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chicagomusiccruisephotocreditjpm-photographyClear sailing for Zach Scott and ChamSys
Wednesday, 1 May 2019

USA - It was still 32 days before the Cubbies kicked off the 2019 baseball season, but as one of the coldest winters in memory drew to a close, a group of 400 Windy City rock fans jump-started summer on the 20th annual Chicago Music Cruise, a weeklong Caribbean excursion on Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of The Seas.
Organised by local rock icons 7th Heaven, the cruise featured a group of leading Chicagoland bands and radio personalities. When cruise-goers weren’t walking the ship’s promenade or dining at its restaurants, they were packing its theatre to dance to a relentless procession of rock and country tunes. Keeping pace with the hard-driving music notes was a dynamic and colourful Zach Scott-designed lightshow, run with a ChamSys Maxi Wing and ChamSys Extra Wing Compact.
“Given that space is always an issue in a cruise ship environment, I wanted something with a small travel footprint that would still give me enough power to run a 22-universe show with no hiccups,” says Scott. “I’ve been running shows with the MagicQ MQ 500 Stadium, but size was an issue here. It was also very important that whatever I used had the ability to be up and running quickly from show to show. Having used ChamSys for a long time, I knew that it would do the trick.”
In addition to his Maxi Wing and Extra Wing, Scott’s system included a MacBook Pro and Elo Touch Screen. “The MacBook Pro running the MagicQ on PC was the core of the operation,” he says. “I received plots a couple of months prior to the cruise, which gave me ample time to build the rig

ub40UB40 steps it up with Video Design
Wednesday, 1 May 2019

UK - Creative vision can often be frustrated by the limitations of technology, yet ever so quietly, UB40, with some help from Grant Hickey, Oli Metcalfe, Video Design, and the latest Notch effects software are revealing to their UK audiences that at least one technological barrier has been crossed. “Astro and Ali said to Grant, their production designer, that they wanted to ‘step it up a bit’ as far as this year’s tour was concerned; they wanted something that set it apart from other recent outings.”
As Metcalfe comments: “This was a case of right place, right time. It was an opportunity to try out some ideas I’ve been having about generative video and being creative in real-time.”
Metcalfe is video director for the tour, called in by Hickey on that ‘step-up’ initiative from Ali and Astro. “Grant and I have worked together many times before; he has often been my wingman on a number of other productions and I’ve recently seen his work with Kodaline - that was visually very nice.”
Video Design supplies the full video system and crew for UB40, IMAG either side of stage and large LED back wall screen on stage, providing Metcalfe with a Ross Carbonite. Content and Notch resides on a disguise (formerly d3) server which is final output to all screens. “And, I have a four-camera HD package. When you’re going to try something truly experimental, having the quality of support and stability Video Design provide is essential.”
Metcalfe’s vision was founded on the Notch software. “There’s a lot of excitement around th

plovdivCapital of Culture opens with GLP
Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Bulgaria - On 12 January, the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv began its year as one of the two European Capitals of Culture for 2019. The opening ceremony was again under the artistic direction of Sven Sören Beyer of phase7 performing arts. For the third time, the Berlin artist collective took over the artistic design of the opening ceremony of a European Capital of Culture, and the opening show titled We Are All Colors attracted over 50,000 viewers.
The central element of the show was a 30m-high media tower in the form of a regular octagon, which had been designed and built specifically for the event. Running in a north-south direction, a 100m catwalk linked to the tower. The 360-degree light show spanned across all five levels of the entire tower, 1,500 show participants performed on five levels. The spectacular performance combined traditional Bulgarian show acts with futuristic performances as well as state-of-the-art media technology and a dramatic light design conceived by Björn Hermann.
After using GLP’s modular KNV LED system for the first time at the christening of the AIDAnova cruise ship in the summer of last year, Björn Hermann immediately realised that this solution could be deployed at this follow-up assignment in Plovdiv: "The tremendous brightness and special effects that can be realised with the KNV make the system unique, and without alternative. At the christening of AIDAnova, I knew immediately that we needed the KNV in Plovdiv as well.”
As in the previous year, Oliver Schwendke and Michael Feldmann from GLP also supporte

ssl-live-l550Clair Global adds Solid State Logic Live
Tuesday, 30 April 2019

USA - Tour provider Clair Global, has invested in two of SSL's newly-launched Live L550 consoles.
“We are thrilled to offer the new L550 to our clients, who are putting out some of the most demanding tours on the road today,” says Clair's account executive, Justin Weaver. “As we continue to invest in our global inventory to keep it fresh and up-to-date, adding the latest SSL consoles to our arsenal was a positive step in that direction.”
The L550s are already out with two major international acts - Childish Gambino's This Is America tour and Nick Mason of Pink Floyd's North American Saucerful of Secrets leg.
The L550 enhances SSL's previous L500 console, and boasts increased system power delivering accelerated screen responsiveness, a total of 288 processing paths, 36 Matrix outputs, and 48 VCAs. To ensure current L500 customers continue to maximise their console, SSL is offering different upgrade options including a free firmware update.
(Jim Evans)

festival-theatreFestival Drayton upgrades with Wavefront
Tuesday, 30 April 2019

UK - A Martin Audio WPM loudspeaker system has taken pride of place in the local community-owned and operated Festival Drayton Centre in Market Drayton. The installation was carried out by long-standing specialists, B.S.B. (Sound) Ltd - set up 50 years ago by Elwyn Bickley and two partners. Today one of the largest outdoor PA contractors of its type in the UK, the company also undertakes pro audio installations.
“We had been looking forward to getting involved with Martin Audio for a long time and when this project arose, we knew the brand would be a strong contender,” stated director Martin Bickley. And with the assistance of Martin Audio product support engineer, Robin Dibble, with whom they had already developed a close relationship, the new design was brought to fruition.
B.S.B. (Sound) Ltd has been involved with the venue for many years, engineering their live events, helping them meet rider requirements and installing and maintaining sound and lighting equipment.
Explaining the latest upgrade in a venue that had begun life as a Methodist chapel, Martin states, “We were asked to specify a new PA system, as they often hosted live events which involved bringing in additional PA to cope with the requirements of bands. They decided they wanted to be able to tackle this in-house and were determined to ensure the PA system was absolutely first class. This is exactly what Martin Audio provided.”
The new PA system needed to be both aesthetically pleasing as well as sounding good, and the system was designed by Robin Dibble based on these

australiaAGB Events brings Parrtjima festival to life
Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Australia - AGB Events reports the successful conclusion of its involvement in Parrtjima: A Festival in Light which the company curates and produces on behalf of the Northern Territory Major Events Company - playing a key role in bringing the indigenous art festival to life.
The United Nations declared 2019 to be the International Year of Indigenous Languages and AGB Events highlighted an element of this theme in each of the installations they brought to life.
Parrtjima is set against the backdrop of the 300 million year old MacDonnell Ranges in Australia’s Northern Territory. AGB Events engaged the regular First Nations consultant, Rhoda Roberts AO to curate the festival for a third year. Parrtjima celebrates new ways artists can push the boundaries of how indigenous art is presented, while staying true to the ancient philosophy of connection and country. The results are visually mesmerising, thought-provoking, and create a cultural experience unique in the world.
The Northern Territory Government reported that this year’s Parrtjima was a huge success, attracting 25,623 attendees over 10 nights – a 25 per cent increase on last year’s event.
“We specialise in creating and producing events that cross cultures and that celebrate creativity and technology,” said Anthony Bastic, CEO and founder of AGB Events. “As such, it was wonderful to work with Rhoda Roberts, who is full of hugely imaginative ideas – and to turn her vision into a reality.
“AGB’s experience in curating and producing Vivid Light Sydney,

musical-instrument-museumAltman at the Musical Instrument Museum
Tuesday, 30 April 2019

USA - Displaying more than 6,800 instruments from around the world, the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) in Phoenix, Arizona, allows their guests to not only see and hear the instruments, but also allows them to observe the music being played in its original context. Hosting a number of historic and educational performances inside the intimate MIM Theatre, the technical production behind each event must be able to accentuate the experience of the sound.
With a state-of-the-art audio and projection system already in place, the theatre worked with theatre consultants and lighting designers Schuler Shook and Clearwing Systems who installed a silent yet powerful LED lighting design using PHX 150W profile luminaires from Altman Lighting.
“We have had the opportunity to work with the MIM on a few previous projects and this time we were brought on board to complete an LED lighting and dimming retrofit for their 300-seat Music Theatre,” began Ken Gardner, Clearwing Systems. “What drove their decision to complete the renovation was the better efficiency of LED lighting, plus the ability to quickly change colour in the lighting rig. Needing to constantly change gel in their old lighting fixtures was beginning to get costly and was limiting them creatively. Now with the PHX 150W LED luminaires, they can quickly change the entire scene with just the touch of a button, and they are very pleased.
“The Musical Instrument Museum is dedicated to bringing in all sorts of artists from all over the world and exploring the differences in music through both live

rodeoL-Acoustics rides high at RodeoHouston
Tuesday, 30 April 2019

USA - Drawing more than 2.5m visitors to Houston’s NRG Stadium over its three-week run, this year’s RodeoHouston was a record-breaking success on multiple counts.
Featuring daily double-bills of spirited rodeo action and major concert events hosted by the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (HLSR), attendance records for the event were topped no less than three times in 2019: when Cardi B performed for an audience of 75,580 fans; when Los Tigres del Norte slightly overtook the lead with a crowd of 75,586; and finally on March 17, when George Strait packed in an all-time NRG Stadium record attendance of 80,108 for his 30th Rodeo performance.
Keeping this many music lovers happily singing along with their favourite artists required a massive concert sound system, and Houston-based LD Systems once again took the bull by the horns and deployed 360 L-Acoustics loudspeaker enclosures for the event’s PA.
With a diverse line-up that ran the gamut from pop (Camila Cabello) to EDM (Zedd) to rock (Carlos Santana), as well as plenty of country artists (Brad Paisley, Luke Bryan, Tim McGraw, etc.), RodeoHouston required a sound system that was as versatile as it was powerful. LD Systems’ solution? A system based on L-Acoustics’ K1.
“We first started taking delivery of K1 in August of 2012 and began to use it at the Rodeo in early 2013,” recalls LD Systems director of production services Robert Ausmus, who notes that the company has been providing sound reinforcement for HLSR since 1992. “We’ve used K1 for this event every year since then, fi

digicoDiGiCo in the mix on Nicki Minaj tour
Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Europe - Although North American audiences were justifiably disappointed when Nicki Minaj cancelled her fall 2018 tour after deciding to "re-evaluate elements of production” and devote more time to rehearsals before hitting the road, her overseas fans recently got the chance to reap the benefits of a solid show.
Teaming up with Juice WRLD on the aptly named Nicki WRLD tour in support of Queen, her fourth and most recent album, the latest trek stopped at 22 arenas throughout Europe and the UK from 21 February to 28 March.
Cleveland-based Eighth Day Sound supplied the tour’s PA and control package, which featured DiGiCo SD5 consoles for both FOH and monitors, paired with five SD-Racks and an SD-Mini Rack, all on an Optocore loop.
“We used a traditional splitter for some inputs, but also shared inputs via the loop,” describes FOH engineer Kevin Brown, who has also mixed for Chris Brown, Outkast, American Authors, Toni Braxton, Kid Cudi, Joi and others. “Looping the consoles also enabled us to use the Con Send and Receive ports, which was particularly useful when I needed to send audio down to monitors; this could be talkbacks, FX or playback audio from FOH. I also used the new DiGiGrid MGR at my console for recording and virtual playback.”
Although he has been a fan of DiGiCo’s SD-Range for several years, the Nicki WRLD tour marked the first time that Brown had had the opportunity to use the manufacturer’s new 32-bit Stadius Mic Pre-Amp modules. “DiGiCo did an amazing job with them,” he enthuses. “The noise floor is almost

theatre-royal-plymouthTheatre Royal upgrades with Stage Electrics
Tuesday, 30 April 2019

UK - After finding more shows coming to the theatre were requiring more demanding lighting control, the theatre decided to invest in a new ETC Gio console. Previously using an older generation lighting console, they felt it was appropriate to seek an industry standard upgrade.
“We have a long-term relationship with Theatre Royal Plymouth,” says Neal Tomlinson, technical sales consultant at Stage Electrics “The venue was already using an older ETC console, that wasn’t able to support the level of lighting control required for incoming touring shows. Requiring a solution that offered intelligent lighting capabilities was important, they needed to accommodate more of the latest LED fixtures and moving heads.”
With most of the shows touring through the venue being programmed on ETC consoles, compatibility was critical, and as the largest UK distributor for ETC, Stage Electrics suggested an ETC Gio 4k, an EOS programming wing and additional touch screens as a solution. “The ETC Gio was the perfect choice for this theatre, due to their need to support large touring shows, with a large lighting rig,” commented Neal. “Also, familiarity with the operating system was important as it meant no re-learning.”
With upcoming shows Mark Morris Dance Group’s Pepperland and Let Me Look At You, the theatre will put their new equipment straight to use. As an authorised ETC service centre, Stage Electrics can fully support ETC consoles throughout the UK.
(Jim Evans)

firstpentecostal2Chauvet reflects passion of Easter
Monday, 29 April 2019

USA – When he took on the project of lighting the Easter Passion Play at his local Pentecostal Church in Pensacola FL, Jacob Warren knew there would be one key element essential to conveying the spiritual and emotional impact of the production: colour.
A lighting specialist at All Pro Integrated Systems, Warren told director Lanette Kinsey and music director David Geri that he wanted to choose fixtures that could render deep, saturated and realistic colours for the play. Looking at the church’s rig, he determined that its house collection of Chauvet Professional COLORado and Rogue fixtures fit his needs.
“There were a couple features about these fixtures that stood out for me when I put together my rig,” said Warren. “First and foremost was colour rendering. The COLORados are a very cost-efficient colour mixing fixture, which is why they are included in most of my shows. Aside from colour, I also wanted intensity. The Rogues always perform well in this regard because of their brightness and beam flexibility.”
Working with his L2 Alec Mark, Warren positioned four Rogue R1 Spot fixtures, along with six COLORado 1-Quad Zoom and six COLORado 1 Solo units, on the upstage truss. The Rogues were used for backlighting as well as for specials during high dramatic moments, while the COLORado fixtures covered the stage in an immersive array of colors. An additional four Rogue fixtures were positioned on the key light truss and relied on for solo spotting and audience lighting during breakdowns and drops in the musical parts.
The COLORados i

uticaicerinkplayersDanley is right fit for Utica Auditorium
Monday, 29 April 2019

USA - Taking in a Utica Comets hockey game at the Adirondack Bank Centre at the Utica Memorial Auditorium (the Aud) in Utica, New York is not only an enjoyable experience in its own right, but also an opportunity to experience a watershed moment in the history of architecture.
The 3,800-plus seat auditorium relies on the world’s first cable roof system, forerunner to other such structures like Madison Square Garden. Lev Zetlin designed the Aud in the 1950s using two-inch steel cables as circular spokes that support the roof, and its place in history is remembered with a permanent display at NYC’s Museum of Modern Art and recognition as a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark. Pittsburgh-based sound contracting firm Edward Simon & Co. LLC recently installed a Danley Sound Labs loudspeaker and amp/DSP system at the Aud.
“From a fan’s perspective, the advantage of Zetlin’s steel rope design is perfect sight-lines from any seat in the house,” explained Ed Simon, the sound contracting firm’s manager. “There are no support columns at all. The trouble was that their existing sound system didn’t cover the entire seating area, which led to intelligibility problems.”
AVL Systems Design, of Penfield New York, designed a new system using Danley Sound Labs loudspeakers and amplifiers/DSP. Edward Simon & Co. won the bid to install it on 1 September and had the entire system in place and commissioned 35 days later, just in time for the start of the AHL season.
“We’ve worked with Danley systems before, and their product

emimen-rapture-tourBrompton creates spectacle for Eminem
Monday, 29 April 2019

Australia - Hot on the heels of his tenth studio album, Kamikaze, and the extended reissue of The Slim Shady LP, Eminem has broken attendance records around the Southern Hemisphere with his second Rapture tour of Australia and New Zealand.
The five Rapture 2019 stadium shows, which featured guest appearances from Hilltop Hoods, Royce da 5'9", Boogie, and more, included an 81,000-strong audience at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on 24 February, and were acclaimed “a full-blown spectacle" by the New Zealand Herald.
These epic shows were augmented by a total of 1494 LED panels which displayed ‘cinematic’ visuals and scenography and were driven by the powerful Brompton Technology Tessera SX40 4K LED processors and XD 10G Data Distribution Units, all supplied by video equipment and production specialists Big Picture - part of the NEP Worldwide Network.
Jeremy Moore, head of displays at Big Picture and crew chief for the tour, says that given the scale of the Rapture shows, the SX40 / XD combination was an obvious choice. "We were able to have a central processing position with multiple XD locations around the stage, minimising cable runs.”
The complete tour video rig consisted of a huge upstage wall of 620 ROE Carbon panels, four tower screens of 144 panels, and two IMAG screens, each with 360 panels of ROE Visual MC7 – totalling over 13m LED pixels.
The Brompton SX40 LED Processor uses the company's Tessera LED video processing technology for full 4K 4096 x 2160 resolution with zero-latency scaling, Chroma

adamsonAdamson IS-Series serves in Semarang
Monday, 29 April 2019

Indonesia - Widely known for its lively, contemporary services, IFGF Semarang recently built a new main campus in Semarang, Central Java, to better serve its dynamic weekly congregation of over 650 worshippers. The main auditorium boasts a new audio system built around the install-focused IS-Series from Adamson Systems Engineering, which was selected to enhance the church’s musically-rich services and maximize community engagement.
IFGF Semarang administrators invited five manufacturers to demo their solutions in the previous auditorium. The IS-Series system, supplied by longtime Adamson Network partner Big Knob Audio, was the clear winner.
“We heard the other four systems first, and none had the clarity or impact of the Adamson IS-Series,” says Dibya Krisnanda, IFGF Semarang’s senior engineer. “As soon as we heard it, we knew we’d found what we were looking for.”
The system now installed in the church’s auditorium is comprised of left-right arrays of five IS7 two-way, full-range line array enclosures beneath a single IS118 subwoofer per side and an additional four E119 subs on the ground for extra low-end support.
“The ultra-compact IS7 cabinets pack a lot of SPL and sound like a much larger system, and the E119s are just a world apart from any other subwoofer on the market,” adds Krisnanda. “We can get the furniture literally shaking if we want to!”
Thanks in large part to the IS-Series rigging hardware, which is specifically designed for permanent installations, the entire integration process from cabling to

grandmaMosaïek acquires first grandMA3 in SA
Monday, 29 April 2019

South Africa - The Mosaïek Church and Theatre in Fairland has invested in the first grandMA3 console in South Africa, they had a bigger plan in mind.
Estian Els, head of technical at Mosaïek Theatre, works closely with colleague Mduduzi Msibi. While the pair may be audio technicians, first and foremost, they provide technical support in every ministry of the church, including lighting, audio, LED screens and AV. Every sermon is broadcast on KykNET where there is a remarkable viewership between 75,000 and 80,000 each Sunday.
The theatre is not only used for church events but is hired out as a venue with some headline productions under the belt including Idols and the upcoming The Voice finale. The income generated is then planted back into various outreach programs hosted by the church.
“The biggest fulfilment is being part of working in the changing lives,” said Mduduzi. “You are an instrument in God’s hands in bringing the ministry to life.”
The church, initially running off a PC based lighting console, decided on a grandMA3. “When we started the upgrade process we looked at all the available options on the market the MA definitely stood out as the market leader in lighting control,” Estian explained. “That made it the obvious choice as we push to be a world-class venue, and the fact that MA appears as the number one requested lighting console on all international riders.”
A couple of years ago, Mosaïek had a dream to be energy efficient. “To give you some background, the entire theatre is run on solar power; we h

green-goGreen-GO spans the globe for Audio Alliance
Friday, 26 April 2019

UK - The Green-GO digital intercom system was recently employed to simultaneously manage multiple locations for a corporate event spanning 10 sites across the globe. Manchester-based sound specialist Audio Alliance, working for Media 1 Productions, required dependable, quality communications to seamlessly connect venues in Japan, India, China, Poland, Sweden, Canada, the USA and the UK.
“We needed a reliable, managed talkback system that would work over our own VPN IP infrastructure,” says Oliver Driver, managing director of Audio Alliance. “Multiple Green-GO bridges were deployed worldwide, with each site a ‘spoke’ from our European data hub. The Green-GO system allowed us to manage all the comms channels at each of the remote sites from our central hub.”
The system implemented by Audio Alliance comprised more than 100 Green-GO devices, all of which were dispatched from its own stock. “We ran three worldwide talkback rings,” says Driver, “a show calling channel, a client channel and a technical channel. Each site had its own talkback infrastructure, with up to 18 belt packs per site, plus the worldwide channels. The sites also had multiple local rings for each discipline, including radio comms.”
As a precaution, the team also employed a 4G app-based backup solution, in case connectivity at any site should be lost. Reliability, however, proved not to be a problem. “In these situations, we site survey each location to ensure we have the stable connectivity we need. Once we have that in place, the Green-GO system just sits there

denbychurch3Chauvet lights church charity film night
Friday, 26 April 2019

UK - The George Inn in Denby takes a proactive role in supporting its community, hosting many charity events and holding off-site fundraisers. This commitment was in evidence in March, when it sponsored Film Night at the historic St John the Evangelist Church to raise money for the Denby Church Community Project.
The evening’s featured film, The Greatest Showman, might not have been the most memorable, but it’s safe to say that few guests failed to be swept up in the evocative setting, as the 13th century church glowed mystically from the richly coloured light created by Chauvet Professional fixtures, installed by Sound & Light UK.
Recognising the importance and potential that light can have within the church, Sound & Light UK utilised six CHAUVET Professional COLORdash Batten-Quad 12 and four COLORado 3P IP wash fixtures. The resulting mixture of atmospheric lighting served to create an all-encompassing site-specific immersive experience.
In addition to providing a beautiful backdrop for the film screening that took place at the event, the client wanted to highlight the magnificent architecture of the 13th century Grade I-listed church to attract as many passers-by as possible. Thanks to the soft and saturated coloured wash effects of both the COLORdash battens and COLORado fixtures, the church radiated with an ethereal glow, straddling an area somewhere between art installation, ceremony and performance.
(Jim Evans)

regents-park-theatreTroldekt panels aid theatre acoustics
Friday, 26 April 2019

UK - Troldtekt 100% wood wool acoustic panels have been used at London’s Open Air Theatre in Regents Park. The rehearsal building, designed by architects Reed Watt, comprises a double-height dance and rehearsal studio in its centre encircled by offices, kitchen and green room. The details of the structure have been designed to reinforce the magic of the setting in which trees, plants and sky surround the visitor.
The walls are clad with dark stained larch which helps to blur the distinction between building and landscape while creating a natural extension to the existing buildings along the edge of the site. Inside, Troldtekt wood wall panelling in natural grey also complement the natural setting while helping to dampen and keep reverberated sound to a minimum. The rehearsal studio has been acoustically rated so that the maximum noise level that can happen in the studio before being audible outside is 100dB.
The acoustic studies have been carried out not only to contain the noise in the room but also to allow the best sound quality during rehearsals hence why, to avoid reverberation, a band of troldtekt panels has been installed at high level. In particular, the panels have been slightly inclined, looking like a feather edge texture, to increase the sound waves' change of direction.
This detail directly relates to the external timber cladding layout where it becomes a feature, leaving the small side edges of the black stained boards as natural timber, breaking down the impact of the upper level cladding.
Troldtekt panels are frequently spec

paul-mccartneyfreshen-upphoto-by-mj-kimElation Dartz refresh McCartney tour
Friday, 26 April 2019

USA - Paul McCartney released his latest album Egypt Station last September and embarked on his Freshen Up world tour to support the album. Lighting designer LeRoy Bennett, who has been with the star for over 17 years, dresses the nearly 40-song playlist in complementary visuals using a lighting, video and effects package that includes over 500 Elation Professional Dartz 360 luminaires. Lighting supply is by Upstaging.
Some 528 of the compact LED beam/spot lights are used in the Freshen Up show under the lighting direction of Wally Lees, who has been McCartney’s lighting director for 17+ years and serves as lead programmer for all his tours and events.
Located above the stage in three identical pods are 240 Dartz, each pod comprising 80 Dartz in five rows of 16 fixtures wide. The pods are located centre stage and run upstage to downstage on the centre stage line. Located behind an upstage see-through video wall, approximately 50’ from the down stage edge, is a rear wall containing 288 Dartz spread across 24 columns. Each column is 12 Dartz tall and only becomes visible to the eye when the fixtures become active.
Bennett has turned to the compact Dartz fixture often of late, having used them on his current Kelly Clarkson tour design, as well as Lady Gaga’s Las Vegas residency Enigma show. He said of the narrow beam luminaire, "The Dartz 360 is a bright, reliable, fast, and compact light source. It's proven itself to be the best when used in mass.”
At 76, McCartney still gives a highly entertaining performanc

colour-sound-david-gray-dav292150135Colour Sound creates Gold in a Brass Age
Thursday, 25 April 2019

UK - Lighting designer Jonny Gaskell created an elegant fusion of understatement and a bit of mystery for the UK leg of David Gray’s Gold in a Brass Age tour, for which lighting and video production was supplied by London based Colour Sound Experiment.
Jonny explained that Gray doesn’t like a busy stage, so he keeps things fairly minimalist and towards the edge of subtle, focusing the attention on the artist whilst sculpting some interesting surroundings. For this tour, he wanted to include a thread from the last tour in 2015, so revisited some of the favourite treatments from that . . . and brought a more contemporary feel to the stage by using up-to-the minute LED lightsources.
The starting point for the show visuals was when David Gray presented Jonny with a series of tattoo art by Londonboy who had created a motif for each song of the new album. The challenge was then in evolving a design to maintain a theatrical look and feel that could go big and bold when needed.
To integrate the tattoo images thoughtfully into the show, Jonny decided on projection - using one of Colori Sounds 30K Barco machines beaming onto a fabulous black ‘crunch’ fabric upstage, which looked classy and effective, adding another layer of texture to the overall picture.
All the lighting fixtures were chosen for their versatility and multifunctionality.
A distinctive visual element was 14 x Prolights AIR6PIX moving six-way battens – six of which were rigged on drop bars off the back truss and eight on upright scaff poles on floor stands - for hei

poolpulapola3Work Pro in the swim in Pula-Pola
Thursday, 25 April 2019

Croatia - City pool Pula-Pola, a new leisure complex in Croatia, has invested in a high-tech Work Pro audio system for its swimming pool area to ensure that customers can enjoy music while they swim and - more importantly - clearly hear any public safety announcements.
Located in the city of Pula, the pool is a focal point for the local community and regularly hosts events such as swimming lessons, competitions, aquarobics and swimming parties for children. As speech intelligibility was a key requirement of the new audio system, installation company Iskatrade had no hesitation in specifying products from Work Pro, the installation, pro audio and lighting division of Equipson.
“Wall to wall tiling and other hard materials make swimming pools one of the most challenging acoustic environments for an installation company to deal with,” says Robert Wolf, CEO of Rijeka-based Iskatrade, which was tasked with specifying and installing the new audio system. “As well as reverberation and echoes, we also had to factor in ambient noise caused by people talking, chatting, splashing and generally having a good time. However, the directivity of the Work Pro speakers, combined with good placement, enabled us to complete this project effectively and deliver a system that sounds good in all areas of the pool.”
The system installed in Pula includes 15 WFS 10 CX speakers, which were chosen for two reasons - their directivity and their ability to withstand moisture.
“Obviously, with an environment like a swimming pool where the air has a high moisture c

augustburnsredfohraydukerAugust Burns Red fly with dLive Wings
Thursday, 25 April 2019

USA - Grammy-nominated American metal band August Burns Red have recently completed their US headline tour accompanied by an Allen & Heath dLive Wings mixing system, handling FOH and monitor duties.
In early 2018, sound engineer Chris Pollock, introduced August Burns Red (ABR) to the world of dLive, which instantly led to the band purchasing their own Wings system, comprising a dLive C1500 surface, DM32 MixRack and two Waves V3 cards – used for virtual soundcheck and playback.
Pollock comments, “I actually heard about dLive for the first time in early 2017, after reading a magazine article about Jared Daly and his dLive setup for Northlane and it really peaked my interest. Later that year I did a club tour with a hip-hop artist and Clair Global was gracious enough to purchase a C1500 for me to try out. I immediately fell in love and ended up taking the system on ABR’s 2018 Phantom Anthem tour.”
The ability to split dLive’s 128 input channels, allowing discrete processing on both FOH and monitor inputs, played a significant part in the decision to choose dLive for the tour.
“A huge selling point of dLive for August Burns Red was the scalability of the system and how we’re able to handle all of our monitoring and FOH needs on one 7U 32in/16out MixRack and a 12-fader surface,” adds Pollock. “They were so impressed with the consistency of the mixes and the convenience of virtual soundcheck that we ordered our own dLive system before that tour was even finished! Personally, I love that we have this amazing 96kHz system that we

warehouseProduction AV plans 4K showcase
Thursday, 25 April 2019

UK - Production AV has announced two open days on 7-8 May at its new premises in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.
The AV hire and event company will offer hands-on demonstrations of its latest 6mm, 3.9mm and 2.6mm LED screens, 4K screen management system, media servers and camera solutions. The team will also showcase some recent projects, including large-scale projection mapping of Cheltenham’s Municipal Offices for a WWI Remembrance event and recent work on the Teenage Cancer Trust series of star-studded concerts at London’s Royal Albert Hall.
There will also be an opportunity to meet the team and discover more about the company’s plans for future growth.
“We’re thrilled to not only have a new home but also a much larger facility, which will have a direct benefit for our clients,” says Production AV’s managing director, Pete McCrea. “There is a real sense of excitement as we drive forward the business, create a new hub for AV and invest in new technology. We look forward to sharing it with you in May.”
The company also celebrates its fourteenth birthday in the same month, so the team is throwing an informal party between 5pm and 9pm on 7 May, with a light buffet and locally sourced refreshments. 
The open days take place on 7-8 May (Tuesday and Wednesday) between 10:30am and 5pm at the company's premises at Unit F, Ashville Trading Estate, The Runnings, Cheltenham.
Those interested in attending should email with their preferred day and time.

andreMartin lights André Rieu orchestral tour
Thursday, 25 April 2019

UK - Violinist and conductor André Rieu is known for his popular tours, visiting over 100 venues a year with his Johann Strauss orchestra. The tour is an opportunity to impress both live audiences and millions of viewers watching in cinemas and on DVD. This means that the lighting needs to be suitable for cameras recording the show for broadcast, DVD and the cinema, as well as the audience attending the performance.
It is important for the André Rieu Tour lighting be as compact, portable and low weight as possible to enable quick transitions between shows, supporting the tech crew as much as possible. The large number of performers in the orchestra need to be lit with a uniform field and dynamic effects to highlight different aspects of the performance, creating a great atmosphere for the audience.
To meet these goals, Maurice Verbeek, lighting designer at André Rieu productions, used lights including MAC Encore Performance CLD and MAC Aura, supplied by Netherlands-based Fairlight. The set is entirely made up of intelligent lights and all moving lights are LED.
Martin MAC Encore CLDs are deployed as the orchestra’s key lights, offering a best-in-class size/weight/performance ratio. They are attached to pre-fabricated parts of the set, facilitating quick transitions between performances.
For the orchestra’s backlight, Verbeek created five chandeliers, each incorporating 16 MAC Auras. The chandeliers are on wheels and thanks to the Aura’s compact, low weight design, can travel as one piece in the tour truck, helping to ensure fast tra


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