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claypaky-mini-b1Group-PDA deploys Claypaky Mini-Bs
Monday, 21 October 2019

Belgium - Group-PDA, which provides sound, video and lighting rentals for the events industry, has become the first company in Belgium to acquire Claypaky Mini-B LED beam fixtures. Group-PDA purchased the Mini-Bs from AED Distribution.
The Mini-B is the smallest LED beam light ever made by Claypaky for the professional market. It weighs in at just 7Kg and measures only 34cm but the Mini-B features the most advanced, modern optical and electronic technology.
Group-PDA quickly put its new Mini-Bs to work on an elegant 90th anniversary party for H.Essers, a logistics service provider headquartered in Genk, Belgium. Group-PDA provided eight Mini-Bs, 18 Claypaky Sharpys and eight Claypaky Alpha Spot HPE 300s for the stage in an old factory venue, which was outfitted for a gala sit-down dinner and evening of entertainment and dancing.
Positioned above the stage to light the dynamic musical performances, the Claypaky fixtures “gave us the light output and brilliant colours we could not get with other instruments,” says Peter Smeets, CEO of Group-PDA.
(Jim Evans)

ysasYamaha flies high at Slovakian Air Fest
Monday, 21 October 2019

Slovakia - One of Europe’s premier air shows is the annual Slovak International Air Fest (SIAF) and, this year, the Slovak Aviation Agency added a new air festival to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the death of celebrated Slovakian politician, diplomat and aviator General Milan Rastislav Štefánik. Yamaha audio systems were an essential part of both events.
The Slovak Aviation Agency stages SIAF at Sliač airport every August. The crowds enjoyed flying displays by aircraft from Slovakia and 12 other NATO and EU member states.
Before this, in May the new Aviation Fest Piešťany (FLP) was held at Piešťany airport, located between Sliač and the Slovakian capital Bratislava. Systems integrator MediaTech was asked to supply the public address systems to both events, trusting Yamaha systems for these safety critical applications.
“At both events, the main zone was the spectator area along the flight line, which measured approximately 800 x 300m, plus a VIP area covering 300m x 100m.” says MediaTech’s Mario Brosch.
“We had to consider that there may be up to 100,000 spectators in the main area and all of them had to hear and understand announcements, even when aircraft were passing and in bad weather like wind and rain. The speakers could also only be positioned along the boundary of the spectator area.”
Mario and the Bratislava-based MediaTech team chose a system comprising 40 pole-mounted DZR15 powered loudspeakers, whose best-in-class SPL performance, sophisticated DSP processing and low-frequency sound reproduction we

portugalHog 4 wins on Portugal’s Game of Games
Friday, 18 October 2019

Portugal - A High End Systems Hog 4 lighting console was already declared a winner while contestants battled it out on Portugal’s Game of Games TV show.
Lighting designers Marco Silva and Ricardo Maia and lighting director Miguel Valerio shared duties on the Hog 4 with the first taping of a premiere season of Jogo De Todos Os Jogos for Warner Bros. Portugal. Based on the American version of Ellen’s Game of Games, the show is taped at the Valentim de Carvalho’s Studio 3 in Lisbon, and premiered 12 October on nationwide TV.
Silva chose the Hog console as he’s been using the platform since 2000. “I love it.” he declares. “Hog 4 is an easy and fast console to program. Just think: Source, Mask, Action, Destination.”
Each game had a customized logo, which was displayed on the LED screens. “That was our guidance in terms of colour. We recorded a total of 15 games this season, each with its own look and colour, together with lighting triggers that each game required, whether it was a red for a wrong answer or a green for right,” Silva explains.
“We had 600 channels of RGB ribbon on the set framing each window on the doors,” he continues. “We played a lot with the Hog 4 console’s pixel mapper, using pixel layers combined with the effects engine. The plot view allow us to lay out an LED product’s RGB strobe cells - which we were using in 68-channel mode - together with the 18 High End Systems Shapeshifters, and play with them using effects and pixel layers for those necessary bumps and whistles typical

outlineOutline backs Tuscan festival’s all-star cast
Friday, 18 October 2019

Italy - Performers at The Lucca Summer Festival included Take That, Toto, Macklemore, Tears For Fears, New Order, Elbow, Mark Knopfler, Janelle Monáe, The Good the Bad and the Queen, Scorpions and Sting, as well as Italian stars Eros Ramazzotti, Giorgia and Francesco De Gregori, all of whom performed in Piazza Napoleone, the main square of the ancient Tuscan city’s centre.
To satisfy the sonic needs of such a wide variety of genres, an Outline PA was chosen for the second consecutive edition, supplied by this year’s audio contractor, Target Sound, one of Poland’s largest full-service production companies and an Outline GTO Partner based in the southern Polish city of Chorzów.
Lorenzo Patellani and Paolo Calza were the Outline system engineers at the event and the former explains, “Ensuring all the spectators an unforgettable sound experience was no easy task, as the square is wide and short and the stage-front also very wide, so considerable care had to be taken to ensure perfect coverage of the entire audience. To this end, the decision to field Outline’s new compact Superfly line array systems on out-fill chores proved a winner, thanks to their excellent control of rear dispersion, which avoided on-stage sound spill, and their 90° horizontal dispersion, optimizing coverage of the side sections of the audience area.”
The set-up featured nine GTO C-12 plus a GTO-DF as down-fill per side, plus 9 + 9 Superfly systems on out-fill duty. On stage there were two stacks of four Mantas 28 systems, and eight LIPF 082 enclosures along the edg

adlib-creamfieldsAdlib out in force at Creamfields 2019
Friday, 18 October 2019

UK - Technical production specialist Adlib supplied lighting for two arenas at Creamfields 2019 and audio to four arenas, plus lighting and sound for the hospitality zone.
Creamfields attracts 70,000 dance fans each day for three days with a DJ line-up representing the diversity of dance culture and sounds. Merseyside-based Adlib worked directly for creative production specialist LarMac LIVE and their team led by Ian Greenway.
The logistics and planning of the lighting side of this highly detailed project were coordinated and project managed by Adlib’s Jordan Willis. The designs for arenas CF07 and CF09, for which Adlib supplied the full lighting packages, were created by Ian Tomlinson from High Scream.
A curved layered structure clad with LED video panels set the aesthetic tone for CF05, making a complete curve but with some strategic gaps left in between the LED where lighting could be secured to the scaffolding superstructure.
Adlib added 20 x Martin MAC Aura XB LED wash moving lights, 20 x Claypaky Axcor Beam 300s, 60 x Chauvet COLORdash PARS and 12 x CP Stormy LED strobes for blasts and accents. All of these were attached to the structure to keep the stage completely clean and clear. Control was a grandMA light and Adlib’s techs were Dave Smith and Ash Dawson, also both operating, supported by technician Peter Lea.
CF07’s lighting design was based around a combination of flown elements and a substantial ground support over the stage, installed by Prism.
Four raked finger trusses provided ‘roof cover’ for lighting a

julien-clercMavericks set multi moods for Julien Clerc
Friday, 18 October 2019

Canada - Julien Clerc is currently on the Canadian leg of his his 50th anniversary Piano et Voix tour. Supporting him is a powerful Eric Lapointe lighting design that features Chauvet Professional Maverick fixtures supplied by LSM.
The Quebec-based Lapointe’s theatrical background has played a prominent role in his design for Clerc’s Canadian shows.
“This tour is held in leading theatres, most of which have massive stages, so we wanted to trim high, as high as 30ft,” said Lapointe “Thus, I needed an instrument with the output to cut through the haze and still deliver gorgeous texture even in saturated colours. The saturates are essential to this show. Each song has its own flavour and visual mood with the lights only moving in two of the more than 20 songs performed. Instead of movement, we treat the audience to incredible colour fades and quiet textured zooms.”
Lighting specialist Gil Perron working with the LSM team consulted with Lapointe, and suggested that the Maverick MK3 Profile and MK2 Wash had the feature sets to help him achieve his vision. “LSM works thoughtfully and diligently with clients to match them with the fixtures that best fit their needs,” said Perron. “The more we studied this, the more we felt that the Mavericks were the ideal choice.”
Lapointe is lighting each musician with a single dedicated MK2 Wash. The MK3 Profile fixtures are being used to add texture to the scenic elements, as well as for specials on the artist and texture on the floor.
“In the end, every song is receiving a theatric

hyperdriveElation gears up for Netflix’s Hyperdrive
Friday, 18 October 2019

USA - In Netflix’s new reality TV show Hyperdrive, car racing meets obstacle course in a type of American Ninja Warrior with cars. Lighting is in the capable hands of two long-time industry pros and Warrior lighting veterans, Ed Motts (lighting director) and Adam Biggs (director of photography).
Motts says it was through their work on Warrior that the team was brought onboard to light the new reality competition. “We’ve really developed a niche reputation for doing outdoor TV shows,” he says of the lighting team. “Whatever Mother Nature can muster we’ve been through it. Hence we’ve gone with Elation gear because the IP rating is tremendous for us.”
The inaugural season of Hyperdrive was released by Netflix to a worldwide audience in August. The series was filmed at the Eastman Business Park in Rochester, N.Y. The complex was transformed into 10 obstacle racecourses with contestants driving custom cars through a series of obstacles.
Motts used a large package of dynamic lighting to bathe the Hyperdrive course and cars in light, colour and effect. Some 200 Elation Cuepix 16 IP LED matrix panels, 245 SixPar 100 IP LED PAR lights, 145 Platinum Beam 5R Extreme narrow-beam moving heads, and 34 Proteus Hybrid moving heads, along with other lighting, played a key role in helping to create maximum TV drama. Aspect Lighting out of LA supplied the automated lighting with MBS providing conventional fixtures.
One of the show’s many challenging obstacles is called Walk on Water, a 50,000-gallon water hazard where ca

spiritlandtruckBroaman on board Spiritland OB truck
Friday, 18 October 2019

UK - London-based Spiritland Productions recently commissioned its new large-format Spiritland One sound and video OB truck, featuring a BroaMan point-to-point fibre transport system running between the truck and the stagebox.
The luxury mobile production vehicle, built by Megahertz, contains an end-to-end IP infrastructure, and audio runs entirely on a Dante network, which the BroaMan environment supports. Their system is based on two new Repeat48WDM-24 with 2Fiber boards, the layout allowing BNC SDI ports to be combined with SFPs, with all signals able to be multiplexed into common fibre.
Spiritland Productions co-directors, Gareth Iles and Antony Shaw, adopted this solution following a meeting at IBC 2018, and the order was duly placed with BroaMan UK dealers, HHB.
Built around a single 1RU device, the BroaMan architecture allows bi-directional multi-format, multi-signal transport via a quad fibre cable. Explained BroaMan Technical Sales Manager, Maciek Janiszewski, “This is a bespoke truck and the specific configuration of each device was equipped with 12 3G-SDI coax ports -which can be used for video or MADI - and six bi-directional SFP slots which can be populated with any SFP transceiver to transport different signals.”
Both the Repeat48WDM on the truck and the similar device on the stagebox connect via two DUO singlemode fibres, and also tied into the system are the SSL System T production desk (via singlemode fibre SFP), and 1G Ethernet for AES67 used in the Riedel Bolero comms network (via multimode fibre SFP). Spiritland One a

wicreations-klm-100-yearsWIcreations helps KLM celebrate 100 years
Friday, 18 October 2019

The Netherlands - Dutch national airline KLM celebrated 100 years this month, making it the world’s oldest airline and the first airline still operating under its original name to reach its centenary.
To mark this landmark occasion, Hangar 10 at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam was cleared out to host multiple days of a spectacular KLM Experience event, where guests were treated to an impressive overview of KLM’s past, present and future.
WIcreations, working for technical production suppliers United Productions, used their new WImotion system and new proprietary MCA automation control to animate a massive LED video wall which split into three sections and tracked across the stage. The screen was the centrepiece of the event’s show.
A special movie was screened taking an in-depth look at KLM’s development over the decades and its pivotal role in the history of international civil aviation.
The screen measured 17m long by 5.7m high, and split into three sections. The centre one at 10.5 wide was flanked by two at 3.36m wide, with a total weight of 2.6 tons.
The project was managed for WIcreations by Geert Stockmans who worked closely with Unlimited’s Bart Roelen.
Geert commented, “MCA offered a perfect solution for this high-profile event, combining accurate, dynamic control with reliability and all the correct certification. This was also an ideal scenario for the system which offers powerful and intuitive next-generation automation control for numerous applications.”
Other components of the automation system

apgAll-APG audio at Cartel des Mines 2019
Friday, 18 October 2019

France - The Cartel des Mines is an annual three-day sporting event that was created in 1962 at the initiative of the École des Mines de Paris engineering school. The occasion brings together teams from European Mining Schools (Paris, Douai, Nantes, Alès, Albi, Saint-Etienne, Nancy, Madrid, Vigo, Oviedo, Turin, Bochum, Krakow and St. Petersburg), as well as the Emines-School of Industrial Management in Benguerir (Morocco), to compete in different sporting disciplines before enjoying evenings of entertainment.
The 2019 edition of the Cartel took place in Albi and drew some 2,000 students each night.
French technical services company, SC Management, was on hand to provide the audio reinforcement for the associated festivities, which included a rousing opening ceremony at the Sainte Cécile cathedral square and evening parties at the Parc des Expositions exhibition centre featuring full light, sound and video production.
In order to achieve the best possible results for such a high-profile event, SC Management opted to employ an APG-heavy audio setup across both venues.
“I discovered APG about 15 years ago,” said manager of SC Management, Sebastien Vaudez. “We worked together on a number of club and restaurant installation projects and subsequently began building our inventory of both rental and installation-focussed products. We now stock a large part of the range including their PA systems, subwoofers, amplifiers and processors.”
Sound reinforcement for the opening ceremony came from six APG SMX15 stage monitors and four TB215S

robeMegaPointes go vertical for KVIFF ceremony
Friday, 18 October 2019

Czech Republic - The opening ceremony of the 2019 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (KVIFF) featured a gravity-defying vertical dance performance with large-format projection and eight aerialists from Jednotka Rychlého Nasazení (Rapid Action Unit) who were creatively directed by brothers Michal Caban & Simon Caban, universally known as ‘Cabani’.
To light this choreography, they chose 24 x Robe MegaPointes, which were installed, together with custom trusses, motors and a bespoke people flying system into the Great Cinema Hall at the Thermal Hotel in the Czech spa city.
The MegaPointes were delivered by Prague-based rental / production company, AudioLight Service and operated by LD Ladislav Horak.
Cabani is an innovative boundary-challenging dance and physical theatre group founded by the brothers whilst they were at college 25 years ago. Since then, they have been thrilling audiences worldwide with their unique blend of adrenaline-fuelled acrobatics and imaginative expression, working on a diversity of theatre, film, video and multimedia projects.
This year was the 24th time that Cabani has designed and produced the opening and closing ceremony shows for KVIFF. While they keep coming up with multiple fresh performance ideas and concepts, the pressure is always on as audience expectations are now super-high that something visually outstanding will be revealed.
For this year’s OC event, they decided to create the vertical – and suspended – dance piece after being inspired by the graphics artwork for this festival ev

brandiJBL VTX powers Brandi Carlile at MSG
Friday, 18 October 2019

USA - Front of House Engineer Sean Quackenbush and Maryland Sound International recently deployed JBL VTX A Series Line Array Loudspeakers at Brandi Carlile’s Madison Square Garden performance.
“The coverage is the most important thing, so everybody is getting the exact same show that I'm hearing at the mix position,” said Quackenbush. “We wanted to make sure there was coverage from the front row to the top row of the arena, and have the tonality stay the same from front to back. With some manufacturer’s boxes, they throw a long way but the actual sound of the mix drastically changes, whereas with this system, the sound was the same from Row 1 of the floor to Row Z of the balcony upstairs.”
For the performance at MSG, Quackenbush and MSI deployed a JBL audio system including 64 VTX A12 loudspeakers, 12 VTX S28 subwoofers, 12 VTX G28 subwoofers, an array of VTX A8 and F35/64 loudspeakers as front-fills, and almost 100 Crown I-Tech 12000HD and 4x3500HD amplifiers. By utilising both ground and flown subs, the team was able to deliver consistent low-end information from the ground floor to the upper tiers or the balcony.
“The Garden is a really tall building seating-wise, so the vertical coverage we needed to achieve is what drove how many boxes we used,” said Robert Jones, account manager at MSI. “Line-arrays tend to be narrower, that's kind of their function. You make up the vertical coverage by adding more boxes. The only real challenge was figuring out how much horizontal coverage we needed going around the sides. We ended up usin

killswitchengageMavericks back Killswitch Engage US tour
Thursday, 17 October 2019

USA - When creating the lighting design for Killswitch Engage on the band’s co-headline North American tour with Clutch, Cody James had a simple goal in mind. “I wanted to go back to the KSE’s roots,” he said. “My plan was to give the guys much more solid colours and bold looks.”
James’ plan was well-founded, given the retrospective nature of his Grammy nominated client’s most recent (and sixth) studio album Disarm The Descent.
James’ design included eight multi-functional Chauvet Professional Maverick MK Pyxis fixtures that were used to transform venues of widely different sizes and configurations.
“The idea was to create powerful looks that fit any location, whether it was a live music venue or a festival,” said James. “There were four different layouts for the floor backstage, and we would decide which design we would use for any particular show during our walk-through. Since this was a coheadline tour, all of our layouts were designed to be set up and taken down quickly while still fitting the venue.”
James was able to achieve this level of flexibility because of the versatility of his fixtures, and the dedication of his crew. “The people at JDI always make sure all of my tours are 100% dialled in,” he said. “The guys in the KSE crew allowed me to put as many lights as possible in their way every day. And the Clutch crew are some of the best humans to work next to. There are always challenges with a coheadline tour, but we met them very well by working together.”
Key to the design were the

eastmontbaptistDanley meets challenges of Eastmont church
Thursday, 17 October 2019

USA - At the 1,300-seat sanctuary at Eastmont Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama, pews wrap around a stage that is much wider than it is deep, and a large balcony overhangs much of the main floor in a similar wrap-around design. With the deep overhang, good sound reinforcement for Eastmont’s orchestra and choir would be challenging under the best of circumstances.
To replace a failing system, AVL integration firm Emmaus Media & Design, of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, worked with Eastmont to design and install a high-fidelity Danley Sound Labs sound reinforcement system. Danley’s point-source pattern control allowed Emmaus to hit every seat with high-intelligibility, high-SPL coverage that varies by no more than 1dB.
“In addition to its regular Sunday services with orchestra and choir, Eastmont hosts a lot of touring acts,” explained Tim James, owner of Emmaus Media & Design. “Their previous sound reinforcement system was a conglomerate of components in a centre cluster that was original to the building 20 years ago. The integrator evidently went out of business halfway through the project. It was a mess.
“The coverage was terrible. You couldn’t walk five feet without it changing. The balcony had no high-frequency content at all. Intelligibility was abysmal. When touring acts came through, they always had to bring their own PA. Eastmont wanted a new system that would sound fantastic day-to-day and that would make them proud when touring acts came through.”
Now, A stereo pair of Danley SH96HO full-range loudspeakers serve

mulgariPeerless-AV and Absen create video wall
Thursday, 17 October 2019

UK - AV technology pioneer Peerless-AV and LED manufacturer Absen have teamed up to install an LED video wall in the showroom of Mulgari Cars, bespoke styling and tuning body shop for performance and luxury vehicles. Mulgari wanted a video wall solution that would enable them to advertise their services to new and existing customers via a medium befitting its supercar studio image.
LED was the most suitable choice for its design flexibility, narrow pixel pitch, high contrast in ambient light, 24/7 performance and low power consumption. Absen N Series high bright panels and an easy-assemble, custom LED mounting system from Peerless-AV were chosen for the project.
Bracknell-based Mulgari Cars is owned by Iain Campbell, a former director at AV distributor Midwich Group. “The LED video wall has successfully addressed our visual goals,” says Campbell. “We have an in-house content creation team for our web and social channel advertising, which now extends to the new display platform and is clearly seen by visiting customers and drivers passing by the forecourt.”
A technical team of four managed the install, which was completed quickly and easily, without interruption to Mulgari.
(Jim Evans)

cool-brittaniaCapital Sound drives Cool Britannia
Thursday, 17 October 2019

UK - This year’s Cool Britannia at Knebworth Park built on the success of last year’s inaugural event, and now looks to have become a consolidated festival.
Capital Sound were again brought in to work alongside production manager Keith Morris, with whom they have historically partnered on the Rewind festivals - and as was the case last year they equipped both the Main and Ministry of Sound stages.
Both presented star-studded line-ups with James, Embrace, Sleeper, Basement Jaxx, The Coral, Starsailor, Fun Loving Criminals dominating the main stage and Danny Rampling, Seb Fontaine, Goldie, Norman Jay, Phil Hartnoll and Graeme Park the MOS Stage.
Capital Sound’s Robin Conway noted, “The biggest upgrade this year was that we were able to fly the MLA side hang stage right, thanks to the redesigned structures, whereas it was ground stacked last year. This not only freed up some much-needed space, but provided a superior, more even coverage.
“As production were happy with what we had done in 2018 there was no real need to tweak anything other than that.”
The main stage PA comprised 15 MLA and a single MLD Downfill per side, with 14 x MLX in broadside cardioid array providing LF extension. A further 10 W8LM Mini Line Array elements were placed in pairs on top of the subs as lip-fills.
For the MOS dance stage, which ran later into the night, strict sound limits needed to be observed. “But we were able to run at 98dB(A) average and 101dB(A) peak,” Conway confirmed.
To achieve this, they ground stacked five MLA Compact e

kansasKansas anniversary tour rolls on with Bandit
Thursday, 17 October 2019

USA - Kansas have announced the fourth and final leg of The Point of Know Return Anniversary Tour, with a lighting system supplied by Bandit Lites. With the third leg of the tour currently traversing the country, the group is performing the eponymous sextuple-platinum album in its entirety to near capacity and enthusiastic audiences through Spring of 2020.
“It’s exciting how popular the Point of Know Return Anniversary shows have been,” comments Kansas lead vocalist Ronnie Platt. “When we wrap up this fourth and final leg, we will have played nearly 100 of these shows over nearly two years. We have worked hard to give audiences a memorable musical experience with this tour. We are excited to continue it with the final leg of the tour, then see what we come up with next.”
Lighting designer Scott Pearson had no boundaries when building the lighting for the show, immersing himself in the music as he programmed and translated the music into a “visual representation”.
“It is all about the buildup,” Pearson explained, referring to the three-act element of the concert. “Each phase is different, and I start with the minimum.”
Bandit Lites provided GLP X4S fixtures, Martin MAC Viper Profiles, Wildfire Blacklite WF 101 fixtures and Elation CuePix WW2 Blinders. Fourteen Elation SixPars illuminate set pieces along with an Obsidian Controls M6 for control.
“Scott’s approach to details down to how the system is prepared, cabled and packed make a big impact in adapting to different venues throughout the country,” said B

amateAmate line array reinforces Boris Brejcha
Thursday, 17 October 2019

France - Amate Audio’s new X212AF advanced three-way line array was FOH for Boris Brejcha at the Positiv Festival on 5 September in the Roman Théâtre antique d'Orange in southeastern France.
Sound hire company DIDO Music supplied an all Amate Audio FOH system, comprising left / right stacks of just five X2121AF line array elements together with two further X212AF / X218WF pairings for front-fills, flooding the 9000-capacity filled Roman amphitheatre with sound.
The festival line up, featuring Nicolas Cuer and Reinier Zonneveld, was headlined by Berlin DJ and producer Boris Brejcha: purveyor of his own genre of ‘hightech minimal’ techno and man in the Viennese carnival mask.
(Jim Evans)

opreyGLP fixtures at The Grand Ole Opry
Thursday, 17 October 2019

USA - This summer, Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry unveiled a new daytime backstage tour based around the new, purpose-built Circle Room theatre. Hosted by Opry members Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, a 14-minute long immersive media experience takes fans on a journey through nearly 100 years of Opry history, seen through the eyes of the musicians who played on the famous stage, and features archival footage and concert-like special effects.
The Circle Room serves as the centrepiece of a $12m Opry House expansion and renovation project aimed at enhancing the guest experience. This production marks the opening of the new backstage tour, which continues into the renovated Opry House Lobby, featuring a custom lighting element made with Gibson guitars and a special media presentation.
As the introduction for the new tour, The Circle Room experience is dominated by LED concert and mood lighting from GLP, specified by a consortium headed by design and production agency BRC Imagination Arts. Under the creative direction of Brad Shelton, Edward Hodge, and a team of designers, they conceived and designed the Opry Circle Room, which at night transforms into a VIP upgrade area for Opry show guests. It includes 340 lighting fixtures - many of them from GLP - as well as four projectors and five LED screens.
BRC, in turn, brought in Brian Gale and Manny Treeson of LA-based lighting design company, NYXdesign, while one of GLP’s dealers, Clearwing Systems Integration, handled the installation, with all three companies having collaborated regularly in the past.

the-1975d&b KSL on The 1975 ABIIOR Tour 2019
Thursday, 17 October 2019

UK - British pop-rock band The 1975 embarked on a two-year world tour, A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships, with a firm focus on the fan experience: what they see, hear and feel – whether in the front row or the gods – is paramount.
With drum and bass, ethereal pop and pulsating rock performed in venues ranging from regional halls to big city arenas, the production team required a flexible, powerful and clear sound solution. As a result, the tour is one of the first to take the d&b KSL System on the road.
“Musically, this band is very eclectic, so you really need a sound system that covers all of those genres and styles,” says Jay Rigby, front of house engineer for The 1975. “Lead singer Matty Healy and drummer George Daniel produce their own albums - they know exactly how they should sound live and they have the technical expertise to communicate that effectively.”
Rental house Eighth Day Sound has worked with The 1975 for their past two album cycles. As early adopters of new d&b technology, they collaborated with Rigby to specify the KSL System for this tour.
“One really interesting thing with the KSL,” says Rigby, “is that the vocal range is just incredible - that crossover point between the mid and the high is so smooth; you don’t really hear any horn distortion and the voice is just so smooth all the way through. The fans want to hear every word that Matty is saying and KSL has made it so much easier for every seat in the house to hear just that.”
Whether playing smaller venues such as The Bright

mida-pressGenelec backs talent in ‘performance store’
Wednesday, 16 October 2019

China - The Mida Performance Store in Changsha, the capital city of China’s Hunan province, is a new concept that offers a high-spec live performance venue, bar and social media experience for music lovers. It provides an open stage for anyone wanting to give free rein to their singing talents in front of an appreciative audience of their peers, and the entire performance space is equipped with Genelec 1032C and 4030C loudspeakers for a high quality audio experience for both performers and audience members alike.
The concept has proved hugely popular with customer flow reaching 120,000 in the first month of opening followed by 200,000 in the second month. On the Store Member’s Day, performance waiting time exceeded three hours. Much of the popularity is attributed to the superlative quality of the Genelec audio experience that forms an integral part of the concept. From the outset the brief was to deliver the best possible sound, both for the audience and the performers, for which a Genelec solution was chosen throughout.
"Genelec is widely known throughout the professional audio industry,” remarked Mr Zhang Hongxu, head of market operations at Mida Performance Store. “A great many albums are recorded and mixed using Genelec. There are vast numbers of people that secretly harbour the soul of a singer but it’s difficult for ordinary consumers to experience a professional environment and facilities. Our aim is to bring a truly professional experience to ordinary people, to allow all music lovers to enjoy a high-end performance.”
The sto

alborotoYamaha solution for Madrid’s Alboroto
Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Spain - Since starting the business in 2015, the group of young entrepreneurial friends who formed Madrid’s successful Lalala Group has already opened 12 bar/restaurants. The latest, on the city’s fashionable Calle de la Princesa, features a Yamaha audio system which is keeping both customers and the city council happy.
Lalala Group calls its venues ‘modern beer houses’, which all follow a core theme, but each has a different personality. Located in one of Madrid’s most popular areas, the latest Lalala Group venue - Alboroto - has a spacious dining area, two bars and a cocktail menu complemented by a choice of music which encourages patrons to enjoy upbeat, celebratory nights out. DJs maintain a lively atmosphere from Wednesday to Saturday, with live performances at weekends.
Being in an area with many bars and clubs, Lalala Group wanted to ensure that Alboroto’s audio system would be top quality and it was vital that it would not exceed the SPL limits set by the city council.
AV company Salas Audiovisual, in collaboration with architects MR Arquitectos, recommended a Yamaha CIS system with two precisely defined zones. One covers Alboroto’s bars, which are closer to the entrance, programmed to deliver high quality sound at lower volume. The second zone covers the dedicated DJ and live performance area, which has a small dance floor. Being further into the building, here a greater SPL is permitted.
The heart of the system is an MTX3 matrix processor, which matched Lalala Group’s demands in terms of audio quality and versatility,

analogClair installs Bose in new Nashville venue
Wednesday, 16 October 2019

USA - As part of ongoing renovations, Nashville’s Hutton Hotel recently completed work on a new live music venue, alongside Writers Studios production rooms conceived by musicians Dierks Bentley and Ryan Tedder.
Spearheaded by L.A.-based GreenLight Media, Nashville-based British acoustician Michael Cronin was hired to bring the venue and the two production rooms to fruition. Cronin subsequently brought in Clair Solutions, who worked closely with Cronin and the venue to spec the AV system – a key part of which involves components from Bose Professional, including ShowMatch and RoomMatch Utility modules.
The 5,000sq.ft Analog music venue and cocktail lounge, which takes up the footprint of a former parking facility and is two stories high in the centre section, usually seats 160 but has a maximum capacity of 300. The hotel wanted the venue to reflect its intimate vibe, says Cronin.
“It’s like being in your living room. The stage is 18 inches high and you can sit on a couch two feet away. It was a challenging space. Then you have upper VIP areas overlooking the stage with a bar under one and seating under the other. You have so many different reverberation times within the same space. But I was extremely happy with the outcome. My hat’s off to Executive Project Director Tom Williams at GreenLight; he put a great team of people together.”
The venue’s entertainment is programmed in collaboration with GreenLight partners Red Light Management, whose diverse artist roster includes the likes of the Dave Matthews Band, Luke Bryan and Lione

vulfpeckVulfpeck go Rogue in Madison Square Garden
Wednesday, 16 October 2019

USA - Madison Square Garden has welcomed just about every conceivable kind of music act in its storied history, but it’s doubtful that the famed arena has ever hosted a concert with a scenic set quite like the one Vulfpeck used for its recent show. With a mix of well-worn chairs, ottomans tapestries and thrift shop lamps, the set for the band’s concert looked more like the kind of apartment inhabited by college kids, than a funk music stage.
Formed by four students at the University of Michigan’s music school, Vulfpeck recorded their first song in an Ann Arbor living room. They had the exact furniture from that room shipped 622 miles from their college town home to Manhattan for their Madison Square Garden debut.
The ‘living room’ provided a nice touch that captured the engaging style of Vulfpeck. At the same time, though, it also presented a challenge for Christian Hall, the designer brought in by the band’s production manager to light the show.
Hall, of Borealis Stage Lighting, met this challenge by deftly creating a design that managed to be at once as engaging as the show’s homey set, and as potent as the big arena. Helping him accomplish this feat were his ChamSys MagicQ MQ80 console with an extra wing, and a collection of Chauvet Professional Rogue fixtures supplied by Squeek Lights.
“The scenic design for this show was well-executed and different,” said Hall. “We wanted to keep the “living room” the focal point of the set, while still filling in the empty areas above and around the band with lighting. It definit


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