original but actually gives it a modern edge, using contemporary and accessible language which makes it moving, clear and very funny. Whilst it is set in the 19th century, the themes feel completely relevant to today.”
Bruno’s brief on the show was to move the story forward and support the character’s emotional journeys. He explains: “The script calls for a sense of the time of day, and the weather. We start in summer sunshine, move to a hot, but stormy night, then enter an autumnal afternoon that slowly travels through sunset to dusk and night time.
“The production all happens in the same space, so the lighting needed to give each act a distinctive feel while belonging within Rae Smith’s elegant design. Although we are guided by the script, Ian and I wanted the feel to be bold and expressionistic, sculpting the air and supporting the focus of the performers; with all the characters trapped in the misery of loneliness and unrequited love.”
As such, Bruno started designing his rig and choosing the fixtures that would be most suitable. He comments: “I knew I wanted tungsten light through the big windows that make up most of the stage right wall. I needed the rich warms across the

RCF equips Welsh convention centreRCF equips Welsh convention centre
Thursday, 20 February 2020

UK - When the £84m International Convention Centre Wales (ICCW) opened in September last year, it was not only the first of its kind in Wales, but this joint venture between the Welsh Government and the Celtic Manor Resort has contrived to deliver 26,000sq.m. of total floor space for meetings, conferences and exhibitions (around the size of four international rugby pitches). For visitors driving down the adjacent M4 motorway, the 10m tall red steel dragon provides an unmistakable landmark.
Incorporated within this is a 4,000 sq.m., pillar-free, reconfigurable main hall, and it was this space that threw up many challenges for the technology contractors, Stage Electrics. Their solution was to specify an end-to-end audio workflow from the extensive RCF catalogue, tying nearly 800 loudspeaker products (and over 1,000 RCF components in total) into a multi-use PA in the main hall and mobile systems for the meeting rooms, merged into a fully-compliant PAVA environment.
With the inception of the project dating back to 2016, many technical pitfalls had to be overcome along the way, Simon Cooper led the Stage Electrics engineering team for this project which benefitted from his substantial prior experience in Convention Centre systems.
Stage Electrics were awarded the contract in part by virtue of having worked with Celtic Manor on a number of previous occasions and most significantly by putting forward the most compelling solution to the challenges posed.
Stage Electrics has considerable success installing RCF systems into a wide range of applicat

Storyhouse upgrades to SolaFrame with WLStoryhouse upgrades to SolaFrame with WL
Thursday, 20 February 2020

UK - Chester’s Storyhouse is an award-winning venue encompassing a theatre, library, restaurant and cinema. Housed in a restored Odeon building that dates back to 1936, it now holds an 800-seat auditorium and a 200-seat studio theatre. SolaFrame 1000 luminaires from High End Systems are the latest addition to the venue’s LED inventory as part of a tungsten replacement programme.
“With busy rep seasons multiple times throughout the year, playing up to four shows on top of one other, flexibility within our lighting equipment has always been key,” says Storyhouse technical manager, Andy Patterson. “We opened our building in May 2017 with a four-show rep season and a schedule that didn’t allow for refocuses between shows.”
During the first year of operation, the venue’s kit list included a combination of Source Four, Source Four LED Series 2 Lustr and ColorSource Spot fixtures from ETC. Added to this were some tungsten Fresnels, some ex-hire tungsten moving head wash lights and four moving light profiles.
“Given the impending demise of tungsten, the increasing difficulty getting hold of lamps for units like the TW1 and the desire to improve our production quality, I put together a 10-year tungsten replacement program,” explains Patterson.
With the intention of replacing the tungsten moving fixtures and bolstering their generic stock with LED replacements, Storyhouse turned to White Light, and worked closely with business development manager Jonathan Haynes for some impartial and invaluable advice. Haynes talked through the opt

Adamson backs record-breaking performanceAdamson backs record-breaking performance
Thursday, 20 February 2020

India - It’s a rare occasion when a live concert features more musicians on stage than there are spectators in the audience, but such was the case for a Guinness World Record-breaking performance in Mumbai on 24 January.
To commemorate the premiere of Amazon Prime’s series The Forgotten Army, Live 1000 - a group of 1,046 musicians - performed selections from the series’ score for a crowd of about 200, supported by an Adamson S-Series audio system from production technologies provider
“When we were first approached to take part in this very special event, it was clear that the sound system needed to be compact and discreet as to not impede the audience’s sightlines, considering the unique layout of the seating and stage,” begins Warren D’souza, the founder and managing director of “We knew Adamson’s tour-proven S-Series would give us the power, clarity, and headroom we needed, even in a such a minimal set-up.” deployed four identical stacks of three Adamson S10 two-way, full-range sub-compact cabinets over a single S119 subwoofer to cover the long but shallow seating area for a total of just 12 mains and four subs. As with the rest of the company’s substantial inventory of Adamson products, the system was acquired via Sonotone, the manufacturer’s exclusive Indian distributor.
“We needed a compact system that could deliver the required coverage and SPL for this show and the S-Series delivered on all fronts,” comments’s Mark Thomas, who mixed FOH for the event. “The

Jackson church Installs second DiGiCo consoleJackson church Installs second DiGiCo console
Wednesday, 19 February 2020

USA - Approaching the centennial of its current building, the First Baptist Church in Jackson, Mississippi has been an institution in the area since it was built in 1926. Facing the lawn of the Mississippi State Capitol in downtown Jackson, the church’s sanctuary seats 3,000 worshippers and streams and broadcasts its services online to thousands of viewers any given week in 60 to 80 countries.
The sound in First Baptist’ sanctuary has been served for several years now by a DiGiCo SD5 console and its two SD-Racks for front of house. Recently, it was joined by a new DiGiCo SD10 console as the church’s primary broadcast console for streaming the audio for services and other events, along with a DiGiCo Orange Box multi-format converter equipped with a DMI (DiGiCo Multichannel Interface) card for Dante connectivity.
Both consoles, which were installed and integrated by Strata AVL of Atlanta, and which had Waves servers and CORE 2 software added in August, are connected via an Optocore fibre network, which now allows those streamcasts to seamlessly exchange audio elements, greatly enhancing the productions.
“We had such a great experience with the SD5 console that when it came time to replace our aging existing broadcast console, DiGiCo was the obvious choice,” states First Baptist Church minister of media and communications Michael Bowen. “The SD10 has all the features that we want, including easy and reliable integration with an Optocore network, so we could have all of our audio consoles on a single network. Plus, DiGiCo has given us great

Danley reinforces Land O’ Lakes campusDanley reinforces Land O’ Lakes campus
Wednesday, 19 February 2020

USA - Now celebrating its 26th year, Grace Family Church started with just 80 people in a former ‘jazzercise’ storefront next to a bar in Tampa, Florida. It has subsequently grown to over 12,000 members.
To accommodate so many members, Grace Family Church operates satellite campuses. Its sixth campus opened in Land O’ Lakes, a suburb of Tampa, and AVL firm All Pro Integrated Systems helped design and install the AVL system. Since many of the decision-makers at Grace Family Church had never heard a Danley Sound Labs system, All Pro arranged for a demo that proved persuasive.
The system includes Danley’s patented point-source Synergy Horn loudspeaker technology, its patented Tapped Horn subwoofer technology, and seven Danley multi-channel amplifiers with built-in DSP and pre-sets for every Danley loudspeaker and subwoofer. Perhaps in the spirit of its origins, the Land O’ Lakes campus is built into a former big box store, but instead of just 80, it can accommodate 1,000 people.
“The church involved us early on, which gave us the opportunity to make suggestions for exactly how they would position the new interior walls to optimize the acoustics,” explains Mark Salamone, veteran engineer and sales manager at All Pro Integrated Systems. “They also started thinking about loudspeaker and subwoofer selections early on. They have entirely different systems in their various satellite locations. Although a handful of folks involved in the decision making had heard a Danley system before, most hadn’t. Given their need for high output, musicali

Chauvet DJ supports Anna Meredith’s musicChauvet DJ supports Anna Meredith’s music
Wednesday, 19 February 2020

UK - Reflecting the raw, unsettling power and complexity of composer and performer Anna Meredith’s music in light is no easy undertaking, especially when contending with limited time, space and budget. But that’s what Simon Horn did on 5 February, when Meredith appeared at London’s progressive EartH, with help from a collection of Chauvet DJ fixtures.
“For a one-off show with minimal space, power draw, and load-in time, I need something that could be set up quickly and easily, yet still allow me to create the kind of immersive looks that would support this artist’s exciting music,’ says Horn of Purple Lighting. “I also knew that uplighting the area around the stage and backlighting the band itself would be critical to creating the kind of mood I was after.”
Horn found what he was looking for in the Chauvet DJ Freedom Flex H4 IP. Positioning 12 of the battery powered, wireless fixtures at the edges of the stage for uplighting, and a further 12 behind the band for backlighting and curtain silhouetting, he created a dreamy, other-worldly aura around the stage that reinforced the beckoning transcendental quality of Meredith’s music.
The adjustable kickstand on the Freedom Flex H4 IP allowed Horn to achieve the light angles he wanted despite the relatively cramped quarters on the venue’s stage. “Given the spatial limitations we faced, it would not have been possible to get the desired angle with a traditional up light type of fixture,” he says. “The tilt option along with the wireless operation made these lights ideal for this

Green Hippo drives visuals for Who We Be LiveGreen Hippo drives visuals for Who We Be Live
Wednesday, 19 February 2020

UK - Green Hippo’s Hippotizer media servers were chosen by video director Jay Baker of Creative Video Design to drive the visuals for Spotify Presents: Who We Be Live 2019. Performed live at the O2 Victoria Warehouse in Manchester, the Spotify show was part of its series of events featuring the UK and Ireland’s leading Rap, Grime, R&B and Afrobeat line-ups.
Creative design and production was by UK marketing agency Amplify, working closely with event promoter, SJM Concerts. Creative Video Design was brought into the project by Production Box, led by Mike Oates.
While the venue’s exterior was used as a projection surface on which lighting designer Jon Trincas created some suitably grungy looks, the stage set inside was designed with a grunge/grime warehouse theme. “Our main challenge,” Baker explains, “was to create multiple different looks for the many artists performing, including mapping their own 16:9 format content to screens that were in no way 16:9!”
Baker used Hippotizer Karst+ media servers, supplied by 80Six Ltd, as the main playback and backup devices, with timecode playback rig provided by SFL. Baker had real-time access to parameters via Green Hippo’s ZooKeeper interface from front-of-house. “Before the event, we also made use of the Hippotizer PREP dongle at our studio,” says Baker, “which enabled us to prepare the pixelmap setup before we arrived on site.”
For the performance, Baker and his Karst+ delivered visuals designed in-house by Creative Video Design, as well as stings and ident content fr

Sámi Cultural Centre Sajos installs dLiveSámi Cultural Centre Sajos installs dLive
Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Finland - The Sámi Cultural Centre Sajos, situated in the heart of Inari, Finland, recently underwent a full renovation of its main auditorium, equipping it with the latest audio and conference technology, including an Allen & Heath dLive mixing system.
The Sámi Cultural Centre Sajos, also home to the Finnish Sámi Parliament, puts on a range of events, from concerts to theatre productions, and as the largest event venue in Northern Lapland, one of the central projects is the Sámi music centre, which actively encourages the development and teaching of traditional Sámi music.
As such, the venue needed an advanced, up-to-date system that could keep up with the various requirements for concerts, theatre productions and seminars.
Supplied by Finnish distributor, F-Pro, the installation featured a dLive S7000, fitted with Dante card for virtual soundcheck and multi-track recording and a Waves card, paired with a CDM48 MixRack.
“The previous system was getting old and with fewer updates being released, it was time to move on to something more technologically advanced,” explains Petri Kaltala, product manager at F-Musiikki. “As Janne was already aware of and using Allen & Heath products, we felt dLive was the natural progression for the centre and that it would tick all the boxes.”
Lead engineer Janne Lappalainen, adds: “After seeing all the rave reviews for dLive and having used Qu-SB, which sounds far more expensive than it is, we decided to take the plunge and get an S7000. We felt that if A&H can build such an impr

Eat to the Beat on Strictly Live! tour menuEat to the Beat on Strictly Live! tour menu
Tuesday, 18 February 2020

UK - As the Strictly Come Dancing Live! 2020 tour draws to a close, crew and artist catering specialist Eat to the Beat has received positive media feedback from the celebrities, professional dancers, judges and crew.
With 33 dates in major venues throughout the UK and Ireland from 16 January to 9 February there was plenty of scope for Eat to the Beat’s culinary team to get creative and cook up a feast. Whilst menus always featured tasty healthy options, including plant-based meals, to fuel the dancers ahead of each performance, there’s no doubt that the amazing array of tempting desserts on offer were also a definite hit.
Mary Shelley-Smith, global operations director for Eat to the Beat comments: “The Strictly Come Dancing Live! tour is always a highlight in Eat to the Beat’s calendar, the whole team really enjoy working with the celebrities, professional dancers, judges and crew. We always receive a warm welcome and knowing that they’re all huge fans of our food is really pleasing. Seeing all the social media posts and the wonderful comments in Heat magazine over the last few weeks is fantastic feedback for the team on a job well done.”

Primal Scream rock on with DiGiCoPrimal Scream rock on with DiGiCo
Tuesday, 18 February 2020

UK - FOH engineer, Chris Martin and monitor engineer, Gerry Colclough used DiGiCo SD12 consoles for Primal Scream’s 2019 UK and Ireland tour, citing the desk’s reliability and ease of use.
Formed in 1982 in Scotland, rock band Primal Scream released their third compilation album, Maximum Rock 'n' Roll: The Singles in 2019, containing 17 tracks spanning the period from 1986 to 2016. In support of the release, the band announced a major winter tour of the UK and Ireland in 2019, which saw FOH engineer, Chris Martin and monitor engineer, Gerry Colclough use DiGiCo SD12 consoles – owned by Stage Audio Services based in the West Midlands.
Martin has been working with the band since 2008, starting out as FOH system tech for a PA hire company before progressing to the position of FOH engineer for the group in 2015.
“The band are amazing people to be around; the touring party is a very happy camp and a great place to be,” he enthuses. “We are all great friends. They have a very good idea about what they want – having been a band for such a long time. We work closely with them to achieve the results that they want, spending many days at a rehearsal studio to make it as good as we can.”
Martin used a DiGiCo SD12 on the tour with a shared single SD Rack on an optical loop running at 48kHz, used with a Waves server connected via MADI to a DiGiGrid MGB interface.
“The Waves server is mainly used for effects such as auto pan for guitars and keyboards, effects (a few reverbs, sub enhancer and distortion) and some primary sourc

Lena’s Only Love tour relies on GLPLena’s Only Love tour relies on GLP
Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Germany - In April 2019, singer / songwriter Lena Meyer-Landrut released her fifth, critically acclaimed studio album, Only Love, L. In June, the Only Love tour of 12 dates took the band through small to medium-sized halls in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Designer JoJo Tillmann developed a reduced set with a scalable lighting design for single-trailer transportation. Although there were four musicians, two backing vocalists and two dancers on stage, alongside the singer herself, the show was not conceived to be ‘over-staged’.
"I designed the set on a very stripped-down basis,” reports OPUS award winner JoJo Tillmann. "Apart from a small ramp leading up to a platform, there were no set building elements on the stage. As a result, versatility became all the more important."
For his lighting design, he mainly used fixtures from the GLP catalogue: impression X4 Bar, KNV ARC and Cube as well as FR1 made up the majority of the lighting—and always delivered surprises thanks to the creative deployment of the individual elements.
He arranged the X4 Bars, one of JoJo's “favourite light tools”, one above the other like the rungs of a ladder, and placed the construction directly behind the platform. "The individual Bars resembled a large light mirror," he explains, adding that “basically, the X4 Bar provides the real hit and is a really unique fixture". Hardly any lighting design can manage without the versatile LED Bars, he believes. Here they were framed by two vertical columns, each consisting of six GLP KNV Arc left and

Marillion go ‘big and bright’ with Vari-LitesMarillion go ‘big and bright’ with Vari-Lites
Tuesday, 18 February 2020

UK – For Marillion’s orchestral UK tour dates in November, lighting designer Yenz Nyholm chose the the VL2600 Wash fixture from Vari-Lite.
The Marillion With Friends From The Orchestra tour saw the band joined by string quartet, In Praise Of Folly, plus Emma Halnan on flute and Sam Morris on French horn. Culminating in two nights at London’s Royal Albert Hall, the tour coincided with the British band’s 40th anniversary and the 30th anniversary of Steve Hogarth as its lead singer.
Nyholm’s challenge was to deliver the required level of spectacle for the celebratory shows. “My brief called firstly for ‘big’, and then for ‘bright’,” he said. To achieve this, he chose the new, LED-based VL2600 Wash luminaire, supplied by Siyan. “My main priority was output,” said Nyholm. “Plus, we needed to match the colors of the video content to the lighting, so we wanted a wash that could go from subtle to bright, saturated colors, without losing output.”
The VL2600 Wash met Nyholm’s needs on every front. “Their output and colour is amazing,” he said. “The colour really stands out, from the deepest blue to the brightest yellow. And it’s very even. The consistency is remarkable across my whole rig.”

Frozen Cherry gears up with BlacklineXFrozen Cherry gears up with BlacklineX
Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Lebanon – A nightclub complex in the Lebanese ski resort of Zaarour has been equipped with BlacklineX loudspeakers from Martin Audio.
Founded in 2016, Frozen Cherry is a sunset bar in the highest point of the Zaarour mountains, offering a view of Lebanon above the clouds. The high-altitude party lounge immediately became a popular year-round destination, equally busy in both the summer and winter seasons. The unusual name of this scenic sunset bar comes from the cherry shape that you see when you look at the venue from the top of the Zaarour peaks.
Two years later, Dublin Room dance club was founded, also within the Zaarour club, specialising in house and techno. It hosts a mix of famous DJs and local heroes.
The brains behind this concept are Nasri and Maher Choueiry, owners of several F&B and design outlets, who come from a creative background in architecture and engineering. They are supported by Elie Zouein, who has wide experience in business development.
It was the venue’s first experience working with Technosound, Martin Audio’s Lebanese distributor, after the company’s Charbel Fahed had met with Nasri. “I proposed that they install a Martin Audio system,” he said. “Prior to that they had been renting in another brand.
“Since these are two of the most exciting venues in Lebanon, I had to choose a unique, powerful, and clear system. This is why I proposed the X15s after hearing them at ISE,” said Charbel.
Once they had heard BlacklineX it was quickly adopted in both Frozen Cherry and the Dublin Room, wh

Brit Row returns to RAH with Cirque du SoleilBrit Row returns to RAH with Cirque du Soleil
Tuesday, 18 February 2020

UK - Cirque du Soleil returned to London’s Royal Albert Hall (RAH) on 12 January for an eight-week run at the prestigious venue, bringing Luzia to Europe for the first time. Britannia Row Productions once again supplied the sound, continuing a relationship that has spanned almost two decades.
Through the design, chorography and acrobatic elements that give Cirque du Soleil shows their character, Luzia takes audiences on a journey through imaginary Mexico. The name is derived from the Spanish words for light (luz) and rain (lluvia), two important themes in the show’s narrative.
Britannia Row has supplied every Cirque du Soleil show at the RAH for the last 17-years. The company’s sales director Lez Dwight explained: “We were brought in mainly because the touring systems weren’t sufficient to cover the hall. Cirque came to us as we were local and have decades of experience deploying speakers into the RAH.
“In the early 2000s we deployed L-Acoustics Arcs and Subs, then moved onto Meyer systems that matched the touring tent PAs. Around four years ago we designed an L-Acoustics PA based around multiple hangs of Kara. This design is now our standard which Cirque have endorsed.”
This time, the audio specialists supplied an L-Acoustics sound system - featuring main hangs of Kara and SB18 subs, additional SB18 sub hangs, and Arcs and X8s for fills and surround – as well as processing and installation technicians.
System tech Sergiy Zhytnikov fed into the design process and led the install team. He explained: “A ke

Focusrite RedNet and Dante at the GrammysFocusrite RedNet and Dante at the Grammys
Monday, 17 February 2020

USA - Every year, the award-winning veteran audio production crew behind the Grammy Awards telecast strives to further raise the bar on the audio quality of ‘Music’s Biggest Night’. This year, in a first for the show, the audio team implemented a Dante network powered by Focusrite RedNet D64R 64-channel MADI bridges, Focusrite RedNet D16R AES-to-Dante interfaces and RedNet MP8R eight-channel mic pres and A/D converters to deliver the vocal performance and production wireless microphones to the house sound and broadcast audio mixing consoles.
The show was broadcast live from the Staples Centrein downtown Los Angeles on the CBS network on 26 January 2. Performers included Best New Artist nominees Lizzo; Billie Eilish; and Lil Nas X, as well as Tyler, the Creator; H.E.R.; Gary Clark Jr. with the Roots; and Demi Lovato, among many others.
The new AoIP transport scheme was designed to eliminate the complex and cumbersome signal-splitting system that has long been employed to feed signals from the show’s multiple stages to the two front-of-house and two stage monitor consoles, as well as the two music mixing consoles and the broadcast audio production desk in three remote trucks. In addition to the efficiencies afforded by digitally transporting dozens of microphone signals over fiber and making them available everywhere simultaneously, the new system design delivered a noticeable improvement in audio quality.
“The performance mics sounded a lot clearer to me, because they weren’t going through a splitter,” says Eric Schilling, one of two

Chauvet enhances Estonian Academy of MusicChauvet enhances Estonian Academy of Music
Monday, 17 February 2020

Estonia - "Now our students will be able to have a taste of their future lives as creators, and practice on big stages,” declared Professor Ivari Ilja, rector of Tallinn’s Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre on the opening of the school’s new concert and performance centre in late 2019.
Students will have their talents nurtured at the school’s new 12m Euro concert and performance centre. Among the benefits it offers aspiring actors and musicians is a state-of-the-art stage lighting system that features 50 Chauvet Professional Ovation F-265WW high output Fresnel fixtures supplied and installed by RGB Baltic OÜ.
At the heart of the 6,000sq.m concert and performance facility is the 482-seat concert hall, which serves as a platform from which the institute's promising rising musical stars to demonstrate their talents. Here, 34 Ovation fixtures provide front and back lighting for the stage. A further 16 of the warm white 230W LED fixtures were installed in the 130-seat black box rehearsal studio within the building to support the drama and jazz students.
"In the Estonian classical tradition, musical scores are often interspersed with incredibly delicate and beautiful sections of comparative silence," said Raivo Sinijärv of Progear OÜ, the Chauvet distributor in Estonia. “As a result, it is imperative that a set of fixtures needed to tick all visual requirements while operating in virtual silence, so it would not detract from the performances. There are not many fixtures out there able to deliver both of these features simultaneously."

Proteus meets Hercules in Central ParkProteus meets Hercules in Central Park
Monday, 17 February 2020

USA - At the end of its regular season of Shakespeare in the Park, New York’s Public Theatre stages an open-air production at Central Park’s 1,800-seat open-air Delacorte Theatre. This past season, the story of Hercules was presented, a theatrical pageant brought to life by some 200 performers with a lighting design by Tony-award winning lighting designer Tyler Micoleau. The designer turned to Elation Professional’s multi-use Proteus Hybrid luminaire to provide visual impact in the outdoor environment.
Micoleau had worked on two Shakespeare shows in Central Park earlier in the summer, but it was a very different plot he knew he needed for Hercules. “The musical Hercules, in a theatre as large as the Delacorte in Central Park, required (pun intended) very muscular lighting approaches,” he comments. “The Elation Proteus Hybrid provided just that muscle. In 2-degree beam mode, the Proteus fixtures gave me the powerful concentrated beams I needed to create beam architecture above the stage and the five 28ft Grecian columns of the set. We were bouncing light off of the clouds passing by; it was crazy. We joked that we needed to alert air-traffic control to warn passing helicopters and small planes.”
Alex Brandt, lighting supervisor at The Public, worked with Micoleau on what gear to use on the production. He states, “Because it’s The Public Works show and it’s such a short run, we don’t have a huge budget to add in new fixtures. Set designer Dane Laffrey had produced renderings that included finger-like air effect el

Maria Callas returns with DPA via hologramMaria Callas returns with DPA via hologram
Monday, 17 February 2020

USA - For Callas in Concert, opera singer Maria Callas was brought back to the stage via hologram, 40 years after her passing. A live orchestra accompanied digital remastered recordings of Callas for the production, which presented FOH and recording engineer Howard ‘Howie’ Lindeman with a unique challenge.
Since the show was focused around the visual of Callas on stage, and the hologram system used to project her image, Lindeman needed to find a low-profile microphone that would not be obtrusive on-stage, while still providing the highest audio quality for the live orchestral instruments.
Lindeman turned to the 4099 Instrument Microphone from DPA Microphones because of its sound, lightweight design and compact size of the instrument mic clips. In all, Lindeman and his team deployed a total of 27 4099 Instrument Microphones (with mic clips) for the 14 violins, six violas, five cellos and two upright basses that were used for the concert.
“The major challenge on this project was the real estate that mic stands take up on a stage,” says Lindeman. “DPA’s 4099 not only alleviated that problem, but also allowed a close-mic recording. Instead of area miking with several large condenser mics, and fighting potential feedback, the 4099s allowed us to mic up all of the string players and really showcased the talent of each musician.”
Produced by BASE Hologram, the tour launched in California before heading to Mexico and South America, and then returned to the United States ahead of its European leg. DPA was brought into the producti


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