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transitionsNational Theatre upgrades with MAC Encores
Tuesday, 26 June 2018

UK - The National Theatre has embarked on a ‘progressive upgrade’, predominantly of its Martin TW1 halogen tungsten wash inventory. This month, the theatre took delivery of a total of 42 MAC Encores from Martin by Harman dealer Stage Electrics. All 42 units have been installed in the permanent rig at the Olivier Theatre.
The acquisition forms part of a 10-year plan, as Paul Hornsby, the NT’s lighting resources manager, explains. “We review which equipment has reached end of life and decide what needs to be retired first - but the decision is driven by LDs as well. We only go dark for five days a year and we managed to replace these on the rig without losing a show.”
The purchase was authorised jointly by Hornsby, head of lighting Matt Drury, and Jack Williams, lighting supervisor for the Olivier Theatre, following a three-day evaluation against a number of competitive brands.
The final installed inventory comprises 29 MAC Encore Performance (24 x WRM 3000K versions and five CLD 6000K versions) and 13 x MAC Encore Wash WRM fixtures. The Performance fixtures were specified with optional enhanced frost flags and the Wash fixtures with optional PC lenses.
Hornsby confirms that achieving the tungsten look from an LED fixture had been the initial aim. “Our start point was to recreate what the Tungsten Wash did - and then look at additional feature set.” Key features include the quietness of operation, flexibility, energy efficiency and power output.
Paul Roughton of Stage Electrics, adds: “We have supplied and supported Martin

wavefrontTéDé invests in Martin Audio’s Wavefront
Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Hungary - Event management company TéDé Rendezvények has invested in a Martin Audio Wavefront Precision Series (WPC) system. The order comprised iKON iK42 amplifiers and was completed via Martin Audio distributor BG Event Kft.
The new PA debuted at the two-day Bősi Motoros Találkozó (Bősi Motorcycle Meeting), with 10 bands entertaining 2,000 people. “We received a lot of positive feedback from visiting technicians, many of them amazed by the sound of the system. It not only delivered power but pure, highly intelligible sound in every way.”
According to Balázs Szentiványi, purchasing manager at BG Event Kft., the idea of upgrading the rental company’s inventory came about as soon as Martin Audio announced the Wavefront Precision family. He says: “TéDé already owned a W8LM Mini system and since they are on a healthy growth path they were in need of a larger PA.”
Tamás Dávid, who took his technical team along with Balázs to Martin Audio’s open day last September, adds: “I heard the WPC system there for the first time and decided immediately to change my old system to this new series.”
(Jim Evans)

volgograd-arena-funktion-oneFunktion-One and MC2 at World Cup stadium
Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Russia - Funktion-One Russia has supplied and installed a permanent sound system for Volgograd Arena - one of the World Cup 2018 stadia. Working closely with the Funktion-One design team in the UK, the company’s Russian arm specified a system comprising 638 Funktion-One loudspeakers and 50 MC2 Audio amplifiers.
The project, which began in spring 2017, demanded significant support and commitment from both manufacturers in order for Funktion-One Russia to meet all criteria and deadlines en-route to delivering the audio installation.
Funktion-One sales director, David Bruml comments: “We are extremely happy with the sound system installation at the Volgograd Arena and are grateful to our Russian partners for their unwavering support and excellent communication throughout. The whole company was energised by this major contract, which is amongst the largest Funktion-One installations to date.”
XTA’s technical brand manager, Waring Hayes, adds: “This was an amazing opportunity to showcase our latest DSP amplifier platform, and we were thrilled that Funktion-One chose to specify DSP amps exclusively for the entire system. The amplifiers come in DSP and non-DSP (but still with network audio) flavours, so the additional monitoring and control aspect was important in the choice of DSP models.”
The loudspeakers are accurately arrayed and aimed using bespoke metalwork – 24 C-shape clusters along the sides and 12 Y-shape clusters for the corners. Each array features Evo 6SH loudspeakers with 50° horizontal dispersion for the closer seats an

bfmv-ah-utrecht2018-ryan-changAllen & Heath dLive in the mix for BFMV
Monday, 25 June 2018

Europe - Bullet For My Valentine have recently embarked on their summer trek across the UK and Europe, supported by two Allen & Heath dLive S Class systems.
Supplied by SSE Audio, the band’s set-up includes two S5000 surfaces, each paired with its own DM64 MixRack, covering FOH and monitors, with gigaACE split and Dante Cards for virtual soundcheck.
“The Allen & Heath Range has been a ‘go to’ for a number of years now for me. I used to mix BFMV on iLive, then the GLD for fly shows, before making the move to dLive at the end of 2017,” comments FOH engineer, Adam Boole.
He adds: “The effects on the board are great. The depth of the sound is deep, warm and very precise. Functionality wise I’ve not managed to get into a situation I can’t get out of with this console, there’s always a way and it is limitless.”
The band themselves are also big fans of Allen & Heath, having used the digital mixers for many years. Scott Howarth (monitor engineer for BFMV) says: “dLive gives the band exactly what they want in their personal mix. They like a big sound with lots of bite and depth, they don’t want a super clean polished sound and the dLive achieves this with very little effort. Cranking the PEQ and driving things into the on-board FX achieves the perfect blend of tonality and drive for the band.”
The tour covers multiple dates across the whole of Europe including several major British and European festivals such as Rock am Ring, Download Festival, Graspop and Impact Festival.
Scott, who is new to Allen &a

cathedralchurchDanley brings clarity to Cathedral Church
Monday, 25 June 2018

USA - The 130 year-old Cathedral Church of the Advent holds a place in the National Register of Historic Places and is the seat of the Episcopal Diocese of Alabama. It’s also home to 4,000 congregants, who fill its sanctuary for five services every weekend.
The church’s music programme has earned accolades, and includes a modern music ensemble for its last service on Sunday. Georgia-based AV design and integration firm, dB Integrations, recently remedied Cathedral Church's sonic woes with a single Danley GH-60 Genesis Horn loudspeaker, two Danley SM-60s for side-fill, a Danley SBH-20 column loudspeaker for choir-fill, and a Danley TH-118 subwoofer.
In addition to delivering impactful, highly-intelligible music and speech reinforcement, the new Danley system performs without taking away from Cathedral Church's impressive architecture, woodwork, and stained glass.
"The church was getting complaints about the poor sound reinforcement on pretty much a daily basis," explains Ronnie Stanford, director of sales and marketing at dB Integrations. "They were contending with column loudspeakers that had been installed a few years ago on either side of the chancel, slightly behind the pulpit. They couldn't reach 90 feet to the back of the room.
“Compounding the pattern mismatch, gain-before-feedback was terrible. They really couldn't make the pastor any louder. Their modern service includes ensembles, such as acoustic guitar, cello, and djembe, and the musicians were actually positioned in front of the loudspeakers. It was impossible to get their

steelydane3Chauvet shines on Steely Dane
Monday, 25 June 2018

USA - Steely Dane, an 18-piece tribute band, captures the sound that made Steely Dan one of the most influential shapers of post 1960s rock. Their musical kinship with the original band was evident recently when they performed at the Schauer Arts & Activities Centre outside Milwaukee.
Paying careful attention to each instrument, providing crystal clear backup vocals and serving up signature Steely Dan slash chords, the band took their audience on a musical journey back in time. Supporting it all visually was a Glenn Ottenbacher-designed lightshow that blended the best of old and new looks with help from Chauvet Professional Rogue and COLORado fixtures.
“We had a wide stage with a lot of musicians on it, so we used a lot of lighting fixtures to create some big looks,” says Ottenbacher, owner of AGS Event Productions. “We had some flash and colours reminiscent of the Seventies, but we made sure to add some contemporary geometric patterns with our Rogue R1 FX-B fixtures. We also relied on our Rogue RH1 Hybrids to highlight different performers with specials, and we broke up the stage with crossing beam patterns.”
Supplied mainly by AGS Event Productions, with help from Juan Ocampo’s High Frequency Productions and Edward Loathian’s Animal Productions, the Steely Dane rig included eight Rogue RH1 Hybrid, six Rogue R2 Wash and four Rogue R1 FX-B fixtures, as well as 20 COLORado 2 Solo fixtures and four Legend 230 SR Beams.
(Jim Evans)

racinecountycourthouseAshly amps revamp county courthouse
Monday, 25 June 2018

USA - The Racine County Courthouse in southeast Wisconsin was built in the 1930s and, at 11 stories, remains the tallest building in the county. The bold, art deco style of Chicago architects John Holabird and John Root earned it a place in the National Register of Historic Places in 1980, and it continues to actively serve as the seat of justice for Racine County.
The professionals at local A/V integration firm Sound Specialty Company have been working their way through the Racine County Courthouse’s 12 courtrooms. In each, they have installed an Ashly ne8250 eight-channel 250W network amplifier to provide clean and reliable audio reinforcement. The most recent Ashly ne8250 to go in includes an optional Dante networking card to allow easy setup for court recordings.
“We’ve been working with the county for a long time, but it has only been in the last three years that we’ve undertaken work on the Racine County Courthouse courtrooms,” explains Jeff Saunders, design engineer at Sound Specialty Company. “The technology in the courtrooms was at least twenty years old, and it was high time for an upgrade. We’re currently on the seventh courtroom, and the recipe for each one has been similar. The goal is to give them a powerful, reliable system that’s easy to control and that will retain its performance long into the future.”
Each courtroom includes a microphone each for the judge and the witness and two microphones each for the defence and prosecutor’s tables. In addition, a custom input panel allows a microphone to be used for speec

woordfeesDiGiCo and dot2s at SU Woordfees festival
Monday, 25 June 2018

South Africa - As Stellenbosch University celebrated its 100th birthday, the 19th SU Woordfees took place earlier this year. For the first time, DWR Distribution were part of the festival, sponsoring dot2s and a DiGiCo SD12 console.
Presented by the Stellenbosch University, SU Woordfees brings the entire town on board and before long, restaurants, schools, the city hall and theatres such as the HB Thom, become home to lovingly produced creations.
“In the current South African economic climate, festivals do not have the financial backing they deserve,” says Duncan Riley of DWR. “Technical companies are often willing to work alongside the organizers for very little income just to keep the arts alive. This year DWR approached event companies involved and asked if we could also help carry the load by sponsoring consoles and providing a team on site for technical support.”
DWR supplied four dot2 cores, one XL-F and onedot 2 on PC with DMX King. In addition, a DiGiCo SD12 and D2 Rack were supplied and used by Johan Griesel, an audio engineer and living legend from Eastern Acoustics.
“Woordfees is, and was a great event,” says Johan Griesel. “This is Eastern Acoustics third year and it gets better every year. We were involved in the Big Outdoor concerts at Coetzenburg where Woordfees ran two outdoor stages - as one stage finished, the second took over. It was a great three days from POPS to family entertainment.”
Eastern Acoustics also ran Rhenish and the Spier Amphitheatre. “I was given the DiGiCo SD12 by DWR for use at the S

robe-creative-group-doha-websafeCCG commits to Robe
Monday, 25 June 2018

Qatar - Creative Communication Group (CCG), a Doha-based rental, event management and production company, has recently purchased a number of Robe MegaPointes and Spiider moving lights for its rental inventory.
CCG’s director of lighting Michel Khairallah explained that as a busy rental operation over the years, they have dealt with moving lights from several brands. “Having had good experiences in the past with Robe’s fixtures and knowing the reliability, toughness and quality of the light output, I was convinced that increasing our Robe stock was a solid investment.”
The events CCG produces include many large-scale government and cultural shows and festivals, for which they need the brightest and most durable luminaires. They also organise and deliver executive events and entertainment driven experiential projects for corporate, and private clients, dealing with all technical aspects of event management from lighting, sound, video and rigging to stage and set design.
They chose the MegaPointe and the Spiider for both their power and features, and the overall versatility they can bring to any show, as well as because they are popular with lighting designers.
“These two fixture types stood out far over and above anything that we looked at,” he confirmed, adding “MegaPointe is known for its strong output and incredible mid-air effects, while the Spiider is best known for its strong output and fantastic, smooth and accurate colour mixing”.
Michel and his team are all delighted with the results as the MegaPointes and Spiide

billboardBillboard Live Tokyo celebrates with JBL
Monday, 25 June 2018

Japan - Billboard Live Tokyo recently upgraded their sound system with a full JBL by Harman Professional VTX Series solution provided by Hibino.
Billboard Live is a club and restaurant that hosts more than 200 performances each year. Celebrating their 10-year anniversary in 2017, Billboard Live decided to upgrade their sound system with an audio solution that would earn them global acclaim for another 10 years to come.
Billboard Live hired sound and visual specialists Hibino to supply a top-tier sound system that could deliver stellar sound for any type of music - from the subtle nuances of acoustic performances to full-scale pop productions. After hearing the clarity and precision of the JBL VTX Series speakers, Billboard Live knew they were the right fit.
“The level of detail that the VTX Series provides is exactly what we were looking for,” said the planner of Billboard Live Tokyo. “When we were listening to CDs during the system tests, the VTX Series made us feel like we were actually in the recording studio­. They can recreate every little detail of a performance - you can even hear performers breathing on stage.”
Billboard Live Tokyo also used the upgrade as an opportunity to reconfigure the design of their sound system for more efficient low-end coverage. Located within the Tokyo Midtown complex in Roppongi, the venue sprawls across three floors, making it difficult to deliver sufficient low frequencies to the upper levels - especially with ground-stacked subwoofers. To solve this challenge, Hibino flew two VTX-G28 subwoofers

sslvictorychristrowbridgefoh01prSSL Live consoles on song at Victory
Monday, 25 June 2018

USA - Victory Christian Centre in Tulsa, Oklahoma, has enhanced live audio production by installing Solid State Logic L200 consoles at FOH and monitor positions. The consoles were supplied by SSL partner CCI Solutions.
Victory Christian Centre was founded in 1981 by pastors Billy Joe and Sharon Daugherty and has grown to become a large and multi-faceted hub, incorporating a school, college, plus a wide range of ministries and outreach initiatives. The current lead pastors are Billy Joe and Sharon Daugherty's son, Paul Daugherty, and his wife Ashley.
The Tulsa campus sees around 8000 people attend services during one week at Victory, using the 3,800-seat auditorium for four main services on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.
Chris Trowbridge, technical director and Front of House engineer, comments, "We run a high production value, concert-style service. Comparatively, we do an extended worship time with the band - around 25 minutes in worship and 10-15 in the Altar Ministry. Our pastor is also a musician and he loves worshipping."
Something else that sets Victory apart is its ambitious Easter and Christmas productions. These are well known for being no-holds-barred theatrical spectaculars that require months of preparation. "We normally have around 24 DPA head mics active during one of these productions," says Trowbridge. "We bring in a massive set. We turn the whole room into Jerusalem.
"The layout of the console really helps there. I like having the 36 faders up front as I have a lot of balancing to do and a lot of mics to deal with. I

racingCommunity and Powersoft for Pau Grand Prix
Monday, 25 June 2018

France - For more than a century, the streets of Pau city in the south of France are transformed into a race track as the city welcomes the Grand Prix of Pau.
Over two weekends in May each year, visitors enjoy a spectacular festival of motor sport events. The festival includes the Pau Grand Prix, a main event of the FIA F3 European Championship, and the Historic Grand Prix, which combines race track competitions, parades, vintage car shows and private track sessions
Since 2017, the festival has also included the FFSA GT French Championship, the French Formula 4 Championship, and European Formula Renault 2.0 racing. The 2005 Pau Grand Prix saw victory for a young Lewis Hamilton, who later went on to become Formula One World Champion.
Rain during the first weekend of the 2018 event provided nature’s ubiquitous challenge for both the racing drivers and the PA system. Beautiful sunshine over the second weekend allowed the drivers to use full throttle, presenting a different challenge for the PA.
Audio Equipements Spectacles (AES) designed and provided the sound system for the public areas of the event, including the five grandstands located at key spectator points around the track. To achieve the best sound quality possible, AES manager, Jean-Noël Cazalis, opted to implement a high impedance solution.
Being a major provider of event sound, and with the contract for the Grand Prix of Pau for three years, AES was able to invest substantially in the system and chose Community R Series loudspeakers, which provided the sound quality, high outp

robe-frank-turner-fra1205189097Love Ire & Song for Frank Turner & Robe
Friday, 22 June 2018

UK - Folk punk singer-songwriter Frank Turner recently played four sold-out nights at London’s Roundhouse venue, performing four different sets and presenting lighting designer Tom Mason-Smith with the task of creating four totally different lighting designs.
Tom’s company Dragonfly Lighting provided a Robe specials package including 12 x MegaPointes, 24 x BMFLs, 24 x PATT 2013s and 12 CycFX 8s to cover the four shows and assist him make each one “a personal and memorable experience for Turner’s eclectic and loyal fanbase”. Tom also used elements of the house rig including 18 x LEDBeam 100s.
The first night featured a snappy touring set – they have recently finished a UK tour - for which Tom needed flashy, bright, punky and folky lighting and chose a mix of traditional and contemporary lightsources as specials, with 12 x MegaPointes on a large box truss in lines of six, a concept he’d used successfully on the tour, rigged as two 10 metre back trusses, one sub hung below the other.
The second night was the 10th anniversary of Turner’s Love, Ire & Song album, for which he and his band played the complete album.
The visual focus was a large new backdrop inspired by the original album cover artwork which was far upstage, initially covered by a black and revealed via a kabuki drop.
The third night, Turner performed solo. Stripped back and raw in appearance, visual features included a smaller backdrop with a circular logo and a black behind it, surrounded by a square grid of PATT 2013s leaving a space in the centre.

marillionMarillion get animated with Claypaky
Friday, 22 June 2018

World - British progressive rock pioneers Marillion are currently delighting fans with their hit world tour, which marks over three decades of the band's music. A celebration of musical storytelling, the show is enhanced by a theatrical lightscape created by the band's long-term lighting designer Yenz Nyholm, who selected the Claypaky Scenius Spot to deliver key animation lighting effects and rich, vibrant colour onstage.
Integral to Nyholm's design is an intricate back wall of light that surrounds an 8 x 5m projection screen. Above the top edge of the screen, Nyholm places a row of Scenius Spots to create a varied web of jewel coloured beams and wide, saturated washes. Supplying the fixtures for the UK leg was British lighting hire specialist Siyan.
"The band as a whole is very theatrical," says Nyholm. "You don't just 'light' them, but play along with the music and in that, you become part of the band. The music of Marillion ranges from very soft acoustic sounds to full-on grunge and rock. The Scenius Spot is highly adaptable so it can always produce a look that fits with the mood of the music."
A long-term fan of Claypaky products, Nyholm found the selection of the Scenuis Spot for this design a simple decision. He says, "I have used Claypaky products for the last six years, since the Claypaky Alpha series. I have always felt they were reliable and easy to work with. The optics and zoom range are exceptionally good and the added feature of the Scenius' animation wheel means that I can get everything I need from the one fixture."

palomafaith1DiGiCo is the architect for Paloma Faith
Friday, 22 June 2018

UK - It has been another outstanding year for multi award-winning UK songstress, Paloma Faith. Paloma and co. are now touring on the strength of her fourth album, The Architect and her engineers are using DiGiCo consoles to run the show, provided by UK rental company, Adlib.
Mixing the Paloma show is no mean feat, it seems. The show's channel-count out front is at 75, which is broken down into drums and electronics, 20 lines of keys, guitars, vocals, and various drum triggers. The sheer size of the show meant a DiGiCo console was a must-have, says Paloma's FOH engineer, Andy Williamson.
“I could have done this show on an SD5, but we're using that on monitors [with James Neale], so I'm on the SD7; and I have to say, this show really is an exercise in chopping,” Andy says. “There is that much going on, it had to be a DiGiCo to make it work - and I have a comedy amount of Waves plugins on here, too. I have to use dynamic compression across the whole thing, and all the tracks are cut to hell; it's a bit of a noisy jigsaw, really, but it works well, and these consoles are always great sounding and super-reliable.”
Monitor engineer, James Neale, has been working with Paloma since 2014. He has built up a good working relationship with her, her trust in him making her feel more relaxed on stage. He started using DiGiCo consoles a few years back, whilst mixing Ellie Goulding, opting for them for the overall sonic quality the brand offers and because he needed more outputs for the show.
“I started out on the SD7 and have used most of

theneighbourhood-kellianneAllen & Heath on tour with The Neighbourhood
Friday, 22 June 2018

USA - Since their start in California’s Newbury Park in 2011, alternative indie rock band The Neighbourhood has gone on to chart multiple times in the US, release three albums, tour internationally, and perform multiple times at Coachella. The band stepped up to an Allen & Heath dLive Digital Mixing System at FOH and monitors, with two C1500 Control Surfaces, a DM32 MixRack and a DM64 MixRack.
Monitor engineer Jason Hines sums up the dLive system as being “intuitive and flexible.” Hines noted a number of particularly useful features for touring monitor engineers. "The flexibility of the External Input to PAFL Source in the Surface Audio Preferences and PAFL Settings is amazing. The way it is designed takes the annoyance out of talkback systems on stage. Another great feature that I love is the option of having an IEM fader and a wedge fader.”
Michael Bangs, Allen & Heath USA live sound touring manager notes: “We’ve seen a growing number of tours utilizing the compact C1500 for both FOH and monitors in a similar sort of setup as Jason’s. Having toured for years running monitors myself, I can certainly relate to the importance of having a super flexible workflow. dLive comes from that design approach - work with engineers, not against them.”
Speaking to the road-worthiness of the compact dLive C1500 Control Surface, Hines notes, “The little desks we used were tossed up and down in the truck at least 60 times in less than two months. They were robust and they held together. I was also really impressed with the calibration of

oath-digital1Mavericks back Oath Digital Content NewFronts
Friday, 22 June 2018

USA - The future was on full display in Manhattan early this May during Digital Content NewFronts, a week-long showcase for media buyers of the latest digital and video creations from the leading names in entertainment, news and information technology.
A must-see venue for the executives who descended on New York for the event was Pier 26, where Oath, a division of Verizon that reaches over one billion people worldwide through its digital media brands, introduced an exciting array of new content.
Hosted by Jamie Foxx, Oath Digital Content NewFronts offered guests a smorgasbord of live entertainment options to go along with the chance to preview upcoming productions from brands like Yahoo and Huffington Post.
Taking place on two main stages, along with a half dozen smaller satellite units, the evening event featured performances by stars like DJ Irie, Broadway dancers, bucket drummers and other artists. Adding to the magical atmosphere on the pier was a lighting design created by Barrett Hall that featured Chauvet Professional Maverick and Nexus fixtures, supplied by WorldStage.
“This project came about for me through First, a global creative agency that produced the event,” says Hall, owner of Magic Hour East. “I’ve had the pleasure of working with First in the past, so I was excited about this opportunity to help create a large-scale immersive and illuminated environment. Having everything from musical acts to theatrical style performances filling an entire pier over the Hudson made it quite unique.”
At the heart of Hall’s

x-wknd-2018-3previewElite Multimedia provides worship experience
Thursday, 21 June 2018

USA - LifeWay Students, part of LifeWay Christian Resources, holds summer camps that travel across the nation. The annual X. WKND kick-off event is an opportunity for all the summer camp staff members to come together as one before heading out on the road.
Held inside the Shocco Springs Conference Centre, production designer Jake Brantley wanted to give the 2018 event an in-the-round worship experience, so he worked with Elite Multimedia Productions who provided a full rig of audio, lighting and LED video.
“This year we wanted to do something a little different, so we started talking about what was possible in a gymnasium with very limited rigging points,” says Brantley. “We started playing around with the idea of doing it in the round, but one of the challenges was that the highest point in the ceiling is only at 26ft, so we decided to push our LED video surfaces to the outside of the room, facing in. In this set-up, no matter where you were in the house, when you were looking at the stage, your LED visual surface was in the background. It was a unique challenge, but it turned out really well
“Elite Multimedia Productions knows that when I am coming up with a design, it’s going to be ambitious and a little different,” adds Brantley. “They do a great job of helping us find the right gear that fits both our dream design and our budget. When working to fill out a gear list, you have to be willing to give-and-take a little bit, and Peter Streiff at Elite Multimedia did a great job helping us turn our vision into a successful event.

fireflykillersFirefly Festival glows with Bandit Lites
Thursday, 21 June 2018

USA - The Firefly Music Festival wrapped this weekend with Bandit Lites once again providing the lighting package for multiple stages where more than 60,000 people took to the forest for the seventh year.
The weekend’s line up was packed with a wide array of performances with Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, The Killers and Arctic Monkeys headlining. Odesza, Lil Wayne, Logic, Martin Garrix, SZA, Alt-J, Foster the People, MGMT and Cold War Kids also took to the stages.
Bandit Lites supplied more than 200 fixtures for the main stage system including Clay Paky Mythos, Robe BMFLs, VL 3500 Washes, VL 3000 Spots, GLP X4 Bar 20, Solaris Flare Strobes, Lycian M2 spots, and grand MA 2 Full consoles for control.
“Lambda Productions Scott Cadwallader, Brian 'Tuffy' Knight, Kat Harris and Joe Gordon worked long and hard on this huge festival and really pulled out all the stops,” comments Bandit’s Dizzy Gosnell. “Firefly really has become a benchmark festival on the summer circuit now. It’s been so great to be involved from day one of the first Firefly to see it grow to the massive annual event it is now.”
The Backyard Stage featured Claypaky Sharpys, Chauvet Illuminarc Panels, Chauvet Nexus AW 7x7, Elation CuePix WW4 Blinders, VL 3000 Spots and Bandit’s exclusive GRNLite LED Washes along with a grand MA 2 Full console as control.
One pleasant surprise for a completely open-air festival is the weather cooperating, but there was not a single drop of rain to be seen over Firefly, and while Bandit’s rigs and crew were prepared for all manne

harmanEclipse delivers with Harman MAC Quantum
Thursday, 21 June 2018

Australia - Eclipse Lighting and Sound recently secured multiple Martin by Harman MAC Quantum fixtures from Show Technology to supply music festivals, concerts, musical theatre shows and more.
Eclipse Lighting and Sound is an all-in-one production house that provides audio and lighting solutions for music festivals, concerts, corporate dinners, and musical theatre shows of all sizes across eastern Australia. MD Chris Neal was preparing for the upcoming festival season, and decided it was time to replace his aging Martin MAC 2000 fixtures with something that could deliver sensational lighting on stages of all sizes.
In order to meet these needs, Neal contacted Show Technology to find a powerful yet versatile fixture. Show Technology suggested the MAC Quantum, which combines the latest in LED technology with Martin's proprietary optical design.
"The Quantum fixtures are a great addition to the Eclipse Lighting and Sound family,” says Neal. “It’s been great sending such reliable fixtures out on gigs and not having people calling me for lamp replacements. We’ve already used them at the Canberra's main NYE celebration and recent CAT Awards - we were very impressed."
"Eclipse Lighting and Sound had been using MAC 2000 fixtures for a long time,” says Mike Gearin at Show Technology. “Chris wanted to upgrade to with the latest, most advanced Martin technology available, so we suggested the MAC Quantum fixtures. They were immediately impressed by how bright and sharp all of the fixtures were.”
(Jim Evans)

augusthall2-1Chauvet rig fills multiple roles at August Hall
Thursday, 21 June 2018

USA - August Hall is following in some giant footsteps. Opened this spring in the heart of Union Square, San Francisco, the 1000-capacity club is only a short distance from legendary music halls like the original Fillmore West, as well as leading current day entertainment sites like the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, The Masonic, and Great American Music Hall.
Building on this tradition, while adding new lighting and sound technology, the venue, which has a partnership with Live Nation, is hosting artists from every musical genre as well as comedians and corporate events.
Providing visual support for the diverse mix of performers that appear on its stage is a flexible lighting rig installed by Don Lynch of Commercial Audio Video Solutions, Inc, that features a collection of over 100 Chauvet Professional fixtures and LED panels.
“We worked closely with house LD David Belogolovsky of OwlVision to design a very rider-friendly rig that could work as well for an EDM artist as a rock band or spoken word performer at a corporate event,” says Lynch, who was also responsible for installing the hall’s audio, video, surveillance, and networking systems. “Our lighting rig had to be bright and punchy enough for some of the most intense acts, while still being able to provide subtle washes when needed. At the same time, of course, it also had to fit within the budget of a venue this size.”
After evaluating different options, Lynch and Belogolovsky put together a rig that includes: 16 Maverick MK3 Washes, 38 Rogue R2X Spot fixtures and eight STRIKE

crystal-maze-1Aurora heads back into The Crystal Maze
Thursday, 21 June 2018

UK Aurora Lighting is collaborating once again with lighting designer Gurdip Mahal plus gaffers James Tinsley and Adam Mitchell on Channel 4’s hit reboot of TV cult classic The Crystal Maze.
Following the production’s hugely successful format, Maze Master Richard Ayoade is back in the driving seat, guiding teams of intrepid adventurers through various themed ‘zones’ to take on a variety of dastardly challenges.
Filmed on an expansive set created by original series designer James Dillon at The Bottle Yard, Bristol, the show captures the charisma of the 90’s maze whilst incorporating a number of contemporary twists to update and enhance the look of the individual zones.
The sheer scale of the set requires a truly flexible lighting package that can both maintain ambient levels and shift easily between the moods created to accompany each specific area.
Combining creativity and versatility, the crew have installed a variety of automated fixtures including Martin MAC Viper Profile, Claypaky Sharpy and GLP X4s which allow swift alterations between moods or the addition of colour and movement to assist in highlighting action. The crew have also incorporated a number of Fresnels into the design, used to cleverly mirror the tungsten warmth of the original show.
Aurora have made key investment in products specifically for the show, in particular to build further on the growing inventory of LED products they are able to offer. Aurora has furnished the Crystal maze with a variety of low energy solutions. Of note are the numbers of C

glazers-hallTechnical Arts chooses K-array for Glaziers Hall
Thursday, 21 June 2018

UK - Originally constructed in 1808, Glaziers Hall is characterised by a blend of refined tradition and contemporary design. Sat beside the Thames, the building offers seven strikingly individual spaces for corporate events and functions. It also adjoins the historical London Bridge - a distinction made all the more tangible following the completion of the London Bridge Arches, a new subterranean space where the foundations of the bridge’s original wharf are visible.
Beyond the bare brick walls of the venue flows the Thames, while within the acoustically challenging space, an almost invisible K-array solution delivers smooth and precise audio coverage.
Previously a back-of-house zone, the newly transformed space is the seventh function area available for hire within Glaziers Hall, offering three long, arched vaults where original bricks are complimented by minimalist architectural lighting. At the far end of the vaults are the stones that adjoin the river, while to the right, visitors can gaze through three hermetically sealed windows at one of the British capital’s best-appointed wine cellars. The overall effect is unlike anywhere else in the city.
“The building is actually Grade II listed – the floor is actually all original Yorkstone paving from 1808, and we are on a raft in the Thames,” explains Glaziers Hall managing director, Samantha Enstone. “Our vision was to convert and use more riverside space and create a unique environment using the walls from 1808. But of course part of the challenge was to achieve the right balance of soun

airstarAirstar illuminates Grand Prix of Qatar
Thursday, 21 June 2018

Qatar - Losail International Circuit hosts the Grand Prix of Qatar every year, one of the flagship events of the MotoGP season. In 2008, the race became the first to take place by night, at a more advantageous time for television broadcasts but also in order to benefit from milder temperatures.
Thanks to a permanent lighting system, riders can ride on the 5.4km track at any time of the day. Since 2016, the Losail Circuit Sports Club team relies on Airstar to light up the paddocks where teams prepare and adjust their motorcycles.
The Airstar balloons have also provided lighting for the public area, where additional entertainment and attractions are offered to visitors, such as camel riding, falconry, or traditional Arabic coffee making. This year, the Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani attended the event for the first time.
“The Grand Prix of Qatar is the only MotoGP race that is held under floodlights. However, the lighting has to be perfect to ensure the safety of the riders, as if they were riding in day time. In addition, we wanted to give a nice and pleasant atmosphere to the place, and that is exactly what Airstar balloons offer,” comments Juan Baquero, CEO of the Losail Circuit Sports Club. “We know and work with Airstar for three years now, they are part of our MotoGP event.”
For this first race of the 2018 MotoGP season, the Airstar Middle-East team has deployed 50 Pixocom balloons. Measuring 3m in diameter and with a power of 9kW, the Pixocom provided a glare-free, efficient and aesthetic light to the 32,000 spec


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