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the-great-passion-play7Chauvet shines on The Great Passion Play
Wednesday, 26 May 2021

USA - An awed and reverential silence descends over the 4,000 seat amphitheater as audiences watch the events of Jesus Christ’s last days unfold at The Great Passion Play. It has always been this way at this outdoor production nestled in the Ozark Mountains, which has attracted over seven million visitors since it debuted in Eureka Springs, Arkansas in July of 1968.
This year, the power of this story has become even more moving, thanks to a balanced and richly coloured lighting design by Chandler Mann and Cameron Edwards of Momentum Lighting.
“Having grown up in Eureka Springs, I have a special attachment to The Great Passion Play,” said Mann, who now works out of Houston. “The production has captivated visitors season after season, but its lighting needed to be upgraded. Our previous system had no LEDs or color mixing and was operated from an old dimming console.. It was time for a change.”
Mann and Edwards brought that change to production, which runs seven months a year, with help from 40 COLORado1-Quad IP65 fixtures and eight DMX-4 dimmers from Chauvet Professional, along with a new ChamSys QuickQ 20 console. They placed 15 of the RGBW COLORado washes on the front wall of the stage, replacing 20 old Par64 fixtures. The remaining 25 COLORado 1-Quad units have been positioned in various points on the set, such as rooftops, trees, and boulders.
“The COLORados on the front wall are not only excellent colour mixing fixtures, but their RGBAL engines are also good replacements for tungsten daylight coloured fixtures,”

bromptonBrompton backbone for 80six studios
Wednesday, 26 May 2021

UK - Video technology company, 80six, recently opened the doors to its virtual production studios in Slough. The VP facility boasts a pre-configured curved LED stage, suitable for shooting in-camera VFX. Brompton Technology products are part of the studio's high-end technical backbone.
80six has been at the leading edge of building and implementing xR stages and has now directed its attention to live LED in-camera virtual production, which uses similar technologies. The company has spent the last 20 months carrying out extensive R&D with LED and cameras for film and TV productions with partners such as Epic Games, Dimension Studio, DNEG & OSF.
“Throughout the last couple of years, we have carried out various tests that have given us a solid understanding of the principles of VP. We can now confidently advise our clients as to the benefits and limitations they can expect when shooting in-camera VFX or when using LED video panels as light sources,” says Jack James, director at 80six.
Set in an overall area of approximately 335sq.m, the Virtual Production Stage includes an 18m x 4.5m high-resolution LED volume, built with award-winning ROE Visual Diamond DM 2.6mm for the rear wall and ROE Carbon 5.7mm for the LED ceiling, along with movable lighting dollies.
The ROE screens run on Brompton Tessera SX40 4K Version 3.1 LED processors. “Brompton’s 3.1 software high frame rate capabilities allow for smooth, fast play-back of content, which is particularly useful for slow-motion for film, TV and esports,” says James.
"We we

glpfusionvss-9GLP Fusion Stick debuts on German TV show
Wednesday, 26 May 2021

Germany - For many years Thomas Gerdon from Gerdon Design has been in charge of lighting the German TV show Verstehen Sie Spaß (Do You Understand Fun?), in which unsuspecting people are victims of pranks and filmed with a hidden camera.
Kimmig Entertainment produces four editions a year in the Bavaria Studios in Munich, two of which are broadcast live. The first live edition on 17 April 2021, provided the space and opportunity for a world premiere of the new Fusion Stick FS16 Z from Fusion by GLP which was used for the first time.
As lighting designer and lighting cameraman, Gerdon used the new LED battens on the show stage during the performance by Sarah Lombardi and Luca Hänni as an effective show light..
Six towers were placed on the stage, each of which had two horizontally hung FS16 Z LED battens in addition to further spotlights. "Our goal is to develop an individual lighting design for each show act, so we were extremely pleased to be able to test the FS16 Z in a live situation for the first time within the context of this show," said Gerdon, who had been keenly anticipating the arrival of the new batten.
“There are countless LED battens on the market, but not one that is really fit for purpose,” said the designer. “With the Fusion Stick FS16 Z, GLP has once again developed a device that can do everything that an LED batten needs to be able to do today. The batten has a good zoom (8-40°), a great colour mix and is IP65 rated. Nevertheless, it is not particularly big or heavy. With these features alone, it is basic

blessingDiGiCo in control for The Blessing USA Tour
Tuesday, 25 May 2021

USA - One of the most highly anticipated tours in the Contemporary Christian music world this year is The Blessing USA Tour, pairing six-time GMA Dove Award winner Kari Jobe and husband/partner Cody Carnes. Kicking off in Pittsburgh on 15 April and culminating in Brandon, Mississippi on 18 June, the tour is taking the singer-songwriter duo on a 24-city run of shows at large houses of worship and theatres across the Midwest and South, including Dallas, Orlando, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Houston and elsewhere.
Sponsored by illumiNations and, the tour is implementing “socially distanced and/or reserved COVID-safe seating and capacities” in each venue, and tour members will be tested and everyone entering will be temperature checked, in addition to other standards and local requirements. What’s also different about this tour is how the DiGiCo Quantum338 console, operated by production manager Brenton Miles and supplied by tour outfitters Spectrum Sound, Inc. and IPS Live, is acting as the literal hub of every aspect of the tour’s sound.
Miles is at the centre of that hub. He’s mixing the show’s front-of-house sound as well as the in-ear monitors for the entire band, as well as for a 10-person VIP group that can access the stage, band, artists and crew in each city before the show. These are mainly volunteers and staffers from local churches that Miles and other The Blessing USA crewmembers will walk and talk through the tour’s workflows and equipment.
The Quantum338 gets plenty of attention because those VIP attendees are

duke-universityDuke University given green light with MLA
Tuesday, 25 May 2021

USA - After the widespread cancellation of the 2020 Graduation and Commencement season in the States, students were anxious to know whether this year they would be able to celebrate the completion of their degree programmes on a grand stage.
Cooper Cannady of Martin Audio partner RMB Audio, the event’s long-term services provider, was faced with the same conundrum.
“We have serviced Duke University Commencement at the Wallace Wade Stadium [in Durham, N. Carolina] since the evolution of the campus back in 2003,” said the RMB Audio owner, whose company is based nearby.
“This year I was invited to initiate planning for an event which I knew may never occur.” However, when University president, Vincent Price, finally received the green light from the Centre for Disease Control and North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, the RMB Audio tech team had to function test all equipment that had been dormant for one year.
The event was set for 2 May; the stage loaded in on 23 April and the RMB Audio crew arrived on 27 April. But the problem was that with strict socially distanced guidelines in force, the layout kept changing. “Every day brought with it a new scenario,” stated Cooper. While some 5,700 students had graduated, 2,000 undergraduates would attend, originally spaced 6ft apart in the inner field (to engage them closely with the event), while the seating plans revised to allow an additional two guests. The 40,000-cap stadium would now host a total of 6,000 attendees, and the original 6ft social distancing was reduced t

ccshowroomRefurbished CC demo studio opens
Tuesday, 25 May 2021

UK - Collaborative Creations (CC) has announced that its centrally located, London studio space is open and available to companies and individual members of the events and event technology industries. With restrictions now coming to an end, booking is no longer essential though for specific product viewings is advisable.
Less than a minute’s walk from London Waterloo the CC Studio is a multipurpose environment available for use by the events and event technology industries.
Newly refurbished, the CC Studio can welcome up to 60 people standing, up to 30 in a theatre-style configuration or 12 in a training room seating arrangement. Operational as a boardroom style meeting room, the studio can seat up to 14 and features an engaging 70-inch interactive touchscreen for presentations.
The space is equipment ready with Chamsys controlled Martin Professional lighting and a full AED audio system. The studio features two five-metre trusses for rigging additional fixtures and a 6 x 4m cyc is set up for shoot out and fixture comparison.
CC’s co-founder and director, Tom Wilkes, says, “During lockdown we’ve worked really hard to make the CC Studio a welcoming environment for the industry. We look forward to inviting people in for catch ups, coffee and demos. We’ve prepared the space to be covid compliant with the help of Luxibel’s UVC air filtration systems.”

robe-musiek-rouletteRobe rig plays Musiek Roulette
Tuesday, 25 May 2021

South Africa - Mellow Yellow Entertainment, producers of South African music games show Musiek Roulette wanted a new look for the 2021 season, so called on the services of Ryan Lombard, head of show lighting at Blond Productions and Michael Gill, owner of Michael Gill Designs to design lighting and set respectively.
TV lighting specialist and rental company Blond Productions supplied all the lighting equipment, while the set was built by Dream Sets.
Ryan needed a highly adaptable lighting rig and used 72 x Robe moving lights to assist him in lighting the series, which was recorded at the Urban Brew Studios in Johannesburg.
The idea with the new aesthetics was to retain a casino vibe but offer a more streamlined and modern feel, with the studio floor featuring a striking stylised central roulette wheel and three large LED screens around the circular-shaped space.
The set was re-worked after the initial music recording phase –117 songs were recorded and filmed in a single day – into a completely different space for the competition segment recordings.
The ‘second’ studio also featured some prominent scenic elements like six columns lit with LED pixel tubes and a set of scenic piano keys winding in between the columns and the perimeter of the space.
The Blond team installed a lighting grid in the studio ceiling to facilitate the exact lighting positions that Ryan needed. The show also had an array of scenic props that would fly in and out for the different episodes so “it was a highly visual and busy environment,”

crewe-easydeckDoughty’s Easydeck takes centre-stage in Crewe
Tuesday, 25 May 2021

UK - Following an extensive £3m refurbishment, the grade II listed Crewe Market Hall is set to reopen to the public this week (19 May). The space, which has been completely transformed as part of Cheshire East Council’s town centre regeneration programme, is set to be home to a variety of independent local businesses, will feature a new seating area with bespoke tables and chairs as well as a stage which will be used as part of the Market Hall’s exciting calendar of events.
When White Light (WL) was approached by East Cheshire Council to supply a temporary stage for the venue, it turned to Doughty Engineering to deliver the solution.
Paul McLean, project manager at WL, explains: “We were asked to supply the stage for live events that will take place in the Market Hall which could typically be configured as 6m x 6m but with the flexibility to be able to form a number of other configurations such as 4m x 4m and 8m x 4m as required.
“It needed to be modular, compact, lightweight, sturdy and simple for the appointed Crewe Market Management Staff, who are not versed in event industry practices, to quickly and safely assemble for use and disassemble for storage. Doughty’s Easydeck staging system appeared to offer exactly what we needed.”
Easydeck is manufactured in three standard heights – 250mm, 500mm and 750mm with special sizes available on request and with a 500kg per square metre safe working load.
For this particular project, WL required a mixture of off-the-shelf and custom elements. Paul continues; “Most parts are stan

manchesterArtistic Licence in Manchester Studios upgrade
Tuesday, 25 May 2021

UK - Artistic Licence products have been used to provide new DMX infrastructure in the Manchester Studios complex, formerly the Granada/ITV headquarters.
The studios have been undergoing massive refurbishment since 2016. The Granada Studios were built in 1954 for the purpose of recorded and live filming, and served as the Granada/ITV headquarters until 2013.
As part of the refurbishment, Artistic Licence products have been installed in the ongoing upgrade to Studio 1. This is the largest space within the complex, housed within a self-contained building complete with wardrobe, props, dressing rooms and production offices.
A central DMX patch houses two rackLynx octo 8-universe Art-Net gateways and four rackSplit octo 8-way DMX/RDM splitters. These distribute DMX out to eight wall boxes around the studio floor that each house two further rackLynx octo splitters.
The Artistic Licence rackLynx and rackSplit octo products provide compact, high-density conversion and distribution of the Art-Net/DMX/RDM data.
Two Swisson XES-8G Gigabit switches manage the core Ethernet data from production consoles which can then be sent over fibre to studios 8 and 12.
Two Artistic Licence netLynx quad Art-Net gateways were also supplied to provide up to eight further DMX universes either on-set or in the top-rig.
The lighting control network was recently christened by RuPaul’s Dragrace UK which required three studios to be controlled by a single grandMA2, outputting 20 universes of DMX across the site.
In addition to the new DMX infrastruc

nflL-Acoustics K2 is first round pick for NFL Draft
Tuesday, 25 May 2021

USA - Each spring, the annual NFL Draft broadcast offers millions of sports fans an opportunity to discover with which franchises players will be signing for the upcoming football season. This year’s event, held in Cleveland from 29 April to 1 May, welcomed 50,000 fans a day for live events, including the NFL Draft Experience interactive football festival and nightly concerts from Black Pumas, Kings of Leon, and one of the city’s native sons, Machine Gun Kelly.
Once again, the National Football League and events promoter C3 Presents chose Houston-based certified provider LD Systems as the live sound vendor for the NFL Draft. LD’s primary deployment was for the Draft Theatre, a massive 200ft-wide by 220ft-deep by 80ft-tall half-moon structure created by Stage FX. Erected near FirstEnergy Stadium and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, overlooking Lake Erie, the structure housed the NFL Draft TheatreStage, where NFL commissioner Roger Goodell made pick announcements and where all concerts and other main events took place.
“We never had any doubt that an L-Acoustics sound system would be the best tool for the job, but as we experienced at both the 2019 Draft in Nashville and during the planning phases of the 2020 Draft in Las Vegas prior to that event being cancelled due to COVID, we knew to expect limitations on where and how high or low we could fly our arrays,” recalls LD Systems audio department operations manager Thomas Ruffner, who worked closely with 2021 Draft Theatre Production manager Shawn Worlow of The Production Collective and C3 Prese

capture-image-2Capture supports Ampco Flashlight at Eurovision
Monday, 24 May 2021

The Netherlands - “Using Capture 2021 is almost like seeing the visuals in real life,” is Eurovision LD Henk Jan van Beek’s assessment of the Swedish manufacturer’s pre-visualisation software system. No stranger to the Eurovision event, having been part of the 2005 programming, Capture Visualisation was proud to be part of this year’s show at Rotterdam’s Ahoy Arena. Always an extravagant feast of lights, video and FX, Eurovision 2021 was chosen as one of Europe’s pilot events for COVID safe live events, making for one of the most eagerly anticipated Eurovision shows of all time.
Since 1994, Capture Visualisation has been developing and evolving the software in the pre-programming sector and is now seen as one of the leading brands in this increasingly busy sector of the entertainment market.
"It is an honour to be the preferred solution for this premier European event, and it feels even greater that we are part of this first major post-pandemic event,” comments sales director, Vangelis Manolis. “It signals that there may be light at the end of this long and dark tunnel. We have seen so many renders of the stage set and the awesome lighting design of Henk-Jan van Beek with his team from Light-H-Art that it feels as if we have been there at the Ahoy ourselves.”
The Capture team have worked tirelessly with the entire team of visual creatives and Eurovision’s technical supplier Ampco Flashlight throughout the extensive programming required to create 39 performances and interval moments of the semi-finals and then the Grand Final o

alconsSchool’s out for Alcons Audio in De Fabriek
Monday, 24 May 2021

The Netherlands - Located on the banks of the Zaan river in the city of Zaandam, a few kilometres north-west of Amsterdam, Filmtheater De Fabriek (The Factory) is a popular cinema. The cinema has recently added a new 30 seat theatre and, at the same time, updated the audio in its existing 90 and 64-seat theatres, all with Alcons Audio pro-ribbon systems.
Filmtheater De Fabriek offers an in-depth movie experience, each month offering introductions, after-talks or panel discussions about its programme of films. These provide more context for the films and the viewer with food for thought. This approach to providing a more complete experience includes the sound.
De Fabriek occupies a 100-year-old former school building, which has seen many changes over the years. A recent refurbishment saw original details being preserved and, at the same time, the cinema being brought right up to date with the installation of a Dolby 5.1 system in the new theatre and improving the existing theatres with a modern, high quality sound systems. This included upgrading the largest theatre from Dolby 5.1 to 7.1.
Cinema integration company CinemaNext was approached and, after recommending Alcons pro-ribbon systems, Filmtheater De Fabriek’s board member Marc Zeldenthuis, managing director Katrien Lamers and project coordinator John de Jong visited the ISE 2020 trade show.
“We first heard Alcons in the company’s demo room at ISE 2020,” says John de Jong. “We also visited several other cinemas for information and to listen to their systems. In terms of audio qua

exterior-lighting-bollards-at-sandburn-hall-hotelCFE Lighting completes luxury hotel install
Monday, 24 May 2021

UK - LED lighting manufacturer CFE Lighting has completed a major project at the luxury Sandburn Hall Hotel, near York, North Yorkshire, which is set to open this week.
The company, which specialises in bespoke LED luminaires and lighting solutions for the commercial, industrial, and public sectors, designed and manufactured 55 exterior lighting bollards, which have been installed by electrical partner NEC Services at the new hotel complex.
The bollards are fitted with low-energy, high lumen LEDs, which will provide wayfinding and emergency lighting along the main walkways which run around the front and back of the 40-bedroom luxury hotel, which will open its doors to guests for the first time on 24 May.
The £5m hotel will be the first major new-build hotel development between York and the coast for over 20 years, with the site already home to an 18-hole championship golf course, Grand Function Hall and the popular Tykes restaurant.
Commenting on the project, Amanda Speight, national business development manager at CFE Lighting, said, “We’re delighted to have been able to support the development of what will be an incredible destination hotel for the region. The project enabled us to showcase the full breadth of our capabilities, from visiting the site to assess the requirements through to designing and manufacturing the bollards, using the very best components, at our production facility in Barrowford.”
Hotel director James Hogg added, “Everything about the design and build of this hotel is quality and that extends to the small

disguise-walmartWalmart meetings go virtual with disguise xR
Monday, 24 May 2021

USA - Multinational retail corporation Walmart relied on the disguise extended reality (xR) workflow to host two of its most important corporate meetings virtually for the first time earlier this year.
Walmart needed to address a global audience of investors in its annual Investor Community Meeting (ICM), as well as key management personnel in its Year Beginning Meeting (YBM), remotely. Partnering with experiential event company LEO Events, Walmart invited Xite Labs, a long-time disguise creative and workflow partner, to deliver a custom-built stage powered by disguise xR at Walmart’s headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas, to host the two virtual events.
Using the extended reality set-up, speakers could present information, showcase statistics and accent the meetings with augmented reality elements to add layers of visual interest and engage viewers in a compelling way.
“Xite was proud to deliver a near-perfect xR production for one of the biggest companies in the world on an event that moves markets,” notes Xite Labs creative director Greg Russell.
Russell and his team spent one month pre-programming, testing cameras, AR functionality and pixel mapping content at Xite Labs’ office in Los Angeles, ahead of their trip to Arkansas. Once on site, they were able to build the xR stage from the ground up in just one week, ready for the three days of shooting.
Instrumental to meeting this tight timeframe for Walmart’s two xR productions was Xite’s careful equipment planning and the ability to have its own studio get all the gear

sydneytheatrecompanySydney Theatre Company re-opens with Meyer
Monday, 24 May 2021

Australia - Sydney Theatre Company (STC) has reopened its home venue, The Wharf, at Walsh Bay in Sydney, following a two-year closure for a total renovation. A highlight of the complete technical upgrade was the installation of 32 new Meyer Sound loudspeakers, largely drawn from the company’s new Ultra-X series.
The system was designed by Bob McCarthy and Josh Dorn-Fehrmann to implement Spacemap Go, Meyer Sound’s new tool for spatial sound design and live mixing. When it opened in late February, STC’s production of Playing Beatie Bow became one of the world’s first theatrical productions to use dynamic spatial effects provided by the new technology based on the Galaxy 816 Network Platform utilising Milan and a new iPad user interface.
For the theatre’s sound & video manager Ben Lightowlers, selection of the right solution was critical, so the venue chose to retain complete control of the PA budget, from specification all the way through to installation. The system renewal was a logical extension of a decades-long relationship with Meyer Sound.
“We did explore options from other manufacturers,” he says, “but over the years we’ve been happy with the UPJ and UPM loudspeakers, which we could easily integrate into the new systems. More importantly, we were very impressed with the new Ultra-X loudspeakers. They are excellent for vocal clarity, which is paramount as the dialogue must be out front. But they are also exceptional for music.”
The flexibility and scalability of Spacemap Go enable the system to be easily reco

vax-live-concertMavericks back Vax Live televised concert
Monday, 24 May 2021

USA - Asked to describe his impression of Global Citizen’s Vax Live, The Concert To Reunite The World, Tom Kenny answers with a simple six-word phrase, “Full of Grace, Full of Light.” The globally televised event, which raised $302m, enough to procure 26m doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, was certainly all of that.
There was the grace that arose from the inspired words of world leaders sent to the event via remote video, and from the impassioned live performances by artists like Jennifer Lopez, who brought her mother on stage to join her in a plea to ensure the equitable distribution of the vaccine needed to fight the pandemic.
As for the light, Kenny and the Diversified Productions Services team ensured that it was present in full force at SoFi Stadium, supporting the performances of Lopez and fellow stars Eddie Vedder, Foo Fighters, J Balvin, and H.E.R. with a variety of dynamic looks that reflected each artist’s individual style.
“I wanted this to feel like a concert, not a television show,” said Kenny, the event’s lighting designer. “All of us involved, the artists as well as the entire crew, were thrilled to be working a live show again, and I wanted to our design to express this feeling. We didn’t have a massive budget, but we had massive light.”
Helping to provide this voluminous level of light for Kenny’s design were 281 Chauvet Professional Maverick MK3 Washes, supplied by 4Wall Entertainment.
Kenny arranged the RGBW moving fixtures on a circular truss above the stage, along a curved wall behind it, and on the

ssaandermatt-ch-rh2721-0062-c-roland-halbeAndermatt Concert Hall enhanced with Renkus-Heinz
Friday, 21 May 2021

Switzerland - The Andermatt Concert Hall, located in the village of Andermatt in the Ursern Valley of the Swiss Alps, opened its doors in 2019 to rave reviews by hosting the Berlin Philharmonic, bringing world-class classical music performance to the alpine wonderland (see LSi Jan-Feb 2021).
The concert hall is a beautiful venue with seating for up to 650 and offers an up-close and intimate atmosphere with enough room for a 75-piece orchestra. The hall's stage and lower level are below ground level, and the space features a high ceiling with upper-level walls of glass, wood-finished ceilings, and a wrap-around balcony. Studio Seilern Architects created a captivating space, integrating acoustically optimized “origami” panels to provide an immersive, lively acoustic in every seat. A new enhanced acoustic system was also deployed to increase the subjective volume of the space for varying performances.
To address acoustic challenges, Andermatt Swiss Alps brought in KahleAcoustics, specialists in space acoustics for concert and performance venues, and Amadeus Active Acoustics, developers of the Amadeus multi-channel, active acoustic and immersive sound system. They were challenged to design and deploy a high-quality sound system that was both accurate and natural. To do this, the team used 75 CX41 loudspeakers and eight CX/CA118S subwoofers from Renkus-Heinz

floridaADJ LED fixtures enhance Florida church
Friday, 21 May 2021

USA - As part of a complete technical overhaul, River of Life Church in Crawfordville, FL has upgraded its full lighting system for the first time since its building was constructed 18 years ago. The new setup, which utilises ADJ fixtures for both house and stage lighting, has not only enhanced the aesthetic of the space but also significantly improved electrical efficiency through the use of LED light sources.
Firelight Media and Integration was the company selected by the church to carry out a complete refit of its audio, lighting, and stage power infrastructure. The relatively young but fast-growing integrator specializes in the church market, driven by owner and founder Joshua Branch’s 15 years of experience in music ministry. Established in 2017 and based in Thomasville, South Georgia, the company services churches throughout the South East, all the way from Virginia down to Florida. Firelight became an ADJ dealer around a year ago and Joshua has nothing but positive things to say of his experience selling and installing ADJ fixtures.
“We had some success with product from other companies,” explains Joshua, “but felt that ADJ could be a good fit for our clients. When we became an ADJ dealer we soon discovered that the product is superior. The price-point is exactly where most of our clients want to be at, and the value for money is very good. Since we’ve switched to ADJ, the results have been amazing.”
With a distinctive tent-style design, River of Life church is a sizeable building with a capacity of approximately 900. Prior to thi

pytchair2Chauvet lights Boeing 727 events venue
Friday, 21 May 2021

UK - “All of us who flourish in this field have retained our child-like enthusiasm for playing with things to come up with something new and different,” says Johnny Palmer, the founder and manager of Pytch. “Really, when you come down to it, that’s why we do what we do.”
An entrepreneur who opened a string of livestream studios during the height of the pandemic, Palmer works hard to keep these creative flames glowing throughout his well-established event company, even when it means buying the fuselage of a Boeing 727 jet liner and parking it on shipping containers in his warehouse lot.
It was on a trip to Cotswold Airport to look at a private jet that he came across the Boeing 727. The plane instantly caught his attention. “I saw this beautiful old bird and thought why not,” he recalled. “So, I got permission from our local planning commission and agreed to a price with the owner. Once that was done, we had to figure out how to get the plane to our facility.”
Transporting the 40m long 27-tonne plane roughly 40 miles from the airport to Pytch’s headquarters in Brislington was an adventure onto itself. Navigating the small, winding country roads was a challenge. Then there was the bridge overpass that was too low. In the end though, the aircraft made its way just fine, garnering plenty of publicity en route.
Having the plane on site inspires wonder and creativity, just as Palmer intended. This was evident soon after the aircraft arrived at Pytch, when the company’s Pytch Labs team used it as a cylindrical canvas for a night

montbleucasino1MontBleu Resort upgrades with JBL and Crown
Friday, 21 May 2021

USA - XXXX Audio Systems recently outfitted MontBleu Resort Casino & Spa with a Harman networked audio system.
MontBleu Resort Casino & Spa is a casino hotel in Stateline, Nevada owned by Bally’s Corporation. Originally constructed in 1978 and known as Caesars Tahoe until 2006, MontBleu includes a 48,456sq.ft casino and 438-room hotel along with multiple restaurants and shops.
MontBleu needed to upgrade its aging audio system and hired XXXX Audio Systems to replace its existing system with a networked audio system consisting of JBL Professional, Crown and BSS solutions.
“Our overall goal was to create a vibrant sound experience for our guests from the minute they arrive to the time they’re playing their favourite slot machine or table game,” said Marimille Dacia, director of marketing, entertainment and retail, MontBleu Resort Casino & Spa. “The sound quality provided by the new system is outstanding. The difference between it and the previous system is night and day. I noticed the drastic improvement immediately. The new system is also very user-friendly - you don’t have to be an audio professional to make adjustments.”
XXXX Audio installed a total of 212 JBL Professional loudspeakers throughout the facility, including JBL Control 45C/T ceiling-tile loudspeakers and Control 40CS/T in-ceiling subwoofers for the casino’s main floor.
“We selected the JBL ceiling loudspeakers for their excellent sound quality and coverage,” said Carl Sagen, lead technician, XXXX Audio Systems. “After installation, I walked

2cellos1Chamsys powers 2Cellos Bon Jovi cover
Friday, 21 May 2021

Croatia - Since its release in February 1987, Bon Jovi’s Livin’ On A Prayer has been embedded in our collective musical psyche. It seems that everyone, from the Royal Philharmonic to Alvin and the Chipmunks has recorded cover versions of this ‘80s anthem. 2Cellos are the latest.
In their latest video, Luka Šulić and Stjepan Hauser, the Croatian cellists who make up the group push the oft-played rock classic to new levels. Reflecting the driving force of their performance visually throughout the video is a dynamic and intricately layered light show by Crt Birsa of Slovenia-based Blackout Lighting Design.
Running the 6-universe, 126 fixture, time-coded show on his ChamSys Magic! MQ80 console, Birsa created myriad patterns of light to play off the music video’s unusual venue: a 33mlong tunnel in a former military warehouse. To focus the viewer’s attention firmly on the geometry of the setting, he kept his colour palettes simple.
“I didn’t want to go multicolour,” he said. “Basic palettes were the most well-suited for this venue. Patterns and movement were what I relied on to visualise the music in a way that stood out.
“The venue is different from others I’ve worked at,” continues Birsa. “My goal was to enhance the geometry of the structure itself. The great length and circular shape of the site guided my ideas on where to put the lights and what to show at different times.”
To accent the architecture of the venue, Birsa minimised the visibility of the fixtures themselves, positioning most of them on th

astera-kamaz-trucks-16-10-38Titans light Kamaz birthday celebrations
Friday, 21 May 2021

Russia - Truck brand Kamaz - Dakar Rally Truck category winners 18 times and lknown for their rally, drift, and stunt driver teams - celebrated its 45th anniversary with a spectacular live show, presentation and special event featuring jazz band Denis Matsuev & Friends, staged at its main factory in Naberezhnye Chelny, Tatarstan.
When Denis Matsuev suggested opening the event to the strains of orchestral suite Time Forward! by Georgy Sviridov, event director Irina Karimova had the idea of a video intro that would combine the movement of trucks with the rhythm and mood of the music. So, the event’s creative team decided to involve seven of the newest Kamaz-54901 tractor units in a ‘dance’ routine in the snow.
This challenged lighting designer Artem Sagaidak to produce some practical illuminative solutions for the video shoot and he turned to Astera Titan Tubes.
The video shoot site chosen was the factory’s helipad. Artem assessed the various lighting challenges including the erratic February weather and Astera Titan Tubes proved to be the right solution.
“I knew I needed to adopt an overall cinematic approach to lighting, and also that I required very flexible lights with onboard power, long battery life and wireless control,” explains Artem.
With no Titan Tubes in the vicinity and only four day before the shoot, he made a late-night call to Anton Anufriev from B-Right, Astera’s exclusive Russia and the CIS countries distribution, and the next day the fixtures were on their way from Moscow via rental company C-l

robe-bryson-tiller-xr-concert-overtime051920x1080Robe helps create the look for Bryson Tiller
Friday, 21 May 2021

USA - Singer, rapper, and songwriter Bryson Tiller recently recorded an XR concert - for later broadcast - in Calabasas, California at Xite Labs’ XR stage facility, which involved a lighting rig that included Robe T1 Profiles, SuperSpikies, Tetra2s and BMFL Blades.
Xite Labs - founded in 2018 by visual and production design specialists Greg Russel and Vello Virkhaus - was approached by producer Amish Dani and creative studio the 92 Group to assist the project in the production of ‘stunning XR environments’. They received a detailed brief with a set of storyboard images and a flow concept of the four dynamic worlds that they wanted to build. The 3D spaces were created by multiple highly skilled artists commissioned by Xite Labs using Unreal Engine and Notch.
For the shoot, the physical studio design comprised three-sides - including a back wall - of LED, an LED floor with rear lights at high angles following the back wall curve, plus several front and side filler lights.
Two cameras were involved, one mounted on tripod and one on the end of a human-operated 10ft arm crane. The crane camera was fitted with a Canon 18-105 lens, and a stYpe Red Spy optical camera tracking system, the combination of which enabled a wide range of motion and looks.
The secondary camera had a long lens and was offset to the left of the main LED screen and used for a range of classic static telephoto looks.
To support and complement any sort of XR / AR performance, it is crucial that lighting is fully aligned with the environments - which exist only in t

cathedralAdamson gives new voice to Eisenstadt Cathedral
Friday, 21 May 2021

Austria - As historic churches strive to serve their existing congregations and expand their reach using new technology, inevitably they find themselves balancing their needs for quality audio systems with the desire to maintain the aesthetic beauty and singular atmosphere integral to the worship experience.
That’s of particular concern in historically important spaces like Eisenstadt, Austria’s Dom St. Martin, which recently deployed a low profile, high fidelity Adamson Systems Engineering PA to improve speech intelligibility and reinforce small, contemporary musical ensembles with clarity and depth.
Previously known as St. Martin's Church, the Gothic cathedral was completed in 1522 and features a pipe organ created to the specific instructions of Austrian composer and ‘Father of the Symphony and String Quartet,’ Franz Joseph Haydn. Over time, it’s been damaged by fire and rebuilt, and, more recently, in 2003 underwent a painstaking remodelling undertaken by architects Lichtblau-Wagner.
The Dom is also renowned for its presentation of sacred music, including Eisenstadt’s annual Haydn Festival, and required an audio system that delivered class-leading vocal and instrumental reinforcement and pristine reproduction of speech.
“These types of churches were designed to project the voice without any reinforcement because there was no reinforcement,” says Jochen Sommer, Adamson’s Hamburg, Germany-based director of operations. “It’s a difficult acoustic environment. So, to upgrade and achieve more intelligibility, from a system


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