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l-acousticsBaltic Princess sets sail with L-Acoustics
Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Scandinavia - Owned by AS Tallink Grupp, the Baltic Princess cruise ferry sails between the Finnish city of Turku and the Swedish capital of Stockholm. Built at a cost of €165m in 2005, it can accommodate 2,800 passengers and was designed with luxury in mind.
Audico, Finland’s largest AV company, undertook the task of supplying and installing an L-Acoustics PA for the refit of the ship’s audio system, a project that spanned two years and took in all four of the ships entertainment areas: a nightclub, pub, live entertainment venue and disco.
“The first phase of the project was the ship’s main venue – The nightclub. The ship’s owners wanted to have the best possible audio system for its new, high-profile live music repertoire,” says Audico’s Pauli Molnár, who was working on the project in conjunction with consultant Tuomas Karppinen. “L-Acoustics was specified because it provides great intelligibility and transparency in its reproduction, which is in line with the ship’s luxury ethos.
“The nightclub’s existing system already had more than enough nautical miles under its belt, so it was time for a renovation. We were convinced that we could do everything required in one package that is powerful, clear and compact. Achieving this is always a challenge, particularly in this sort of environment, but with L-Acoustics products we have the right tools at our disposal. All L-Acoustics products have the same sonic signature, which meant we were able to use a mixture of cabinets from different ranges, as was appropriate for each space

colour-sound-wildlifeColour Sounds enjoys Wildlife
Monday, 26 June 2017

UK - Lighting and video rental specialist Colour Sound Experiment is enjoying another majorly busy festival season, supplying over 50 events up and down the country over the course of the summer.
One of the early highlights was Wildlife staged at Shoreham Airport (AKA Brighton City Airport) on the south coast, a musical adventure organised by SJM and curated by popular dance artists Rudimental and Disclosure, now in its third year. Colour Sound has also been involved from the start.
This year west London based Colour Sound supplied lighting for four stages and LED screens for one.
Wildlife 2017 radiated friendly vibes as everyone felt the love and enjoyed some fabulous weather, together with a dynamic and diverse musical line-up with outstanding performances by the likes of Fatboy Slim, Jess Glynn, Eric Prydz, Dizzee Rascal and many, many more.
James Hind, Colour Sound’s crew chief worked with a team of 14 lighting technicians, programmers, operators and shackle-counters.
For three of the arenas X1 (the WHP Presents Stage), X3 (Tropical / Sounds of the Future) and X4 (Elrow Presents Sambodromo do Brasil), lighting was designed by Simon Barrington of Sibar.
For X1, Colour Sound’s new AquaBeam IP rated beam moving lights were perfect for this large outdoor stage which replicated the shape of the actual Brighton City Airport terminal building with large LED screens.
The 60 x AquaBeams framed the LED surface on all sides and were positioned on the floor along the PA wings, providing powerful beams and effects that worked in

jettrebelCLF LEDwash XL lights Jett Rebel tour
Monday, 26 June 2017

Belgium - LD Ruben de Snoo chose the new wash fixture with independent LED battens to enlighten all musicians in order to create more depth on stage.
Additionally, de Snoo was also very pleased with the 30° and 50° lens system of each fixture. “Because of the two different lenses I was able to create an even wash throughout the whole band, where other fixtures provide a hotspot below the hips of band members. Also the fixture is able to deliver smooth & saturated pastel colours, ”added de Snoo.
“The LEDwash XL is a compact, light weighted fixture which is very easy to apply on our shows, so it will definitely part of our club tour the second part of 2017.”
The LEDwash XL wash fixture has two LED segments. The two horizontal LED battens can be manually tilted and controlled separately. Because of the 30° and 50° lens it is possible to use the fixture as wallwash with both parts complementing each other. Also, the fixture can be used to illuminate two different surfaces simultaneously.
(Jim Evans)

clean-banditNew Flare Q+ on Clean Bandit tour
Monday, 26 June 2017

Europe - Grammy winners Clean Bandit are an EDM tour de force. Following their critically acclaimed appearance at the Isle of Wight Festival earlier this month, they played Glastonbury and have other summer festivals around Europe through August. The American leg of their tour is scheduled for October. In large venues and small, 18 Solaris Flare Q+ fixtures are integral to the band’s show.
“We’re using two sets of six for side-washes, and seven units upstage, all with Kasmer diffusers for a really clean look,” says tour lighting designer and programmer, Liam Griffiths. “I wanted the diffusers to hide the LED sources, which can be harsh on camera. I use the fixtures in two-pixel mode and as strobes. I've used Flares on almost every tour I've done and the new Flare Q+ is far brighter. Most of the time I actually find myself restricting them to 75%!”
Show design is by Rob Sinclair, with the entire lighting package for the European tour provided by Entec Sound and Light of London. “We had been speaking with Paul Hartley at TMB about the new Flare Q+ and were aware of its power and potential,” says Adam Stevenson, Entec’s assistant head of lighting. “When Sinclair and Griffiths specified Flare Q+ and Kasmers for the tour, it was a perfect opportunity to make the investment.
“The fixtures are everything we thought they would be and way more. Their increased output and versatility as a combination wash, strobe, and blinder, with the new quiet mode for theatre or studio use, make Flare Q+ ideal for a variety of applications and an exc

robe-rasmusRasmus Walter tours with Robe
Monday, 26 June 2017

Denmark - Lighting designer Martin Holst wanted to make impact with a floor-based and cost-effective lighting / set package that was fully tour-able for Danish singer songwriter Rasmus Walter’s 2017 tour - and chose 24 x Robe picklePATTs and six BMFL Blades to be at the heart of the design.
The floor package also included LED strips which outlined an upstage scaffolding structure on which the picklePATTs were rigged together with some side lights. It was augmented at each venue by a specified ‘top’ rig.
The equipment was a new investment for rental company Vigsø Dry Hire via Robe’s Danish distributor, Light Partner, and these were the first picklePATTs in Denmark!
Robe’s reporting team caught up with Martin and Rasmus during a gig at Vejle Musikteater which also happens to have a Robe house lighting rig, so Martin was able to integrate 12 x MMX Spots and 10 x LEDWash 600s into his scheme for the evening.
Martin explained the design evolution. They decided to tour a floor package as a practical option, and because the artist has a very personal connection with his fans. The brief was that the stage should have a warm and inviting look - which is when Martin hit upon the idea of the picklePATTs.
“I wanted something that would look good as an architectural / set piece – it didn’t have to be moving all the time, but it did need to look attractive and picklePATTs are perfect with their retro styling, distinctive shape and brushed metal finish which also takes light beautifully so they can be coloured and textured,” he stat

42ndstreetlogoShure wireless on 42nd Street
Monday, 26 June 2017

UK - The new UK production of the classic musical 42nd Street, playing since April this year at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane in London's West End, has been an unmitigated success since its press night produced a swathe of five-star reviews from all the critics.
Behind the scenes, the musical is also breaking new ground, with over 80 channels of Shure UHF-R wireless microphones (UR1M transmitters and UR4D receivers) in use at any one time - if not a West End record, then certainly one of the shows with the highest wireless channel counts in London theatre history.
Award-winning sound designer Gareth Owen is responsible for all of the audio infrastructure on the 42nd Street revival, and has been a long-time user of Shure wireless systems. “Ever since they released the UHF-R system, we've had good results - and when I find a system that gives me good results, I stick with it."
Given that 42nd Street has run on the West End before without such a high number of wireless microphones, what pushed the channel count so high for the revival? "It's the huge cast of that does it," adds Gareth's associate designer Olly Steel. "There's never fewer than 42 cast members on stage at any time, they all sing at some point, and we double-mic the six principals to guard against sweat damage to the transmitters - so before you even start to think about spares, we're over 60 channels.”
And as Olly goes on to explain, the feet of some of the cast and chorus are also miked up so that the live sound of tap-dancing feet can be clearly heard in m

shawn-mendesGreen Hippo and Okulus 3D on Shawn Mendes tour
Monday, 26 June 2017

UK - Okulus, the production design company working alongside creative director Paul Caslin, and 24/7 Productions, were behind the Canadian singer-songwriter’s recent Illuminate World Tour, creating attention-grabbing looks, with Hippotizer Boreals and Taigas.
The Hippotizer Taigas (one active, one backup) fed a 1920 x 640 curved, 9mm LED wall, which served as the performance area’s main backdrop to display the visuals, triggered via timecode. The team also integrated the video director’s live camera feeds into the content.
A key technical aspect for the Okulus team was Hippotizer’s ability to beautifully integrate with Notch, the ‘real-time graphics workhorse’. Effects here included a 3D model of Shawn Mendes – using an Xbox camera focused on Shawn DSC – which Okulus placed into pre-programmed environments. The team also used the set-up to manipulate IMAG feeds to create unique IMAG, all fed by the Hippotizer Taiga to side projectors.
The Hippotizer Boreals – again, one active, one acting as backup – drove a quartet of Panasonic projectors, all of which were mapped, and edge-blended, on to a 5m orb hung in the centre of the arena. The orb featured throughout the show, with the custom content from Treatment Studios to create an impressive atmosphere at the centre of the arena.
“We really love how Hippotizer integrates with Notch. It’s simple with our normal programming style and, once you couple with the built-in Hippotizer FX, you can generate really unique looks,” said Okulus creative director, James Scott.

wicreationsWIcreations spectaculars for Solidarity Games
Friday, 23 June 2017

Azerbaijan - Entertainment engineering specialist WIcreations specified and fabricated two large and spectacular set pieces – a water fountain and a Tree of Life - for the opening and closing ceremonies of the fourth Islamic Solidarity Games, a multi-national, multi-sport event staged in Baku, Azerbaijan from 12 to 22 May 2017.
WI’s team, project managed by Yves Vervloet, was working for Betty Productions Ltd. who co-ordinated all the creative and technical production elements for the ceremonies on behalf of the Islamic Games Operations Committee.
The ceremonies both took place in the 70,000 seater Baku National Stadium, a venue already familiar to the WI team after their work there for the 2015 European Games.
The water vessel and the tree – integral parts of production designer Thanassis Demiris’s visual treatment for the two ceremonies - were realised and constructed at WI’s HQ in Heist-op-den-Berg, Belgium over a two-month period. Approximately 60 tonnes of kit was road-freighted to Baku on five trucks.
The Games were officially opened by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev amidst an array of dancers, musicians, fireworks, horses, camels and donkeys. The teams of the 2800 athletes were led onto the field-of-play by women carrying water collected from around Azerbaijan … which was poured into the water fountain’s massive bowl.
Weight calculations were crucial, as the loading data for the stage perimeter at the point where the bowl was located was 17 tonnes, so the piece - complete with water - could not exceed that.

ajldLive and ME manage Malaysian music competition
Friday, 23 June 2017

Malaysia - Allen & Heath’s dLive S Class and ME personal monitoring systems were selected for the live broadcast of an annual national music competition in Malaysia.
Established in 1986, the event is organised and broadcast by Malaysia’s TV3 channel. held at the Putra World Trade Centre in Kuala Lumpur, Anugerah Juara Lagu, meaning ‘Champion of Songs’ comprises performances of the most popular songs released over the year from a variety of artists from different music genres.
MJ Events was the PA company appointed for the show, and selected the flagship dLive S7000 Surface with DM64 MixRack together with three S5000 and DM48 systems to manage the FOH and monitoring mix. A Waves 3 network card was used for multi-track recording of the 128 channels at 96 khz. Four GigaAce cards were used to split the 128 channels for easy manipulation, and the split enabled the sound engineer to operate the system as two boards, with one board responsible for the orchestra mix and the other handling vocals.
Additionally, a ME personal monitoring system, comprising 2 daisy-chained ME-U hubs running 16 ME-1 mixers, provided personal monitoring for the musicians. All the mics, FOH sound system, monitor sound system and in-ears were patched through the dLive system.
“We could split the 128 channels digitally without using analogue splitters, enabling us to maintain the sound quality of the event. dLive also offers redundant power supply and connection, which is great for a complex set up like this. The system is very user friendly, the Surface layout h

muiMartin Audio solution for Bulgarian medical school
Friday, 23 June 2017

Bulgaria - Opened in October 1961, Varna Medical University was the response to the growing public need for highly qualified medical staff and specialised medical assistance in the country. It led to the setting up of a new facility for training, research and development purposes and its expansion urged the building of new hospitals with different specialisations.
The growing importance of Varna MU as an institution in the field of education and science, duly brought the need for modernisation of the training and lecture halls, with the idea of integrating videoconference study and audio-visual distance learning, enabling lectures to be webcast via an IP network to remote locations.
The final stage of the development involved the opening of the renovated Auditorium 1 in the Rectorate building, where equipment includes a video wall, displays and interactive boards, TelePresence collaboration system and AV matrixes.
Imperia AV were then tasked with completing this integration with a sound system. The company’s AV manager Galin Aleksiev noted that there were complex functionality issues and acoustic performance requirements, which suggested a Martin Audio MLA Mini would provide the best solution.
“On the one hand, the sound system had to be equipped with a digital configuration and control system to make it compatible with the other products, but it also needed to be easy to operate by non-technical personnel such as lecturers.”
The bench seating area also needed to have uniformly distributed SPL. “But there was no way we could f

robe-rouge-watchtowerRouge Watchtower lit with Robe
Friday, 23 June 2017

Estonia - Robe LEDForce 18 PARs and Anolis ArcSource Outdoor 4MCs were specified – together with other lights – to illuminate the Pesapuu (Nest Tree) Watchtower in Rõuge, Estonia.
The new 30m high Watchtower is located near to Rõuge Suurjärv, Estonia’s deepest lake in the Rõuge parish of Vöru Country, a conservation area recognised for its outstanding natural beauty. The structure − which replaces an original wooden watchtower built in 2006 - was designed by Tallinn based architect Karmo Tõra.
The industrial looking steel tower juxtaposes yet blends with the landscape, it looks attractive and interesting in winter and summer and resembles a tree with two bird’s nests. It’s also a symbol of great pride for the picturesque town and residents of Rõuge explained Mayor Tiit Toots, who fully endorsed the project and its proposed lighting scheme.
Roadservice, the company who built the structure, already knew the lighting products they wanted to use – which included the 12 x Robe LEDForce 18 LED PARs and the six Anolis ArcSource Outdoor 4MCs, and had placed the order with Tallinn based E&T, Robe’s Estonian distributor.
The LEDForce 18s are rigged within the structure around the two bird’s nest elements and as dusk falls, they wash the steelwork creating an inviting glow around the nests that permeates and reflects across the rest of the mast of the structure, so the Watchtower becomes a subtle extension of the magnificent landscape.
On top of the tower is an egg-shaped pod which is lit by the Anolis 4MCs, bringing a

killthraxKillthrax tour goes Rogue
Friday, 23 June 2017

USA - It was a happy union for metal fans when Killswitch Engage and Anthrax, two of the genre’s most influential bands, announced earlier this year that they would be joining forces on the Killthrax Tour. The 34-city tour, which concluded in May, more than lived up to its advance billing, serving up heaping helpings of KSE’s signature metalcore sound with its heavy guitar riffs and Anthrax’s compatible, but distinctly different, thrash brand of metal music.
Helping to set off the KSE section of the dual concert was a fast-paced multi-dimensional and richly coloured lightshow anchored by Chauvet Professional Rogue R1 FX-B and Rogue RH1 Hybrid moving lights supplied by JDI Productions. Josh Mihlek, KSE’s production manager, designed the rig with the JDI Productions team.
“The idea behind our show was to use a lot of colour and big looks but at the same time position the beams of the FX-Bs in a way that they almost wrapped around the band members,” he said. “The RH1 Hybrids were used for aerial and crowd looks and for top lighting the band in colours. KSE has a very emotional sound and our colourful lighting supported that.
“On the other hand, Anthrax has more of a 80s/90s metal sound and their light show reflected that,” continued Therrien. “Their LD Jeremy Skoorka did an amazing job using a big open stage with risers. Our rig was kind of encased by four 6'x6' scrims and lighting towers, so it almost made the band feel more on top of the crowd and in their face, which plays along great with their music.”
Therrien and his

drumspiritDrumspirit gets theatrical looks with Chauvet
Thursday, 22 June 2017

Belgium - The Belgium-based percussive entertainment group Drumspirit has consistently pushed the boundaries of performance for 35 years with its unique blend of dance, theatre, comedy and music.
Continuing with this tradition, the group has added a new more theatrical feeling to its current series of Hexahedron shows featuring Milk Inc. drummer Michael Schack and Netsky. Key to creating this new mood is an evocative Bart Rogge lightshow that features 12 Maverick MK2 Spot and 48 Rogue R2 Wash moving lights from Chauvet Professional.
“Given the genre-defying performances of Drumspirit, to bring a theatrical feeling to the Hexahedron shows was no easy feat,” commented Rogge. “The versatile Maverick and Rogue fixtures, however, proved to be essential elements in the implementation of my theatrical lighting concept.”
Both the Maverick and Rogue fixtures were positioned above, behind and to the sides of the stage for a variety of visual purposes. Thanks to the Maverick’s generous selection of effects such as rotating slot and lock gobo wheels, a 3-facet prism and 13º–37º zoom range, Rogge was equipped with a toolbox of visual tricks to create dramatic looks in accompaniment to the stage performances.
“I was able to easily create instantaneous atmosphere on stage using the Maverick’s gobo effects and prisms,” commented Rogge. “Combined with exceptionl zoom, the sheer power and reach of the fixtures meant that I could create powerful atmosphere with a relatively small number of fixtures.”
The Rogue R2 wash fixtures, on

chroma-qChroma-Q LEDs selected for Glastonbury
Thursday, 22 June 2017

UK - Chroma-Q's award-winning Color Force II and Space Force luminaires have been selected to help a roster of international artists deliver star performances on the iconic, premier Pyramid Stage at this year's Glastonbury Festival.
The Festival's Pyramid Stage provides a global showcase for some of today's biggest artists - including this year's headliners, Radiohead, Foo Fighters and Ed Sheeran.
Andy Porter, head of lighting for the Pyramid Stage and rental company, Neg Earth Lights, felt that the Chroma-Q fixtures would be suitable for the high-profile slot, so specified nearly 50 Color Force II 48, 1.2m LED battens and six Space Force LED soft sources.
The Color Force II fixtures are being used to provide coloured illumination of the stage from the distinctive Pyramid-shaped enclosure, with the Space Force units providing soft, white side lighting.
Designed to deliver a premium performance, the Chroma-Q LED solutions offer formidable output, superior homogenised optics and theatrical grade dimming.
(Jim Evans)

ussconstitutionUSA-made Danley for USS Constitution
Thursday, 22 June 2017

USA - The USS Constitution was the third frigate of six built in 1794 to help fight Barbary pirates and saw its most famous actions during the War of 1812, where it heroically defeated five British battleships. Indeed, President George Washington named and commissioned the Constitution, and – despite the centuries between then and now – the Constitution is still an active-duty ship in the US Navy.
Although it is usually berthed in the Boston Navy Yard and used for special events, free tours, and ceremonies, the ship went into dry dock in the summer of 2015 for three years of restoration activities.
During that time, Audio Associates (Orleans, Massachusetts) took the opportunity to replace the Constitution’s aging loudspeakers (new versions of which are no longer manufactured in the United States) with nine new Danley Sound Labs GO-2-8CX loudspeakers, three to a mast. Like all Danley loudspeakers and subwoofers, the GO-2-8CXs are built in Georgia and North Carolina.
Audio Associates had installed the older speakers years ago, but time and the elements had compromised their functionality. In honour of the Constitution’s legendary status as the oldest active vessel in the US Navy and its triumphant victories during the War of 1812, the company suggested a new, US-built loudspeaker make and model, as production of the previous make and model had moved overseas. The Navy agreed whole-heartedly, and Audio Associates installed the nine GO-2-8CXs – the first to have a white finish – during the summer of 2016.
The Danley GO-2-8CX uses a hig

star-eventsStar Events stages Stone Roses at Wembley
Thursday, 22 June 2017

UK - Star Events helped carry the Stone Roses’ perfect 90 minutes across Wembley Stadium as the band performed for a capacity crowd on Saturday.
Following the tantalising trail of their era defining debut album, opening with I Wanna Be Adored and closing with I Am The Resurrection, this was a first London show for the Stone Roses since Finsbury Park 2013.
Getting the sound right was crucial and production manager Michael O’Connor liaised with Star Events and SSE to ensure Stone Roses’ FoH engineer’s requirements were fully met.
Star Events’ design team customised the VerTech stage wings to accommodate Wembley’s steep rake, elevating four twin hangs of sub bass and main audio boxes some 19m above the stadium bowl.
Upfield, the company’s 20m high Z Towers pointed the delays to the gods, their narrow gauge design leaving sightlines unspoiled, and sun-soaked Wembley was the one for 70,000 Stone Roses fans.
Pete Holdich, head of structures at Star Events, comments: “This was our first VerTech show at the new Wembley Stadium. We know what the challenges are and, together with SSE, we were able to deliver a stage solution that ticked all the audio boxes while facilitating the tour’s stunning video and lighting design.
“There’s a very good event team Wembley and we’re looking forward to going back with Adele later this month.”
Star Events supplied the stage for the Stone Roses’ legendary Spike Island show in 1990 and has provided for the band’s headline outdoor shows in the UK ever sin

mainNexo STM reinforces Green Plugged festival
Thursday, 22 June 2017

South Korea - In South Korea, one of the first big events of the music season is the Green Plugged festival, attended by 45,000 people. Now in its eighth year, Green Plugged features more than 60 Korean bands and singers, including headliners Gukkasten, Dean, Junggigo and Romantic Punch.
Staged in Han River Nanji Park in Seoul, the two-day festival is also a two-stage festival. In fact, the wide double main stage has become something of a trademark for Green Plugged, and a familiar challenge to regular PA provider Way Audio.
One of the early adopters of Nexo’s flagship modular line array, Way Audio debuted the STM Series on the Green Plugged festival five years ago and has been using it ever since as the primary PA for the main stages, named Moon and Sky.
Way Audio’s audio chief and system engineer Jordan Lee exploited the modular design of the STM Series, using a cluster of six STM M46 main modules to fill the centre of the extremely wide stage, maintaining a centre audio image and adding coverage for the front centre of the audience.
Bands alternated on the two stages, using a L/R system set up with 9x STM M46+B112 main and bass cabinets and 10x S118 subbass per side. For many of the band engineers, the Green Plugged festival provides a first chance to use the STM system, and to monitor the PA network using Nexo’s proprietary NeMo remote control software, and there were thumbs-up from all the visiting audio crews.
With a plentiful choice of 45*N-12 and PS15 monitor speakers, the stage sound was also an all-Nexo affair. All system

ed-sheeranClaypaky is on the A Team for Ed Sheeran
Thursday, 22 June 2017

World - The Claypaky Scenius Unico and Claypaky Mythos2 have been selected by award-winning lighting and production designer Mark Cunniffe and lighting director Matt Jones as the workhorse fixtures for Ed Sheeran in his current record-breaking worldwide tour.
Cunniffe has been working with Ed since the artist began touring in 2011, developing a close creative partnership that has evolved over time as the star's music has spread to reach international acclaim.
"The first thing that we created for Ed was so small it fitted into the back of a truck," says Cunniffe. "Since then the shows have grown to reflect Ed's natural career progression. For this tour, we wanted a show that could go from arena to stadium. We wanted it to play as wide as it possibly could."
To achieve this, Cunniffe designed a goblet-shaped set, fondly named 'the chalice' by the designer who worked closely with production manager Chris Marsh and Jeremy Lloyd from international technical production practice, Wonder Works, in blue-printing the construction of the concept.
The chalice comprises five curved video screens that begin at stage level and run up a central stem to flare out to create a live stage 'ceiling' of video and light before curving upward again to form a top rim. The structure was engineered by Tait Industries.
Between each of the video screens forming the chalice's ceiling is a triangular pod - there are four in total - containing 10 Mythos2. Each pod moves in and out of the set via a Kinesys system recommended by UK rental experts Light Control Rigging (L

tdsoPainting with Light on VTM satirical show
Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Belgium - Tegen de Sterren Op (TDSO) is a highly popular, TV series on Flemish commercial channel VTM that uncompromisingly satirises and sends up politicians, celebrities and anyone else on the ‘fair game’ radar - all in the name of incisive entertainment by a very talented cast.
There is also an equally talented production team behind this success, including creative practice Painting with Light, who were tasked with designing a completely new set together with lighting and video.
They worked on the set elements with scenic specialist Deusjevoo, their near neighbours at Genk’s C-MINE complex. It was a visual concept that brought an urban chic feel to the seventh TDSO series, also delivering dynamic lighting and video.
The show was recorded in the NEP Studios in Londerzeel with a live audience and was produced by Dedsit.
Two interconnected stages were positioned at 90 degrees to one another, with a catwalk in between going out into the audience, which sat each side of the runway and at the back of the room, ensuring the look stayed contemporary, whilst giving everyone a very close-up and personal ‘stand-up’ feel. The key was to make the space very flexible.
The set walls were constructed from corrugated wood panels and lit with 322 x integrally mounted 2m SGM LT-200 LED graphic tubes. These comprise two sides of 54 LEDs giving a 35mm pitch, which can be DMX controlled and mapped. They back-lit and highlighted the set highly effectively, setting the tone for the wide range of sketches and skits unfolding on stage.
Luc ha

Smart lighting delivers energy savings
Wednesday, 21 June 2017

UK - Open Technology will secure energy savings of up to 40 per cent for Cardiff University after installing its intelligent lighting system to an additional four lecture theatres across the campus.
Last year the company was commissioned to install its LiGO intelligent lighting system in seven of the University’s lecture theatres. The installation, done by consultants Houghton Greenlees and installers Evans Electrical, brought the total of LiGO controllers across the university campus to more than 30.
Cardiff University explained that Open Technology and LiGO were chosen due to the lighting system’s features, which include: presence detection to reduce energy use when rooms are unoccupied; time control settings to match occupancy times for lecture theatres; and, daylight balancing to complement available daylight.
These features will deliver up to 40 per cent in estimated savings in lighting costs for the University.
Three theatres in the Glamorgan Building and the Sir Martin Evan’s Theatre will be completely refurbished over the summer to the current high standard and fitted with the LiGO system.
Open Technology’s managing director Chris Bedford, explained the technology benefits for the college: “Our lighting system enables Cardiff University to not only reduce its overall energy use, which saves money on its energy bills and also allows it to achieve a key goal of lessening its environmental footprint.”
The system will allow the university’s own staff to control and maintain the system through a connection to the U

national-museumCommunity reinforces Story of the Forest
Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Singapore - The National Museum of Singapore is the nation’s oldest museum, and its exhibits are among the most progressive. Its galleries adopt cutting-edge and multi-perspective ways of representing history and culture, to redefine the conventional museum experience.
The museum’s Glass Rotunda currently hosts an immersive digital art installation, titled Story of the Forest. It is inspired by the National Museum of Singapore’s prized collection, the William Farquhar Collection of Natural History Drawings. This prized collection is brought to life through a spectacular interactive digital presentation in which visitors are transported to the natural ecology of 19th century Malaya, viewed through the eyes of artists of that time and re-imagined today through digital art and technology.
In 2014, the museum closed off the Glass Rotunda, to explore new and innovative ways of showcasing the country’s social history and cultural history with industry partners. This resulted in the museum’s collaboration with the Japanese digital art collective teamLab, while Singapore-based Broadcast Professional Pte Ltd was chosen for the system integration, content delivery and project management, with an emphasis on ensuring an unforgettable immersive experience for visitors.
Visitors to the Glass Rotunda walk across a sky bridge to be greeted by the top end of the dome and enter the 170m-spiral passageway that leads them to the Lower Rotunda. The top of the structure projects the infinitely expanding universe, where animated flowers of the region bl

u2-at-bonnarooBonnaroo and U2 party with Bandit Lites
Wednesday, 21 June 2017

USA - The Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival returned to the 700 acre field known affectionately as The Farm with more than 65,000 in attendance in search of good vibes and great music.
Bandit Lites was proud to be asked by Lambda Productions to provide a lighting package for multiple stages, the iconic Tower at Bonnaroo, along with several floor packages for artists in attendance.
This year’s line-up of more than 100 acts included U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Weeknd, Chance the Rapper, Major Lazer, Flume, Lorde, The XX, Travis Scott, Cage the Elephant, Marshmello and The Head and the Heart.
U2’s show designer, Willie Williams, designed the mainstage festival system for U2’s immense show on Friday night. It was then dropped, re-hung and re-configured for the acts to use on Saturday and Sunday.
“Willie’s design had a similar flavour to their current touring system in stadiums,” said Bandit production manager Dizzy Gosnell. “Lots of tungsten DWE’s and scrollers on the Atomics and very high trims to allow for the 40ft high video screens. For a variety of reasons, we decided to re-configure most of the lights and trusses over the stage after U2.
“It was Willie’s design tuned to U2’s needs and made total sense for their show, but some of the real estate in the air was needed on the following days by the Chili Peppers, Chance the Rapper and the Weeknd, all bringing their own large flown elements for their shows.”
Lighting for the main stage consisted of nearly one hundred Martin MAC Viper Profiles, Robe BMFLs, Mar

lamdaAnna Valley provides AV for LAMDA opening
Wednesday, 21 June 2017

UK - Anna Valley helped LAMDA (London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art) celebrate their new £28.2m training centre by providing AV for their official opening event on Wednesday 14 June. Attended by Royal Patron HRH Princess Alexandra and alumni including Brian Cox CBE, David Suchet CBE, Ruth Wilson and Jemma Redgrave, the event showcased the new theatres and training spaces that are transforming LAMDA’s west London home.
Anna Valley provided a turnkey AV solution for the event’s gala performance. Guests in the 200-seat Sainsbury Theatre watched students perform against the backdrop of a developing photographic timeline which was projected using two 21k projectors onto a 14.4m x 7m cyclorama fed by a Macbook Pro running Qlab.
Because space in The Sainsbury Theatre was limited, Anna Valley also filmed the event using two Panasonic AW-UE70 4K remote-head cameras and relayed this live feed to their flagship 4.8m x 2.88m AV2 LED screen in The Carne Studio Theatre, where additional guests were seated.
A world-leading conservatoire, LAMDA offers vocational training to actors, stage managers, technicians and directors, as well as delivering qualifications in communication and performance as an international awarding organisation. LAMDA’s redevelopment was made possible by the Act Now! Campaign, which was launched in November 2013 with alumnus Benedict Cumberbatch CBE as Patron and was supported by almost a thousand donors.
Anna Valley has previously supported LAMDA by providing AV technology and services, free-of-charge, for their stage pr

eric-churchEric Church holds his own with STRIKE 1
Wednesday, 21 June 2017

USA - Country superstar Eric Church’s Holdin’ My Own tour begins to create an immersive experience for fans as soon as they enter the concert venue. Forget standard house lights. The first thing that strikes visitors when they walk into the arena, whether it’s Barclay Centre in Brooklyn or Staples Centre in LA, is the warm white (and very bright) glow from the 63 Chauvet Professional STRIKE 1 fixtures in Church’s touring rig.
Butch Allen of Blame Funnel Creative, who specced the multi formatted STRIKE 1 units from Christie Lights, uses them in lieu of house lights to set an emotional tone for Church’s deeply personal tour. “We wanted the whole arena itself to be part of the show, to create a totally immersive environment, since this tour is all about Eric connecting to his fans,” said Allen. “The STRIKE 1s are our house lights. Then, once the concert starts, they emerge as the backbone of our show. They become 63 death machines.”
For the first 90 minutes of this marathon three hour plus concert, Allen uses all white lights, anchored by his STRIKE 1 fixtures, which are flown on three massive rectangles: one over the main stage, one over the audience and one over FOH. Using white lights exclusively for this opening stretch underscores the concert’s elemental heartfelt theme.
“We light the extended opening of the concert with a variety of white lights with different colour temperatures to convey different moods and keep the show fresh,” said Allen. “The inspiration for having all white for an hour and a half came from the ST


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