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boras-fohBorås Stadsteater adds KLANG:technologies 3D
Monday, 15 May 2017

Located in the city of Borås, 60 km East of Göteborg, the Borås Stadsteater is a municipality-owned theatre. Founded in 1964, it moved to its current building in 1975. A typical 1970s-style provincial venue, the theatre features a 500-capacity main auditorium with raked seating and a balcony. The main focus is conventional theatre for the most part reinforced by lavalier microphones, but the theatre also hosts musical productions and occasional concerts. The programme of events includes both in-house productions and visiting acts.
By 2016, the ageing PA system had become too small and outdated to meet the demands of modern audiences, so the management team worked with the local authority to find a solution. An Alcons LR7 system was installed, along with a new Allen & Heath dLive digital mixing system.
Borås Stadsteater’s head of sound, Tobias Walka, explained the choice of in-ear for monitoring: “Since the need for in-ear mixing was becoming more and more prominent, we started looking at solutions that would fit our resources. For the most part, sound engineering for our productions is a one-man gig. It's very seldom we have the personnel to do a separate monitor mix, which we feel is a must when it comes to IEM, so we turned to personal monitoring.
“We looked at the integrated solutions within the digital mixing system and after a bit of research we came across the KLANG system, distributed in Sweden by Electrosound, and instantly felt that this was the solution we wanted.
“Apart from our friends at Electrosound talking very enthusi

light-source-are-first-to-receive-verto-truss-in-irelandLight Source first with Verto Truss in Ireland
Monday, 15 May 2017

Ireland - Prolyte Group distributor A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET) has recently shipped Verto truss to Light Source, the first company in Ireland to receive this product.
The Verto truss is based on a new principle of truss connection, where the sections are joined by a rotating coupler system, meaning a simple flick of the wrist will connect and lock the truss sections together. Installation is fast, silent and safe.
Managing director, Billy Mahedy and his team are delighted to be the first users in Ireland of the versatile Verto truss system.
With a long history in the industry, Billy knows how to value a truss system on its merits. Based out of Sandyford, Dublin, Light Source brings a wealth of experience to the custom installation market. They design and install solutions specific to their customer’s needs, always looking to improve and expand on their technology and product offering.
Aaron Cripps, AC-ET’s regional sales representative for Eire said: “As a long-time Prolyte user, Verto was naturally the next step for Light Source. As soon as the product was launched, Billy was talking about how they could use it to make rigging quicker and easier for their crews. They are the first rental company with this system in Ireland but I’m sure that many more users are going to follow now that Billy has led the way.”
Light Source are confident that this easy to use, “no pin” truss system will benefit them in their everyday work, in both the corporate and entertainment sector. They also have a long-term plan to updat

yamahastadtparkYamaha plays key role in Hamburg’s Stadtpark
Monday, 15 May 2017

Germany - Since 1975, audiences have flocked to the Freilichtbühne open air stage in Hamburg's Stadtpark each summer to enjoy an eclectic selection of music - including pop, rock, hip-hop, soul, singer/songwriters, children’s entertainers and much more. Production company Cobra Sound Light relies on Yamaha digital mixers to ensure each night’s programme is enjoyed without a hitch.
Cobra Sound Light has been the season’s technical production supplier since 1981. The season runs from May to September and features performances from high-profile international artists (including, in recent years, Lionel Richie, Simply Red, Wu Tang Clan, Imagine Dragons and, this year, Rag 'n' Bone Man, Norah Jones, Paramore and Alan Parsons), through well-known German performers (this season including Lotto King Karl, Philipp Poisel, Roland Kaiser and Deine Freunde) to local acts.
Because of the variety of shows, the production needs of each vary greatly. “All the different artists requirements can mean a lot of changes to the equipment used for each show,” says Cobra Sound Light’s Trevor Wallace. “Luckily for us, Yamaha is at the top of most audio riders, a brand we have been using for many years.”
Trevor himself has been using Yamaha consoles since he started in the business in 2005, both working for rental companies and as a touring engineer. For the Stadtpark summer season, international artists usually bring their own engineers and consoles, or specify a console (usually a Yamaha CL5 or QL5) from Cobra. However for the smaller acts - including most

happiness-zone-5p1Nuri*Lites survive hurricane in Abu Dhabi
Monday, 15 May 2017

UAE - Abu Dhabi’s annual Mother of the Nation (MOTN) festival is the UAE’s largest cultural celebration. For 10 days last month, over a kilometre of Abu Dhabi’s Corniche beach was the setting for workshops, exhibitions, dining, and entertainment.
A fully integrated A/V and lighting package was provided by Production Technology (Protec) of Dubai, whose careful planning and work was challenged before opening day by Mother Nature. Hurricane-force, 75 mph winds, with an accompanying torrential downpour, could have easily delayed the event, had it not been for Protec’s experienced crew and some quality, IP-rated gear, including 100 of the new, tough and resilient Nuri*Lites Hurricane LED fixtures.
“We used Nuri*Lites Hurricanes in the Happiness Zone of the festival, which also happened to be the most exposed area during the storm,” says Protec’s project manager, James Lakin. “We chose the Hurricanes because they’re IP65-rated, which was necessary for the open-air setup on the beach. The fixtures survived and performed beautifully, with minimal fuss on our part.” Lakin adds, “To overcome wet weather conditions in other zones, we had to bag all of the gear every night and then unbag everything prior to the show. This meant that lights and projectors had to be realigned each day.
“We purchased Nuri*Lites because we knew TMB would stand behind their product if we had any issues,” explains Lakin. “Also, with such a short delivery timeframe (less than 10 days), we needed to go with a company that we trusted to deliver as promised.

knoxvillemarketsquarespeakerDanley Sound fills Knoxville Market Square
Monday, 15 May 2017

USA - The history of Market Square in Knoxville, Tennessee stretches back to 1854, when it was first used by local farmers to sell their produce and wares, a use that continues today. Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1984, its use was (and is) much more than a farm stand, however. Booker T. Washington, William Jennings Bryan, and Ronald Reagan all made speeches at Market Square. And musicians, from Duke Ellington to Steve Winwood, have long used its pedway and dedicated stage for performances.
In recent years, however, lacklustre sound quality from the stage put a damper on enthusiasm for concerts. Local A/V integration firm Stellar Vision and Sound fixed that problem with the design and installation of a stereo pair of Danley Sound Labs SH-96HO point-source loudspeakers, which now fill Market Square with colossal, reference-monitor quality sound.
“A lot of jazz enthusiasts and audiophiles regularly attend Market Square performances, and they were able to put their finger on the low-quality audio that everyone else was experiencing,” said Eddie Speeks, president of Stellar Vision and Sound. “They needed a system with vastly better fidelity and consistency within the area of coverage.
“Those are the hallmarks of Danley’s innovative speaker designs, and the folks at Danley helped us zero in on the perfect solution for the space. And that’s not all; they also helped us arrange a demo to provide proof of concept. The demo – at the stage itself – convinced everyone involved that we had the right solution.”

zedsdead-5Ayrton dreaming on Zeds Dead
Monday, 15 May 2017

“During the early days of design discussions with the band and their management it became pretty obvious that the show design should be focused around the stunning video content created by Strangeloop Studios out in Chicago. So, as lighting designer, it was clear that I needed to choose fixtures that could hold their own with such dynamic company.” So declares Tom Campbell, LD for Zeds Dead, one of the biggest names on the EDM scene.
“Ayrton’s DreamPanel TMTwin and MagicPanel TM602 were the obvious choice,” continues Campbell. “My concept was to use fixtures, mapped in with the video content to ‘push’ the content out into the audience and through the band: the DreamPanel with its 8x8 matrix was exactly what was needed.”
The DreamPanelTwin is a hybrid luminaire with a modified MagicPanel on one side and a DreamPanel Shift on the other. This means it can alternate between displaying high-definition video images and 3D volumetric lighting effects. Campbell’s design located the MagicPanel-602 units mounted vertically in three row of six left and right of the upstage video wall while the DreamPanel Twin fixtures took centre stage, rigged in a double row just below the DJ performance area.
“I’ve used MagicDot and MagicBlade on previous designs so I’m pretty familiar with Ayrton build and quality but even I was impressed with how well the Panels stood up to the relentless punishment of the show. The Zeds Dead stage is very bass heavy which we thought could prove an issue especially for a fixture as complex as a DreamPanel-Twin. Added to

robe-prljavo-kazaliste-spaladium-11Prljavo Kazalište celebrate 40 years of hits with Robe
Monday, 15 May 2017

Croatia - Prljavo Kazalište celebrate 40 years of hits and stardom with a world tour which kicked off with a show at the Spaladium Arena in Split, with lighting designed by Sven Kučinić of LumiLas LLC, who has worked for the band for the last six years and is also a big Robe advocate.
Sven again specified Robe fixtures to light this show, where the challenge was on to create a spectacular but scalable design to work for the whole of the upcoming tour which plays various sized venues and is scheduled to run for the rest of this landmark year in the band’s amazing career.
Sven had carte blanch to come up with cool, practical and spectacular ideas, although as always, budget was a consideration and the goal was to create something really impressive without busting the bank!
Known for his imagination, style and ingenuity, Sven produced another great looking result with Robe as the main moving light fixtures - 20 MMX Spots, 12 x MMX WashBeams and 16 Pointes.
The main trussing was configured as a ‘W’ shape above a large 100sq.m LED wall at the back with the MMXs all rigged on this and the Pointes positioned on the floor along a walkway behind the band.
The 16 Pointes were the only pure effects lights of the show and this role defined the look and physical structure of the performance space, a task enhanced by their close proximity to one another, the uniformity of the optics and the punchy beams.
Sven was careful to craft lots of classic ‘big rock show’ looks and pepper them with some more modern and left-field visual appro

here-lies-love1EM Acoustics triumphs in Seattle
Monday, 15 May 2017

USA - Here Lies Love is an immersive theatrical and musical experience. Produced by the Seattle Repertory Theatre with concept and lyrics by Talking Heads founder David Byrne who also wrote the music with British DJ Fatboy Slim, the show charts the life and times of former first lady of the Philippines, Imelda Marcos, retracing her rise to power and subsequent descent into infamy and disgrace at the end of the People Power Revolution.
The show originally premiered Off-Broadway in 2013. Set within a dance club atmosphere, the disco-musical had no traditional seating and theatregoers mingled with the actors throughout the show. The Seattle production offers seating for those who’d like it in galleries surrounding the main floor area as well as standing-only room on the floor itself which features a central (moving) stage as well as the traditional proscenium stage.
The show directed by Alex Timbers has already seen its original run extended by a further three weeks as Broadway beckons. The audio element of a production like this is of paramount importance. Sound designer Cody Spencer and associate designer Tony Gayle turned to Masque Sound who provided a full EM Acoustics PA system based on HALO-C and EMS-51s.
“We used two hangs of six HALO-C elements for the vocal centre speakers and sixteen EMS-51s for gallery delays, plus four i-12 subs for the Band stage,” explained Gayle. “I was very impressed with the clarity and smoothness of the HALO-C. It’s the first time I’ve used it on a production like this and it performed amazingly wel

rp4Yamaha Rivage goes global with Jamiroquai
Friday, 12 May 2017

Having released Automaton - the band’s first album in seven years - at the end of March, Jamiroquai are soon to embark on a world tour of arenas and festivals. A Yamaha Rivage PM10 console will be mixing the front of house sound at every show, beneath the experienced fingers of engineer Rick Pope.
Rick has worked with the band and its frontman Jay Kay for 23 years, both live and in the studio, and with Yamaha digital consoles for almost as long. So he jumped at the chance to show the world what the company’s new flagship console can do.
“I grew up on the Yamaha PM1D and then the PM5D,” he says. “I have always liked the workflow and the way that Yamaha digital consoles have their own operating system from the ground up. It makes them incredibly stable - I’ve never had a single fault in the 20-odd years I’ve been using Yamaha digital boards, which you can’t always say about other consoles.”
With the album having gone to No.1 in the iTunes chart in 24 countries and Top Ten in several more, ticket demand for the tour is extremely high. And with the inherent challenges of festivals to add into the mix, Rick is happy that the Rivage PM10 will have almost everything he needs.
“The first thing about the PM10 is that it’s very user-friendly. I haven’t had to look at the manual once, which I think is always a really good sign,” he says. “It really is the easiest console I’ve ever used and I’ve used them all over the years.”
Alongside the reliability, user-friendliness and flexibility of the platform, it’s the au

golecfohdLive tours Poland with Golec Orchestra
Friday, 12 May 2017

Poland - One of Poland’s leading bands, Golec Orchestra, recently staged six concerts in the biggest halls across the country, travelling with two dLive S Class mixing system from Allen & Heath.
Rented from Konsbud Audio, the systems comprised two DM64 MixRacks with a S3000 at FOH for engineer, Damian Kubacki, and a S5000 for monitors, with engineer, Michal Mika.
”dLive is a great board. The huge capabilities of the system, and the number of available inputs and outputs allows you to manage really big artist events,” explains Michal Mika. “The ability to use a large number of built-in FX and dynamic processors eliminates extra outboard gear for wedge and in-ear monitoring, and the control surface is designed with great thought, and I am convinced that after 2 or 3 concerts, every engineer can use dLive without any problems.
“Finally, the number of expansion cards available allows for seamless transmission of signals in many digital audio formats.”
(Jim Evans)

robe-ultra-miami-2017-ult250306336-carl-cox-arenaRobe catches the Ultra Miami vibe
Friday, 12 May 2017

USA - The 2017 Ultra Miami dance music festival drew a diverse line-up and some of the biggest international DJs and producers to the Bayfront Park site in downtown Miami, transforming it from a cool shorefront public space to a pleasure dome for around 150,000 electronic music fans for the weekend, enjoying the warmth, good vibes and music.
Robe moving lights were specified for four of the main performance areas – the Carl Cox & Friends Arena, Main Stage, Live Stage and Arcadia - the world’s favourite giant spider made from recycled industrial waste, which is newly lit with Robe after a major investment by Arcadia Spectacular.
The production lighting design for the Carl Cox & Friends Arena was created by Steve Lieberman of SJ Lighting, celebrating 18 years in the Ultra Miami ‘hot seat’ - the festival is 20 years old next year.
For Carl Cox & Friends, he worked closely with technical production manager Koen De Puysseleir of AG Production Services, the company headed by Andrew Gumper (the ‘AG’ of AG Production Services) which supplied the distinctive 154ft wide 64ft high arch shaped arena which was 200ft long and tailored to fit that part of the site, plus all the technical production.
The lighting and visual design was imagineered to fit the structure. It included 19 x LED pods which followed the contours of the roof, rigged on an automation system so they could be moved into various different positions, completely changing the shape and feel of the space.
One hundred and twenty-four Robe Pointes were on Steve’s

luis-enrique-choza-bieberMavericks light Justin Bieber In Peru
Friday, 12 May 2017

Peru - It’s been four years since Justin Bieber performed in the Peruvian capital, and fans of the Canadian superstar have built up quite a case of Bieber Fever during that time. Some 30,000 of them jammed into Lima’s National Stadium when the singer’s worldwide Purpose tour stopped in Peru this spring.
Setting the visual tone for the concert and reflecting the growing maturity of Bieber as an artist was a Cory FitzGerald-designed multi-faceted Purpose tour lightshow. Providing some intense crowd and stage illumination for the tour’s Lima stop was a collection of 60 Chauvet Professional Maverick MK1 Hybrid moving heads, supplied by DBLUX-SAC, which provided audio, lighting, video and power for the concert.
Andrés Cuadros, who co-owns the company with Guillermo Riera, was confident placing the Maverick fixtures at this concert, which was produced by Move, because he knew they had the power to cut through atmospheric effects, video walls and ambient light in the large venue. “We were convinced to buy the Maverick because of its high output,” Cuadros said of the light, which is powered by an Osram Sirius 440W 7000K colour temperature lamp.
Going beyond output, however, the Maverick’s flexibility also won Cuadros over. “This is a true hybrid, so it really gives us three fixtures in one,” he said. “We used it as a spot, a beam and wash. Things like the overlapping prisms and the gobos give us the ability to create a lot of different looks. Since the Maverick MK1 Hybrid is so versatile and powerful, we will be using it on other projec

2017-noorderslag-broederliefde-7695Dutch cultural centre upgrades with Claypaky
Friday, 12 May 2017

The Netherlands - The cultural centre De Oosterpoort in Groningen has purchased a range of Claypaky moving head fixtures as part of a major technical upgrade to the centre's lighting and audio departments.
De Oosterpoort's long-term lighting rental and sales partner Lichtpunt Theatertechnieks recommended and supplied 26 x Claypaky Scenius Spot, 26 x Claypaky A.leda B-EYE K10 and 16 x Claypaky A.leda B-EYE K10 CC for use across De Oosterpoort's large 1150 capacity concert hall and smaller 450-seat chamber hall.
"When the tender for De Oosterpoort came up in March 2016 and the client asked for us to supply them with profiles, washes and effect washes I knew straight away to suggest Claypaky products," says Leon van Warmerdam, sales manager at Lichtpunt. "Since first seeing the Claypaky moving head range at Prolight + Sound 2015 Lichtpunt has always been very enthusiastic about their products."
Lichtpunt has an outstanding reputation for service across the Netherlands. To support the De Oosterpoort tender the company worked closely with Claypaky's Benelux distributor AED to supply the centre with the innovative Claypaky products.
"For the De Oosterpoort project Claypaky was the right choice," says Jelmer Dijkshoorn, managing director at AED The Netherlands. "The fixtures all have great colour mixing, high output and a compact design. This combination of features makes them extremely rider friendly and well-suited to the centre."
De Oosterpoort, which hosts a variety of theatrical and musical performances including classical and rock n' rol

birds-nestL-Acoustics on song for Sing China final
Friday, 12 May 2017

China - Held at the Beijing National Stadium, commonly known as the Birds Nest, the final of Sing China’s inaugural season attracted a live audience of over 60,000. Simultaneously broadcast by Zhejiang Television, the production required professional sound that would ignite the massive audience so their energy would translate into a dynamic show.
Rightway Audio Consultants Ltd designed an audio system that was up to the Herculean task, utilising a total of 218 L-Acoustics loudspeakers.
Sing China was hosted by superstar Li Hua shao, with renowned artists Jay Chou, Na Ying, Wang Feng and Harlem Yu as coaches and sought to find new vocal talent drawn from public auditions, taking the chosen acts through a series of rounds before announcing Jiang Dunhao of Team Wang Feng the winner.
“We supplied all audio requirements for the two Playoff rounds and the final, which were all mixed by Front of House engineer Mr. Jin Shaogang,” explains Vincent Zhou, system designer for L-Acoustics’s Chinese distributor, Rightway Audio. “We have worked with the show’s production team for many years, supplying L-Acoustics for other series and so the show’s audio director, Mr. Jin Shaogang was familiar with L-Acoustics and trusted the system. We were both confident that K1’s power and clarity would provide the right solution for Sing China.”
Having worked at the Birds Nest before, Vincent and the Rightway team were familiar with the venue’s challenging reverb, as well as the obstacle posed by two permanently installed LED screens on t

robe-nuku-theatre-tallinn-photo-by-madis-kirkmann-mg7340No strings attached for Robe
Friday, 12 May 2017

Estonia - Robe’s DL4S Profiles and DL4F Fresnels – 52 in total – have been specified and installed at the new Nuku (Puppet) Theatre in Tallinn. This world-famous theatre has just opened a completely new space – formally an outside courtyard - at its theatre complex in the heart of the picturesque and vibrant Estonian capital.
The project is one of the latest in a number of high profile theatre installations of Robe DL series LED moving lights around the world. The luminaires have been specifically designed for performance applications, combining all the benefits of LED technology with the refined features and functionality expected from a theatrical fixture.
The new Ferdinand Stage at the Nuku Theatre now becomes the main venue. Its development includes a new entrance and foyer which have been integrated seamlessly and stylishly into the existing building. The space itself offers seating for 420 people and a 14m wide by 9m deep stage area.
Now with the relative luxury of decent headroom, wing space and upgraded production facilities, they can cater for the abundant audiences who flock year-round to enjoy a series of acclaimed performances.
The decision to pick the Robe LED moving lights was made by head of lighting Madis Kirkmann and the fixtures were delivered by Robe’s Estonian distributor E&T.
They had already been using Robe LEDWash 600s and 300s together with 600E Spots in the old theatre and were extremely happy with their reliability and performance, so it was a logical step to stay with Robe. “That, plus the grea

cascade-hills-church-1Altman Lighting at Cascade Hills Church
Thursday, 11 May 2017

USA - Located in Columbus, Georgia, Cascade Hills Church is a congregation filled with parishioners from all walks of life who wish to come together for a spirit-filled worship experience. Like many other churches worldwide, the technical elements behind that worship experience, including the architectural house lights, are becoming an important component to the overall sanctuary design.
With an aging house lighting system of their own, Cascade Hills Church recently worked with the integration division of their longtime partner Morris, and renovated their house lighting design with Chalice LED Pendant and Recessed LED downlights from Altman Lighting.
“This was actually our third technology installation at Cascade Hills Church where we have previously retrofitted their theatrical lighting, video and audio systems,” began Dustin Burggraff, Morris integration division project manager. “While working with them on the other projects, we noticed the sanctuary was very dark to the point where the congregation would have difficulty in reading from their bibles, so we started having discussions on how updating the house lights would really help the space take on a new life.
“Once we started looking at the fixtures on the market, our local manufacturers rep pointed us to the Chalice family of LED house lights from Altman Lighting which were the right choice for the lighting design renovation.”
Morris installed a total of 86 Altman Lighting Chalice LED house lights into the Cascade Hills Church sanctuary. The complete project included (22) 150

grammy-block-partyBandit joins the Grammy Block Party
Thursday, 11 May 2017

USA - Nashville’s 19th Annual Grammy Block Party returned to Cumberland Park for a party for Recording Academy’s yearly member’s event.
Chris Lisle Lighting Design utilised a lighting package from Bandit Lites where musical performances included Grammy-award winning super group, Lady Antebellum, Anderson East, Moon Taxi, CeCe Winans and Muddy Magnolias.
With the Nashville cityscape as a backdrop to the festivities, it is a far cry from the small stage outside of the Nashville Grammy offices that production manager Chris Lisle illuminated nearly 20 years ago. In addition to providing the lighting for the show, Chris Lisle Lighting Design (with support from Mark Anderson from their home office) also provided the production management for the stage and performances.
“We couldn’t be more proud to be a part of it and to partner with the Recording Academy to bring a smile and some extra joy to the members of the Academy,” said lighting designer Erik Parker. “As always with this particular event, our goal is pure class. It’s a festival-style show dedicated to the Grammy Members of the Nashville Chapter and our goal is to give them an evening of music, food and libations.”
Due to the roof of the pavilion, Parker had to design around its limitations, utilizing Robe Robin Pointes, Robe Robin 600s, Bandit’s exclusive GRNLite Battens, Lycian M2 Spots, Elation CUEPIX Blinder WW2, Martin MAC Atomic 3000 Strobes and GLP X4 fixtures.
“Bandit helped the lighting aspect of this show stay organized, straight forward and easy,” said

mike-howe-photo-credit-rob-lightnerChamSys MagicQ in control for Mastodon tour
Thursday, 11 May 2017

USA - Fans of Mastodon weren’t surprised when three of the band’s members appeared in an episode of Game of Thrones. Like the HBO hit, the music of this group reveals itself in lavishly detailed layers of fantasy that fire the imagination and leave easy categorisations smouldering by the wayside.
The complex Mastodon experience is on full display in the quartet’s 30-city North American Emperor of Sand tour, not just in the epochal music, but also in the highly evocative light and video show that Michael Howe created and controls with the new ChamSys MagicQ MQ500 Stadium and Magic HD media server.
The Emperor of Sand album takes listeners on a cosmic odyssey through time as it follows a man sentenced to death in a majestic but cruel desert. Howe’s design evokes rich imagery that reflects this musical narrative with seven 2’ wide by 14’ tall video tower monoliths, a collection of moving fixtures and pixel mapped battens. Adding to the visual impact of the show are custom content created expressly for the tour by the monomial artist Skinner, and animation/effects from the firm Hey Beautiful Jerk.
“My main goal is to have big looks build during the show along with the band’s set list,” said Howe. “I want the audience to have a visual experience that complements the audio experience of a live Mastodon show. The main challenge on this tour is finding the balance between lighting and video and putting it all together so the band can be seen. It’s easy to have interesting video in every song, but then I believe the

unison-at-osfphoto-4Elation at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Thursday, 11 May 2017

USA - The Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF) has celebrated William Shakespeare’s legacy since 1935 with another busy summer season of plays underway. OSF also stages plays by other playwrights and is presenting UniSon at the Angus Bowmer Theatre through October, a new musical inspired by the poetry of August Wilson.
Lighting designer Alex Jainchill is using dynamic lighting from Elation Professional on the play, including ZCL 360 Bar wash/effect lights and Platinum Wash 16R Pro moving heads, as well as colour-changing Elation Flex LED Tape.
UniSon is the story of a dying poet who leaves a mysterious box to his apprentice with strict instructions to destroy it. The apprentice opens it however, releasing seven ‘Terrors’ that tormented the poet through his life. The seven different Terrors allowed Jainchill to use six of the ZCL 360 Bar fixtures to treat the Terrors not featured in the scene in a different way using a saturated colour specific to each.
“All of the features in this fixture were important in this play,” Jainchill states of the LED moving batten effects with zoom functionality. “I’ve used them on other shows and love them. On UniSon, we used them as lighting fixtures, but also created a pixel map with each cell of each ZCL Bar as a pixel, which is an application that I think is great and unique to the functionality of this fixture.”
Built into the edging of the multiple platforms on the stage deck was Elation’s versatile Flex LED Tape, thin, flexible and bright LED pixel tape, an easy solution for

alices-adventures-underground-1--rah-petherbridge-photographyWhite Light goes underground with Alice
Thursday, 11 May 2017

UK -Currently running at The Vaults beneath London’s Waterloo Station, Alice’s Adventures Underground is an immersive theatrical retelling of the classic Alice in Wonderland story. Presented by theatre company Les Enfants Terribles, the play originally ran last year at the same venue and was nominated for an Olivier Award. White Light originally supplied the lighting equipment and have done so once again on this occasion.
Alice’s Adventures Underground allows audience members to meet some of Wonderland’s most famous and curious inhabitants, take tea at the biggest unbirthday party with the maddest of hatters and even join the underground movement to rise against the fearsome Queen of Hearts.
The lighting designer is Mike Gunning, who comments: “I have worked on shows similar in the past such as Punchdrunk’s The Drowned Man. My brief on this production was to create the correct aesthetic to tell the story”.
To achieve this, Mike worked closely alongside set designer Sam Wyer. Mike adds: “With this show, it is part theatrical and part installation.The audience experience it from every single angle which is something we needed to consider; along with the story flow. As the show is run on recurring loops with audience members being continuously taken around in groups, the design is actually ten running concurrently as opposed to a single one”.
Mike approached WL to provide him with a range of fixtures to achieve his design. This included Pulsar ChromaFlood 200 UV LEDs, Chroma-Q Colour Force, ETC Colour

the-front-room-abbey-roadAKA Designs in Abbey Road refurbishment
Thursday, 11 May 2017

UK - Following the successful installation of an Avid S6 desk for Giles Martin, AKA Design technical furniture was chosen for Abbey Road Studios' three new studio spaces – the biggest transformation since the studios opened in 1931 – plus a refurb of Studio 52.
The Gatehouse is a tracking studio, featuring new AKA left and right worktops in walnut for the room’s 16-fader AMS Neve BCM10 console. The worktops feature desktop angled rack bays plus under-desk curved rack bays in a grey lacquer finish.
The Front Room is designed for smaller recordings and music production, and now has stylish left and right worktops in oak with rack bays in grey lacquer either side of its 24-fader SSL Duality console.
Studio 52 is a flexible mix room that was given a refurb as part of the programme, and now contains an ergonomic rise-and-fall oak desk, for sitting or standing mixing, with a leather buffer bar and fabric-covered vanity screen.
Abbey Road’s new Mix Stage for film sound post production offers Dolby Atmos Premier Studio Certification. AKA Design installed two producers’ desks in walnut with angled racks and panel fabric-covered vanity screens, plus a walnut AKA rise-and-fall coffee table at the back of the room that transforms up to a working table height with pop-up client power units.
“It’s such a great transformation of the studios,” comments Guy Wilson, AKA Design’s managing director. “We have an excellent working relationship with the studio, from both a technical and design point of view, and we look forward to hearin

lio-awardsClaypaky products create LiO Awards winner
Thursday, 11 May 2017

Germany - The new Claypaky SharBar and other Claypaky products were used by a trio of young artists at the annual artistic lighting awards LiO (Light is Osram) Awards 2017 in their winning installation The 5th Dimension, hosted at Munich's historic event space, the Praterinsel, by German lighting manufacturer Osram.
The winning installation was designed by the artists Eylül Aslan, Sola Thoma and Frederic Hanen to explore the spatial interplay of light and dark. The artists used the SharBar in conjunction with the Claypaky Show-Batten 100 and architectural lighting product the Claypaky Odeon Flood to construct an immersive light show described by judging light artist Ingo Maurer as a "fascinating personal experience".
"The 5th Dimension installation created a series of emerging walls and columns of light that appear to create a 'fifth dimension', making light seem tangible," explains Christina Schmöe, head of internal communications & group sustainability at Osram. "The SharBar was used to construct a curtain of light at the entrance to the artwork. The fixture projected a bi-colour wall of light that, using the fixtures advanced tilt capabilities, extended transversely across the installation."
The new SharBar has an exceptional 240 degrees motorised tilt, while the six light beams can move independently of each other, adding a further flexibility to the product and allowing for versatile creative use. The beams can be locked within 60-degrees (+/-30 degree) cone, enabling the fixture to be utilised as six separate sources.

robe-gsa-led-theatrical-event-p1000455Robe gets the LED vibe at GSA
Thursday, 11 May 2017

UK - Robe co-hosted a ground-breaking LED Theatrical event staged by staff and students on the Theatre Production course at Guildford School of Acting (GSA), part of the University of Surrey.
The Czech Republic based manufacturer supplied around 50 LED luminaires to the event and to GSA’s 2017 gala musical production staged at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre in central Guildford, Surrey, including its DL7 theatrical range - plus the new Spiider LED wash beam, CycFX 8s, Spikies and VIVAs - plus technical support.
The idea of an LED Theatre event was originated by GSA Lighting Tutor Mig Burgess and facilitated by Ashley Lewis from Robe UK. She wanted to devise some innovative and fresh ways to demonstrate lighting technologies in a working environment. Several productions are staged across the university's various venues over an academic year and Mig felt that as theatre producers, there were more imaginative options to show off lighting technologies than just pointing a light at a white wall!
The one-day event ran in unison with GSA's 2017 gala musical which was Guys and Dolls for which lighting was designed by James Smith.
The event day was structured to highlight Robe's DL7 range. The fixture’s 7 LED colour mixing system takes the quality of LED light to new levels of excellence.
The day was scheduled so guests first saw the lights in action in-situ. Running a series of selected excerpts from Guys and Dolls chosen to show how lighting worked with the cast, costumes and set, onstage. This was interspersed with a talk From LD James S

aothwghouston29E-V and Bosch solution for Houston gallery
Wednesday, 19 April 2017

USA - For their Art of the World Gallery in Houston’s River Oaks area, co-owners Liliana Molina and Mauricio Vallejo wanted to augment their guests’ appreciation of the outstanding contemporary artists they display.
Southwest Building Systems of nearby Silsbee was engaged to realize this vision, and an audio visual system was installed to support artist presentations and provide background music. There is also a sound system in the VIP room, where patrons can privately view art they are considering for purchase.
“The idea was to create a warm, comfortable ambience throughout the gallery, while keeping the visual focus on the art itself,” says Brent Thornhill of Southwest Building Systems. “We knew that a combination of Bosch signal processing and the new EVID Compact Sound loudspeakers by Electro-Voice could produce the audio impact they wanted while being, essentially, invisible.”
To meet the gallery’s requirement of consistent, high-fidelity sound throughout their two-story space, Southwest Building Systems used a zoned distribution system, the Bosch PLENA matrix mixer (model PLM-8M8). Easily implemented, the mixer allows independent control of source material and volume, either directly through wall-mounted Bosch control panels and volume controls, or wirelessly through the Bosch PLENA app for iOS devices.
Because the gallery hosts presentations by the artists it exhibits, a separate sound system was needed for the front foyer and reception area. For this open space, Thornhill installed an Electro-Voice R300 wireless microph


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