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hope-fellowship-church1Hope Fellowship Church switches to Obsidian
Thursday, 18 March 2021

USA - Hope Fellowship Church in Frisco, Texas, just north of Dallas, made a recent purchase of Obsidian NX4 and NX Wing lighting controllers and runs the intuitive Onyx platform across the ministry’s four campuses. Mark Ellis, production development director at the church, is a past user of M-PC lighting control software but made the smooth transition to the Onyx platform when Hope Fellowship upgraded their lighting control system.
“When I first came to the church they were using a Martin M1 console with M-PC software,” says Ellis, who has been with the church for the past eight years. “When it was time to upgrade to something new, I was looking for something user-friendly that all my volunteers knew. We looked at other consoles but they were more than what we wanted to pay and overly complicated. The Obsidian gear was a great value plus it let me keep familiarity with all our gear, also for our volunteers.”
Ellis’s position involves managing volunteers and interns across the church’s four campuses, but he also handles lighting, lighting design and production duties. About three years ago, the church opened a 1,700-capacity main sanctuary building at its Frisco East location, a site that serves as a broadcast campus to its other three locations. A Frisco West campus and a campus in the nearby town of McKinney, both remodelled supermarkets, hold about 1,400 parishioners each while a mobile campus in the town of Prosper currently holds services in a high school. All told, Hope Fellowship attracts around 7-8,000 to services each weekend (pre-CO

alcons-audio-Inderøy Kulturhus chooses Alcons Audio
Thursday, 18 March 2021

Norway - Despite its rural location, when the concert hall at the Inderøy Kulturhus complex in Norway needed a new sound reinforcement system, its managers were determined that local residents would enjoy the best possible experience. Choosing an Alcons Audio LR7 pro-ribbon system, Inderøy Kulturhus shows that community facilities do not need to compromise on their sound.
Opened in 1990, Inderøy Kulturhus was the first major cultural centre in the historic Innherred region of Norway. As part of a project to add physical education facilities for the primary school and premises for Inderøy Upper Secondary School, a sports hall, concert hall and service areas were built. Operated by municipal limited company Inderøy Kulturhus AS, the concert hall stages a wide range of events to benefit the whole region.
Although this agricultural area has a low population density, the developers did not want to compromise on the audience experience, so the auditorium was designed with high quality acoustics. By the mid-2010s, the previous audio system needed replacing, so general manager Arnstein Langåssve and sound & light technician Lars Erik Fisknes approached Arnstein Fossvik of production technology specialists Trondheim Lyd. He introduced them to the Alcons Audio LR7 pro-ribbon line array system at the Prolight+Sound trade show in 2015.
“We were convinced that the LR7 was the best system for Inderøy Kulturhus and finally, in early 2021, the dream came true,” says Lars.
Trondheim Lyd supplied and installed a complete Alcons system, comprisin

funktionKosovo’s Fantazia rocks with compact Funktion One
Thursday, 18 March 2021

Kosovo - Funktion-One distributor overcame the geographical challenges of the global pandemic to specify and install one of Kosovo’s first permanent Funktion-One sound systems. Fantazia, in Pristina, which is operated by renowned underground promoters Servis, is a bar and club concept with high quality electronic music, excellent sound and a policy of inclusivity at its core.
Servis was founded in 2016 by Leo Lumezi and Patrik Ukiq as a club night, which has expanded into a platform for different creative concepts and collaborative experiments with its crew of DJs and designers working on projects in the arts, sound, film and fashion
Lumezi explains: “Fantazia, meaning Fantasy, is the realisation of a long-term dream of ours to create a daily running home of music in Pristina, which would bring together music lovers and friends in a weekly curated programme, together with Funktion-One sound quality.”
The pair first met’s Benoit Vanderhaghen when he supplied the sound for a Ricardo Villalobos show at Pristina’s Zone Club in 2016, and reconnected in November 2020 as preparations for the new venue advanced.
“Everything happened very fast,” recalls Vanderhaghen. “Three weeks after our call, the installation needed to be done. There was no time to fly there from Paris and there was also the budget to consider.”
Fantazia occupies a rectangular, 80m2 space on the site of a former butcher’s shop, in a popular area of Pristina’s city centre. With residents all around, there’s a need for the sound system to i

fulcrumFulcrum reinforces Cooper Field House
Wednesday, 17 March 2021

USA - UPMC Cooper Field House is the home arena for most of Duquesne University’s major sports teams, including their NCAA Division 1 Basketball team: the Duquesne Dukes. During a recent renovation of the facility, Daktronics installed a Fulcrum Acoustic-based system to deliver the high impact sound that Duquesne was seeking.
Daktronics mounted Fulcrum Acoustic’s FH15 Full Range Coaxial Horns in a centre cluster above the court. Four FH1596s were selected for their 90° x 60° pattern to cover the lower-tier seating, while narrower-coverage FH1565s cover the upper seats. A fifth FH1596 faces straight down to cover the court. The FH’s extended directional control keeps the sound focused on spectators while minimizing reflections, thus improving intelligibility and overall clarity.
Four of Fulcrum’s Sub218L Subwoofers are suspended from the ceiling in a vertical array providing wide low frequency dispersion with vertical control. “The fidelity and output of the Sub218L is perfect for the exciting bass that fans are looking for,” says installer John Carlson. “The fans eyes light up when they hear that bass. Even at lower sound levels, the system maintains a full, clean sound.”
Seven CCX1295s provide supplemental coverage for seats shaded from the center cluster by the overhang from the upper seating deck. Fulcrum’s patented Passive Cardioid Technology™ enables CCX12 loudspeakers to provide high output coverage without energizing reflective surfaces and degrading clarity.
Adjacent to the main arena is Duquesne’s practice gymn

ajr3Rogues light AJR on Squeek’s Ruby Stage
Wednesday, 17 March 2021

USA - "For us, every single one of our songs got big in a different way," Adam Met, one of the three multi-instrumental brothers who make up AJR told an interviewer.
Creativity is one of the things that makes AJR a delight to work for, according to their lighting designer Ezra Donellan. Another is their seemingly inexhaustible supply of energy. Both were on full display in January on Squeek Lights’ Ruby Stage, when after performing their hit Bang on The Late, Late Show with James Corden, the band forged ahead and recorded a video of their new song Way Less Said, supporting by a lightshow featuring the Chauvet Professional Rogue R1 BeamWash.
“One of most impressive things about this band is their ability to keep a high level of energy under all circumstances,” says Donellan. “We were all excited to be able to perform Bang for James Corden’s show, but rather than come down from the TV appearance, the band fed off the energy and recorded the video right there on the same Ruby Stage. In turn, I fed off their energy with my lighting. This is an example of why I’m extremely grateful to work for AJR.”
Donellan credits the versatility of the 280W RGBW Rogue R1 BeamWash in the Ruby Stage rig with helping him achieve the right balance.
“In my view, this is an awesome fixture,” adds Donellan. “I was particularly impressed by the zoom (3.4° - 67.7°). We had a very low trim height, but thanks to the zoom, I was able to get a tight, clean beam where I needed in and a nice wash throughout the stag. Dialing c

adjADJ video wall makes mark at Impact Church
Wednesday, 17 March 2021

USA - Based in Scottsdale, AZ, Impact Church is a fast-growing, multi-ethnic church known for high-energy worship and relevant, accessible teaching. The church recently moved into a new home, which was purpose-designed to host worship services with a focus on high quality audio, video and lighting.
The anchor point of this new AVL system is the ADJ LED video screen which fills the rear of the stage, while the lighting setup consists exclusively of fixtures from ADJ and sister company Elation Professional.
What began as a bible study for the Arizona Cardinals hosted by player Andre Wadsworth in the late 1990s was opened to the public and soon became one of the fastest growing churches in the nation. Headed up by Senior Pastor Travis Hearn, Impact Church has a reputation for diversity, authenticity and throwing a huge celebration each weekend. These gatherings have become so popular that the church outgrew its previous building, which led to an ambitious project to retrofit a former grocery store into a large custom-designed worship space.
The company responsible for designing, supplying and installing the audio, video and lighting system for the new facility was Illuminate Production Services, headed by Rick Franke.
At the heart of the church’s new video system is a large LED wall comprised of no less than 144 ADJ VS3 panels. This video display surface extends the full width of the stage and provides a constant backdrop to whatever is happening in front of it. This not only allows for the display or song words, pre-produced video content and

glpMicrosoft Xbox goes on stream with GLP
Wednesday, 17 March 2021

Germany - The proposed lavish party for the launch of Microsoft's new Xbox Series X had to be waived due to the COVID pandemic. Nevertheless, the market launch of the new generation of consoles in the Gamescom city of Cologne was celebrated with a live stream (known as the Xbox Dream Stream).
The highlight was a drone show over the Rhine. At the start of the 150-drone extravaganza, Jens Hillenkötter, in his role as both executive producer and director for the drone show and the broadcast of the live stream - on behalf of the agency - deployed 36 Creative Light 1 Plus fixtures from GLP.
For outdoor use in Cologne, Hillenkötter chose the Creative Light 1 Plus model with wireless control. The total of 36 LED effects deployed were attached to six vertically standing pipes in groups of six. In this configuration they offered an impressive backdrop for the exciting drone launch.
"GLP helped me out with test equipment because my own order was held up at Customs," explains Hillenkötter. "I saw the prototypes of the Creative Light 1 a long time ago at GLP in Karlsbad and was immediately impressed."
He has enjoyed a very close relationship with GLP for many years: "As the first point of contact, Andreas Brandt is always there for me and keeps me up to date with new developments, since as a designer I am naturally always pleased to learn about new toys.
“Before using the Creative Light 1 Plus in Cologne, I already used it successfully at a David Vidano concert. With the Xbox Dream Stream, they were used as eye candy in the camera b

hippoHippotizer Karst+ choreographs Strictly visuals
Wednesday, 17 March 2021

UK - BBC Studios' popular celebrity TV contest Strictly Come Dancing returned for its 18th series at the end of 2020, with new visual content choreographed by Hippotizer Karst+ media servers.
Leading the dance was a partnership of a Karst and Karst+, with the same duo serving as backup. An average series audience of more than 10 million Brits watched as the routines played out in front of a colourful array of visual content. The main stage was constructed as a series of arching LED screens, providing an eye-catching backdrop for the cameras.
The visual content included custom-made content for each performance - created by Potion Pictures and led by David Newton - and a mix of loops, full length time-coded tracks, and live rendered visuals.
These utilised Unreal Engine and nDisplay, with the data fed into the Hippotizer Media Servers by an output splitter. Live rendered content was also used, designed by Joe Philips at Potion Pictures, and utilising a camera and lens tracking system provided by Mo-Sys.
The Hippotizers were operated by Matt Lee, with lighting design by David ‘Bish’ Bishop, who has worked on a host of high profile events including the State Opening of Parliament, The Royal Variety Performance and the Queen’s Concerts.
“Hippotizer has been my go-to choice of media server for many years,” says Bishop. “They're very reliable, easy to use and the support from the team in London is outstanding. They provide a great balance of being able to create something very quickly, while also having the option to refine t

twitch-glitch-con-2020Brompton helps XR Studios get creative
Monday, 15 March 2021

USA - Founded in 2020, LA-based XR Studios constantly pushes the boundaries of XR technology to new heights. Collaborating with Fuse Technical Group for technical and equipment support, XR Studios provides two high-spec LED stages featuring quality equipment, including Brompton Technology processing and ROE Visual LED panels, and offers a team of expert technologists and bespoke workflows to help bring XR productions to life.
“We have always had a great relationship with Fuse, a company we consider to be one of the greatest pioneers in terms of pushing LED technology for a wide variety of applications,” says XR Studios’ director, J.T. Rooney. “They have a lot of experience with the equipment and provide technical consulting across live entertainment, television, film and virtual production. We wanted to ensure that our entire operation was executed at the highest level, so having Fuse as our technical partner made complete sense.”
Providing a well-rounded XR (extended reality) production service, the XR Studios team works closely with artists, producers, creators and creative directors to deliver their vision in a cost effective and visually stunning manner. “We wanted to be a creatively agnostic group that allows production to bring in its own team, help them get to the finish line and deliver a successful production. With a high level of service with predetermined workflows to keep things consistent and reliable, we know large-scale productions will happen on time, on schedule, and on budget,” Rooney shares.
XR Studios runs a tight

best-of-both-worldsMavericks and Rogues light Best of Both Worlds
Monday, 15 March 2021

Zimbabwe - Winky D and Jah Prayzah both draw passion and inspiration from the same rich, deep and fertile wellspring that is the Zimbabwean musical tradition. However, the two artists take this inspiration in slightly different directions; the former favouring chanting dancehall reggae beats, while the latter opts for a sound that is a bit more contemporary.
In both cases, the two have soared to superstardom in Zimbabwe and throughout southern Africa, each with a rabidly loyal following. Indeed, nothing divides the country’s music lovers quite like the Winky-Jah debate.
This February, Kayse Concert TV presented Best of Both Worlds, a three-hour pay-per view livestream that showcased the talents of both artists. The widely anticipated show met and exceeded all expectations, as it served up a nonstop outpouring of pure passion and joy, not only with its music, but also in terms of the stunning visuals created by the Events Evolution team with help from Chauvet Professional Maverick and Rogue fixtures.
Lighting designer Kingdom Kudzerema and LED/video technical director Tatenda Gaylord Rushwaya didn’t play favourites, showering both performers with colour combinations that often pulled together unusually bold choices, such as yellows mixing it up with greens.
A collection of eight Maverick MK2 Spot fixtures, four on the back truss and four FOH, served as workhorses during the 6-9 pm show creating specials and gobo patterns, while highlighting the individuals on stage. Working with the FOH Mavericks were four Rogue R2 Spot units. Addi

area15AREA15 gets immersive with Spacemap Go
Monday, 15 March 2021

USA - At AREA15, the new art and entertainment district located minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, visitors should ‘expect the unexpected’. Behind the looming exterior façade, the 200,000sq.ft interior houses a collection of themed retail and entertainment options, all surrounded by an air of cosmic mystery.
One principal attraction is a space called The Portal, where, behind imposing metal doors, visitors can plunge into a 360-degree projection-mapped video experience supported by immersive audio enabled by Meyer Sound’s new Spacemap Go spatial sound design and live mixing tool.
The 6,584sq.ft Portal was initially conceived primarily as a large meeting and event space, one that could compete with the hotel ballrooms on the Las Vegas Strip while offering its own ambience. To that end, the projection systems were designed for four-wall coverage allowing surround video for either the entire space or for one or two walls when the room was subdivided into smaller spaces.
“When we originally designed the audio systems for The Portal, our brief was to supply a very high-quality ceiling system with exceptional flexibility for accommodating different room configurations, as well as offering 5.1 surround for cinema showings and functioning as a delay system for a main front PA,” says Aaron Beck, business development executive and senior engineer at Solotech Las Vegas, the system integrator. “Dynamic, immersive sound was not part of the original plan. It came as a free bonus with the introduction last year of Spacemap Go.”
The opening of A

hotel-rivalGenelec provides sound at Stockholm’s Hotel Rival
Monday, 15 March 2021

Sweden - The Rival hotel in the bustling Södermalm district of Stockholm is renowned as one of the city’s favourite meeting spots. A building with lots of history, it has remained dedicated to entertainment and hospitality since its beginnings in 1937.
In 2002, the complex was purchased by Benny Andersson of ABBA along with two associates, and extensive redevelopment work began to shape the complex into what it is today – a luxury 99-room boutique hotel complete with bars, a bistro and café, modern meeting facilities and a theatre.
The latest addition is a new bar named after Benny’s faithful Jack Russell terrier; Watson’s Bar offers food and drinks in a vibrant atmosphere with music at the heart of the experience. A Genelec 4000 Series sound system ensures that the pulse never stops.
Open seven days a week from 11am – 1am except Sundays which has a Monday-morning-conscious closing time of 11pm, Watson’s Bar has rapidly become a favourite haunt for a relaxed lunch, a sneaky afternoon cocktail and of course afterwork DJ sessions.
Rival turned to Adolfsson & Partners – a Stockholm-based firm who specialise in delivering turnkey building and interiors solutions – to conceive, design and deliver the new space. AV integration specialists, Hages, were engaged to design and install a fully integrated sound system capable of delivering a high quality, relaxed music experience during the day as well as high energy DJ sessions for the evening crowd.
Genelec loudspeakers had already provided many years of reliable service in

astera-magic-arm-lighting-Titan Tubes for Magic Arm Lighting
Friday, 12 March 2021

South Africa - Brent Sauls of Magic Arm Lighting is a freelance gaffer and cinematographer from Cape Town - currently based in Johannesburg - whose professional career has encompassed 15 years at the forefront of making a diversity of commercials, movies, and TV series.
Last year he invested in a set of eight Astera Titan Tubes, purchased from distributor, DWR and these have been working constantly ever since.
Brent noticed that Titan Tubes were becoming increasingly frequently requested by a variety of DoPs, especially on commercials.
As a gaffer, it is advantageous to be able to offer certain specialist lighting elements and products to a production. “It’s all about having the right tools,” he stated, and this drove the purchase by Magic Arm Lighting, which Brent co-owns with two other cinematographers, Quinton Fredericks & Ebrahim Hajee.
He wanted the Titan Tubes especially for environments which are challenging or needing to get lighting in awkward and difficult to access places. “They are extremely user-friendly products, and once familiar with what they can do, new ideas just keep flowing on how to use them next,” he said.
The onboard battery and fully wireless control solution top the list of benefits for Brent, making them “ultimately deployable”.
His Titan Tubes have been used on several movies, commercial shoots including Eskort Bacon, MTV, BMW, Audi, and Vodacom, and currently on a TV series for Netflix which is being shot in Johannesburg where they are on set daily.
“It’s a bonus that they l

salty-dogGLP lights Hamburg’s Salty Dog Studio
Friday, 12 March 2021

Germany - Lighting designer Jerry Appelt and Matthias Meyert have set up their own pre-programming studio under the name Salty Dog, in his home town of Hamburg. Eight GLP impression FR1 TM (Trackmount) can be found in the new premises, set in the historic Zippelhaus.
“Our planning office, Beacon GmbH, has been based in the Zippelhaus in Hamburg's old town for a number of years,” explains Jerry. “So far, we have rented various studios for pre-productions, which apart from the technical equipment, usually don't offer a lot of com-fort. With Salty Dog we wanted to create a really appealing alternative in a prime location, which we of course use ourselves and also rent out.
“In the Salty Dog Studios we have integrated everything that we often missed in other studios. In addition, there is the attractive location directly opposite the Speicherstadt, with a large selection of good hotels and restaurants in the immediate vicinity."
Salty Dog has two fully-equipped pre-programming studios (120sq.m and 35sq.m) as well as additional lounges and a separate kitchen area. The lighting design in the rooms plays an essential role. In order to be as flexible as possible here, the team opted for eight FR1 TM. GLP key account manager Oliver Schwendke, who was involved in the project early on, recommended the small luminaire because of its flexible application options and its subtle look.
In the Salty Dog Studios, five FR1 TM are used in the central hallway, where they specifical-ly highlight the large photo prints that adorn the walls. Three more spotli

high-endHigh End Systems centre stage on The Prom
Friday, 12 March 2021

USA - For the 2020 filming of Netflix musical, The Prom, Hog programmer Scott Barnes worked alongside director of photography Matthew Libatique and CLT Jeff Ferrero, with High End Systems Sola Series fixtures and Hog 4 control becoming central figures behind the scenes. The creative team employed SolaFrame Theatre, SolaFrame 3000 and SolaHyBeam 3000 fixtures in many of the performances; all luminaires featured High CRI engines and were supplied by Lux Lighting.
When production commenced, Barnes says they already knew the SolaFrame Theatre and SolaFrame 3000 would be their ‘go-to’ movers. Barnes says, “The SolaHyBeam 3000s were not available until about midway through production, but they soon became our powerhouse fixture. The SolaFrame Theatre was especially helpful because of its ultra-quiet performance.
“After the first week of production, we realised how valuable they truly were to our needs. We decided to carry four of them on the truck throughout the entire schedule, and Matty loved being able to just have a few fixtures roving around camera to bounce into ceilings or backlight actors in a pinch.”
The SolaFrame Theatre’s ability to be placed close to the actors without upsetting the sound department was key to the production. “They are bright enough to be used for a variety of purposes, and have a nice assortment of features to give us flexibility in their use. Features like shutters, frost, iris, and gobos are important to us, since we never really know what we need them to do until on the day of filming.”

robe-said-galiev-cultural-centre-img5510Kazan cultural centre chooses Robe
Friday, 12 March 2021

Russia - Robe luminaires were selected for another cultural project, this one at the Said-Galiev Cultural Centre in Derbyshki in Kazan, the capital of the Russian semi-autonomous region of Tatarstan, an area renowned as a lively melting pot of Russian and Tatar heritage.
Robe’s Russian distributor LTM - with branches in Moscow, Novosibirsk and St. Petersburg - delivered the order of Robe Pointes, LEDBeam 150s and ParFect 150s for its client the Altin Group. LTM also undertook all the related installation and commissioning work for the Robe moving lights and other elements of the venue’s lighting that were extensively updated in this project.
The ornate Said-Galiev Cultural Centre has two main auditoriums, a main one seating 560 and a smaller 120 capacity hall and was originally built in 1959. This latest technical upgrade, which also included audio, flexible rigging, LED screens and a cinema projection system enables it to stage a range of shows and events.
The Robe luminaires are all being utilised in the main hall. Four of the Pointes are positioned above the stage with more rigged in the ‘slips’ positions either side of the pros arch for high tight angled lighting onto the forestage. They were chosen for their power and intensity. More Pointes - together with other new lighting fixtures - are rigged on portable side booms onstage.
The LEDBeam 150s and ParFect 150s were chosen for their high luminosity, perfectly matching optics, and quality of output. Some of these are on the side booms with others lighting from the galleries and

lacfmiami1L-Acoustics adds scalability to Christ Fellowship
Thursday, 11 March 2021

USA - Christ Fellowship Miami has been the area’s multi-generational, multi-cultural and multi-location church for over a century. In that time, it has grown to six South Florida locations plus an online presence. Three of those sites - Palmetto Bay, Doral, and downtown Miami - have recently become showcases for L-Acoustics Kara sound systems.
The new installations, all designed and integrated by Colorado-based Summit Integrated Systems, accommodate various worship-space configurations and types, while still offering the ease of maintenance and operation, plus the consistency of audio quality of a single sound system across all three campuses.
Christ Fellowship Miami multisite production director Garrett Siljee oversees all AVL-related matters for the church, including campus technology design planning and tech staffing. “One of my primary responsibilities is crafting the weekend experiences at all of our locations, and sound is a big part of that,” he notes.
Siljee says he was first introduced to L-Acoustics at a product demo staged at South Florida’s Miccosukee Resort & Gaming venue, where the K1, K2, and Kara systems “just blew me away with their clarity, sound quality, and depth,” he says. “And I was impressed by how the sound was so much bigger than the boxes that made it. L-Acoustics seemed like a company that keeps on innovating even after it has achieved great products.”
Systems for the Palmetto Bay, Doral, and downtown Miami campuses were designed by Summit using L-Acoustics Soundvision modeling software. “The ch

ruby-stage2Squeek redesigns Ruby Stage with Elation
Thursday, 11 March 2021

USA - When full-service lighting company Squeek Lights converted part of their new facility in Middlesex, New Jersey, into the Ruby Stage last July, the space, which featured Elation Dartz 360 and Artiste Picasso lights under NX2 control, quickly attracted music clients for livestreams and video productions. Ruby Stage has now been updated with a new design that offers clients an enhanced professional setup for even better on-camera looks.
“The stage had been up for a while and had served our clients well, but we wanted to mix it up with a new design,” stated Victor Zeiser, founder and managing partner at Squeek Lights. “We were able to come up with a more compact floor package and move the drape back which gives us more stage depth for a wider shot and better camera angles. It’s a sleeker design which makes the space bigger and works really well for the camera.”
Dartz and Picasso fixtures are again key elements of the design, this time arrayed in lines that deliver more of an impact and make the rig look bigger. For inspiration, Zeiser refers back to a November August Burns Red livestream that Squeek Lights provided fixtures for. "After I saw what the Dartz looked like on that show, all in a big line, I thought we have to go double in the shop.”
Consequently, a big focus of the redesign is a line of a dozen Dartz overhung off the truss with a matching line of fixtures across the floor for a total of 24. “Having a clean line of a dozen Dartz uninterrupted in the truss is a great look and they are small enough we could get 12 of them o

sanmartinogenovacovidmemorial4Outline Vegas amplifies Castellitto address
Thursday, 11 March 2021

Italy - On the terrace of Genoa’s San Martino Polyclinic, the Liguria region’s leading hospital, an Outline loudspeaker system amplified the reading by Italian actor/film director Sergio Castellitto to recall a year of Coronavirus.
Castellitto, accompanied by a string quintet from the Carlo Felice Theatre, read some passages of the book Una lezione da non dimenticare (A lesson not to be forgotten), written by the director of the Infectious Disease Clinic of Genoa’s San Martino Polyclinic, Matteo Bassetti, with journalist Martina Maltagliati. Participants included Governor Giovanni Toti and Genoa’s mayor Marco Bucci.
The audio set-up for the special event was supplied by Show Technologies TM from Recco (Genoa), with an Outline speaker system comprising five Vegas 12 CX point-source enclosures.
Show Technologies TM partner Sacha Bozzo explains, “The brief was to reproduce Castellitto’s speech with the utmost clarity, but without foregoing the right amount of ‘body’ on the mid-low frequencies. This is why we opted for the use of Outline Vegas 12 CX, a system that’s a real ‘problem solver’, compact but ‘full-range’ and able to ensure a remarkable SPL:feedback ratio.
“To keep a uniform overall sonic timbre we decided to field the Vegas 12 CX for both the main PA (2 systems) and artistes’ monitoring, with 3 systems. It was an intensely moving experience for us too, as we couldn’t wait to mount a real PA! There was no lack of appreciation for the quality of the sound reproduction.”

gorrillazq7foh1DiGiCo delivers Quantum power for Gorillaz
Thursday, 11 March 2021

UK - In mid-December, Gorillaz returned to the stage with Song Machine Live From Kong for three separate fully live shows performed from the basement of Kong Studios, West London over the course of two days. Over a million viewers in more than 120 countries tuned in to the show via the LIVENow platform, which featured a pioneering mix of animation and live performance.
The format was fitting for the biggest virtual band on the planet, Song Machine Live From Kong saw Gorillaz deliver a full scale production blending real-time performance with Jamie Hewlett’s animation. Audio was delivered by the band’s long-time engineers Dave Guerin, at his usual monitor position, and front of house man Matt Butcher on the live steam mix, both using DiGiCo Quantum 7s provided by Entec Sound & Light.
The 14-piece Gorillaz live band saw Damon Albarn joined in the room by virtual bandmates guitarist Noodle, bassist Murdoc Niccals, drummer Russel Hobbs and frontman 2D, plus a line-up of Song Machine collaborators including Leee John, Georgia, Peter Hook, Kano, Slowthai, Slaves, Robert Smith, Matt Berry and Sweetie Irie, while the likes of Beck, Fatoumata Diawara, Elton John, Jpegmafia, Schoolboy Q and 6lack joined via a mix of blended animation and augmented reality effects.
"We used two Quantum 7s, one FOH and one for monitors," says Dan Scantlebury, head of sound for Entec. "There’s also an SD11i in the loop for playback, three SD Racks and an SD MiNi Rack located at FOH on a separate optical loop."
Entec senior sound technician Peter El

uaeLarMac produces UAE National Day celebration
Thursday, 11 March 2021

UAE - LarMac Projects worked in collaboration with creatives and technical teams to deliver 49th UAE National Day, Seeds of the Union.
LarMac Projects was contracted to produce the 2020 live event production during some of the industry’s - and the world’s - most testing times. The show at Abu Dhabi’s Jubail Island saw the creative vision of artistic director & designer Es Devlin brought to life by long-term LarMac production suppliers including PRG, Auditoria, Wonder Works, SKYMAGIC and Groupe F.
A kinetic illuminated sculpture designed by Devlin took centre stage as the key visual storyteller. The 15m x 15m rotating cube portrayed projections depicting the UAE’s history.
Due to the restrictions on mass gatherings, for the first time in its history, the UAE National Day celebration event took place with a very small, socially distanced audience, and to ensure the public felt included in the celebration, the production was broadcast live.
The LarMac team was headed up by Ian Greenway and Jo MacKay, with support from Laura Hall, Siobhan Shaw and Zoe Gillespie, and from the outset, until its culmination, COVID-19 was a determining factor in how the show would be undertaken.
Planning for the project began only months beforehand, with all advancing, design and production design taking place virtually.
LarMac’s Jo MacKay says: “Not having seen the site until we arrived in the UAE was difficult, especially with the ground works required. There have been thousands of hours on Zoom from every department to get to a place

flutetribute2Chauvet colours Tribal Flute livestream
Wednesday, 10 March 2021

USA - The soft, sweet, infinitely soothing sound of the flute, with its delicate phrasing and gentle pacing may seem worlds away from the growling intensity of metal music, but both are guided by passion. And, under the right circumstances, the power of that passion can be amplified by lighting.
Chris Brodman, Cody Lisle and the creative team at LIT Live! demonstrated this recently when they produced Tribal Flute a 56-minute livestream by noted flutist Keenan Perry. Although it was radically different in style from their usual metal and EDM fare, the LIT Live! crew supported Perry’s performance, with visuals that wrapped themselves seamlessly around his ethereal music.
Working with a studio rig that was anchored by Chauvet Professional Maverick MK2 Spot, Rogue R2 Wash and Rogue R1 Wash fixtures, lighting designer Jack Watson created a diverse mix of colours and gobo patterns that reflected Perry’s music (which featured the artist playing other instruments in addition to the flute), in all its wistful complexity.
“Keenan's music is much more melodic and slower than what we usually do,” said Watson. “Going into programming, I knew that my main focus would be to create interesting looks and scenes and avoid flashy effects or fast movements.”
Although he stayed away from rapid pan tilt motions, Watson did rely on aerial effects from the 10 Maverick MK2 Spot fixtures on mid-stage and upstage truss to capture the mood of the flute performance. “The MK2 Spots were definitely my stars,” he said. “We used them to create beauti

contractpodiumtechnieknoenballet6Dutch National Opera & Ballet invests in LED
Wednesday, 10 March 2021

The Netherlands - Podiumtechniek B.V. has signed a contract with Nationale Opera & Ballet for the supply of 162 LED spotlights from the German brand JB-Lighting.
Deputy technical director Pieter Huijgen explains: "After years of searching for worthy replacements for the current halogen spotlights and spotlights with a discharge lamp, developments in LED stage lighting had progressed to such an extent last year that it was possible to make the switch to this form of sustainable lighting."
JB-Lighting's moving heads were also recently supplied to leading venues such as De Doelen - Rotterdam, Philharmonie - Haarlem, Schouwburg Ogterop - Meppel, De Nieuwe Schuur - Herpt and the AFAS Theater - Leusden. Many renowned stages in Germany, Austria and Scandinavia have already started using JB-Lighting LED spots.
The tender of Nationale Opera & Ballet includes JB-Lighting P12 Profile (High CRI), P18 Profile (high CRI) and P18 Washes (high CRI).

green-goGreen-GO provides flexibility for Guess event
Wednesday, 10 March 2021

Switzerland - Event production specialist EMME recently made its first investment in Green-GO digital intercom technology, to manage the complex intercom requirements for a corporate event for fashion brand Guess. The event, a presentation of the company’s latest clothing ranges, was live-streamed to 600 sales people worldwide.
Founder and director of EMME, Michele Alvarez, says, “In the past we used combinations of partyline systems, but the quality was not the same, and it was not so flexible. We could only assign certain body packs to certain connections, and it would be very complicated to make changes during a show.”
Looking for a better solution, Alvarez turned to ZAP Audio, Green-GO’s Swiss distributor, who arranged a demonstration of the award-winning technology. “We saw that it was very smart, very powerful and the best solution for the price and performance,” he says. “We needed only one test, to say ‘Okay, this is the right system for us’.”
The presentation was staged across two levels of the Padiglione Conza Convention Centre in Lugano. One level was used to enable adequate distancing between dressers, models, cameras and catwalk, while the second level housed the technical infrastructure, including multiple PCs connected to the Zoom video-conferencing platform. Such a distanced setup made the need for flexible and reliable intercom even more essential. “It was very important for us to have the Green-GO system because it gives us so much flexibility,” says Alvarez.
The EMME team deployed a combination of bot


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