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vienna-philharmonic-summer-concertphoto-julius-silver1Proteus lights Vienna Philharmonic summer show
Tuesday, 30 August 2022

Austria - The annual Summer Night Concert (Das Sommernachtskonzert) by the Vienna Philharmonic at the illustrious Schönbrunn Palace is the second biggest show every year in Austria, only outdone by the orchestra’s renowned New Year's Concert. This year, lighting designer and director of photography Jerry Appelt used 280 Elation Proteus series luminaires to light the summer show for 80,000 spectators in the Palace Park plus a worldwide television audience of millions.
Appelt has been part of the event for five years, lighting the entire space for a live audience and camera, which includes the orchestra and stage, the majestic backdrop of Schönbrunn Palace, and the surrounding park. This year, the designer had 124 Proteus Maximus, 92 Proteus Excalibur, and 64 Proteus Rayzor 760 at his disposal.
Over the years, the event has transitioned to more and more IP65-rated lighting like the Proteus range. Appelt has a long history with the Proteus series, having showcased the Proteus Hybrid on the Burj Khalifa New Year’s spectaculars, as well as several other projects over the last four years. He comments, “A lot of our input from our experience with the Proteus on large scale projects like the Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai I can now find in the Proteus Excalibur, which is the reason why I like the fixture very much. They really listened when we gave feedback - big output, the diameter of the lens, better colours - and we found that is has been fulfilled in the Excalibur.”
Appelt has used the Proteus Excalibur on other outdoor shows this year, also f

robe-noot-vir-nootNoot vir Noot hits the airwaves with Robe Esprites
Friday, 26 August 2022

South Africa - Noot vir Noot (Note for Note), a long-running popular and successful Afrikaans language TV music-based games show produced by Stemmburg TV and broadcast on SABC 2 has returned to screens after a two-year break due to Covid, with edition 40 featuring a slightly reimagined version of the new set designed by Michael Gill and built by SDS for the fully visually revamped 2019 season.
Lighting is again designed by Ryan Lombard from Blond Productions – the company also supplying the lighting kit – and he specified Robe Esprites for the first time on this show, together with two of his trusty favourite moving lights, the Robe LEDWash 300 and the miniPointe.
The series was filmed at Urban Brew Studios in Johannesburg, and while some features remained constant from the last edition, the set lighting and video are now fully integrated, and Ryan found there was some additional scope for him to be more creative and colourful rather than just supplying a series of ‘flat’ studio looks.
All 18 episodes were shot in a six-day period divided into two parts, first the contestant and eliminations rounds followed by a very tight changeover, then all the live band performance segments were recorded in the same space over two hectic paced days.
Lighting had to be dynamic and flexible to accommodate these two different required styles for the separate parts of the programme, for which the studio floor was marked up in advance so the band sets could be installed seamlessly and quickly.
Six Esprites were spec’d, and becau

eaw-la-crosse-centerLa Crosse Centre upgrades with EAW Radius
Thursday, 25 August 2022

USA - When officials at the La Crosse Centre in Wisconsin were looking to replace the venue’s aging PA system as part of a $42m dollar renovation, the task of finding a sound system capable of handling today’s complex audio demands while delivering unrivalled clarity was given to operations manager Kris Salzwedel and his team. Salzwedel found the solution he was looking for with a custom Radius RSX Series PA from Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW).
Located in the heart of downtown La Crosse’s riverfront district, the La Crosse Centre hosts conventions, meetings, trade shows, concerts, weddings and sporting events that welcome hundreds of thousands of attendees each year. Built in 1980, the centre was recently expanded to include the South Hall.
“We chose to install EAW’s RSX PA system in our 21,000sq.ft arena because the system checked all the boxes,” says Salzwedel. “The space is utilised as a general meeting area as well as an arena. The EAW system we installed in South Hall A is great for presenters and the overall fill of the room. It works great for large events and provides fantastic coverage within the seating areas as well as on the ground floor.”
The installation, managed by Minnesota-based Video Services Inc. (VSI) features eight hangs of seven RSX212L 2-way self-powered loudspeaker boxes, eight hangs of two RSX18F 18-inch self-powered subwoofers and four QX326 two-way trapezoidal enclosure speakers. The arena area features a down-fill arrangement with a line array.
Designed to streamline setup and deliver maximum results

legally-blondeOvations on song for Mountview’s Legally Blonde
Thursday, 25 August 2022

UK - Adam King captured the powerful, punchy and uplifting spirit of the musical Legally Blonde when lighting a recent Franny Rafferty directed production of the Olivier Award winning musical at Mountview’s The Mack Theatre.
“Given the nature of the story, vibrant pink was the major colour theme for Elle Woods, so it was important that we be able to transition to it when necessary,” he said. “However, we also had to lean away from this palette when the scenes were not so linked to the character in order to make it more effective.”
At its core, Legally Blonde is a story of transitions. In this Mountview production, Elle’s transformative journey is supported by well-timed and placed lighting changes that King executes with a rig anchored by Chauvet Professional Ovation fixtures.
“There were lots of different locations that we needed to create so it was vital that we had colour changing ability in the rig to allow us to seamlessly step from one location to another,” he explained. “We needed the ability to light the space as a whole. but at the same time be able to close right down and isolate different areas of the space. Accomplishing this was a lot simpler, given the colour rendering capabilities of these fixtures, as well as the skill of our in-house production electrician Hakan Hafizoglu and the Mountview students.”
Endowing the stage with texture and depth was critical to King’s plan to convey a sense of different spaces throughout the play. The set had a pink brick wall; behind this was the theatre’s

vljacob-collier-tourVari-Lite VL2600 adds style to Jacob Collier tour
Thursday, 25 August 2022

UK – Multi-genre English musician Jacob Collier is back on the road for a grand world tour to celebrate his DJESSE album series. The show features an energetic lighting design harnessing the rich colours of the VL2600 range of luminaires from Vari-Lite.
The design was put together by Luke Edwards, specification sales specialist at Signify. Edwards, who was a full-time lighting designer before joining Signify earlier this year, took the opportunity to push the boundaries of his lighting design dynamism, to match five-time Grammy Award-winning Collier’s enthusiastic performing style.
“Jacob’s concerts are as much about the audience as they are about him and I find working with him hugely inspiring,” says Edwards. “His high-energy approach to every moment is infectious and I wanted to create a design that would reflect that and embrace the natural colours of his DJESSE campaign. To that end, I chose colours that evoke the qualities of earth, wind, fire, and water.
“Usually, I’m not keen on using more than two colours in a lighting look but in the case of Jacob’s show I threw all my creative rules off the stage and used colour with the same joyful abandon he takes to performing, and it has worked beautifully.”
Edwards chose to use the Vari-Lite VL2600 Wash and the VL2600 Profile fixtures, which were supplied to the tour by rental company Siyan Lighting: “I wanted my colours to be sharp and clean, as well as deep and rich,” says Edwards. “The colour rendering of the VL2600 range gives me those qualities and m

outsidelandsPanther powers Outside Lands’ main stage
Thursday, 25 August 2022

USA - San Francisco’s Outside Lands Festival, presented by Another Planet Entertainment and co-producer Superfly, returned to Golden Gate Park 5-7 August, with headliners including SZA, Green Day, and Post Malone. This year, a Meyer Sound Panther large-format linear line array loudspeaker system powered the Lands End main stage, provided by Bay Area rental company UltraSound, LLC.
While previous generations of Meyer Sound systems have been in place at the Lands End main stage since the festival’s inception in 2008, this year marks the first edition with the new Panther loudspeaker. Although it was introduced just six months prior to Outside Lands, Panther was welcomed by visiting engineers who were mixing on the new system for the first time.
“Overall feedback was positive, and engineers had a fun time mixing on the system,” says UltraSound senior systems engineer Tom Lyon. “I don’t think anyone had issues getting their mix up and running on the rig.”
One of these engineers was Phil Strong, mixer for the Friday night headliner, who heard Panther for the first time at the festival.
“It’s really exciting to get to experience [Panther]. I’ve been a huge Meyer Sound fan for many years,” says Strong. “Panther obviously is the evolution in the series, and it was stunning. It’s extremely clear with a lot of power and very defined in detail.”
The system configuration for the Lands End stage consisted of 18 Panther-L loudspeakers per side for the main arrays, plus six Lyon-M over four Lyon-W loudspeakers for side-fill

royal-windsor-horse-showWorkhorse Proteus Maximus on show at Windsor
Thursday, 25 August 2022

UK - This year marks the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II and in honour of the historical anniversary, the UK is holding several events celebrating her 70-year reign. At The Royal Windsor Horse Show in May, Elation Professional had its own workhorse on display albeit not of the equine variety. PRG provided a full lighting rig for the event that incorporated 171 Elation Proteus Maximus IP65-rated LED moving heads as the key luminaire in the design.
The challenges of creating a dramatic and theatrical lighting rig on an arena scale with a daily horse show running concurrently are vast, but PRG has a long and successful history with the event and has provided lighting rigs for the illustrious equestrian show for over 12 years.
This year, the company made the decision to update to a more sustainable LED option and much needed waterproof protection. Richard Gorrod, vice president and head of Event Services at PRG UK, has led the PRG team at the event for a number of years and names the Proteus Maximus’s 50,000 lumens of brightness, ingress protection, framing shutters and gobo selection as key reasons for its choice.
“We have used non-IP65 discharge wash fixtures in previous years but this was a great upgrade and worked fantastic,” Gorrod commented. “The Maximus has everything in one fixture and was the workhorse for the main arena. It was very reliable, especially in the British weather.” Gorrod adds that of the 171 active Maximus fixtures used on the show only a single unit was swapped out. “Amazing!”
Produced by HPower, Th

bowlingSkyline Lanes in Decorah refits with Ventola
Wednesday, 24 August 2022

USA - A local bowling centre in Decorah, Iowa, Skyline Lanes, will be continuing its working relationship with Ventola Projects, provider of LED lighting and experiential technology solutions, whilst it undertakes a complete refit of its facility.
After completing a successful installation of Ventola’s innovative range of VAvR lighting into the facility, the venue is now undertaking a major refit with QubicaAMF, enhancing the customer offering with further immersive and engaging solutions throughout.
With 16 lanes in the facility, Ventola Projects will be delivering immersive lighting solutions, with a specific focus on the lanes and approach area, delivering a fresh, new, and exciting experience that can directly appeal to the modern customer.
Mick Ventola, principle & owner of Ventola Projects, comments, “We always love working on word-of-mouth custom work, following the recent completion of the award-winning Maple Lanes in nearby Waterloo, IA. It allows us to create something truly special and unique for the business as we develop a deeper understanding of their needs and requirements.
“The team and I are looking forward to creating something magnificent for Skyline Lanes and to help them further establish their name in the Bowling FEC industry in the US.”
The facility expects to have its grand opening sometime next month, with some follow up work expected to come just before this.

zoomCameo lights new Zoom club in Frankfurt
Wednesday, 24 August 2022

Germany - Those familiar with Frankfurt’s club scene know immediately where they are when they enter the new Zoom: in the former Cocoon Club, Sven Väth’s techno temple. The membrane walls with the unmistakable honeycomb structure are still there and characterise the visual imagery of the place.
To ensure that Zoom is nevertheless perceived as an independent club with its own recognition value, the operators of Zoom Frankfurt GmbH and client Ardi Goldman called on the expertise of lighting designer JoJo Tillmann, among others. For the individual areas of Zoom, he planned for the project with spotlights from the Cameo portfolio.
Ardi Goldman and JoJo Tillman had already worked together in the past on the club known as Fortuna Somewhere. Tillmann also had plenty of creative leeway with the Zoom project, and was responsible for the complete lighting design in the building. For Tillmann, working with light in a project like this goes far beyond classic lighting design: “The work involves more than just lighting; it is much more of an artistic installation that plays with the architecture, changing and connecting it. That’s why I give my works individual titles and keep them as independent works in a catalogue raisonné,” he says. The current work at Zoom is titled space-encompassing light art installation (rGB zOOM).
For the design of the dancefloor, Tillmann combined large numbers of Cameo’s ZENIT W300, AZOR B1, MOVO BEAM Z100 and PixBar 600 Pro spotlights. While the ZENIT W300 Wash Lights wield the broad (effect) brush as area light

obsidian-trainingeuropesept-20-22Obsidian to hold in-person training at Euro HQ
Tuesday, 23 August 2022

Europe - Obsidian Control Systems is to host three in-person training sessions on the Ooyx control platform at its European headquarters in Kerkrade, The Netherlands. The training sessions will take place 20, 21 and 22 September and will focus on Obsidian’s Onyx software while covering the DyLOS pixel composer, Netron Ether DMX devices and Capture visualization software.
The training will cover Beginner (20 September), Intermediate (21) and Advanced (22) levels, allowing anyone with or without Onyx experience to get a comprehensive understanding of the powerful software. The goal of the training is for lighting professionals to grow their knowledge base and improve their skills to become more effective and creative lighting programmers.
Each session will dive into the details of the Oonyx platform, using an NX2 console in a hands-on approach to learning. With a variety of new features and improvements recently added to Onyx, DyLOS, Netron and Capture, lighting pros are encouraged to take advantage of these training sessions to get the most out of the platform.
Users can register for one, two or all three sessions, depending on their needs and experience level. The training will be conducted in English and the cost per day is €249.00. Participants who attend all three days will receive an NX-DMX free upon completion of the course. Please note that while each session may offer some advice on creative programming techniques, the training does not teach lighting design skills.
Obsidian Control Systems is committed to providing its growing u

showlightPLASA Show 2022: Showlight 2023 to present seminar
Tuesday, 23 August 2022

UK - Showlight will be exhibiting at PLASA Show 2022 on Stand A8 giving visitors the chance to meet some of the committee that organise this quadrennial event and discover more about what the event has to offer.
Showlight chairman, John Allen, and Showlight technical director and past-chairman of the papers committee, Bernie Davis, will also present a seminar Discover Showlight 2023 as part of the PLASA Educational & Seminar programme, on Sunday 4 September at 12.45pm – 13.15pm in Seminar Theatre 1.
John and Bernie will outline what you can expect – in form and content - at Showlight 2023 which takes place in Fontainebleau, near Paris, from 20-23 May 2023. This seminar is your chance to learn more about how Showlight works, and how you can participate as a delegate, sponsor, exhibitor, student, or speaker at Fontainebleau.
You can sign up for the Discover Showlight 2023 seminar using this link:
After a postponement of two years, Showlight returns to host a global audience of delegates from all realms of lighting professions who gather to hear the experiences of their peers, and celebrate all things lighting. The venue is the Théâtre Municipal in Fontainebleau and headline sponsor for 2023 is French lighting manufacturer, Robert Juliat, whose representative, Séverine Zucchiatti, will also be at the seminar.
Showlight is a colloquium, organised for lighting professionals by lighting professionals, which takes place every fou

bakeryPowersoft’s DMD rises to the bakery challenge
Tuesday, 23 August 2022

The Netherlands - Renowned pastry chef and bread specialist, Eric van Otten, recently established a new food concept for his patisserie that creates multiple atmospheric eating zones with the help of Powersoft’s Dynamic Music Distribution (DMD).
Unlike many of the pastry shops that line streets of Amsterdam, van Otten offers its guests a number of places to sit and enjoy its culinary delights: the outdoor patio, ice cream parlour and a plethora of private spaces, each fitted with sounds that enhance the overall dining experience.
Powersoft’s Dynamic Music Distribution can provide corporate, retail or hospitality venues with a high-quality audio backbone that ensures selected speakers receive the perfect amount of power to each ‘zone’.
Dutch professional audio distributor, Mennegat, was approached by Eric van Otten with a brief to create a multifunctional retail and hospitality space with high quality music, tailoring the guests’ unique experience to where they are sat in the venue with independently sourced audio.
“With Powersoft’s DMD, it’s easy to divide a space into several zones – every channel of a Mezzo amplifier can be redirected to a music zone, which can be controlled individually,” says Ferdi van den Berg, commercial director of Mennegat. “This particular interface is made up of two WM Touch panels, making it even more user friendly than you’d expect. The first WM Touch is controlling the shop and restaurant, the other manages the outside patio area.”
Non-technical employees can easily operate the

robe-valjak-i-prijatelji-pula-arena-par252124020Parni Valjak rocks Pula Arena with Robe
Tuesday, 23 August 2022

Croatia - Valjak I Prijatelji (Valjak & friends) was a show staged in Pula, Croatia, in the city’s Arena Roman amphitheatre venue and dedicated to Aki Rahimovski, lead singer of Croatian rockers Parni Valjak. The enigmatic frontman died suddenly and unexpectedly in January aged 66, just ahead of a major tour.
Slovenian lighting designer Nikola ‘Niko’ Podlesnik was honoured to be lighting the emotionally charged gig. He chose Robe moving lights as the backbone of his rig to help deliver all the drama and sentiment of the evening, which saw the remaining members of the band perform with a series of famous Croatian singers taking on the vocals, including Rahimovski’s son, Kristijan.
Lighting equipment was supplied, together with the full technical production including audio and video, by Zagreb-based rental specialist Promo Logistika. The company has a large Robe inventory, all of which is out now as the demand for live shows and events skyrockets over the summer.
Previous to this show, Niko was booked to LD the 40-date Parni Valjak (Steam Roller) tour at the start of the year. After Aki’s passing, he lit another Valjak I Prijatelji gig at Zagreb Arena in March for which he used over 100 Robe movers. Very enthusiastic about the brand and his work, Robe is usually his first choice of moving lights.
Pula Arena has a permanent stage setup facilitated by the annual Pula Film Festival committee which is used extensively for that plus the other shows and events using the impressive space. Constructed between 27 BC

martinaudiosouthfacingMLA bowls over South Facing audiences
Tuesday, 23 August 2022

UK - Following the success of the inaugural South Facing Festival at the Crystal Palace Bowl last year, festival director Marcus Weedon requested the same formula for this year’s 10-day event. And that included Martin Audio’s MLA loudspeaker array, supplied once again by Capital Sound (part of the Solotech UK group).
This served the requirements of a bill, including London Grammar, Bombay Bicycle Club, Jungle, Becky Hill and Richard Ashcroft.
Two other key developments helped boost the quality of the sound, as Solotech project manager David Preston - who was working alongside production manager, Julia Bruns, and site/production specialists, LS Events - explained. Driven by the positive feedback, and absence of complaints from neighbours last year, he noted that levels within the bowl were raised from an SPL of 96dB(A) to 98dB(A) for this year, while the tech team still managed to stay within offsite thresholds.
The second advantage for Solotech was the extended space on the floating platform which housed the stage. Last year a lack of space at the front precluded mounting a broadside MLX cardioid subwoofer array across the front.
But with no such problems this year, 10 MLX subs were arced across the front of stage, with MLA Compact enclosures deployed as front-fills. David Preston explained: “Having the extra couple of metres along the front of the pontoon meant that we were able to get to a broadside cardioid array and provide more even sub coverage across the venue, and this also gave us greater control in the lower frequencies.

dpanotre-dame-de-paris1-photo-credit-francesco-prandoniDPA celebrates 20 years of Notre-Dame de Paris
Tuesday, 23 August 2022

Italy - Twenty years after first opening in Italy, the complete original cast of Notre-Dame de Paris is back on stage to celebrate the anniversary. Following the success of the show in Paris, the musical made its official Italian debut at Gran Teatro of Rome in 2002, featuring the translated lyrics of Pasquale Panella. Produced in collaboration with Enzo Product Ltd, entirely curated and distributed by Vivo Concerti, and under the direction of Gilles Maheu, the 2022 tour will include over 180 shows throughout the Italian peninsula.
For this 20th Anniversary production, experienced sound team members were selected, including FOH engineer Alberto Alicandro, who was part of the original crew, monitor engineer Simone ‘Zeta’ Saccomandi, and microphone technician Andrea “Niski” Stanisci. The microphone equipment is entirely DPA, with 16 headsets, consisting of 4066 Omnidirectional and 6066 CORE Subminiature headsets, and two pairs of 2011 Twin Diaphragm Cardioid and 4018 Supercardioid microphones to capture room audio and feed IEM mixes.
“I often use room audio to make actors’ in-ear mix feel more natural, but we also use them to record ambient sounds and audience response. The pair of 2011s is arranged in A/B narrow or binaural configuration at the FOH position with a Jecklin Disk and one custom-made support that also houses a camera depending on the venue, while the 4018 in wide A/B configuration is positioned on the stage front,” comments Zeta.
“I am a true DPA fanatic and use their mics for everything from classical to jazz to

fstvlglitterbox-stageHippotizer turns up the volume for We are FSTVL
Monday, 22 August 2022

UK - Digital Insanity teamed up with house powerhouse Defected and disco-house connoisseurs Glitterbox in August to deliver visuals for London’s We are FSTVL, choosing up a Hippotizer Nevis+ Media Server to pump out extra VJ prowess.
Reading-based video production company Digital Insanity – which has created visuals for dance festivals including Snowbombing, Lovebox and Global Gathering – was at the helm of the Glitterbox/Defected stage over two days of fast-paced performances. Eight huge 512x1280 portrait, 3mm LED screens were rigged in a four stage-left, four stage-right formation, displaying branded punk style disco graphics, slogans, geometric beauty and live feed footage. A further two screens were positioned as a DJ riser and behind the booth, at the upstage position. The full canvas size was 7680 x 1440 pixels, and all of the screens were supplied by UK Events Group.
The Glitterbox stage kicked off the weekend with a bang with a heavyweight line up which included Dave Lee ZR, The Shapeshifters, Jellybean Benitez, and Todd Terry. “We were called up for VJ services to build a show from a supplied set of branded clips, slogans, logos and the Glitterbox brand’s five-colour palette,” says Digital Insanity’s Richard Bagshaw.
“The brief was very specific and the brand guidelines were very clear - we were provided with around 70 clips, a logo and five colour references, and we also made seven or eight clips to add to the batch. We spent a couple of days back at the office programming around 350 presets, to make the supplied standard 1

the-nature-of-light2Elation lighting supports The Nature of Light
Monday, 22 August 2022

USA - The Nature of Light: An Exploration After Dark at The Paine Art Center and Gardens, in Oshkosh, Wisconsin is an immersive night time experience - created by visual design practice Lightswitch in partnership with art sculpture studio HYBYCOZO and the Paine - uses a host of Elation Professional fixtures in a number of evocative and transformative outdoor environments.
For nearly a decade, HYBYCOZO and Lightswitch have partnered on art installations and experiences but The Nature of Light: An Exploration After Dark is their first collaboration on a major large-scale exhibition. The Nature of Light features a collection of carefully curated experiences throughout the estate and grounds, spectacularly lit indoor and outdoor environments that incorporate more than 50 different sculptures.
The project began when Aaron Sherer, executive director at the Paine, approached Lightswitch Principal John Featherstone with an interesting idea. Familiar with Lightswitch’s work on Illumination - Tree Lights at The Morton Arboretum in Illinois, Sherer wanted to highlight the Paine’s Tudor-style mansion and beautiful botanical gardens in a unique way yet wanted something different from the annual holiday-centred light installations. His vision was to create an exclusive, one-off experience centred around light, art and nature in a way that celebrated the Paine’s grounds.
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the English-inspired country estate is just over three acres in size. The modest size of the grounds allowed

thecult1Chauvet and Gateway create intense looks for The Cult
Monday, 22 August 2022

USA - Frontman Ian Astbury and The Cult have “always been fans of warm blinder light from a low and back position,” says Matt Guminski, the band’s lighting designer, programmer, and operator.
For his part, Guminski is a self-described “fan of contrasting warm tungsten (or a proper tungsten emulating LED), that works harmoniously with the bold & saturated colors of LED or discharge lamp fixtures”.
This alignment of preferences came together this summer for the band’s We Own The Night North American tour.
“Doing bumps between a rich saturated LED look and warm bright blinder hits always provides big dramatic looks, which is what we did on this tour,” said Guminski. “We also went with multiple types of silhouette looks. This harkens back to Ian’s desire for a less traditional rock show, more like Bauhaus/Nine Inch Nails. Chiaroscuro is the name of the game. A clear tonal contrast to suggest the volume and modelling of the band. The more silhouettes, contrast, and darkness the better.”
Helping Guminski create these powerful mood-intensifying looks was a collection of Chauvet Professional STRIKE fixtures, which, like the rest of the rig, were supplied by Gateway Studio and Production Services of St. Louis. “Big thanks to Cosmo Wilson and the team at Gateway,” said Guminski. “They gave me excellent advice on fixtures, including recommending the STRIKE Array family.”
Guminski used six of the four-pod warm white blinders, positioning them on 12x12 box truss with rolling wheels. This structure was located upstage

brett-eldredgeElation adds versatility to Brett Eldredge tour
Friday, 19 August 2022

USA - Bobby Glowacki does a bit of everything on country music artist Brett Eldredge’s current Songs About You U.S. tour and lights the singer/songwriter using a versatile lighting rig from Elation Professional. Production design, lighting design, lighting programming, lighting operation, even lighting tech, he’s a virtual jack-of-all-lighting-trades working behind the scenes to make sure the show runs smoothly and looks its best.
Eldredge has five No.1 singles on the Billboard country charts and multiple accolades to his credit. Glowacki, who shares production designer duties with Bryan Bobbys, has been working with Eldredge for the past few years. He lights the current show using an Elation lighting package of 32 DARTZ 360 narrow beam moving heads, 12 Paladin Panel flood and effect lights, 8 ZW37 beam/wash moving heads, and a pair of SixPar 200 IP. Lighting supply is by Christie Lites North America (account rep Rod Gibson).
Brett Eldredge released his latest album Songs About You in mid-June before kicking off his new tour July 22. He’ll be playing dates through November. The album continues the artist’s strong vocals and heartfelt storytelling yet is a slight departure from previous albums with arrangements that dip into other musical genres like rock and soul.
With music that ranges from high tempo to laidback, Glowacki says he wanted to give the music a place to live while allowing the artist to continue to tell his story. The design, a semi-circle setup backed by four 16-foot towers, gives the artist room to play while engagi

astera-maranatha-churchAstera Titans for Maranatha Community Church
Friday, 19 August 2022

South Africa - Maranatha Community Church Johannesburg has invested in two sets of Astera Titan Tubes for its busy 3000-seater auditorium in Kempton Park.
Nereen Bradshaw is head of media at Maranatha, and is responsible for creating content and overseeing lighting, media and video weekly at the Kempton Park campus, with which she has been involved for 10 years. The auditorium is used for three Sunday services each week (reaching approximately 5,000 - 6,000 people across all three services), and a live event is staged every Friday for around 400 young people. Four times per year there is a large mid-week family praise & worship service to coincide with the end of the school terms. Services include a set of praise & worship songs, followed by a motivating message.
All these presentations and services include live musical performances.
Nereen and the team at Maranatha – headed by Senior Pastor Leonard Stone – are always looking out for new technology and elements to enhance their productions, but it was an album launch by resident church band, Direction, which prompted the Titan Tube purchase. “We wanted something really extra special for this event,” explained Nereen.
The Church had bought other kit including Robe moving lights from Astera’s South African distributor DWR Distribution in recent years, so when DWR’s Robert Izzett came onsite and demonstrated the Titan Tubes, both Nereen and Leonard were suitably impressed and went on to order two sets, 16 Tubes in total.
The battery powered operation and ability to re

osloKunsthøgskolen invests in Robe Esprites
Friday, 19 August 2022

Norway - Kunsthøgskolen – Oslo’s National Academy of the Arts is a vibrant and high-profile university college in the Norwegian capital which is dedicated to education in design and fine art (including graphics, furniture, and clothing design) and the visual and performing arts.
The visual and performing arts faculty covers multiple genres – theatre, drama, opera, dance, ballet, jazz, etc., offering undergraduate and master’s degrees, and has nine busy stages that present 50 – 70 productions a year. Head of lighting for this busy and lively environment is Ronnie Tungland, who recently co-ordinated the specification and purchase of 20 x Robe Esprite moving lights to be used across the various stages.
As Kunsthøgskolen’s 1000 plus dimmer channels feeding the various stages were starting to age, explained Ronnie – who has been overseeing lighting at the academy for four years – and they were allocated budget to upgrade the lighting system. This resulted in around half being replaced and the other half being converted to hard-power channels with the remaining money spent on new, more sustainable, and greener lighting that would serve their needs for years to come.
Debating whether to get washes or spots, Ronnie decided that a multifunctional light would offer the best solution for current and immediate future needs, and after a demanding selection process, chose Esprites.
“I wanted a powerful and bright fixture with shutters that was relatively light in weight,” he commented referring to the abundance of stairs needing to be

bob-mosses-chris-lavadoChauvet creates impressions for Bob Moses tour
Friday, 19 August 2022

USA - Will Chandler has created a compelling design for Grammy winners Bob Moses, on the Canadian duo’s current summer tour.
The owner of Envizion Group, Chandler has created a flowing set and lighting design that seems to fit the stage effortlessly as it produces its immersive effect. Engendering this organic mood are his artful use of dark spaces, a blow through video wall, and a rig configuration that allows him to “hide” fixtures when not in use.
“My vision was to maintain a level of transparency in the set,” explained Chandler. “Going into the design process, I wanted to incorporate video into the rig, but more as a scenic element and light source than as a traditional screen. The use of blow through screens, along with the space created by the strips, allows me to hide moving lights and blinders behind the set so that they disappear when not in use. This creates a lot of different visual opportunities, even in a small space.”
Helping Chandler conjure up this transparent, open look are a collection of Chauvet Professional STRIKE 1 and ÉPIX Strip Tour fixtures from Envizion Group’s own inventory.
Hung inside the vertical truss towers that support the video walls, the 12 STRIKE 1 units in the rig are key to Chandler’s design strategy of having fixtures appear and disappear. “We have some moments in the show when the set essentially disappears,” said Chandler. “When this happens, the vertical rows of STRIKE 1s hidden behind the structure allow me to reveal the structure in a stark, compelling way.”
Then when

william-and-maryAyrton Perseo investment pays off for Stage Right Lighting
Friday, 19 August 2022

USA - Stage Right Lighting in Virginia Beach, Virginia expanded its Ayrton lighting inventory with 38 Perseo IP65-rated compact, multi-function luminaires, which have been flying off the shelves, according to production manager Doug Arble. ACT Entertainment is the exclusive distributor of Ayrton lighting in North America.
“We’re based in the Tidewater area, which consists of seven cities, and from May to October we’re outdoors with concerts and special events,” he reports. “We were looking for a multi-function light with an LED source and an IP rating. We needed something that wasn’t excessively heavy that we could throw into a pre-rigged truss and use as a downstage wash or upstage profile, something that had gobo effects and framing shutters, which are in big demand on riders these days.
ACT brought us some Perseos for a shoot-out with other IP-rated fixtures, and afterward we decided to buy a compliment of Perseo Profile units and Perseo Beams.” Several years ago Stage Right purchased several Ayrton Mistral-TC LED spot luminaires, which Arble says have been “fantastic for corporate ballroom and theatre projects”.
From May to October Stage Right works in venues ranging from 2,500-seat theatres to 20,000-seat amphitheatres as well as on mobile stages set up temporarily for festivals. Starting this spring Stage Right used Perseo fixtures in the overhead package for The Trinity of Terror, a modern hard rock tour featuring Motionless in White, Black Veil Brides and Ice Nine Kills at the Chartway Arena at Old Dominion University in No

vividVivid Sydney reflects rise of immersive audio
Friday, 19 August 2022

Australia - In what became a must-see highlight for a record breaking 2.58m visitors attending the 23-night Vivid Sydney 2022 Festival, Progressum at Vivid House in Darling Quarter catered for audiences up to 100 people at any one time.
The collaborative 3D walk-through visual art experience and concept was created by Sydney based producer and sound system designer Des O’Neill, lighting designer Peter Rubie, and sound designer and composer Peret von Sturmer, combining art, light, sound and video to stimulate all senses.
Vivid Sydney is the annual festival of Light, Music and Ideas which transforms Sydney’s CBD into a fusion of creativity, innovation and technology for 23-nights. In 2022, the renowned Light Walk stretched continuously from Sydney Opera House to Central for the first time, passing through new parts of the city including The Goods Line and Central Station.
“In what was a truly memorable ‘wow’ experience, the team at aFX Global helped develop Vivid House so that it could envelope the visitor in art in a monumental way. We wanted audio to be as much of a feature of Vivid Sydney and Vivid House really did encapsulate the history of electronic music and soul of the city. It became a real talking point for visitors,” said Gill Minervini, festival director at Vivid Sydney 2022.
Built around precise spatial synchronicity and featuring a three-dimensional IOSONO sound system and dazzling lighting array, Progressum at Vivid House was an exercise in sonic and visual immersion.
Progressum at Vivid Hou


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