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painting-with-lightPainting with Light gets Black To The Future
Thursday, 13 July 2017

Belgium - Lighting and visual innovators Painting with Light were approached to design a special feature for the current Black To The Future art exhibition, which is being organised by art collective Het Labo and staged at the C-MINE cultural centre in Genk, Belgium.
The environment is a redeveloped coal mine once the pulse of local industry, now tastefully restored and again serving the community meaningfully as a cultural centre and creative hub for media and tech-related companies and the LUCA School of Arts.
The Het Labo logo is a lighthouse - so, it was a no-brainer for Luc Peumans and his Painting with Light team, who decided to imagine a ‘real’ lighthouse utilizing a high-powered beam luminaire and one of the two former mine head elevator shafts that still dominate the C-MINE site.
A Vari*Lite VL6000 Beam was chosen to deliver the power and projection needed to make the installation impressively high-impact.
The luminaire was specified by Luc himself and is positioned on top of the tallest of the two mine heads, 63 metres in the air. The fixture was supplied by Belgian Vari*Lite distributor Face, who were very happy to partner with Painting with Light for the project.
The beacon-like VL6K Beam is perfect for the application and can be seen for many miles around on a clear night, adding interest, attracting people to check out the expo - and prompting numerous chats via social media channels.
The luminaire has a large 14” front aperture and utilizes an exclusive new Philips ellipsoid reflector array system to

pal-norte-festivalSerpro powers Pa'l Norte Festival with Chauvet
Thursday, 13 July 2017

Mexico - The sprawling grounds of a former Mexican steel foundry have become one of the hottest spots on the music festival scene. Started only five years ago, the Pa’l Norte Festival is already the number one tourist event in the state of Nuevo León in terms of its economic impact.
This year’s edition of the two-day event drew 160,000 fans from throughout the world and featured a heady mix of stars that included The Killers, Placebo, MIA, The Offspring, Kaskade, Maná, Jason Derulo and Enanitos Verdes among others. Providing a suitably powerful background to their performances was a main stage festival rig anchored by 72 Maverick MK2 Washes from Chauvet Professional.
Serpro Producciones, which supplied the RGBW LED moving wash fixtures, flew them on truss that descended in height from downstage to upstage. At the centre of this configuration were two diamond shaped truss boxes, one inside the other. On either side of this centrepiece were 10 rows of truss, each with four MK2 Washes. The overhead Mavericks provided visiting LDs with a fertile backdrop for their designs by hitting the stage with vividly coloured light from down, side and back positions. Mavericks positioned on the higher downstage truss were also often used to light the apron of the stage and for audience lighting.
With their wide 7° to 49° zoom range, the Mavericks made it easy for visiting artist LDs to vary coverage areas. Also contributing to the flexibility of the festival rig, which was essential given the diversity of the performers on stage, were the Mavericks’ prowe

brestaurant2Yamaha Is a recipe for success at Bureau
Thursday, 13 July 2017

The Netherlands - The saying that ‘success breeds success’ is proved at B-Amsterdam, where the inventive re-use of a former five-storey office block has proved so popular that the project now covers three separate buildings. The addition of restaurant Bureau has seen a new Yamaha Commercial Installation Solutions (CIS) solution added to the previously-installed CIS system.
Opened in 2015, B-Amsterdam turned the city’s old 40,000m2 IBM-building into an imaginative multi-purpose office, work and events space for small enterprises and sole traders. New top floor restaurant Bureau is a creative addition used for lunch, dinner, private parties, fundraising and presentations, with many of its ingredients grown in an adjacent roof garden that also functions as an outdoor dining and socialising area.
The building’s original conversion included the installation of a Dante audio network throughout. Designed and installed by Harmen van 't Loo of systems integrator Motiondezign, the audio specification included a Yamaha CIS system in a ground floor meeting area, with several meeting rooms also equipped with CIS sound reinforcement systems.
Bureau includes an additional CIS audio system for background music, presentations and DJ sets. Controlled by a DCP4V4S surface-mounted panel, the four-zone system covers the dining area, an informal seated/club area, a private dining room and the washrooms. It includes 12 VXS8 loudspeakers to cover the main restaurant/club areas, eight VXS5 for the private dining room and four VXC5F ceiling units for the washrooms. T

tube-manchester-daytube hits the sonic spot on Manchester Day
Thursday, 13 July 2017

UK - Manchester audio specialists tube uk delivered 10 audio systems to five high profile carnival floats plus five music / compere stages around the city centre for the City’s 2017 Manchester Day celebrations.
The event, commissioned by Manchester City Council and produced by Walk the Plank, celebrated the diversity, strong communities and unstoppable spirit of the city and its people, taking on additional significance less than a month after a terror attack in Manchester Arena killed 22 people.
The floats included a show-stopper featuring local hero, dance music producer and icon Graham Massey (808 State, etc.) and brass collective Mr Wilson's Second Liners.
A tube A-Team crew of nine led by Melvyn Coote smashed this project in one day, with six vans of sound kit buzzing around town preceded by some serious prep and pre-planning beforehand to ensure that everything ran like clockwork.
Four of the five floats used battery powered sound systems – for convenience and eco-friendliness, a practice that has been fine-tuned by tube, based around car batteries running with inverters. The challenges included managing the heat, especially as UK temperatures soared to 30 degrees as the country basked in the hottest weather for over 40 years!
The inverter gives approximately 1Kw / 4 amps of power so the sound systems have to be extremely carefully balanced between sufficient loudness and maximising the current to ensure elements like subs don’t zap all the power.
Three of the floats utilised four Tannoy V8 speakers and four compact d

phil-collinsPhil Collins returns with grandMA2
Thursday, 13 July 2017

Europe - After being absent from the stage for some years, Phil Collins returned with his recent Not Dead Yet Live tour which played London, Dublin, Cologne and Paris. (LSi has a full report from the Cologne concert in the August/September issue)
Patrick Woodroffe together with Roland Greil as the associate designer were responsible for the lighting design of this tour that Greil accompanied as programmer and lighting director using two grandMA2 full-size, one grandMA2 light and five MA NPU (Network Processing Unit).
Greil, from Woodroffe Bassett Design, commented: “The grandMA2 system has been a trusty companion for many shows in the past and therefore we chose it once again. As expected it performed flawlessly and assisted us in creating a versatile, elegant and powerful design that provided the best possible canvas for such an outstanding artist and band.
“The whole show was based on a very stylish and simple looking stage design by Misty Buckley with a dynamic lighting rig, LED screens which were part of the scenery plus a few scenic elements like an Austrian gauze, a silver curtain and a star cloth”, continued Greil.
“The range of looks involved in the production was diverse. Some songs were visually very theatrical, others were proper pop looks, and further down the set list, the show revealed some stronger classic rock’n’roll looks, plus some modern progressive looks. So the whole show encapsulated numerous different moods with nice transitions between them. For two songs we also use a ‘ballet’ of lights c

viennafestdLive in the mix for annual Vienna festival
Thursday, 13 July 2017

Austria - This year, the annual Vienna festival featured dual Allen & Heath dLive S Class systems at FOH to manage the grand opening ceremony, staged in Vienna’s main square and broadcast worldwide.
Hosted by Conchita, and accompanied by the Vienna Symphonic Orchestra, the event included performances from Viennese artists Lylit, MoZuluArt, Russkaja and Yasmo & die Klangkantine. Two Dante-enabled dLive systems, comprising a S7000 Surface, DM64 MixRack and 2 DX32 expander racks with a S5000, DM32 and 3 DX32 racks, were employed at FOH.
Doris Jaindl, sound manager of the festival, commented: “As we have almost 200 channels we split the channels between two dLive systems, so that scene changes went smoothly and two people could mix easily at FOH. Depending on the programme, the systems were in use separately or simultaneously. Most of the time, one of the engineers managed the bands and the other the orchestras. dLive is user friendly, and a pleasure to work with.”
Taking place over 5 weeks, the festival featured 44 artists from 28 countries in a diverse programme of music, dance, film and performance.
(Jim Evans)

2050seaterhallShure installed across Turkey’s Presidential Complex
Thursday, 13 July 2017

Turkey - Shure has supplied an array of AV systems, microphones, and automatic mixing hardware for Turkey’s Presidential Complex in Beştepe, in the Turkish capital Ankara. Supplied through Atempo, Shure's distributor in Turkey, the equipment included DCS simultaneous translation and conferencing systems, Microflex Wireless conferencing microphones, and Axient and ULX-D wireless microphone systems.
The Presidential Complex, or Cumhurbaşkanlığı Külliyesi in Turkish, incorporates the official residence of the republic’s President Erdoğan, assorted offices of state, a mosque, a public library, and a cultural centre. Atempo, also integrators on the construction project, submitted the Shure equipment as part of its tender to install the AV systems in two sizeable multi-purpose congress halls at the complex, containing 2,050 and 300 seats respectively, used for concerts, conferences, opera, and theatre. The tender also covered nine associated basement meeting rooms and foyer and public exhibition areas.
The 2,050-seat multi-purpose hall was fitted with a DCS 6000 digital conferencing, assistive hearing and translation system, providing sound reinforcement for speeches in the hall and also allowing up to 12 different languages to be simultaneously translated and relayed to any of the individual seats.
Axient wireless microphone systems with Spectrum Manager, full ShowLink remote control capabilities, and Wireless Workbench software were also supplied, along with handheld and lavalier mic units, headphones and supplementary ULX-D digital wireless

chamsys-glastonburyChamSys supports array of artists at Glastonbury
Wednesday, 12 July 2017

UK - Like the free-flowing blend of eclectic music that floated through the summer air at Worthy Farm, ChamSys consoles were impossible to miss at the 2017 edition of the Glastonbury Festival. From the Other Stage, where superstars performed, to the Silver Hayes WOW Stage, where LDs cooked up hot looks for EDM artists, ChamSys products were everywhere at the festival.
“We had some good things going on at Glastonbury this year,” said James Harrison, support manager at ChamSys, who along with software engineer James Crickmere and personality/support specialist Dan Coombs, represented the company at the five-day event. “There were a wide variety of our products at the festival, used in a wide range of different applications – and I’m pleased to report that everyone we spoke to was extremely happy with their performance.”
A MagicQ MQ500 Stadium served as the house console and was available to all touring LDs on the Other Stage, which was supplied by Neg Earth Lights. Another MQ500 served as the console on the Bloc 9 Genosys structure (supplied by Coloursound Experiment). Both were enthusiastically received by lighting designers and programmers. “Jason Hyne, LD for the Kaiser Chiefs, usually uses his own MQ80, but he worked with the MQ500 console on the Other Stage and was very happy,” said Harrison.
At the Park Stage, a MagicQ MQ500 Stadium, supplied by South West Group Events, excelled as the house console. “The two HD resolution multi touch displays on the MQ500 were great for setting up layouts,” said Steve “Mac” McCracken fro

the-bomb-factoryPixelFLEX raises the roof for Goalen Group
Wednesday, 12 July 2017

USA - As a full-service, live event design and production provider, Goalen Group has produced projects all over the world for a broad spectrum of Fortune 500 clients.
At a recent supplier awards ceremony held by one of the world’s largest aerospace manufacturers, the design firm was asked to create an exciting production design inside the newly renovated The Bomb Factory in Dallas, Texas. Being given the opportunity to produce in a state-of-the-art music venue, Goalen Group wanted to push their design to a higher place, so they created a truly unique overhead LED video design with FLEXLite Plus 3.9mm LED video from PixelFLEX.
“We specialize in the creative production of corporate events and have been a long-time supplier for this client at their annual senior leadership meetings and supplier awards ceremony,” began Matthew Goalen, vice President and technical director, Goalen Group. “When we found out that the supplier awards this year would be held at The Bomb Factory, we were very excited to be headed to a fantastic music venue that would give us expanded technical and rigging abilities. With the expanded rigging capabilities, we then decided to turn the design on its head a bit and create a unique, overhead LED video experience using 3.9mm FLEXLite Plus.
“In the past when designing corporate productions, projection was the way to go, but as the LED video technology has evolved in reliability, resolution and cost, it has become much more beneficial,” continued Goalen. “Understanding that LED technology is only going to continue to e

hand-remoteON LX brings innovation to Glastonbury’s Greenpeace Field
Wednesday, 12 July 2017

UK - This year saw the Greenpeace field take a leap into the future. With the theme of ‘forests’, the creative team ran wild designing structures visible from across the site.
The most noticeable element of the field consisted of a huge 18m tree constructed by Factory Settings. When combined with ON LX’s bespoke lighting solutions, punters could interact with the 40 Universes of WS2811 Pixels within the tree. This interaction, triggered by a plethora of Raspberry Pi setups, was crafted by Bailes+Light’s Barri Mason.
For this setup, GPIO inputs were utilised to allow OSC to trigger the system creating an effective way to communicate Greenpeace’s ideas through punters participating in the activity. This lead to people becoming more engaged with the campaign and influenced to consider future behaviour.
In this case, linking hands around the ‘Giant Rave Tree’ completed a circuit causing caused two sensors to trigger large LED Mapped chases showing punters how working together could achieve things that may seem impossible alone.
Bailes & Light took care of architectural, aesthetic and functional fittings, masterminded by Ben Bailes. Whilst ON LX provided all control, infrastructure, programming and operation of entertainment lighting.
RDM via an Enttec USB Pro allowed addressing of the 51 SGM fixtures from the ground, significantly reducing the time required for rigging.
Alongside the big looks created for the DJ Sets and ambient sessions sat an extensive time-coded light show. Titled the Four Seasons Show, the

riminiNine Litec stages at Live You Play in Rimini
Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Italy - Nine Litec roof systems ranging from 10 x 8m to 27 x 13m were chosen by Live You Play for their event during the MIR (Music Inside Rimini) exhibition in Fiera Di Rimini, Italy. Seven roofs were provided by AMG International, one roof by Electra Service di Buttarelli R. & C and the largest 27 x 13m MyT Folding Steroid Roof by Massimo Stage.
Live You Play is a concept where lighting, sound, video, rigging equipment and other entertainment technology manufacturers showcase their products with virtual and live shows on physical stages and roof systems. Visitors are then able to experience a full “hands-on” experience with the products, physically controlling and interacting with them. The bands performing at this year’s live events were Pop Deluxe, Roxy Bar and J Bees.
Litec has been the main support structure manufacturer for Live You Play events since the launch of their unique concept in 2014. Gianni Fantini, CEO of Live You Play commented: “I’ve collaborated with Litec for 20 years as CEO of the Italian production rental company Joint Rent and three years as CEO of Live You Play. Litec has always been ready to satisfy our needs with the technology and know-how necessary for providing safe and strong structures.”
The nine support structures chosen by Live You Play for this year’s event included five RL105A roof systems, three Libera FL76 roof systems, and the new MyT Folding Steroid roof system.
The RL105A is a strong and sturdy roof system that makes use of rectangular, anti-torsion, high load RL105A truss and Maxit

elanELAN enhances custom-built drive-in movie theatre
Wednesday, 12 July 2017

USA - When an event space owner and esteemed car collector in Pottsville, Pennsylvania decided to model a cavernous 4,000sq.ft room after a vintage drive-in movie theatre, he knew that top notch technology would be necessary to truly create the coveted 1950’s experience. That’s why he called on local technology integrator Tom Walker of the CI Guys to turn his vision into a reality with a custom-built entertainment system anchored by ELAN control.
“First and foremost, a reliable control system is the most important factor when designing a unique and complex system such as this,” Walker explained. “It’s imperative that the technology is responsive and accessible during private events. That’s why we installed a central ELAN system to control both the sophisticated theatre and multi-room audio system.
“ELAN also controls the entire building’s Lutron lighting, Aprilaire thermostats, Elk Security system as well as Axis and Toshiba security cameras. Now, through both one-touch access and automated scenes, all of the event space’s technology is instantly manageable.”
To serve as the basis of the system, Walker installed one ELAN gSC10 System Controller, accessible through 14 strategically placed ELAN touch panels and two ELAN handheld remotes. Additionally, Walker used three ELAN S1616A audio controllers to control the space’s extensive multi-zone audio system. “With reliable control in place, we can employ the most cutting-edge entertainment technology available today and turn what was once a garage into an indoor drive-in movie

glastonbury-circusFineline and Chauvet join the Glastonbury circus
Wednesday, 12 July 2017

UK - From its humble beginnings in 1970, the Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts has championed performance diversity in all its shapes and forms. The Circus Big Top and the Wow! stages are two examples which perhaps best encapsulate this tradition of diversity at Glastonbury.
While both stages featured very different forms of entertainment, both had a consistently excellent visual palette thanks once again to Fineline Lighting and rigs that featured Chauvet Professional fixtures. Rob Sangwell, MD, specified a large selection of Maverick MK2 Wash, Maverick MK1 Spot, Maverick MK1 Hybrid, Rogue R2 Beam, and Rogue R2 Wash fixtures from Chauvet Professional across both stages.
At the 1,500 capacity Circus Big Top stage, LD James Loudon specified 10 440W Maverick MK2 Spot fixtures to create stunning spot effects in support of the varied programme of circus acrobatic performances. “We needed a versatile spot fixture that would intensify and draw attention to the circus performances and acrobatics on stage,” said Sangwell. “The Maverick Spots weren’t just bright, they also gave us plenty of options in terms of colour, gobo effects and zoom.”
As several sides of the Circus Big Top tent were exposed to sunlight during the day, a critical consideration for Sangwell when specifying spot fixtures was brightness. “One of the obvious factors we had to contend with was daylight creeping in and destroying the show atmosphere,” continued Sangwell. “The brightness of the Maverick Spot fixtures ensured that the circus atmosphere was up

giant-hologramHolo-Gauze helps create mega hologram
Wednesday, 12 July 2017

UK - Holo-Gauze has been instrumental in helping Realtime Environmental Systems (RES) and creative director Liam Tomaszewski to realise superstar DJ Eric Prydz’s holographically-enhanced performance for his EPIC 5.0 show, debuting at London’s Victoria Park in front of an audience of 15,000 in late May.
Projected onto a huge, highly transparent and reflective 20m x 9m Holo-Gauze screen, mind-bending animations – including a giant astronaut – created the “biggest hologram in the world”, according to Prydz. Four Panasonic RZ31K 30,000 lumen laser projectors were merged together, beaming a single image of creative director and VJ Liam Tomaszewski’s optical illusions onto the Holo-Gauze screen, which was positioned in front of Prydz.
In addition to the Holo-Gauze screen, a huge V-shaped 2304 x 576 pixel LED display was positioned on the back wall of the stage, with a second V-shaped display (the ‘Vanish’) forming an animation-rich cube around Prydz. Pixels on the front display were designed to allow the audience to see Prydz through the animations when he was lit.
“I was absolutely delighted when RES again asked us to help with Eric’s latest EPIC show,” says Holo-Gauze inventor and Holotronica owner/CEO Stuart Warren-Hill. “Holo-Gauze is ideal for live events such as this, allowing live performers to be situated behind our near-invisible gauze while visually stunning holographic effects appear to float in front of them. Holo-Gauze makes the seemingly impossible possible.”
(Jim Evans)

kissPRG XL Video tours Europe with Kiss
Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Europe - When a band like Kiss takes to the road on a European tour, they demand an aesthetic extravaganza which delivers the ‘wow factor’ on an epic scale. PRG XL Video supported lighting designer Sean ‘Motley’ Hackett and the band with a complex video system, made up of LED screens, projection, HD camera system, media servers, and a crew of engineers and technicians to ensure everything ran smoothly for the 37 days the tour was on the road.
Motley’s an established lighting designer who has worked with Kiss since 2007, as well as other acts including INXS, Andrea Bocelli, Savage Garden and has worked for Bytecraft/PRG Australia as crew chief and fill-in LD on many tours. Motley described the process behind designing the lighting and video rig for the current tour: “The main element of any Kiss show is that it has to be big. The brief from the band was that they wanted this tour to be big, with lots of video in the air.
“The basic layout of the screens evolved from what we did during a nine-night residency in Las Vegas back in November 2014, where we had four fingers of video screens coming out over the stage. During the initial discussions, we thought it would be great to break it up and spread it all over the stage—creating lots of little video walls with lighting trusses in-between them.”
Steven Lemahieu, affectionately known on the crew as Waffle, due to his Belgian heritage, worked as LED crew chief on the tour: “The Kiss tour uses a very complex video set-up, with lots of playback surfaces. We have two different types of LE

robe-vasco-rossi-modenaVasco rocks Modena with 550 Robes in the rig
Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Italy - A crazy gig of epic proportions saw a quarter of a million Vasco Rossi fans pack into Modena Park for the one and only 2017 live appearance by Italian superstar and local hero in an epic homecoming concert.
Lighting designer Giovanni Pinna, known for the imagination and flair of his work, wanted to make a serious impact for this show and utilized 550 Robes as the backbone of his rig – making about around two-thirds of the total fixture count – with 200 x Spiiders, 50 x BMFL Blades and Spots, 200 x LEDWash 1200s and 600s and 100 x LEDBeam 100s.
It's safe to say that most people in Italy have a ‘soft spot’ for Vasco, who was also celebrating 40 years of a tumultuous career which has had its thrills and spills, so it’s good to see the maverick rock ‘n’ roll showman right back on form - performing at his very best.
The show was also broadcast live by national TV network RAI, streamed live to selected Space cinemas around the country, recorded for a DVD release and enjoyed live by the hordes of adoring fans from all ages and demographics.
Vasco's regular production team were again united for this special moment in time. Giovanni has used Robe products in his work for some years, but this is the biggest concentration of them on one show to date. And it rocked!
The set back wall comprised 45 scenic panels overlaid with a semi-transparent graphic image. You could see the scaffolding skeleton behind for additional depth but as darkness fell, the panels became more solid. In front of these, Giovanni added a matrix of silver

kok-world-grand-prixElation at King of Kings World Grand Prix 46
Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Moldova - King of Kings events are some of the most popular kickboxing events in the world and Elation dealer Eventica Grup SRL of Moldova has been a staging and technical contractor of KOK tournaments for years. For past events, Eventica has turned to Elation Platinum SBX hybrid fixtures for their multi-functionality, power and dynamism. For the King of Kings World Grand Prix 46 tournament held 1 April in Moldova, Eventica added Elation’s new Fuze Wash Z350 to the line-up along with other Elation gear. Lighting design was by Max Cojocari.
KOK events are intense affairs with pre-bout introductions a vital step in building up the exciting atmosphere. The fighter entrance stage, key in the build up to a match, is a large space where anywhere from 18 fighters to a single fighter will make their appearance. “We needed to fill the space with dynamic lighting, whether it was for all the fighters together or for just one fighter,” stated Serghei Buchin of Eventica Grup, who divided their set of 16 Fuze fixtures in half with eight units located behind the fighters and 8 placed on the front rig.
“The Fuze Wash Z350 has a good colour mixing system and was used first and foremost to cover the entrance space in dynamic washes of colour,” he says. “But it also has an excellent zoom range, which was an absolute necessity for this purpose as sometimes we had to light a wide area and other times just a narrow space. In my opinion, it was the main feature of the fixture.”
Eventica Grup SRL provided production and technical support for the World Grand

soho-grand-hotelCommunity & Symetrix for Soho Grand Hotel
Wednesday, 12 July 2017

USA - Essential Communications of East Hanover, New Jersey has recently completed a major upgrade to the audio systems at Manhattan’s Soho Grand Hotel. Opened in August 1996, the Soho Grand Hotel was Manhattan’s first luxury downtown boutique hotel, delivering a level of service and style that earned it a place on Condé Nast Traveler’s Gold List as one of the world’s best places to stay.
Presenting a variety of musical events and other programmes, including contemporary DJs, the Soho Grand Hotel has maintained its investment in technology over the past 17 years with four major sound system upgrades, all designed and installed by Essential Communications.
The latest upgrade includes a Symetrix Radius 12x8 EX DSP to integrate management of the audio systems throughout the entire property, and a new Community loudspeaker system for the Salon, the hotel’s main lounge area
David Schwartz, Essential Communications’ president and designer of the system, explained: “For greater flexibility and partly reflecting an increased emphasis on DJs, the Soho Grand’s latest sound system is based on a Dante network.
“The Symetrix Radius controls all of the common areas, including the Harbor Room, which is divisible into three separate meeting rooms, the Chart Room, which hosts a variety of events and meetings, the Grand Bar at one end of the Salon and the Club Room at the other end of the Salon. The Club Room has two divisible areas, the Club Room bar and lounge and a more private room called the Parlor. To provide sufficient outputs,

flower-power11th Hour powers Cardiff flower show
Tuesday, 11 July 2017

The RHS's Flower Show in Cardiff is the season-opener for the society's large public events and although smaller than its Chelsea and Hampton Court equivalents, it annually attracts in the region of 30,000 visitors. The 2017 edition, the 13th staging of the event, took place in April at Bute Park and Arboretum, in the shadow of Cardiff Castle and once again proved to be a record-breaking spectacular.
Themed around myths and legends, several of the show gardens took their inspiration from tales of magic and folklore and the sheer variety on offer at the show marked it as a special weekend in Cardiff's cultural calendar. Fifty specialist growers were present, educational workshops were held and the focus was firmly on visitors enjoying a relaxed atmosphere in which they could fully appreciate the variety on offer. The Floral Marquees and Plant Village were bursting with demonstrations and fresh planting ideas and the season's curtain-raiser was deemed an unqualified success by organisers and visitors.
Cardiff-based event and project management specialist, 11th Hour, was instrumental in powering the event, taking care of every electrical requirement, including those of the marquees, presentation stages and catering. Five members of 11th Hour's team worked on the site over a three-week period, installing more than five miles of electrical cabling, as well as supplying three 100KVA generators as a back-up power supply. Eighty-five daylight lighting fixtures were installed in the floral marquees. During the course of the weekend itself, 11th Hour staff were on standby

les-champs-libresPowersoft in control at Les Champs Libres
Tuesday, 11 July 2017

France - Situated in Rennes, Les Champs Libres is not only the main city library (Rennes Métropole) and Museum of Brittany, but it also incorporates a science museum with planetarium, a conference room and exhibition hall.
Designed by architect Christian de Portzamparc 11 years ago, this cultural centre recently hosted a highly progressive multipoint sound system installation that would permit six sound designers to ‘sculpt’ artworks that could be moved in space.
At the hub of the system is an ingenious ‘engine’ in which advanced Powersoft tools communicate with QSC Q-Sys integrated AV technology control over an AoIP platform. This enables the designers to play out FLAC files - audio samples compressed with the FLAC audio encoding algorithm over AES67 - which these devices support.
With eight Amadeus PMX-5 loudspeakers and two ML-12 subwoofers distributed in the exhibition hall, a Q-SYS 110F core, along with a pair of Powersoft Ottocanali 4K4 DSP + Dante 8-channel amplifiers and a Luminex GigaCore 12 managed Gigabit Ethernet switch allow the sound creations made by these sound designers, and mixed in 8-track, to be played optimally with linear and circulatory spatial features.
Two Q-Sys AES67 transmitters send dedicated streams to both four channel Powersoft amplifiers via the Luminex GigaCore 12 switch, while the recent AES67 compatibility of QSC’s Q-Lan audio router and Powersoft DSP + Dante amplifiers, along with the Q-Sys plug-ins, enable a perfect system integration.
The spatialised sonic ambience, in which the amazed vis

robe-st-matthews-passionRobe has the Passion
Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Israel/Germany - The German-Israeli co-production St Matthew’s Passion 2727 is a dance oratorio choreographed by Tamir Ginz for the Kamea Dance Company, inspired by the St. Matthew Passion (BWV 244) by Johann Sebastian Bach, produced by Bayer Arts & Culture and a co-operation between two opera houses in Leverkusen and Wuppertal in Germany and Beer-Sheva Performing Arts centre in Israel.
Lighting designer Yaron Abulafia was asked to add his magic and imagination to the intense performance. He is working for the first time with Ginz, one of the most important chorographers in Israel, who heard about Yaron’s fresh, innovative approach to lighting which brings a unique layer of kinetic sculpting to the artform.
Yaron, already familiar with the music - a complex and ambitious musical construction that typically involves two choirs and at least one orchestra - listened to the visions of Ginz and creative director Wolfgang Kläsener from Wuppertal Opera House, and decided to specify six Robe DL4S Spots as the only moving lights.
He knew that he needed to evoke a wide range of moods, and that pastel colours as well as stark whites would be essential to capture the ambience of the piece together with some much richer hues.
Having worked with Robe’s theatre-optimised DL series in the past he thought this would be the ideal choice, “for the quality of the optics, knowing the capabilities, the reliability and the fact that they are extremely quiet running,” he commented. Quiet running was very important due to the baroque music

subfranticSubfrantic Rivage PM10 score at Abbey Road
Tuesday, 11 July 2017

UK - 22 June saw Subfrantic Production Services and the company's new Yamaha RIVAGE PM10 system installed in the legendary Studio 1 at London’s Abbey Road studios for a unique orchestral concert. Just a day after delivery it was thrust into a high-pressure situation - and it passed the test with flying colours.
The occasion was the final of Sonos ReScored, a competition which gave emerging directors the chance to have their short film scored by Oscar-winning composer Steven Price. Winner Luke Flanagan’s film Mind The Gap was screened in front of an exclusive, 300-strong audience, with the score played live by a 54-piece orchestra.
With both Abbey Road and Project Audio, the event’s production company, renowned for their pursuit of sonic excellence, the sound had to be exceptional. “We needed to showcase the best that the live industry could offer. That meant Rivage PM10 was the ideal choice,” says Subfrantic managing director Steve Davies.
Although there are similarities in the way live and studio sound engineers work, there are also significant differences. An immediate challenge for Steve was to strike a happy balance between them.
“As an example, close miking the strings would have worked best for us but wouldn’t have given the Abbey Road team the sound they wanted. Likewise, tried and tested orchestral mic placements for recording would have left me with a feedback problem. But we reached an ideal compromise,” he says.
In addition, the audio - which included playback for effects, atmospherics and the fi

silverclefSilver Clef Awards supported By PRG XL Video
Tuesday, 11 July 2017

UK - Continuing their long-running support for Nordoff Robbins, PRG XL Video, has provided a package of video technology for the O2 Silver Clef Awards, held at London’s Grosvenor House Hotel.
The glamorous fundraising event which honours both up-and-coming and established music artists, celebrates Nordoff Robbins’ music therapy work, and via live and silent charity auctions, a raffle, and personal donations, raises hundreds of thousands of pounds to enable more people to benefit from music therapy around the UK.
PRG XL Video supplied Barco projectors, and e2 screen management system, along with three large projection screens for onstage, and a variety of plasma screens situated around the Great Room, that displayed lots from the silent and live auctions, and acted as relay screens from the camera system.
Crew chief for this event was Nathan Avery. Gearhouse Broadcast kindly supplied the camera channels for this year’s event free of charge, and these fed into PRG XL’s PPU system. The live camera mix was handled by video director, Mark McCaffrey.
PRG XL Video’s director of music, Yvonne Donnelly Smith commented: “We’re very happy to support the Nordoff Robbins O2 Silver Clef Awards once again. We have such a strong connection to the music industry, and we see how much pleasure it brings people. It’s amazing to see how Nordoff Robbins music therapy actually changes lives for the better.”
Winners at this year’s awards included Alexander Armstrong, Dame Shirley Bassey, Blondie, Phil Collins, Little Mix, and Mumford &

lets-dancePR Lighting dances with the stars in Germany
Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Germany - When Let’s Dance, the German version of Dancing with the Stars / Strictly Come Dancing, celebrated its 10th anniversary series recently, lighting designer David Kreilemann decided to place special emphasis on the versatile and powerful XR 440 BWS moving head from PR Lighting.
He could see this fixture, which integrates spot, wash and beam with a quality optical system, performing all manner of duties. He therefore requisitioned 22 of the heads from rental company MLS.
"The powerful hybrid lamp impresses with its efficient sharp projection in both the spot and the beam modes,” says Kreilemann. “Even with slow rotations of the gobos and prisms, there are no visible jerks in the movement whatsoever. In fact, the two prisms, which can morph and contra-rotate with respect to each other, are absolutely brilliant on the XR 440 BWS.”
He says that this enables unprecedented effects to be produced. “Due to the enormous brightness of the lamp source, it is possible, for example with two prisms, with or without gobos, to produce fantastic beam effects across a really strong zoom range. I am looking forward to working with this lamp in future shows."
(Jim Evans)


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