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wlBrompton Tessera in the frame with White Light
Thursday, 20 May 2021

UK - Brompton Technology has collaborated with White Light (WL) to showcase the new functionality of its latest Tessera V3.1 software release.
The software’s new features, such as Frame Remapping and High Frame Rate+, have unlocked a number of virtual production opportunities. Frame Remapping within White Light’s SmartStage LED studio enables multiple cameras and shooting modes to each see their own render perspective. It also means that a live feed can be captured, fully utilising the benefits of XR technology, including reflections and bespoke lighting, while adding the capability to simultaneously shoot against a green screen to give options in post-production.
Dynamic chroma key adjustments can be made, allowing any 24-bit RGB colour to be specified. For events with remote participants in different countries, the technology allows outputs to be tailored and regionalised to simultaneously deliver unique content in multiple languages.
“We were delighted when Brompton approached us to look at how their new software could help enhance the projects and solutions we are developing for our clients,” comments WL’s technical solutions director, Andy Hook. “As the leaders in selling and deploying multiple SmartStage XR environments around the world, collaboration with other global leaders is key to our evolution journey. The powerful combination of these technologies unleashes so much potential for the creative industries and we are hugely excited to see how this partnership develops.”
“Having the opportunity to work with Andy, Sarah

latropical1hiDAS Audio pumps up Miami brewery
Wednesday, 19 May 2021

USA - As Cuba’s oldest brewery, Cerveceria La Tropical dates to the year 1888 when La Tropical founded the Cuban beer industry. The business thrived until the arrival of the Cuban revolution when the company’s assets were seized. Fast forward 50 years, which includes relocation of the founding family to Miami, and Cerveceria La Tropical has a new home. Cuba’s oldest brewery is now one of Miami’s youngest, and this new business has DAS Audio loudspeakers installed throughout the complex.
Sound Investment Audio, a design / build AV integration and live event production firm with offices in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, and Las Vegas, was contracted to handle the audio system design and installation at Cerveceria La Tropical.
Jon Raymond, Sound Investment’s Chicago‐based national project manager, is involved in many aspects of the company’s projects. Working in close coordination with the company’s regional project managers, he was responsible for the design, planning and installation of Cerveceria La Tropical’s new sound system, which included loudspeakers drawn from the WR, Artec, and Vantec series catalogues of DAS Audio. He discussed the project, which opened in February 2021.
“Cerveceria La Tropical’s inside areas make up roughly 17,550sq.ft and include the brewery and bar in addition to table seating,” Raymond explained. “This inside area is where the beer tasting, and dining take place. The outside area includes a 5,850sq.ft courtyard, with tables and a stage area located at the far end of the space. The stage

xr-studiosXR Studios pioneers disguise’s virtual zoom
Wednesday, 19 May 2021

USA - For the past year, the world has been preoccupied with Zoom meetings. Disguise has been looking at a very different type of zoom. Instead of video meetings, disguise allows its users to zoom in and out of a virtual world on camera.
disguise’s extended reality (xR) workflow, released to the general public in April 2021 through its new r18 software, includes this new feature which extends the virtual scene to allow cameras to zoom in and out of each scene. With these capabilities, the community of disguise users can now build even more exciting and elaborate scenes than ever before.
xR pioneers and disguise partners, XR Studios, were among the first to incorporate the new feature into their current workflow and explore its full potential. Their first project using virtual zoom was with singer Katy Perry. For what is now the third collaboration with Perry, XR Studios used the new feature to enhance her performance for the Lazada, the Malay e-commerce platform, annual Super Party that was simulcast across Southeast Asia.
“The virtual zoom allowed us to work outside the box because we can now simulate shooting in a space that is ten times larger than ours,” says J.T. Rooney, chief creative officer at XR Studios.
Silent Partners Studios were the xR content designers on this project, and by partnering with XR Studios, they were able to create worlds that went beyond the limits of the physical screens. Perry performed against a giant Pierrot statue, Escher-inspired architecture, swan sculptures, and a fireworks display, with the camera

robe-springer-studios-berlin-weltstudiodoppelohmsiemonwelt-screenRobe T1 Fresnels installed at Welt TV studios
Wednesday, 19 May 2021

Germany - Two broadcast studio spaces utilised by German prime TV news channel Welt are at the centre of the new Axel Springer Building in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district, which recently opened for business.
The studio lighting and control systems were specified and designed by the ARRI System Group in Berlin, a division of the Munich-based ARRI Group, whose team oversaw the integration and installation of broadcast lighting for overall systems integrator, Qvest Media.
The use of moving lights underpins the fundamental flexibility and efficiency required by the studios’ technical and lighting infrastructure to avoid needing roof access for refocusing and repositioning.
The 98 Robe T1 Fresnel luminaires were chosen as a key element of the lighting design for several reasons including the overall quality, value, and form factor of the products.
Another main driver was the option to have the fixtures supplied with two RJ45 ethernet ports to facilitate connection to the studio’s IP based control system.
This was a cornerstone of the entire studio lighting design and enables the constant central feedback and status monitoring of all fixtures, a functionality vital for the smooth running of a 24-hour studio environment.
The lighting package also included nine Robe Tetra2 moving LED battens, and the deal was cemented by the service from the teams at both Robe Germany in Munich, and Robe HQ in the Czech Republic.
The ARRI team was led by their head of projects Paul Flemming, senior lighting network architect Carolin Schramm and

mtv-challenge-double-agent2Rogues meet the challenge of Double Agents
Wednesday, 19 May 2021

USA - No one can trust anyone on The Challenge Double Agents, the spy thriller inspired reality show where contestant can turn on contestant in pursuit of ultimate victory. Mike Grabowski knew exactly who he could count on when lighting the final Reunion episode of the popular MTV programme at Manhattan’s NEP Penn Hotel Studios.
“There was a wonderful and dynamic collaboration with some stand up people in this show,” said Grabowski of The Lighting Design Group. “I’m very grateful to have worked with Dave Edwards, our production designer; Jon Goss, my gaffer; Sarah Jakubasz my pithy programmer; George McPherson, our staging supervisor, and the entire Top Knotch crew.
“The Rogue R2 Wash did a lot for us in this show,” he continues. “It really is a very nimble little thing. We had a large ceiling element, close to the grid, so being aware of our fixture choice and placement was essential. The R2 is small, and startlingly punchy. It nailed the zoom range, allowing me to go from a tiny tight highlight to help out the background on a single, to zooming it out wide and using it to give some depth and tone to the set.”
Arranged in a half arc over the talent, the 12 Rogue R2 Wash fixtures in the show’s rig filled a variety of roles, from highlighting walls and scenic elements to serving as camera candy. Grabowski also called upon the colour rendering capabilities of the RGBW moving fixture to add visual variety to the show.
“Our primary colour was blue with white accents,” he says. “But there were ‘siren moments’ t

globalGlobal Kingdom upgrades with DiGiCo and KLANG
Wednesday, 19 May 2021

Canada - For Global Kingdom, the mid-pandemic upgrade to their audio systems is all about staying ahead of the curve and expanding the reach of the message they preach. While Coronavirus restrictions hastened the Toronto-based church’s efforts to enhance their ministry, using cutting-edge technology to do just that has always been an important driver for the growth of their congregation.
Realising that during this challenging time, their ministry is more critical than ever for those who depend on their support, inspiration, and community, Global Kingdom pivoted according to the needs of the moment. Working closely with Apex Sound & Light and GerrAudio Distribution, they adopted a solution that serves the needs of today and tomorrow with the addition of a DiGiCo Q338 mixing console and KLANG immersive mixing platform.
Tom Lodu, manager of operations & special events for Global Kingdom Ministries states, “This (effort) is not a band-aid. This is the level of quality we are implementing going forward, and we want to do it with excellence.”
Founded in 1956, Global Kingdom has grown substantially and now operates out of a facility able to host an on-site congregation of nearly 2,000 on any given Sunday, and streams live services to 32 countries around the world.
Audio director, Joshua Rambajue, who began performing at the church as a musician before taking on his current role, explains that the scope of the musical component to their services ranges from basic setups with just a singer and a guitar to a full praise band featuring any

berlinFirst L-ISA system installed in Berlin venue
Wednesday, 19 May 2021

Germany - Expansive performances have been transforming the building and outdoor spaces at radialsystem, a former pumping station in Berlin-Friedrichshain on the banks of the river Spree, into a stage since 2006.
As a creative production and event venue for the development of new artistic programmes and event formats, radialsystem also hosts numerous conferences, meetings and trade fairs, which often deal with innovation and futuristic topics. The large number and variety of events, with their associated demand for quality, means it is part of the radial DNA to constantly develop and challenge itself technically, and the venue is the first in Germany to boast a permanently installed L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound System.
In total, radialsystem has around 2,500sq.m of usable event space spread over five floors. The L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound System has been designed for the largest room, the 600sq.m Main Hall, and considers the broad spectrum of events hosted at radialsystem - from concerts, musical theatre and dance performances to sound installations of contemporary electroacoustic music, and events that focus on language and dialogue.
Additionally, as the former machine hall of the sewage pumping station, the room still retains its historic industrial architecture and, with its wide arched windows and expanses of stone and concrete, also poses a variety of acoustic challenges.
Working alongside Martin Rode, L-Acoustics head of application install for the DACH area, the radialsystem team settled on a modular system based on A15 arrays

newtondashboard-control-softwareOutline’s Newton at the heart of the BRITs
Wednesday, 19 May 2021

UK - The complex audio system for the 2021 BRIT Awards once again was designed, provided and operated by Britannia Row Productions. As in 2020, a Newton processor was specified to deal with a number of mission-critical tasks at the very core of the system.
The 2021 BRITs was notable as one of the UK's first major indoor live music events in more than a year, following the impact of COVID-19. The event was staged with a limited live audience as part of a test by the UK government to trial the idea of crowds with no social distancing, along with the FA Cup final and World Snooker Championship final as events that would feature larger crowds than allowed by law at the time.
The BRP show team included two system techs, Laurie Fradley and Adam Smith, system engineer Sergiy Zhytnikov and system designer / FOH engineer Josh Lloyd.
“The Newton was used to handle the matrix mixing from our FOH consoles into the PA and we were able to utilise its optical Madi, AES and analogue inputs to provide a main and redundant path from both the band console and presenter board,” reports Lloyd. “The 18x16 matrix also gave us additional inputs for playback, system tuning and alignment, with the unit simultaneously outputting back-up mixes for broadcast and additional effects used in the room.
“This year the PA was a distributed ring system covering the audience in Level 1 of the bowl and the boxes, then to cover the nominees on the floor we used a separate Left /Right system. Due to the location of the presenter stage, perpendicular to the end-on performance

pretoriaStage Audio Works solution for mega-church
Tuesday, 18 May 2021

South Africa - After many years of holding congregations in houses, school halls and tents, South African Christian church, Capital City Church International (3Ci), has realised their dream of inhabiting their own space.
The client brought in Stage Audio Works (SAW) to provide audio-visual solutions for their new base in Pretoria. Involved in the process from the early stages, SAW played a large part in the planning and execution of the project - delivering a comprehensive PA system based on state-of-the-art d&b line array speakers, as well as a turnkey house lighting system and building-wide BGM and control.
One of the primary considerations was audio clarity in the main auditorium, a large space with a maximum capacity of 2,500. Ensuring sound constancy in such a large space proved challenging, but the collaboration between SAW, 3Ci, the architect, Ferdi Le Grange, as well as acoustician Bruce Gessner resulted in ‘a stellar audio solution’.
The goal was to design a space that was intimate and functional, with no disparity between seats. To achieve audio consistency in such a large space, acoustics were a key consideration. “We recommended that 3Ci bring in Bruce Gessner from AcousticWorx to develop a bespoke turnkey acoustics design and treatment plan,” says SAW CTO, Nathan Ihlenfeldt. “This resulted in an immaculate sound environment boasting a sub 1.2 second reverb as well as excellent intelligibility.”
SAW designed a PA system which would fill the room. The size of the space warranted a line array system, so SAW opted f

easter-serviceWPC blends with MLA for Easter service
Tuesday, 18 May 2021

USA - When Highland Park United Methodist Church (HPUMC), based in Dallas, TX, wanted to stage a large-scale Easter Sunday service at a 32,000-capacity stadium, it presented Martin Audio partner Alford Media with some different challenges.
The stadium sits on a university’s campus and while Alford Media has provided audio reinforcement for a number of routine graduation ceremonies at the stadium, the emphasis this time was on providing premium audio - particularly with 600 socially distanced chairs set out for family groups on the field itself - according to Alford’s audio services manager, Ben MacKinney.
Alford Media holds a considerable inventory of Martin Audio systems and MacKinney set about combining two - Wavefront Precision Compact (WPC) for on field coverage, and MLA Compact for the bleachers and stands. This provided the optimum outcome for a congregation numbering around 7,000 people.
Alford Media originally invested in MLA Compact back in April 2014. “We auditioned every major manufacturer to decide what would put us in a league like no other, including adjustability and changes in coverage distance and Martin Audio’s technology ticked all these boxes,” said MacKinney. They followed the evolution of this technology through Wavefront Precision (WPC and WPM) and today have over 250 front line elements (as well as CDD-LIVE series).
On duty over Easter weekend were FOH engineer, Eric Faulk, and system engineer, Ryan Sartell. Their task was to overcome the high reflections off the rear of the stadium and the consequent delay.

eurovisionErwin Rintjema takes the helm for Eurovision
Tuesday, 18 May 2021

The Netherlands – The Eurovision Song Contest 2021 is back on track following a one-year hiatus due to the Covid Pandemic. Heading up a new technical and production team is Netherlands based Erwin Rintjema, who takes on the position as ESC’s head of production.
An industry respected production manager, Rintjema was selected by ESC host broadcaster for his experience, knowledge, and proven ability to smoothly deliver international, large scale, televised events. He is supported by a carefully curated team comprising Dutch technical production talent, as he explains: “Key members of the technical management team include Gijs Vos as Broadcast Manager and Stefan Hoohenkerk as Show Manager.
“In addition, several of our key heads of departments came from official technical supplier to Eurovision, Netherlands based, Sightline Productions. They include Marcel Vellekoop as CAD manager; Christiaan van Oudenallen as technical producer for Other Halls (Delegation Bubble, Press Centre), Jaap Bouma as operations manager and Jeroen Veenman as technical producer, Main Hall + Contest.”
The technically ambitious, 65th international Eurovision Song Contest will be broadcast globally from Rotterdam’s Ahoy arena.
“Eurovision is a unique event, both logistically and technically,” states Rintjema. “I am proud to be taking on this iconic role on the show, which is a complex and multifaceted marathon that combines the challenges of both live and multi-camera television production. Thankfully, my team brings unrivalled experience to every aspect of th

pleamar-vintage-marketAmate powers vintage market entertainment
Monday, 17 May 2021

Spain - The town of Altafulla on Catalunya’s Costa Dorada, in Tarragona province, is the spectacular seafront setting for the Pleamar Vintage Market.
As well as a host of stalls selling all manner of vintage clothing, antique furnishings and other second-hand goods, the market hosts an entertainment stage, featuring live music, DJs and a programme of events, alongside a children’s area and numerous terrace restaurants and bars.
Local event AV hire company Solucions so i il·luminació SCP provided various sound reinforcement systems for the annual two-day event in April, exclusively from Amate Audio’s contemporary Nitíd self-powered loudspeaker series.
The entertainment stage FOH system comprised eight N208 line array cabinets and two N218 subs, with eight N12 2-way systems for front-fills and stage monitors. N12 systems provided the audio in various other locations throughout the site.

casinoPowersoft futureproofs Canadian Casino audio
Monday, 17 May 2021

Canada - Powersoft’s Ottocanali amplifier platforms have been chosen by Solotech as one of the cornerstones of the new audio system at Canadian casino and hotel resort, Caesars Windsor.
The venue – part of the Caesars Entertainment empire – had its original audio system installed in 2008, but with the supplier having sent an end-of-life notice in 2018 and Caesars Corporate changing its minimum standards, it had to act decisively.
“As well as the end-of-life notice, we soon realised that we couldn’t upgrade the Windows portion of the old system without upgrading the hardware to match,” said Brian Drouillard, manager audio visual at Caesars Windsor.
Drouillard had already been working with compatriot company Solotech on upgrading the audio systems in hotel ballrooms and meeting rooms, and so spoke with its on-site technicians first to determine if they had any recommendations for alternate systems.
“We did a cost/functionality analysis to determine what would be best for us, then contacted Solotech as soon as we were ready,” said Drouillard. “Solotech has been a wonderful working partner already, having completed a number of jobs for us in the past, both on time and on budget, with the design and functionality demanded of a world class venue.”
Drouillard was then tasked with providing senior systems designer / Q-SYS software programmer for Solotech, Peter Lima, with all of the functionality requirements, as well as all of the documentation on the old system and any changes made throughout the years.
“My first

robe-triller-fight-clubRobe boxes clever for Triller Fight Club
Monday, 17 May 2021

USA - Lighting designer Tom Kenny utilised nearly 400 Robe moving lights on his lrig for the debut of Triller Fight Club, a new PPV entertainment and sporting concept partnership between US video sharing and social network, Triller, and rapper Snoop Dogg.
Embracing the pro boxing league, live music performances plus celebrities and social media personalities, the first Triller Fight Club event was staged at the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta. The four-hour broadcast was conceived by multiple Oscar-nominated Alex Kavanaugh and Emmy Award-winning filmmaker, Bert Marcus.
Star power on the entertainment stage included Justin Bieber, The Black Keys, Doja Cat, Saweetie, Diplo and Major Lazer who punctuated the various boxing bouts with short festival-style sets, together with the first appearance of Snoop Dogg’s new supergroup Mt. Westmore, featuring Ice Cube, Too $hort, and E-40. The rapper was also in fine voice as one of the main fight commentators.
The event was staged behind closed doors due to Covid regulations. One hundred lucky ‘golden ticket’ holders got to experience the live show, chosen via promotional contests on the Triller app.
Tom was invited to create an epic high-octane production lighting design by music stage director Alex Kolb. “It was absolutely fantastic being there – like being at a big rock concert,” stated Tom. “It was just the tonic that all of us involved needed.”
He and Alex have worked together on other major TV productions over the years and for this, Alex specifically wanted Tom to capture th

pigeonsplayingpingpongMavericks join Pigeons Playing Ping Pong live
Monday, 17 May 2021

USA - The outdoor stage at the Avondale Brewing Company was smaller than the ones Pigeons Playing Ping Pong normally plays on, probably not much more than 30ft in length. But adaptation is the order of the day as live music gradually returns throughout much of the USA.
The popular jam band improvised their way through two upbeat sets filled with unbridled energy, antics and original musical turns when they played the Birmingham, AL venue.
Flowing with them on this freewheeling journey was their longtime lighting designer, Manny Newman. Described by the quartet as “the fifth member of the band”, Newman also proved that limited space is no obstacle to limitless ideas. His expansive show filled the stage and the entire venue with visual delights that included swirling custom gobo patterns and colour combinations that moved from dreamy pastels on white, to bold edgy mixes.
Helping him achieve these looks were the 18 Chauvet Professional Rogue fixtures in the band’s own touring rig. He arranged six Rogue R1 Spot fixtures across a 16ft truss as part of the ground package, and hung 12 Rogue R1 Wash units on four Global Truss Quick Grids. Working this road package with the house rig, he unleashed a stream of looks across the stage’s backdrop that invited imagination.
“Usually during the second set I like to do psych looks on the back wall for certain jams,” he said. “At Avondale, I did this with light and gobos rather that video, because I don’t like to shoot media in people’s faces. I want people to create their own mental image of

goldencrossesofthestageawards2021sd121DiGiCo delivers at Golden Stage Cross Awards
Friday, 14 May 2021

Lithuania - Held annually in March, the Golden Stage Cross Awards is a night celebrating World Theatre Day by recognising the most significant productions, authors and professional artists in what has become Lithuania’s most anticipated performing arts awards.
Due to the health and safety regulations, no spectators were allowed at the event this year, with the awards ceremony presented and broadcast live on Lithuanian national television, LRT. NGR Service worked with show organisers to provide the sound system, deploying a DiGiCo SD12 96-channel console with D-Rack and D2-Rack to broadcast the audio “as it should sound”.
Traditionally held in a different theatre every year, it was decided to host this year’s awards in the same venue as last year, at the spectacular Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre (LNOBT), the largest theatre in the country. Most of the musical performances were pre-recorded to limit physical interaction, and for the few participants that attended the ceremony, testing negative for Covid-19 no more than 48 hours before the start of the awards was mandatory.
NGR’s relationship with LNOBT goes back a long way having worked on several projects together, so when NGR was chosen for this momentous event, they knew they had to go above and beyond to bring the creative concept of director Gediminas Šeduikis and his team into a reality. “We really enjoy working with Gediminas and the entire crew at LNOBT,” says Tomas Ždanovičius, NGR’s FOH Engineer. “They make our work even more interesting thanks to the alwa

lajabpaechonkae2L-Acoustics swings at Bangkok brasserie
Friday, 14 May 2021

Thailand - Over the last five years, owner Mr. Nicha Uengkhao has built Jab Pae Chon Kae restaurant into a success by providing a fun, modern dining experience alongside live music entertainment that varies from pop and rock to EDM.
Recently, when the lease expired on the Bangkok-area location, he took the opportunity to relocate to a new location in a high-traffic area adjacent to a popular community mall. The move proved to also be the perfect moment to upgrade the restaurant’s sound system, to provide patrons a better, more dynamic entertainment experience.
A live music enthusiast, Mr. Nicha had been admiring the L-Acoustics sound at live events and festivals around Bangkok for years. In 2016, when he first opened Jab Pae Chon Kae in the original location, he had hoped to install L-Acoustics Kara, but was not yet able to make that dream a reality. But he kept in touch with Vision One, L-Acoustics certified distributor and integrator for Thailand, over the years as the restaurant grew and flourished.
In 2019 when L-Acoustics launched the flexible, affordable A Series constant curvature line source, Vision One hosted a launch event and demo. It was there that the Jab Pae Chon Kae team began to discuss the possibility of upgrading their sound. Then, in 2020 when they made the decision to move to a new location, the time felt right. “We knew that the new location, close to the popular The Circle community mall, but also not too far from our original space, would give us a unique opportunity to widen our audience,” explains Mr. Nicha. “We knew

williametteWillamette University upgrades with Renkus-Heinz
Friday, 14 May 2021

USA - Founded in 1842, Willamette University in Salem, Oregon, is the oldest university in the Western United States. With nearly 2,200 students, it offers a range of undergraduate and graduate courses in the arts and sciences, and post-graduate schools of business and law.
When the pandemic hit last year, Willamette University looked for ways to expand and improve its remote learning capabilities. The school's 120-seat Paulus Lecture Hall in the College of Law needed a sound system upgrade to facilitate better remote and limited in-person lectures and discussions. Kyle House, the audio video specialist for Willamette University, worked with Cascade Sound in Salem, Oregon, to upgrade the lecture hall's sound system with loudspeakers from Renkus-Heinz.
“Before we implemented the new system, we were using a pretty rudimentary pair of trapezoid box speakers which were put into an alcove above the screen. It was really primitive and ineffective and caused a lot of issues with reflections and feedback and very low intelligibility," saysHouse. “We needed a way to integrate the students in-person with those who are attending over Zoom. We needed a high-quality, highly-controlled audio solution so that way our microphone arrays can work properly in the space so everyone can be heard.”
House and the AV team selected a set of Iconyx Compact ICC12/3 arrays from Renkus-Heinz. A 12-channel digital amplifier and DSP system powers the unit's 12, 3-inch, full-range, high-sensitivity drivers. Iconyx Compact utilises the full suite of RHAON II and Beamware, th

absenAbsen to host immersive LED roundtable series
Thursday, 13 May 2021

Europe - LED manufacturer Absen is set to hold three online round table panels on immersive LED experiences. The sessions will cover immersive LED in virtual studios, retail spaces, and corporate spaces, with each round table session hosting a variety of expert brands in each sector.
Hosting all the roundtables will be Jessica Golding, Absen’s European brand manager. The first roundtable, upcoming on 19 May, will discuss the impact and rise of virtual studios on the AV industry over the last year. With a panel of the industry’s virtual studio experts, including Christian Czimny, Absen’s industry product director, the panel will discuss what virtual means in the industry, where virtual studios can be used, and what the benefits are of using LED over traditional ‘green screens’. The event will provide a multitude of perspectives, from end user to integrator, on the reality of virtual studios and the way they are perceived and used in a post-pandemic landscape.
The second roundtable on the 26 May will discuss the nature of virtual environments and why retailers should consider LED experiences in store. The panel, made up of brands such as Trison and Gensler, as well as Absen’s retail industry director, Ben Phelps, will discuss LED not only from a global retail market viewpoint, but will also analyse leading regions in LED adoption, such as China. The experts will give advice to retailers on how to create immersive spaces, and how to effectively use LED to their advantage to create experiences that customers will not forget.
The final sessio

symposyo1Chauvet creates authentic looks for virtual bar
Thursday, 13 May 2021

Italy - The Aosta Valley is sparsely populated, home to only about 200,000 residents within its villages and countryside. But the picturesque region tucked into Italy’s northwest corner isn’t lacking in welcoming spots where people can go to sit back and relax over a glass of beer or wine.
According to a recent study by Statista, there were 548 bars in the region before the pandemic. Sadly, many of them have gone out of business, while others have remained closed during the lockdown, but anyone can still experience the spirited conversations, conviviality and music of these establishments on the Ralbol Network’s Symosyo programme.
Airing on the network’s YouTube channel, Symosyo recreates the looks and feel of a real Italian bar, complete with songs, spirits, friendly patrons and even a crusty but amiable, bartender. Adding to the atmosphere to the show’s eight 20-minute segments is a warm and inviting lighting design by Patrick Ivarone, that features Chauvet Professional Maverick fixtures supplied by Fumasoli Audio & Lights Rental.
Ivarone lined 18 Maverick MK2 Wash fixtures and 12 MK2 Spots on the ground and on low-level truss along the back end of the set at Fumasoli’s improvised warehouse studio. He relied on these fixtures to uplight the back wall in deep rich colours, primarily reds, evoking a comfortable neighbourhood bar atmosphere, while adding greater depth to the set.
“Our goal was to create an inviting space reminiscent of a bar,” said Marco Zafutto, audio engineer on the project. “The idea for the programme c

anolis-auckland-sky-tower-sky280936598Anolis installation at Auckland Sky Tower
Thursday, 13 May 2021

New Zealand - The 328m-tall Sky Tower in downtown Auckland, New Zealand has had its grace and elegance further enhanced with an Anolis lighting installation comprising 154 x Divine 72 LED fixtures.
The high-profile landmark is also a vital telecommunications hub and a popular observation point sitting at the heart of and presiding over this vibrant metropolis.
The lighting design was created by Richard Bracebridge and Sam Walle from Light Works Ltd. Technical specification, installation and systems integration were the work of Nick Abel from LS Group, with lighting fixtures supplied through Anolis’ New Zealand and Australian distributor, Jands.
Light Works has been involved with lighting the tower since 2007 when it was first re-lit following the original metal halide installation which dated back to 1996 whilst it was under construction.
The 2007 floodlighting involved re-lighting the shaft – utilising positions on top of some conveniently located bus shelters along Federal and Victoria Streets below – and upgrading the upper part of the tower and mast using the best quality RGB LED floodlights available at the time.
Forward 11 years, and by 2018 the installation was – unsurprisingly – looking patchy and dated, and in that time, LED technology had advanced dramatically, becoming brighter, more efficient, hugely more effective, and better value.
The team faced several challenges, starting with the ongoing city centre and waterfront regeneration project, which saw the removal of the bus shelters and the installation of s

danteDante enables OECD multilingual conferencing
Wednesday, 12 May 2021

France - The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), based in Paris is an international organisation made up of 37 member countries that works to build better policies for better lives. More than 1,000 conferences are organised annually in the OECD conference centres (La Muette and Boulogne), including around 30 conferences and major events. The OECD Conference Centre offers 3,000sq.m of modern and modular conference rooms and a range of facilities.
Currently, OECD manages around 250 daily web conferences. Most high-level meetings offer interpretation in at least both official languages of the OECD and rely on collaboration, meaning interactions are dynamic amongst participants.
Audio visual services (audio, video and web conferencing) have been used for several years in OECD, but with the significant increase in remote participation requests in recent months, and the massive virtualization of OECD events, communication needs have evolved. Today, many meetings take place in a virtual (remote participants) or hybrid (presence of participants simultaneously on site and remotely) fashion.
In this context, the audiovisual department had to quickly adapt and rethink its strategy, in particular by adapting its digital infrastructure to new interpretation flows.
“We had used Dante before the pandemic, but only for a few implementations,” Guillaume Carlier, head of the Technical Audiovisual Support Unit at the OECD explained, “However we knew it was a powerful and flexible option. When the crisis happened, we saw a major c

harpaReykjavik concert hall turns to Studio Technologies
Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Iceland - Harpa is a venue in the heart of Reykjavik, housing a concert hall and conference centre. According to technical director Andri Guðmundsson, the venue is “a one stop shop” with premier facilities, sound, lighting, video, and catering.
Due to COVID-19, Harpa has pivoted to virtual events using an advanced, Dante-based audio environment. To maintain precise Dante timing Guðmundsson and his team turned to the Model 5401A Dante Leader Clock from Studio Technologies.
“Throughout the pandemic, we have been shifting our infrastructure to Dante to meet the demand for the surge in virtual and streamed events,” said Guðmundsson. “The Model 5401A Leader Clock from Studio Technologies has provided us with a solid master clock to support all timing needs with our Dante operations.”
The Model 5401A Leader Clock provides precise timing signals for applications that leverage Dante Audio-over-IP media networking technology. The unit implements a high-performance IEEE 1588 precision time protocol (PTP) server, providing PTP v1 for Dante and PTP v2 for AES67 compatibility. Guðmundsson also noted the unit’s dual power supply capability and multiple “GigE” Ethernet features as beneficial to the venue, as only power and one, two, or three Ethernet network connections are required for full operation.
“We recently hosted a conference for the Icelandic Medical Society, which we streamed eight hours a day from four of our venues for five consecutive days,” said Guðmundsson. “Having reliable timing capabilities with our setup was

geumsan-daragwonJBL delivers for Geumsan Daragwon complex
Wednesday, 12 May 2021

South Korea - Harman Professional Solutions recently collaborated with TechDataPS to equip Geumsan Daragwon with new audio systems.
Geumsan Daragwon is a culture and welfare centre featuring literary, cultural, education, sports and health centres, as well as a large concert hall and small performance theatre to host plays, musicals and concerts. In order to ensure premium sound quality at these events, Geumsan Daragwon required modern audio solutions in each room. To achieve this, venue operators hired TechDataPS to equip the performance spaces with sound reinforcement systems provided by Harman.
TechDataPS reports that a combination of good acoustics and robust system design from Harman helped them deliver quality sounding and reliable audio solutions that complement the architectural aesthetics of each space. The JBL VTX A8 loudspeakers and VTX B18 subwoofers provided “balanced coverage, exceptional vocal clarity and high-fidelity music reproduction”.
TechDataPS deployed a combination of JBL, Crown, AKG and AMX systems to support a variety of events at the venue. The team outfitted the facility with JBL VTX A8 loudspeakers, AC28/95 compact loudspeakers, JBL VTX B18 subwoofers, VTX M20 stage monitors, Control 26CT-LS ceiling speakers, CBT 50LA-1 column loudspeakers and LSR305 powered studio monitors to deliver unparalleled sound and distinct coverage across the venue.
TechDataPS powered the JBL loudspeakers with Crown I-Tech 4x3500HD, DCi 4|600N and DCi 4|300N amplifiers. The team equipped the rooms with AKG C414 XLII and C451 B conden


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