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descanso-gardensLightswitch and Elation create nocturnal magic
Tuesday, 6 February 2018

USA - After visiting the award-winning holiday light show Illumination at the Morton Arboretum outside of Chicago a couple of years ago, Descanso Gardens asked lighting and visual design group Lightswitch to create and realise a new winter nighttime experience designed to attract guests and increase the popularity of the historic Southern California botanical gardens.
This year marked the second year Lightswitch has designed Enchanted Forest of Light at Descanso Gardens and the fifth year of Illumination at Morton Arboretum, creating visually stunning and memorable experiences using a bevy of Elation Professional fixtures, including the company’s award-winning IP65 -rated Proteus arc-source moving heads.
Lightswitch was responsible for lighting design and creative direction for Enchanted Forest of Light and Lightswitch principal Chris Medvitz, who is based in the LA area, was instrumental on the project. “Descanso Gardens was drawn to what [Lightswitch Principal] John Featherstone had created for Illumination. “Enchanted’ was inspired by it and we had a similar creative objective,” he said.
4Wall served as the preferred lighting vendor for Enchanted Forest of Light, providing all rentals, sales, systems integration and production management, labour and support services, all working under the direction and supervision of Chris Medvitz and Lightswitch.
Although Southern California is a wholly different animal than Chicago in the winter months, Lightswitch still had to meet the challenge of an o

animals-as-leadersSqueek Lights goes Rogue for Animals As Leaders
Tuesday, 6 February 2018

USA - Animals As Leaders were eager to co-headline a tour with fellow progressive metal stars Periphery. The two bands share a similar philosophy of music making, and both feature ample amounts of outstanding guitar virtuosity. Having performed multiple one-offs together, they also connected on a personal level. But joining forces on the 24-city Convergence tour, which concluded in early December, did present a challenge for Animals As Leaders lighting designer Victor Zeiser of Squeek Lights.
Sharing the stage meant the band needed a rig that could be set up and taken away quickly. At the same time, since Animals As Leaders would be playing larger venues than on its previous tour, Zeiser needed a lightshow with greater output. The New York-based LD came up with a solution that balanced mobility and brightness with help from 12 Chauvet Professional Rogue R1 Washes that he used to anchor a rig mounted on two custom-made truss carts.
“The team at Squeek Lights, Benjamin Jaret and Steve Kosiba, worked very hard to come up with the idea of using two pieces of truss as carts, one on each side of the drum riser,” he explained. “Each piece rode on its wheels and had Rogues and other lights mounted on its top of it, as well as on a pipe arch. We made the arch door height and had some fixtures flip down for travel. We built trays into the legs under the truss, which is where we stored cable runs and loose pars, as well as the distro and hazer. The whole rig lived in these two pieces of truss, so we did not need to send out a single road case on this

vector12Vector Lights on Auckland Harbour Bridge
Tuesday, 6 February 2018

New Zealand - On Auckland Anniversary Weekend, on 27 Saturday January, Auckland Harbour Bridge was transformed by the launch of Vector Lights – featuring a renewable energy technology powered light show that ignited imaginations and demonstrated a smarter way to power the city.
The cutting-edge installation is designed, managed, installed and programmed by internationally-acclaimed Mandylights, vividly demonstrating the new lighting capabilities and a smarter way to power Auckland as part of a 10-year smart energy partnership between Vector Limited and Auckland Council.
The audio-visual performance is made up of three chapters – the first references Tama-Nui te Ra (the sun), the original source of energy, and the second Hikohiko (electrical energy) representing it as energy and technology, and the final Hei te Ao Marama (the future world of light) as an acknowledgement to the diversity and culture in Auckland.
The tender for this long-term project was won by Sydney-based design and production company, Mandylights.
“We approached this architectural project in the same way as we approach any light artwork, concert tour or special event design” said Richard Neville, managing director of Mandylights. “Put simply, we want to make it look cool. Our design, pitch and attitude has always been to eschew the traditional mathematical, paint-by-numbers architectural lighting design approach in favour of coming up with a highly spectacular design that turned the bridge into its own unique light show.”
Vector were looking for a way to ill

vii-terrace-secret-gardenFunktion-One hits right notes at Dubai’s VII
Tuesday, 6 February 2018

UAE - When it comes to luxurious glamour, expectations in the UAE city of Dubai couldn’t be higher. For any club catering to a high-end clientele, regular refreshes are an essential part of remaining vital to the late-night scene. It was with this in mind that nightclub and lounge, VII - located, appropriately enough, on the seventh floor of the Conrad Dubai hotel - recently undertook a complete overhaul, introducing a fresh look and a new Funktion-One sound system, supplied and installed by Em-Tec.
Club owner Rocky Bhatia first met Em-Tec’s Andy Williams and Alex Bracken at the Formula One Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi. Impressed by the Funktion-One sound system they were using there, he asked the pair to visit VII and devise a set-up capable of delivering that same sonic quality.
The initial brief was for a very high-end club/lounge space, but as the concept evolved, the emphasis shifted towards producing a high-end, DJ-led nightclub, instead – one enriched by the best audio equipment available. The aim was to make VII a world-class nightclub with Funktion-One sound across the whole venue.
To achieve this, Em-Tec designed a tailor-made sound system with a focus on providing impactful audio with even coverage throughout. Funktion-One’s Evo 6 loudspeakers, teamed with the manufacturer’s F221 bass speakers, form the core of the solution.
The full speaker system comprises: six Evo-6Es; four Res 2 full range speakers, two F101; four F1201; a BR118 and six BR218 bass reflex enclosures; two F221 and four F218mk2 bass enclosures; and an Infrabas

national-dayL-ISA delivers ‘best sound ever’ for National Day
Tuesday, 6 February 2018

UAE - The United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) 46th National Day celebrations took place on 2 December 2017 with a series of events organised by the Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism. The centre-piece was a spectacular, hour-long event, which took place in a custom-built, temporary stadium and featured an L-ISA immersive audio system, provided by Delta Dubai with engineering services supplied by Australian Emmy Award winning audio-visual design company, Auditoria.
The Here is the Future event programme developed by event producers Done + Dusted UK featured a three-scene, 11-chapter spectacle showcasing a future that will benefit from innovations such as artificial intelligence, space sciences and renewable energy, all slated to enhance the living standards and happiness of the citizens and residents of the UAE. It was attended by the UAE royal families and leaders, senior state officials, heads of government, representatives of the armed forces and police, as well as local citizens.
“With an event themed on the future and innovation, Done + Dusted logically wanted to feature the very latest technology in their proposal,’ says Auditoria’s Scott Willsallen. “This was the ideal environment to deliver something really special from a sound perspective, so I briefed them on the L-ISA immersive system and how it can be used to create a perfect match between the show image and sound, enhancing the connection between the audience and the performance.”
Scott’s proposal was accepted and, in late summer last year, he set about designing th

lordeL-Acoustics K2 package on Lorde’s Melodrama tour
Monday, 5 February 2018

UK - New Zealand artist Lorde has just completed a world tour in support of her second album Melodrama. Kicking off in September in Manchester, she played a series of UK dates running into October, before moving on to Europe, ending in New Zealand and Australia in November.
UK-rental company Adlib Audio supplied an L‑Acoustics K2 system for the duration of the UK and European dates, its scalability and light weight making it suitable for the varying venue sizes, as well as their weight loading restrictions.
“We chose K2 because it has similar sonic qualities to L‑Acoustics K1, but in a smaller, lighter enclosure,” says Adlib system engineer Sam Proctor. “A lot of smaller venues have a strict weight allowance and K2 proved invaluable.”
Sam notes that although there are similar sized systems that are the same approximate weight, they do not reproduce the low frequencies that K2 does.
“K2 extends far past where other systems drop off,” he says. “And coupled with the KS28 subs, the system produces the low-end response we wanted. Being able to quickly adjust the horizontal dispersion also helped us to avoid walls close to the system and helped minimise reflections.”
The tour’s biggest setup consisted of main hangs of 14 K2 per side, with six K2 per side for delays, along with 20 KS28 subs. This was supplemented where necessary with Kara side-hangs. Kara were also used as lip-fills on the centre subs, and ARCSII provided infill. The system was driven by LA12X amplifiers over AES.
Adlib also provided a full s

warhausMavericks create captivating spectacle for Warhaus
Monday, 5 February 2018

Belgium - Not many musicians can claim to have the relentless creative output of Belgian artist Maarten Devoldere. When he's not performing and recording with his award-winning band, Baltazar, Devoldere pushes the musical envelope as the main singer songwriter of his own solo side-project, Warhaus.
To mark the release of Warhaus' second album in October of this year, Devoldere brought in Belgian design masters Arf&Yes to craft a powerful yet minimal stage setup for a supporting European tour. Central to Arf&Yes' visual design were six Chauvet Professional Maverick MK2 Wash fixtures that are used to illuminate the stage’s central focal point, a custom-made embossed wall of pyramids.
Serving as a backdrop to Devoldere and his band, the pyramid brings an aesthetic element to the stage. The vibrant colours and punchy wash effects of the Maverick MK2 fixtures, powered by 12 (40 W) Osram RGBW LEDs, lend a captivating illusory quality to the structure.
"The Mavericks were instrumental in bringing the pyramid wall to life," commented Jonas Weyn of Arf&Yes. "We placed three fixtures at either side of the stage to create a lattice of saturated coloured wash effects, which worked both vibrant and powerful at the same time.
"We knew the Maverick Wash would be able to provide versatile looks, thanks to its excellent zoom and even output, "continued Weyn. “Being able to play with the zoom capabilities meant that we were able to effortlessly wash intense colour the whole length and breadth of the pyramid, and in doing so create the illusio

warhausARET upgrades RAI studios with Lawo
Monday, 5 February 2018

Italy - Public broadcaster RAI, a long-time user of Lawo products and solutions, has just taken delivery of 37 Lawo V__pro8 8 Channel Video Processing Toolkits.
The new Lawo equipment will be employed in a nationwide technical upgrade and renovation of studios and OB vans located all over Italy. System integrator and Lawo partner ARET Video and Audio Engineering, headquartered in Milan, won the tender after participating in a test procedure which scrutinized prominent brands’ ability to process video in broadcast environments.
Alessandro Asti, ARET’s VP of sales comments: “The unique features and flexibility of V__pro8 – its ability to synchronise, convert, embed / de-embed and apply delay to both audio and video, as well as monitoring eight inputs at once – received the maximum technical marks in the tender. Thanks to the outstanding performance of the V__Pro8, it is the perfect tool for signal monitoring in RAI’s studios and OB vans.”
The RAI project is the latest in a number of successful joint projects between ARET and Lawo. Another notable project, from 2017, was the outfitting of Italian production company NVP’s OB4 OB Van. The heart of OB 4’s audio systems is a pair of Lawo mc²56 production consoles, a Nova router and DALLIS interfaces. The complete OB Van is controlled using Lawo’s VSM (Virtual Studio Manager) system; Lawo’s V__pro8 eight-channel video processing units give producers control of the complete broadcast production workflow using just 1 RU of rack space.
(Jim Evans)

lumiereTitan Mobile at Lumiere London Festival
Monday, 5 February 2018

UK - Light artist Philippe Morvan and programmer Émilien Guesnard relied on the power and feature set of Avolites' Titan Mobile console to realise one of the highlight installations of this year's Lumiere London Festival, which took place in January.
Morvan's DOT installation, which was located at St Pancras Square in London's Kings Cross, was the latest in a series of light installations by the French designer, whose work has been seen across the world. Characterised by the synchronisation of light and music, Morvan's designs engage the viewer with geometric, abstract patterns and pulses of movement.
As with all Morvan's creations, DOT's deceptively simple result masked a complex creative process, helped in no small measure by Avolites' Titan Mobile.
"It was a long process," confirms Morvan. "I wanted to create something organic, smooth and peaceful. I wanted the piece to look really simple - and it's difficult to make something appear so simple! We don't have any colour, or any other effects, remember - just traditional light and movement."
DOT consisted of a 5 x 35 horizontal matrix of 40W lamps behind large, circular white diffusers. Patterns and chases swept and pulsed through the array of 'dots' in a six-minute light-show, which was meticulously programmed to accompany the music of electronica duo Solomon Grey. To translate his vision into light, Morvan worked closely with his frequent collaborator, programmer Émilien Guesnard, over a six-week period.
Guesnard, a long-term Avolites user, says, "Philipp

robe-little-mermaid-3aRoboSpot flexible solution for Little Mermaid
Monday, 5 February 2018

Belgium - Luc Peumans of Genk-based international design practice Painting with Light designed the lighting The Little Mermaid as it was staged in Belgium for the first time. Lighting equipment was delivered by Benelux rental company Phlippo Showlights together with audio and rigging.
The RoboSpot system was tech’d by Ilse Witlox, also the lead operator, who is an expert in the somewhat ‘black art’ of follow spotting. Precise follow-spotting was absolutely crucial to a complex and visually rich production like this.
The 11 x BMFL Blades complete with 11 RoboSpot MotionCameras were positioned on a front truss, an advanced truss and on two side trusses.
Six on the front truss were positioned as three on the left and three on the right; the three on the advanced truss (‘behind’ the front truss and above the audience) were in the left, right and centre positions along that truss, and the other two were on short runs of truss just offstage to each side of the venue.
The two side BMFLs were specifically utilized for spotting lead character Ariel as she flew out from stage to FOH.
Ilse and her two colleagues - Peter Pijnenburg and Emiel van Holderbeke – were all stationed at FOH with their RoboSpot Base Stations so they had a clear visual of how the spots looked in reality, in addition to seeing the effect on the base station HD screen monitor, which enables a ‘first-person’ view of the performance.
The RoboSpot systems were specified by Luc Peumans after he saw a demo. The additional flexibility they brought to th

good-charlotte-brixton-2Stylus Productions MLA on Good Charlotte dates
Friday, 2 February 2018

UK - Stylus Productions recently provided Martin Audio’s MLA loudspeaker array as the preferred sound reinforcement for American rock band Good Charlotte on their UK tour.
The service company already owned the control/stage packages for the band and for the PA they turned to Martin Audio partners, RG Jones Sound Engineering and Capital Sound, working closely with Simon Honywill in system development and optimisation. They also supplied infrastructure and production management service for the tour.
MLA rigs went into Glasgow Barrowlands, Southampton Guildhall and Brixton Academy, and the PA appeared in various configurations, and with different optimisations to suit the venue - but included MLA/MLX plus MLA Compact and MLA Minis, with DD12s for fills.
Stylus Productions MD, Sam Thomas, confirmed that the decision to spec MLA was collaborative, but had not been a difficult one to make. “We were already huge fans of the system, having toured extensively with MLA Compact in identical venues, so were itching to see what we could achieve with the larger format boxes,” he said. “Some of these venues pose significant acoustic challenges and MLA is the best solution for controlling vertical dispersion in difficult spaces and preserving clarity.”
And each of those venues had their own idiosyncrasies to contend with. “We have to give much of the credit to system tech, Simon Honywill, for his outstanding work optimising and propagating the system for these spaces,” praised Thomas. “Brixton was a particular breakthrough, and many trusted

orange-theory-fitness1Elation on 2017 Inc. 5000 Awards
Friday, 2 February 2018

USA - Each year, Inc. Magazine publishes its list of the 5000 fastest-growing publicly held small companies in the U.S. and follows the announcement with a black-tie awards ceremony at the Inc. 5000 Conference & Gala. To land on Inc’s list is not only public recognition that a company is on a successful track, it also serves as a source of pride for up-and-coming companies.
The Inc. 5000 Conference & Gala gathering brings some of the nation's most successful business minds together to celebrate the companies that appear on the prestigious ranking. The 10th anniversary edition of the conference was held 10-12 October at the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort in Palm Springs, California, with the black tie awards ceremony capping the three-day event on the final night.
J. Thor Productions, a growing live event production company based near Tampa, Florida that specializes in corporate events coast to coast, turned to its new inventory of Elation Professional Satura Profile and Platinum FLX fixtures to light the awards event.
A custom set design by ZH Productions, a 1960’s style California hotel painted all in white, proved the ideal canvass for lighting designer Brian Silva to paint with coloured light. “The set was highlighted using the four-blade framing shutters of the Satura Profile,” stated J. Thor Gogolen, whose company purchased eight of the LED-based CMY colour mixing fixtures in October and have since acquired an additional eight. “There were lots of straight lines in the set and the Satura’s were perfect for

thomas-roadFirst BroaMan autorouter in North America
Friday, 2 February 2018

USA - Optocore has been providing professional digital transport systems for high channel counts of audio, video and data for more the 25 years. The Digico SD series of consoles have been using the Optocore fibre network as their digital fibre transport system since their release because of the redundant and reliable performance of the network.
The Optocore platform is easily programmed and connected using redundant fibre connections and allows for near instantaneous transmission of audio, control and data without any loss or electrical interference. This makes Optocore enabled consoles an appealing choice for audio technicians that need to transport a large amount of audio, maintain great quality audio and not worry about IT integration or IP addresses.
An additional benefit to using the Optocore fibre network with SD consoles is the ability of using any Optocore R-Series device on the same network with full control of routing, gain and phantom power from the console surface. Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, VA, took advantage of this feature when they recently upgraded the worship facility to include an Optocore DD4MR-FX network MADI device and the first BroaMan Route66 Autorouter (technology powered by Optocore) installed in North America.
BroaMan Route66’s have been used on numerous live events and in the Production/Touring markets on shows that required a high degree of redundancy and flexibility; Thomas Road’s services are no different. There are multiple connection points throughout the space where consoles and equipment are co

garthbrookscrowdstatecollegepaGarth Brooks breaks records with Clair Brothers
Friday, 2 February 2018

USA - Garth Brooks celebrated a new ticket sales record after three years touring North America with his wife, Trisha Yearwood, and his trusted sound system designed by Clair Brothers.
The exacting standards by which Garth works and his genuine thoughtfulness, from his song-writing and studio recording, to the level of planning, production quality, gear and pros he takes out on the road with him, set the stage for success. Preparation for this tour began in 2014 when Garth commissioned a custom-made sound system design from Clair Brothers.
Six months of research and system development engineering were required to meet the vision conceptualized by Brooks and his production team. This vision garnered Garth and his team a 2018 TEC Award nomination for Outstanding Creative Achievement for Tour/Event Sound Production.
His main touring PA consists of a combination of Clair Brothers i218-M and i212-M line array speakers and features a one-of-a-kind, central-steered subwoofer array that is employed for high-impact, low-frequency special effects. All speakers are powered by CB-Lab.gruppen PLM 20K amplifiers and mixed by a Yamaha PM-10. According to Dan Heins, Garth’s trusted FOH engineer since 1989, “The Clair Brothers PA consistently delivers, sounds great and holds up over the years. Just like Garth.”
After playing 77 cities, the total number of tickets sold for the North American leg of The Garth Brooks World Tour exceeded 6.3m. That’s impressive by any measure and a testament to the popularity of Garth Brooks, even after taking a 13-year

bethlehemNexo Geo M6 reaches Bethlehem
Friday, 2 February 2018

Sweden - With music and the spoken word at the heart of the modern worship service, any renovation of a church sanctuary calls for a critical appraisal of the performance of the fixed audio system. In the Bethlehem Church in Gothenburg, Sweden, just such a renovation resulted in the installation of a new Nexo Geo M6 compact line array, after careful analysis of the church room’s acoustics and a shoot-out between manufacturers’ solutions.
Tech 4 Event AB has specialised in church installations over recent years and was called in to assess the needs of the Bethlehem church, and its 800-strong congregation. Björn Carlsson, the CEO of Tech 4 Events, and his colleagues looked at a number of different sound reinforcement systems for the installation, considering the aesthetic appearance of the audio solution as well as its sonic performance.
The church called for a demo and comparison between two brands, a clean shoot-out which was welcomed by Björn Carlsson. “Such a test is rewarding for the customer, in this case the assembly. In this way, they get an opportunity to listen to different systems before choosing what to install. Not only to experience that one system sounds better than anything else, but above all in order to determine whether the systems fit into their premises and the activities that are going on there.”
In the end, the choice rested with the assembly, and they chose the Nexo Geo M6 compact line array. Steps were taken to improve the building acoustics, such as replacing the ceiling, which helped Björn Carlsson and his team a

nzHarman at the Australian High Commission
Friday, 2 February 2018

New Zealand - Jands NZ recently installed a networked audio system by Harman Professional Solutions at the Australian High Commission facility in Wellington.
The Australian High Commission (AHC) acts as the Australian government’s official agency in New Zealand. In addition to providing a range of diplomatic services to the public, including passport, immigration, citizenship and cultural relations, the AHC also represents Australia’s interests to government and business organizations in New Zealand.
A dedicated event space in the facility allows the AHC to host numerous events and meetings throughout the year. The AHC event space consists of four individual rooms that can accommodate multiple events simultaneously or be combined for large events. In order to ensure maximum intelligibility, versatility and ease-of-use during a wide range of events, the AHC hired Audio Workshop and Jands NZ to upgrade their aging sound system with a complete Harman Professional Solutions networked audio system made up of JBL, BSS and AKG solutions.
“We asked Matt Chapman of Audio Workshop to provide a full analysis of our previous system, and recommend solutions to optimise the audio quality with a true world-class system,” said Jonathan Pawley, AV & IT Manager, Australian High Commission. “We’re very happy with the new Harman system, which Jands NZ installed to Matt’s specifications - it exceeded all of our expectations.”
Audio Workshop and Jands NZ relied on a selection of JBL speakers to ensure optimum coverage and clarity in the AHC e

theatre-grand-t-2017-ld-1APG solution for Grand T in Nantes
Friday, 2 February 2018

France - The artistic adventure of the Grand T in Nantes began in 1983 with the inauguration of the Espace 44, an 879-seat theatre designed by architect Claude Jeffroy and scenographer Igor Hilbert. The venue gained a strong reputation under the aegis of Jean-Luc Tardieu, the Grand T artistic director from 1985 to 1998, who directed many shows starring iconic actors such as Jean Marais, Edwige Feuillère and Anouk Aimé. Catherine Blondeau is the director of the theatre since 2011.
Designed on the principle of an insulated staging area, Le Grand T stands out due to the short distance between the stage and the last row, creating an intimate feeling between the actors and the audience. To enhance this proximity, Le Grand T recently decided to upgrade the entire front-fill sound system. French integrator, Sonowest, trusted loudspeaker manufacturer APG and its new Uniline Compact to answer the drastic and complex technical requirements and specifications.
Patrick Morilleau, technical deputy director of Le Grand T, explains: “Our previous sound system was aging and we could hear the difference of tone between the speakers. More importantly, the sound coverage we had wasn’t homogenous, which in turn created a sensation of hotspots when subjected to strong acoustic pressure. This manifested as a lack of coverage on the tip of the stage, thus creating a major void in the centre of the pit, as well as a pressure drop towards the last rows and therefore the control room.”
The challenge with this upgrade was to obtain an even acoustic pressure for the e

misfitsMythos2 and Sharpy are fit for The Misfits
Friday, 2 February 2018

USA - Seminal horror punk rock band and at The Forum in Los Angeles with a pair of high-octane shows guaranteed to please fans of the iconic musicians.
Lighting designer/Director Jason Cain selected Claypaky Mythos2 and Sharpy Wash fixtures for the back-to-back arena shows.
“The Misfits are the reason we have Metallica, Guns N’ Roses and Rob Zombie,” says Cain, who is also an account representative at Gemini LSV (Light Sound Video) in Dallas, which provided the lights. For the shows featuring long-time band members Glenn Danzig, Jerry Only and Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein, Cain wanted lights that delivered “a lot of output, were quick and able to strobe saturated colours. Both the Mythos2 and Sharpy Washes delivered that: They were pretty raw and powerful.”
The Misfits’ stage was outfitted with a 40x20ft 6mm LED videowall, a pair of 13ft tall prop pumpkins and dozens of iterations of the band’s famed Crimson Ghost logo. Cain treated the two arena shows “as if they were a tour”, he explains. He previously worked with The Misfits at 2016 Riot Fest events in Denver and Chicago.
For the two new shows Cain flew approximately 20 Mythos2 fixtures, which he likes for their “really great output”. He adds, “It’s a bright intense light without having a big footprint. I used them to light the scenery in spot/wash mode and pinned down for pixie stick shafts of light everywhere.”
He deployed 24 Sharpy Washes as floor units on the back line and drum risers. “I used them like an ACL in banks with a lot of beam effects,

grammysSennheiser delivers winning wireless at the Grammys
Friday, 2 February 2018

USA - Broadcast live on 28 January, the 60th Annual Grammy Awards delivered all the excitement and drama audiences have come to expect from the music industry’s marquee event.
Several of the biggest artists in the industry, including Album of the Year and Record of the Year winner Bruno Mars, made use of 20 channels of Sennheiser’s digital wireless technology and four channels of its analogue wireless technology.
Kendrick Lamar kicked off the show with a powerful performance of his song XXX from his Album of the Year nominated record DAMN. Lamar used a Sennheiser Digital 6000 wireless system featuring an SKM 9000 transmitter and MD 9235 capsule for transmission of his riveting rhymes. He would take home five Grammy Awards on the evening.
Lady Gaga took the stage next, performing sensitive, piano-focused renditions of both the title track from her Best Pop Vocal Album nominated record Joanne and Best Pop Solo Performance nominated Million Reasons. She sang through a Sennheiser 3000/5000 series wireless system featuring the SKM 5200 transmitter and MD 5235 capsule combination, which carried her dynamic vocal performance with crispness and clarity.
Sennheiser Digital 9000 user Bruno Mars emerged as the most decorated artist of the 60th Annual Grammy Awards. Cardi B joined him for a performance of the remix of Finesse, with Mars using an SKM 9000 and MD 9235 transmitter and capsule combination for the retro-tinged hit. He would go on receive several of the night’s highest honours, including Album of the Y

chesham5Lighting up The Adventures of Pinocchio
Thursday, 1 February 2018

UK - Following the success of their last show A Christmas Carol, Voice of the Show were back in 2017 with The Adventures of Pinocchio. Based on the original book by Carlo Collodi, David Mansell directed and adapted the tale into a magical family performance which follows the naughty puppet on his many adventures and begins on Christmas Eve in toy maker, Geppetto’s workshop (played by Guy Siner).
The Little Theatre by the Park in Chesham played home to the dark family fable for 19 shows throughout December, boasting West End-worthy lighting designs and a small but talented cast. At the heart of the lighting rig were four Chauvet DJ Intimidator hybrids, six Chauvet Professional Q-Wash 436Zs, four Rogue R2 Spots and eight ETC Source 4 Junior fixtures that were evenly positioned around the circular stage.
Both Rogue R2 Spots and Intimidator hybrids were chosen for their versatility and together created an impressive variety of looks on stage. “As the R2 Spots have two colour wheels, the possible combinations are almost endless” said Andy Friedli, lighting designer. “By choosing to deploy the Rogue’s we were able to convey the moods of each scene easily and effectively”.
In addition to the main lighting rig, an ETC Source 4 Mini was positioned downstage centre to act as a spotlight for the star of the show, Pinocchio. Created by Sam Parker (puppeteer for War Horse), Pinocchio was bought to life by two of his own puppetees.
Not only was the stage constantly endowed with vibrant colours, the performance had its fai

michele-and-vbozeman-performTrumpet Awards shine with Bandit Lites
Thursday, 1 February 2018

USA - The 2018 Bounce Trumpet Awards were held on 20 January at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre with a lighting package supplied by Bandit Lites.
2018 honourees were Jermaine Dupri, Richelieu Dennis, Tamika Mallory, Marley Dias, Dr. Lonnie Johnson, Rhyon Brown and Cameo. The evening featured performances from Arrested Development, Michel’le and Major along with a musical tribute to So So Def Recordings founder and honoree Jermaine Dupri which included performances from Anthony Hamilton, Bow Wow, Xscape and a surprise appearance by Ludacris.
Using over 180 fixtures from Bandit Lites, lighting designer Bob Peterson crafted looks that would translate both for those in attendance at the live awards and for those who would be watching at home.
HES SolaSpot 2000 Framings provided reconfigurable, automated key lights from the rail and first electric, while Robe BMFLs and Robe Pointes supplied beam graphics and effects. VL 3000 Spots illuminated the band, floor and scrim texture, with GLP X4 and GLP X4S lighting the audience and architectural components, and VL500 giving dance cross looks.
“A combination of 10 Robe cycFX8 and Elation Sixbars fit an assortment of drapes and Atomic scenic materials perfectly,” said Peterson. “This was an outstandingly prepped show. We only have a day to pre-light, and none of that day was spent reconfiguring or refitting.”
“Working with Bob Peterson and Monica Rose is always a positive experience and the production team he builds is always first class,” said Bandit vice president Mike Golden.

carnival43hiD.A.S. Audio on board the Carnival Conquest
Thursday, 1 February 2018

USA - Carnival Cruise Line’s Carnival Conquest, which cruises to the Bahamas, Bermuda, and the Caribbean, recently upgraded its sound reinforcement capabilities for its poolside LED screen. After carefully considering options from several well-known loudspeaker manufacturers, the company ultimately selected loudspeakers from the WR Series catalogue of D.A.S. Audio.
North Miami, FL headquartered Control AV, an AV system design / build firm that specialises in entertainment technology projects for cruise ships and other specialist applications, was contracted to design and deploy the new sound reinforcement setup for the ship’s outdoor theatre. Ultimately, the firm installed 16 D.A.S. WR-320FXW installation line arrays and four WR-S218FXW subwoofers. Amir El Yordi, President of Control AV LLC, discussed the job and his reasons for selecting D.A.S. Audio equipment.
“Carlos Morales, our company’s technical director, and Carlos Obando, Control AV’s project manager, were the two lead people on this project, together with their Carnival counterparts; Timothy McCormick, entertainment technical project manager, and Jeff Irving, manager-entertainment technical operations-audio,” El Yordi explained.
“The ship’s outdoor screen features a large, stunning LED video wall and the new loudspeakers are integrated into the sides of the screen. Being an outdoor venue, it was crucial for the new sound system to be weatherised so as to minimise vulnerability to moisture typically encountered by any ocean-going vessel. Equally important, we needed a syste

riggingstm4Immersive classical with Espace Concept and Nexo
Thursday, 1 February 2018

France - Sound engineer and designer Alain Roy, head of rental company Espace Concept, is one of the most respected names on France’s professional audio scene. A recent classical concert in eastern France gave him the opportunity to examine the Nexo STM Series modular line array as part of his new conceptual approach to immersive sound.
The event, staged at the Axone Arena in Montebeliard near the Swiss border, featured 80 musicians of the Orchestre Victor Hugo Franche Comté, who were joined by a blues band for the second half of the concert.
For the main PA, the Besançon-based rental team of Espace Concept set up a L/R system with (per side) 12x M28 main and six B112 bass modules from Nexo’s modular STM Series. In this application, Roy’s system design exploited the sound quality of the 12” drivers in the B112s, rather than increasing the number of double 8” M28s. The nature of the STM Series, where the different modules are specified to mix and match, enabled such a combination.
A small number of STM S118 subs were used in cardioid mode: six cabinets per side worked very efficiently and provided a good tonal balance.
Nicolas Poitrenaud, a member of Nexo’s engineering support team, describes the objective. “Alain takes a lot of care with the phase response of the Nexo cabinets. He prefers to send a premix of the instruments to the STM modules that is calibrated to their spectrum, rather than sending everything and using low-cut filters, which create phase distortion. For examples, the violins don’t go the B112 modules but str

believers1Believers Church supports music with Chauvet
Wednesday, 31 January 2018

USA - Music is important to the mission of Believers Church. So much so, that this 2,100-member non-denominational house of worship in northeastern Ohio has its own bands and combos, including the aptly named BC Band. It also welcomes an impressive array of guest performers to its services and events. Supporting the music at the church’s newly remodelled Youth Room with immersive live venue-style lighting is a collection of Chauvet Professional Rogue and Ovation fixtures supplied by Goliath Lighting.
“Our youth services have a lot of very expressive high-energy songs,” said Cory Clement, the church’s technical director, who oversaw the lighting upgrade. “Being able to reflect this music with colour changes, zooms and effects from 19 moving fixtures really provides an engaging and enriching experience. Previously, we had no movers in our Youth Room, so the difference is night and day.”
The lighting upgrade that Clement speaks of was part of a larger $800,000 renovation project that involved the section of the building that had been the church’s school. “Everything in the school area was completely gutted, which allowed us to start from scratch,” he said. “The new Youth Room was previously gym space. Lighting, sound and video were all purchased new for this project.”
Making up the lighting package, which was selected by Clement, are nine Rogue R1 Wash, six Rogue R2 Wash and four Rogue R2 Spot fixtures, which are used for effect lighting, as well as four Ovation E-910FC RGBA-Lime colour-mixing ellipsoidals and two Ovation F-165WW w


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