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coriomaster-from-tvone-is-a-flexible-video-wall-proceesor-tvONE drives video walls at Tomorrowland
Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Belgium - tvONE reports that CORIOmaster has been chosen by custom motion graphic creators Prismax to drive more than 1000sq.m of video walls at Tomorrowland, one of the world’s biggest dance music festivals held in Boom in Belgium each summer. The units were supplied by Belgian reseller, Intronics, and will be used by Prismax at other large events.
Prismax selected CORIOmaster from tvONE as it is a flexible video wall processor that allowed its designers to achieve striking visual effects. Ruben Gorissen, owner of Prismax says, “tvONE’s CORIOmaster video wall processor was chosen as it offers an efficient approach for building video wall systems. The CORIOmaster is modular, scalable and easy to use which makes it an ideal solution for the vast video walls at Tomorrowland. Eight years ago you had to use different cables for each set, nowadays everything is fixed together and in a compact size.
“Often, festivals hire a third party for switching between the different sources,” he adds. “Thanks to the CORIOmaster, Prismax can offer its customers a one-stop-shop show production.”
Prismax has worked with Tomorrowland for several years and CORIOmaster provided a video wall processor that allows easy switching between multiple outlets on a main stage which has up to six full HD outputs.
Almost every DJ in the top 30 has a team with own VJs and visuals. With the CORIOmaster, VJs change smoothly and without loss of time with each other because they can test their set in advance. Before the performance starts it is a matter of plug and

hk-audioNew Sheffield venue chooses HK Audio
Wednesday, 4 September 2019

UK - Having long relied on a HK Audio sound system in Record Junkee, a bustling vinyl heaven and gig venue situated above his Music Junkee equipment shop in the heart of Sheffield, HK Audio was once again the go to brand when Martin Leverton was looking for a rig for his new venture, a second and substantially larger city centre venue.
With its home on the first floor of the DINA Arts Centre complex on Cambridge Street, Martin’s new venture, Network, is a fully rigged venue that caters for both local and touring acts.
Leverton explains: "Our venue in Earl Street has seen us bring some great national and international acts including IDLES, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Fat White Family and Viagra Boys. However, with capacity of only 150 it restricted our ambitions to continue attracting big names. Our collaboration with DINA Arts Centre is delivering a new live music destination to Sheffield city centre.
“For a city with such a strong history of music making, it needs more spaces to continue that rich musical heritage. We feel the new venue will create greater opportunities for exciting programming and promoting while helping to nurture Sheffield’s music talent by providing them with a platform for greater exposure.”
DINA project director Deborah Egan heralded the partnership as breaking a trend in the city after numerous venues have closed, commenting: "We’ve seen much loved Sheffield live music locations shut over the years and a general downturn nationally. We feel Network will fill an important gap in Sheffield’s gigs

deadfloydphotocredit-backstageflashIntimidators bring life to Dead Floyd
Wednesday, 4 September 2019

USA - Dead Floyd, a tribute group that fuses the improvised jam-band grooves of The Grateful Dead with the more prog rock stylings of Pink Floyd to deliver shows that celebrate the music of both.
Jake Gibson, of AOS Lighting, started designing for Dead Floyd almost 10 years ago. With a deep understanding of the musical legacy of The Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd, Gibson channels the collective high-energy of both original bands into a light show that flows seamlessly with his client’s music.
A recent performance at Fort Collins’ Aggie Theatre saw Gibson amp up his lightshow by adding Chauvet DJ Intimidator Spot 455Z IRC Moving Heads fixtures to his rig. “For this particular show, I wanted to create a standard rock production look,” he said, “something simple, but full and effective. Adding six Intimidator Spot 455Zs really helped achieve this goal.”
Placed on truss towers at a variety of different heights along the upstage deck, the Intimidator fixtures are used to create stunning aerial effects. Gibson calls on a variety of performance features in the Intimidators including their gobo morphing and split colours, to keep a fresh array of looks coming in sync with the band’s free flowing music.
“I really enjoy the zoom on this fixture,” said Gibson. “Being able to go from a wide zoom to fill out the stage, down to a tight beam angle for sharp darker looks adds greatly to the visual range of the show. This is a great light to navigate through the roller coaster of bright big sounds and dark ominous jams that this band trib

fat-catFat Cat Jazz Club purrs with JBL & AKG
Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Mongolia - ITC Solutions recently installed a Harman Professional Solutions system including JBL Professional and AKG at the Fat Cat Jazz Club to deliver clear, detailed sound for live music performances, special events and more.
The Fat Cat Jazz Club is an intimate, underground jazz club located in the heart of Ulaanbaatar. Founded in August 2018, the Fat Cat hosts nightly live music performances and poetry readings by local and visiting talent. In order to deliver world-class sound throughout the entire venue, the Fat Cat hired ITC Solutions, Mongolia's leading distributor, to install a custom JBL Professional audio system with AKG microphones.
“The client requested a compact, powerful audio system that could evenly distribute even and consistent sound coverage throughout the venue so that everyone in the audience can experience the true acoustic depth of the performances,” said E. Amarbayasgalan, lead engineer, ITC Solutions. “They were also keen on finding a partner who could not only provide the perfect audio solutions, but also back up the solution with great customer service post-installation - that’s why we decided to go with Harman.”
ITC Solutions installed a JBL Eon One loudspeaker system. JBL EON615 loudspeakers were selected as stage monitors.
ITC Solutions also provided the Fat Cat with a number of professional AKG microphones for capturing performances with pristine sound quality. AKG D5C dynamic cardioid microphones provide clear, focused sound for vocals and instruments, while AKG P170 small-diaphragm condenser microp

wonderbox-1Amadeus Speakers abound in Paradise City
Wednesday, 4 September 2019

South Korea - Amadeus installed over 200 of its speakers in the Paradise Fun City entertainment complex in Incheon.
The installation was part of a wider multi-media infrastructure overhaul overseen by C2 Artechnolozy. C2 was involved in the design phase of the newly-opened Paradise-City phase 1-2 project which includes Chroma, the largest club in East Asia which encompasses three separate nightclubs, Wonder Box - a carnival-inspired indoor amusement park - and boutique hotel Art Paradiso. The complex also features the Art Garden and the Paradise Walk areas.
C2 was responsible for designing and supervising the resort's audio, video, and lighting systems; it also designed, developed and supervised the EBGM System (Enhanced Background Music), and was responsible for the design and construction of both the Chroma staging system and the audio, video, and lighting systems for Wonder Box.
The EBGM system is based on the Ovation Server, Horus, and Hapi interfaces from Swiss manufacturer, Merging Technologies. The system is capable of up to 384KHz or DXD (DXD - Digital eXtreme Definition at 352.8KHz) via the AES67 RAVENNA network. The 352.8KHz DXD EBGM was applied to 69 zones with 145 outputs, including four buildings and three outdoor spaces, and is the first time anywhere in the world that a background music system supports and operates at DXD/384KHz quality throughout a whole resort area.
In order to reproduce differentiated sound sources, C2 chose Amadeus speakers. After long discussions with Amadeus, the integrator chose Amadeus C Series (initial

elationElation lights Santana's US tour
Tuesday, 3 September 2019

USA - One of the summer’s more successful US tours has been Carlos Santana’s Supernatural Now outing with opening band The Doobie Brothers, two acts with roots that stretch back decades that can still pack a house. Equally experienced is LD Michael Ledesma, who has designed the lighting for the tour and is out on the road operating the show.
The Supernatural Now tour kicked off in June and celebrates two important anniversaries in the band’s history: the 20th anniversary of their blockbuster Supernatural album and the 50th anniversary of Santana’s legendary performance at the 1969 Woodstock music festival. Naturally, iconic tunes associated with both occasions fill the show with select songs from the artist’s 2019 Africa Speaks album also on the set-list.
Ledesma has worked with Santana for years and uses Elation Protron Eclypse hybrid LED luminaires and Seven Batten 14 LED strip lights, together with a full moving head rig and backdrop LED screen, to complement the artist’s trademark guitar riffs and crowd-pleasing hits. Both luminaires give Ledesma plenty of possibilities to lay down his signature vivid colours and layers.
“The Protron Eclypse units definitely stick out,” says the designer, who has 14 upstage units lining vertical LED strips for wash onto the band and strobe effects with another 10 on a mid-stage half-circle truss washing the audience. “We use them for different types of chases, split the cells up, and generally use them for a lot of effects. They work really well for that.

unnamedProlights enhances travelling music festival
Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Italy - The 2019 edition of the Italian travelling music festival Battiti Live (Live Beats) recently visited Italy’s Puglia region, with five days of music from 70 international acts.
Having grown from the initial 1995 Battiti dalla Caverna radio programme, the event is now streamed live on national TV throughout Italy. With the growth and popularity of this event has ever-increasing, so in turn has the expectation of the production.
"The music, the public and the cities involved are the heart of Battiti Live,” comments Radionorba’s artistic director Alan Palmieri.
Termoli-based full-service production company Rooster ensured the smooth running of the festival and employed various Prolights fixtures to achieve this.
Twelve Halupix fixtures were used, featuring an optical design that combines a 2800 Kelvin warm-white LED source with special 8° optic reflectors providing a long through projection of sharp beams in the air. The Halupix LED matrix modules gave designers the ability to project volumetric graphics and simulate a 3D effect.
In addition to this, the new-generation LED work-horse, the Prolights Stark series featured prominently with 42 Stark1000 and 18 Stark400 commissioned. Completing the line-up were 48 Sunblast3000FC.
Emilio Lombardi from Rooster reports: “The expectation grows year on year with this production and the challenges faced are very real. The fixtures are pushed to the limits repeatedly and not only did the Prolights fixtures perform beautifully every single time, but the feature-set gave us

youthmusicfest1EPIX Strips light youth music festival
Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Belgium - The small municipality of Neerpelt on the Belgian-Dutch border hosted the 68th edition of the annual European Music Festival for Young People. Attracting performers and music lovers from all over the world, the event showcased 100 children and youth ensembles with over 4,000 international performers representing every genre from symphonic and brass, to jazz and big bands, to chamber and folk.
Licht & Geluidstechniek Renckens (LGR), supported this array of performances with a versatile and colourful lighting design that reflected the many moods of the music without distracting from it. Aiding LGR in this endeavour were 36 Chauvet Professional ÉPIX Strip IP fixtures.
Drawing on the compact design of the linear LED strips, the LGR team was able to fit this lighting within the smaller footprint of the stage. When called upon to accent the music, the fixtures provided a dazzling visual display. However, when not being used, they fit unobtrusively into the design of the stage.
“We’ve been designing the European Music Festival for Young People for 30 years now, and it’s always a highlight for us,” says LGR director Jan Renckens. “Our goal is to provide beautiful visuals while not distracting from the performances. The ÉPIX Strips were ideal in this regard, since they can be used to create very exciting scenes, yet at the same time, they fade into the background when they aren’t called upon.”
The compact linear design of the ÉPIX Strip fixtures was especially important this year, given the festival’s growth. “We a

klassikLeipzig enjoys classical nights with Yamaha
Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Germany - Every year the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra performs two free open-air concerts in the German city’s main park, the Rosental. The popular Klassik airleben concerts this year attracted more than 60,000.
The shows play an important part in Leipzig culture, bringing orchestral music to many who are presumed to rarely attend concerts in the Gewandhaus concert hall. Conducted by musical director Andris Nelsons, this year’s shows featured soloists Kristin Opolais (soprano) and Thomas Hampson (baritone) in a programme of works by Italian composers Rossini, Verdi and Puccini.
The show’s production company is Leipzig-based Frontsound Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH, headed by Gunnar Gosch and Christian Arnold. They chose Yamaha QL5 and CL5 digital consoles to mix the show, with two Rio3224-D2 and two Rio1608-D I/O racks, on a redundant Dante network.
"As a company, we focused on high quality technology at an early stage. We believe in quality, not quantity!” say Gunnar. “We have recently re-invested in Yamaha equipment with several QL and CL series consoles. Despite their compact dimensions, they have enough channels, sound good and are, overall, very powerful.”
The QL5 was used to mix the Front of House sound from a position around 60 meters from the stage. Two matrix mixes were output, one to the main L-C-R PA system, plus front-fills and out-fills, the other to eight delay towers. The PA system processors were controlled digitally via AES / EBU from the Yamaha R-series units. With one of the Rio3224-D2s assigned to the delay

apollo-11-jim-cox-photographyKV2 Audio takes audiences to the moon
Tuesday, 3 September 2019

USA - As the world celebrates the 50th anniversary of the moon landing in 1969, a new play endeavours to recreate the thrill of this event with an immersive theatrical experience. Apollo 11 tells the story of the 400,000 men and women who worked to accomplish this extraordinary mission.
Told through the eyes of a retired NASA aerospace engineer as he recounts the story to his teenaged granddaughter, Apollo 11 is staged in a, purpose-built venue that plays host to 20 actors, 40,000sq.ft of 360-degree video projection, a life-sized rocket and a powerful KV2 Audio sound system designed by Broadway and West End theatre sound designer, Bobby Aitken, and supplied by Stage Sound Services in Cardiff. The first run has just finished in Pasadena, CA, with the next shows scheduled in Houston, TX in December.
“This was a very interesting production to work on as it shifts in scale enormously from what is a fairly domestic drama where the sound is simply the spoken voice to these massive moments of immersive, 360-degree interstellar projection where all of a sudden the sound is everywhere and all-enveloping,” recalls Aitken. “I was charged with System Design as well as the Sound Design. I worked with Fergus O’Hare on the content”
The TiMax spatial reinforcement and tracking system was a key part of Aitken’s design and required a lot of work in the programming stage. “Everything came through the console and straight out from the faders into TiMax,” explains Aitken. “That gave us 64 outputs for around eighty loudspeakers in total,

hanging-gardenProlights Panorama lights The Hanging Garden
Monday, 2 September 2019

Australia - Occupying almost an entire city block, Hobart’s new cultural precinct represents a significant partnership between private developers and DarkLab, a subsidiary of the Museum of Old and New Art.
The first stage of the development, In The Hanging Garden, opened as part of the annual winter festival Dark Mofo. In its initial phase, In The Hanging Garden consists of an extensive urban beer garden and outdoor dining area and at the centre of the site, and providing some protection from the elements, is a dramatically lit 18m-tall skeleton steel Cathedral shelter, around which are split-level spaces filled with rotating food and beverage offerings in converted shipping containers.
During Dark Mofo, the cathedral hosted Night Mass with a variety of acts bravely playing through the cold winter nights. Hobart-based Alive Technologies supplied audio and lighting for the space.
“The space is about 30m long and 12m wide with a really steep pitch roof on it,” explained Colin Boucher, Alive’s project manager. “The roof is clear Perspex and there are no sides to the venue so we added some rigging points either side so we could run trusses down the full length of the space.”
Alive had been looking for the ideal IP65 rated LED washlight for some time and when the Prolights Panorama IPWBX hit the market, they began to get a little excited. The fixture is a IP65 high-output, LED wash light with a pixel ring designed to bring the workhorse LED washlight to outdoor events. Featuring 19 of Osram’s new 40W RGBW Ostar LEDs, it

robe-let-it-roll-2019-let022124569Let It Roll rocks with Robe
Monday, 2 September 2019

Czech Republic - Let It Roll 2019 attracted some of the most popular drum 'n' bass sounds and artists as 25,000 fans rocked up to enjoy three days and seven stages of DNB mayhem in the atmospheric environment of Milovice Airfield. The former Soviet-era airbase north of Prague in the Czech Republic is tucked away in wooded countryside surrounded by a myriad of winding concealed roads.
The festival has been on the current airfield site for the last five years, growing in popularity and profile and this year Robe moving lights again played a prominent role.
Directing all the Mothership (Main Stage) technical production was Pepa Ženíšek from SMART Production and his team.
Flying high on the Mothership this year were Andy C, Sub Focus X Wilkinson, Chase & Status, Delta Heavy, Pendulum and many more.
The Main Stage production lighting design was imagined by Ondrej Bylok, who has worked on the event for the last 10 years.
This year Ondrej specified nearly 100 Robe fixtures for the Mothership to cover all the lighting needs - a mix of 38 Pointes, 12 MegaPointes, 18 Spiiders, 12 Tarrantulas, 12 CitySkape Xtremes and six BMFL Blades, all supplied by rental company JESA, together with the audio. He programmed and ran the on a grandMA2 light console.
He collaborated closely on evolving the Mothership look with show director and video designer Tomas Nezval and set designer Martin Kana. Let It Roll’s originator Suki, a DJ in his own right is also heavily involved in developing the event’s overall ambience.
The Tarrantulas - Ro

auditorium-stage-lightinghigh-restim--madie-photography2019-31-croppedMinneapolis centre upgrades with Ayrton Bora-S
Monday, 2 September 2019

USA - The Minneapolis Convention Centre has completed another phase in its continuing technology upgrade adding Ayrton Bora-S wash luminaires to the main auditorium.
“We replaced our old wash units with a greater number of Bora-S and kicked up the rig a couple of notches,” says the Centre’s technology coordinator, John Eberlein. “We’ve gained greater capabilities with Bora, which can act as a spot, gobo and shutter unit. This takes us to another level.”
The feature-packed Bora-S is particularly suitable for scenic applications requiring a great deal of light output, such as concerts and other live entertainment. It is equipped with a new LED module calibrated at 8000K delivering powerful metallic white light with a record-breaking output of 42,000 lumens.
ACT Lighting, Inc., Ayrton’s exclusive distributor for North America, had demo’d an assortment of fixtures for Eberlein and hinted that Ayrton had something new coming soon. “We decided to wait and see Ayrton’s new light, and I’m glad we did,” he says. “We fell in love with Bora’s light output, flat field, gobos and shutter cut capabilities, which we didn’t have before. We also didn’t see the halations you find in some LEDs.”
Eberlein notes that the versatility of Bora-S gives him multiple options for the Minneapolis Convention Centre’s wide range of clients. “The Beach Boys entertained at a not-for-profit corporate event here, and their lighting designer was very happy with the units,” he says. “Our Boras were the most moving lights they’ve had on

rj-ozCasino Regina switches on to Robert Juliat Oz
Monday, 2 September 2019

Canada - When the Casino Regina Show Lounge wanted to replace some of its heavily-used followspots, Christie Lites Sales, a Saskatchewan dealer for Robert Juliat lighting fixtures, suggested a pair of Oz 600W LED followspots for the entertainment venue.
“We wanted a direct replacement for the Robert Juliat Korrigan followspots we had previously, so Oz was the best option,” says Bruce Dumba, lighting director at the Casino Regina Show Lounge. Casino Regina is owned and operated by SaskGaming, and is located in Regina’s landmark Union Station building. The 800-seat Show Lounge hosts all types of entertainment: singers, bands, comedians, artist tributes, banquets, and is looked after by Ashley Seidler, manager of entertainment at Casino Regina.
“Most venues are looking for LED followspots now, and Oz is essentially the LED version of the Korrigan units the Show Lounge had been using,” says Alyssa McLellan with Christie Lites Sales; she and Bruce Lozinsky made the sale to Casino Regina. “By investing in industry-standard gear they are able to meet the needs of the performers who come through the venue and are confident in the equipment they’re getting.”
Dumba is especially pleased by Oz’s roller douser feature, which he finds “really nice, much brighter, more vivid and with no heat.” He reports that the Oz followspots have been performing well with no issues. Robert Juliat is distributed exclusively in North America by ACT Lighting.
(Jim Evans)

neutrikNeutrik parties on World Pride flight
Monday, 2 September 2019

UK/USA - Celebrating World Pride in New York on the 50-year anniversary of the Stonewall riots, Autograph’s special events department was charged with providing the inflight sound system on Virgin Atlantic’s celebratory Pride Flight (VS69) from London to New York. Neutrik’s Xirium Pro made it all possible.
Revellers, celebrities, DJs, drag queens and assorted entertainers aboard an Airbus A330 at 35,000ft was a special event which presented some very special challenges - to be met by head of special events Andrew Hedges, who headed up the project design, and David Prosser and Adam ‘Fabulous’ Taylor who engineered the event in the air.
“Production company One Green Bean approached Autograph to facilitate DJs and other entertainment onboard the flight,” says Hedges. “The brief was for ‘a big party atmosphere’. At the same time Virgin Atlantic’s engineering team presented us with paperwork covering the rules and stipulations as to what was and what was not permitted onboard a civil aviation flight, ensuring that whatever equipment we were going to use would in no way interfere with the operational safety of the plane.”
Among other things, this prohibited fixing anything to the structure of the aircraft and the use of cable runs in the cabin. Signal transmission to any PA speakers therefore had to be wireless but restricted to within the 5GHz wi-fi band, to prevent potential interference with the aircraft’s own wireless communications, and ruling out use of conventional mobile RF systems. With no suitable mains power available

rascal-flattsphoto-by-todd-kaplan5Smarty Hybrid pods impact on Rascal Flatts
Monday, 2 September 2019

USA - One of the top selling country music acts for well over a decade, country trio Rascal Flatts is what lighting designer Travis Shirley calls a legacy act. For their Summer Playlist tour, pods of Elation Smarty Hybrid moving heads provide striking yet elegant lighting impact.
When Shirley began discussions with band management, it became clear that the band was ready to bring themselves up to date as far as the look of their show. “They wanted something fresh, something current and that’s the direction we started heading in,” Shirley shared. “I took it as a clean slate. Naturally, with fresh and clean what comes to mind is simplicity, clean lines and modern concepts. I wanted something simple but definitive.”
Shirley’s design is based around three lighting pods located forward of three vertical backdrop LED screens. “Three members of the band, three pods, three screens. I went symbolic in that aspect,” he says, “keeping design elements in groups of three to drive home the fact that it is a trio act.”
Shirley says he knew he wanted a fast and bright fixture for his design but also something affordable enough so he could fill the pods with dozens of lights. He ultimately spec’d the Smarty Hybrid as his fixture of choice. Compact enough for use in matrix formations, the multi-functional CMY colour-mixing mover houses a zoom and host of design features for flexible beam, wash and mid-air effect use. The 11,000-lumen strong fixture also has the power to cut through ambient light from the three large LED screens.
“We f

ammanAmman studios cut costs with Strand LED
Friday, 30 August 2019

Jordan - Television production facility Jordan Media City (JMC) has upgraded its Amman studios with high performance LED lighting systems from Strand. Specified, supplied and installed by Dubai-based Broadcast & Studio Solutions (BSS), the new system has reduced the lighting energy costs for JMC’s busy studios by 85%.
Having recently updated JMC’s two 600sq.m studios to High Definition technology, BSS was asked to specify a complete new lighting system, to replace JMC’s tungsten-source lamps with class-leading, energy efficient LED fixtures. “Low-power LED lighting fixtures were an important factor for the client, as electricity prices have increased rapidly in the last few years,” says BSS project manager Laith Fraihat.
But energy costs were not JMC’s only concern. The lighting had to offer high-TLCI colour rendering to ensure consistent high standards of picture quality, in line with the studios’ HD upgrade. In addition, adopting LED technology would also reduce maintenance costs, as expensive and time-consuming lamp replacements would become a thing of the past.
Having compared various products based on power consumption, luminance and TLCI performance, Fraihat specified a total of 130 LED fixtures from Strand’s broadcast lighting range.
The fixtures included Strand’s 400F and 200F broadcast-grade LED Fresnels, and 300S and 150S LED slimline studio softlight panels - all 5600K colour temperature models.
The installation, completed in June 2019, has successfully delivered a major reduction in energy usage for JMC,

be-more-chill-broadway-2019photo-credit-maria-baranova-9GLP impressions make Broadway debut
Friday, 30 August 2019

USA - Be More Chill is a musical with original score by Joe Iconis, based on the 2004 novel by Ned Vizzini. After a 2015 regional theatre production, the musical premiered Off-Broadway in 2018 and is now nearing the end of a successful run on Broadway at the Lyceum Theatre.
Lighting has been in the capable hands of Tyler Micoleau since the original production. At the Lyceum he has used GLP fixtures extensively, with the impression S350 and impression E350 making their Broadway debut, in combination with the JDC1, X4 Bar 20 and the staple impression X4.
The Tony Award-winning designer notes that space considerations are a critical factor in most of the older Broadway theatres, the Lyceum being the oldest continually operating theatre on Broadway, having opened in 1903. “Due to its compact size, overhead positions were very tight to the scenic portals and use of sidelight ladders was critical to sculpting figures within them,” he notes.
Be More Chill is largely a show about technology and its influence over people (the story is that a kid’s brain is taken over by a super-computer in the form of a pill). Beowulf Boritt’s set design (a layering of scenic portals in the shape of smartphones) provides the technology frame, but hides most of it until the ‘pill’ technology starts to take over. This brings the GLP fixtures to the fore.
“When we finally reveal the actual technology, it becomes a terrific opportunity to use new intelligent lighting technology as a functioning visual metaphor,” he says.
“I saw the

bbc-big-weekend-ellie-goulding-1-mediumBBC Big Weekend relies on ProPlex
Friday, 30 August 2019

UK - This year, many thousands of fans descended on Middlesbrough to enjoy the annual BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend music festival. For three days, over 50 acts, both new and established, were showcased on three stages. This type of event requires the most versatile and fool-proof lighting network. To meet this challenge, Neg Earth Lights of London specified ProPlex Data Distribution - Devices and Cables.
“The ProPlex devices are very stable,” says Sam Ridgway of Neg Earth. “We used them at FOH and in stage data racks for a complete festival system. In addition to the ProPlex Ethernet, DMX and fibre cabling used throughout, the system included five GBS 10-port and EZ-LAN Gigabit switches; four IQ Nodes; and 10 Opto-Splitters.”
“This was a ProPlex networking rig through and through,” explains LD and network tech, Nige Holbrough. “In every case throughout the weekend we were able to quickly accommodate every request for network or data connections and changes at FOH and on stage.
“The modular nature of the ProPlex GBS 10-port RackMount switch allowed the configuration of main and backup networking within the stage data rack for optimum arrangement of network ports, in this case with most ports placed 'Internally' for linking between switches and nodes.
“The EZ-LANs were ideal for the stage 'guest' data rack and the FOH data rack as it was simple and clear to see how the ports were allocated to the various VLANs, indicated by the handy group number display. We could easily reassign a block of four ports to any required VLAN with a si

invisible-cities-mif-2019-danny-sapani-and-rambert-c-tristram-kentonTriple E on track for Manchester Festival
Friday, 30 August 2019

UK - Manchester International Festival (MIF) is staged every two years at venues across the city and presents work from across the spectrum of performing arts, visual arts and popular culture.
A major commission at this year’s festival had an urgent technical requirement, which Triple E were only supported
Jack Thompson, MIF’s technical director, reports: “We had an urgent requirement for a replacement system for some rollers for the world premiere of Invisible Cities, which we produced with 59 Productions and Rambert and staged in the Mayfield, an abandoned railway station. We needed a speedy response from a reliable supplier. Triple E fell into the frame pretty quickly with their UniTrack system.”
Production manager at MIF19, Niall Black adds: “Within 24 hours of us making the call, the installation had been completed. UniTrack is so simple to install, 10 hours after it arrived on site, all of it was up in the air and working, which, on a dead hung grid in a space the size of Mayfield Railway Station, with a specially constructed canal running down the middle of the 40m x 15m stage was not the easiest of asks. But a five-man team working overnight from UK Rigging had it up and rigged ready for rehearsals the next day.”
“We were so delighted to be able to turn around such a large order in a very short time. I am immensely proud of our staff who all pulled together to ensure the track and parts left within an hour of the order being confirmed,” says Brenda Edelstein.
(Jim Evans)

claypakyndp1Claypaky lights Singapore's celebrations
Friday, 30 August 2019

Singapore - Singapore's 54th National Day celebrations had an added significance this year, as the country also commemorated its bicentennial milestone. It was 200 years ago that Sir Stamford Raffles landed in Singapore.
The Singapore Bicentennial National Day Parade was held on 9 August at the Padang, which in itself is an iconic landmark. The Padang, an open field site, was chosen as an alternative to public buildings by Stamford Raffles in 1822. It became
a major recreational area when two clubs, the Singapore Cricket Club and the Singapore Recreation Club, were established at both ends of the field. The Padang also witnessed the first post-independence National Day Parade held in 1966, and prior to that, the declarations of self-government in 1959 and the union with Malaysia in 1963.
Our Singapore was the theme of Singapore's 54th birthday celebration, and it aimed to tell the country's story from past to present in six acts. In total more than 1050 lights were used, with Claypaky fixtures totalling 602 units. These comprised 262 units of HY B-EYE K25, 208 units of Scenius Unico and 132 units of Mythos 2. Two grandMA3 full size consoles, complemented with seven MA3 processing units were responsible for the show control.
The show's lighting design was handled by Michael Chan and Mac Chan. Lighting programming was by Michael Chan and Tejay Yeo.
"The Claypaky K25s were a huge feature of the show," comments Michael. The Padang was "contained" on three sides with three large LEDs, and the open spaces between the LEDs were filled

martin3Martin lights Ibiza summit spectacular
Friday, 30 August 2019

Spain - The Shop Ibiza recently deployed a complete Martin by Harman lighting and video system at the island’s Dalt Vila historical site for the International Music Summit’s grand finale show, which featured lighting design by Nick Jevons.
The International Music Summit (IMS) is an annual three-day EDM conference held on the Mediterranean island of Ibiza. Founded in 2008, the event features industry exhibitions and talks, as well as a spectacular grand finale show featuring performances by world-renowned EDM musicians and DJs.
The grand finale is traditionally held in Ibiza’s historical Dalt Vila, a 2,500-year-old hilltop fortress that rises above the city. The Shop Ibiza has provided production support for IMS since the event’s first year, building increasingly ambitious stage designs each year.
This year, The Shop collaborated with lighting designer Nick Jevons and Spanish Martin distributor SeeSound to create their most spectacular show yet. The Shop deployed Martin by Harman MAC Quantum, Viper and Aura lighting fixtures as well as the new VDO Atomic Dot hybrid lighting fixture to create a dynamic, synchronised display.
“The show was, without doubt, one of the best Dalt Vila events we’ve ever been involved in staging,” says Simeon Friend, managing director of The Shop Ibiza. “The support from Martin was exemplary, and Nick Jevons created a truly stunning spectacle. There were plenty of big names on the stage, but Martin’s awesome new VDO Atomic Dot has to be mentioned for its own stellar performance. IMS couldn’t have be

cdc-six-glastonbury-2019-funktionone-xta-audio-plus-tpi-magCadac CDC six on the Glade Stage
Friday, 30 August 2019

UK - Cadac’s CDC six mixing console was used FOH this year at the Glade Stage, partnering Funktion-One’s Vero system making its Glastonbury debut. Sound rental company and long term Funktion-One partner Audio Plus deployed a Cadac console for the second year running, at the behest of Funktion-One co-founder Tony Andrews.
“It was at the personal request of Tony Andrews that there should be a Cadac CDC console front of house,” explains Audio Plus tech, Dan Hull, who is part of the company’s onsite team. “He especially wanted it paired with the Vero, because of his love of its pre-amps and its sound quality, and his familiarity with the console and what he knows he can achieve with the Vero, mixing on the Cadac.”
The CDC six was the principal FOH console with a DiGiCo SD10 on standby for engineers using show files, with the latest DSP-enabled XTA MX36 console switcher making the move between one or the other a simple affair. The whole system ran on a Dante network with a CDC MC Dante providing the bridge between Cadac’s MegaCOMMS ultra-low latency protocol and Dante.
“The sound was fantastic, just massive,” says Hull. “I walked around a lot of the other stages and while sound was good, they just didn’t have what the Vero has; the bass, the accuracy and the directivity. We were able to direct the system with pinpoint accuracy within the Glade arena. The musicality of the system and the very high levels of fidelity, right throughout the mids and the highs, was like nothing I have ever heard before.”
This year saw the Glad

smy-costa-del-sol-vista-Work Pro at heart of Torremolinos hotel
Friday, 30 August 2019

Spain - Holidaymakers staying at SMY Costa del Sol will now be able to enjoy music throughout the hotel's public areas thanks to the installation of a new sound system that has Equipson's Work Pro products at its heart.
Located opposite Los Alamos beach in Torremolinos, SMY Costa del Sol wanted a superior system that reflected the quality ethos of its accommodation and facilities. The system also needed to be powerful enough to cover a large area including the lobby, restaurant, restrooms and outdoor terrace.
Malaga-based installation company Servicios Integrales M3 was chosen for the project on the basis of its extensive AV knowledge and its reputation for delivering exceptional results. The company specified a large selection of Work Pro speakers, amplifiers, control and multiplayer units because it had previous experience of Equipson's Work Pro range and had always been happy with the quality and performance of its products.
"This was a large installation that involved 90 IC 6 Pro ceiling speakers, which we fitted in all of the common areas," says Jose María Montero, general director of Servicios Integrales M3. "On the terrace we installed a Work Pro SL 210 A line array system with an SL 218 SA subwoofer, which delivers the power and intelligibility the hotel wanted. Overall, our brief was to ensure great sound quality and great aesthetics by installing well designed speakers that were in keeping with the hotel's décor."
As well as speaker and a powerful line array system, Servicios Integrales M3 also installed two Work Pro multiplayers,


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