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roland2Chauvet gives Roland diverse looks at NAMM
Tuesday, 19 February 2019

USA - Creating a concert-like atmosphere for Roland Corporation's NAMM stands was a Justin Preston lighting design that featured Chauvet Professional Rogue, Nexus and COLORado fixtures.
In addition to supporting a diverse mix of live performances, the flexible lighting design accented the display of electronic music and software products at the company’s two massive exhibit spaces. “I’ve worked on the Roland Corp. NAMM exhibit for the past three years, and it’s always rewarding because of the scope of the project,” says Preston of Preston Productions. “We have to incorporate elements of entertainment and retail lighting.”
The versatility of the Chauvet Professional fixtures in his NAMM rig helped Preston accomplish these goals. For example, at the BOSS Both, he relied on his Rogue and COLORado fixtures for stage lighting, while using his Nexus 4x4 units for the general display area.
“I used six COLORado 1 Solos as front light for the stage and four Rogue R2 Washes as backlights,” he says. “The Solos were great because of their size; they allowed me to sneak them into the corners of the stage without being too noticeable, while the R2 Washes are just tried-and-true workhorses. As far as the Nexus 4x4 goes, it worked brilliantly for downlighting the area. I got great coverage of the exhibit space from the 12 Nexus units due to their wide lens, and their output never disappoints.”
Preston also used 27 Nexus 4x4 panels for downlighting at the larger Roland booth. An additional 10 Nexus units were hung vertically, five stag

clairsolutionspennstatelacrosse2Clair Solutions at Penn State’s Panzer Stadium
Tuesday, 19 February 2019

USA - Penn State’s Nittany Lion athletics programme is fiercely competitive and well-supported by the school and its alumni. In that tradition, the Penn State men and women’s lacrosse teams now practice and compete in Panzer Stadium, a new multimillion-dollar, state-of-the-art facility. Its 1,300 seats are close to the action, and the entire facility is wired for modern broadcasting, which will allow Penn State to host high-profile NCAA and Big Ten championship games.
Pennsylvania-based AV design and integration firm Clair Solutions handled the broadcast infrastructure and sound reinforcement at Panzer Stadium, earning the job based in part on the proposal of Jim Devenney, Clair Solutions’ senior systems designer and in part on the successful completion of numerous other projects at Penn State.
“We originally got involved because we’ve done a lot of other work at Penn State, including 100,000-plus-seat Beaver Stadium,” Devenney explains. “The school benefited because we’re a one-stop-shop with deep in-house knowledge about the design and installation of audio and broadcast systems. In Clair’s long history, we’ve seen it all.”
Clair Solutions’ design/build worked in synergy with the larger project, which was designed by Moody Nolan, of Columbus, Ohio and APArchitects of Lemont, Pennsylvania, and built by general contractor PJ Dick of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Devenney’s design gives Panzer Stadium comprehensive connectivity via a lot of single-mode fibre, Cat 6 data, video, and audio. “The cabling itself wasn’t che

subfranticadopfb6Yamaha Rivage answers the call to prayer
Tuesday, 19 February 2019

UK - On 26 January, around 3,000 worshippers gathered at London’s SSE Arena for A Day of Prayer for Britain. Led by evangelist minister David Hathaway, the event saw Christian leaders from across the UK and from abroad coming together to pray for unity in the UK.
Audio, lighting, and video for the event was handled by Subfrantic Production Services, whose Yamaha Rivage PM10 and PM7 digital mixing systems managed all live and broadcast audio.
David Hathaway’s ministry approached Subfrantic because of the company’s work at The Experience in Lagos, Nigeria - an event which attracts over 500,000 worshippers - as well as its work on other religious events in the UK.
The event ran for eight hours and featured a mix of Christian worship styles, with a band, choir, and worship leaders including David Hathaway, Betty King, Bishop John Francis, Lou Engle, musical director Phil Woolley and tenor soloist Huw Priday. This provided Subfrantic with a challenge, as the audio production had to accommodate everything from quiet words and contemplation to rousing speeches, high volume preaching, Gospel worship and different styles of music, including opera.
Front of House sound was mixed by Subfrantic managing director Steve Davies on the Rivage PM10, with Adrian Chibulcutean mixing monitors on the PM7. Tom Gardner was the system tech, with Charlie Payne patching.
“This is the third time we’ve used Rivage on a big religious event. As a mixing system it suits them so well, there’s never any concern about capacity or audio quality. It’s

monasteryPioneer powers landmark Birmingham club
Tuesday, 19 February 2019

UK - The Digbeth district of Birmingham city centre has long been associated with the development of the British electronic music scene. Over the years, the regeneration of many of its old buildings has seen a vibrant club culture firmly established in the area.
Located in a former church, The Monastery is described by some as the current Mecca of the Birmingham club scene. It was designed and constructed from scratch, by a team of determined, experienced ravers, motivated by a common aim to create the ultimate music destination that put art before profit. An instinct for moving with the times informed their decision to seek a new sound system for the popular 200 capacity venue. The Monastery chose a Pioneer Pro Audio XY Series system.
The pre-existing system looked the part and had served its purpose reasonably well but the sense was that audiences have become far more discerning where audio is concerned and it was important to deliver sonic excellence that could keep pace with highest expectation. The club’s developers had witnessed the impact of Pioneer Pro Audio systems in action in some leading venues in Ibiza and had been impressed by their exceptional power and clarity.
Installer, Paul Adamson of The Audio Group, was engaged to install the system, which comprised two XY-3B speakers and four XY218HS subs. On this occasion, the XY-3Bs were flown horizontally with their horns rotated, in order to obtain optimal coverage. The system also includes four XY-122 12” two-way speakers for monitoring and delay and is driven by Powersoft amplificati

august-burns-redphoto-by-rob-wallace2Elation on the pace with August Burns Red
Tuesday, 19 February 2019

USA - Metalcore band August Burns Red’s fast-paced, aggressive sound keeps listeners on the edge of their seats, a dynamic style of breakneck metal that has endeared them to their fans for the past 15 years.
Needing a compact yet powerful narrow-beam fixture that could keep up with the band on their 2019 Dangerous tour, which kicked off 24 January in Lexington, Kentucky, lighting designer David Summers chose 12 Elation DARTZ 360 fixtures, supplied by Squeek Lights, as the bread and butter of his design.
“It takes a lot to keep up with a band this fast,” says Summers, who’s been with the band just over a year and describes his lighting design as fast-paced, precise and large. “We needed a light that could move fast with a good mix of colour and effects options.” Using 12 of the 3-degree RGB DARTZ fixtures grouped across four towers of 5ft pipe in a straight line upstage, Summers put together an impactful yet artistic design that captures the emotion of the band and the energy in the hard-driving music.
“This set up yields insane positions, especially for universal pan/tilt cues,” the designer says, referring to the DARTZ’s continuous 360° pan and tilt capability. “I obviously love the infinite pan and tilt options with this light. But truthfully, I think it’s an awesome beam fixture that doesn’t eat up your budget but can absolutely deliver in any setting.”
The band also carries six Elation SixBar 1000 six-colour LED battens as side light along with six Proton 3K Color LED strobes positioned on the upstage

love-actuallyAtoms bring live action to Love Actually
Tuesday, 19 February 2019

USA - California-based lighting designer Michael Berger recently took on the unusual commission of lighting a special musical stage production of the Love Actually movie using a number of fixtures from the GLP portfolio.
Although a long-time member of the Full Flood lighting design consortium, the commission came through Berger’s own independent operation, Innovative Intensity - the latest in a multi-year collaboration with Los Angeles-based production company For The Record Live, which specialises in musical presentations based on the canon of a film director.
In December 2017 they were approached by The Wallis Annenberg Center in Beverly Hills to put together a show for their black box theatre space, The Sorting Room. “We took the music / script for Love Actually and basically performed the film in its entirety with about four hours’ rehearsal. The success of that project pushed us towards creating something new for this year in the Goldsmith Theatre.”
This full-on musical featured a 15-piece orchestra that live scored the film as well as playing the ‘soundtrack’ to the show.
Key to enhancing the audience experience in this 500-seater theatre was to create a sense of immersion.
Michael Berger specified GLP S350s to function as front of house keylight - mostly because he wanted to audition their features for television. “Overall I was really impressed with the brightness, colour rendering and surprisingly low noise floor,” he says.
He adds, “I’ve grown to love the X4 Bar and the X4 atom when using the

linear-3-high-performance-packHK Audio packages target bands and DJs
Monday, 18 February 2019

Germany - HK Audio has released three turnkey Linear 3 system packages for bands and DJs who want to take control of their own live sound.
The German pro audio manufacturer has had considerable success with system packages in its Linear 5 family, and the concept has now been carried over to the Linear 3 line.
Each of the competitively priced Linear 3 system packages offers a combination of various individual Linear 3 family components for either bands or DJs who regularly play gigs of a certain size.
The L3 Compact Venue Pack offers enough power for bands who perform at small clubs or youth centres. The high performance pack has enough juice to rock venues for up to 500 people, while the L3 Bass Power Pack is designed for DJs who play bass-heavy music for crowds of up to 250 people.
All three packs offer a plug-and-play solution for artists who have no technical engineer in their road crew and want to focus on their performances, rather than on mixing duties.
Sound pre-set selections on the mid/high units offer optimal audio adjustments in seconds, while the state-of-the-art integrated DSP delivers phenomenal sound quality.
The Linear 3 system packages are available now, and all include accessories like dust covers and distance poles.
(Jim Evans)

datatonwatchpax60mediaserver1Dataton unveils high-performance servers
Monday, 18 February 2019

Sweden - Dataton unveiled the WATCHPAX 60 series of media servers at ISE. With the latest processor technology under the hood, robust exterior and redundant power supply as standard, the new rack-friendly series is suitable for demanding applications such as live events, attractions and broadcast installations.
“We gathered feedback from key users during the design process to produce a plug-and-play media server series that would not only meet, but exceed, requirements for the toughest show environment,” says Lars Sandlund, Dataton CEO. “The dual power supply, range of models, SDI bi-directional connector options and fastest discs in the market all ensure that even the most complex shows are delivered flawlessly.”
The new 2U media server will be available in three models offering from four up to 12 outputs and support for uncompressed video playback. Each model features HDMI and SDI input, balanced audio, dual 10Gbit/s network for high-speed content transfer, high performance ultra-durable NVMe media storage, as well as a WATCHOUT license.
The intermediate and top-end models include hardware synchronisation, with the top-end model also featuring an eight-channel bi-directional SDI card for live video capture and playout. Weighing in at a handy 10 kg, WATCHPAX 60 sports a rugged aluminium chassis, and a smart approach when it comes to installation - tabletop, rack-mounted or stacked.
“Our WATCHOUT system offers enormous possibilities for show producers,” says Lars Sandlund. “With performance-optimised servers, users can tap into

shantouuniversity1Clair system impresses at Shantou University
Monday, 18 February 2019

China - Shantou University in Guangdong features a 52,000sq.m sports stadium complex, the Shantou University Sports Park. It includes an international competition-standard gymnasium complete with basketball courts, multipurpose halls, swimming pools and VIP boxes.
This year, the stadium played host to the university’s 2018 graduation commencement emboldened by the retirement farewell ceremony for Shing - complete with a substantial, and mobile, Clair Brothers C12 and C8 loudspeaker system.
After several close inspection reviews of top brands, DMT, the Clair Brothers distributor in China presented the powers that be with a demo of components. “It was obvious,” explains Chris Fish, technical director at DMT, “that the Clair Brothers gear was making a real impression compared to the other systems.”
The final equipment list at the venue consists of a 32 Clair Brothers C12 full-frequency line arrays, 16 C8 full-frequency line arrays, 16 iS218 low-frequency line arrays and eight Clair Brothers 1AM stage monitors, accompanied by SSL L500 and L300 consoles, Clair Brothers/Lab.gruppen PLM amplifiers, Sennheiser wireless systems and DPA microphones.
In order to meet the requirements of various stage settings in the sports park, the C12s can be used in numerous combinations including modes such as left and right expansion of the mains, plus side-fill, or left and right expansion of the mains, plus delay tower. Additionally, the C8s can be used as an independent system combined with the lows of the iS218s when less than half of the audience f

red-carpetTSL on the BAFTAs red carpet
Monday, 18 February 2019

UK - The BAFTAs welcomed film stars and royalty to London’s Royal Albert Hall in February, as the industry honoured those making waves on the big screen. The all-important red carpet - where the paparazzi anxiously awaited famous faces - was flanked by a rigging and lighting solution designed and delivered by TSL Lighting.
The British weather proved to be another well-known guest at the proceedings, with high winds and heavy rain in the run-up to, and on, the big night. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge joined a who’s who of the global film industry for the ceremony, which was broadcast live.
TSL's Neil Harvey, worked alongside colleagues Ali Morris and Rory Mackay to realise the challenging and prestigious project, working to a brief from event designer and producer Lucy Smail, of WD&P. The red-carpet arrival area required the construction of 12 TSL custom-designed truss towers, a 40m-long ground support truss structure and a four leg self-climbing structure.
“Every year, we’re faced with new challenges and this year was no exception,” says Harvey. “Strong winds and torrential rain were forecast but we were prepared. Our custom structures are all designed to withstand the weather, and with all jobs of this type we’d prepared a full wind management plan in advance so that our clients, crew, and Westminster Council were all aware of the measures we put in place to keep everyone safe. We’ve worked on this event for such a long time that we know what to expect - the moving lights and LED fixtures which we use outside the canopy are

robe-thalia-theatre-budapest-tha221552424Thalia Theatre is first with Robe DL7S
Monday, 18 February 2019

Hungary - Budapest’s Thalia Theatre is a renowned producing and receiving house, presenting around 600 different productions per year. It’s one of Hungary’s best-known venues for staging musical comedy shows on its busy three stages, the largest of which has a 520-seat auditorium.
The theatre has recently invested in Robe’s DL7S LED Profiles and Spiider LED wash lights - which are the first to be installed in a Hungarian theatre venue. The luminaires were chosen by head of lighting Karoly Bodon and his team, and delivered by Robe’s Hungarian distributor, AVL Trade.
The new fixtures are currently all in use on the main stage, and there are another six DL4S profiles on order which will be utilised for the second stage when its current refurbishment is complete.
The theatre is operated by the city of Budapest, but the new investment was financed by a combination of the district and national government.
The decision to upgrade the main stage lighting came whilst work was being done on the Winter Garden second stage, which is having a complete makeover including a new sound system being supplied by AVL Trade and a complete technical refit. It was decided that the time was also right to replace the old main stage lighting with some newer and more efficient LED options.
With the first DL7S Profiles and Spiiders in Hungarian theatre, Thalia is enjoying leading the way, and they are also the first with a grandMA3 console.
“Robe is taking theatre applications seriously,” comments Csaba Csanádi from AVL Trade, “and that’s s

dinosaursDinosaurs return with BlackTrax
Monday, 18 February 2019

UK - Dinosaurs come to life in an updated version of the theatrical event, Walking with Dinosaurs - The Arena Spectacular (see LSi November for a production report). Originating in Australia in 2007, and on the road for many years, the production is a $20m-dollar production which recently received a massive technological update in mechatronics, visuals, lighting, and the latest in realtime tracking.
The high-tech upgrades are provided and managed by UK-based company, Sonalyst, owned by Rory Madden. Sonalyst provides all the lighting, rigging, sound and communications. They also provide their technical expertise to be sure to use the appropriate equipment needed to solve any issues and improve the performance of the show, on both a technical and creative side.
Lighting huge dinosaurs for maximum impact is not easy. Yet, lighting is what drives tension and awe. Whether it’s time to thrill the audience or amaze them, lighting plays a huge role and tracking is key to keep lighting on-target, anytime, in realtime.
On the road, the main team consists of four people. Dave Gibbon is the LX crew Chief, Emma Davis is the touring relighter and programmer, Chris Dawson who is the moving light guru and Ashley Simper on BlackTrax. The BlackTrax elements are fully integrated within the touring rig and the design throughout the show.
Two different approaches are used for the final design. The first

aedAED highlights new gear at promo nights
Monday, 18 February 2019

UK - AED’s Luxibel Expo Tools range makes its UK debut at the AED Customer Night events this week, alongside a spread of new kit covering sound, lighting, rigging, display and accessories.
The AED UK Customer Nights will be held on Wednesday, 20 and Thursday, 21 February at the company’s UK office, from 4pm onwards. On both nights, visitors can enjoy the best local brew and curry whilst experiencing Luxibel’s Expo Tools.
The Prolyte range, the new Show Lift AED-SL18 - an automated motorised tower lift that can be controlled by DMX - and the AV Stumpfl Pixera range will also be on show.
“In this fast-paced industry, it’s important for us to inform our customers about the latest products, technologies and services,” says AED commercial manager, David Baker. “It’s a great occasion for our customers to meet the AED team in person and to discover our AV Business Tools.
“AED Customer Nights also offer us a chance to thank our customers for their continued support and ensure we can offer the best AV solutions for your business in 2019. We’re excited to welcome the industry to our premises, where many products will be showcased for the first time in the UK - and we will have stock on the night for instant sales.”
One of the highlights of the Luxibel Expo range is a new heavy-duty truss designed to look elegant on stand without sacrificing load capacity. It includes a built-in, three-phase electricity rail to power up lighting fixtures. The B Expo lighting fixtures will also be demoed, coming in two versions: The B Expo200W

sanremodBTechnologies powers Sanremo festival
Monday, 18 February 2019

Italy - A dBTechnologies VIO line array system powered the most famous music festival in Italy at the Ariston Theatre in Sanremo.
For Sanremo 2019, the 69th edition of the Festival of Italian Song, the RAI (Italian national public broadcasting company) technical team relied on dBTechnologies to guarantee quality sound coverage for one of the most awaited and popular events among Italian TV shows.
The Sanremo Festival brings together artists such as Andrea Bocelli, Zucchero, Eros Ramazzotti, Renato Zero, Laura Pausini and Nek, alongside international stars such as Queen, Eminem, Robbie Williams, Luis Fonsi and many others.
The versatility of VIO L210 allowed an articulated and complex composition that took into account the particular architectural features of the venue, including galleries and corridors and the ‘red carpet’ area.
The PA consisted of 16 VIO L210 (eight per side) as the main system, completed by six active subwoofers VIO S118 (3 per side) in cardioid configuration, six VIO L210 (two per side plus two central under the gallery) as delay. For the gallery, eight plus eight VIO L210 plus two subs VIO S118 and a centre-fill provided by two hanging VIO L210 were utilised.
The 69th edition of Sanremo Festival brought to the stage of the Ariston Theatre 22 popular artists plus two winners of the Sanremo Giovani contest.
The show was conducted by actress Virginia Raffaele and the comedian Claudio Bisio, together with singer and artistic director of the festival Claudio Baglioni. The final Saturday ni

zgpphotocreditbevaseventsEPIX Strips on track at Zoute Grand Prix
Friday, 15 February 2019

Belgium - At the annual Zoute Grand Prix event on the Belgian coast, some of the world’s most exclusive vintage cars transform the seaside town into a prestigious spectacle.
Stow International, one of the main sponsors of the event, installed an industrial piece of art on the dyke, showing what they do, industrial racking, and serving as pitlane for the participating cars. For this year’s edition, the Stow racking construction was even higher, including two lanes for the technical scrutineering and control to highlight the Zoute Pitlane.
Stow commissioned event agency Bevas Events for a lighting concept that includes 280 Chauvet Professional ÉPIX Strip IP fixtures. The lighting transformed the pitlane construction into a lattice of linear geometric illumination so that the Stow racking was highlighted from both sides of the dyke.
In order to transform the industrial racking structure, with its quadratic metal trussing, Bevas Events’ designer Jeroen Van de Velde utilised the 100 LEDs on each of the 1m long ÉPIX Strip IP fixtures to create a quiet, stylish linear effect congruent to the structure’s form.
“We specified the 280 ÉPIX Strips to be placed on the contours of the construction because of their incredibly slim design,” comments van de Velde. “The coupling of fixtures and one cable connection enabled us to create unbroken lines of light to really accentuate the structure while also awarding an element of depth and grandeur to the event.”
(Jim Evans)

widLight Fantastic package for Women in Data
Friday, 15 February 2019

UK - Attracting over 1000 attendees, the Women in Data conference features addresses from high-profile speakers plus a range of supporting events. Held within the grand surroundings of Central Hall Westminster, London, the event included presentations, development sessions and an exhibition, designed to inspire the WiD community.
Technical production specialists LFPS collaborated closely with the client and production manager Dave Parker to design the look and feel of the entire event.
Providing a complete production package covering both equipment and logistics, LFPS supplied lighting, audio, video, rigging and staging. Working to precise schedules beginning with a 6pm time slot for overnight load-in and build, the team were ready for rehearsal at 6am, with everything in place ready for doors open at 9am.
Commenting on working with LFPS, WiD co-founder Roisin McCarthy says, “The incredible team at LFPS worked tirelessly to bring to life our vision for WiD UK. The production quality and efficiency was truly remarkable. LFPS filled us with huge confidence from our first meeting, we simply could not have made WiD 2018 a success without their work.”
Transforming the elaborate hall with bold colours and a spectacular, branded stage set, the team created a contemporary look that contrasted perfectly against the ornate interior décor of the iconic venue. Designed in-house and constructed by the LFPS fabrication department, the set featured a variety of branded scenic elements including the giant 3D ‘W’ logo that swept across the entire stag

christ-place-church-2Altman creates pure light in Flowery Branch
Friday, 15 February 2019

USA - Led by Pastor Jeff Crook, Christ Place Church in Flowery Branch, Georgia, has been serving the community since 1955 by providing a safe place for everyone to come together in worship. The church recently finished construction on their new sanctuary, designed to use the latest in technology to reach a growing congregation.
Requiring a theatrical lighting design that could create the ideal worship environment and front light for their high-definition video capabilities, the church worked with the AVL integration specialists PRODUCTION/co who designed a new lighting system using PHX 250W LED profile luminaires from Altman Lighting.
“We’ve worked with the church on everything from student camps to smaller jobs, so when they began with the construction of their new sanctuary, we were brought on board to oversee the complete audio, video and lighting integration,” comments Dustin Whitt, PRODUCTION/co. “We had seen the PHX LED in a fixture demo and were impressed with both its output and quality of light across the beam field, plus it has an attractive price-point as well.”
“We had reviewed a lot of the competing products, and while we found that some weren’t really reliable enough, we also didn’t like the white’s created by others,” adds Cason Cleveland, PRODUCTION/co. “When we saw the PHX LED profile luminaires, they gave us the ideal output, consistency and performance.”
“The stage itself measures between 42ft and 56ft from upstage to downstage, and is approximately 90-feet wide,” continues Whitt. “There are the

saudi-golf-33-1CT delivers for inaugural Saudi golf tournament
Friday, 15 February 2019

Saudi Arabia - Golf’s European Tour made history this year when it took its tournament to Saudi Arabi for the first time in its 47 years. The event took place at the Royal Greens golf course in King Abdullah Economic City on 31 January and ran until 3 February.
Creative Technology (CT) were on hand to deliver all video aspects of this event on behalf of clients European Tour and IMG.
CT’s head of sport, Steven Purkess explains: “CT was contracted to design, engineer and fabricate eight bespoke LED structures, a big departure from the standard scaffold support structures traditionally used at golf events.
“The complete design and engineering service provided by CT not only included the design for each LED structure but also the foundations. The physical structure fabrication process was split across the CT group, and once delivered to site CT also installed and then subsequently de-rigged each structure.”
The eight bespoke LED structures were strategically placed to ensure spectators could follow the event no matter where they were. The structures consisted of six 9sqm outdoor leaderboard screens which were located around the course and two 18sqm outdoor video/scoreboard screens which were located on the first tee and 18th green.
Purkess adds: “We selected the 5mm high end black face outdoor LED as it gave the best resolution for the 3m x 3m Leaderboards. It is a great product and ideal for outdoor viewing in direct sunlight.”
CT was involved in developing the concept for the leaderboard / scoreboard structures and

frankfurtRock gegen Rechts powered by Linea Research
Friday, 15 February 2019

Germany - The roots of Rock gegen Rechts (Rock Against the Right) go back to the rise of Britain’s Rock Against Racism movement in in the mid-1970s. The 30 April,1978, Rock Against Racism concert in Victoria Park in East London was a seminal event that, by 1979, had inspired the first Rock gegen Rechts festival in Frankfurt, Germany.
Thirty-nine years later, Rock gegen Rechts was once again heard in downtown Frankfurt, in a one-day festival staged in the city’s famed Opernplatz. The audience enjoyed the advances in live sound since the 1970s as they listened to the day’s music and messages delivered with power and clarity by Linea Research amplifiers.
Nearly 90 organisations were involved in the event. Its patrons included vice presidents of the Bundestag Claudia Roth and Petra Pau, Lord Mayor of Frankfurt Peter Feldmann, and other city officials. Thirteen musical groups squeezed into the 10-hour show. Between the music performances various organisations and sponsors of the event delivered speeches and video messages with statements against racism and exclusion and in favour of peace, human rights, and diversity.
“The festival used culture as an ambassador of political content,” says Jörg Groh of Offenbach-based sound company Audiologic, who provided sound reinforcement for the show.
The show’s promoters were not certain how many people to expect but the crowd gradually grew until the square was packed with 10,000 attendees. The stage was a trailer platform 10m (32.8ft) wide, with wings on either side for the sound system and a co

motor-showProlyte's Verto truss at the LA Auto Show
Friday, 15 February 2019

USA - Prolyte’s Verto Truss system was used by Creative Technologies (CT) at three separate stands during the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show in December.
During the show, CT installed 3,200 linear feet of black powder-coated Verto truss to create booths for the new Genesis, Hyundai, and Kia automobiles. Prolyte’s Verto truss low self-weight allowed for more creative lighting options and flexibility in designing the stands. The Verto truss quick assembly, silent connection, and low self-weight also translated into a significant savings of at least 50% on drayage and labour costs.
In addition to the LA Auto Show, CT also relied on Prolyte’s Verto truss for a Volvo product launch at the new US plant in the Carolinas. CT built a stage inside the warehousing facilities to release a new car model for Volvo’s Worldwide management team.
Ian Dobson, project manager/lighting, Creative Technology Group says: “The Verto truss has worked so well for us that we now use it for all major US auto shows. It is lighter, more adaptable and quicker to assemble which resulted in incredible savings and flexibility.”
CT purchased the trusses from A.C. Lighting, the North American distributor for Prolyte. According to Prolyte executives, A.C. Lighting Inc. has been instrumental in the steady growth of Prolyte’s product availability, and they have created brand awareness in the North American Market. “It has been a pleasure working with Ian Dobson and the Creative Technology Group to find a trussing solution that would save them time and money,” commen

jamesMA dot2 rocks with James in Cape Town
Friday, 15 February 2019

South Africa - With the breath-taking eastern foot of Table Mountain as a backdrop, British indie rockers James performed at the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens. The full technical was supplied by Audio Engineering, who used their new MA dot2 to run the spectacular show.
“What an excellent production,” says Marcel Bezuidenhout, owner of Audio Engineering based in Cape Town. “James rocked it out at the Kirstenbosch Summer Sunset Concerts playing favourite hits like Lose Control, Sit Down and material from their 15th studio album, Living in Extraordinary Times.”
Associated with the Kirstenbosch Summer Sunset Concerts for the past 20 years, Marcel has been pleased to watch the annual event take off as his company has steadily built up a retinue of professional gear, the latest being the investment of a MA Lighting dot2 console purchased from DWR Distribution. Bradley Bruchhausen James support when needed.
“We chose the dot2 to align ourselves with current industry trends in South Africa and more specifically Cape Town,” Marcel elaborated. “The size and capabilities of the console makes it very attractive for our small to medium events, however we made it work for James, an International show, pretty much straight out of the box, where it was used by lighting designer JP Willson.”
With an exceptionally busy season, the console’s first gig was for a film shoot, followed by the James concert, and was then used on 20 different shows during December.
“Marcel and his team at Audio Engineering are

alcons-metropol-frontMetropol Theatre Vienna relies on Alcons
Friday, 15 February 2019

Austria - The Vienna Metropol Theatre is one of the most tradition-rich venues in the Austrian capital. Today, the Metropol provides a stage for national and international music acts, cabaret and theatre productions.
The Vienna Metropol has three stages. The main stage with the big hall has an audience capacity of 700 standing or 550 seated. The stage is open on three sides and the hall has a comparatively low ceiling height. The audience sits around the stage in a 270° angle, which further complicates the sound reinforcement situation. The room acoustics are also unusual; It is characterised by a short reverberation time with pronounced diffusivity in the empty space. In short: a demanding task for every sound system.
After various modernisations were carried out in recent years, it was the sound system’s turn in 2018. The Austrian distribution partner of Alcons Audio, the Vienna-based company Pro Performance, could not only convince with outstanding performance and a seamless sound coverage across the audience, but even prevail against the entire competition; The demo featured a set-up of Alcons RR12 point source array systems and universally applicable Alcons VR12. The Metropol installed however only the RR12 with 120° dispersion behaviour for the main area.
"The main emphasis of those responsible in the Metropol Theater was on a very good speech intelligibility and resolution, which should be preserved even at high sound pressure levels," says Wolfgang Sauter, owner of Pro Performance who performed the demo in the Metropol and intensively ad

vectorworks-logoVectorworks Design Scholarship opens
Friday, 15 February 2019

USA - Global design and BIM software solutions provider Vectorworks has announced its fourth annual Vectorworks Design Scholarship is now open for entries.
The scholarship enables undergraduate students and recent graduates to gain professional recognition by sharing their work and win up to $10,000.
“The Vectorworks Design Scholarship is an incredible opportunity for up-and-coming designers to promote their work and win funds to support their future endeavours,” comments Alice Lowy, marketing programmes director at Vectorworks. “We look forward to seeing what these up-and-coming designers think up next.”
To apply, eligible students must submit their best individual or group project and answer three questions. A panel of judges will evaluate submissions based on design integrity, originality, the effective use of computer technology and communication of design vision. Submissions are due by 29 August and the winners will be revealed 16 October.
First-round winners will each receive $3,000 and will be entered for the chance at the grand prize Richard Diehl Award, worth an additional $7,000. Scholarship award winnings may be used as winners see fit. Additionally, winners’ schools will receive free Vectorworks Designer software and complimentary training for faculty and students.
During the last scholarship campaign, Vectorworks received nearly 1,000 submissions from around the globe, including the United States, Germany, Switzerland, China, Belgium, the UK, the Netherlands and India.
Morgan Lindsay Price, a previous winner

mos-avolitesfloorAvolites Titan adds upbeat FX at MoS
Friday, 15 February 2019

UK - London’s Ministry of Sound (MoS) has upgraded its lighting control with Avolites Arena and Quartz consoles.
The South East London nightclub has been at the heart of the capital’s scene for almost 30 years. Household name DJs and performers are a mainstay of its offering, backed by serious sound and uplifting lighting.
International technical event production company Bigabox drew on its longstanding relationship with MoS to realise the enhancement of lighting control options in the club’s two main rooms - The 103 and The Box.
“It was my recommendation the MoS team got Avolites consoles for their largest-capacity spaces and that’s precisely what they did,” says Bigabox Productions’ director, Dean Graves. “The guys at Avolites are helpful, informative, passionate and incredible people to work with. It was imperative their products were in the Ministry.”
Oliver Young, lighting technician at MoS, comments: “We needed something which could work with the freelance lighting operators we have and the diverse events we have coming through the door.
“The Avolites Arena is the perfect console for club nights in The Box with its huge amount of faders, and the second screen is great for when we have corporate events because we can have our cue stack there while using the main touch screen for everything else. It’s amazing having the use of Avolites’ simple-to-use features such as Key Frame Shapes and a large amount of DMX outputs - we can make anything possible.”
As the name suggests, the Arena is designed for


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