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spacemap-goroadshow3Meyer spatial sound takes stage at InfoComm
Friday, 6 August 2021

USA - Meyer Sound will take over the 2,643-seat Linda W. Chapin Theatrein the Orange County Convention Centre at InfoComm 2021 in October for “real world” demonstrations of Spacemap Go. During that time, the theatre’s permanent Meyer Sound reinforcement system will be augmented with additional AVB Milan certified Galileo Galaxy Network Platforms and surround loudspeakers to support the demos and special guest presenters joining the Meyer Sound team.
“This is our first major trade show since we introduced Spacemap Go, so we are going all-out to make these demo sessions an InfoComm highlight,” says Tim Boot, Meyer Sound’s director of global marketing. “Instead of the scaled-down demo room simulations others have shown, at InfoComm we will launch a full-blown experience of what Spacemap Go can do in immersive music concerts and sophisticated theatrical productions.”
In addition to the native control via a free iPad app, Meyer Sound also will demonstrate plug-ins for major console manufacturers. The console plug-ins enable direct control of Spacemap Go functions in the GALAXY Network Platform using the console control surface. Programmed Spacemap Go functions can be stored along with the console’s show files for streamlined workflow, and “on the fly” spatial sound trajectories can be manipulated in real time using the console touchscreen.
“The introduction of these plug-ins means our demo sessions are a must-see for anybody who’s doing immersive sound, whether in touring, theatre, installed sound, museums, or themed spectacles,

esc-rotterdam-2021L-Acoustics plays key role at Eurovision 2021
Friday, 6 August 2021

The Netherlands - Following a year-long hiatus, the Eurovision Song Contest returned this year with a lavish production that met the immense expectations of dedicated Eurovision fans the world over.
Ampco Flashlight was awarded the role of official technical supplier, with group member Purple Group supplying an extensive L-Acoustics loudspeaker system as part of the overall audio-visual requirements. Erwin Rintjema of Sightline Productions was leading the ESC-team as head of production.
Jeroen ten Brinke was ESC head of live sound. Ten Brinke designed an audio system around L-Acoustics K and X Series, with a total of 300 L-Acoustics cabinets deployed.
Commercial and operational director, Dennis van der Haagen, was overseeing the project on behalf of official technical supplier Ampco Flashlight. “Ampco Flashlight was awarded the contract for rigging, lighting and sound,” explains Van der Haagen. “We approached it as a group effort and looked to Purple Group to supply the loudspeaker elements. Jeroen’s spec included three alternative loudspeaker brands, and L-Acoustics was the final choice, with its easy availability and excellent quality. For us, having L-Acoustics and Purple Group in the spotlight with a show as prestigious as Eurovision was a good thing from a group perspective.”
The show’s set design was a departure from the cancelled 2020-show.The green room, used for interviews with the delegates, has traditionally been placed away from the main show space. This year, the green room was located in the centre of the arena floor,

retailPixel Plus at heart of Cape Town sports store
Tuesday, 3 August 2021

South Africa - Following a successful install at The Foschini Group’s (TFG) Foschini store in Canal Walk, Cape Town, the South African retail group recently commissioned another product from the Stage Audio Works’ Pixel Plus range for their Sportscene brand, located in the same shopping centre.
This time, the project witnessed the implementation of a curved Pixel Plus LED wall as the centrepiece of the store’s new visual concept. TFG called upon retail solutions specialists, Lumalytic (PTY) to create a new look with hi-tech audio-visual and lighting solutions. The Sportscene store is now home to a new, custom Pixel Plus digital signage screen as well as an improved audio system complete with zone control, and innovative lighting that cultivates a vibrant shopping experience.
The curved Pixel Plus display is the focal point of the installation. Set amidst the racks of urban and sports footwear, the half-cylinder screen measures 3m high and 1.5m wide and possesses a pixel pitch of 2.5mm, ideal for optimal detail in-store viewing distances. The display is powered by a Novastar TB8 Screen Processor which allows for the effortless control of media output via a wired, WiFi or 4G connection.
However, perhaps the most impressive aspect of the screen is its curvature. The nature of the process meant that SAW had to assemble the screen on site: constructing a specially designed customised frame to hold the screen, before painstakingly fitting in the LED panels.
Mike Summerfield of SAW elaborates: “We’re particularly proud of this install, in p

tv-onetvONE drives Church of God studio
Tuesday, 3 August 2021

USA - tvONE has announced that a CORIOmaster mini video wall processor is driving the new Church of God – a Worldwide Association (COGWA) - TV Studio at its Texas headquarters.
The high-tech HQ is a vital communication centre for the church’s members and includes the delivery of its weekly broadcast news magazine, In Accord, among other outreach programmes and publications.
The In Accord TV set was designed by Kelly Cunningham, assistant manager AV/Data/Web at COGWA, and utilises a 1x3 monitor wall of NEC 46” tiles.
Created with viewer engagement in mind, the new video wall displays vibrant colours, multiple shooting angles, and ample space for guest interaction.
tvONE dealer Dave Pollock, from supplier AV Dallas, says: “The church approached AV Dallas with the desire to install a high-functioning 1x3 video wall to act as a ticker/multimedia backdrop for their broadcast series. They specifically asked for the ability to display any combination of scrolling news ticker feeds, multiple overlaid images, and/or video clips, as well as custom-made static and animated graphics.”
“We wanted the monitor wall to be a focal point, yet required it to look architecturally integrated,” adds Cunningham. “CORIOmaster gives us the most flexibility for the price point on how we integrate and use our setup. Its ability to easily adapt to a 1x3 monitor matrix – or any format we wanted to come up with - made it an instant hit for us.”
The CORIOmaster mini is connected via 50ft SDI cables from the set’s control room.

martinClassic Martin rig supports The Misery Portal
Tuesday, 3 August 2021

UK - Vintage Martin Audio modular stacks have helped support an experimental work at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) in central London.
It is fitting that as the manufacturer celebrates its 50th year, Alex Czechowski of Ace Vintage Systems should be commissioned to provide a classic Martin Audio rig from yesteryear, exemplifying its formidable history.
Created and performed by influential dance and performance artist, Samir Kennedy, it was show designer, Simon Vincenzi, who came up with the idea of using speakers to create a ‘portal’ or proscenium for The Misery Portal.
Simon is a London-based theatre director, choreographer and designer who has created a huge body of work over the past 20 years. He searched far and wide on the internet and came across the Ace Vintage Systems website which provided him with inspiration for the show, together with his requirements. They were then approached by lighting designer and production manager Marty Langthorne, who confirmed that “Simon was set on using Martin Audio for the vintage look of the speakers”.
Czechowski designed the sound system around eight Martin Audio 215 Mk3 bass bins and three Martin Audio MH212 ‘Philishaves’ per side, together with top boxes. Amplification for this totally analogue system was provided by the BGW Grand Touring amplifiers.
Working with him on this project was sound engineer Dave Callanan. Alex said, “It was great to show the capabilities of the Martin Audio Philishave, together with the Martin Audio 215 Mk3 bass bin, the best bass bin e

shanghaiTAXXII pushes the boundaries with KV2
Tuesday, 3 August 2021

China - The original TAXX club in Shanghai was one of the city’s largest clubs, boasting over 3,000sq.m of partying space over two floors. KV2’s Chinese distributor, AVMedia based in Guangzhou City, designed and installed a KV2 Audio system based on the powerful VHD2.0 long throw system supplemented by SL412s and several ESD12s.
From the day it opened, TAXX established itself as one of Shanghai’s hottest venues with a record-breaking monthly turnover. It therefore comes as no surprise that the TAXX investment team decided to open a second venue – this time even bigger and demanding an even more powerful system. Having decided to stick with a winning formula, the investment team opted once again for a KV2 system, this time for the company’s flagship VHD5 – the first installation of its kind in China.
TAXX II, with a capacity of 1000 people, is a club designed ‘to push the boundaries at every level’, offering 5D sound and light experiences to create a transforming sensory world. A ‘super-dimensioned’ panoramic DJ station that stretches for 30m, occupying the full length of the room redefines the DJ/crowd experience, made even more intense by the KV2 sound quality.
With the aim of creating the best nightclub experience in Shanghai, investors spared no expense in investing in KV2’s flagship VHD5 constant power point source array system designed to cover massive crowds with ultra-high definition, high energy audio.
The system comprises a L/R system of one VHD5.0 mid/hi element and two VHD8.10 low/mid elements per side powered

opera-housePSI and Doughty team up on Grand Opera House
Tuesday, 3 August 2021

UK - Doughty Engineering and PSI have teamed up to deliver the design and installation of specialist infrastructure at the Grand Opera House in Belfast.
PSI were contracted by Tracey Brothers to facilitate the design and installation on the project which included a complete rewire of the production lighting and control, dimmers, audio, comms, stage management desks, show relay, foyer paging as well as providing a new house lighting system and additional elements to the in-house stage engineering system. All packages were specified by Charcoalblue.
PSI, who are dealers for Doughty in both Northern Ireland and Ireland, brought Doughty on board very early on in the project. David Mckeown, project manager explained: “Work commenced on site in January 2020 and then the pandemic hit in March. Initially the programme was ten months to hand over at the end of October 2020, but this was then extended to March 21.”
He continued: “Then, in January 2021, Brexit, along with the NI Protocol made the project even more difficult to manage than the pandemic and hence the programme was extended yet again to accommodate for this. Everything from delivery of goods to the wearing of additional PPE, a one-way system around the theatre and having to separate trades into designated areas proved difficult at first but like most, it became normalised.”
Working with Doughty, PSI specified a range of bespoke kit as well as a huge number of standard clamps and brackets, over 100 facility panels, standard clamps, truss brackets, boom arms and internally wired bars.

robe-the-kelly-clarkson-showKelly Clarkson Show is wrapped in Robe
Tuesday, 3 August 2021

USA - The one hour syndicated daytime show The Kelly Clarkson Show (TKCS) produced by NBCUniversal Syndication Studios is an energetic mash up of chat, stories, opinions, humour, and surprises involving an array of guests, personalities, and music.
The role of lighting this ever-shifting environment recorded on Universal Studios in LA’s Stage 1, has been down to Darren Langer of DCLighting, a lighting design and direction practice also based in LA, specialising in television and multi-camera environments. Their work encompasses broadcast, streamed shows and events, awards extravaganzas, talk shows and music-based projects of all sizes.
Darren has relied on several specific Robe products throughout series 1 and 2 of The Kelly Clarkson Show – Pointes, BMFL Spots and BMFL Blades, PATT 2013s, Spiiders and Tetra2s – to ensure that the studios and sets have looked fresh and invigorating every time for this truly unique talk show format.
Each show kicks off with a ‘Kellyoke’, a cover version selected by fans, arranged specially to fit the 1.30-1.45 timeslot by musical director Jason Halbert.
In addition to his own ideas, Darren took initial creative inspiration from production designer James Pearce Connelly and director Joe Terry together with executive producer / showrunner Alex Duda and her producing team, MD Jason and the house band, My band y'all.
Together they all contributed to setting the tone of the show, which is lively, upbeat, and energized. “They are all amazing people to work with,” he states, detailing how they dev

dubioza-kolektivChamSys on track for Dubioza Kolektiv
Monday, 2 August 2021

Serbia - Crt Birsa of Blackout Lighting Design designed a compelling lightshow for Bosnian stars Dubioza Kolektiv at Arsenal Fest 2021.
Birsa began lighting the genre-smashing band in late 2010 and soon after that he had bought his first ChamSys PC Wing. In all the years since, he has built on this experience with every single Dubioza Kolektiv show. Using ever-more advanced ChamSys consoles, he has continuously taken earlier looks and bent them in original ways to create designs that build on a rich legacy, while reflecting his client’s music in refreshingly original ways.
“My show contains 10 years of history,” said Birsa. “This is a history that is constantly updated with new ideas for old songs, and also new songs being reflected in new and traditional ways.
“Designing for Dubioza Kolektiv is a wonderfully rewarding challenge, because the band combines some songs in blocks, so each tune has to stand out on its own, but at the same time all of them have to fit together in different combinations,” he continued. “Being able to save, edit, clone and morph my looks from generation to generation on a stable ChamSys platform is extremely important.”
For the Arsenal Festival, Birsa called on his MagicQ MQ80 (he’s also used MQ500 consoles) to unleash a flurry of looks in support of the seven-piece band as they wove their way through a raw, powerful set that moved seamlessly from dub, ska, and hip hop, to rock, and punk sounds.
Coordinating his 150-fixture, nine-universe show with the video designs of Bob Raccoon, he directed

baptistTexas mega church installs Quantum7 quartet
Monday, 2 August 2021

USA - Prestonwood Baptist Church, one of the largest churches in America with a membership of over 45,000 and a weekly attendance of around 17,000, is emblematic of the Lone Star State’s scale. When the church realised that it needed to revitalise its audio mixing, routing, and management capacity, DiGiCo was chosen.
Working closely with integrator Paragon 360, the church installed three DiGiCo Quantum7 consoles in the 7,000-seat auditorium of its main campus in Plano, Texas, used for front of house, monitors, and broadcast, and one more Q7 at its newer Prosper, Texas campus, used to simultaneously handle front of house, monitors, and broadcast for the smaller yet substantial 1,500-seat sanctuary there.
The 140-acre Plano campus is also now fitted with an ample complement of I/O stations, including two SD-Racks backstage, along with an Orange Box loaded with DMI-DANTE 64@96 and DMI-OPTO Optocore cards for wireless microphone inputs. On stage are two more SD-Racks, plus an SD-Nano Rack for tracks, with yet another SD-Rack found in the church’s broadcast studio.
Also, SD-MiNi Racks are located at both FOH and monitors, with another SD-MiNi Rack in the amp room, and an SD-Nano Rack positioned up in the catwalk. The Prosper campus’ new Q7 is supported with two SD-Racks onstage and one more in the broadcast studio, plus an Orange Box for its wireless mics.
Mike Smith, Prestonwood Baptist Church’s live production lead and lead audio engineer, “As soon as I came on staff, we started talking about doing the console switchover, and we already

l-acousticsL-Acoustics delivers clarity at Idaho university
Monday, 2 August 2021

USA - The BYU-Idaho Centre, on the western edge of Brigham Young University-Idaho’s Rexburg campus, is an architectural marvel. Dedicated in December 2010 after three years of construction, the ‘I-Centre’ is a 435,000sq.ft facility combining two distinct gathering places: a large athletics centre equipped with 10 multi-use sporting courts and a 15,000-seat auditorium used for student devotionals, ecclesiastical meetings, graduation exercises, and select artistic and cultural events.
Recently, the auditorium became more intimate sounding when an L-Acoustics loudspeaker system was installed by Clearwing Systems Integration.
The fan-shaped venue with its 7,500sq.ft stage is one of the largest production theatres in North America, offering only 6,000 fewer seats than its sister facility, the LDS Conference Centre at Temple Square in Salt Lake City.
Familiar with L-Acoustics loudspeakers installed at other LDS facilities - including the Conference Centre, Salt Lake Temple, and Provo’s BYU Marriott Centre - BYU-Idaho called on L-Acoustics house of worship application manager Josh Maichele to conduct a product demo in its auditorium. L-Acoustics Certified Provider (CPi) Clearwing Systems Integration had both the inventory and available personnel to assist and was committed to investing the time to fine-tune the demo system to ensure that it would be optimized for the space.
“Vocal intelligibility has always been a hallmark of L-Acoustics,” says Clearwing engineer Joshua Barnhill, “and the full L-Acoustics product line-up had exactly th

christopher-harrisonScottish Ballet upgrades with Robert Juliat Dalis 860
Monday, 2 August 2021

UK - Scottish Ballet has recently taken possession of a second consignment of Robert Juliat Dalis 860 cyclorama lights bringing its total inventory to 26. The award-winning Dalis 860 fixtures were supplied quickly and efficiently by Adlib’s Glasgow branch to provide Scottish Ballet with a versatile tool that can adapt to many environments and design requirements.
The upgrading of Scottish Ballet’s lighting systems began with a focus on cyclorama fixtures. “Cyc lighting is a fairly constant requirement at Scottish Ballet, and we don’t anticipate models to change dramatically. We wanted an LED replacement for our existing fixtures that looked the part as well as doing a great job,” explains Scottish Ballet’s technical director, Matt Strachan.
“I have been looking at Robert Juliat’s Dalis at trade shows for several years but never had a chance to use them in anger and discover what they are capable of. Then we hired them for our world premiere of Christopher Hampson’s The Snow Queen for the winter season 2019/2020, lit by Paul Pyant, and our experience was enough to convince us to buy them.
“All it took was a quick phone call to Barclay Dakers at Adlib and the process was put into action. We have known Adlib for many years and always receive good service from them.” Robert Juliat is distributed exclusively in the UK by Ambersphere Solutions whose Ian Green supported Adlib and the Scottish Ballet in this project.
Scottish Ballet’s curved cyclorama is 15m wide with a 6m deflection and 7.5m high. “That’s a big s

manchester-international-festivalChauvet shines on Big Ben Lying Down
Monday, 2 August 2021

UK - Marta Minujín’s provocative work Big Ben Lying Down With Political Books is a centrepiece of the Manchester International Festival. The work takes the London landmark and turns it on its side in Piccadilly Gardens. Stretching 42m and reaching as high as 8m in some places, the structure commands immediate attention. But the Argentinian pop artist had more than novelty in mind when she created the distinctive structure.
Covering the tower are 20,000 books donated from various Manchester groups. Representing a range of literary eras and styles from Marx’s Das Kapital to Marcus Rashford’s You Are A Champion, the books have been selected for their roles in shaping Britain’s culture and influencing its future. Collectively they serve as a source of reflection for the nation during a time of profound change with Covid and Brexit.
Adding impact to the tower are 36 Chauvet Professional COLORado Panel Q40 fixtures supplied and installed by Keyteq Live Events.
Keyteq, which has been involved in the Manchester International Festival for a decade, and handled two other exhibits in addition to the Big Ben work this year, arranged the rectangular RGBW wash fixtures in a line on either side of the walkway tower. (A film by Minujín was shown inside the structure on screens supplied by Keyteq.)
From their position flanking the walkway, the COLORado Panel Q40 units created an alluring glow around the tower. This endowed the exhibit with an other-worldly aura that added to its evocative, thought-provoking effect.

james-cook-universityJames Cook University connects with Harman
Friday, 30 July 2021

Australia - To create an innovative space for industry experts to effectively interact and communicate with students, Videopro collaborated with Harman Professional Solutions to outfit James Cook University’s new JCU Ideas Lab with a cutting-edge networked AV solution.
Established in 1970, James Cook University (JCU) has campuses in Cairns, Townsville, Singapore, and Brisbane, as well as research and learning sites in Mackay, Mount Isa, Rockhampton, and Thursday Island.
JCU recently completed its new $30m facility, the JCU Ideas Lab, creating a place for researchers, entrepreneurs and students to share ideas and innovate together. The facility houses an atrium, meeting rooms, electronics labs, workshops and teaching spaces to create, prototype, test, develop and scale innovative technologies, products, and business concepts, including a Narrow-band Internet of Things laboratory (NB-IoT).
To ensure a seamless and collaborative creative environment, JCU hired Videopro to outfit the Ideas Lab with a complete Harman Professional Solutions networked AV system consisting of JBL loudspeakers and AMX control systems.
“The client visualised an interactive learning space where students, lecturers and industry experts could come together,” said Scott Maunsell and Ben Thompson, Videopro. “The design called for a centralised AV distribution and control system, which was most appropriate due to the many smaller spaces in the facility. To bring the client’s vision to life, we selected Harman AV equipment. JCU are a long-term AMX partner so AMX so

shanghaiMerging+Pyramix stars in Shanghai Planetarium
Friday, 30 July 2021

China - On 18 July, the Shanghai Planetarium opened in a blaze of bright lights nearby the Dishui Lake in Pudong New Area, Shanghai. It covers an area of 58,603sq.m and a building area of 37,741sq.m, making it the largest planetarium in the world.
With the vision of "shaping a complete view of the universe", Shanghai Planetarium strives to stimulate people's curiosity, encourage them to appreciate the starry sky, understand the universe and think about the future. The main exhibition area includes three parts: Homeland, Universe and Journey, which show a panoramic view of the vast universe, create a multi-sensory exploration journey to help the audience shape a complete view of the universe.
The What If theatre is located in the Universe exhibition area and uses a highly immersive 360-degree circular screen with 7.1.4 3D immersive sound to create an enveloping universe for the audience. Shanghai Magic Digital Creative Technology Co (Magic Digital) undertook the task of audio and video design and production for the immersive experience of the theatre.
The 7.1.4 speaker layout of the theatre is tailor-made for the architectural structure and sound field of the theatre and does not meet any existing audio production standards (such as Dolby Atmos or Auro 3D). It is a typical "user-defined" environment. This layout posed a problem for Magic Digital. At the beginning of demo production, whenever sound effects producers took audio files mixed in a standard surround sound recording studio and played them in situ, they were always "very different" from wha

formula-e-londonADI creates visual spectacular for Formula E
Friday, 30 July 2021

UK - Event production specialists, ADI, delivered a visual experience that transformed the ExCeL for the 2021 Heineken London E-Prix. Creative applications in LED and video featured across the venue, resulting in stylish sports presentation and a high-octane fan experience during the fully charged double-header, that was also the world’s first indoor-outdoor motorsport race.
Having first conceptualised ideas for Formula E London two years ago, ADI designed a huge modular set with over 100m of 3mm LED to create a show-stopping digital centrepiece. Over both race days the bespoke LED staging hosted live performances by Raye, TV presentation and podium celebrations, with the integration of multiple displays and content zones for re-active video and fan-rousing messaging.
Modular LED screens to stage left and right delivered coverage for fans inside the ExCeL, while outdoor spectators had huge iCONIC 60C mobile LED displays facing their grandstands.
Other bespoke digital elements included an LED gantry over the finish line to flag race winners and promote headline partners – as previously seen at the Diriyah and New York E-Prix’s – in addition to a super wide LED display in a camera-facing trackside position for Saudia Airlines.
ADI’s iCONIC H unit also featured inside the ExCeL to create a hub for trackside staff and VIP’s, with BMW’s latest electric fleet on display outside.
Complimenting the cutting-edge LED, ADI produced a wide variety of graphical and cinematic 4K video assets that amplified Formula E values, partner bra

bromptonThor AV partners with Brompton Technology
Friday, 30 July 2021

USA - Minneapolis-based developer of LED video walls and headset microphones, Thor AV, focuses on sharing best practices and providing reliability and excellence in audiovisual performance.
The company works on a wide range of projects, from fixed installations such as The Belonging Co.’s culture-shaping church, to Signature Productions Group’s rental applications for the meetings and special events industry. It has chosen Brompton LED processing as its trusted LED partner, helping its clients to create a visual experience that is lifelike and real.
“Over the past couple years, we’ve seen a shift from ‘We need LED walls’ to ‘We need manufacturers that genuinely understand our specialties’,” says Thor AV’s director of sales & marketing, Luke Vettel. “There is a category within the LED wall industry that demands a certain spec. In 2021, we continue to have more conversations about on-camera, live production environments and also XR/VR studios. We are thrilled to partner with Brompton in this space because of their pioneering advanced LED processing features for on-camera performance, in-depth control, and colour rendering versatility.”
Vettel notes that using the low latency, higher frame rates, and frame remapping features offered by the Tessera software elevates the pairing with Thor’s premium LED panels. “The dialogue with our demanding customer base keeps us attuned to their ever-growing needs and the challenges of bringing the story on screen to life,” he continues.
Thor and Brompton’s partnership unlock

zero-88-eleftheri-ekfrasiiAthens theatre keeps Zero 88 in the family
Friday, 30 July 2021

Greece - Eleftheri Ekfrasi Theatre in Athens is a lively and proactive family owned and run business, benefitting from the passion and enthusiasm of a compact and dedicated team headed by Nikos Koutsaftis, who is also venue’s chief of lighting.
Producing classics from Shakespeare, Moliere, Carlo Goldoni, and many more, Eleftheri Ekfrasi Theatre is also renowned for offering a top line up of stand-up comedy and is acclaimed for its children’s theatre productions.
Recently, Nikos has been busy overseeing a technical refit in the lighting department, which has included the purchase of a new Zero 88 FLX S48 console.
Nikos was recommended to look at Zero 88 by his friend, Antonis Panagiotopoulos, who is one of the most popular and prolific lighting designers in Greece. For many years he was the chief lighting designer of the Athens Concert Hall (Megaro Mousikis Athinon).
Antonis and Nikos are long-term family friends, and Antonis has been entwined with the origins of Eleftheri Ekfrasi Theatre since the beginning 21 years ago. He knows Zero 88 from his own extensive work with and in many venues and theatres in Greece.
Nikos wanted a high-quality professional brand to replace their previous lighting console, and one with a solid reputation for user friendly and cost-effective products, so Zero 88 and their FLX range ticked all the boxes.
It is controlling approximately 80 lights at the theatre which includes 10 moving heads – soon to be increased - plus a mix of LED sources and conventional fixtures.
As an experienced ligh

the-roAPM Design delivers for Windemere hotel
Thursday, 29 July 2021

UK - Based in the heart of the Lake District, in Bowness-on Windermere, The Ro is a new hotel with a big personality. This new venue is aiming to become a destination for both tourists and locals alike.
The Ro prides itself on its chic design, coupled with familiar and friendly ‘northern’ service. As part of the development, owners 7 Hospitality Management brought in APM Design to deliver the interior design scheme for the hotel. APM Design then appointed custom sign specialists Sutton Creative to the project, to produce the signage package. Working from the approved branding document, Sutton Creative created a variety of options for the wayfinding and exterior signage to fit in with both the client and the designer’s expectations.
Speaking of the partnership, Andy McCluskey, Design Director at APM Design said: “We have worked with Andrew Sutton for many years, and we value his experience, creativity and eye for detail.
“During The Ro project, Sutton Creative fully understood the ethos for the new interior concept, and together with the new branding package they created a series of ideas and material physical samples. This greatly assisted the client and the design team in the decision-making process.
“The whole process was carried out efficiently, with Sutton Creative working closely with the client to deliver the package on time and to budget.”
Andrew Sutton, director at Sutton Creative, added: “We were honoured to be asked to produce signage for such a beautiful building. The Ro is a stand-out hotel in a unique loca

nightofworshipChauvet lights Night of Worship
Thursday, 29 July 2021

USA - The Community Christian Church in Fort Lauderdale stood empty when Kevis Mulchan lit livestreamed services during the height of the pandemic. Nevertheless, he worked hard to create looks that gave worshippers a greater sense of “being in church” even though they were watching on a TV or computer screen.
The skills sharpened during this period came in handy recently, when Mulchan, the church’s visual arts director, lit Night of Worship, a hybrid live/livestreamed musical celebration featuring Community Christian Church’s worship team led by Craig Crynes.
In contrast to their work during the pandemic, when they didn’t have to concern themselves with a live audience, Mulchan and his team (technical director Kevin Gomez and video director Bill Kelly), had to create a show that came off well on camera, while also immersing those present at the church.
“Our entire team pushed themselves creatively to make this an enriching experience for the live and livestreamed audiences,” said Mulchan. “I wanted what was on camera to reflect what was in the room with camera angles and front light colour temperatures, as well as front light intensities and camera exposures.”
Helping Mulchan accomplish this was a collection of 14 COLORdash Battan Quad 12 RGBA linear wash lights and eight Maverick MK2 Spot fixtures from Chauvet Professional.
Arranged on a triangular structure that spanned the width of the center stage area, the batten fixtures provided a scenic focal point that drew livestream viewers and worshippers at the churc

metropolisSonosphere collaborates on Metropolis project
Wednesday, 28 July 2021

UK - Sonosphere, in conjunction with Metropolis Studios, has created a new mix room at its home, the Power House, Chiswick, London. The Munro Acoustics-designed, Dolby certified studio has a centrally located mix position, with comprehensive immersive audio monitoring designed to cater for all surround formats. The control room pursues an ambitious and flexible new ‘hub studio’ approach.
“The plan was to make the studio as versatile as possible,” states Sonosphere commercial director Jamie Gosney. “We started out looking at building a room for podcasting and immersive content creation for games and other VR simulations. However, in terms of the music market, Dolby Atmos is very much the standard. So we decided to ‘have our cake and eat it’, and build a room to fully meet the Atmos specifications: an immersive monitoring environment capable of 11.1.8 Dolby Atmos, currently the highest Dolby resolution studio in the country.
“The room has been equipped for all possible formats, including having a Dolby Atmos Mastering Suite server. ”Three Neumann KH 420 tri-amplified monitors are soffit-mounted to the front wall (with one KH 420 horizontal, beneath the video screen). Twin Neumann KH 870 subwoofers flank the three-way monitors, with low frequency response down to 18Hz.”
A key mission was to ensure clean and extended low frequency from the twin subwoofers, with the required isolation to accurately judge tone-shaping a full octave below the effective range of many monitoring systems.
Part of the mix room construction involved ne

belgian-building-research-instituteD-Dream and Chauvet project future of building
Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Belgium - Those who participated in a recent online event organised by the Belgian Building Research Institute in Brussels to discuss the direction of their industry should be very positive about what lay ahead. The very site where the event was recorded provided them with plenty of good reasons to be optimistic.
That site was Gare Maritime, a 114-year-old former railroad freight station that has been transformed into a modern 40,000sq.m mixed-use, environmentally sustainable, urban hub with integrated work and event spaces, retail stores and a food hall.
Within the building was a transparent dome where the actual video production took place. Suggested by D-Dream to client AV Image, the sleek structure projects a smart, forward-looking image that reflects well on the theme of the online event.
Contributing to the futuristic aura of the dome are four Maverick MK2 Profile and 28 ÉPIX Strip IP fixtures from Chauvet Professional. Used for studio lighting, the profile units created a camera-friendly environment, while the RGB strips accentuated the geometric features of the dome itself.
“Consulting with their client AV Image, the D-Dream team made four décor pieces - three large, one small - in a hexagonal shape. (The Belgian Building Research Institute’s logo is a hexagonal sphere constructed with different pentagons.)
“In the largest decorative hexagon, which measures 3-meters, we incorporated a TV screen,” said D-Dream’s operational manager Elke Scheirs. “The three smaller (1.5m) structures, represented the three pillars of

datastrategyunipixQC-Check finds solution for Universal Pixels
Tuesday, 27 July 2021

UK - When the regulatory moment arrived for Data Strategy’s QC-Check customer, Universal Pixels, to inspect its StageSmarts power distribution systems, QC-Check’s comprehensive RCD inspection process was implemented with an unexpected outcome.
Universal Pixels, takes a robust approach to electrical safety, relying upon Data Strategy’s QC-Check to inspect its electrical inventory to a level of integrity beyond that required statutorily. The company also favours StageSmarts power distribution systems, which incorporate new technological safety and protection systems.
When a safety indicator of the StageSmarts system conflicted with QC-Check causing a test fail, the two suppliers got together to provide an effective solution.
The answer to the issue was an update to the StageSmarts safety feature included in its power distribution systems with the change integrated into future production. A simple bypass has been incorporated for the purpose of testing that allows indicator LEDs to disengage whilst an insulation resistance test is performed.
Universal Pixels’ operations director, Oliver Luff, said, “We were really pleased with how the complication was handled. Data Strategy was able to help us immediately counter the ‘fail’ situation and the two companies worked cooperatively to find a long-term solution.”
“We’re really happy with the result. QC-Check performs an integral part of our quality and safety checks for our customers. It makes us feel confident that our equipment is in the best possible condition.”

warsawBlacklineX serves audio versatility in Warsaw
Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Poland - A new restaurant in the Polish capital of Warsaw has been equipped throughout with Martin Audio BlacklineX series loudspeakers.
The system was supplied by Phono Media, Martin Audio’s Polish distributor, and installed by High Shine, run by Jakub Ołdak, with whom they have worked closely for many years. The entire AV project was under the specification of AV system designer, Michał Malczyński.
SLA Warsaw is situated right in the heart of the city, and combines restaurant, nightclub (with dancefloor) and cocktail bar. Hence a potent sound system was required as part of an advanced AV solution that would cater for several different scenarios.
“This is an extremely interesting space, with a design which transfers guests from the centre of the city into the heart of the jungle,” say Phono Media. “The most important requirement from the investor was that the sound system had to provide the best quality possible and perform several functions: hi-fi quality background music during the daytime and after dark a full-on disco sound with sufficient bass. This needed to be distributed evenly between all rooms - the main space in front of the bar and the dancefloor, with all communication between the rooms.”
To achieve this, Michał Malczyński specified a total of four Blackline X10 and 12 Blackline X8, respectively reinforced with an SX212 subwoofer and a pair of SX110 subs. In-fills are provided by six Martin Audio ADORN ACP-55T.
Maciej added that BlacklineX had been the obvious solution and their recommendation was taken on tr


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