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sh-nationalS+H adds star quality to National Eisteddfod
Wednesday, 13 September 2017

UK - S+H Technical Support provided substantial quantities of its LED starcloth product to production designer Sid Scott of Scott Callaghan Art Production for the 2017 National Eisteddfod of Wales.
The nine-day event was staged in a large field near Bodedern on Ynys Môn (the Isle of Anglesey), around eight miles from Caergybi (Holyhead) and approximately 20 miles from Bangor on mainland Wales.
The main entertainment hub on site was the Pafiliwn, a 40m deep 1,800 capacity pavilion built by Neptunus Structures, which was new in 2016, and once again utilised throughout the Eisteddfod for a diverse mix of entertainment, from a Sunday service to rock concerts, stand-up comedy, etc. in the evenings as well as a variety of competitions – dance, poetry, music, etc. – during the daytime.
Sid created the Pafiliwn production design in close collaboration with lighting director Nigel Catmur, Eisteddfod producer Medwyn Parri and Huw Aled Jones, the Eisteddfod’s head of technical operations.
Their objective was to create an immersive theatrical environment in the venue that would help engage the audience and take them on a journey for each performance, transforming the white box-style marquee into an exciting and invigorating live experience.
Having used the Neptunus structure for the first time last year, the team wanted to make several enhancements to the presentation space this year.
The LED starcloth wrap ran 120m down both sides of the structure and behind the audience, and also around two sets of 15m wide stage wings - stage left an

eliteElite Multimedia at Young Living conference
Wednesday, 13 September 2017

USA - As a full-service production company with the ability to design an immersive attendee experience, Cornerstone AV prides itself on allowing their imagination to be the driving force behind their designs. Known for developing the ideal technological backbone for any event, Cornerstone was once again brought on board to create the production design behind the annual Young Living Essential Oils National Conference.
With the production moving outdoors this year to the Rice-Eccles Stadium at the University of Utah, the design team wanted to maintain that sense of audience immersion so they developed a complete LED video experience with the assistance of production partner Elite Multimedia.
“This event is normally held each year at the Vivint Centre, but since it was currently being remodelled, the producers decided to move the event outdoors to Rice-Eccles Stadium,” began Chad Fraughton, Cornerstone AV vice president/executive producer. “During the booking process, we learned that we would be sharing some close dates with the Nitro Circus tour and we would have to be creative with our production design in order to accomplish a bit of concealment of their large ramps. To do this, we decided to go with a mega-structure creation of arches on both stage left and right flanking a large centrestage area. When we presented the idea to the executive staff at Young Living, they loved it and it really made the event feel bigger than life.”
Fraughton worked with Elite Multimedia to identify the perfect LED video solution. Understanding the need for e

embarcaderoYamaha sound at Salerno’s Embarcadero
Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Italy - After several years in a poor state of repair, the Embarcadero waterfront bar/restaurant in the Italian city of Salerno has undergone a major refurbishment to mark its 50th year. A comprehensive Yamaha Commercial Installation Solutions (CIS) zoned audio system has been added, which delivers high quality sound while being very easy to control.
Established in 1967, Embarcadero has traditionally attracted a wealthy clientele because its moorings attract tenders from yachts passing through the Gulf of Salerno. This year its present owners, Mr Generoso Galderisi and Mr Ettore Merola, have returned it to its former glory.
Mr Galderisi wanted to add a cutting-edge audio system and considered various options. He spoke to Mariano and Valerio Fabio of Salerno-based installers Casa Musicale Cav. Quinto Fabio, who suggested a Yamaha CIS system would be the best solution. Wouter ‘Tony’ Verkuijl of Yamaha Music Italy demonstrated to Mr Galderisi, his architect and technical consultants that the CIS solution was not only the best sounding and looking, but it would also satisfy all the venue’s needs.
Embarcadero has a number of indoor and outdoor areas, which could prove difficult for designers using less comprehensive product ranges or mixed-brand systems. However, Yamaha’s solutions meant a complex but easily-controlled, nine zone system could be installed, with 36 loudspeakers delivering high quality audio to every area.
The indoor zones are in the restaurant (VXS3F and HS8S loudspeakers), restaurant kitchen (NS-IC800), bar/takeaway counter

uncle-krackerChauvet DJ at Uncle Kracker’s eclipse concert
Wednesday, 13 September 2017

USA - Everyday life came to a halt in the US for a few moments on 21 August, as people stopped whatever they were doing and forgot about whatever cares were on their minds to marvel at the first solar eclipse to be visible across the entire lower 48 states in 99 years.
Over half of the country’s population (about 165m people) witnessed the event, according to news reports. Few of these eclipse gazers had as much fun for as long a time as the 10,000 or so who turned out for Bowman, South Carolina’s Solar Eclipse Festival.
Held at the city’s new outdoor concert facility Yonder Field, the festival kicked off in the morning with an inflatable animal race and similar events, followed by some safe eclipse watching, and capped off with a concert headlined by former Kid Rock turntablist turned iconic rock star Uncle Kracker. Pumping up the action on stage and captivating the crowd with some intense non-solar looks was an intensely bright and colourful lightshow created by Matt Slater using Intimidator and SlimPAR fixtures from Chauvet DJ.
“Brightness was the key at this show,” said Slater, a lighting designer at Luke Combs. “The festival is built around the eclipse, so the lighting on our stage had to be bold and bright. I spec’d four Intimidator Spot 355Z IRC fixtures for this concert and was stunned by the output and coverage I got from these fixtures.”
Slater positioned two of the Intimidator Spot 355Z IRC units upstage on his SL320 stage and used the two other units in his ground package. He credits the fixture’s three facet rota

mggMGG at the Discovery Sport Awards
Wednesday, 13 September 2017

South Africa - Johannesburg based MGG Productions created a futuristic look and feel for the 2017 Discovery Sport Industry Awards held at Sandton Convention Centre’s Pavilion venue. A huge claw-like Prolyte H40 structure, designed by Francois van der Merwe, formed a dome over the stage area and a Robe retinue with control on grandMA2 lite, completed the look while sound was mixed on a DiGiCo S21. The show attracted and acknowledge sport professionals in South Africa.
“The client wanted something different,” said DJ Carstens, project manager at the event. “Instead of a usual set, we created an industrial expression. Francois van der Merwe came up with the design.”
Lighting incorporated 12 Robe Squares. “The Squares were bright, and they were really great,” commented Francois van der Merwe. “The rig also included Robe Spiiders which I enjoyed. In addition, we used six Robe BMFLS Blades and six WashBeams, 12 Robe LEDBeam 100s for truss warmers, 24 Martin MAC 101s, 18 Claypaky Sharpys and 18 Philips Nitro 510C Strobes. A grandMA2 light with NPU was used for control. A 3,9mm VuePix stacked screen served as a backdrop.
“The client wanted something beautiful,” added Francois. “We had three different looks, warm, cold and neutral, and a ballyhoo for the announcement of the winners.”
On the audio side, sound engineer Constant De Vos from MGG mixed on a DiGiCo S21. “It’s a lovely console, and the one I use the most for events,” said Constant. “The S21 is user friendly and is easy enough to navigate even if are new to the

benedictmusicLawo in the mix at The Aspen Music Festival
Wednesday, 13 September 2017

USA - The Aspen Music Festival and School, for decades the presenters of one of the world’s most renowned orchestral music festivals, celebrates its 68th year in 2017. The just-completed Aspen Music Festival and School (known as “AMFS”) encompasses eight weeks every summer, with multiple venues and more than 400 concert events to delight classical music enthusiasts, many of which are broadcast to audiences worldwide.
At such a major music festival, sound quality is paramount, which is why Lawo has chosen to help sponsor the event in years past.
“Lawo’s commitment to the arts fits perfectly with the calibre of creativity that is nurtured by Aspen,” says Lawo North America sales representative Michael Mueller. “That’s why we wanted to make a contribution to this prestigious music festival.”
The mission of AMFS is to train and educate students for a professional career in classical music; the annual festival is an outgrowth of that mission. Each festival season, the AMFS presents as many as 400 performances at locations both on campus and off-site, as well as at various symposiums and master classes.
But the centrepiece of the festival is the 2,050-seat Benedict Music Tent, which is described as combining the acoustics of a concert hall with the ambience of an open-air tent. This is also where AMFS’ Lawo mc256 mixing console plays an indispensable role, delivering a broadcast-quality stereo mix and simultaneous 5.1 surround mix of each performance.
These mixes are digitally recorded and archived by the school’s Edgar

adele-live-2016-16032302mx11x1--mhvogeldeMDG is theONE for Adele and Phil Collins
Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Europe - When it comes to some of the biggest names in the business, performing at some of the largest stadiums and venues across the globe, MDG know a thing or two about providing the perfect haze and atmosphere - for both the lighting and the artists.
Stellar artists Adele and Phil Collins both engaged the design services of Patrick Woodroffe who, in collaboration with Roland Greil, both from design practice, Woodroffe Bassett Design, produced some stunning shows for their latest tours. On each production, Greil took on the mantle of associate lighting designer, lighting director and operator so has a unique perspective on the role and delivery of haze and fog across a wide spectrum of environments and venues.
Woodroffe and Greil specified two different types of MDG machines across three tours in all: Adele’s LIVE 2016 tour and Phil Collins’ Not Dead Yet tour both employed MDG’s theONE dual fog and haze generator, while Adele’s LIVE 2017 tour made full use of 8 of theONE machines and 2 MDG Atmosphere APS haze generators.
Adele’s LIVE 2017 Stadium tour has been a global progress visiting some of the biggest stadiums in the world. It followed on from the 2016 Adele LIVE Arena tour which featured more indoor venues, and for which three of MDG’s theONE generators were chosen. These were easily able to handle the indoor requirements, showing off to best advantage the symmetry of Woodroffe’s lighting design that worked so well with Es Devlin’s impressive set design.
But for the stadiums visited in 2017, and the challenge of a new

robe-chance-the-rapper-7134--steve-jenningsRobe encouraged by Chance
Tuesday, 12 September 2017

USA - Chance the Rapper is enjoying plenty of popularity and critical comment in general, and on his past US tour in particular, which featured an eye-catching show designed by another rising star in our own industry, Michael Apostolos.
Like the artist, Michael is also based in Chicago. They met through Chance’s management team four years ago, when Michael started as LD, and he is now the creative director as both their career trajectories have soared.
Michael put Robe moving lights right at the heart of the Be Encouraged tour, specifying 30 x BMFL Spots, four BMFL WashBeams and 56 x LEDWash 1200s as well as eight CycFX 8s for the tour, all supplied by rental specialist, Solotech.
The lights were positioned across five overhead ‘finger’ trusses, fanning out from upstage center and along the deck upstage of the band risers.
The LEDWash 1200s formed the “backbone” of the show explained Michael. They were in virtually every cue, programmed into the grandMA2 console, and some meticulous programming ensured that each LEDWash look was unique and interesting.
The BMFL Spots were the major profile fixture, while the WashBeams were used for specials and surprises in this colourful, high-impact performance.
The CycFX 8s were used to add low backlight to the band and help create highlighting moments delineating the musicians on stage.
In his creative director’s role for the tour, Michael also designed the set, based around a large upstage curved LED screen, bringing a clean and elegant look to the stage. This was fram

fireworksAdamson reinforces festival fireworks finale
Tuesday, 12 September 2017

UK - Pro audio provider, The Warehouse Sound Services, helped this year’s Edinburgh International Festival (EIF) conclude with an explosive finale thanks to over 100 Adamson loudspeakers.
Working with Tammo Schuelke, concerts and projects manager for Scottish Chamber Orchestra and production manager Wesley Cameron, The Warehouse had to design a complex system. The over-riding challenge was to ensure perfect synchronicity between the sound of the concert and the visuals of the fireworks. In addition, power, clarity and perfect coverage across the event was critical.
The Virgin Money Fireworks Concert brought the festival season to a close in style with a stunning display of over 400,000 fireworks from world renowned fireworks company Pyrovision choreographed to live orchestral music performed by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra set against the spectacular backdrop of Edinburgh Castle.
Glittering pyrotechnics illuminated Edinburgh’s iconic Castle for the electrifying conclusion to the International Festival 2017.
Renowned Scottish folk singer Karen Matheson, vocalist of Celtic supergroup Capercaillie, joined the Scottish Chamber Orchestra for traditional Scottish tunes and the world premiere of a new work composed for Karen by Capercaillie founder Donald Shaw.
The evening continued with an epic 40-minute fireworks display specially choreographed to beloved classics – including delectable dance music from Tchaikovsky’s The Sleeping Beauty.
The annual festival finale is one of the largest fireworks concerts in the world with an

sslbirminghamconvervatoireconcerthallprSSL at heart of Birmingham Conservatoire
Monday, 11 September 2017

UK - The new £57m Birmingham Conservatoire building has officially opened its doors. This milestone development elevates the Conservatoire facilities to world-class status and includes a recording and live sound production infrastructure without compromise, and with SSL very much at its heart. The new equipment list includes four SSL Live consoles and five SSL SuperAnalogue consoles, connected with a facility-wide Dante network.
With a history dating back to 1859, Birmingham Conservatoire is one of the leading music and drama academies in the UK. Part of Birmingham City University, the development boasts five new public performance spaces, which include a 500-seat concert hall, a 150-seat recital hall, and a 100-seat organ studio. It also includes The Lab, a cutting edge, completely flexible black-box studio, the first permanent jazz space in any UK conservatoire (the 80-seat Eastside Jazz Club), private rehearsal rooms, dedicated teaching spaces for musicians, and more than 70 teaching practice rooms.
Music Technology was introduced to the Conservatoire in 2001 and now the department offers BMus (Bachelor of Music), BSc (Bachelor of Science) degrees as well as postgraduate courses.
There are four main live performance spaces in the Conservatoire. The 500-seat Concert Hall is equipped with an SSL L500 live console, while the small Recital Hall, Eastside Jazz Club, and The Lab each have SSL L300 live consoles. From the stages and performance spaces, the consoles are fed by SSL ML32.32 Stageboxes and redundant Blacklight II connections via the SSL Bl

metro1-mediumCleveland Metroparks celebrates with W-DMX
Monday, 11 September 2017

USA - This summer, the centennial celebration of Cleveland Metroparks featured fireworks, events, and activities honouring the past and celebrating the future of Cleveland’s green urban landscapes. On a July evening, city dignitaries hosted a gala event which included dazzling outdoor lighting, supplied by ILC, and controlled by W-DMX wireless devices.
“We utilized our new W-DMX G5 units to drive data for Elation Q5 Volt fixtures,” explains Renee Herbert, business development executive at ILC. “The event took place in the Brookside Reservation and was host to over 500 dignitaries and supporters of the Cleveland Metroparks. Around the event’s entrance area, we utilized 50 fixtures to light trees and foliage in Cleveland Metroparks’ green and gold colors.
“The W-DMX units transmitted reliable data over 500 feet and ran consistently for several hours. This project had none of the technical complications that we typically see when running a wide area wireless DMX system. We’ll definitely be depending on W-DMX G5 again.” TMB is exclusive distributor for Wireless Solutions in USA.
(Jim Evans)

mccartneyMcCartney goes One on One with Claypaky
Monday, 11 September 2017

USA - Paul McCartney’s long-running One on One World Tour has added 21 dates in the US this summer and fall. Claypaky fixtures help showcase the evolution of his music from the 1960s to today. The US leg of the ongoing tour kicked off in Miami in July and will conclude in Detroit in October.
Lighting designer LeRoy Bennett is tasked with highlighting “a vast array of musical styles over the decades” during the course of the three-hour show. High-tech AV solutions, including layers of transparent video, LEDs and lasers, form a backdrop for the history of the former Beatle’s music but remain unobrustive to fans. “While we use many aspects of technology you never see them all at once, and they are never overpowering,” notes lighting director Wally Lees.
Upstaging provided the tour with 12 Claypaky Scenius Profiles, 12 Scenius Unicos and 96 Sharpys. The versatile Unico spot, wash and beam light is making its debut with McCartney’s show.
Bennett has positioned the Scenius Unicos primarily on the upstage floor behind the band as big fill lights. “We had been using a different light and wanted to change things out a bit,” he says. “I’m really impressed by what Scenius Unico can do. They have a lot of functionality and versatility – they’re a great lamp.”
Bennett says Scenius Profiles are mounted in “key locations” to showcase McCartney at the piano and centre mic, for example. “In addition to spots we have key lighting just to enhance Paul,” Lees explains. “He is an icon and we want to highlight him, whi

verdiLargest L-ISA system yet for Verdi’s Requiem
Monday, 11 September 2017

France - On 12 July at Lille’s Stade Pierre-Mauroy, L-Acoustics deployed an L-ISA Live hyper-realistic sound system for the singular performance of Verdi’s Requiem by the Orchestre National de Lille (ONL) and the Choeur Régional Hauts-de-France. The 30,000-capacity stadium, normally home to Lille’s football club, was a spectacular yet fitting venue for a performance intended to bring classical music to the widest possible audience.
Founded by Jean-Claude Casadesus and the Nord-Pas de Calais region (now the Hauts-de-France region) in 1976, the ONL has resolutely focused on ‘bringing music wherever it will be heard’ ever since, performing both in Lille as well as in over 30 countries around the world. After spending 40 years at the head of the ONL, conductor Jean-Claude Casadesus continues to lead three series each season, while also forging a stellar international career.
For this special stadium performance of Verdi’s masterpiece, François Bou, managing director of the ONL consulted L-Acoustics founder Christian Heil. The L-Acoustics team custom-designed an L-ISA immersive sound system to face the hurdle of delivering the power of a world-renowned orchestra to the entire audience, all while preserving the emotional and artistic intensity of the performance. Central to the system’s design is the desire to deliver ‘what you see is what you hear’ to each spectator at the Stade Pierre-Mauroy, effectively putting the audience into the sweet spot occupied traditionally by Jean-Claude Casadesus himself.
“Our challenge was to pu

funeral-scenedot2 is a regal success in Bournemouth
Wednesday, 6 September 2017

UK - The CPS Group, based on the south coast, has long had a close relationship with leisure and event venue operator BH Live. Since 1994, CPS has secured a reputation for providing high-end technical services and installations of performance lighting, pro-audio, and AV technology to the entertainment and leisure industries across the south and the UK. So, it came as no surprise that BH Live’s technical stage manager, Simon Bagnall contacted Simon White at CPS in the first instance when he was looking for a new console.
“Our choice for another MA Lighting dot2 console from Ambersphere Solutions through CPS was to build on standardising our stock of control surfaces across our venues,” opens Bagnall. “We purchased our first dot2 about 18 months ago. Since then, we have invested in two further consoles along with a fader and button wing. The platform has proved itself not only powerful but also a versatile and cost-effective investment. This latest purchase of a dot2 XL-F includes a Button wing which was really down to improving flexibility across the various uses required to more complicated programming to simple standalone applications. This brings our total inventory of dot2s to three XL-Fs, two F-Wings and a B-Wing.”
One of the most recent shows hosted by BH Live at Bournemouth’s Pavilion theatre was a production of Priscilla Queen of the Desert. The lighting was designed and programmed on the dot2 by resident designer, Olly White. “The lighting rig comprises a combination of moving heads, LED Pars along with approximately 140 gener

2-meijsies-op-het-strand3ÉPIX Strip IPs create memorable stage setting
Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Belgium - The largest summer beach festival in Belgium and one of the most popular in Northern Europe, 2 Meisjes op het Strand, is known for more than just music.
Also drawing thousands of fans and attracting a large national TV audience on Flemish network VTM are the breathtaking harbour vistas at the festival site. At this year’s event, Michiel Milbou and his team at Never Fear Shadows did justice to the festival’s music and its surroundings with a stunning stage and lighting design that featured 410 Chauvet Professional ÉPIX Strip IP fixtures, supplied by Phlippo Productions.
Never Fear Shadows’ design concept for the festival was built around a 60m x 20m translucent stage structure built exclusively from the ÉPIX Strip IP fixtures. The structure provided sizzling visual support for the music of K3, Niels Destadsbader, Gers Pardoel and other stars. At the same time, it also allowed the audience (both live and television) to take in the beautiful scenic backdrop around the festival.
Unlike a black backdrop or video wall, which are the norms on large festival stages, Never Fear Shadows’ radical opaque ÉPIX Strip IP structure provided an interesting visual alternative for festivalgoers and television spectators alike. This was particularly important for TV viewers during sweeping panoramic shots of the festival.
“The long and thin batten shapes of the ÉPIX fixtures functioned as ideal building blocks for the structure whilst simultaneously doubling as the lighting sources,” said Milbou. “As a result, we were able to fu

bat-out-ofPRG XL backs Bat Out of Hell-The Musical
Tuesday, 5 September 2017

UK - When Bat Out of Hell-The Musical co-producer Michael Cohl stood on a make-shift stage outside the London Coliseum at the press launch in November, he declared his latest project, along with fellow producers David Sonenberg, Randy Lennox and Tony Smith, and production manager, Simon Marlow, to be the biggest rock musical to premiere in London since We Will Rock You.
Peter Marshall, director of theatre for PRG XL, oversaw the provision of kit to the musical: “The show initially opened for a 12-week run in Manchester at the start of the year, before transferring to the Coliseum for the summer season from June to August. It was brilliant to continue our relationship with producer Michael Cohl and general manager Julian Stoneman again - after supporting them on Rock of Ages, and very exciting to work with Patrick and Finn, providing some of the latest technology on the market, including the Panasonic PT-RZ31K laser projectors.
“Bat Out of Hell was one of the first installs of these fabulous projectors in the world, which came straight from the Panasonic factory in Japan to the Opera House in Manchester.”
Associate lighting designer, Rob Casey worked alongside Patrick Woodroffe: “The overarching theme of the lighting for Bat Out of Hell is to achieve big, operatic backlighting which compliments Jon Bausor’s rugged set. We took a basic set of ideas from Patrick and theatricalised it using numerous positions overhead and around the set. The trusses are trimmed to around twelve metres, well out of view and capable o

avo-australiaAvolites joins the Creative Generation
Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Australia - IKONIX, the Australian audio-visual production expert, has supplied an Avolites Ai RX8 media server and two Avolites Miami Dongles, to run 960 gigabytes of content for Queensland's largest youth performing arts event, Creative Generation (CGEN) - State Schools on Stage 2017.
The event, now in its 13th year, was held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre in Queensland. GCEN aims to mentor the next generation of performers, providing opportunities for them to work with professional artists. More than 1800 students aged between four and seventeen took part in this year's event.
Zachary Burton, co-founder of IKONIX alongside business partner Richard Saunders, worked with the CGEN team to manage and coordinate the production's entire lighting and video aspect.
"IKONIX has been working with CGEN since 2014," says Burton. "This year we decided to use the Ai RX8 media servers to map out and control the video content for the production's 38m x 6m rear screen."
Discussing why IKONIX selected the award-winning media server, Burton says, "The Ai RX8 server is a high performance media server. The integration between Ai RX8 and our lighting console for CGEN was fantastic. Integration was high on our agenda as we had two other media servers in operation as well as our Ai systems. Ai was also the easiest system to programme and make changes to on the fly, which is an aspect we really like."
The video content for CGEN's back screen was displayed at a resolution of 7000 x 1080 pixels and managed over four layers. Burton used a m

wicreations-alejandro-sanz-2-sergi-abadWicreations enhances Alejandro Sanz in Madrid
Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Spain - Multiple Grammy and Latin Grammy Award winning Spanish singer / songwriter and musician Alejandro Sanz performed a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ show at the Vicente Calderón Stadium in Madrid to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his best-selling and landmark fifth studio album, Más, released in 1997.
The production team wanted some spectacular visual moments to make what was already going to be an outstanding show even more memorable, so the show’s production manager Borja Gonzales contacted stage automation and engineering specialists WIcreations.
WI’s Geert Stockmans headed their team after the introduction, which initially came six months ahead of the gig via Frank Janssens, a Belgian lighting specialist living and working in Spain. Geert and Frank have worked together many times, including on Malu’s 2016 tour.
Containing a diverse collection of ballads strongly influenced by flamenco, pop, and tropical rhythms, Más opened the door to international stardom for Alejandro Sanz who is from Madrid, and it was a pivotal work in his incredibly successful career.
Fifty thousand ecstatic Sanz fans attended the concert, made all the more special, historic – and emotional - for the fact that - as soon as the get-out was completed, demolition began on a truly iconic building, home to the legendary Atlético Madrid football club between 1966 and this summer.
Sanz’ lighting and set designer Luis Pastor already had an ambitious plan! It involved the tracking of LED screen columns around a curved upstage truss to reveal matri

doc-martens-cdd-1Martin Audio and Dr Martens in the Boot Room
Tuesday, 5 September 2017

UK - Dr. Marten’s Boot Room is the aptly named live venue at the rear of the legendary industrial boot manufacturer’s prominent new store in London’s Camden Market.
Promoting a regular programme of gigs since its Easter opening, the DM Boot Room has enabled emerging talent, bands and DJs to perform through a Martin Audio CDD PA, installed by Leicestershire-based NoiseBoys Technologies Ltd.
NoiseBoys director, Phill Beynon, knew that the store’s aim was to become a cultural hub, upholding the musical heritage of Camden Town by providing a complete experience. As a freelance engineer, he had been familiar with Martin Audio’s high premium technology and was happy to extend the relationship after NoiseBoys was set up nine years ago.
Therefore, when his company was approached by the store’s shopfitters, the retail design company Closed Sundays, to equip the 8m x 8m room with a complete staging infrastructure, NoiseBoys had no hesitation in specifying CDD - a solution already proven through the HoW and cruise ship sectors in which they have worked.
The first challenge they faced was that the store was set within The Stables, a 19th-century, Grade-II listed building at the hub of Camden Market. “This meant we had to fly the speakers off ground supported box truss rather than from the ceiling,” he said. “Therefore, aside from CDD’s excellent dispersion pattern, weight and size were a further consideration.”
NoiseBoys have flown a pair of the compact CDD10 (10”) Coaxial Differential Dispersion speakers on each PA wing alo

spain-van-longCUK hits the road with Arthur Holm
Monday, 4 September 2017

UK - Arthur Holm, specialist manufacturer of sleek, high-end conferencing solutions, has decided to take the mountain to Mohammed in the guise of a new, extra-long wheelbase Mercedes Sprinter that has been fully equipped as a mobile showroom. Having just completed the Spanish leg of its European tour, the van arrives on British shores on 4 September where Simon Druce of Arthur Holm’s UK distributor, CUK Audio, takes over for the UK and Ireland leg.
Boasting dimensions of nearly 7m x 2m, the interior of the van is both spacious and luxurious, furnished with durable, neutral-coloured woven fabric and floor tiles, and faux leather table tops. “Attention has been paid to every detail in order to show the products in their best light, and to demonstrate the perfect furniture integration of the retractable monitors and signal distribution systems, “explained Druce. “There’s plenty of room, the lighting is excellent, and we even have air conditioning!”
The products on display are the latest innovations from Arthur Holm: the DB2 vertical, motorised retractable monitor; the DynamicX2 motorised, retractable monitor; a connectivity box with motorised cables; DynamicShare smart video signal distribution and cable optimisation solution; the Undercover range of integrated, automated cover plates; and a motorised Kleenex box (yes, really!).
“The van is a self-contained showroom featuring all the newest, most technically advanced products yet from the Arthur Holm range,” continued Druce. “Visitors can expect to see how the Arthur Holm range can tr

eca2buda17Lancelot and SpotMe in the swim
Monday, 4 September 2017

Hungary - Four Robert Juliat’s 4000W HTI Lancelot fixtures were the followspots of choice for Frédéric “Aldo” Fayard, the lighting designer behind the opening ceremony of the 17th FINA World Aquatic Championships, which took place in Budapest and Balatonfüred in July this year. The FINA World Championships is one of the biggest sporting events in the world and the largest sporting showcase Hungary has ever hosted. With over 2,500 athletes from 180 countries and 200 events over a period of 17 days, this was a massive undertaking.
Frederic Fayard, who is founder and designer with Concept K in Paris, created and programmed the lighting for the opening ceremony event, which was conceived and produced by the French production ECA2 Group with MUPA from Hungary. The four 4kW Lancelot followspots were supplied by PRG France and were rigged on two technical towers front of stage. The Ceremony also provided the ideal opportunity for Aldo to test out Robert Juliat’s newest product, SpotMe, where he put it through its paces under live conditions for the first time ever.
SpotMe is a 3-D real-time tracking system that turns the followspots into an innovative solution to give the position of performers on stage, without the need for emitters and/or cameras. The followspot is equipped with sensors which send signals to the server and communicates all the positions and beam size parameters to the lighting console through PSN and DMX protocols. The parameters can then be used by the console to control any automated, or static, lights. Any moving light can theref

leith-theatreAdamson delivers for Trainspotting charity event
Monday, 4 September 2017

UK - A cutting-edge Adamson S10 line array system supplied by pro audio specialists, The Warehouse Sound Services Ltd, ensured power, precision and a party atmosphere during a high profile charity screening of the seminal 1996 film Trainspotting.
Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh staged a huge fundraising party celebrating the 21st anniversary of Trainspotting hitting cinemas to help efforts to reopen Leith Theatre after nearly 30 years.
A special birthday screening of Danny Boyle’s iconic movie was staged in Leith Theatre’s auditorium during the Edinburgh Festival last month. The 1200-strong audience were urged to get into the party spirit by joining in and even chanting some of the iconic dialogue from the film.
Welsh joined forces with arts collective Neu! Reekie! to stage the fundraise alongside post-punk band The Fire Engines and celebrated US record producer and DJ Arthur Baker.
Ewan Bremner, who played Spud in the film also appeared at the event reading excerpts from a new Irvine Welsh novel, which will reveal what has happened to Spud. Ewen Bremner is also a Leith Theatre ambassador and contributed to the event.
To ensure dynamic sound and a party atmosphere for this important fundraising event The Warehouse used six Adamson S10 line array loudspeakers and four S119 subs per side, with S10 front-fills, powered by Lab.gruppen PLM20K44 amplifiers running Lake Processing. New Shure Axient Digital radio mics with KSM9 heads where used for speech and vocals together with a Midas Pro2 mixing console at front of house

coloradoBrown Note on song with L-Acoustics
Monday, 4 September 2017

USA - As the primary AVL vendor for Colorado’s Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Thornton-based Brown Note Productions (BNP) will have provided audio reinforcement there more than 70 times this year when the venue’s 2017 season closes in late-October. The only other thing giving the breathtaking venue’s visual splendour a run for its money this year is the amphitheatre’s stunningly powerful yet natural sound, seeing that BNP joined L-Acoustics’ Certified Provider network for rental markets (CPr) back in April with the purchase of a K Series system.
Brown Note’s inaugural order was nothing short of massive and included 48 K1, 36 K2, 36 Kara and six ARCS II enclosures, 36 KS28, 24 K1-SB and eight SB18 subs, and 21 LA-RAK II touring racks containing a collective total of 63 LA12X amplified controllers. At the same time, the company also added two Avid S6L-32 and two S6L-24 consoles, as well as one DiGiCo SD10 and three new SD12 desks.
And Red Rocks is hardly Brown Note’s sole client. This year, the company has been out on national tours with Gorillaz, Flume, Death Cab for Cutie, Bonobo, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Nathaniel Rateliff & The Nightsweats, Snoop Dogg, Cut Copy, The String Cheese Incident, Misterwives and Mike Posner, just to name a few.
Brown Note also provides full stage PAs, along with lighting and video production, for many festivals across the country, including Welcome to Rockville and Chicago Open Air. BNP additionally served as the audio provider this year for North Coast Music Festival, Decadence, Carolina Rebellion, Global Dance Fe

painting-with-light-comic-stationComics Station entertains with Chauvet
Monday, 4 September 2017

Belgium - Spread across four stories and six zoned entertainment areas, the new 6000sq.m Comics Station Antwerp indoor theme park is a colourful celebration of creativity. Located in the city’s central station complex, it offers children and adults alike the opportunity to interact with Belgium’s best loved comic heroes such as Suske en Wiske (Spike and Suzy), Jommeke and the Smurfs.
To highlight the zones and multiple interactive elements within the theme park, Belgian creative visual design practice Luc Peumans and his team at Painting with Light drew on their multi-disciplinary experiences working on theatrical shows and attractions to implement a comprehensive lighting concept. Peumans and production lighting designer Kristof Devriese turned their vision into reality with some help from over 200 Chauvet Professional fixtures, which they used to create engaging looks in several areas including the foyer and theatre.
For the hallways adorning the huge 22.5m high atrium space within the station – which houses the world’s tallest indoor slide, Devriese specified an array of Chauvet Professional Ovation E10WWZ and E260WW fixtures. “The Ovation E-260WW IP fixture offered us exactly the kind of flat field of light we were looking for to illuminate the vast atrium space,” he commented. “The incredible optics combined with the 750W source offers intense brightness, and as a result works well highlighting certain elements within the entrance zone.”
Offering further highlighting within the atrium areas were the Ovation Min-E-10WW fixtures,


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