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shownetinsidemostlaserworldproductmodelswebShowNET integrated into Laserworld systems
Monday, 8 July 2019

Europe - The Laserworld Group is integrating the ShowNET interface as the mainboard in most of their laser systems. This means a multitude of new features to those devices, says the company. Not only can they be used for direct laser control via Showeditor or Showcontroller (the new professional laser software) through LAN connection, but they also have an integrated SD card that ILDA frames can be loaded to.
These files can then be triggered via Art-Net, DMX, in stand-alone-operation and in some units even in sound-to-light mode. The possibility of putting self made content to the laser systems adds further intelligence to the devices, which usually are only used to work with either basic, premade content or external “intelligence” through ILDA control software.
Every ShowNET interface comes with the full version of Showeditor for free, so every laser system with integrated ShowNET interface has the free software licence included in delivery. This means that the laser systems with integrated ShowNET can simply be used with laser software by just connecting the laser to the computer with a standard LAN cable.
The integrated ShowNET interfaces have another feature integrated, which allows for ILDA Streaming: with using another, external ShowNET interface, it is possible to transmit a standard, analogue ILDA signal via LAN. The external ShowNET interface then acts as sender (A/D), whereas the integrated ShowNET acts as receiver (D/A). Older USB-type ILDA interfaces or similar can still be used that way with the advantage of longer signal transmiss

guinness-storehouse-20-millionth-customer4Proteus helps Guinness Storehouse celebrate
Monday, 8 July 2019

Ireland - A New Yorker visiting the Dublin St James’s Gate Guinness brewery with her Irish fiancé helped celebrate a momentous milestone recently when she became the 20 millionth visitor to Guinness Storehouse, Ireland’s most popular tourist attraction. The occasion was highlighted with an event that included an indoor concert for 500 guests along with an outdoor lighting spectacle in which Elation Proteus Hybrid weatherproof moving heads helped draw attention to the brewery.
Dublin-based lighting designer Conor Biddle was brought in by events and branding agency Archetype as creative director for the event, which took place 25 April. “The brief was to have the whole city looking in one direction - toward the brewery - so I knew I needed a powerful beam,” states LD Biddle, who adds he had seen the arc-source Proteus Hybrid used on the New Year’s Eve light show on the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and was impressed with their performance and durability.
Biddle also handled creative direction on the project and tapped into an element of Guinness’ storied brand, the Guinness harp. “We took the idea of the Guinness harp and created a light harp in the sky with beams from the Proteus Hybrid,” he says. “It was really attention-getting. We wanted to create a lot of social media talk with people wondering what the light beams were all about. The furthest away we had a report that the light beams could be seen was 70km so that was pretty impressive.”
Guinness Storehouse is part of the brewery itself and tells the tale of Ireland's famous beer,

glastonbury2photocredittimmsyChauvet enjoys high-profile Glastonbury
Monday, 8 July 2019

UK - From the Pyramid Stage, where Tim Routledge used the COLORado Solo Batten on headliner Stormzy, to the Flying Bus Stage, the Greenpeace Field and the Acoustic Stage, Chauvet Professional proliferated at the 36th edition of the Glastonbury Festival.
On the Pyramid Stage, a large collection of COLORado Solo Batten fixtures helped outline the architecture of the set and provided immersive colour washes from multiple directions.
At the Unfairgrounds, the GLX Productions team led by managing director and lighting designer Glenn Gridley, used an extensive array of Maverick fixtures to create transformative moments. This was most notable on the Flying Bus Stage, where GLX conjured up an engaging effect with help from 12 Maverick MK Pyxis, 12 Maverick MK1 Spot and three Maverick MK1 Hybrid units.
Maverick fixtures also had a transformative effect on the festival’s Greenpeace Field, where the Bailes+Light team relied on the IP65-rated Maverick Storm 1 Wash to create a forest of light. Adding to the outdoor panorama were COLORado Solo Batten, ÉPIX Strip IP, COLORado Panel Q40, STRIKE 1 and STRIKE P38 fixtures, along with F4IP video panels.
Rob Sangwell and Simon Johnson of Fineline Lighting added a powerful punch to the Acoustic Stage for artists like the Mavericks and Keane with a festival rig that featured 16 Maverick MK3 Spot and 18 Maverick MK3 Wash fixtures.
(Jim Evans)

greeleyicehausexteriorRocky Mountains rink upgrades with Danley
Monday, 8 July 2019

USA - With over 100,000 residents, Greeley is part of an urban corridor that populates the front range of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. The Greeley Ice Haus is a city-owned, indoor, all-season, multi-use skating rink.
Senior AV and theatre technology consultant at K2, a Boulder-based AV consulting firm, Kevin Hodgson led the design and worked with the Denver office of Ford AV on the installation of a new sound reinforcement system at the Greeley Ice Haus. Hodgson specified Danley Sound Labs loudspeakers and subwoofers for the upgrade.
“The Greeley Ice Haus seats about 1,000 people on one side of the rink, and the University of Northern Colorado team’s fans can fill it up,” Hodgson says. “The previous sound system was well over a decade old and had become increasingly unreliable after the building took a lightning strike and after years of aggressive volumes for a variety of events. Multiple loudspeakers weren’t even working and those that were, weren’t working well.”
He continues: “The city wanted a system that sounded clear for intelligible speech and punchy for music playback at UNC hockey games and figure skating events. Given the room’s long reverberation - it’s mostly concrete and metal with very little acoustic treatment - my goal was to keep loudspeaker energy on the stands with as little as possible spilled elsewhere. Danley’s point-source boxes have high-impact, high-fidelity sound and unmatched low-frequency pattern control.”
Six evenly-spaced Danley SH69 loudspeakers cover the stands from above the edge

robe-john--jane-katrien-vermeire-and-nico-laniere-joh141810328John & Jane adds Robe to event portfolio
Monday, 8 July 2019

Belgium - Ruiselede-based event design and production company John & Jane in Ruiselede has added a fleet of Robe lighting fixtures to its inventory.
The company, which is run by Nico Laniere and Katrien Vermeire, specialises in corporate events but is also supplying technical production needs to a select alternative summer festivals. This work prompted the company’s most recent purchases of Robe lights: a total of 58 MegaPointes and 48 LEDBeam 150s.
The operation includes a technical production / scenic company Delta Rent, which works alongside and independent from John & Jane as required. They have been a steady investor in Robe moving lights from the start, in tune with their aspirations of supplying the very best and most innovative technology and services for their clients.
The new MegaPointes and LEDBeam 150s have been in constant use since arriving. This included a series of summer beach festivals for which they will be used again this year including WECANDANCE - a food and fashion extravaganza with different music across four stages on the beach at Zeebrugge. John & Jane provided the full production for all these stages.
“Robe is a premium brand, however I was happy to pay the price for the quality and reliability, and it’s a decision that has proved a smart investment over the years,” says Nico.
(Jim Evans)

brissonNexo Geo M10 makes sporting debut
Monday, 8 July 2019

France - Nexo’s Geo M10 Series mid-size line array is making its debut in the sporting world as part of a new fixed-installation sound system for the Stade Pierre Brisson in Beauvais, north of Paris.
Systems integration company Vidélio has worked closely with Nexo’s in-house engineering team to design, specify and install the system, which will greatly enhance the match experience for 10,000 fans.
The Stade Pierre Brisson is a multi-use facility, primarily hosting football matches, and serving as the home ground for AS Beauvais Oise FC. Neighbouring club Chambly FC, which has recently won league promotion, is sharing the stadium as its own ground is not yet registered for Ligue 2 games.
The stadium is able to hold 10,178 spectators, in West and East facing grandstands. The time had to come to replace the aged entertainment PA system, and, from the very first origins of the project, it was clear that the Geo M10 from Nexo was going to be the right solution.
“It was clearly the best solution for their budget,” explains Nexo Engineering Support team member David Hochstenbach, who provided the design for Stade Pierre Brisson. Conveniently, Nexo’s factory and international HQ are only an hour down the road.
As the venue already has a fire and safety VA system, the Geo M10’s purpose was to provide entertainment and commentary for the matches, as well as the lucrative broadcast of local advertising.
The loudspeaker installation, identically matched in the east and west stands, uses eight clusters, each with four modules of Ge

moscowGLP KNVs catch the eye in Moscow
Friday, 5 July 2019

Russia - This winter, a festive event took place in Moscow that stood out prominently against the background of other similar projects. This was due to its conceptual approach, and stylish and thoroughly thought-out stage design, where each element played its role in bringing the core concept to life.
GLP’s LED fixtures were the main performers in the lightshow. These not only decorated the event with spectacular effects, but gave a clue as to the overall concept.
KNVs were included in the equipment list even before this idea had been discussed; the show itself included introduction and solemn entry of the key figures with elements of a theatrical performance, concluding with a small concert featuring such famous singers as Ivan Dorn and Dima Bilan.
“When in December we learned that KNVs had become available in Russia, we immediately chose to use them in the set-up, and build a concept based around these fixtures,” reveals the project’s creative director, Daniil Maneshin. “The festive event, which was to take place in February, seemed like an ideal occasion. If one looks at the circle created by KNV Arcs, an image of a pupil comes to mind. So we grabbed hold of the idea and started to develop it until we had a dominating image of an eye.”
This ‘eye’, consisting of various lighting fixtures, became the key design element. The concept was extended further as tables for the guests were arranged in the form of an eye, as was the ceiling construction, where the fixtures were placed. Even the decorative photo area, where visitors

dwr-churchLinden church upgrades with Audix & Quest
Friday, 5 July 2019

South Africa - Saint Thomas Church in Linden sought to upgrade its sound, with a quality solution that would not detract from the church’s looks and not break the bank. They got their solution from DWR Distribution in the form of Quest Audio and Audix microphones.
“We didn’t want it to look out of place and we did need to get better sound,” says Gift Chanza the head of Sound Ministry at Saint Thomas, “The Quest loudspeakers were exactly what we needed”. Three HPI Quest speakers were installed in the main hall. The left and right being handled by two Quest HPI8i two-way passive loudspeakers hidden within the Churches woodwork and the centre speaker, a Quest HPI111 compact loudspeaker, hangs from the middle of the ceiling.
An additional White HPI5 high output loudspeaker sits in the room adjacent main hall. These speakers have the church fully covered for sound. The amp system is hidden behind the choir section with two QA2004 Amplifiers sitting inside a box, this neat system was a priority for Saint Thomas as they wished to keep the look of the church and not have the sound displaying as a distraction.
To get the best out of the speakers the church had also decided to invest in some Audix Microphones. Four ADX12 podium gooseneck condenser microphones were chosen to mic certain sections of church for speech, one per podium and two at certain sections where prayer is given.
Two ADX40 hanging overhead microphones were hung left and right of the choir given the singers ample volume and clarity and an additional install of two OM2 dynam

robe-ferrugem-dvd-shoot-img8304Allen & Heath SQ scores on TV pub quiz
Friday, 5 July 2019

UK - Allen & Heath’s SQ series has stepped into broadcast with TV sound supervisor, Rob Ashard, working on a number of shows such as Comedians With Friends Watching Football, Al Murray’s Great British Pub Quiz and Race To The Numbers, all of which have vastly different requirements.
Ashard, who has previously worked on shows including Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway and The Graham Norton Show, chose an SQ-5 - along with a Dante card and DX168 Expander for remote I/O - specifically for his work on smaller-scaled productions, where space can often be at a premium.
“Every now and then a TV show comes along where you can’t park a big TV Outside Broadcast (OB) unit and the technical team build the facilities into a smaller room, or rooms, at the location and assemble a load of flight-cased gear on tables, so I needed something powerful but with a small footprint,” Ashard explains.
“A year ago, the SQ series caught my eye, and I found myself watching every YouTube clip and finding out everything I could online. The SQ mixer itself has been even better than I imagined. It feels like a much bigger and more expensive console, just scaled down.”
The real game-changer for Ashard however, was the addition of SQ’s Dante card - used in conjunction with Ashard’s Ferrofish A32 Dante - which allows for synchronised multitrack-recording. He explains: “The technical requirements for TV audio can sometimes be quite complex and not every mixer is capable of doing what you need, particularly recor

mergingBeijing arts centre adds Merging Technologies
Friday, 5 July 2019

China - It might be called the National Centre for the Performing Arts but the Beijing facility is all about the international exchange of culture. Not surprisingly, this is a showcase for Chinese talent in opera, music, dance and ballet, theatre and Chinese traditional opera, but as important are the international festivals and the visiting performers.
A centre of this importance needs to have superlative facilities in every area and recording and broadcast are no exception. In company with the vast majority of world-renowned concert halls and opera houses, the NCPA has installed a Merging Technologies solution.
Pyramix and its DSD workflow is essential for recording and archiving performances, but the NCPA has determined that having the ability to record and post-produce in 5.1 is also vitally important. This further emphasizes the wisdom of choosing a Merging solution which is suited to any of the more immersive workflows that are becoming ever more popular.
In addition to Pyramix 11 MassCore, the installation features two Merging Horus networked audio converters. One of these is equipped with 48 channels of Mic/Line inputs using the AKD8DP premium A/D converters and the other has 48 channels of D/A using the DA8P card.
Dreamula, Merging’s local reseller and integrator, also supplied their custom connector panels to ensure that the installation is clean, efficient and reliable. The main audio console in this part of the complex is a Solid State Logic Duality with 48 analogue channels. There are a variety of monitoring solutions and a go

robe-ferrugem-dvd-shoot-img8304Robe lights Ferrugem Rio DVD shoot
Friday, 5 July 2019

Brazil - Singer-songwriter Samba Ferrugem - known for his distinctive red hair that inspired the Ferrugem (‘Rust’) nickname - recorded a live concert DVD in the Jeunesse Arena, Rio de Janeiro Brazil. This spectacle was directed by Anselmo Trancoso with lighting designed by director of photography (DOP) Carlinhos ‘Carlos’ Nogueira, utilising 450 Robe moving lights.
This impressive inventory of equipment plus other fixtures and the 500m of LED screens involved, was co-ordinated and delivered by Sao Paulo based rental company Wolf Produções, headed by Gabriel Pincel and João Freitas. Wolf Produções has supplied technical production to the artist on tour and was asked to co-ordinate the substantial kit needed to light this show. Gabriel Pincel was the project’s technical director.
The Robe quote broke down into 36 x Robe BMFL WashBeams, 94 x Pointes, 60 x MegaPointes, 62 x Spiiders, 56 x Spikies, 72 x LEDBeam 150s and 57 x CycFX 8 tilting LED battens. Collectively, these gave Carlos plenty of dynamics to enhance the fast-paced show for camera.
The BMFL WashBeams were positioned for upstage power looks and blasting through from the back. The MegaPointes were rigged on square trusses above the stage and above a long catwalk protruding into the audience.
The Pointes and LEDBeam 150s were rigged on the front wings of the stage and on a series of LED borders framing the over-stage trusses, while the Spiiders were on audience trusses flown above the arena, illuminating the crowd for those big sumptuous wide shots and sweeps across the ve

gottwood-festival-the-lawn-photo-by-rob-jones-for-khroma-collectiveVero VX delivers on Gottwood’s main stage
Friday, 5 July 2019

UK - Gottwood marked its 10th anniversary with a carefully crafted programme of underground electronic music. The festival’s organisers are committed to giving its community the best possible sound and, with that in mind, called in Audio Feed (with a little help from its friends) to deliver Funktion-One systems on all 10 stages, including the first outing for Vero VX.
Each stage was curated by the people behind some of the UK’s best parties and music labels, making for a varied line-up of DJ and live performances.
Vero VX, which received its global launch at Prolight + Sound 2019 in April, was deployed at The Lawn - the festival’s 3,000-capacity main stage. The system featured four ground stacked Vero VX90 cabinets per side and eight V124 bass enclosures. Power came from MC2 Delta 90, Delta 100 and Delta 80 DSP Dante amps.
Funktion-One founder Tony Andrews was onsite to assist with the set-up and to oversee Vero VX’s maiden voyage.
Vero VX was developed to satisfy the growing demand for Vero sound in a more compact footprint. The VX90 is a three-way vertical array enclosure with four new Funktion-One designed Neodymium drivers in a horizontally symmetric configuration: two reflex loaded, high efficiency 12” mid bass drivers; one Axhead loaded wide bandwidth 8” cone midrange driver; and a single 1” compression driver on a proprietary isophase diffraction waveguide. It measures 1120mm wide and 340mm high, its usable bandwidth is 50Hz to 20kHz and horizontal dispersion is 90°.
Commenting on Vero VX’s performance at Got

norah-jones-l500-2-webNora Jones comes home with SSL
Thursday, 4 July 2019

USA - Nine-time Grammy-winning jazz songstress Norah Jones, first shot to stardom in 2002 with the release of her debut record Come Away With Me, which has sold more than 20m copies. Today, her record sales have surpassed the 50m mark and after recently completing a tour of Australia and New Zealand, she has embarked on a 24-date North American tour, where FOH engineer Jamie Landry is mixing from an SSL L500 console.
The North American tour kicked off on 18 June at Pittsburgh's Heinz Hall. Although the venues can be varied, Landry says for the most part, Jones and her band tend to play in theatres.
“It's a nice situation where she can do a theatre in most markets at this point; she doesn't over-reach, which means she can sell 2,000-plus tickets pretty much anywhere,” Landry explains, adding that all of the shows have been or will be sold-out. “She's really willing to try all kinds of different musical styles, and is up for collaborating with all kinds of different people - that really pays off.”
Landry started out on monitors for Jones before moving to FOH - and now he also wears the production manager hat. It's a lot of work, made that bit easier by his decision to move to an SSL.
“When I made the switch to SSL, I initially went with an L300, which I really liked the ergonomics of,” he reveals. “But I decided that I wanted the extra local I/O, and so I ended up on the L500; and now I am really accustomed to the layout, and very happy with it. Also, moving from the L300 to the L500 was totally seamless.
“I am n

chamsysglastonbury3ChamSys consoles proliferate at Glastonbury
Thursday, 4 July 2019

UK - ChamSys desks were included in the production designs on eight Glastonbury stages this year, in addition to others being brought to the festival by a host of LDs working for a wide range of artists like Simon Horn for Maribou State, Isabel Del Moral for Rosalia, and Gary Wilson for Lewis Capaldi.
At the Park Stage, a MagicQ MQ500 Stadium with a Stadium Playback Wing served as the main desk, where it was used by a variety of LDs, including Tom White for Michael Kiwanuka. South West Group Events, which provided stage production, supplied the MQ500 Stadium, as well as the MagicQ MQ80 backup console. The lighting manager for the stage was Callam Thom, and the console operator was Steven ‘Mac’ McCracken.
Southampton-based GLS Lighting supplied a MagicQ MQ100 plus Playback Wing for the Avalon Stage, which was overseen by console operator Will Thomas. The impressive artist list on that stage included James Morrison, with the desk operated by long-time ChamSys user Martin Dudley of Martin’s Lights, and The Cat Empire with LD Paula Trounce.
Other places where ChamSys could be found during the festival included: The BBC Introducing Stage, which had an MQ80 plus an Extra Wing Compact operated by Zac Leighton and Alex Merrett; Silver Hayes WOW Stage, which featured an MQ100 Pro 2010 kit supplied by Fineline Lighting and operated by James “Chimpy” Harrington; Left Field - with an MQ80 and Extra Wing Compact supplied by and operated by South West Group Events.
Greenpeace Field featured a MagicQ MQ500 programmed by David Howard, Unfairgrou

alcons-tour-barbara-schoneberger-stageBarbara Schöneberger tours with Alcons Audio
Thursday, 4 July 2019

Germany - Barbara Schöneberger released her fourth album, Eine Frau gibt Auskunft in May and has recently presented it with 10 live shows across Germany.
The Event-Net GmbH from Halle (Saale) has been working for the singer since 2008 and has been a technical service provider for all tours and various individual shows. The team headed by managing director Kay Schöttner and technical department manager Mathias ‘Hein’ Schroeter was also responsible for the complete technology, the stage management and part of the tour management on this latest tour.
In 2004 Event-Net was one of the first users in Germany to invest in Alcons Audio. Since then, a stock of Alcons LR14 and LR16 including BF362 subwoofers has been established in Halle and used for past Schöneberger tours.
For the 2019 tour, however, they turned to the larger LR18 pro-ribbon line-array systems, which could easily be rented from Alcons' global rental network in central Germany.
For the main PA, 24 Alcons LR18 were used, LR14 systems covered the side-PA. Alcons RR12 point-source array elements were used as stacking variants for the front-fills and, if required, as main PA for the parquet areas. Depending on the location, the BF362 subs were adapted to local requirements through different modes (endfire / cardioid). All systems were powered and controlled by Sentinel10 amplified loudspeaker controllers.
"With Alcons, all requirements for different venues as well as different music styles with many moderating elements can and could be fulfilled very well", says Kay Sc

music-summitMartin rig enhances Music Summit finale
Thursday, 4 July 2019

Spain - Martin by Harman Professional Solutions supported the International Music Summit (IMS) Dalt Vila finale on 26 May.
Martin supplied a full lighting rig, including MAC Quantum, Viper and Aura products, and also featured the recently-launched Atomic Strobe Dot.
Lighting designer Nick Jevons created the lighting display for the event, which was hailed by the organisers of IMS as the best lighting supplied in the 11 years it has presented the Dalt Vila finale.
Martin’s Spanish distributor, SeeSound, supplied logistical and technical support onsite to help ensure that things ran smoothly, Michael Walker, senior sales director at Martin by Harman also attended the event.
(Jim Evans)

marcoborsatodbaudiobartheemskerk17hqd&b fills De Kuip stadium for Marco Borsato
Thursday, 4 July 2019

The Netherlands - Dutch singer Marco Borsato performed his anthemic back catalogue to 240,000 fans over five nights at Rotterdam’s De Kuip stadium in May. His dynamic songs and enthusiastic performance style required full spectrum coverage across the entire roof-less stadium, leading the production team to the d&b audiotechnik SL-Series.
Borsato is a national treasure in The Netherlands, thanks to a hit-making, multi-award-winning 20-year career. He is one of a handful of artists with the fanbase clout to play five nights at one of his country’s biggest venues - the 51,000 capacity De Kuip (which translates into English as ‘The Tub’- the affectionate nickname for the Stadion Feijenoord).
Utrecht-based d&b partner Peak Audio was challenged with providing a system that could deliver full-frequency range in the demanding open-air stadium environment.
Anthony Kappel served as system designer and chief system engineer alongside colleague Bart Schouten from Peak Audio, who was system designer and project manager for the series of concerts.
“As an early adopter of the SL-Series, we’ve had the opportunity to gain a lot of experience with the cabinets, and even more when designing and specifying both GSL and KSL for the Marco Borsato concerts,” says Schouten. “We benefitted a lot from the accurate simulations we achieved using d&b ArrayCalc, and we were confident we could get the best result possible for a concert in a stadium like De Kuip.”
In addition to the ArrayCalc software, the team also utilised d&b ArrayP

hip-hopVari-Lite VLZ Profiles power AJ Tracey tour
Thursday, 4 July 2019

UK - Lighting designer James Scott used the VLZ Profile from Vari-Lite on the recent UK tour by hip-hop artist AJ Tracey.
The LED fixtures had the power Scott required to deliver a visual complement to the bright LED screens on the Brixton Academy showcase gig that closed the tour. Scott, of design studio Suluko, worked with production designer and creative director Bronski, and Amber Rimell, of TAWBOX on the tour’s design.
Scott had already been impressed by the output and performance delivered by just four LED-based VLZ Profiles on Tracey’s UK tour dates, where limited truck space had called for a minimal fixture count. “What we achieved with four VLZ Profiles would probably have required six of any other LED spot on the market,” he says.
With this experience, when three large, portrait LED video screens were added to the set for the Brixton show, Scott was confident the VLZ Profile would not be overpowered by the bright, dynamic background. Increasing the VLZ count to 14, he added cross-stage wash and keylight positions to the floor-standing row he had used on the tour dates. The VLZ Profile’s impressive output rose to the challenge.
“The VLZ Profiles gave beautiful gobo looks and strong, open beam, wide zoom, walls of light,” he says. “Together, the lighting and the video created a strong and iconic simplicity. The VLZs had their role to play and they did it perfectly. The large aperture lens and high light output, without the heat of the traditional discharge lamp, meant it was perfectly suited for the size of venues o

zz-topL-Acoustics on ZZ Top anniversary tour
Thursday, 4 July 2019

USA - Inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2004, ZZ Top - long comprised of the classic trio of Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill, and Frank Beard - are celebrating their 50th anniversary by trekking through a world tour that runs into mid-October.
As a thank you to their fans in Texas, where the band got its humble start back in 1969, the tour kicked off with three consecutive shows in the Lone Star state, all of which were reinforced by Houston-based LD Systems with a long throw L-Acoustics K Series loudspeaker rig.
Sharing the bill with Bad Company, and joined by opener Cheap Trick, ZZ Top performed to full crowds at Dallas’ Dos Equis Pavilion, Houston’s Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, and the Austin360 Amphitheater in May, prior to heading to Europe.
LD Systems audio crew chief and systems engineer Julian Gates, who expresses his appreciation for Soundvision’s new Autosolver tools, created the system design for the shows. “It’s amazing how close Soundvision can get to automatically setting up the final system arrangement using Autosplay and Autofilter,” he says. “Once the initial tuning was done, I walked the venue and was impressed by how consistent the venue sounded from front to back. It’s almost scary how close it gets to the final setup.
“Thankfully, using the P1 probe and new Autoclimate function in LA Network Manager, we were assured a consistent sounding PA no matter what the weather was doing,” he adds. “That was a real life-saver. L-Acoustics has always been good at providing an amazing product, but t

cinderellaSFL makes the shoe fit for Cinderalla
Thursday, 4 July 2019

UK - Production company SFL has just completed the AV requirements for Christopher Wheeldon’s staging of Cinderella by the English National Ballet (ENB) and The Royal Albert Hall, staged at the RAH.
“The project was 18 months in the planning,” explains SFL director, Craig Lawrence. “ENB’s technical director, George Thomson, was looking to stage a large-scale production in-the-round. The production required many different changes of scene and the use of projection seemed the obvious answer. English National Ballet had never worked with projection on such a large scale before so turned to SFL to provide that experience.”
In the early planning stages, SFL was appointed as technical provider, tasked with designing and installing the AV infrastructure, utilising content provided by projection designer Daniel Brodie, which not only created incredible atmosphere, but the set itself.
The ambitious design involved multiple projection points, including the floor and sky wall at the rear of the stage and it became apparent that a detailed projection study was required. SFL devised the 3D modelling and collated the rig plans, also making amendments to incorporate the RAH’s newly installed audio system, which did not yet exist in the modelling software being used. SFL also took on project management of all of the AV elements of the show during this pre-production stage, liaising with lighting, video, audio and set/costume designers to ensure the smooth delivery of the plan across all the different technical elements.
A Barco projectio

digicoSplitbeam takes DiGiCo SD7 on Chicago tour
Wednesday, 3 July 2019

South Africa - Splitbeam, the theatre division of rental company Gearhouse, has invested in a DiGiCo SD7T supplied by DWR, DiGiCo’s distributor for the territory.
“Bad sound is as detrimental to a production as an actor forgetting their lines,” says Splitbeam’s MD, Alistair Kilbee. “Good sound feels natural, never taking away from what is happening on stage but supplementing it, giving the sound for the ears to match what the eyes see for the magic of theatre to take place.
“Mixing sound is the art of balance - balancing what comes out of the speaker to transform a noise into a recognisable piece of information that feels good to experience. This is where the gear becomes important. Having a console capable of not merely handling the show, but orchestrating it, the engineer acting as the conductor for the sounds, matching, mixing and blending them to become an audible canvas
“The SD7T is immense,” continues Kilbee. “It boasts the features that sound engineers drool over.” The desk is currently being used on the musical production Chicago.
“The theatre is about crafting an experience that is both transformative and human,” Kilbee concludes. “As the audience’s senses are being stimulated, it becomes vital to understand that the sound is all about their enjoyment and journey. With the DiGiCo SD7T, it not only ensures this but shapes it. Splitbeam’s investment in the product co-signs it as a great console and as a great tool capable of producing great experiences and great art.”
(Jim Evans)

wicreations-rammstein-20190527221635WIcreations debuts WImotion with Rammstein
Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Europe - Entertainment engineering specialist WIcreations is working with Rammstein and their production team on the current three-month stadium and festival tour around the UK and Europe including Russia and Latvia.
WIcreations took the opportunity of working with the band to launch its new integrated WImotion system, which gives precise control and synchronisation of individual and group moving chain hoists utilising SIL3 group position monitoring.
WI, well known for their own industrial strength automation and engineering solutions, was asked to supply several custom staging and automation elements for the tour.
All this is being co-ordinated for WI by Koen Peeters and Hans Willems, who were asked onboard by the tour’s technical consultant Jeremy Lloyd of UK based Wonder Works.
They have worked closely with Rammstein’s own creative team, a collaboration between lighting designer Patrick Woodroffe from Woodroffe Basset Design (WBD), production designers Wieder Design Studio and Wonder Works. The band themselves are also very involved in their stage presentations.
WI has designed and built six backwall structures which are part of the set and contain integrated lighting elements. 104 Vari*Lite 6000 moving lights, 210 Solaris Flare Q+ LED strobe/washes and six ColorForce 72” LED battens are integrated into these.
All the lights are rigged on integrated mounts that slide over the grid structure and into place. WI’s design means they remain on the structural beams during transportation, making it extremely fast to install t

kunzGLP supports Marco Kunz Förschi tour
Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Switzerland - Marco Kunz released his fifth album Förschi earlier this year, and from March to May, he set out on a club tour throughout Switzerland.
LD Benjamin ‘Beni’ Bohler, who has previously worked for numerous other Swiss artists, including Luca Hänni, Bubble Beatz and Züri West, was at the console for the first time with Kunz. He states: “With my lighting art I want to transport audiences to a free, unencumbered world that both fascinates and amazes them. Of course, it’s always about creating a recognition value for the music, and supporting the artists on stage to the optimum.”
Party of his armoury for the Kunz tour included six impression E350, which Beni set on the stage, on three different levels. Also represented in the lighting design were a number of GLP impression X4 Wash.
“I used the E350 to play with shadows and bring movement to the stage,” he explains. “That’s how various effects were achieved that you do not necessarily see every day. The large zoom, the excellent colour rendering and the enormous speed of the lamp gave the light show a lot of dynamism. For me the E350 is an ingenious lamp that I would like to use again and again.”
Finally, he paid tribute to GLP’s Oliver Schwendke and Andreas Brandt. “They provided great cooperation and I look forward to many more great projects using GLP fixtures in the future.”
Kunz’s performance and Beni Bohler’s lighting design can be seen and heard over the summer at numerous festivals throughout Switzerland.
(Jim Evans)

dubaiTW Audio keeps sound flowing at Wavehouse
Wednesday, 3 July 2019

UAE - The latest addition to the entertainment outlets at Dubai’s Atlantis, The Palm Hotel’s Wavehouse is a family-friendly entertainment centre built on the site of a former nightclub. Wavehouse provides two floors of arcade attractions, a 13m high soft play area and a ProSlide Waverider surf machine as well as numerous F&B outlets, a sun terrace, mezzanine and a pair of live stages.
Wavehouse’s operator Solutions Leisure has had a long relationship with Dubai-based systems integrator Pulse Middle East, relying on the company to handle the audio integration at a number of its other venues and contacted the team at Pulse ME to create a comprehensive solution for the venue.
“The team at Solutions Leisure invited Pulse ME to come and have a look at a venue,” recalls Joe Chidiac, managing director, Pulse Middle East. “After the audio requirements brief, the team at Pulse ME presented a competitive and creative sound system to land the project and hopped on board with three months to design, install and integrate the sound system of this enormous space.”
Covering such a large and diverse space required a high-quality networked audio solution that would be able to adapt to the needs of the changing clientele throughout the day. The solution designed and installed by Pulse ME is based upon the qualities of a variety of different TW Audio cabinets.
“We were asked to design a multi-zone sound system where it’s possible to play any source in any zone, with different requirements for the bandwidth and achievable SPL in each zone,


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