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glastonbury-towerMavericks star on Glastonbury’s ribbon tower
Monday, 3 July 2017

UK - This year’s Glastonbury Festival was “the best yet” according to organiser Emily Eavis. A star-studded procession of artists from Radiohead, Ed Sheeran and the Foo Fighters to The Sleaford Mods, The XX and Katy Perry appeared on its stages. These superstars weren’t the only crowd pleasers at the five-day event, however, also attracting a lot of attention was the 20m high multi-coloured ribbon tower set against the brilliant light produced by 10 Maverick MK1 Hybrids from Chauvet Professional.
Simon Marcus, MD at Enlightened Lighting specified the 10 powerful 440W moving lights to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the tower and the park area that surrounds it. In addition to creating an aerial lightshow, the Maverick fixtures fit harmoniously with the tower uplights, and add drama and presence to the structure.
Installed in weather proof domes, the MK1s were positioned in a line behind the tower, which festival goers were invited to climb to get a bird’s eye view of the festival grounds. David Howard, student at the University of South Wales and placement student of Enlightened, used the Maverick fixtures in both beam and spot modes to create a myriad of stunning effects.
“The power and versatility of the Mavericks allowed the tower to be a focal point of the entire site,” said Howard. “We switched seamlessly between beam looks and animated effects in the air with ease.”
Situated near areas like Arcadia, which were producing intense aerial effects of their own, the Ribbon Tower needed to command attention whilst still proj

nexo-mkplusNexo mid-size line array on song in Lyon
Monday, 3 July 2017

France - Mkplus, the full-service rental house based near Lyon, is one of the pioneering users of Nexo’s new Geo M10 mid-size line array. Frédéric Guinand’s company has debuted the high-output SR system on the four-day Changez d’air music festival, as well as several indoor events.
A very high-profile test of the new system took place in the elegant grounds of the prestigious Ombrosa Lycée Multilingue de Lyon, in Caluire. Ombrosa is a private international school operating within the French national educational system. To mark its 45th anniversary, the school hosted a large outdoor event in its grounds. For the audience of 2,500 people, the highlight was a performance by 500 young students on stage.
Mkplus presented a large mixed Nexo system for the fête, using ground-stacked Geo M10 as the main PA. Using a 10” LF driver and 1.4” HF driver, these two-way cabinets offer 12.5° of vertical dispersion and a frequency response of 59Hz-20kHz. For Ombrosa school, each groundstack comprised five Geo M1012 modules mounted on top of one of the SUBM15 subbass cabinets, using a dedicated bumper accessory. Given the very wide audience area, Mkplus engineers pulled in a couple of PS15-R2 speakers to broaden the dispersion. A number of PS10 cabinets were used for front-fill, monitors and side-fills, all powered by three Nexo NXAMP4x4s.
“This was one of our first outdoor events for Geo M10,” explains Frédéric Guinand. “We were again impressed by how far this system will throw, giving us very good coverage of the audience area. Despite the la

studentsAvolites Tiger Touch II selected for £3.3m theatre
Friday, 30 June 2017

UK - Theatre lighting designer Andy Webb has specified an Avolites Tiger Touch II as the house-desk at The Griffin Centre, a new £3.3m performance venue at Cotswold educational establishment, Rendcomb College.
Webb has been involved in the build as technical consultant since 2013, having worked alongside the college for over a decade, supporting the theatrical department and teaching A-Level lighting design.
"It was great to be involved in the project from the ground up," says Webb. "I was able to work with the architects to solve any design problems from a technical perspective before they were even engineered into the building."
The Griffin Centre will be utilised as a hybrid professional space for live events and as a training centre for the college's theatre students.
"From the start of the process, Rendcomb College made it clear that the theatre was to be built to a high professional standard," says Webb. "The space can host corporate events, product launches, musical concerts and theatrical productions. As such, the technical equipment we needed to specify had to be on the level of a professional production house."
Webb, who has been an Avolites user for three years, recommended the brand's powerful, portable mid-size desk, the Tiger Touch II as the Griffin Centre's house lighting control console.
"For this venue, it was important that we had a lighting control platform that was intuitive, versatile and professional," says Webb. "The Tiger Touch II allows us to move about the theatre space in a whole new way. One minute we m

hoHall & Oates tour with Mozarts and IMS
Friday, 30 June 2017

USA - Daryl Hall and John Oates kicked off their 2017 summer tour last month at the BOK Centre in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The whirlwind tour across America’s heartland includes 30 dates through July.
The lighting design team of Matt Geasey and Jesper Luth specified 140 Solaris Mozart fixtures, as well as 600 IMS Mk2 RGBW lamps on 12 110-foot festoon strings, all provided to the tour by Morris of Nashville.
“Daryl and John were looking to add a lighting effect that would bring the audience closer to them, thus creating a more intimate setting,” explains David Haskell, president of Morris. “To achieve this, we deployed strings of IMS colour-changing festoon lamps over the audience from downstage to front of house. With six IMS Mk2 Universe Drive controllers mounted in the downstage truss, the network is simple to operate and keeps our work areas tidy. We are happy to report the IMS system is performing brilliantly and the crew is impressed with its durability and ease of install. These are definitely festoon lamps made for the road.”
Haskell continues, “Also, this year 140 Mozarts reprise their impressive role from last year’s tour. Mozarts are the perfect eye candy and add ‘sparkle’ to the set. While small in size, the Mozarts are extremely bright, yet still easy on the eye, not only highlighting the band but also creating a warm, colourful backdrop for the show.
“Combined with other fixtures on stage, the greater effect is smooth, colourful, and warm, which complements Hall & Oates’ music. Co-billed on the tour are Tears fo

oklahomaBlane supports Oklahoma! storyline with Chauvet
Friday, 30 June 2017

USA - Theatre audiences today are accustomed to seeing musicals where songs and dances are woven into a well-crafted dramatic storyline, but that was rarely the case prior to the 1943 Broadway debut of Oklahoma!. The Rogers and Hammerstein classic’s smashing success (it ran for an unprecedented 2,212 performances) marked the beginning of a new era, one that would ultimately see the songs and dances in a musical go from being mere entertainment numbers to vital parts of the unfolding narrative.
Lighting designer Zach Blane did justice to this “Book Musical” tradition in a recently concluded, Igor Goldin directed, revival of Oklahoma! at the John W. Engeman Theatre. Drawing on a collection of Ovation, COLORdash and Rogue fixtures from Chauvet Professional, Blane conveyed key dramatic elements of the play in light, particularly during pivotal scenes, such as the famous 15 minute Dream Ballet at the conclusion of Act One.
“My main mission is always to support the script and convey the clearest story possible,” said Blane. “I tell people that I am not a Lighting Designer, but a Dramaturgical Storyteller that deals in the medium of light.”
In the case of Oklahoma!, Blane contributed to the play’s narrative by conveying large vast open sky and directional hot sunlight as well as beautiful romantic moonlight, since much of the play’s original narrative transpires outdoors. However, in this production, the entire show is set in a barn-like structure.
“D.T. Willis did a masterful job designing the unit set

angels-in-americaAngels in America is under control with ETC
Friday, 30 June 2017

UK - Tony Kushner’s multi-award-winning play, Angels in America has made a triumphant return to the National Theatre, marking 25 years since its UK debut. This technology-laden production of the two-part epic features innovative ways of working with ETC’s Eos family of lighting control desks.
Dubbed "a gay fantasia on national themes" by Kushner, Angels in America concerns a group of interconnected New Yorkers in the mid-1980s, when the world was in the grip of the AIDs crisis and Ronald Reagan was in the White House. This new staging of the play is directed by Marianne Elliott, complemented by lighting design from Paule Constable and a set designed by Ian MacNeil, who takes advantage of the moving parts afforded by the National’s Lyttelton stage to blend reality and fantasy for the multi-faceted story.
To transport the audience from New York, to Salt Lake City, to the South Pole, and to heaven, the production features multiple revolves and is heavily reliant on automation. To facilitate seamless transitions, the production uses LightStrike – an application designed by Dan Murfin, lighting control manager for the National. The app works alongside ETC’s Eos software to track automation systems with the lighting, making use of Streaming ACN and sharing that control with Eos. For significant parts of the production, LightStrike is in control of the pan and the tilt of moving lights in the rig, while Eos controls the colour, the intensity and the shutters.
“There are four revolves in part one, and Eos working together with Lig

serious-stages-glastoSerious Stages new Other Stage at Glastonbury
Friday, 30 June 2017

UK - Glastonbury Festival’s new look Other Stage was designed and manufactured by Serious Stages’, who also installed the system along with the main stages across the site.
Dedicated to improving the festival experience for artists and fans, the organisers long term relationship with Serious Stages made them the obvious choice of contractor to create a new look Other Stage to accommodate the large scale incoming band productions form the likes of Stormzy, Major Lazer and Boy Better Know.
This four tower 25m TZ roof featured a sloped back, to give extra on-stage storage for artists and production, along with clear-span wings creating a much-improved working area with increased space for the incoming productions. An offset leg design on the rear of the goalpost created the space for the side-shed. The main deck, rear shed, side wings, ramps and underworld also offered improved performance and working areas and presented extensive loading facilities for crew.
With a total height of 20m and an overall width of 70m, the stage was complete with the Other Stages iconic art installation, which this year took the form of a metal fish, sat on the front of the 6m cantilever roof.
Max Corfield comments: “As one of the biggest events in the global festival calendar, we were hugely exited to launch our new stage at Glastonbury Festival, and be able to enhance the experience for artists, production teams and the audience. It is technically and aesthetically another progression in our range of large stages.
“We worked closely with the Glastonbu

joshuaTAIT customised stage for U2’s Joshua Tree tour
Friday, 30 June 2017

World - Known for their very intricate stadium shows, U2 honours the 30th anniversary of their 1987 album, The Joshua Tree, by taking a robust, cinematic set and the albums legacy hits on the road for a stadium tour across North America and Europe.
After reuniting with their fans at iHeartRadio’s Music Festival and’s Dreamforce conference, the Irish rockers cemented the idea to celebrate the Joshua Tree album with the Joshua Tree Tour, making it the first time the band has ever taken an entire album from their back catalogue on tour.
In a Rolling Stone interview, Bono speaks about tour, stating, "It's so not like us to throw ourselves a birthday party. We didn't know if we could pull off a tour that honours The Joshua Tree without it being nostalgic. That's an oxymoron."
In order to showcase the album to its fullest potential, the tour requires a team full of innovative U2 vets who have grown with the evolution of production expectations for stadium shows. Having worked on several of U2’s previous tours, TAIT was requested to build the stage under the creative direction of Willie Williams.
TAIT custom-built a massive, 192ft. wide, mainstage that stretches parallel to a cinematic video screen which displays high-definition scenes of sunny, desert-like landscapes to mimic the infamous Joshua Tree theme. Likewise, the enormous set mirrors the tree silhouette with a custom scenic tree top header, attached above the video screens, in addition to a 75ft. long runway which leads to the tree-shap

festival-cityUnusual joins forces with Deco Emirates in Dubai
Friday, 30 June 2017

UAE - Dubai Festival City is a 1300 acre, waterfront urban community that has been designed to reflect the 21st century spirit of Dubai. It offers visitors a shopping, dining and entertainment experience but is also home to a residential community, two international schools, hotels and commercial offices.
Deco Emirates LLC was recently brought on board to oversee a complete interior fit out of the Robinsons department store for Al Futtaim Sons. Contracts manager Chris George was responsible for ensuring the works were undertaken according to the design from HMKM London and to successfully hand over within a 10 month period. Chris, in turn, contacted Unusual Rigging and Engineering LLC to help Deco Emirates understand the complexities and challenges of the project.
Chris explained: "We knew from the offset that the installation of an overhead gantry within the escalator atrium was not going to be straightforward. We worked closely with Richard Hoare, a project manager at Unusual Rigging, providing him with a brief to provide a lightweight gantry beam suited for carrying lifting points, winches and pulleys across the length of the gantry, whilst also needing to move across the X and Y axis. The aim was to have the ability to suspend visual merchandising props for seasonal and promotional purposes within the atrium void."
Chris chose to work with Unusual Rigging having already worked with the team on a previous project with similar challenges. "We enjoyed the experience of working with them on a professional level, so we knew straight away that they we

litecLibera on the beach in Rimini
Thursday, 29 June 2017

Italy - A good example of “calm before the storm” can be found on the Rimini beach in Italy, where Litec is constructing a sophisticated Libera series Alusfera II roof for upcoming concerts to be held during the Summer Beach Arena event.
Running from 24 June – 30 July, the Summer Beach Arena concert series features live and DJ sets by national and international artists from sunset until late in the evening.
(Jim Evans)

labadoux-2Chauvet fixtures transform Labadoux Festival
Thursday, 29 June 2017

Belgium - For almost 30 years, the municipality of Ingelmunster in the Belgian province of West Flanders has played host to the Labadoux festival. Now as much a part of the Belgian cultural fabric as the region’s chocolate and beer delights, the 'Music with Roots' festival blends a wide variety of folk and other genres, and serves as a key platform for both established and up and coming acts.
For this year’s festival, organisers wanted to up the visual ante for headliners including The European Pink Floyd Show and Levellers. To this end, LD Vincent de Schinckel specified a number of Chauvet fixtures for the festival’s main stage, including 12 Chauvet Professional Maverick MK2 spots, 16 Maverick MK2 washes and 16 Chauvet DJ Intimidator 140SR hybrids.
Wanting to give the impression of visual depth from the audience perspective on the main stage, De Schinkel positioned the 440w Maverick MK2 Spot and 480w Maverick Wash fixtures over three rows of ceiling trussing hung from the front to the back of the stage. The contrasting looks of the Maverick spot and Wash fixtures allowed de Schinckel to create a colourful lattice of light which both illuminated the performers on stage and the audience, whilst simultaneously empowering the stage with a formidable visual aesthetic.
“I specified the Maverick Spots for their ability to produce ipowerful and sharp spot lighting with versatile effects such as gobos and three-facet prisms,” commented de Schinckel. “The wash fixtures, on the other hand, allowed me to contrast the spots with saturated and vivid

waitroseHawthorn brings Vegas to Battersea for Waitrose
Thursday, 29 June 2017

UK - Creative technical event production company Hawthorn brought the bright lights of Las Vegas to Battersea Evolution for the Waitrose Supplier Gala Dinner 2017 on 19 May 2017. Following a Vintage Vegas theme, Hawthorn worked with client Entertee Events to transform the venue into a show-stopping party venue.
Not only providing an opportunity for the company’s suppliers to network with the executive board, commercial directors, category directors, and senior traders, the evening also raised vital funds for the charity GroceryAid.
With 1,500 guests seated across 147 tables, Entertee made the most of Battersea’s large versatile space. Decorated with crystal chandeliers, entrance tunnels made from Hawthorn’s lavish blue velvet drape and thirty-two palm trees wrapped in fairy lights, guests were transported back to the golden age of Vegas. Hawthorn also created ten custom-made uplit columns, specially constructed on site during the day of the event. A proscenium arch theatre style stage made using the company’s red drape completed the luxurious aesthetic, setting the scene for an evening of fabulous food and excellent entertainment.
The key focus of the lighting and video design for the evening was to enhance the Vintage Vegas theme whilst also being able to adapt the look within the room and on the stage. For this, Hawthorn designed a split 10mm LED wall that consisted of seven 1m wide by 5m high strips. In between these strips were two bars of six par cans with very narrow lamps, producing powerful beams to cut through the band.
To fra

vl6000Philips Lighting makes impact on RTL show
Thursday, 29 June 2017

The Netherlands - Philips Lighting’s new lighting fixture, the Philips Vari-Lite VL6000 Beam, featured prominently in the lighting design from specialists Light-H-Art for the finals of The Voice Kids Holland, broadcast on RTL 4.
Bas de Vries, lighting designer at Light-H-Art, had just two days of camera rehearsals to create distinctive looks for 18 different acts on the show, so needed a lighting rig that would give him a range of options. The Philips VL6000 Beam, introduced to the market earlier this year, drew his attention and Philips Entertainment Lighting worked with Dutch distributor FACE to provide Light-H-Art with the units for the show.
De Vries employed six of the Philips VL6000 beams on the set, mounted on moving trusses arrayed above mid-stage. This allowed him to vary the visual framing of the performance, bringing the six wide beams into play to add a different texture to the beam looks from the rig, and to bring a strong focus onto the central performance area. The VL6000s were at times framing the performance area in open white, or complementing the rest of the rig with colour, or even adding bold movement to the spectacle by rising slowly from floor level.
Using the powerful lighting fixture for the first time, de Vries was impressed. "I always like to have a couple of 'big guys' in my lighting rig!" he says. "I really like the beam and the output, and I think it works especially well in combination with all the video that we had in the set."
Bas de Vries was particularly impressed by the super bright output and the

encoreClaypaky lights immersive Chinese theatre
Thursday, 29 June 2017

China - A range of Claypaky moving head fixtures created the responsive theatrical lighting for immersive Chinese theatre production Encore Dunhuang, a 'walk-in' theatre show that debuted at the first Silk Road Dunhuang International Cultural Expo.
The event's theatrical lighting design was created by lighting designer Mr Wang Yugang, who specified the Claypaky Scenius Profile, Claypaky Alpha Profile 1200s and Claypaky Sharpy Wash 330s to meet the demands and the scale of the production. Mr Wang Yugang singled out the Scenius Profile for its superior colour rendering.
"In the flying scenes, I chose to base the look around the Scenius Profile," says Mr Wang Yugang. "The colour reproduction on clothing and characters is extremely good, and the consistency of light is far more than the other brands of fixtures available."
The 90-minute performance guided audience members on a journey through time, providing them with an immersive experience of some of the key events and characters from the 2,000-year history of the city of Dunhuang, once a key trading point on the historic Silk Road.
"An Encore theatre is different from a standard theatre," explained Mr Wang Yugang. "Depending on the needs of the scene, it is built to be a flexible space that meets all the regular theatre construction specifications, whilst being configurable to realise each individual scene."
One of the main challenges was in lighting the vast, 1000sq.m performance space, which is divided into four zones and through which the audience walk. It was a task which requi

imelda-mayCapital MLA Compact reinforces Imelda May
Thursday, 29 June 2017

UK - Imelda May’s latest album Life Love Flesh Blood has seen a marked change of direction, with the Irish singer replacing her earlier rockabilly romps with a more country/soul ballad approach.
She also has a new FOH sound team, with Nick Ingram following a line of experienced sound engineers that have included Trevor Gilligan and Gerry Wilkes - both of whom have used Capital Sound as their equipment vendor.
With a classical musician’s background, Ingram was an appropriate choice to reinforce sound in the series of concert hall and theatre venues around which the tour is based; and he is delighted he took up the recommendation from Capital’s Paul Timmins to use the Martin Audio MLA Compact PA to support one of their long term accounts.
Although this was the first time Nick had taken the system out following three days’ production rehearsals at Music Bank, the FOH man is no stranger to the platform, having previously mixed his other charge, Jake Bugg through the system. “I experienced MLA at Hyde Park [British Summer Time] and the sound was unbelievable,” he reports. “After all the historic problems with noise restrictions on the site, Hyde Park is now somewhere you look forward to rather than with dread. I also mixed Jake on the John Peel Stage at Glastonbury with the MLA Compact - I thought there was never going to be enough PA [to carry] but once again it was fantastic.”
Thanks to an instinctive compatibility with Imelda May, Nick - who has unwittingly found himself specializing in acoustic singer-songwriters - has co

adlib-o2Adlib installation for London’s O2 Forum
Thursday, 29 June 2017

UK - Academy Music Group (AMG) has once again enlisted Liverpool based Adlib to design and deliver a completely new, full touring specification, audio system for its most recent venue acquisition, O2 Forum Kentish Town in North London. The 2,300-capacity venue is one of the most popular live music destinations in the capital.
The brief was to future-proof the venue’s technical infrastructure, bring it up-to-date and give incoming productions the flexibility and facilities they need to stage world class performances with the convenience of using the house system.
Adlib’s experience in live touring and venue installations coupled with detailed research of current rider information drove the specification of an L-Acoustics K2 loudspeaker system, DiGiCo consoles and Adlib’s latest proprietary MP5 wedges and side-fills for the monitor system.
Adlib’s MD Andy Dockerty and John Hughes led the initial requirement discussions with Academy Music Group’s divisional managers Helen McGee and Steve Hoyland with newly appointed general manager, Eral Hassan and technical manager John Pinner, who have joined O2 Forum Kentish Town this year from London venues, The Garage and O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire respectively.
“We’ve listened to many promoters, sound engineers and production managers and wanted to invest in a first-class system. O2 Forum Kentish Town is an art-deco theatre and a much-loved, major touring venue that attracts high profile, international artists, so we needed to invest in a completely new PA system that really is the best-in-

nottinghamPolar supplies beyerdynamic and Biamp at NTU
Wednesday, 28 June 2017

UK - Nottingham Trent University (NTU) is a truly global university. Boasting a strong and internationally recognised research status, NTU offers one of the best employability records in the country, with 94% of students progressing to full-time employment or further education within six months of graduation.
One of the UK's leading new universities, since 2004, NTU has invested more than £350m across its three campuses, developing world class teaching and learning facilities. A stated goal of the university is that its teaching estate and the technical support behind it, should be first class. NTU's investment in state-of-the-art AV systems reflects this commitment and Polar Integrated Solutions has co-operated with the university's AV Team Leader, Stuart Loughran, on a number of projects designed to meet the highest standards.
A feature of modern educational practice is 'lecture capture', an umbrella term to describe any technology that allows educational practitioners to record what happens in their classrooms and make it digitally available to their students. The advantages of this are clear. Students are able to catch up if classes are missed, content may be closely reviewed and also may be retained for course development.
Central and absolutely crucial to the process of lecture capture is recorded audio. It is clear that whilst any problems with the visual aspect of lecture capture might compromise the results, poor audio quality would render the whole exercise futile. Stuart Loughran consulted with Polar as to the best way to achieve optimum

midas-summer-solsticeMidas powers hottest summer solstice
Wednesday, 28 June 2017

UK - Midas was the power behind Stonehenge last week as druids, pagans, tourists and locals saw sunup ahead of 16 hours 38 minutes of scorching daylight on 21 June.
The summer solstice is one of just two occasions the public can get full access to the stone circle free of charge.
Working for Sygma Safety in the second of a three-year contract, Midas supplied site power and sourced an ambient lighting wash for the monuments, together with tower lights for the car park and exits.
The site is open to the paying public until 8pm on 20 June and from 4pm on the 21st, with English Heritage watching the clock. So it was crucial the Midas generators, run with 100 per cent HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil), and the lighting and plant it provided, moved quickly and efficiently.
Andy Dann, operations director at Midas, comments: “We learned a lot about the process in 2016 so were in a position to make a few subtle changes this time. Monitoring the loads on last year’s event meant we could reduce the generator sizes, for instance, and switch from two sets to one for a particular part of the site.

“Sygma has put a top team together and we left, if I may, no stone unturned for people celebrating midsummer.”
Lizzy Dickinson, production manager for Sygma, says: “You have to work around the public for the in and the out at Stonehenge, to a very tight deadline, leaving no trace. There are always late changes too, so you need suppliers you can trust. Midas understands the unique nature of this job and it’s a great company to work w

hsl-depeche-modeHSL captures the Depeche Mode global Spirit
Wednesday, 28 June 2017

UK - Depeche Mode’s career spans four decades and a reputation for musical originality has kept them relevant and at the cutting edge in delivering one visually and sonically inspiring performance after another.
Blackburn lighting rental specialist HSL is the main lighting and video contractor worldwide for the current Spirit tour. They are partnering with CT to deliver the video package.
The raw, stylish, industrial production design is by creative director Anton Corbijn, who has always pioneered video as an essential vehicle of live production. Lighting has been designed by Sooner Routhier and Robert Long of SRae Productions and is being directed on the road by their associate LD, Manny Conde.
The Spirit tour is being production managed by Tony Gittins and plays a mix of stadiums and arenas. HSL’s project manager Jordan Hanson is working closely with CT’s music and touring specialist, Graham Miller and the HSL crew of five is being chiefed on the road by Ian Stevens. They will be travelling internationally, together with the full lighting rig.
HSL’s MD Simon Stuart commented: “We are delighted to be working with Tony and his team on this ground-breaking tour and it’s been a real pleasure to collaborate with Sooner and Manny and ensure they have had all the support they need. The design is innovative and edgy. I am a huge fan of Sooner and her thoughtful, intelligent approach, which captures the mood perfectly. The band are on top form as always.”
The entire look of the Spirit show is inspired by Anton’s branding for th

awardsShow must go on for Naledi Theatre Awards
Wednesday, 28 June 2017

South Africa - As the Naledi Award winners of the night thanked their mothers, their fathers, their oumas (grandmothers) and life partners, as tears flowed, speeches were read and the audience cheered and rose to their feet, it was clear that the ceremony hosted at the Lyric Theatre in Johannesburg on 5 June 2017, held great substance to the victors of the night.
With sponsorship and finances bleak, an act of kindness and financial support saw various local and international companies rallying alongside founders Dawn and Des Lindberg, to ensure the 13th Naledi Awards would take place. To top it off, Haccius Mokopakasi, who has been in the industry for 40 years and works in the Market Technical Department, received the Lifetime Achievement Award while Hlomohang Mothetho and Wesley France were the winners in the Best Lighting Design category.
Many people are unaware that Des and Dawn had to take out a second bond on their home to pay for the Naledi Awards which took place in 2016. With perseverance, they continued to push forward against all odds to continue with the awards this year, which recognizes excellence in the Performing Arts.
Sitting around a boardroom table with Des and Dawn at DWR Distribution earlier this year, Duncan Riley knew that it was up to like-minded companies to stand together to ensure the show could go on. He knew that the faithful companies assisted the awards in the past with the technical requirements, Dream Sets, MJ Event Gear and MGG Productions would jump at the opportunity to help again. He then approached Joshua Cutts

jason-aldeanChauvet anchors sold out Jason Aldean tour
Wednesday, 28 June 2017

USA - After 12 years, 19 Number One singles and untold touring miles, AMC Entertainer of the Year Jason Aldean isn’t about to take his foot off the pedal. The dust had barely settled from his 2016 We Are Here tour back in January, when he announced plans for his current 33-city They Don’t Know road show. At the time, the country superstar promised that his new tour would be bigger, bolder and brasher than anything he’d ever done before.
Rolling through a 90-minute, 22-song set of old and new hits, Aldean has sold-out crowds on their feet, with his animated stage presence and rip-roaring mix of hard-driving music. Supporting his performance and lending extra visual pop to the proceedings is a brawny and colourful Chris Lisle-designed lightshow, anchored by 118 Chauvet Professional Rogue RH1 Hybrid moving fixtures supplied by Bandit Lites.
Lisle positions the 330W moving beam/spot fixtures throughout his massive rig to maximize their visual impact. “Generally speaking, the Rogues are clustered in groups of three to create the punchiest looks possible,” he said. “We have them on the upstage chevron trusses, the mid-stage finger trusses, and on the floor, where they excel as aerial effects.”
The Rogues, along with a collection of over 150 other luminaires, are all used to accent the hexagonal-shaped theme of Lisle’s design. Representing a hard-working industrial look that celebrates core American values, hexagons figure prominently in the set design, from the shape of the main LED video screen and IMAG screens at the wings,

san-siroMartin MLA reinforces San Siro special
Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Italy - Singer songwriter Davide Van De Sfroos has brought the picturesque stories spoken in the ‘laghèe’ dialect, which is spoken in the northern areas of Lecco and Como, to one of the most important stages in Italy - the San Siro in Milan.
More than 20,000 people attended his concert, exactly the goal that the artist (real name Davide Bernasconi) had been hoping for - and hugely impressive considering he was using a language very difficult to understand for anyone not from that area of Northern Italy.
The sound reinforcement was provided by Martin Audio partners, All Access, and they fielded their premium and award-winning MLA PA. The hangs comprised no fewer than 22 MLA and an MLD Downfill on each side of the stage, underpinned by 36 MLX subs. For side-fills they added a further 11 MLA on each flank, while front-fills were made up of four further MLD Downfills and eight Martin Audio W8LM Mini Line Array.
For the musicians, 12 Martin Audio LE2100 and six LE1200 floor monitors were provided for reference sound, and stage-fills comprised eight Martin Audio W8LM and four WS218X subs.
Sound engineer Paolo ‘Red’ Talami, All Access PA manager, explained the choice of system configuration. "The attendance was estimated between 20,000 and 25,000 people and it was not decided until the last moment whether to open the second ring of the stadium," he explained.
"For this reason I developed three different projections in [Martin Audio’s proprietary] Display 2.2; one was covering only the first ring, the second was a partial ring cover a

heartbreakersSolaSpot on Heartbrerakers’ 40th anniversary tour
Wednesday, 28 June 2017

USA - Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers’ 40th anniversary tour has been thrilling TP fans across the USA since April, and the show’s visuals are the handiwork of lighting designer / director Stanley Green and co-visual designer Kevin Cassidy. To augment his potent arena lighting package, Green specified 30 High End Systems SolaSpot 1500s as the ‘workhorse’ hard edge fixtures for the tour.
Green prepared a total of six complete lighting and set designs for the 40th anniversary tour for Tom to choose from. He comments: “Our technical director Kevin Cassidy had lots of creative input, and was instrumental in bringing it all together. Also, Tom asked for some things which changed the original look somewhat.
“I'm using 30 SolaSpot 1500s sprinkled throughout the rig; in fact there are 1500s on every single truss. They are my work horse hard edge fixture for this tour. I use some as specials on the down stage trusses in lieu of follow spots - they are bright and crisp, brighter in fact than most follow spots we get from that distance.”
The SolaSpot 1500s also serve as the LD’s main back light fixture. Green comments: “The 1500’s brightness holds up against every other fixture in the rig. I wanted an all LED rig to help reduce the heat on Tom, yet I needed punch to use in front of the big bright LED wall upstage. The SolaSpots are kicking ass. I can use gobos without losing a ton of light. I even use one to back light Mike Campbell during a big solo, and follow him manually, as they’re bright enough to look like a truss spot.

fuze-par-z175Elation expands LED wash Fuze series
Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Europe - When Elation Professional launched the Fuze series at last year’s PLASA show, the company filled a niche in the market for dynamic LED wash luminaires with a line of modern PAR lights that project a high-quality flat field of light yet emulate the classic lens look of a traditional Fresnel.
Now, Elation is expanding the series with the addition of the new Fuze PAR Z175, a full-colour LED PAR light designed for use in all types of stage wash applications from theatre, TV studio and HoW environments to touring and special events.
With the Fuze series, Elation chose to improve upon the pixelated lens face of ordinary LED PAR fixtures by replicating the classic look of old-school pars and moving wash fixtures that so many designers and artists prefer. Like other lights in the Fuze series, the Fuze PAR Z175 uses single-lens RGBW COB LEDs to project a single homogenous beam of light with an evenly lit lens face that appears as one colour instead of individual LED diodes.
The Fuze PAR Z175 houses an advanced 175W RGBW COB LED engine for a wide palette of colour choice with smooth, single source colour mixing that gives fully premixed looks and an extremely flat field of light, the quality of light that today’s top designers demand. Besides their non-pixel look, designers have valued the Fuze series for their ability to wash a surface or subject without the multi-shadows created from traditional LED wash fixtures.
The Fuze PAR Z175 is powerful enough to use in all sizes of rigs and can project 15,026 LUX @ 6.6 ft (2m) when used full on


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