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sky-newsRML lights the Battle for Number 10
Thursday, 1 June 2017

UK - Richard Martin Lighting (RML) supported LD Richard Bowles in lighting one of the biggest nights in the current election campaign as Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn faced a live audience and Jeremy Paxman in May v Corbyn Live: The Battle for Number 10.
Aired live from Sky Studios on Sky News and Channel 4, Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May separately faced audience questions before being grilled by Jeremy Paxman on key issues such as Brexit, social care and the economy. With the General Election just a week away and the polls narrowing between the two main political parties, the night proved illuminating on both sides.
Lighting for May v Corbyn Live was designed by Richard Bowles, supported by RML and a vast rig was employed. As well as the interior lighting for the debate, Richard also designed the lighting that surrounded the exterior of the studio and an emphasis was placed on LED products for both sections.
Inside the studio, the staging was open, letting the party leaders face the audience head on and the lighting succeeded in keeping the leaders open and uncovered as they faced questions from the live audience, and during the interview with Paxman. For the interior lighting, Richard used a variety of lighting with MAC Auras surrounding the stage, joined by GLP X4 units. Accompanying them were VL1000TS, GLP Impression and SL LEDSPOT 300 units.
The British weather can never be relied on, especially on a bank holiday so the lighting outside the studio consisted of waterproof fixtures. A crowd of SGM P5s were strategically placed and used to f

robe-mahatmaInspirational lighting for Mahatma
Thursday, 1 June 2017

Argentina - Award winning Argentinian lighting designer Ariel del Mastro was asked to add his own touches of lighting inspiration to latest thrilling stage show created by choreographer / producer Flavio Mendoza, Mahatma, which played the summer season at the Luxor Theatre in Villa Carlos Paz, Cordoba and has now transferred to the Teatro Broadway in Buenos Aires.
The show is Indian influenced, featuring a blend of exuberant and reflective music and dance capturing the humour, colour, diversity and wisdom of the culture in a vibrant and animated performance for which Ariel chose Robe moving lights as his principal fixtures.
Fourteen Spikies, 18 Spiiders and 16 Squares were on the rig at the Luxor – the first time all of these new fixtures made their theatrical debut in Argentina.
The big challenge in lighting the show, said Ariel, was to capture the many emotions and expressions, for which he needed some truly versatile lighting options.
A large amount of LED screen upstage also dictated that bright luminaires should be used that would cut through the high ambient light levels onstage. Added to this, several moving scenery pieces come in and out throughout, so lighting on the performers additionally needs to be fine-tuned to avoid shadows or other surprises or obstructions!
Flavio Mendoza himself was also keen to use the latest technologies on his show.
When Ariel first saw the Spiiders a month after their launch at LDI 2016, they were a must-have for the lighting plot, together with Spikies and Squares which he also saw

digicoDiGiCo SD9 gives versatility to Salford’s Adelphi
Wednesday, 31 May 2017

UK - At the end of 2016, Autograph Sales & Installations completed an extensive installation at the New Adelphi Building at The University of Salford, providing an audio system that accommodates the needs of a multipurpose, flexible venue. A DiGiCo SD9 digital mixing console adds extra versatility to the 350-seat main theatre.
The theatre has been designed to be re-configurable to allow it to host a wide variety of performances. This includes seating and stage placements that can operate in five main modes: end firing; long traverse; short traverse; thrust; and in the round; as well as a dedicated cinema set up.
The SD9 and a DiGiCo Orange Box are key to the system - which includes an extensive EM Acoustics loudspeaker system, QSC digital signal processing and Sennheiser microphones - with system inputs being fed through it as required. It is programmed as an LCR and Sub system via the matrix outputs, with the provision for more inputs if needed.
“The SD9 was specifically chosen for its versatility and the potential to upgrade to the Theatre specific software at a later date,” explains Autograph’s Euan Mackenzie. “Since it was originally specified, DiGiCo released its Stealth Core 2 software (which was supplied pre-installed) making the console even more flexible.”
Although the University’s technical staff had a basic understanding of the console, Autograph’s Peppe Mallozzi covered training with them from the ground up.

“Peppe spent a day with the tech team, covering all that the console can do, and worked wit

escGreen Hippo plays key role on Eurovision
Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Europe - Kiev delivered on its promise to present an awesome show and Green Hippo technology was key to the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest looking better than ever.
Bringing together a crack team of skilled practitioners, this year’s Green Hippo Eurovision team’s video production heavily featured in the visual design of the show. Highlights included a large LED wall behind the stage, LED floor, Pixel-mapped lights and a projection-mapped arch over the stage. To help ensure the polished performance the MA2 and time code-driven set-up used a total 16 Green Hippo Boreal touring Media Servers, all running Hippotizer V4.2.1 software. At any one time, up to nine of the Boreals were active, driving a complex set-up.
In addition to Green Hippo itself, various companies supplied the legion of Green Hippo Boreals: DigiGobos / Beacon Gobo Group: exclusive Green Hippo distributor in Sweden & lead supplier of ESC 2017; Brightgroup (Sweden / Finland); Pixelfields; Fix8Group and Trust Rental (Germany).
The technical team drew from a number of Green Hippo staff and partners, with special thanks going to: Jerry Appelt, lighting designer & DoP; Gravity Germany, content design; Hans Cromheecke, technical manager video; Nick Charalampidis, media server supervisor; Sebastian Huwig, media server operator, and Nicholas Hansen, media operator.
James Roth, head of sales & marketing at Green Hippo, said: “Between SHAPE, Pixel mapping, video mapping and deep integration with the MA2 control system including CITP into MA’s Visualiser, this year’s Eur

colour-sound-snarky-puppyColour Sound gets Snarky Puppy vibe
Wednesday, 31 May 2017

UK - Award winning lighting designer Francis Clegg applied his imagination and magic to the latest Snarky Puppy UK tour, where his penchant for creating interesting and different visual environments is perfectly suited to the band’s improvisational instrumental jazz-pop sounds.
Colour Sound Experiment was delighted to be the lighting and video supplier for the tour. The west London based company has worked on other projects with Francis, part of creative practice design MIRRAD, including most recently, Giggs and Kano. “You know that a design will look fresh and alternative when Francis’ name is on it,” commented Colour Sound’s H (Haydn Cruickshank).
Francis worked on Snarky Puppy’s 2015 UK tour, their first with full production. He finds the fluidity and organic nature of the music and performance very inspirational. Every show is unique, and that provided a clear starting point for the visual design … which also had to be infinitely flexible.
This tour also took the production levels up a notch with the addition of a remote operated robo-cam (utilising Panasonic AW-UE70 4Ks) system which was also operated by Francis along with lighting and the live mix, who took the challenge of multi-tasking in his stride.
Onstage in the full set up - were 10 x 2m wide super-light screens custom made by Hangman, arranged in two rows of five on two separate trusses.
These were all rigged on Robe MediaSpinner 50 ATs, which proved a neat solution, with a Portman P1 retro lamp on the reverse side of the screen, chosen for complete contrast an

uwl-8024-510University of West London adds Audients
Wednesday, 31 May 2017

UK - “Our current count is nine Audient desks,” says Richard Liggins, technical production manager at the University of West London (UWL). “Seven ASP8024s and two ASP4816s, plus a number of ASP510 5.1 monitor controllers and an ASP800,” which puts it in the running for the facility with the most Audient desks in the world.
Most recently, London College of Music (LCM) - part of the UWL - opened Paragon Annex Studio complex, an investment of more than £1m in the development of seven new recording studios, which includes two each of these Audient consoles.
Liggins explains: “Audient desks reflect a very clear design ethic in terms of the signal flow through the desk. We teach audio studio recording from first principles, and that means an understanding of signal flow through a traditional multi-track studio as a base for all other techniques in audio recording. The in-line architecture of the Audient range supports that teaching very well.”
With this latest enhancement of its existing provision, LCM’s studio complex just down the road from the UWL Ealing campus, is now one of the biggest of its kind in the world. “Audio wise the desks hold their own in a professional studio environment,” confirms Liggins. “The mic pre’s are clean and accurate, the EQ is flexible and supports the teaching of parametric EQ well, and the usual complement of Aux’s etc. are well ordered and clearly marked.
“We decided to standardise our main rooms onto a single platform some time ago, to allow better transfer of technique from the teaching s

the-vamps-PRG XL Video supplies The Vamps tour
Wednesday, 31 May 2017

UK - The Vamps recently completed a sold-out arena tour of the UK as part of the first leg of their world tour, before joining up with Little Mix as they head in to Europe. Lighting, video and rigging technology and services were supplied by PRG XL Video - with lighting design by Peter Barnes and video content direction by Stuart Merser, using the latest live image manipulation tool: VideoDust.
Created by Stuart Smith and his business partner Phil Woodhead, of Brighton based technologists Thundering Jacks, VideoDust is a user-friendly, intuitive tool for creating original video content in real-time from a live source. Stuart Merser has been the only video director outside of Thundering Jacks to use VideoDust/Cat combination on touring productions, he explained why he is such a fan: “I’ve been touring for over twenty years and VideoDust is one of the most impressive tools I’ve worked with.”
Stuart Smith explained how VideoDust came into existence: “My background is in gallery based, interactive visual art. In around 2011 I was invited to create some unique content for a Peter Gabriel tour, where he wanted to do some funky effects, with the image on-screen breaking into shards of glass whenever he moved his hand in a certain way. Word got around and people in the touring industry thought it would be amazing to have the capability to do stuff like this on more live shows.
“Shortly after that I met my business partner Phil Woodhead, who was working on Kings of Leon; I ended up joining the tour with a very early version of VideoDust—from wh

flogging-mollyFlogging Molly tour with Chauvet
Wednesday, 31 May 2017

USA - Flogging Molly concerts tend to be raucous affairs with plenty of moshing, sing-alongs and foot stomping energy, as this seven-piece band steamrolls its way through its unique blend of Celtic and punk music. Lighting designer Peter Therrien of JDI Productions is capturing these good time feelings on the band’s current US and European tour with a colourful, fast-moving lightshow created with Chauvet Professional Rogue and Legend fixtures.
“Lighting this band is a great experience, because they have such a strong connection to their fans and their energy is contagious,” said Therrien. “I wanted to give this show some big looks with lots of colour, aerial effects and movement to match the party atmosphere at a Flogging Molly concert. At the same time, I also wanted to be able to slow things down for when the band takes a pause to do ballads and slow jams.”
Therrien is getting the energy and versatility he wants with a rig that includes 10 Rogue R2 Washes, six Legend 230SR Beams and four blinder panels. His standard plot for the tour calls for a collection of four Rogues and an equal number of washes to be positioned on upstage cases. An additional two Rogues and two Legends are placed on the upstage deck, while two more Rogues are arranged on either side of the mid-stage deck, and the four blinders are flown on downstage truss.
“The Rogue washes are giving me great colour saturation on the stage,” he said. “They’re also washing the band’s iconic backdrop and backlighting the individual artists. I can change the colours I’m c

spursA day to celebrate at White Hart Lane
Wednesday, 31 May 2017

UK - Sunday 14 May saw the final match at White Hart Lane, home of Tottenham Hotspur, before the ground is demolished to make way for a new stadium in 2018. A victory for Spurs on the day and the atmosphere could not have been more emotional.
“The closing ceremony proved a triumph,” said Andrew Zweck of Sensible Events who helped produce the ceremony with Spurs. “Broadcast live to over 13m fans around the world, Sky Sports commentator Martin Tyler said after the ceremony, ‘this is a club that is doing everything right’ and I’m sure I heard 13m voices say, ‘Aye’.”
Zweck is a season ticket holder and as a fan was happy to help. “What we did was bring in rock and roll companies because this had to be fast and be really classy. Phil Mercer at Unipix provided an additional big screen up on Stageco towers, and all audio came from Britannia Row.”
Tom Brown, Brit Row’s project manager for the event explained how months of meetings preceded the event. “The fact is it needs a lot of care and attention to detail. This is 2017 and audio has to be perfect, not just within the stadium, it has to be perfect to broadcast as well. We were not allowed to place anything around the pitch before the game had ended, apart from a small amp’ station placed well behind each goal and fully padded just in case. We had barely 20 minutes after the match ended to have everything on the field and ready to go live to broadcast.”
The complete system comprised 11 stacks of L-Acoustics Kara including SB28 Subs around the pitch perimeter, two Yamah

dpa-frometaDPA delivers for Jose Amable Frómeta
Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Dominican Republic - Over the past 30 years, FOH Engineer Jose Amable Frómeta has worked with some of Latin America’s most popular recording artists. With a résumé that includes Juan Luis Guerra, Marc Anthony, Juanes and Ricky Martin, Frómeta recently added DPA Microphones’ d:vote 4099 Instrument Microphones to his arsenal of equipment.
Frómeta has been using DPA microphones for about a year now. “In a private engagement in Chile with artist Juan Luis Guerra, the local audio company provided us with DPA d:vote 4099s as replacements for the ones specified on our input list,” says Frómeta. “I wasn’t sure what to expect, having never used them before. I used them on saxophones and was so amazed with the sound that I purchased three the following week. The mics are simply great.”
One of Frómeta’s previous audio challenges has been solved with the use of DPA’s d:vote 4099 mounting system. “I don’t like using clip-on mics on congas because I end up rolling off more low end then I would like to in order to get rid of that thumping sound you get every time the musician hits the conga drums,” adds Frómeta. “The d:vote 4099’s clip-on mounting suspension system works great and is like having the microphones on a stand.”
Another feature of the d:vote 4099 that stands out for Frómeta is its flexibility. “With its three-part system, I have the ability to replace the connector, the cable and the capsule. This is a very well thought-out feature,” says Frómeta. “In addition, with the d:vote 4099s, I am able to use much l

andes-future-editionPR Lighting BWS proves popular in Chile
Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Chile - Urdile Audio & Iluminación, PR Lighting’s Chilean distributors, are just one global partner that has been achieving extraordinary success with the Chinese manufacturer’s XR440 BWS, and its smaller sibling the XR330 BWS (denoting that these hybrid, high output moving heads combine beam, wash and spot effect).
The XR440 BWS houses a powerful Osram Sirius HRI 440W lamp, and features include an advanced colour index with CYM linear colour mixing system, with macro; colour wheel with 12 colours and CTO plus open; bi-directional rainbow effect at variable speeds; step/linear colour changer; fixed gobo wheel with 13 fixed gobos plus open, and much more.
Urdile have been working with PR Lighting for the past four years, both as a distributor, but at the same time demonstrating product durability through its rental division.
This year alone the 15,000-seat Movistar Arena in Santiago has played host to Juan Luis Guerra y Los 4.40, Slayer, Maroon 5 and Farruko, all of whom have used large quantities of the XR440 BWS in the different set designs.
According to the company’s MD, Andres Urdile, “This enables our rental clients to see just how effectively PR fixtures function in our shows, and gives them the confidence that if Urdile says that PR Lighting is good, then they will trust it and buy it. We offer them as perfect alternatives to brands they are used to, and they readily accept.”
Andres is clear as to how the XR440 BWS has earned its popularity - largely through high quality at an attractive price. “It is a durable lum

revival-torontoToronto’s Revival Bar revitalized with X-Line
Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Canada - Located within an old church building in Little Italy, Revival Bar has become a live performance hangout for the Toronto music community and fans since opening in 2000. While its designation as a Toronto historic building requires preservation of the building’s frontage, there is nothing to prevent modernization inside. That is why general manager Mathew Saturnino recently decided to upgrade the 400-capacity venue’s sound system with the Electro-Voice X1 system from the X-Line Advance line-array loudspeaker family.
"There’s a lot of competition in live entertainment, and quality of the sound system is one thing that sets one venue apart from another," notes Revival Bar general manager Mathew Saturnino. "We wanted a system that would sound great, with really good, tight sound output within the room. We did a lot of research, and the X1 from Electro-Voice seemed like the perfect fit – newer technology that would give us a very good competitive edge."
The installation was performed by Mississauga-based integration firm Pure AV, with the system being designed by Clint Alves of SoundSoft Productions, Toronto.
Using Electro-Voice LAPS software, the design is based around two five-box arrays of Electro-Voice X1-212/90 loudspeakers, augmented by four X12-128 dual 18-inch subwoofers. The entire system is powered by six Electro-Voice TG7 amplifiers, all outfitted with RCM-28 network and DSP modules to enable easy monitoring and control via IRIS-Net software. The team at PureAV ran the wiring in advance so that, once the shipment of loudspeak

painting-with-lightLighting paradise at the Venice Biennale
Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Italy - Protected Paradise is a striking, 12m high, mixed media installation created by Belgian artist Koen Vanmechelen, located in the garden of the Palazzio Francetti for the 2017 Biennale di Venezia (Venice Biennale) contemporary visual art exhibition.
Luc Peumans of Painting with Light was contracted to light the work, a thought-provoking piece encouraging viewers to engage and question the impact of humanity on a rapidly transforming planet.
It consists of two bronze trees, a 4m bronze chicken claw (symbolic of the human being), two eggs made out of marble and fibre respectively (the eggs of hope) and an impressive cage constructed from recycled material, made by ECO-OH!
The bottom egg is constructed from Carrara marble and weighs 12 tonnes.
The overall construction of the piece was managed by Koen Verhaert of ECO-OH!, based at Laakdal in Belgium and they asked Luc on-board for the intricate task of lighting the piece, working to a brief from Koen Vanmechelen himself.
Luc is used to challenging lighting and visual projects, but this was on an altogether other level, he explained, “It needed an exceptionally precise and delicate approach. The responsibility of lighting someone’s creative and emotional expression is intense. It’s nerve-wracking BUT also extremely rewarding!”
Luc had just two weeks to craft a lighting scheme for Protected Paradise and, in line with the context of the work, it needed to be as carbon-neutral as possible.
He contacted Antwerp-based architectural LED lighting manufacturer and spe

lennart-rossAlan Parsons tours Germany with Rivage PM10
Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Germany - Four years after their last live appearance, German tour promoter Karsten Jahnke has brought lmusician, producer and engineer Alan Parsons and his band back to Germany, playing 13 dates throughout the country in May. A Yamaha Rivage PM10 console has taken care of the intricate Front of House mixes for these much-anticipated performances.
Playing a mixture of indoor and outdoor shows, the nine-piece Alan Parsons Live Project is being mixed by Emmy-nominated FoH engineer and production manager Ross Pallone.
The Rivage PM10 console has been supplied by Lüneburg-based audio production/installation company PM das Systemhaus für Medien- & Veranstaltungstechnik (Profi Musik), with these shows being the first time that regular Yamaha user Ross has got up close and personal with the new flagship console.
“For us, the most important thing is that the sound has to be very high quality - that is what Alan’s fans expect and I want them to have it. I want them to be really impressed,” he says,
Ross has around 48 inputs for drums, bass, two electric guitars, three acoustic guitars, four keyboards, vocoder and nine vocal microphones.
“First and foremost, the PM10 sounds amazing!” he says. “But I also love the way Yamaha consoles are laid out, especially this one and the CL5. I like the fact that the Rivage PM10 has banks of 12, instead of the standard eight on most consoles. It also has 12 Custom Fader possibilities on each bank, plus 12 DCAs. I constantly need to get to a lot of inputs very quickly on this show, so it make

ozunaOzuna on world tour with dot2
Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Mexico - Latin American artist Ozuna recently started his world tour in support of the Odisea album. Lighting designer Alex Soto’s first choice for lighting control was two dot2 XL-F to control a set consisting of more than 100 fixtures.
Soto commented: “The dot2 is an amazing console to do any kind of show. It is fast to programme and easy to use. It is really an amazing console for a fast live show. We had a quick access to the different kind of options of the fixtures and could create different types of effects in a short time.
“We had the performance divided by scenes that took the audience to a unique experience”, continued Soto. “By this they could feel and live the music. All of this to show how much the artist has grown in a year and a half of his musical career.” The lighting equipment was delivered by PRG Mexico.
(Jim Evans)

robe-circa-wavesRobe makes some Circa Waves
Tuesday, 30 May 2017

UK - Indie rockers Circa Waves are making waves right now, and the release of their second album Different Creatures brings some more serious, hard-hitting and thought-provoking messages along with solid catchy rhythms.
Lighting designer Ed Warren started working with Circa Waves at the start of this album campaign in October 2016. Having known their management team for some time, all the circumstances and stars aligned to make it the right time for Ed to add his ideas and imagination to the stage presentation on recent UK and European legs of the tour.
Ed specified an almost entirely Robe rig including 12 x Spiiders, 12 x CycFX 8s, 36 x Halos and four DL4Ss, all supplied by CEG Hire & Productions, and operated on the road by Toby Hoggarth.
Ed was left free to create a visual stage environment after receiving the new album artwork and a few pointers from the band and their management. One of the requests was for a false perspective feel to the stage, with some more epic cinematic looks, plus lots of strobing and hi-energy effects for the manic elements of the set, all of which left plenty of scope for creativity.
For this design, he selected a classic white backdrop look – the nature and texture of which could be changed with up-lighting from the CycFX 8s. Some custom gobos featuring the new album artwork were made for the DL7s, which could be flashed up on the backdrop at strategic moments.
Eight Spiiders were on top of four trussing towers each side of stage which were gradiated in height with the shortest at the rear and

subwalk6FloppyFlex features in submariner tribute
Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Australia - A newly completed memorial to World War II submariners is the centre-piece of the 300m Submariners' Walk Heritage Trail on the Brisbane River boardwalk in Teneriffe, Queensland. The walk features a series of plaques and submarine-shaped seats commemorating the sailors and their service. The memorial itself comprises a landmark sign illuminated by Firefly’s Digital FloppyFlex RGBW LED neon.
The hollow steel sign, by Street + Garden, is painted navy grey with letters perforated in the steel, spelling out ‘Submariners’ Heritage Trail’ in classic naval stencil font. Pixel-controlled Digital FloppyFlex inside the sign illuminates the letters, giving a stunning, colour-changing glow effect that seems to move inside the monument.
The installation was up and running in time for the Teneriffe / New Farm Anzac Day dawn service, the memorial’s unofficial opening day. In the pre-dawn darkness, all the nearby street lights were turned off, with the memorial’s lettering and the sub-seats along the trail glowing a deep red, simulating the interior of a submerged sub. Once the service started, the sign glowed and gently scrolled through the Australian flag colours of blue, red, and white.
“My father was a submariner and involved with the Submarine Association before he passed, and had actually worked on the project at its outset with OAM medal recipient Don Currell,” commented Heath Williamson, Firefly’s managing director.
Every night, the sign and the submarine seats along the Heritage Trail will light up red or blue. They will

robe-best-of-armin-only-amsterdamArmin rocks Amsterdam ArenA with Robe
Tuesday, 30 May 2017

The Netherlands - Armin van Buuren played two tumultuous gigs at Amsterdam ArenA as The Best of Armin Only celebrated the conclusion of the Armin Only performance concept. Armin’s largest solo show to date in his home country of the Netherlands additionally marked 20 years of his career as a DJ / creative music producer, and it was the first time a DJ has staged a solo show at the venue, also home to Ajax Football Club.
Creating an equally awesome lighting and visual design for the occasion were Andre Beekmans of The Art of Light and Marc Heinz, who united the worlds of live events, opera and drama in a visual extravaganza to match the energy and diversity of the performance.
There were over 900 Robe moving lights to help achieve their imaginative goals which were delivered by lighting contractors Focus Amsterdam B.V. and Rent-All.
The breakdown included 200 x BMFL Spots, 112 x BMFL WashBeams, 186 Pointes, 180 LEDBeam 100s and 231 Spiiders and is one of the largest ever Robe lighting rigs for a single artist show, which was organised and promoted by ALDA Events under the technical direction of Maarten Hoogland.
As with all stadium shows, one of the first steps is to ensure there are enough lights to provide the sheer spectacle and wow factors needed, especially for the high expectations of this show. These 900 plus Robe fixtures were joined by around another 450 luminaires together with 2.5 miles of DiGidot LED strip. The large upstage 8mm video screen measured 60 metres wide by 18 high and comprised four sections which rotated with

kinesys-ed-sheeranKinesys helps shape Ed Sheeran tour
Tuesday, 30 May 2017

UK - The success of UK singer songwriter Ed Sheeran continues with the start of a new world tour - for which a substantial Kinesys automation system was specified to assist with the daily stage set build and to facilitate the movement of lighting pods during the show.
The impressive lighting and scenography design which is helping Sheeran wow the crowds and impress the critics has been created by Mark Cunniffe.
The Kinesys system and control was recommended by Mike Oates, director of UK based Lights Control Rigging (LCR), the tour’s lighting equipment and crew supplier in combination with SES in the US.
The Kinesys equipment includes four Kinesys DigiHoist Plus (63 Amp) and eight DigiHoist (32 Amp) intelligent chain hoist controllers, 42 x Kinesys LibraCELL load monitoring cells and 12 x Liftket variable speed 500kg hoists fitted with Kinesys Elevation 1+ drives. The system was configured and built during the prep in LCR’s warehouse before being dispatched to the tour.
It has been purchased by audio, rigging, motors and automation supplier, Salisbury based Major Tom Ltd., and is being co-ordinated on the road by Steve Bliss and operated by Omar Franchi from the rigging crew.
All the tour’s production elements are being overseen by production manager Chris Marsh.
Steve’s first job of the day is assisting the other lighting crew in building the mother-grid, which weighs a hefty 11 tonnes before being loaded with any kit!
This is lifted using 30 x 2-tonne single-reeved chain motors each fitted with a 4.75T Kinesys Libra

beaches-resort-theatreElation on the beach in the Caribbean
Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Turks and Caicos Islands - Beaches Resorts in the Turks and Caicos Islands offers endless activities for people of all ages, not to mention convenient access to some of the Caribbean's best beaches. Lighting designer Lisa Weinshrott Kimmel, of Sharp Edge Lighting Design, was recently brought onboard to design lighting for a theatre project at the vacation resort and found an Elation rig at her disposal.
Beaches Resorts pride themselves on offering a wide variety of activities for the whole family and the new theatre shows make up another component in the resort’s entertainment package. “This was a new installation for four shows at the Beaches Resorts’ outdoor theatre on Turks and Caicos,” Lisa explains. “The challenges presented by this outdoor venue and multiple musicals performing simultaneously created an environment where reliable and versatile equipment was an absolute must have requirement. Elation proved to me to be up to that challenge.”
Entertainment production company Creativiva of Toronto produced four 50-minute family friendly musical shows for the resort’s outdoor theatre Dolce Vita, Jungle Book Live, Alice in Wonderland and Treasure Island. The shows, also creatively managed by Creativiva, debuted on 16 April, 2017, and are scheduled to run for the next three years.
Lisa designed lighting for each of the four shows using a rig that includes 22 SixPar 300 IP LED Par colour changers and 9 SixPar Z19 IP LED Par wash lights with zoom. The SixPars are bright and versatile full-colour Par luminair

national-cathedralNational Cathedral event gets Chauvet boost
Friday, 26 May 2017

USA - Beach blankets and yoga mats aren’t normally found inside the long, high-ceilinged central nave of the National Cathedral. Recently, however, the iconic church’s usual seats and pews were removed so people could lie down on these coverings to gaze at an astonishing lightshow that transformed the building’s cavernous interior into a vast and infinitely fascinating panorama of colour with help from a collection of LED fixtures from Chauvet Professional.
Elizabeth A. Coco of Atmosphere Lighting designed this transformative vista for the cathedral’s Seeing Deeper, an event its organizers say was intended to help people “find new paths for creative expression and spiritual freedom”. Live Native American flute music accompanied the two-hour lightshow to create an environment that was true to the organizers’ goals.
“Atmosphere Lighting and I have been working with the National Cathedral for some time lighting various events,” said Coco, a USA 829 union designer. “When the cathedral reopened in October after being closed because of damage caused by the 2011 earthquake, its new event director, Dan Rose came to me and said they were thinking of something on a large scale where they would light the interior in different colours for an event.”
Coco donated her design services for the non-profit event, while Atmosphere Lighting provided the gear at no cost. “For me as a designer, Seeing Deeper was like a dream come true,” she said. “The cathedral has so many wonderful architectural features. Plus, the stained-glass windows give

setsquare-pink-floydSetsquare structures for Pink Floyd exhibition
Friday, 26 May 2017

UK - Production company LarMac Live called in Setsquare Staging to reproduce hero pieces and build infrastructure for The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains, the biggest ever at the V&A.
Setsquare produced the scaled-up, walk through model of Pink Floyd’s 1965-era Bedford van which opens the show, a 9m high parallax view Battersea Power Station, representing the Animals album cover, a 7.5m model of The Wall, set opposite, and a series of beds reproduced from original Momentary Lapse of Reason LP artwork.
Created in the company’s own workshops, from 3D design through to finishing touches, Setsquare also oversaw the intricate installation process on site.
Ian Greenway, director at LarMac Live, comments: “There are more than 350 original artefacts at Their Mortal Remains and we needed scale model props to put them in a fitting context.
“Setsquare Staging is fully equipped to design and build infrastructure and it has a hugely talented team of people. That combination helped to bring another level to the exhibition experience.”
Matthew Clemitson, Setsquare Staging’s project director, says: “Pink Floyd is all about creativity and the pieces we produced had to reflect that. LarMac gave us the draughts and construction drawings and we got to work. The exhibition is a technical masterpiece, a fantastic insight to a band that changed the face of rock music. It’s a pleasure to be back at the V&A with a project as special as this one.”
Developed by Aubrey ‘Po’ Powell, working closely wit

dad1Content is king for Hawthorn at D&AD Awards
Friday, 26 May 2017

UK - Billed as the creative industries party of the year, the 55th D&AD Professional Awards Ceremony took place at Troxy, London on 27 April 2017, with creative technical event production expert Hawthorn providing full technical production.
Since 1962, D&AD have been inspiring a community of creative thinkers by celebrating the finest in design and advertising. With the D&AD Pencil recognised globally as the ultimate creative accolade, the pressure is always on to create an event that challenges convention and leaves a lasting impression on guests and award winners alike.
Working in partnership with brand experience agency SomeBrightSpark, Hawthorn devised a production design that utilized and celebrated the iconic nature of both the venue, and the pencil.
To keep the winning work at the heart of the event, the team created a ‘digital’ set using LED video panels. The 12m wide by 3m high main show screen was built using panels of high resolution Absen 3.9mm LED with a 12m by 2m 10mm GLUX wall staggered behind this. To really frame the stage, two further GLUX LED ‘banners’ were also constructed on each side of the stage. Using Hawthorn’s new to stock d3 4x4 media server, the GLUX panels displayed different sections of content pulled from the main show screen, creating a unique, abstract aesthetic.

To create movement and an element of ‘theatre’, the 3.9mm panels were rigged using Kinesys. This allowed Hawthorn to make full use of the unique space within Troxy, dropping the LED wall to reveal a high rise hidden per

sacred-heartIndia’s first BlacklineX system installed in Mumbai
Friday, 26 May 2017

India - Mumbai-based system integrators Zoodio, have carried out a new sound system upgrade at a Roman Catholic church in the Mumbai township of Vashi.
Built in 1993, Sacred Heart Church has taken delivery of the first Martin Audio BlacklineX system in the country.
Zoodio, who have been specifying Martin Audio solutions for around a decade, had been recommended to the project by the priest of nearby St John The Baptist Church, following the installation of a Martin Audio O-Line as part of a major renovation project.
However, this time Zoodio turned to the new BlacklineX range for the first time. BlacklineX is described as “a classic suite of passive loudspeakers for the modern era” which builds on the heritage of the original, and extremely popular Blackline installation and portable series.
Zoodio project manager and co-ordinator, Dylan Hilton, describes the rationale behind the change of Martin Audio system. “Sacred Heart Church is much wider than St John’s, with its wings extended on one side. The ceiling heights are also different and the reverberation time much higher than St John’s.” He therefore reasoned that the church required the loudspeakers to be much lower and closer to the congregation - and in addition to its suitability, BlacklineX also worked within the budget they were given.
“There had been a lot of complaints about the old system as the vocals were not very audible and was quite old and outdated,” said Pereira.
The installation team assessed the challenges of providing coverage for a congregation


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