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painting-with-light-drs-down-110817-485Painting with Light delivers for Downs Syndrome project
Wednesday, 13 December 2017

The Netherlands - drs. Down! is part musical, part drama, part medical case study and the brainchild of Dutch TV presenter and chat show host Ivo Niehe, making his debut as a playwright.
He boldly tackles some of the delicate issues associated with Downs Syndrome: judgements, prejudices and how it can shape and define lives, told through the true story of Pablo Pineda-Ferrer, who overcame the odds to gain a university degree in psychology.
Luc Peumans of visual design practice Painting with Light was asked to join the creative team and produce scenography plus lighting and video designs that captured the spirit of the performance and were also practical and tourable for the production, which launched at the DeLaMar Theatre in Amsterdam and is now touring through the Netherlands until January 2018.
A minimalist set was proposed, as key chunks of the narrative and dialogue – including the dreams and aspirations of main character Lucas - are explained and expressed via pre-recorded video content. It was important to have a clean and clear stage.
Luc drew on many avenues of inspiration, including his ground-breaking work on Ben X in 2012 for which he was also set and lighting designer. Touching on a similar theme, that show was about a boy with autism who escaped bullying via a fantasy computer game world.
In the case of drs. Down!, the starting point for Luc was talking extensively with Ivo and technical producer Frank van der Weij from Senf Theatre Partners in Amsterdam. Using their general vision, he produced the ba

miss-moneypennys-night-at-the-proms-symphony-hall-24-11-17-76Miss Moneypenny’s Night at the Proms with Elation
Wednesday, 13 December 2017

UK - On 24 November club and house music brand Miss Moneypenny’s, finally got their Night at the Proms with a celebration marking 25 years since the internationally recognized club brand began in Birmingham.
Held at Symphony Hall in Birmingham, full service production company Stage Production produced all the technical elements of the show and used an Elation Professional lighting system as an important element of the lavish visuals. Known for its flamboyance and glamour, Miss Moneypenny’s Night at the Proms was no different than a night at the historic club as house and dance classics were fused with music by the Birmingham Gay Symphony Orchestra in a sensational show.
“We needed to create a combination of big stage looks, nightclub vibes and a festival feeling and once again Elation were our go-to products for the show,” said Stage Production’s Jordan Lake, managing director at the Birmingham-based company that also handled rigging (Duratruss) and sound. Production design was by Jordan himself with lighting programming and operation by Ben Butler, Stage Production’s full-time lighting designer.
“We had to make sure the orchestra was evenly lit throughout the show so we needed a nice solid wash, but it couldn’t overpower the stage as this show was just as much about the visual impact than it was the orchestra,” Jordan states. “We wanted to make sure the audience saw the stage and the show as a whole, so they were almost over-whelmed by lights, musicians, performers and effects. We needed to build a really intens

sensation-2017Mojo Barriers installs vast pitch cover
Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Australia - Mojo Barriers Australia recently undertook one of Australia’s largest stadium field cover installations, with over 15,000 sq.m. being installed for Sensation at Spotless Stadium, Sydney Showground, in November.
Sensation, the biggest open-air festival in Australia this year, was a great success, and protecting the valuable sports surface was of critical importance as Spotless Stadium is the home of Sydney’s professional cricket team Sydney Thunder and the Greater Western Sydney (GWS) Giants, part of the Australian Football League.
Mojo installed a complete Supatrac system to ensure the best possible pitch protection. It took 34 truck movements to freight the equipment in and out of the stadium and over 850 man-hours to install and remove.
The Mojo team installed over 15,000 sq.m. of 100% white Supatrac, along with over 500m of aluminium Mojo Barrier in a ‘D’ configuration. Since launching as a supplier of Supatrac in January of this year, Mojo Barriers is now able to provide both barrier and stadium floor covering as a combined offering. To further protect the stadium pitch at Sydney Showground, the team installed a layer of Enkamat under the flooring to provide additional protection at the areas with the highest footfall and crowd density.
As well as being on-site during the event, the Mojo team managed the daily installation and removal of the aluminium ground protection products during the stage build, and worked closely with the festival organisers and stadium groundskeeper to ensure optimum crowd barrie

status-quoHawthorn plugs in for Status Quo tour
Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Europe - Status Quo have hit the road for their latest tour Plugged In - Live and Rockin’, with full technical service provider Hawthorn supplying the lighting equipment for the performances.
Following the death of Rick Parfitt in December last year, the band kicked off this year’s tour with Aquostic performances in Europe before returning to the UK for the electric shows.
Now the band have headed back overseas for the next leg of the tour. Having never taken the Aquostic show to Europe, the decision was made to keep these performances in the original format. The tour will close in Nürnberg, Germany on 21 December 2017.
Working closely with Ewan Cameron, Status Quo’s long-standing lighting designer, the Concert Touring division at Hawthorn drew upon its vast range of hire stock to supply lighting to specification. This includes Martin MAC Viper Profiles, Aleda BEYE K10 and K20s, Mac Aura XBs and Hawthorn’s new-to-stock Ayrton MagicBlade FX fixtures.
Talking about the challenges of lighting two different shows, Cameron said, “This year we’ve had the added complication that part of the tour is the electric show and the other part is the unplugged acoustic show. This meant that I needed to design a system that could be easily reconfigured to accommodate their very different requirements. For this I needed a range of units that could provide the punch required for a classic high energy rock and roll show but could then be re-tasked to fit in with the subtlety and gentler pace of the acoustic show.”

codyjohnson4Chauvet reflects Texas spirit at Cody Johnson benefit
Wednesday, 13 December 2017

USA - The charity tour of Texas country singer-songwriter Cody Johnson in aid of those affected by Hurricane Harvey is utilising a number of Chauvet Professional fixtures.
On 17 November, the tour rolled into Beaumont featuring music by Johnson and multi-platinum artist Mark Chestnut as well as rising stars like Parker McCollum. Providing powerful visuals for the evening was a colourful lightshow anchored by Chauvet Professional Rogue, STRIKE and COLORdash fixtures supplied by Texas Stage.
“We wanted a look that was big, bold and colourful to reflect the spirit of the people of this area,” said Jimmy Davidson, Johnson’s regular lighting designer, who created the lightshow. “The Rogues helped us do this with their vivid colours and fast pan and tilt movements, while the STRIKE fixtures added a lot of punch. The lights fed off the music to create an uplifting atmosphere.”
Davidson hung 12 Rogue R2 Washes on downstage truss, where they were used for front washing the performers and for audience lighting. The large crowd was also lit by the eight STRIKE 4 multi-formatted fixtures that were evenly spaced across the downstage truss. “The STRIKE fixtures served our design in a wide range of ways,” said Davidson. “Their warm white glow was great for washing the crowd during some of the more reflective moments of the benefit concert. They also worked really well as strobes and eye candy.”
Adding colour accents and a sense of depth to the stage were the 12 COLORdash Batten-Quad 12 fixtures that Davidson arranged vertically on the faci

leannrimeschristmasLeAnn Rimes celebrates Christmas with Bandit
Wednesday, 13 December 2017

USA - Two-time Grammy Award-winning singer LeAnn Rimes is taking her Today is Christmas tour across the United States, with Bandit Lites lighting the acclaimed vocalist.
Lighting designer and LD Steve Hoover utilises Bandit Lites supplied Chauvet Freedom Pars in addition to the house systems, building each production to showcase and up light the stunning birch tree backdrop he’s accented with actual fresh cut birch tree branches, giving the stage a familiar but unique setting that evokes the holidays beyond just red and green.
“It’s kind of Christmassy- but more of a wintery scene, than strictly Christmas,” noted Hoover, “And then we do use red and green- yes.” And while touring means trekking the country and being away from home, Hoover says that being a part of such a creative production and surrounded by the industry’s best, including tour manager Shamus Bacon, makes this run exceedingly special.
“LeAnn not only treats people so well and is so talented, but she radiates positivity,” he said. “If you’re on the bus, there’s probably a big bunch of people who aren’t on their phones and they’re laughing.”
(Jim Evans)

berliner-domnr1eurovideomappingnelofeeDigital Projection at Berlin Festival of Lights
Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Germany - Digital Projection recently wowed stakeholders and audiences alike at the 13th edition of the Berlin Festival of Lights, where a number of its laser projectors were installed to enable video-mapping displays at key sites in the city.
With a renewed focus on digital at this year’s event, it was the biggest and most successful edition to date with in excess of two million visitors. Spread throughout one of Europe’s most popular cities bringing its sites of major interest to life in spectacular style, the festival is a leading light in the video-mapping world, raising the bar with its impressive showcase.
Every October, the festival transforms Berlin into a city full of light art with displays by national and international artists turning famous landmarks, monuments, buildings and places into a huge stage.
Working alongside Dutch integrator Pronorm Urban Experiences – the six-year incumbent preferred supplier for the technical installation at the festival – Digital Projection supplied products which were central to the video-mapping installations at three locations: the Berliner Dome, the Staatsoper Bebelplatz and the Nicolai Kirche. This year’s festival was the first time that projection mapping had been used on the Berliner Dome and Staatsoper Bebelplatz buildings.
The Berliner Dome was rigged with 14 Digital Projection M-Vision Laser 18K projectors fitted with 4.0-7.0 lenses and using an HDBaseT interface. The projectors were connected to two Vioso Media servers with eight outputs each. At the Staatsoper Bebelplatz,

ver-stepsVER video walls enhance Steps UK shows
Tuesday, 12 December 2017

UK - VER joined Steps, treading the boards at venues throughout the UK, mixing tracks from recent album Tears on the Dancefloor with their string of crowd pleasing chart-conquering hits.
Working closely with production manager, Steve Reeve and Pull the Pin Out Productions, VER London provided the multi-layered, custom-built LED video walls used to deliver the show’s suitably vibrant backdrop.
Featuring stunning content by Jack Jones and Nic Drew at Really Creative Media, the video imagery was splashed across the layered screen installation, which has been designed to incorporate a 18m x 10m upstage back wall built behind a three tier, on-stage riser, complete with bespoke sliding doors on two levels to allow the performers direct access to and from the stage area.
To help heighten the audience experience, VER also provided video director Phil Jennings with a suite of cameras plus IMAG screens used to deliver real time performance footage, captured on-stage throughout the show.
The full-service video provision has been headed up by VER crew chief John Wynne, whose six-person team has remained hands on with the production from the live rehearsals, hosted at Fly By Nite Studios through to the month-long string of UK arena dates.
Speaking about the Production, VER business development manager Lester Cobrin says: “The Steps shows have been immensely well received, so it’s hugely satisfying to see the video installation playing such a great supporting role. John and the crew have done a super job with the custom-built LED install

korn-2017toddkaplan-smlSerenity of Summer for Korn with Ayrton
Tuesday, 12 December 2017

USA/Europe - Korn lighting designer Thomas ‘Church’ Christmann is no stranger to the world of Ayrton. “On my first outing with Ayrton fixtures I was really impressed with the style, the output, the versatility and the beam options they offered me. I was very happy with what I could achieve with my last design so when the next generation of Ayrton fixtures were launched I jumped at the chance to make my new tour design even bigger, even more flexible and even more exciting.”
Two-time Grammy award-winning alt-metal band Korn was busy crossing and re-crossing the Atlantic this summer, firstly headlining the 17-date Serenity of Summer tour in North America, before crossing over to Europe for a festival run and then back to the US for further leg on home territory.
Church elaborates on the details: “There were a huge number of Ayrton DreamPanel-Twin fixtures on this design, along with a supporting number of Ayrton NandoBeam-S9 and NandoBeam-S3 units, 15 MagicBlade-FX and half a dozen MagicRing-R9 fixtures. As this outing was split, design-wise, into three distinctly different sections, it was important to pick fixtures that were versatile and could adapt to our differing stage settings without losing any of their dynamic performance.
“For example, after the SOS tour in North America, the European festival leg featured a new version of the central stair riser MagicPanel-R design we did last year, and I’ve just finished the last US run where we reinstated the SOS ‘pods’ but this time sitting on stage framed by Nandobeam-S3 and Magi

rolling-stones--mhvogeldeRobert Juliat Lancelot satisfies The Rolling Stones
Tuesday, 12 December 2017

France - Paris’s U Arena threw open its doors in spectacular fashion this autumn when The Rolling Stones performed the final three European dates of their No Filter tour to sold-out audiences of 40,000 people each night. Eight RJ Lancelot 4K followspots playing a key role in the action on stage.
U Arena is now France’s largest indoor arena, and one of the biggest in Europe, and a prime host for the Stufish-designed set comprising four massive video walls over-reaching a part-canopied, 60-70m wide stage and 14m thrust which only just succeeded in containing the exuberant performances from these youthful rockers.
The Rolling Stones’ long-term lighting designer, Patrick Woodroffe and associate lighting designer, Terry Cook, of Woodroffe Bassett Design, specified Robert Juliat’s most powerful followspot because they wanted them as the prime source of front-of-house illumination for the artists on stage.
“The minimalist, clean lines of the stage design had no advance truss, so most of the front lighting on the artists relied on followspots, with just some LED fixtures located on the rooflette to provide some key light, and footlights to outline the main and B-stages and catwalk,” explains lighting crew chief Andy ‘Fraggle’ Porter of Fraggles Rock Lighting Ltd. “Lancelot was ideal, not only to cope with the long throw distances, but for several other factors.”
The Rolling Stones like their followspots to deliver a big rock and roll look with beams passing across the auditorium to draw the audience’s focus directly onto

marina-bay-sands-12-1024x422Green Hippo in Marina Bay Sands spectacular
Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Singapore - Two years in the making and set to run for five years, Spectra is Marina Bay Sands Singapore’s outdoor laser, light, projection and water show, designed by Steve Nield.
The Marina Bay Sands Singapore was already a stunning looking structure. Steve Nield was the creative tasked with designing an outdoor laser, light, projection and water show with the visuals to complement the Aedas-designed S$8 billion property.
Featuring a soundtrack composed by Singaporean award-winning producer and music arranger Kenn C, Spectra runs for 15-minutes, setting itself apart from other shows with many technical firsts, including the use of specially-developed underwater 500 watt LED fixtures, and a 12m high laminated glass prism, which forms the ‘heartbeat’ of the show.
Charged with delivering ‘emotion’ over ‘storyline’, Steve worked closely with Kenn C, knowing that Kenn’s production would deliver the backbone for a truly visual spectacular. At the core of the show’s media system Steve installed six Green Hippo Media Servers. One pair of Hippotizer Boreals – one main, one back-up – provides media feeds to three water screens, with each screen having two Christie Boxer 4K20 projectors. The remaining four Boreals – three main, one back-up – project on to the ‘petals’ of the adjacent ‘lotus flower’ styled ArtsScience Museum.
Control of the servers is via Art-Net from a grandMa2, which in turn is triggered via time code from an ADAT. This system also provides multi-channel music to the speaker array, on,

walk-like-a-man-1Walk Like A Man with Chauvet Professional
Tuesday, 12 December 2017

UK - Walk Like A Man takes audiences back in time to the freewheeling early ‘60s when the music of Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons ruled the airwaves. At a recent run of the Mark Halliday produced show at Blackpool’s historic Grand Theatre, the cheerful nostalgic music was supported by a fast-moving upbeat lighting design created by Ollie Wilkinson of Arranpaul using a collection of Chauvet Professional fixtures.
Anchored by Rogue R1 Spot and Q-Wash 560Z-LED moving fixtures, Wilkenson’s design captured the snappy devil-may-care spirit of the doo-wop era that transformed the musical landscape throughout the UK and USA.
“Our team at Arranpaul has spent a substantial amount of years building a relationship with the Grand Theatre,” said Wilkinson. “This was the perfect opportunity to collaborate with them once again with a colourful lighting concept to reflect the energy and vibrancy of this critically acclaimed show.”
Wilkinson hung five Rogue R1 Spot fixtures above the stage to back light the performers, creating an evocative mood that conjured up images of singing on the street corners and in the small clubs of the early 1960s. To enliven the stage with the sense of expectation that was so characteristic of the early rock era, he shook up his look by occasionally driving his spot fixtures slightly out of focus to use them as wash lights.
“I wanted this show to represent the generation that the music was bringing back to life, so I wanted a fixture that would provide me with some powerful ol

fox-valley-web-res-1Bose Professional for Stockbridge retail park
Tuesday, 12 December 2017

UK - Fox Valley Retail Park in Stocksbridge, north Sheffield has been equipped with a Bose audio solution just a year after its official opening. Property developer Dransfield Properties commissioned long-time Bose pro partner Promotiontime NE to design an audio system for the retail, office and leisure development.
After breaking ground in March 2014, it took just over two years and a £50m investment to transform the 28-acre former steelworks site into a retail and commercial hub for over 18,000 locals.
Fox Valley required an audio system to fill walkways and open pedestrianised areas with both background and foreground sound as well as needing sound-reinforcement in the entertainment areas.
A network of 26 Bose FreeSpace loudspeakers were installed across the site, utilising a mixture of DS 100SE and DS 40SE products for the public retail spaces, and in addition eight Bose Panaray 402 series IV loudspeakers were specified for the entertainment areas. All the Bose speakers, which are driven by two PowerMatch PM8500 configurable power amplifiers, are suitable for outdoor use, and are capable of operating throughout the year, allowing the park to create atmosphere whatever the weather.
According to Brian Graham of Promotiontime, the system has been met with such positive feedback that since installation, Dranfield Properties has commissioned his company and Bose Professional to provide audio solutions for four additional regeneration development projects across the north of the UK. “We selected Bose for this particular installation, as we k

richard-hewish-1lowresDoughty’s Articulated Carriage at Taunton college
Tuesday, 12 December 2017

UK - Doughty dealers Chinnick Theatre Services experienced a ‘light bulb moment’ when they first saw Doughty’s new Studio Rail Articulated Carriage at PLASA, London, realising it was the perfect piece of kit for a job they were working on at Richard Hewish College in Taunton.
“We were approached by Halsall Construction in Bath and asked if we could quote for a lighting grid at the college,” explained Clive Chinnick, “We were sent a photo of the internally wired theatre grid that had been in place previously. However, it was in a classroom setting which made very little sense to us. Then we were sent through the specifications for the project, and one of the requests was for a socket to be placed every 200mm. We realised we needed to visit the college to try and better understand their needs.”
On visiting the college, Clive discovered that the project had nothing to do with drama as he was assuming. Instead the lighting grid was required in an art block. The client wanted some frames from which students could hang their pieces of artwork with some lighting points, in a gallery style. The 8ft by 4ft frames would be fitted with panels and a hinged top that could be lifted, allowing the students to pin their artwork on the boards or to hang them on the grid and then position them. However they wanted to achieve this on either side of a walkway with the option of being able to push the panels completely out of the way.
A couple of weeks later, Clive attended PLASA and stopped by the Doughty stand where he was captivated by the new Articulat

jack-and-the-beanstalk-at-salisbury-playhouse--the-other-richardPanto season for White Light
Tuesday, 12 December 2017

UK - The Pantomime season is well and truly underway with dames, beanstalks and magic lamps taking centre stage up and down the country. As one of the leading suppliers to West End and UK touring theatre, White Light is supplying the lighting equipment to a range of pantomimes across the UK.
WL’s hire manager Jedd Hamilton comments: “For a lot of theatres, pantomimes are their biggest shows of the year. They are often extremely loud, fun and flashy productions; meaning they require a range of lighting equipment to achieve this impact. As a company, it’s our role to ensure we supply designers with exactly what they need.”
As usual, it’s a host of familiar titles that are gracing the stage this Christmas. WL is supplying productions of Jack and the Beanstalk at the Bournemouth Pavilion, Cambridge Arts Theatre and Salisbury Playhouse. The lighting designer at Salisbury is Nic Farman, who comments: “I fundamentally start designing a panto in the same way I design any show, setting out concepts for each location and scene and finding the narrative in the script and music. We’ve tried to find every bit of magic in every moment of Jack and built from there. James Button’s set design is sumptuous and beautiful so lighting it has been a joy.”
He adds: “The show is pretty epic with over 200 individual RGBW festoon bulbs and a lot of practical elements in the set. In terms of the larger rig, I’ve drawn on the Martin MAC 700 Profiles and Coemar Infinity M Spots for the overhead spot work. I’ve also added some extra Martin MAC Aura

willrogersshrineDanley Jericho Horn reinforces Will Rogers Shrine
Monday, 11 December 2017

USA - Integration company Houlton Audio/Video Applications recently replaced the sound system at the Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun in Colorado Springs, the tomb of philanthropist and entrepreneur Spencer Penrose, who died tragically in a plane crash.
The Shrine plays a measured role in the lives of all the denizens of Colorado Springs – like a traditional church bell, it chimes on the hour and on the 15 minutes in standard Westminster code, in addition to playing clarions at special times and on special days.
Houlton replaced the inefficient 2,500-watt system comprised of e18 amplifiers, 36 1.5-inch compression driven horns, and 36 15-inch loudspeakers that had previously conveyed the Maas-Rowe carillon chime system to the town, with a very efficient 10,000-watt system comprised of a single four-channel Danley DNA 10K4 Pro amplifier and a Danley J3-94 Jericho Horn.
“Just the old tweeters and woofers alone came it at nearly 800 pounds. We had to pull them out with a crane,” recalled Jeff Houlton, company president. “That system had been in place since the late 1970s, burning a ton of electricity during all the waking hours over all those many decades.
“We’ve recently become acquainted with the advantages of Danley’s innovative Synergy Horn and other patented technologies, and we thought the Will Rogers Shrine would be an excellent opportunity to take advantage of Danley’s pattern control, fidelity, and efficiency. Indeed, if we had replaced the old system’s failing parts, it would have been more expensive than the entirely new

pwslatingrammysstoffocrewProfessional Wireless teams up on Latin Grammys
Monday, 11 December 2017

USA - The 18th Annual Latin Grammy Awards is one of the biggest nights in Latin music. Broadcast on the Univision Network, the 2017 show was recently hosted by Jaime Camil and Roselyn Sanchez at the Grand Garden Arena at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.
Since 2005, Univision has tapped Orlando, Florida-based Professional Wireless Systems (PWS) to provide RF coordination and equipment for the live show viewed by 8 million people around the world - and this year was no different.
“RF coordination in Las Vegas is always difficult - coordination for an award show the size and scope of the Latin Grammys is truly a challenge,” explains James Stoffo, lead RF coordinator for the show. “We start weeks in advance, planning everything down to the last channel to ensure the show goes off without a hitch, it was the smoothest Latin Grammys I have ever worked thanks to the outstanding RF team and technical management by Univision’s Mike Karsch.”
PWS provided more than 250 channels of wireless systems including Shure Digital Axient, Sennheiser, and Audio-Technica wireless microphones, 28 channels of Shure PSM-1000 in-ear monitor systems, along with Radio Active Design UV-1G and Reidel Bolero wireless intercoms.
In addition to Stoffo, PWS provided RF intercom technician Gary Trenda to manage more than 80 users on wireless intercom systems. RF Technician Jason Lambert was responsible for system integration between both inside and outside of the venue, while Jordan Smith managed distribution of all the wireless intercom and related equ

lia-61SGM features at 2017 Lights in Alingsås
Monday, 11 December 2017

Sweden - Since 1999, Lights in Alingsås has been a yearly tradition, bringing together lighting designers and design, architecture, and electrical students to create multiple beautiful light installations. The five-week long festival is the culmination of an intensive week-long workshop, where the lighting designers and students work intensively to artistically illuminate various public spaces. The 2017 edition was another success, where SGM was represented on three different sites.
The seven installations light each site, all representing different emotional states.
With help from SGM’s G-4 Wash-Beam, site three portrayed the feelings one gets during a lifetime; with one end of the installation representing the past and negative aspects, while the other end represented the future with personal and professional growth.
Site four was an installation created at the courthouse, to transmit the feelings and experiences one goes through in such a setting.
“Our idea was to show how different stages of concern move within a building structure depending on different scenarios,” explained lighting designers Simon Malmström and Magnus Almung.
SGM’s G-Profile projector was used to illuminate the pathway towards the courthouse entrance escorted by music, dramatically building up the tension. Then, framed by the G-Profile, the audience would reach the front door, marking the beginning of the process.
“We chose the G-Profile because we needed to create an effective movement with a limited amount of installed light sources, not

adlib-enter-shikari-olympia-1-2rAdlib sparks up for Enter Shikari tour
Monday, 11 December 2017

UK - Hard rock band Enter Shikari are always pushing the boundaries of experimentalism as proved during their latest outing with an Adlib supplied quadrophonic system.
During the initial stages of the tour design, Andy Russell (FOH) wanted to specify a system that would push boundaries in audio fidelity. He wanted to connect the massive energy emanating from the stage to Shikari’s devoted fan base. So, hand-on-heart, Adlib systems engineers George Puttock and Sam Proctor together with Adlib account manager and director Dave Jones all recommended Coda AiRAY as the right option.
They specified the system - known for its low distortion, extreme output and intense clarity - based on Andy’s brief of delivering a truly stunning live experience for anyone catching the tour.
Andy has worked with Enter Shikari for the last 11 years and knows exactly how they and he like it to sound - raw, powerful, intricate and detailed - all in the same breath. He aims to achieve a big, bold sound with lots of creative effects to accompany the all-important volume and sub bass.
They were initially inspired to go down the quad route by Roger Waters Dark Side of the Moon surround sound performance at Coachella in 2008. It was a technique they utilised on the last arena tour (February 2016) which was also serviced by Adlib and system engineered by Sam Proctor.
However, for this tour, they took a much bolder quad approach.
The desire was to completely immerse the audience in the sound and wrap them up in an exciting sonic journey. The goal was to

parrtjima6smMandylights over the mountains for Parrtjima
Monday, 11 December 2017

Australia - The Parrtjima Light Festival is held in Alice Springs, Central Australia, and showcases the oldest continuous culture on Earth through the latest technologies.
Through a spectacular world of light and sound, contemporary and traditional Indigenous stories and artwork are brought to life under the night sky on an unprecedented scale.
Illuminating the 300m-year-old MacDonnell Ranges and spilling into Alice Springs Desert Park, Parrtjima is an outdoor gallery experience presenting local artwork, culture and stories through interactive installations.
The sheer scale of the lighting on the MacDonnell Ranges makes Parrtjima Australia’s longest-ever light show installation stretching for 2km.
Mandylights were contracted by AGB Events, creative consultants and producers of Parrtjima, to tackle this light installation and they worked closely with the local indigenous Arrente people to ensure its success.
“We wanted the entire two kilometres of content to be as animated and moving as possible,” explained Richard Neville, managing director of Mandylights. “We also wanted the event to be more theatrical than the previous year, consequently we designed a six and a half minute long light show that moved from lighting positions around the localised viewing areas, then up into projected images across the ranges and finally across fixtures that we scattered over the sides of the mountains which were able to shoot back towards the viewers.”
With such an enormous canvas and a ridiculously long throw

crossroadchurchinteriorAshly-based system installed at CrossRoad Church
Friday, 8 December 2017

USA - CrossRoad Baptist Church in Ames, Iowa was at a crossroads. The sound system it had relied on to deliver spirited services in its 450-seat auditorium had never possessed the kind of intelligibility the church members and staff had hoped for and age wasn't helping matters.
Originally called in with the hope that improved acoustics could do the job by itself, A/V integration firm Communication Innovators (Des Moines, Iowa) diagnosed the larger and deeper issues that were preventing congregants from fully immersing themselves in CrossRoad's services. The church's new Dante-connected digital system relies on a bank of high-value, high-reliability Ashly Audio nX-Series multi-channel amplifiers with optional Dante I/O.
"CrossRoad Baptist Church already had some acoustic treatment to deal with the reflective surfaces and they hoped they could address complaints by getting the remaining exposed surfaces covered," explained Eric Bishop, AVLI engineer with Communication Innovators. "We analysed their space and their existing system and found that the acoustics could be improved but there was also uneven coverage from the speakers preventing them from getting the kind of intelligibility they desired. In fact, reduced reverberation in the space may have reduced the perceived coverage of the speakers! We outlined the improvements that made logistical and financial sense given the age and capabilities of their existing equipment."
The main element worth keeping was a relatively new Midas M32 digital console. Bishop replaced the analogue snake they were usin

vodacomceoawardsMGG takes a bow at Vodacome CEO Awards
Friday, 8 December 2017

South Africa - The prestigious Vodacom CEO Awards took place at Vodaworld in Midrand and for the very first time, MGG were appointed to supply the full technical. With a modern vintage theme, lighting designer Francois van der Merwe created pomp and hype on the grandMA 2 full size, while audio engineer Fanie Pieterse ensured the theatrical performance was complimented with exceptional sound. Fanie ran the show on a DiGiCo SD10 and used his new DiGiCo 32-bit Stadius Mic Pre-Amp for the live sound aspects.
“It was a fantastic event,” said Francois. “The acts varied from theatre to ballet and from drama to rock. While we had a list of requirements to meet and worked closely with the producers and creative team, it was a lot of fun and the gig came out very well.”
Francois ran the show on the grandMA2 full size, and says his star performer of the night were the BMFLs which he used for FOH and backlight. “They rocked my world again,” he said. The entire lighting rig consisted of 24 x Robe BMFLs, 12 x LEDWash 1200, 12 x Claypaky Mythos, 26 x Robe LEDWash 600, 10 x Philips SL Nitros, 18 x Robe LEDBeam 100s and 24 x Robe Pointes.
For the past five years, Fanie Pieterse has operated on the DiGiCo platform and professionally and meticulously ensured excellent audio at the Vodacom CEO Awards. “The DiGiCo is the most flexible console I’ve ever worked on,” said Fanie. “It sounds great, but because it’s so adaptable, working on this platform is made easy. The SD Range is intuitive, enables you to patch the console to anyone’s patch list n

furia-latinaRogues get ferocious at Furia Latina
Friday, 8 December 2017

Curaçao - For Jim Lo-A-Njoe, the inspiration for putting together the Furia Latina lighting rig began with the first word in the 4 November concert’s name – Furia. Looking to reflect the fury of reggaetón music’s powerful and unsettling emotions in light, he wanted to create looks that would blow through the stage with the ferocity of a sudden storm. Lo-A-Njoe of Massive Productions got the intensity he was seeking, and then some, by building his rig around 78 high-output Rogue moving fixtures from Chauvet Professional.
Furia Latina is a show organised by Color Events that is built around passion,” said Lo-A-Njoe. “It brings together some of the hottest artists from around the world like Ozuna and Plan B, as well as local artists from Curaçao like Chaika, Jaido & Dongo. The intensity of the music is non-stop, and we wanted to match that passion with our lights.”
Lo-A-Njoe arranged 24 Rogue R2 Wash, 24 Rogue R2 Beam and 30 Rogue R2 Spot fixtures around the stage, positioning some of the units on the downstage deck for aerial effects, flying some over mid-stage for down washing and having others on the upstage deck and risers, where they were used for back washing performers. For accenting and colour washing the stage, Lo-A-Njoe used eight COLORado 1-Quad Zoom and 16 COLORado 1-Tri Tour fixtures.
“Having a large number of Rogues on stage allowed us to create a big impression,” said Lo-A-Njoe, who designed the show for most of the local artists. “The Rogue R2 Spot in particular is a monster. We were really able

robe-martin-garrixMegaPointes for Martin Garrix in Amsterdam
Friday, 8 December 2017

The Netherlands - “One of the best show’s our team has ever done!” declared production designer and show director Gabe Fraboni after two recent performances by popular Dutch DJ and music producer Martin Garrix at Amsterdam’s RAI, both bathed in a lighting system with nearly 300 Robe moving lights on the rig, including 50 new MegaPointes.
The RAI design was created by Gabe based on a new live show concept that was launched at the Bill Graham Auditorium in San Francisco in May. The base model - that travels everywhere - has a large video ‘plus’ sign flanked each side by a matrix of 90 x Robe Spikies.
For the RAI shows, the ‘plus’ was still there in the centre, with everything else around it seriously scaled up.
A 10m high structural trussing design repeated the shape of the central ‘plus’ to each side, giving it a 45-degree twist in the meantime which introduced a natural flourish of asymmetry and extended the stage width to 42m. Gabe worked with designer Bart Stravar on this element of the production which was constructed from 30 cm trussing and a selection of corner blocks.
Multiply was one of Martin’s 2017 Ibiza summer residencies, so when the RAI show design started evolving, Bart and Gabe played with the idea of multiplying logos.
The goal was to dramatically reimagine the touring rig and maintain the industrial aesthetic, which was accomplished by adding a 40m wide by 10m high 16mm LED wall behind the truss structure, which worked brilliantly for outlining and silhouetting the trussing architecture.
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