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hun1301188171-hr--lindsay-cave-loosplat-smlThe Hunna play O2 academies with MDG
Tuesday, 30 January 2018

UK - Formed only in 2015, The Hunna, a four-piece English rock band, kicked off 2018 by performing six back-to-back gigs in UK O2 Academy venues in early January.
Travelling with them was lighting designer, Tom Campbell, who chose MDG’s ICE FOG Compack low fog generator and an ATMe haze generator to provide the band with the right mix of atmospheric effects to guarantee they, and his lighting, would be seen to best advantage.
“Showcasing the lighting was especially important for this tour as the structure of the design forms the majority of the set,” says Campbell. “The backbone of the show design is centred around 108 lasers which are located on side towers. I use these to create various worlds, shapes and looks for the band to perform in, so I needed a hazer I could really rely on that would deliver a fine even haze day after day. MDG’s ATMe is ideal as it produces a haze that is very controllable, and so fine it never obscures what the lighting is doing.”
Campbell has worked as freelance lighting designer for ten years, starting out in theatre before moving to live music and lighting the likes of Zeds Dead and Bullet for My Valentine amongst many others. In 2015 he received a Knight of Illumination Award in the Club Category for his design for Anna Calvi and The London Heritage Orchestra. He joined Mirrad, a collective of like-minded designers, in September 2017.
Both MDG’s ICE FOG Compack and ATMe haze generator were supplied by London-based Colour Sound Experiment, under the project management of Alex Ryan, as part of the fu

simo-aalto1Finnish superstar tours with dLive
Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Finland - Finnish singer Suvi Teräsniska relies on Allen & Heath’s dLive for FOH and monitors at over 100 concerts every year.
During her 10-year career Teräsniska has released eight platinum-selling albums, supported by constant touring, and attracts huge audiences in Finland’s biggest venues.
Simo Aalto, Teräsniska’s lead sound engineer, finds dLive’s extensive built-in processing invaluable for the production. “The FX Rack, especially the reverbs are great. Even though I have an option for third-party plugins, I haven’t found any need to use them so far,” he says.
Aalto also finds the Dyn8 dynamics processor an essential tool for getting optimal results with Teräsniska’s distinctive vocals. “I’m a fan of the Dyn8 processing. Suvi is an excellent singer and her deep-toned voice has a rich variety of dynamics during the show. With Dyn8 I don’t need to use PEQ that much and I’m able to compress the channel less to let her voice breathe.”
With varied venues and requirements across the tour, Aalto finds dLive’s scalable and flexible hardware architecture allows him to tailor the rig to the job. The full system includes an S5000 surface and DM64 MixRack for FOH, paired with a C1500 surface and CDM32 MixRack for monitors, but he often uses alternate configurations.
“The scalable nature of the system is a strength. It’s nice to have a familiar workflow regardless of the size of the production - and every combination has the same processing power. Even the compact C1500 surface can be expanded with a num

slovenia-tvPhilips Lighting improves picture quality at POP TV
Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Slovenia - Philips Lighting LED studio lighting fixtures have been chosen to provide professional quality, low-energy lighting solutions for Slovenia's leading commercial television studio, POP TV.
After testing lighting solutions from several manufacturers, lighting director Nebojsa Gazdic specified the Philips Strand 200F LED Fresnel fixture, from the Philips Entertainment Lighting portfolio. His choice was based on its broadcast-grade light quality as well as its low energy consumption, compact size and silent operation.
Gazdic says, "In the larger news studio we wanted to move from tungsten lamps to daylight sources, increasing the colour temperature to 5600K, and the Philips Strand LED fresnels have enabled us to do that. We wanted reliable fixtures, with high-quality light output and consistent colour temperature."
He adds, "During our test period, we found that Philips Strand fixtures offered a better solution. Their light output is considerably higher and they produce colour more accurately. We were especially impressed by the passive convection cooling, which makes them near silent. We have just finished with the installation and have been very happy so far. They are primarily used for front-light on numerous presenter positions, but their versatility means that they can also be used for general set lighting."
In addition, with running costs a crucial consideration, the Philips Strand LED fixtures bring considerable savings in power, maintenance, lamp replacement and ventilation costs. Gazdic says, "We also had to consider the economi

kasabianKasabian tour with Britannia Row
Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Europe - Kasabian are rated one of the best live acts in the UK. A cursory glance reveals a tight little four-piece rock band with an insatiable appetite for musical exploration. Sounds simple: far from it.
“Kasabian are one of those bands who, on the face of it, appear to be just a straight forward rock band. But once you start to look more closely, when you start exploring how the arrangements are put together, then you find there is a lot of detail in there.” Ben Findlay, the band’s FOH engineer talking just before their first UK show.
The band have just completed an intense trawl through Europe culminating in a dozen arena shows around the British Isles. Britannia Row Productions provided an L-Acoustics K1 system with Findlay using an SSL Live out front. “Part of the challenge with Kasabian is to make that detail apparent,” he continued. “That’s why the SSL Live is entirely appropriate for the tour and I’m really pleased Brit Row were able to supply it.”
Arguably, Findlay has been using the SSL Live longer than any other live sound engineers in the UK, having taken out the first desk, again with Brit Row, for Peter Gabriel in 2013. “Presenting that detail is not so easy in these rather amorphous sounding arenas, so balance tends to be broad brush. But earlier in the year we played several festivals. In that open air anechoic environment, you can really work that detail.
“That said, the K1 system combined with Brit Row’s system tech Nico Royan has proved excellent. When we run into arenas that vary from night to nig

amazon-4low-resAmazon gets the BroadWeigh experience
Tuesday, 30 January 2018

USA - AWS re: Invent is an event, held annually by Amazon Web Services. It is the biggest event of the year for Amazon's cloud division, when customers and developers descend on Las Vegas. More than 30,000 delegates attended the event, held at The Sands Expo and Convention Centre at the end of 2017 to hear Amazon Web Services executives announce new tools and share the stage with representatives from big companies touting their AWS usage.
For 2017, Amazon wanted a 400ft high-resolution LED wall suspended as their primary design and backdrop. Production company ZED Ink knew that with LED dimensions like these, the weight quickly adds up, so they brought Cassidyrig on board to assist with the project and monitor the loads.
The Sands Convention Centre is historically known as a weight restrictive venue, despite being the second largest convention centre in the world when it opened across the street from the original Sands Hotel in 1990.
Dan Cassidy, owner / founder of Cassidyrig explains: "The sheer scale of this job in this venue meant that weight was a huge concern and that monitoring the loads really closely with BroadWeigh's wireless load cell kit was the only option. We were rapidly exceeding the capacity of the venue's allowable loads. With a high demand for a moving light presence over the stage too, we had to incorporate a significant amount of additional weight in the already overloaded area. We brought engineering firm Clark/Reder on board to monitor our progress and ultimately seek additional loading capacity where possible."

renaissance-twoRefurbished Renaissance restaurant installs JBL
Tuesday, 30 January 2018

UK - St Pancras Renaissance Hotel at London’s St Pancras International station - that Gothic Revival masterpiece of the great Victorian architect Sir George Gilbert Scott - reopened in 2011 as the glamorous St Pancras Renaissance Hotel.
Gilbert Scott has been immortalised in the restaurant that bears his name, as part of renowned British chef, Marcus Wareing’s stable of restaurants.
Also helping to ensure a successful rebirth of this iconic space, formerly the original’s hotel’s Dining & Coffee Room, has been loudspeaker manufacturer JBL, and sound installation specialists, Evolve Install, led by Elliot Patterson.
Evolve were awarded the contract following a successful site meeting with Marcus Wareing Restaurants’ Group operations manager, Lise Mabon.
Elliot Patterson recalls the restrictions of working in a Grade I-listed building. “Other companies had been in and had suggested placing ceiling speakers in the ground and have them fire the sound upwards. But it wouldn't have worked, as it would have caused a nuisance to those sitting next to the bulkhead. The better suggestion was to get something at high level and concentrate the sound downwards.”
Instead he suggested they visit another of Evolve Install’s sites, Galvin La Chapelle, and experience JBL’s discreet CBT Constant Beamwidth Line Array Technology.
An A/B test was conducted on site at the restaurant, and whereas Galvin La Chapelle had adopted the CBT70J/JE, with the LF extender, for The Gilbert Scott the operators liked the sound of the smaller CBT50

newrytownhall-geograph-1476695Newry Town Hall gets the Doughty treatment
Tuesday, 30 January 2018

UK - Newry Town Hall in Ireland has undergone a dramatic refurbishment to make the venue more usable for the entertainment industry. Newry District and Mourne Council brought consultant John Gallagher from Lumiere Productions on board to specify the technical facilities in the venue, with Doughty Engineering's Irish and Northern Irish distributor Production Services Ireland (PSI) being awarded the specialist theatrical install.
Brian Reilly, director, PSI said: "As part of this prestigious project to transform this historic venue into a space that works well for hosting entertainment events, we were enlisted to supply Newry Town Hall with all its theatrical requirements including lighting, dimming and flying system as well as IWBs and facility panels from Doughty. Working with Peter Tweed, PSI's service and install manager, we took the outline from the consultant and the dimmer count and designed some facility panels with the Doughty team and produced technical drawings for the design."
Dan Phillips, project sales co-ordinator, Doughty added: "Brian supplied us with the design for the system which we then used to produce some technical drawings to enable PSI to get sign off from their client. Virtually all the kit we supplied to PSI for this job was bespoke. In fact, with the facility panels, Brian asked if we could pre-wire these in the warehouse to reduce the time on site with the termination teams as time-scales for the project were tight."
The result of the refurbishment is a slick-looking venue which has been brought up to future standards f

bau-wow-360-2Penguin equips Brighton’s Bau Wow with Martin Audio
Tuesday, 30 January 2018

UK - When club owners Matthew Dimmack and Cleto Capetta took over the former Lola-Lo club site in Brighton, they wasted little time in approaching Penguin Media Solutions as they set out to convert it to the Bau Wow Club. As company director Dylan Thompson emphasises, “We already had a good relationship with Matt after working with him on other venues over the years, and so we were invited to tender.”
The integrators went up against a handful of other companies, but their attention to detail won the owners over, as well as their ability to provide a live Martin Audio demonstration of the proposed system via sister company Penguin Media Hire, which holds extensive stock.
“Key to the system was its flexibility,” Thompson recalls, “as the venue needed to be used for live shows as well as club nights - and this had to be taken into account.”
As the 170-capacity club is situated in the basement, care had to be taken, as far as possible, not to bleed sound to the venue upstairs, and this required the main dancefloor speakers to be fitted with bespoke anti-vibration yokes, as well as plinths for the subwoofers. “We knew that by planning for this from the outset, we would reduce headaches further down the line,” considered the Penguin Media man.
His company specified a pair of XD15 high-output, wide-bandwith speakers for the main room mid-tops as well as classic WS218X subwoofers (all on the anti-vibration yokes), to give visiting engineers a rider friendly and familiar sound signature. Stage-fill for DJ-led events is catered for with

bourbon-1Bourbon chooses KV2 for Edinburgh nightclub
Tuesday, 30 January 2018

UK - Bourbon, Edinburgh is a three-room basement space that includes a bar/lounge, restaurant and nightclub. Having taken over the space from a previous nightclub, the management team invested in renovating and updating the venue aesthetically and technically.
To meet the high standard of the overall re-fit an audio system of equal quality was required to attract big-name DJ’s and audiences to the new venue.
KV2 Audio were invited to demonstrate products to the venue in situ, following which there was no doubt that KV2 products would be the ultimate fit. Each area was subsequently equipped with a range of KV2 products selected for their sonic quality, clarity and output.
The primary Club Room features KV2’s SL 4.12 and SL 2.15 wide-dispersion, slim-line mid/hi and bass enclosures powered by the dedicated SL 3000 amplification and control unit. Low frequency output is further enhanced by ES 1.8 18” subwoofers and VHD 3200 subwoofer amplifiers.
Aside from the sonic performance of the SL System, the venue was drawn to the aesthetic design of the SL 4.12 and SL 2.15. They incorporated the product design in to the room as a whole with the DJ booth built within the system itself.
The restaurant, 2nd Club room and VIP areas all use a selection of EX products which have the headroom to operate at full club level yet also cater for the low level background music running throughout the day.KV2 products are also used as DJ monitors throughout the venue.
(Jim Evans)

edinburghs-hogmanay-concert-in-the-gardens-crowds-3-c-ian-georgesonThe Warehouse and Adamson reinforce Hogmanay
Tuesday, 30 January 2018

UK - Rag’n’Bone Man headlined Edinburgh’s Hogmanay Concert in the Gardens, the best New Year celebration in the UK, if not the world. Edinburgh's Hogmanay was the place to be to send off the 70th anniversary of Edinburgh as the festival city and kicked off 2018 in style.
At the sold-out Concert in the Gardens, Edinburgh’s own Nina Nesbitt kicked off the night sharing stories with the capacity crowd in Princes Street Gardens. Nina was followed by BBC Music Introducing Artist of the Year Declan McKenna who wowed the crowd with his eloquent, upbeat indie set. The audience in the gardens lit up for Rag’n’Bone Man’s powerful set with the crowd going mad for anthems Human and Skin and his finisher Gimme Shelter by the Rolling Stones.
This year’s spectacular Midnight Moment was, for the first time, choreographed to a specially-commissioned soundscape created by Skye band Niteworks and award-winning sound designer and film composer Dan Jones in collaboration with fireworks experts Titanium followed by a moving rendition of Auld Lang Syne after the midnight fireworks by Rag’n’Bone Man.
Event producers Underbelly engaged an internationally renowned creative team of sound, light, audio visual and production designers to produce celebrations on the 31st December. The team was led by Martin Green, one of the UK's leading live event producers, head of ceremonies for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and currently the CEO and Director of Hull UK City of Culture 2017.
Pro-audio provider

volvo-boothla-auto-show44Elation on track at LA Auto Show
Monday, 29 January 2018

USA - On Volvo’s booth at this year’s LA Auto Show, Creative Technology’s Chris Wasilauskas used Elation Professional’s new exhibit-optimised Fuze Wash 575 white-light LED luminaire to light the Swedish auto manufacturer’s newest vehicles and concept cars, the same light he used on the Kia booth to great effect.
“They are an excellent fixture for lighting vehicles,” the lighting designer and technical director (lighting division) at the global production house said of the cool-white LED PAR moving head. “The high colour temperature and high CRI shows off the paint color of the vehicles quite well.”
Held 1-10 December at the LA Convention Centre, the LA Auto Show is one of the most influential auto shows in the world and especially high demands are placed on the lighting. Creative Technology has used Elation Design PAR 575 opti par moving heads on auto show booths for years but sought the benefits of an LED solution and turned to Elation’s new cool-white Fuze Wash 575 LED PAR moving head luminaire with motorized beam control.
Elation has designed the Fuze Wash 575 to optimize the way a vehicle looks while assuming the role of a new workhorse fixture-of-choice. Featuring a high-output 350W Cool White / Daylight COB LED engine, the fixture gives designers what they need without the cost, weight and power needs of conventional 575W discharge daylight PAR lights.
Rigged on straight trusses at a trim height of 27ft, approximately 80 Fuze Wash 575 fixtures were used on the Volvo booth. “We chose this fixture because of the high

video-designVideo Design backdrop for Kasabian dates
Monday, 29 January 2018

UK - As fine a reputation in edgy relevance as you could wish for, Kasabian continue to confront their fans with an ever-evolving musical output. “It’s a totally different dynamic,” said their long-time director of video, Paul Eggy Eggerton. And well he might; while other bands join the expanding club of content-driven video backdrops, Kasabian take the braver route, relying on their live stage energy to carry the crowd.
“So often a lot of content tends to be stock graphics or just splodge,” continued Eggerton. “For these guys we have big side screens in portrait orientation.” The two six-metre tall 7mm LED screens and a four camera PPU are supplied by Video Design.
“With that screen format, there is no standard mid-shot - it just doesn’t work, you’d end up with lots of either limbs or instruments missing. So you are constantly having to keep it wider with the odd close up thrown in. it is a totally different cut to standard IMAG. But it really suits the show.”
Tricky for Eggerton, he certainly needs to work his cameramen a lot harder than normal; it’s a challenge he enjoys: “Their manager Simon Moran first made the decision a few years back and I think Serge has always wanted it. Thankfully you’re in safe hands with Alex Leinster and you always know with Video Design you’re going to get good people - and they were great, with a highly animated band on stage like these guys that’s a real help.
“I think they enjoyed it, too. As a scene set it is distinctive and I like it for that, even if it makes my job more d

intheheights1In The Heights coloured with Chauvet
Monday, 29 January 2018

USA - New York-based lighting designer Cory Pattak never ceases to be awed by the sunsets over Manhattan. “You find yourself swearing ‘this can’t be real,’” said he says. “All those pinks, oranges and purples that can only exist in an Instagram filter, right? But your eyes don’t lie. This is how days often end in Manhattan. I used to be afraid that if I put those colours on stage, it would look too unreal.”
Pattak set aside this concern recently when he lit a fall production of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Tony Award winning musical In The Heights at the historic Olney Theatre. Using a collection of Ovation, Rogue and Maverick fixtures from Chauvet Professional, he supported the production with vivid displays of colour, including one during the song Champagne that captures the surreal beauty of a Manhattan sunset.
Elaborating on the role of his fixtures in helping him paint the stage in vibrant colours, Pattak noted, “LED ellipsoidals have come a long way in just a few short years. The Ovation E-910FCs in our rig for In The Heights were bright and handled saturates and pastels very well. I never had any fade or mixing issues. The Rogue R2 Washes were workhorses; they did ballyhoos, flyouts, colour and strobe pops at different points in the show. They’re really bright too, which was perfect for all the saturated moments, including the sunset scene.”
“This is a super colourful show, which is why it’s a perfect fit for me,” concluded Pattak. “Even the lyrics of the show’s songs often reference the quality

in-flamesGLP hybrids set fire to In Flames’ arena tour
Monday, 29 January 2018

Sweden - LD Fredrik Stormby has been making prolific use of GLP’s new JDC1 hybrid strobe on tour with Gothenburg-based heavy metal band, In Flames, on their European arena tour with co-headliners, 5-Finger Death Punch (FFDP).
Having been operating lightshows for the Gothenburg-based In Flames since 2011 (and been designing their sets since 2014) Stormby wanted to focus on the artwork that the band had been developing for the current European tour.
“I wanted to use a lot of video and set elements,” he said. “There is a lot of artwork and figures/elements to look at and my idea was to create an atmosphere and style that really represents the band; you should be able to see a picture and immediately tell that this is an In Flames show.”
No fewer than 65 JDC1 hybrid strobes have been helping him in his quest, with Soundforce supplying all the In Flames gear, while Black Box was responsible for the overall shared package with FFDP, whose LD John Santos co-designed the flown rig with Fredrik Stormby.
The rig itself is dominated by 65 JDC1 hybrid strobes. Admitting he had little experience of GLP solutions until recently, Stormby states, “Like so many others I found the X4 Bar series to be an extremely useful fixture - and then I heard about the JDC1, and had the opportunity to try one out.” He was soon test driving around 36 of the heads at a private party in Cannes.
“This gave me the confidence to specify them for In Flames,” he admits. “We needed a bright LED strobe that we could pixel-map but also get a ‘clean’ whit

cpl-bristol-vision275CPL assists Bristol Vision 2017
Monday, 29 January 2018

UK - CPL, working for event producers Bright, supplied lighting, sound and video equipment for Bristol Vision 2017, a networking event held at the University of Bristol Students’ Union building and organised by Bristol Media for individuals and companies engaged in media and communications sectors.
Mike Radford project-managed for CPL, working with a crew of four and closely with Bright’s production manager Fleur Saynor. The team covered several different areas including a main plenary space, associated break-out rooms in the Pegg Theatre and AR Bar, reception / check-in and a café / open / meeting space complete with a number of exhibition display booths.
It was a busy day for the 200 delegates who could catch 18 keynote speakers and engage in a range of digital and media-related commercial and business activities.
In the main plenary room, CPL rigged a central 16ft x 9ft screen at the back of the stage which was flown on the house trussing, and either side of that was a pair of portrait format projection screens. These two portrait screens made use of Rigtec’s handy portrait flying frames and single point truss adaptors.
Screen content was delivered from a range of Dell and MacBook laptops provided as part of the production brief, with many speakers also providing their own machines which had to be hooked into the system.
All of the sources were fed through one of CPL’s Barco S3 processors running Event Manager software which was the central hub for all inputs which were then routed to multiple destinations. To ensure

robe-the-hunna-hun1301187907Robe MegaPointes shines for The Hunna
Monday, 29 January 2018

UK - Lighting designer Tom Campbell utilised 37 x Robe MegaPointe moving lights for the recent UK tour by indie rockers The Hunna.
Lighting and lasers for the tour were supplied by Colour Sound Experiment. They were among the first UK companies to invest in MegaPointes immediately after the product’s launch in September 2017.
Tom, who joined at the end of last year, evolved the look and feel of this first production tour in close collaboration with guitarists Dan Dorney and Ryan Potter.
He originally saw MegaPointe in action at the PLASA Show in London just after its launch and was impressed. As a result, 19 MegaPointes were rigged on 12ft drop bars allowing them - trim permitting - to fly the mid truss out of view so the lights appeared to be floating in space.
The rest were all on the floor where they provided a dynamic balance in the beams. Eight were located upstage along the back just in front of the backdrop, and the rest split into two groups and positioned at the sides, from where they produced a lot of the essential key light – as there was no front truss.
The elegance of the MegaPointe animation wheels proved great for adding numerous subtleties to the mix, and he also found himself using the frosts quite frequently.
Six Robe LEDWash 300s were also on the rig, in the footlights position around the front of the stage, unobtrusive due to the small size. The highly realistic tungsten and CTO emulation made excellent PAR can replacements.
Tom has recently joined visual design collective MIRRAD and used two Avolites

national-stadiumL-Acoustics goes for gold at KL Sports City
Friday, 26 January 2018

Malaysia - This summer saw the completion of the first phase of the transformation of Malaysia’s Bukit Jalil National Sports Complex into one of Asia’s top sporting venues, KL Sports City.
This ambitious project included the installation of an L‑Acoustics loudspeaker system into the 85,000-seater National Stadium, now considered the biggest stadium in Malaysia and Southeast Asia, which needed to be ready in time for August’s SEA Games and 9th ASEAN Para Games.
Sennheiser Electronics Asia, L‑Acoustics certified distributor for Malaysia and provider of the system, was first introduced to the KL Sports City concept in 2015. Shortly after, the company was invited to tender for the project, which had to satisfy exacting requirements for coverage and sound quality, while also adhering to strict limitations on structural weight loadings.
“Sennheiser supported system integrator A.F.S. Engineering (Malaysia) by supplying a proposal and design for the tender bid that was based on L‑Acoustics products,” explains David Cooper, sales manager, Asia, for L-Acoustics. “By working closely with L‑Acoustics’ application engineer Julien Laval during the process, they made sure they adhered to the weight restrictions while providing optimum SPL and intelligibility.”
Using L‑Acoustics Soundvision 3D acoustical simulation software, the team devised a lightweight system by using a combination of L‑Acoustics Kara, Kiva II and ARCS WiFo loudspeaker cabinets for the National Stadium.
The extensive system comprises 18 hangs of six Kara e

nexo-victoria-theatre-halifax-2Victoria Theatre Halifax invests in Nexo Geo
Friday, 26 January 2018

UK - A.C. Entertainment Technologies Ltd. (AC-ET) has supplied a Nexo Geo M6 main house PA system to the Victoria Theatre, Halifax, to provide high quality audio reproduction during its diverse programme of live shows and events.
Built in 1901, the 1,512-seater venue provides a sensational theatre experience and caters for everyone; from no-holds-barred rock 'n' roll, chart-topping pop, sumptuous ballet and opera, to cutting-edge comedy, fantastic family shows, musicals and not forgetting the annual pantomime.
The theatre was looking to replace its existing PA system, which had been in the venue some 15 to 20 years and was in need of an upgrade. They required something more flexible and modern, like a line array system that would cover all bases, providing clear and articulate vocal reproduction for touring theatre and comedy shows, yet also being more than capable of producing the power needed for a touring rock or pop artist's concert.
In addition, due to the venue retaining many of its original historic features and being built on a cantilever system with no obstructive pillars, the new PA system had to be as unobtrusive to line of sight as possible, and not be an obviously noticeable large stack of speakers at each side of the stage.
Steve Eaton, senior sales executive in AC-ET's dedicated audio division, handled the sale. After visiting the venue for a site evaluation, he worked with Nexo to acoustically model the space using their NS1 system design software, mapping the optimum positions and trajectories for all the necessary speaker

new-life-covenant2Chauvet illuminates Harare church open day
Thursday, 25 January 2018

Zimbabwe - The Jabula New Life Covenant Church’s Open Sunday held at the Rainbow Towers Hotel and Conference Centre featured a lighting rig that utilised Chauvet Professional fixtures.
A crowd of 4,500 people filled the centre’s auditorium on 14 January for the uplifting service intended to inspire congregation members and reach out to new worshippers.
Providing a stirring background for the service was a dynamic lightshow that featured vivid colours, subtle stage washes, crisscrossing beams and engaging audience sweeps. Events Evolution created the impressive panorama, despite a short setup time, thanks to a simple but powerful rig it created that utilised Chauvet Professional Rogue and COLORado fixtures, as well as Intimidator and SlimPAR lights from Chauvet DJ, all of which were supplied by Audiosure.
The setup was “basically simple,” according to Blessing Bero of Events Evolution, designed for easy setup on the conference centre stage. The rig was built around two lines of mid-stage truss that ran about 30’ across. A collection of five Rogue R1 Beams and six Intimidator Hybrid 140SR fixtures was evenly spaced across the lower line of truss. From this position, they were used to create sweeps across the stage during key moments of the service, as well as for audience lighting.
Positioned on the upper line of truss were four Rogue R2 Wash fixtures, as well as a collection of COLORado 2-Quad Zoom VW Tour units and 24 SlimPAR Tri 12 IRC par-style lights. Additional COLORado and SlimPAR fixtures were flown on the lower line

sh-x-factor-uk-2017-final-img5527S+H ends 2017 on a high note
Thursday, 25 January 2018

UK - S+H Technical, specialists for LED visual effects, drapes and starcloths, supplied an array of high profile television shows including Strictly Come Dancing, Children in Need and the final of X Factor UK 2017.
S+H’s Terry Murtha comments: “It was great to be working again with many of our regular clients like Strictly and Children In Need, and also with some exciting new ones – it was the first time we have supplied anything to X-Factor, so we were delighted to be offered the opportunity”.
S+H again supplied starcloth for the main hub of the BBC’s 2017 Children in Need live telethon at Elstree Studios in Hertfordshire. The broadcast was directed by John L Spencer and was the culmination of an action-packed year of fundraising activities.
Production designer Alex Craig utilised 350sq.m of S+H animation cloth and 450sq.m of its RGB Starcloth product, which were an essential element of his eye-catching scenography.
Alex’s studio set was based around a huge main performance stage and catwalk, with several large-scale LED screens, each surrounded by an impressive four-layered pros arch. Dramatic curves and metallic finishes were used throughout the set, and giant flown spheres completed the design.
Alex comments, “As always, Terry did us a fantastic deal on the animation and star cloth and sent an amazing crew to Elstree to rig it all beautifully”.
S+H has supported the massively successful Strictly Come Dancing for the last decade.
This year, specifie

hippodromeBristol Hippodrome fades to warm with GDS
Wednesday, 24 January 2018

UK - The Bristol Hippodrome is one of Britain’s top provincial theatres, catering for the widest possible variety of tastes with its programme of musicals, ballet, opera, concerts, comedians and pantomime. A Grade II listed building designed by leading theatre architect Frank Matcham, the Hippodrome opened for business in 1912.
Last year, having reached the venerable age of 105 years old, Bristol Hippodrome, grand old dame that it is, was due a facelift, part of which was to replace its tungsten house light system with a modern, sustainable LED alternative.
Key to the entire project was the requirement to ensure that none of the theatre’s splendid Edwardian look and atmosphere was compromised during the upgrade. Whilst it doubtlessly comprised an out-dated and inefficient system, the existing tungsten illumination could not be faulted for the quality of its light - but on the energy consumption and maintenance side of the equation, it simply had to go. In short, the new system had to emulate as closely as possible the character of tungsten light, whilst at the same time saving energy and the daily, time-consuming routine of replacing blown lamps.
ATG was aware of GDS’s reputation through having installed the Bristol company’s BluesSystem working lights at The Hippodrome back in 2005, declaring them to work “fantastically well”. A conversation began in respect of a new house light system and GDS introduced ATG to ArcLamp Fade To Warm, its latest LED development. Integrator Push The Button (PTB) who already had wide experience of working w

kankaria3212PR shines bright at Kankaria Carnival 2017
Wednesday, 24 January 2018

India - The Kankaria Carnival 2017, which took place in the Indian city of Ahmedabad (Gujarat), between 25-31 December, was brought to life by PR XR330 Beams throughout the seven days.
Local event production company Ananta Stagecraft updated their inventory with 100 XR330 Beams in time for the event. A special timecoded show was designed for the celebrations of Ahmedabad, which was declared India’s first Heritage City.
The show’s highlight was the XR330. Some 40 units were used in the show along with various other fixtures. According to designer, Jay Joshi, the fixture has great abilities, with silent operation and great stability. The colours are extremely bright and their split gel functions impressive, while the Prisms and Gobo wheels were utilised to the maximum. The fixture also delivered an unfocused spot look which was used creatively in the show.
Being a wireless DMX controlled fixture the XR 330 Beams can reach great heights and can be spread along venues without interfering with DMX signals.
“We are proud that we have invested in the right fixtures,” said Mr. Joshi. “We have also invested in various other PR fixtures like the XR440 BWS, XR480 BWS and XLED 4022RZ. We look forward to developing great business opportunities with the investments we have made.”
(Jim Evans)

skysportsLED Creative in Sky Sports Studios refurbishment
Wednesday, 24 January 2018

UK - Illumination specialists LED Creative provided their Alpha 60 RGB LED system as part of the recent upgrade to the Sky Sports Studios at the broadcaster’s West London Headquarters.
Working closely with scenic designer Peter Aston for Jago Design, LED Creative’s project manager Ges Smith and on-site team leader Tony Mayor assisted in the successful deployment of the company’s Alpha RGB, which has been used extensively throughout the re-launched Studios One, Two and Three.
Featuring the work of lighting directors Richard Bowles, Andrew Louca and Malcom Reed, all three studios have a highly polished, smart, modern feel which can be easily adapted to a suit a broad variety of moods. The end-result is a suite of flexible spaces that can be tailored to reflect the nature of the broadcast content. Studio One the largest of the three is the all-important football hub; Studio Two with its decidedly ‘green theme’ is used by SKY Golf; Studio Three is an easily configurable multi-purpose interview and featured sport space.
The LC Alpha range of high density ultra-flex delivers precise, even, fully controllable illumination from a super flexible lightweight strip. Cool running and drawing only 14.4W per metre, Alpha 60 is an ideal low energy LED flex solution - flexible, adaptable and simple to use.
The clever inclusion of the versatile Alpha 60 as a key element within the installation allows discreet, seamless transitions in both colour and intensity. The designer lines, clearly defined edges and subtle highlights of the set pieces perfectly

vail-mountain-schoolElation enhances Vail Mountain School Theatre
Wednesday, 24 January 2018

USA - Vail may mean skiing, snow and outdoor activities to most people but the area is known for its educational and cultural opportunities as well. Take Vail Mountain School (VMS) as an example. The independent K-12 school has a reputation for excellence and an important part of their challenging academic curriculum is fine art, music, and the performing arts.
VMS puts on its own productions in a 384-seat, state-of-the-art theatre. In order to maintain its high standards and offer students the latest in cutting-edge entertainment lighting technology, in 2017 the school replaced its standard conventional lighting rig of discharge-based fixtures with an automated Elation Professional LED-based rig of intelligent spot, wash and batten luminaires. .
Media production company THD Productions, Inc. of Leadville, Colorado, was called on to complete the install while freelance lighting designer Matt Phillips specified the fixtures. “The school chose an Elation lighting package for its value and the feature set of each luminaire,” said Todd Howe, president at THD Productions, Inc. “The cost savings and environmental benefits from LED-based fixtures were important as well,” he said, adding that product support was also an important factor including the quality of the product demonstration at the school by Elation rep Jay Cid of PSLP (Professional Sound and Lighting Products).
The new lighting at VMS is made up of Elation’s award-winning Artiste DaVinci LED moving spot, which teams up with Fuze Wash Z350 PAR moving heads and Colour Chorus 48 LED batt


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