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daniel-davidsen-homeMerging in the mix for Queen’s birthday
Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Denmark - The global response to COVID-19 varies from country to country but it seems to be universal that large public gatherings are not permitted. This affects musicians very seriously but it also has implications when it comes to a national celebration. Social media has been awash with inspirational videos of Italians singing from balconies and virtual gigs from musicians and singers who just want to perform.
In Denmark there is a popular tradition of ‘Fællessang’ which can be literally translated as “common-singing”, that is as popular now as ever before. The question is how to celebrate your Queen’s important birthday when public gatherings cannot take place and all of the celebrations are cancelled. The challenge of leading the nation in song was picked up by the Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra who wanted to capture more than 100 musicians and singers on video to lead hundreds of thousands in singing Happy 80th Birthday to Queen Margarethe.
The audio production for this venture was assigned to Daniel Davidsen whilst there were three people involved with gathering the video content. This proved to be not only innovative but complex and very time consuming. It involved working flat out from 2 April to the morning of 16 April which was the actual birthday. The final mix was completed at 7.00am, the video was completed at 10.00 and the production was aired at midday. Not content with just singing the traditional Danish Happy Birthday song, three other pieces were added to the programme.
Daniel Davidsen explained what went on

eminence-boulder-city-photocredit-tarafotoGibson goes Rogue for Eminence Ensemble
Tuesday, 28 April 2020

USA - Taking the stage at the Boulder Theatre in Frisco, CO, on Saturday 21 February, the six members of Eminence Ensemble likely had even more spring in their step than usual. The jam band was clearly on a roll. Their recently released first EP, Real News a mash-up of jazz, rock, electronic, funk and hip-hop, had cemented their reputation as one of the brightest rising stars in the West.
The Boulder-based group was also about to embark on a national Road to Red Rocks tour in celebration of their first-ever appearance at the famed outdoor amphitheatre, which was scheduled for Saturday 25 April. Then Covid-19 happened, putting the tour, the Red Rocks show milestone, and every other live event on indefinite hold.
Undeterred, the band continued to stay connected to its loyal fan base. A video of their Boulder Theatre show (the last before the lockdown) was posted on social media. Taking this connection, a step further, Eminence Ensemble performed at an empty 10 Mile Music Hall in the Rocky Mountain town of Frisco, CO and had their show livestreamed on
Over 11,000 people saw the livestream show, which was part of the Live From Out There series. To ensure that their show engaged viewers quickly, Eminence Ensemble started off their stream in the middle of Queen Bee, a hard-driving bluesy tune reminiscent of the early Allman Brothers.
Also adding an instantaneous kinetic force to the live stream was a dynamic Jake Gibson-designed lightshow that featured Chauvet Professional Rogue R1 Spot fixtures.
“As far as the energy

tolerance-bridge-1Martin Middle East lights Tolerance Bridge
Tuesday, 28 April 2020

UAE - Martin Professional Middle East (MPME) and Scientechnic LLC recently deployed Martin by Harman lighting fixtures to illuminate Tolerance Bridge in Dubai with a dazzling lighting display.
Tolerance Bridge is the first and only clear span suspension bridge in the Middle East. Named in honour of the International Day of Tolerance, the bridge offers pedestrians a 690ft-long walking and cycling path over the Dubai Water Canal. The canal is a three-kilometre long project starting from Business Bay into the Persian Gulf through Safa Park and Jumeirah. The canal comprises one shopping centre, four hotels, 450 restaurants, luxury housing, and various green networks, which allow pedestrians complete autonomy from vehicular traffic.
In order to create a visitor experience, the Dubai Road and Transport Authority (RTA) hired Scientechnic LLC to design a lighting solution, which would make the bridge “beautifully illuminated without causing any glare at the pedestrians using the bridge”. Scientechnic consultant Christos Tsikiloudis worked with lighting solutions provider Martin Professional Middle East to design a captivating lighting display using Martin Exterior Wash 310 LED fixtures.
“Love and tolerance are bridges of communication and a universal language, binding humanity across different languages, religions and cultures," says Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, vice-president and prime minister UAE. “Our UAE today is a light in a dark place, setting a bright example for others."
Scientechnic selected 22 Exterior Wash 310 LED fixtures to illu

allman-brothers-band-jbg3379-photo-jake-brickAllman Brothers Band celebrates 50 with Robe
Tuesday, 28 April 2020

USA - The Brothers: Celebrating 50 Years of The Allman Brothers Band show was staged at New York’s Madison Square Garden just before the state went into lockdown.
Lighting designer Chris Ragan utilised over 100 Robe fixtures in his design for the epic four-hour performance which delighted Allman Brothers and Allman Brothers Band (ABB) fans from several generations and all walks of life. The Brothers’ cult status and their dynamic fusion of blues, jazz and country with their own distinctive rock sound have resulted in their music and influence being relevant long after their first period of ‘glory days’ in the 1970s.
Chris has many connections and crossovers with several current members of the ABB, which has been a client for lighting rental vendor BML-Blackbird for 30 years - showing some impressive client loyalty.
When the late Earl “Pappy” Francis, ABB’s long-time lighting director passed away last year, Chris and many others in the lighting community lost a well-loved friend and hugely respected mentor. So, Chris was honoured and proud to be asked to light this seminal 50-year celebration show.
The Robe count included 44 Spiider LED wash beams, 20 BMFL Spots, 26 MegaPointes and 12 PixelPATTs, all supplied by BML-Blackbird.
By the time the event reached the design stage, the show had been sold in a 360 format, so Chris knew exactly what was needed in terms of sightlines.
The Allman Brothers were known for having liquid lightshows during the 1970s and “we all really wanted to involve that look and style i

adamAdam Audio debuts T8V studio monitor
Monday, 27 April 2020

Germany - Adam Audio has announced the T8V studio monitor, the latest addition to its T-Series line of professional studio monitors. The T8V features an 8-inch woofer paired with powerful amplification and its power and lower bass extension make it a suitable choice for project and home studios, clients who work in bass-heavy music genres such as hip hop, dance, ambient, dub and EDM, and those who work in non-electronic genres like funk, metal, blues and pop.
The new T8V offers a frequency response that reaches down 33 Hz and the ability to project an impressive SPL of 118 dB per pair.
Adam Audio’s T-Series line of studio monitors was launched in 2018 with the T5V 5-inch woofer and T7V 7-inch woofer models, followed in 2019 by the T10S subwoofer. Like the previous two monitors in the T-Series line-up, the T8V makes use of Adam Audio technology developed for the company’s high end flagship S series available at an affordable price point.
Its U-ART tweeter (Unique Accelerated Ribbon Tweeter) is mated to a sophisticated waveguide with the same dispersion-control attributes as the HPS waveguide in the S Series. The Class D amplifiers for tweeter and woofer offer ample power for the 8-inch woofer, delivering 20 W and 70 W respectively and providing 118 dB max SPL per pair.
All T Series models feature a bevelled cabinet design, rear-firing bass reflex port, built-in DSP-controlled driver crossovers and equalization, and multi-way analogue connections; and are compatible with the ADAM Audio T10S subwoofer.
“Adam Audio is very well-known

wharfWisconsin Town honours unsung heroes
Monday, 27 April 2020

USA - Rising high over the flatland at the mouth of the Manitowoc River as it flows into Lake Michigan, the Briess Grain Tower in Manitowoc, WI, has served a familiar landmark for sailors and townspeople for generations. On the night of Friday 10 April, the venerable structure offered another kind of hope and reassurance. From 7:45 to 11 pm, it glowed in blue against the clear, dark sky as a show of solidarity and support for the healthcare workers and front-liners during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Local businesses, The Wharf Manitowoc, Powerhouse Productions and Brennan Seehafer Productions, came up with the idea of lighting the tower, along with another landmark, the decommissioned WWII submarine, USS Cobia, to honour these unsung heroes.
“They are making great sacrifices to ensure that things continue to function during the pandemic, and this is a way for our community to say thanks,” said Brennan Seehafer, who owns The Wharf Manitowoc, a popular seasonal music venue next to the grain tower.
Providing the richly coloured light for the display was a collection of Chauvet Professional Rogue fixtures supplied by Powerhouse Productions. Brandon Zinn, owner of the lighting company, used four Rogue R2X Beam and six Rogue R2X Wash fixtures to achieve the powerfully moving effect.
Zinn positioned the six wash units on the ground about 75ft from the tower, arranging them so each side of the structure was bathed in light. To light the submarine, he relied on the four beam fixtures, positioned across the river from the vessel, about 300ft away. In bo

blissgizel-jime-conor-ryan-mario-cantonephoto-credit-tracy-martinBreaking new ground with Bliss and Rayzor
Friday, 24 April 2020

USA - Created at The 5th Avenue Theatre in Seattle, Bliss is a new musical fantasy full of emotion and humour that shatters assumptions about what a fairytale princess should be. The empowering tale had its world premiere run 7-23 February and was enthusiastically received for its catchy music and non-traditional storyline, plus its scenic and lighting design.
The unorthodox ethos carried into the lighting rig as well where lighting designer Yael Lubetzky incorporated Elation Rayzor 760 luminaires in her design, an LED moving head fixture you more typically find in a concert rig, which is exactly where the LD first discovered it. “I saw a Rob Thomas concert at the Beacon Theatre in New York and saw the Rayzor 760 and thought these are exactly what we want in the show,” Yael shares. “When I saw the units sparkle effect, I was so surprised. I had never seen anything like it before. It was fantastic.”
The Rayzor 760 is a wash effects fixture with seven large RGBW LEDs, wide zoom and continuous rotation, but it was the luminaire’s unique SparkLED background illumination system that really caught her attention. “[Elation national sales manager] John Dunn did a great demo for us and showed us everything it could do,” the lighting designer says. “When I saw the SparkLED I knew how perfect it was for our show. Not only for the music and concert effects, but also as a reflection of this character who lives in the Castle of Mirrors. It was specifically because of it that I chose the fixture.”
SparkLED is a sparkle effect created by 2

sarasotaphotocreditsorchaaugustineOvation balances dance studio looks
Friday, 24 April 2020

USA - Every day, dancers at Sarasota Contemporary Dance, in Sarasota, FL, gather at the company’s studio to rehearse intricately choreographed routines that will later be performed before appreciative audiences.
On some occasions, the company’s studio in Sarasota’s bustling Rosemary District, will be turned into a performance space, either for a special dance, or a “behind the scenes” event put on for donors. When this happens those in attendance are invariably dazzled, not only by the graceful moves of the dancers, but also by the colourful and elegantly balanced lighting created with 20 Chauvet Professional Ovation P-56FC fixtures supplied by the New York-based Lighting Design Group.
The studio, which opened in 2018, is stylish and comfortable, but its relatively low ceiling presents a challenge for anyone lighting a dance performance. Fixtures that are relied on to illuminate the dance area are only 11ft off the floor, making it tricky to get optimal light angles.
“Our low ceilings were a big factor in determining our choice of fixtures,” said Michael Sperber, the Sarasota Contemporary Dance stage manager and production consultant. “We have only about an 11ft throw, but we need to light a 20ft by 20ft dance area in the round in any colour with no dimmers, all while not generating noise or heat. Nobody could have imagined doing this 15 years ago, but technology changed things.”
For Sarasota Contemporary Dance, that technology arrived in the form of Ovation P-56FC, recommended by Scott Laurentz and Joshua Aldridge of The Lig

alcons-audio-Alcons brings Hi-Fi to EDM dance clubs
Friday, 24 April 2020

China - JX Investment Group is one of China’s leading entertainment brands, with a range of chains throughout the country. It has recently launched JX EDM Live, new clubs where Alcons pro-ribbon audio systems are installed.
JX EDM Live currently comprises two clubs, one in Yulin, Shaanxi Province and the other in Wúzhōu, Guangxi Province. Both are large venues, with a floor area of 640m2/6889ft2 and a height of 18m/59ft. Guangzhou-based EAD was asked by JX Investment Group to design audio systems that would deliver pure, driving low frequencies and clean highs seamlessly throughout the spaces.
“In China, the EDM club market is very competitive. They are using high-end speakers because customers want the best quality music experience,” says Locky Deng, marketing manager at Alcons Audio’s Chinese distributor EAD. “After tests with two other leading loudspeaker brands, they chose Alcons because the pro-ribbon technology met their demand for the best sound and coverage.”
For both venues, EAD project design engineer Mr Kanon chose an Alcons pro-ribbon system of eight LR28 large format three-way double 14” line-array modules, installed as L-R main clusters, with seven VR12 mid-size versatile 12” pro-ribbon monitors covering the space behind the LR28 arrays, as well as for DJ monitors.
Fifteen BF362 high-output double 18” subwoofers are installed, four as a main central bass cluster at the DJ booth and the rest in a symmetrical arrangement throughout each club. A BQ211 compact high-output 21” quarter-wave subwoofer is also inc

astera-delivered-livehr05-photo-by-andrew-panellaAstera Tubes define social distancing
Friday, 24 April 2020

Australia - Astera AX1 Pixel Tubes are doing their bit - both as energising effects luminaires and as practical lights - marking out the social distancing spaces - onstage at Delivered Live, a new performance-based web streaming concept for music and comedy.
The show is broadcast weekly from The Studio at Harry The Hirer Productions’ HQ in the Richmond district of Melbourne.
The project is being driven by artist agency Handshake Management, technical and production rental company Harry The Hirer Productions and The Victoria State Government, offering a mix of entertainment from some of Australia’s established and rising star artists who are based in and around the city.
It’s also designed as a fundraiser to provide vital financial assistance for those directly impacted by the devastating effect of the Coronavirus pandemic on the live show and events sector.
The Studio is the production / demo area within Harry the Hirer Productions’ copious main office / HQ facility, a large technical ‘development space’ complete with lighting and audio consoles, previz viewing, etc., all intended for LDs, engineers and production designers to block, program and work on their projects.
Delivered Live’s lighting designer is Marcus Pugh who works full-time for Harry The Hirer Productions, usually as business development manager which also entails some production design.
To light the 2.5-hour webcasts, currently being streamed every Saturday evening, he is using a variety of lighting fixtures including the Astera AX1s as

monmouthAudiotek delivers clarity to St. Nicholas
Friday, 24 April 2020

UK - The Church of St. Nicholas in Grosmont, Monmouthshire, dates from the early 13th century, making it one of the oldest churches in Wales. The Grade II listed building’s large medieval nave is widely considered to be the finest in the country.
During the late 19th century, the church was on the verge of collapse, but was saved by architect JP Seddon in a Victorian renovation which separated the nave from the transept and choir, leaving the nave – which is now used for village events, farmers markets, concerts, private parties and the like – in predominantly untouched original condition, while the church space remains as a place of worship.
As part of a recent 15-year programme of modernisation, which included restoration of the roof and lime-plastering the transept walls, as well as new lighting, heating and toilet facilities, provision was made for a new sound system in order for congregations and participants to be able to hear voice and musical content more clearly.
With funding secured and permissions sought from church authorities, the technical team brought in commercial audio integrator Audiotek to assess the building’s acoustics and propose a solution that would provide good intelligibility and coverage of the church’s naturally reverberant environment.
Audiotek’s UK installations manager Chris Kmiec enlisted the help of Martin Audio’s Robin Dibble to specify speaker systems from the company’s O-Line and CDD series products.
“The brief was for two separate but linked sound systems for the church and the nave,

anolis-blue-o2-guildhall-southampton-dscf6356Regional landmarks turn blue with Anolis
Friday, 24 April 2020

UK - Various landmark installations that have been lit with Anolis lighting fixtures have been turning blue on Thursday evenings for the Clap For Carers initiative in support of the National Health Service (NHS) and other essential workers.
This includes Rhyl Promenade in North Wales where several key features are lit; Bromley High Street in Kent, a major thoroughfare in the heart of the city and popular live music venue the O2 Guildhall in Southampton, Hampshire.
All the Anolis-lit areas across the seaside town of Rhyl are turned blue for the NHS including the Pavilion Theatre, Clock Tower, Sky Tower, waterfall, and seafront viewing shelters.
The 80m-tall Sky Tower is highlighted with ArcSource Outdoor 48MC RGBW integrals which transform it into an elegant beacon of light at night with smooth and even coverage of lumens up and down the mast.
The current Pavilion Theatre is located further along the seafront on the East Parade where an opaque Perspex strip covers ArcLine Optic 36 RGBW linear fixtures running up the exterior of the tower, with more lights brightening up a large panelled area on the venue’s front façade.
The concrete viewing shelters were the first element of the overall Rhyl lighting scheme to be implemented and they are brought to life with ArcSource 1MCs RGBWs.
The main concert / show venue in the O2 Guildhall Southampton is now managed by the Academy Music Group. That part of the building is currently closed under the lockdown, however, the exterior façade is still shining bright, lit with Anolis ArcSource 96

galaStage Electrics supplies SolaFrames to Gala Theatre
Friday, 24 April 2020

UK - Stage Electrics has supplied High End SolaFrame 1000s to the Gala Theatre Durham, owned and operated by Durham County Council.
The company’s Davie Bell says Stage Electrics “were able to demonstrate a number of fixtures to the Gala Theatre and assist in their process of choosing the right solution for their venue.”
Tez Errington, the acting technical manager at the Gala Theatre who made the purchase decision, explains: “This unit was considerable quieter than its rivals, offering more features, with clean cut colours and great shutter control, too. But the thing that sold it was both the light output and how quiet the fixture was.” The venue purchased eight in total with flight cases.
“Despite the difficulties facing everyone in the industry, I am pleased Stage Electrics was able to deliver these units ready for when the venue re-opens - let’s all hope that is not too far away,” adds Bell.

halsey-jasminesafaeian1193All Of It Now deploys disguise on Halsey dates
Friday, 24 April 2020

Europe - American singer Halsey kicked off her Manic world tour in Madrid in February, supporting her just-released studio album, also called Manic. The tour spans 48 shows, with the next legs currently being planned for Asia and North America later this year. disguise gx 2c media servers were selected by All Of It Now to drive the show’s video and Notch IMAG realtime effects.
Numerous features of the disguise solutions came into play for the tour starting in pre-pro. “The show’s video design used a multi-layered frame, and the 3D workflow of disguise Designer allowed us to create parallel maps that placed content on the screen spatially without requiring specific renders for certain songs,” explains Danny Firpo of All of It Now, a disguise rental partner and workflow specialist based in San Francisco, who did the tour’s video programming with Cade Moore. “This gave us the creative flexibility to move content around the screen and explore different approaches for certain songs.
“The show used three different frame sizes for the tour - small, medium and large - but we did not have enough time to see all of the different sizes in rehearsal. We relied heavily on the 3D pre-vis in disguise to confirm how content would look on each of those different sizes. When we loaded in to the first venue using the smaller size, the content was mapped perfectly and required minimal changes during load in.”
The new EVO workflow was also used in the early pre-vis stages, merging the disguise and MA3D environments, and creating additional

elmo-1Toronto’s El Mocambo to re-open after renovation
Friday, 24 April 2020

Canada - Toronto’s El Mocambo live music venue is set to reopen following a five-year, multi-million-dollar renovation by new owner Michael Wekerle, a Canadian financier and television personality.
The building, originally constructed in 1910, has been completely gutted and rebuilt with three live performance spaces connected to an audio broadcast and recording control room equipped with a Solid State Logic Live L550 digital mixing console.
“It’s not quite a club anymore. It’s an event space with a very beautifully designed interior inside a broadcast facility,” says Jamie Howieson, executive designer and production manager at the iconic venue, which has long been affectionately referred to as the El Mo.“The main reason I went with the L550 desk is that, when I was using it in the past, I never heard a better combination of preamp, clock and converter in a live console - ever,” says Howieson. “I got a lot of time with it when I was touring with Mumford and Sons. And with my age-old history of using SSLs in some of the control rooms I’ve worked in the past, I knew it was the right desk for this design. With the remote preamps it was no-brainer.”
The revamped building has been restructured as a content creation center where performances on both floors as well as the backstage area can be mixed through the SSL L550 simultaneously for recording and streaming. “We have three performance areas - FL1, FL2 and our green room/dressing room - that are all connected to our control room. Inside the control room, there’s a video control r

madisonvillehighschoolfootballMadisonville High returns to Danley Sound
Thursday, 23 April 2020

USA - It was over two years ago that Dallas-based music store and AV integration specialist Romeo Music designed and installed a fully-weatherproof Danley sound reinforcement system to cover Madisonville High School’s baseball and softball fields. The project was a huge success. Not only does the system sound intelligible, punchy, and musical, but Danley’s weatherproof options have made the system resilient in the face of east-central Texas’s humid, stormy climate.
Thus, when the aged sound reinforcement system at Madisonville High School’s 3,500-capacity football stadium was no longer acceptable, the school again turned to Romeo Music and Danley Sound Labs.
“They love the baseball/softball system, which uses four fully-weatherproof Danley OS12CX loudspeakers,” explained Kevin Deal, regional sales manager with Romeo Music. “Their football stadium’s old horn system was on the fritz, and they could no longer justify limping along with it. They needed something powerful, clear, and modern to convey announcements with intelligibility and to deliver music with the kind of impact that heightens the game-day experience. Of course, the new system would have to stand up to Texas weather as well. We felt that another Danley system would meet and exceed Madisonville’s needs on all those scores.”
Deal worked with Danley’s regional rep, Anderson Sales and Marketing, and Kim Comeaux, Danley’s western sales manager, to arrange a Danley demo for the football stadium. “Even in a situation like the one at Madisonville High School, where we

dentonsTFG delivers AV-over-IP for Dentons
Thursday, 23 April 2020

UK - International law firm Dentons has upgraded audio-video systems at its One Fleet Place, London, offices as part of an initiative to streamline the efficiency of its global communications. Supplied and installed by the Torpedo Factory Group, the new integrated sound and vision systems have been welcomed by colleagues, who have commented on the improved quality as well as increased productivity.
With more than 185 offices in 75 countries around the world employing in excess of 10,000 lawyers, effective global communication is a critical component of Dentons’ day to day activities, relied upon to conduct board meetings, face-to-face meetings with colleagues, and stream video conferences and large scale presentations from any part of the world.
TFG’s proven track record of successful previous Dentons projects in Edinburgh, Milton Keynes and Dublin, led TFG technical director Jason Brameld to design an integrated system of audio, video, telecoms and control components unified through robust network architecture and accessed via a simple user-friendly touch-screen interface.
“The installation phase of the new audio-video system was flawless,” commented Dentons’ audio-visual technician Nathan Dickenson. “TFG gave us detailed cable plans in advance, we flooded the floor with CAT6 and then they came in and installed the hardware and connected everything up over a two week period without interruption to our day-today business.
"The support from the TG team has been fantastic. We're very happy with their work, and they stayed on site ri

abr-cinemas-india-1ABR Cinemas gets immersed with JBL
Thursday, 23 April 2020

India - ABR Cinemas The Next is a multiplex located in historic Gudivada. With three luxurious theatres, ABR Cinemas is one of Andhra Pradesh’s premier cinemas. To create a more immersive AV experience, ABR Cinemas hired sound integrators Digital Sound System to install three Harman Professional Solutions cinema audio systems featuring JBL loudspeakers, Crown amplifiers and Dolby Atmos processors.
“We are proud to have been associated with Harman Professional Solutions and all of the products recently installed at ABR Cinemas,” comments Dariya Hussain Syed of Digital Sound System. “The JBL Professional 4732 loudspeakers and 4642A subwoofers have delivered exceptional audio results. We received the products promptly and the technical support from Harman Professional Solutions helped us complete the installation on time.”
Digital Sound System equipped the Audi 3 theatre with an immersive 32-channel Dolby Atmos solution powered by a Dolby Atmos Cinema Processor CP850 and Dolby Atmos Interface DAC3202. Digital Sound System installed JBL 5732 ScreenArray loudspeakers in left, centre and right positions.
To provide additional low-frequency support, Digital Sound System selected powerful JBL 4642A dual-driver subwoofers and JBL 4641 subwoofers. JBL 9310, 9300, and JBL 8320 cinema surround loudspeakers were mounted on the walls and ceiling to ensure consistent coverage throughout. The system is powered by Crown DSi 4000, DSi 2000 and XLC 2500 amplifiers.
In the Audi 2 theatre, Digital Sound System installed a complete 7.1 cinema audio syste

redrockeaster202Red Rocks Church streams with Chauvet
Thursday, 23 April 2020

USA - John Clark, the production ministry lead at Red Rocks Church in Littleton, has had to dig deep and explore new ways of doing things now that worship services have moved completely online.
On Easter Sunday, Clark created a rich and engaging visual setting for Red Rocks’ online service that was, at once, powerfully moving, yet warm and intimate enough to engage viewers through sometimes small, mobile screens. Live-streamed on Living as One and featuring a 50-member ‘virtual choir’, the harmoniously balanced service was illuminated by a rig that featured Chauvet Professional COLORado, Ovation and Rogue fixtures.
“I like to think of challenges as opportunities,” explains Clark. “Lighting a completely streamed or online service definitely changes the game. A fair amount of principles stay the same, but by and large LDs are called upon to ‘throw out the playbook’ and start from scratch. The services we’re lighting today don’t involve a full auditorium where you’re tossing lights around to wow the crowd.
“Lighting an online service requires a new degree of intentionality. Basically, you’re only as good as it looks on camera. This is not really about how many affects you can run, it’s about how well you can light your subject and set. This situation is really forcing LDs to lean back into the basics - and I love that.”
Key to helping Clark create an engaging look on camera are the 15 COLORado Panel Q40 fixtures in his rig. More than half of the RGBW rectangular wash lights were arranged on stage pipes and used to br

rebarRebar At The Dam installs ADJ lighting rig
Thursday, 23 April 2020

USA - Popular Nashville bar, restaurant and live music joint Rebar At The Dam has recently upgraded its stage with a new AV system. Featuring a rig comprised mainly of ADJ fixtures, the new setup offers touring quality production to the local performers and visiting artists who play at the venue each week.
Owned and operated by Nashville entrepreneur Rhonda Russell, Rebar At The Dam is a sister location to the original Rebar that has been a staple of Nashville’s Midtown area for the past decade. Located on the outskirts of town beside the J. Percy Priest Dam, the new Rebar opened a couple of years ago and is a considerably bigger facility with plenty of space to host live music. However, bands playing the venue had to bring in their own PA and had very little in the way of lighting, which led Rhonda to look at installing a permanent AV system towards the end of last year.
To help with the project, Rhonda brought in her boyfriend, Jeremy Byrd, who is not only a musician embedded in the Nashville music community but also happens to be the owner and CEO of Elite Multimedia. Founded in 2003, Elite Multimedia is a 360° live event production company that provides full-service lighting, audio, video and rigging for tours, concerts and corporate events.
“Obviously, since my girlfriend owns the place, Rebar at the Dam is somewhere I spend a lot of time!” explains Jeremy. “When we started talking about installing production, I had a vision for creating the best stage possible at any bar in Nashville. We wanted to be able to attract bigger acts, but a

david-moralesDJ David Morales selects KV2 home and away
Thursday, 23 April 2020

Croatia - House music DJ and producer David Morales has produced and remixed over 500 records for an all-star roster of multi-platinum artists, including Mariah Carey, U2, Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Madonna, and Whitney Houston. His current rider for live performance specifies a KV2 Audio ES System as his preferred monitoring setup and he also has a full KV2 setup in his studio at home.
Morales has been using a KV2 setup at home for a while - he currently has two EX10s and two EX2.2 subs which he loves - but hadn’t used a KV2 system on a gig until his show at the Boogaloo club in Zagreb, Croatia on St Valentine’s Day this year. He tried out a full ES System comprising an ES1.0 high power active mid/hi loudspeaker stacked on a pair of ES1.8 high output subs per side, powered by two EPAK2500R control and amplification units (one per side).
“These speakers sound amazing!” he enthused, “and I’m in a big room - this is not a small intimate club!” Boogaloo has been a cult club in Zagreb since the mid-80’s and with a capacity of 1,500 ranks as one of the country’s largest clubs. As a result of his experience at Boogaloo, Morales decided that henceforth, the ES System from KV2 Audio would feature as the designated monitor system on his technical rider.
“I love the clarity and power of the ES System,” he says. “The ES1.0 top stacked over a pair of ES1.8 subs is a killer monitoring set. The ES1.0 packs a 6-inch and a 12-inch driver topped with a 1.75-inch compression driver. I’ve not heard anything else with the same size com

hpuelearningharmanlandingbanner1140x400Harman extends eLearning programme
Wednesday, 22 April 2020

USA - Harman Professional Solutions has announced the continuation of the free Learning Sessions eLearning programme in conjunction with Harman Professional University. Available Learning Sessions include lighting or audio experts who have worked with Maroon 5, Bad Wolves, Halsey, Taking Back Sunday, Nicki Minaj, Madonna, Queens Of The Stone Age, My Chemical Romance, The 1975 and the John F. Kennedy Centre for the Performing Arts.
The Learning Sessions and Live Workshop Series provide a range of free on-demand and instructor-led webinars hosted by leading knowledge experts from around the world. The Industry Expert workshops feature tips and tricks from front of house engineers, lighting designers, technicians and other industry experts, while the Expert workshops feature in-depth product and solution webinars by Harman product specialists.
“We have planned a very robust online curriculum over the next couple months to serve a variety of learning needs and we’re excited to announce the webinars open for registration through to the end of April,” said Steve Mathis, senior manager, Harman Professional University. “Our internal product and industry experts are very busy developing new content for May and beyond. Industry professionals should also explore our course catalogue for new online training certifications at Harman Professional University.”
The Harman Professional University training portal has been updated with nearly 30 courses for April, including five recorded webinars from the Live Wo

belgiumdj4photo-credit-ciesalbertmediaSound&Co lights livestreams with Chauvet
Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Belgium - A short time ago, a group of road cases loaded with gear left the Sound&Co warehouse for what was supposed to be a four-month rental. Then the Covid-19 outbreak brought live events in Belgium to a sudden halt.
Although the lockdown is still very much in place, the cases are now playing a new role in bringing entertainment to the people. This time as backdrops in the improvised livestream studio that Sound&Co has set up in its 1,200sq.mfacility.
Quite a few people have been seeing those cases-turned-backdrops too. At last report, Sound&Co had streamed seven post-lockdown performances by DJs like Kaaprisun, Twallie, Lloyds and Sound of the Basement. Supporting them is a rig anchored by four Chauvet Professional Rogue R2 Wash fixtures and run with a ChamSys MagicQ MQ80 console.
“We wanted to create the look and feel of a club or party with our lighting and scenic background,” said Sound&Co CEO Jonas Bellemans, who notes that Chauvet DJ Freedom Quad IP units were also used to uplight the backdrop of cases.
Bellemans and his team decided to turn a section of their warehouse into a livestream studio soon after the Belgium government announced the lockdown. “As a rental company, we know many DJs, so I called some of them with my idea,” he said. “They wanted to do the same thing we did, so it was a perfect match. There was no goal in mind at the beginning, but after one live-stream we all wanted to do more and reach more viewers, so we kept it going.”
The livestreamed DJ performances have been greeted wit

glpAlice Merton on Mint +4 tour with GLP
Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Europe - From mid-February to early March, German-Canadian singer Alice Merton was on the road to promote her debut album Mint +4. Merton is also known in Germany as a jury member of the popular TV show The Voice of Germany. Her Mint +4 tour took the artist to Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, and Denmark.
The artist presented her repertoire of indie pop songs supported by a versatile lighting setup from GLP. The lighting and set design was a co-production between Merton's manager Paul Grauwinkel - with whom she also runs her own label Paper Plane Records International - and lighting technician Maximilian Hermsdorf, in close coordination with Merton herself. It was Hermsdorf who joined the tour as lighting operator.
The technical team around Merton and Grauwinkel had been in constant communication about new and existing products from the GLP catalogue with the company’s Andreas Brandt as far back as 2017. “The fixtures from GLP form the basis of Alice Merton's set design,” states Grauwinkel. “Reliability is vitally important and we haven't had a single failure of X4 Bars in all the years we’ve been using them.”
The KNV Dots, KNV Lines and impression E350’s were all supplied by the company, Grauwinkel.
"As the stages, capacities and general conditions differ from venue to venue, it was important to have an adaptable, scalable set-up," continues Grauwinkel. "That worked particularly well with the GLP devices - especially with the KNV systems that can be used so easily in a decentralised role. There were als


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