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robe-bill-bailey-larks-in-transit-tour-bai2702180542Robe has a laugh with Bill Bailey
Tuesday, 22 May 2018

UK - Comedian and musician Bill Bailey is back on the road for his Larks in Transit tour which was first performed in Australia in October 2017.
Dave Farmer of THC Design’s, Bailey’s lighting designer for the last seven years, added Robe to the mix in the form of Spiiders and MMX Spots for the current UK theatre leg of the tour, which kicked off with five gigs at Shepherd’s Bush Empire in London over the festive period.
Dave took the backdrop they had used in Australia as a scenic starting point for the visual design. Originally this was a map of the world, which he re-imagined as a scenic circular globe suspended inside a circular truss and fitted into a cut out backdrop.
This brings an authentic 3D impression to the stage and to the audience, it looks like a complete globe.
Further upstage is a starcloth to add a bit of magic and sparkle and help the globe appear to be floating in space!
The lighting provider was Sonalyst, so there was an inventory of Robe available to facilitate Dave’s design.
The five Spiiders are positioned around the circle, together with four MMX Spots and three 4-lite LED blinders.
On the floor in front of the circle are three MMX Spots and two 4-lite LED blinders, and on each of the four vertical towers which are wrapped in the same material as the backdrop, are another four MMX Spots positioned on top.
The tower metalwork is highlighted on three sides by Satellite LED ‘bricks’ and they also have two FOH follow spots on the road.
Lighting is run from a Hog 4 console

frozenFRAY Studio delivers for Frozen on Broadway
Tuesday, 22 May 2018

USA - Disney's Frozen made its stage debut on Broadway this spring at the St. James Theatre in New York. Video design team FRAY Studio were tasked with delivering the production's theatrical world of snow, ice and the Aurora Borealis for the stage.
Working with leading media server manufacturer disguise and real-time effects software Notch, FRAY co-founders Finn Ross and Adam Young are taking the animation magic of Disney and rendering it with full integrity in the theatre.
"Frozen is a show about transformation, a spring-time world that moves to a frozen one, a frightened woman to a self-empowered leader," says Young.
To do this, FRAY collaborated with set and costume designer Christopher Oram and Richard Nutbourne Scenic Studio to develop a technique to make scenery look like stone or wood under normal theatre lighting, but then magically transforms into ice through the clever use of LED video mapping.
Ross continues, "We wanted to take the normal world of Arendelle and transform it to a glistening, crystalline, frozen space, in a way that an audience would not expect. Elsa is the centre of creating this world; we were tasked with helping bring her magic and powers to life."
From the show's conception, Ross and Young were set upon using disguise's latest media server, the gx 2, supplied by WorldStage, as their control component.
"We were taking on a lot of new and unique challenges in an incredibly time-sensitive and public arena," explains Ross. "We needed to know we had a media server team behind us 100% and that

adlib-nashville-in-concert-2018-24Adlib on the road with Nashville in Concert
Tuesday, 22 May 2018

UK - Adlib helped bring all the drama, excitement and glamour of the massively popular CMT TV series Nashville to the stage as Nashville in Concert returned to the UK for a second run of sold out arena shows following the success of last year’s tour.
The Liverpool based production specialist was asked to provide full production - lighting, audio and video.
Adlib this year provided the key disciplines of lighting and sound plus the IMAG video package.
The format was as before, a tight house band supporting a selection of cast from the series including Jonathan Jackson, Chris Carmack, Clare Bowen, Charles Esten and Sam Palladio.
Adlib’s Dave Eldridge co-ordinated all the lighting and video elements. This year, Adlib was also asked to create a production lighting design after receiving a brief from the production team led by Betsega and Mike.
They wanted something that was fresh and different from last year, but that also related to the overall Nashville concept, so Dave and Adlib LD Tom Webber, who programmed lights and operated the show on the road – used the striking Nashville in Concert backdrop as a starting point.
The structural aesthetics were based on three straight trusses overhead and a classic combination of spot and wash moving lights, for which Martin MAC Viper Washes and Profiles were selected, with 18 and 21 respectively of each type on the flown rig.
On the floor were six more Viper Profiles on raised podiums to elevate them slightly above the backline for impact and to blast through f

panteleimon-monastery-1Yamaha brings clarity to mountain monastery
Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Greece - Saint Panteleimon Monastery is a Russian Orthodox monastery built on the southwest side of the peninsula of Mount Athos in Macedonia, northern Greece. Hhome to around 70 resident monks and many pilgrims every year, a Yamaha audio system has recently been installed to help scripture reading be clearly heard.
The monastery was founded in the 11th Century, with much of the present complex built on a nearby site, closer to the sea, between 1812 and 1821. Today, it is the largest monastery on the Mount Athos peninsula, its multi-storied buildings and tall cupolas giving the impression of a city in miniature. Its Cenobitic tradition follows the monastic practise of regulated community life. A key part of this is mealtimes where, after prayers in church, monks and pilgrims gather in the refectory to eat, while being read scripture from the Bible.
Ensuring that everybody hears the readings can be a challenge, partly because the refectory is large, with high arched ceilings, square columns and many other hard flat surfaces, but also because of the mealtime noise levels, which can reach 70dB. To help with this, the monastery had previously installed a consumer-type audio system, comprising three sound bars and four budget hi-fi loudspeakers. Unsurprisingly it did not prove effective, so systems integrator CMYK Service LLC was recently approached to specify and install a professional solution.
Roman Belyaev, CEO of CMYK Service, comments: “Yamaha specialises in high-tech, innovative technologies that allow us to implement unique solutions for spaces

creams-china-websafeNEXT-proaudio reinforces Changsha CreamFields
Monday, 21 May 2018

China - A large number of top international DJs, including Hardwell, W&W, Slander, NGHTMRE, Brohug, Kill The Buzz and Maurice West took to the stage at the Creamfields Festival 2018 in Changsha, China.
Creamfields Tour Changsha took place at the International Convention and Exhibition Centre in Changsha on 1 May.
Creamfields Festival is one of the world's leading dance music festival. Originating in the UK and boasting more than 20 years history, it has travelled across 22 countries.
In China, Real Music Acoustics, the local distributor for NEXT-proaudio, provided the festival’s technical needs.
The FOH complete system comprised 24 x LA212x and 24 x LAs418. The entire setup was powered and managed via LA Powersoft touring racks with X8 Amplifiers.
“The main system, NEXT LA212x, delivered a premium sound at Creamfields 2018 Changsha to all spectators allowing everyone to had a perfect music experience,” explains Richie Wang, Real Music’s CEO.
(Jim Evans)

puffshunter-canning-photo3Elation lights Off-Broadway hit Puffs
Monday, 21 May 2018

USA - Puffs, or Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic and Magic is an off-Broadway show playing at New World Stages beneath an all-LED Elation lighting rig.
The play portrays a certain famous wizard school from the perspective of the slightly nerdy and not-so-famous house called Puffs. Described as ‘a play for anyone who has never been destined to save the world’, Puffs are the outsiders of the magic school who disheartenedly observe as a certain boy wizard repeatedly saves the day. Written by Matt Cox and produced by Tilted Windmills Theatricals, the play is directed by Kristin McCarthy Parker with lighting design by Herrick Goldman.
The third iteration of the show opened at New World Stages in Manhattan last summer, where it’s still running. Puffs came to New World Stages from the Elektra Theatre but was originally staged at the Peoples Improv Theatre, a basement locale that gave the play a “downtown sensibility” according to Goldman. He and set designer Madeleine Bundy sought to keep that feel at New World Stages while upping the production value, a parity the LD describes as “a balance between the old and new stage.”
At New World Stages, Goldman has an automated rig of Elation LED luminaires to work with, a setup of Satura Spot CMY Pro LED moving heads, SixPar 300 LED Par lights, Colour 5 Profile LED ellipsoidal spots, Colour Chorus 24 LED battens and Fuze Wash Z350 PAR moving heads, along with some conventional fixtures.
The up-tempo nature of the show plays well to the strengths of

andersongala3websafeChauvet supports Anderson President’s Gala
Monday, 21 May 2018

USA - The term “president’s gala” may conjure up images of staid speeches and a formal dance, but nothing could be further from reality at Anderson University’s South Carolina School of the Arts. The culmination of the academic year at the art institution, the President’s Gala, is a rousing evening of musical diversity that moves seamlessly from West African drumming and dancing, to orchestral and choir compositions, to show tunes.
Providing a visual backdrop for this far-ranging event, which took place at the school’s Rainey Fine Arts Centre on 21 April, was a richly textured and flexible lighting/video design by ACS Sound and Lighting that featured a collection of Chauvet Professional fixtures and LED video tiles.
“Jay Pitts, the new producer of the President’s Gala, brought our company on board to help enhance this event with extra artistic flair that could support its diverse performances, while making it camera friendly for television,” says Denise Simpson of ACS Sound and Lighting. “We’ve worked with Jay on many events in the past and we understand his vision. I was the lighting designer and board operator for the event, working closely with Chris Hansen, the director; Andrew Allday, the video designer; and Daniel Fisher, the video director.”
Key to the flexible lighting design at the President’s Gala were the 16 Ovation E-910FC colour mixing ellipsoidal fixtures with HD 19° tubes that were flown on the FOH truss. Used as the main stage wash, as well as for band specials, these RGBA-Lime fixtures made i

cymaticaudioutracklowresCymatic Audio stars at Eurovision 2018
Monday, 21 May 2018

Europe - Cymatic Audio, specialists in audio recording and playback for live performance solutions, participated in the recent Eurovision Song Contest in partnership with data storage specialists Angelbird Technologies.
Multiple Cymatic Audio uTrack24 systems loaded with the Angelbird SSD2GO PKT 512GB SSD card and Cymatic Audio’s optional MADI card were chosen to act as Line ID systems for the commentary system at ESC.
Cymatic Audio CEO, Arie van den Broek, comments: “From a broadcast perspective, the Eurovision Song Contest is one of biggest live events of the year, and so reliability is of paramount importance. Just as the show itself is live, so therefore is the commentary with all the commentators broadcasting live to their own countries.
“The Cymatic Audio/Angelbird solution was used to set up, identify and test the commentary circuits prior to the event. The equipment performed perfectly throughout, delivering everything that was required of it - impeccable audio quality, rock-solid reliability and a high channel count at an extremely attractive price point.”
(Jim Evans)

vietnamHarman enhances Rock Island Club experience
Monday, 21 May 2018

Vietnam - Ba Sao Audio recently deployed complete Harman Professional Solutions audio and lighting systems at the Rock Island Club at the Nam Nghi Resort.
Located on a small private island offshore from Phu Quoc island, the Rock Island Club is an outdoor eating, drinking and dancing venue that offers a 360-degree panorama of Phu Quoc’s beautiful coastline and a mesmerizing ocean view. The club is renowned for its team of mixologists and chefs, who craft innovative cocktails and provide a contemporary culinary experience.
Management recently decided to upgrade the sound and lighting with the intention of turning the Rock Island Club into an international party destination. To achieve this goal, management hired Ba Sao Audio to design and install a complete Harman audio and lighting system made up of JBL, Crown, BSS, Soundcraft and Martin solutions.
“Club and DJ events require a comprehensive range of high-quality audio products that provide exquisite sound quality,” says Nguyen Khac Anh, CEO, Ba Sao Investment. “The Harman solutions work perfectly for the venue, and the system allows the guests to enjoy crystal-clear music, not only onstage, but in the entire building.”
The system includes JBL Control 31 two-way loudspeakers, which are paired with JBL PRX418S subwoofers to reinforce the bottom end. The system is powered by Crown DriveCore Install and CTs 2000 amplifiers. Audio processing is provided by BSS Soundweb London BLU-100 and BLU-50 signal processors, and a BSS Ethernet controller is used for signal routing.
Audio is m

robe-top-one-macpherson-festival-by-kriz2-dsc3252MegaPointes on top in Hong Kong & Macau
Monday, 21 May 2018

China - Top One Design Engineering in Hong Kong and Macau has invested in Robe MegaPointes and LEDBeam 150s.
It’s the first Robe purchase for the company founded in 2012 by Kurt So to further the cause of bringing world class lighting and event design - with an emphasis on creativity and innovation - to a diversity of sectors in the region including live and corporate events.
Top One is also the first Hong Kong rental company to have these latest Robe luminaires in stock - 24 x MegaPointes and 60 x LEDBeam 150s.
Kurt and technical director Sam Hui had been keeping an eye on both of these Robe products for some time, they explained, and were “blown away” with the first demonstration which was organised by Raymond Wong from Robe‘s HK distributors, Arc Source.
“The MegaPointe has far superior functions in both quantity and quality when compared to other lights in a similar class,” says Kurt, highlighting the animation wheel and prisms in particular.
Almost immediately the lights were delivered, they went straight out on The GREAT Festival of Innovation, staged at the Asia Society Centre in Admiralty, in the explosives store of the old Victoria Barracks to be precise, a carefully restored heritage site now transformed into a buzzing cultural, artistic and intellectual hub for the city.
They were in action again recently in MacPherson Stadium for the MacPherson Festival x Siu Fay Love for the Entire Life concert featuring Patrick Lui and other special guests. Lighting designer MaKaWai Mamui of AriesFlare Studio positi

eurovisionClaypaky plays prominent role at Eurovision 2018
Monday, 21 May 2018

Portugal - The 2018 Eurovision Song Contest (ESC), hosted at the Altice Arena in Lisbon, saw the latest range of Claypaky and ADB lighting fixtures feature prominently in the multi-dimensional lighting design by Jerry Appelt.
Appelt's design is one of the biggest lighting set-ups in Eurovision history. Appelt employed over 2,000 lighting fixtures - 750 of which were Claypaky Arc and LED moving heads and 100 of which were the ADB asymmetric cyc LED fixture, ADB Klemantis. All lighting was supplied to ESC by Ampco Flashlight and Pixellight.
Appelt, lighting his fourth ESC, worked in close creative collaboration with set designer Florian Wieder to deliver a stunning, multi-faceted stage canvas that beautifully echoed Portugal's nautical heritage, while offering a remarkable level of visual versatility. In addition, the design directly addressed the comments from last year's winner, Salvador Sobral, who said: "Music is not fireworks, music is a feeling, so let's try to change this and bring music back!"
Appelt's shrewd positioning and programming of the Claypaky arsenal enhanced, defined and shaped the various layers and areas of the set to deliver a striking succession of evocative and sculptural lighting looks. This, combined with carefully choreographed moving trusses and beat-perfect camera work, ensured each country's story was told with a refreshing depth and sensitivity.
"I was looking to create dimension, not just from my fixture positioning but also from the feature set of each fixture itself,” says Appelt. “I also wanted consistency

arkaos-autosport-2018-2v3a7596ArKaos has speedy solution for Autosport show
Friday, 18 May 2018

UK - Lighting designer Nathan Wan created a high impact design for the Live Action Arena at the 2018 Autosports International show, staged at the NEC, Birmingham, where a one-hour special presentation was staged six times a day for the duration of the expo.
Nathan has worked on the show previously, and this year wanted to introduce some new visual dimensions to the mix utilising pixel mappable fixtures, which he drove using ArKaos’s powerful MediaMaster 5 control solution with Kling-Net protocol.
The quick and easy implementation of Kling-Net enabled Nathan to drive the 36 x Spiiders on the rig, plus 70 metres of Chauvet COLORband Pix LED battens with assorted video content that he had compiled and selected for the event.
The Spiiders were rigged on top of six 5m high scenic L-shaped Singapore F1 night-race style gantries that reached 9m over the track. These were introduced last year for the first time and were a big hit, so building on this experience, Nathan wanted totally different and more beautifully fluid kinetic effects that capitalized on the map-ability of the fixtures. With this in mind, he chose to rig each gantry with six Spiiders.
The COLORband Pix were positioned in a long 70m / 840 pixel row with gaps in between the units, curving around the low wall on the far side of the track - away from the grandstand. Once again, with graphic content fed into these units via Kling-Net from the laptop, a serious amount of programming time was saved.
(Jim Evans)

glpKoji Kikkawa show brought to life with GLP
Friday, 18 May 2018

Japan - One of Japan’s most popular singer songwriters, Koji Kikkawa, added real dynamics to his recent Live Is Life arena show at the 8,000-capacity Musashino Forest Sport Plaza with the aid of 23 JDC1 hybrid strobes from GLP.
Specified by lighting and set designer, Makoto Shimizu - who was also performance director - these were programmed in full 68-DMX channel mode to achieve full impact.
The entire stage concept was put together between himself and Koji Kikkawa. “He likes stereo architecture so we assembled mainly curved trusses,” explained Shimizu. “Also, using the lights we designed the back-lighting truss to resemble a weapon attack by the Mazinger Z [from the Japanese animé super robot manga series], with the JDC1 featuring prominently.”
Makoto said he had been aware of the power of GLP products for some time. “We had a tour last year, using the X4 Bars,” he said. “Because of the passion of Fourleaf [GLP’s Japanese distributor], we decided to purchase the JDC1. We saw the demo fixture during the performance by [Japanese mascot character] Funassyi last summer, and used two [GLP] GT1 and JDC1.”
GLP Asia’s Michael Münz and Søren Storm had also paid regular visits to Fourleaf, as well as major lighting company, Lighting Big1, who supplied the fixtures for this show. “They are one of the biggest rental companies in Japan and long time GLP customer,” said Münz. “They have been using the impression range since early on and currently have a large stock of the X4, X4 Bars and now the JDC1.”
At the

powersoftLastrucci to explore Mains to Acoustic Efficiency at AES Milan
Friday, 18 May 2018

Italy - Claudio Lastrucci, Powersoft co-founder, is set to present a case study entitled Mains to Acoustic Efficiency at the Audio Engineering Society (AES) International Convention in Milan later this month.
The AES event, which alternates between a US and European location each year and is in its 144th edition, will take place this year at the NH Hotel Milano Congress Centre.
In his case study, Lastrucci will demonstrate how the power requirements to feed a subwoofer are defined. Standardised and programme audio signals will be applied and results directly measured on real devices. Measurements on true power input, true power output, and overall efficiency in the amplification chain will be addressed including different amplification topologies. This will reveal surprisingly high overall mains input to acoustic output chain efficiency in the specific, usable, passband of the speaker.
He comments: “As an Italian audio manufacturer it is wonderful to welcome to the AES Convention to Milan for its European outing this year. Our home country is known globally for its technology and manufacturing prowess, rooted in a culture of invention and innovation which is evident way back in history.”
Lastrucci co-founded Powersoft S.p.A in 1995 in Florence and acts as research and development director for the professional amplifier manufacturer. In this role, he works across power electronic, audio amplification signal processing, applied mechanics, acoustic and transducer design.
(Jim Evans)

twintownsproject07pressTwin Towns switches on spectacular lightshow
Friday, 18 May 2018

Australia - The first in Australia and one of the most spectacular border lighting shows in the southern hemisphere has been launched by Twin Towns as they unveil their new dynamic digital media facade.
The exterior of the Twin Towns Club’s main building in Wharf Street, Tweed Heads, has been transformed into a huge digital canvas, creating a dazzling attraction for both locals and tourists crossing the Queensland and New South Wales border.
The ULA Group was engaged in this project from the early concepts, working close together with the team at Twin Towns, managed by CEO Rob Smith.
Smith has said he and the Board are extremely excited to see the project come to fruition. “It’s been over five years in the planning and we believe the end result is truly spectacular, not just for Twin Towns, but for the entire community.”
“We’re thrilled, we’re excited. We have turned the vision into a technical reality, and we couldn’t be happier with the result,” says Cuono Biviano, managing director of the ULA Group. “We feel extremely privileged and proud as a local Australian business and global organization to be a part of this iconic digital artwork that has transformed Twin Towns and the local area.”
The original brief was given in early years with the intention for projection and colour onto the building. However, as technology has advanced over time, the project has evolved immensely.
The ULA Group engaged the services of the Bruce Ramus and his team to not only create the content, but to assure that the technical d

american-idolAyrton’s Ghibli LED lights American Idol
Friday, 18 May 2018

USA - After 15 seasons on FOX, American Idol moved to ABC this year where the show’s long-time lighting designer Kieran Healy added to the rig 50 Ghibli fixtures, Ayrton’s first LED spot luminaire with a factory-equipped framing system.
“This year’s design for the American Idol studio shows has a moving ceiling with eight different panels,” says Healy. “I don’t have fixed lighting positions to key the judges since the ceiling can be in many different positions. I was looking for a new moving head spot fixture with an even field to put in the rig so I could take any pair of lights and key the judges from any angle.”
Healy opted for 50 Ghibli fixtures, five of which are dedicated to keying and backlighting the judges while the balance serves as performance lighting. The fixtures were provided by PRG.
ACT Lighting arranged a demo of the new Ghibli and other moving head spots for Healy at Volt Lighting. “LED spotlights are really just coming up to speed,” Healy notes. “Ghibli immediately struck me as a great instrument. The output, even field, colour rendition and framing shutters were all important to me. It stood out amongst the other lights.”
Healy uses other Ayrton fixtures on American Idol as well. “The upstage vertical screen splits four ways horizontally and vertically to expose three different light walls when the screens are in different positions,” he explains. “Ayrton MagicBlade and MagicPanel fixtures, hung vertically, are revealed to create beam effects and eye candy for various nu

1oak-tokyo-full-permissions-03241Oak Tokyo opens with major d&b installation
Friday, 18 May 2018

Japan - Having expanded from its flagship venue in New York City, 1Oak, which stands for 1 Of A Kind, has recently opened a three-floor, 1000-capacity venue at the base of Roppongi Hills in Tokyo.
Sacha Robertson reports, “At the heart of the 1Oak approach is a focus on differentiation through design and function, capturing and curating the energy in each club. Interior design and lighting combine to play a major part, but ultimately that energy has its origin in sound.”
When it came to choices for the Tokyo venue, the interior design process was led by New York-based contemporary artist Roy Nachum, who was Grammy-nominated in 2016 for his cover artwork on Rihanna’s Anti album. With the club interior complete and the opening date fast approaching, 1Oak engaged the local d&b team to design and implement the all-important sound system.
1Oak owner Salvatore Morale says: “As a DJ I appreciate sound. At around the same time we were building the club I had started to notice that in all the places I visited around the world and heard great sound, whether that was a big festival, a hotel bar or an opera house, I was seeing d&b speakers. This was a clear sign for me.”
As with 1Oak clubs around the world, the latest Tokyo venue is not simply a nightclub. Founder Richie Akiva’s vision is that of an entertainment venue; an inspiring space capable of hosting live music, launches, premieres, after-parties and VIP events. Versatility without compromise underpins the business model.
Central to 1Oak Tokyo’s layout is a d&

QolorPoint uplighters Illuminate The Spheres
Friday, 18 May 2018

USA - QolorPoint Wireless LED Uplighters by City Theatrical were recently used to illuminate The Spheres on Amazon’s campus in Seattle, Washington with a purple lighting display to celebrate 100 days until Seattle hosts the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games.
Twenty four QolorPoint Wireless LED Uplighters were set up within the 4,000sq.ft grounds of The Spheres to create high intensity coloured lighting effects that could be seen citywide through 2,643 panes of glass.
In addition to the intensity of light provided by the uplighters, the fixtures were selected to light The Spheres for their high level of portability and IP65 rating to protect against water and humidity used to nurture over 40,000 plants in the three massive domes.
The uplighters will also be used for future events in The Spheres. The QolorPoint Wireless LED Uplighters were controlled by plug and play wireless DMX technology with SHoW DMX SHoW Baby 6. The lighting package was provided by Barbizon Lighting Company.
“We used the Qolorpoint fixtures for this event and they will be the only uplighters in The Spheres for the foreseeable future,” says Brandon Baker, lighting designer, Amazon. “These are fantastic fixtures and I look forward to using them moving forward.”
(Jim Evans)

zionlennox1smRogue looks for Zion & Lennox at Rosemont
Thursday, 17 May 2018

USA - After 18 years of touring and a fistful of Top Ten hits, the Puerto Rican duo Zion & Lennox still exhibit the raw hungry power that has made them a defining force in their musical genre. This fervour was on full display in their recent hit music video Mi Tesoro, recorded with Nicky Jam. It was also very much in evidence on a cloudy Sunday night, 22 April, when they rocked the sold-out 4,400-seat Rosemont Theatre outside Chicago.
Supporting the duo’s high-energy performance was a plethora of aerial effects, stage sweeps, blinders and intense audience lighting created by Juan Ocampo of High Frequency Productions (Gurnee, IL). Using a collection of Rogue and STRIKE fixtures from Chauvet Professional, Ocampo’s rig featured 28 Rogue R2 Wash fixtures, 16 Rogue RH1 Hybrids and four STRIKE 4 multi-formatted blinders, along with 16 Chauvet DJ Intimidator Hybrid 140SR units, all supplied by High Frequency Productions.
“This project came to us just two weeks before the show date,” comments Ocampo. “The V5 Group out of Chicago reached out to us about the show and put us in contact with the tour manager, Giovanni Ortiz. He sent us their touring stage design and told us to replicate it as close as possible. When we mentioned that we would be using Chauvet Professional fixtures, he immediately approved, no questions asked.”
Ocampo’s design called for 16 Rogue R2 Wash fixtures to be flown on downstage truss for stage wash and crowd specials. A collection of four Rogue R2 Wash units was flown on the upstage batten directly in front of the L

halestorm-by-amanda-mongerHalestorm rocks with new rig from Bandit
Thursday, 17 May 2018

USA - Grammy-Award winning Halestorm is back on the road with a new lighting package from Bandit Lites and launching into summer with their epic, hard rock sound, featuring the vocals of Lzzy Hale, drummer and percussionist Arejay Hale, guitarist Joe Hottinger and bassist Josh Smith.
Bandit Lites supplied nearly 150 fixtures included Ayrton MagicDot R, GLP impression X4s, Robe Halos, Clay Paky B-Eye K20, Chauvet Nexus 4x4, Chauvet FX-B, Martin MAC Viper Profiles, Sun Strips, Martin Atomic 3000 LED, Elation Color Chorus 48 with Base Haze, a GrandMA2 full-size for control along with a MA Lighting 8port node.
When lighting designer Craig Richter began the planning this year’s tour cycle with the band, they communicated their desire to step up the production. To bring about this escalation, Richter opted for custom carts that hold nearly all the fixtures and raise up to fourteen feet high.
“The MagicDots and X4s's are mounted to a grid in rows of four that crank up out of a custom set cart; three rows per cart,” Richter explained. “In between those fixtures are the Robe Halos; I originally wanted them to go around the MagicDot fixtures, but unfortunately the size of the fixture did not allow that to happen, so I had some custom brackets made for them from Gallagher Staging in Nashville that allowed me to put a half coupler on them and mount them to the grid.”
In addition to the carts, Nexus 4x4s provide uplight, with four under a grated drum riser and two under two grated ego risers. Clay Paky B-EYEs are placed on either side of the stag

harmanHo Chi Minh City school installs Harman system
Thursday, 17 May 2018

Vietnam - Ba Sao Investment recently equipped International School Ho Chi Minh City with a complete networked AV and lighting solution by Harman Professional Solutions.
Founded in 1993, International School Hi Chi Minh City (ISHCMC) is Ho Chi Minh City’s most established international school. In addition to the campus’s modern classrooms, collaborative learning spaces and dedicated study areas, ISHCMC recently constructed a brand new 350-seat theatre and hired Ba Sao Investment to outfit the new facility with premium audio, lighting and control solutions. Ba Sao Investment installed a complete Harman networked AV system made up of solutions by JBL, Crown, AKG, BSS, Martin and AMX.
“As a committed International Baccalaureate school, ISHCMC encourages a balance between academic achievement and holistic development,” says a ISHCMC spokesperson. “There are several opportunities for students to develop skills in many areas, including leadership, arts, sports, culture and outdoor recreation. As part of that commitment, we wanted to make sure our students had access to the best equipment, while learning the technical and artistic aspects of theatre production. The system installed by Ba Sao meets our strict requirements, delivering a stunning AV experience worthy of our school’s high standards.”
For the theatre, Ba Sao installed a range of JBL AE Series loudspeakers. For critical listening and mixing tasks in the theatre, the team included JBL LSR305 studio monitors and AKG K240 MkII headphones.
The entire system is powered by Crown

alcons--superbowl-2018Alcons Audio delivers at Super Bowl events
Wednesday, 16 May 2018

USA - Super Bowl, the highlight of the NFL American football season, makes global headlines - both about the game and the half-time entertainment. National and international broadcasters also cover many of the lead-up events throughout the preceding week. For Super Bowl LII, Alcons Audio delivered a winning solution for celebrated events on both sides of the Atlantic.
Super Bowl LII took place at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where Philadelphia Eagles beat the reigning champions New England Patriots. For the week before the game, the ballroom at the Minneapolis Hilton hotel hosted a range of events which generated huge US media interest. An audio system that could deliver speech and music of equal high quality over a large area was vital - just the task for the Alcons LR7 pro-ribbon micro line-array.
Packed with reporters, one of the highest profile events was the announcement of Justin Timberlake as the Super Bowl halftime entertainment. With the eyes and ears of the world on the announcement, press conference and Q&A with Timberlake, the sound had to be flawless.
Global production company Freeman AV delivers most of the sound and video requirements for Super Bowl. Despite the company’s huge inventory of audio systems, Martin Reeves - the technical audio lead who works closely with Freeman AV’s Director of Client Solutions, Warren Cruickshank - always insists on Alcons.
“The Minneapolis Hilton was a challenging space that we had to cover with even, quality sound for a range of very high-profile events,” says Martin

boxen6954Harman solution at Jyske Bank Boxen Arena
Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Denmark - MCH Group recently installed a complete audio and lighting solution from Harman Professional Solutions in the newly built visitor’s foyer at Jyske Bank Boxen Arena in Herning, Denmark.
The Jyske Bank Boxen is a 15,000-seat indoor arena that hosts sporting events such as ice hockey and basketball, as well as concert events with international artists. Jyske Bank Boxen is part of the MCH Messecenter Herning exhibition centre.
In preparation for the 2018 International Ice Hockey Foundation (IIHF) World Championships, the MCH Messecenter Herning opened a new visitor foyer, featuring a dynamic façade designed to direct visitors to the arena, exhibition halls and other areas of the complex. In order to deliver a memorable experience for guests at the area, MCH installed a complete audio and lighting solution from Harman, made up of Martin, JBL, BSS and Crown.
A main highlight of the new visitor foyer is the façade on the outside of the building. The façade features triangles of multilayer, semi-transparent material lit up by Martin Exterior Linear QUAD lighting fixtures. “We started with a shoot-out with a number of linear lights from various brands,” explains Martin Gehling, head of operations, Messecenter Herning. “We ended up selecting the Martin Exterior Linear QUAD Graze due to its uniform colour mixing, high output and the beautiful saturated colours. On top of this, the support from the Martin team has been outstanding.
“We are very pleased with the overall result and how the Martin lighting transforms the building in

robe-isracard-2018-photo-by-tomer-foltyn-501Robe MegaPointes back Isracard spectacular
Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Israel - Light architects Cochavi & Klein produced a 'show-stopping' lighting designs for a major event staged in Pavilion 2, Tel Aviv’s largest venue. They were working for production company MPLive who delivered the event for financial services giant, Isracard.
The format was a gala dinner for around 2,500 people, a live show featuring a star-studded line-up of popular Israeli talent onstage including Infected Mushroom and others, culminating in a party. Eran Klein operated the lights working closely with stage designer Omer Israeli, Cochavi & Klein’s project manager Dor Aichner and video designer Rubi Saati of Studio Vega.
Omer and Eran chose Robe moving lights to deliver serious impact and effects, with 12 x Mega Pointes - used for the first time live in Israel - plus 30 x Pointes, six Spiiders, eight BMFL Blades, eight 8 x BMFL Spots and three Patt 2013s on the rig.
Cochavi & Klein was asked on-board on the strength of their impressive portfolio and reputation for bringing fresh creativity and innovation to visual stage and performance concepts. MPLive approached them after consulting with the event’s technical producer, Itamar Bar Shavit.
The eight BMFL Spots were used upstage at the back for beam work and effects behind the bands, with the eight BMFL Blades downstage providing tight and accurate key lighting utilizing the shutters.
The Spiiders were positioned for doing cross and side lighting onstage from the two most downstage ‘city’ towers.
Pointes were rigged on top of the ‘city’ towers, with


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