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clf-coolstebaan-7CLF Lighting fixtures triumph at Olympic Stadium
Monday, 23 April 2018

The Netherlands - Around 500 CLF Lighting fixtures were deployed during De Coolste Baan van Nederland which was held at Olympic Stadium Amsterdam. Centre of attention was the 400m speed skating track that was used for the ISU World Allround Speed Skating Championships 2018 on 9-11 March.
In co-operation with production company For Live, LD Henk-Jan van Beek (Light-H-Art) chose different CLF Lighting fixtures to illuminate the speed skating track and all the areas around it. With 350 pieces, the CLF Yara LEDPAR was everywhere. Most fixtures illuminated all the flags in the surrounding area.
Ruud van den Berg, owner of For Live, comments: “We have seriously challenged the fixtures. The fixtures were deployed 24/7 with temperatures below zero for a significant period but the fixtures didn’t flinch. We have a large rental stock of multiple CLF fixtures and we will continue to expand it.”
One hundred and fifty CLF Quadcolor RGBW LED pars illuminated an extra skating track from a closer distance. Because of the 30° beam angle they were very suitable for this job. The CLF Ares LEDwashes took care of the grandstands and the skating track in the centre area. Besides all the outdoor fixtures, the CLF LEDwash RGBW took care of the entrance hall.
(Jim Evans)

dan-hardimanHog 4 controls Evanescence’s Synthesis Live tour
Monday, 23 April 2018

USA - A High End Systems Hog 4 console is touring the world with rock group Evanescence.
LD Marty Postma of NY-based Retinal Resonance has been using the Hog 4 console to control Evanescence’s Synthesis Live tour in North America. Postma designed and operated this tour until the end of 2017 and for the 2018 leg, he turned the reins over to LD Dan Hardiman to direct the tour in Australia in February, followed by dates in Europe and the UK.
Considering crazy weather patterns, unpredictable festival rigs in fields, to the bumpy cobblestones of European truck touring, Postma finds the Hog 4 console to meet and beat all challenges.
"It’s been through extreme cold and extreme heat. I’ve run the console at minus 20 and minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit, and the console booted up, no problem. Through three tours of South America, bouncing off air freight every day, there’s never been so much as a hiccup. The reliability and durability far exceed anything else out there," says Postma.
"The Change Fixture feature is the strongest feature," he notes. "I can do in six minutes on this console what would take six hours because of abstract fixture functionality.” Using it to integrate into a new floor package every day on festival tours, the Change Fixture feature allows the user to adapt to any rig, no matter what the fixtures. "It far surpasses anything else for ease of use," he emphasises. "It’s solid."
A Hog user since 1992, Postma currently uses the Hog 4 with Alice in Chains, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and NY Fashion Week, among oth

robe-borns-tour-224422Robe lights Børns’ Blue Madonna tour
Monday, 23 April 2018

Canada - Being creatively involved with emerging artists is always exciting, and lighting designer Matthieu Larivee has relished the chance to work with American singer-songwriter Børns on his current Blue Madonna tour.
Matthieu decided to put 15 x Robe MegaPointes right at the heart of the lighting design.
The founder and artistic director of Lüz Studio in Montreal also designed set and lighting for Børns’ first tour, Dopamine, having received a call after his management saw and heard good things about his creativity for indie rockers, Broken Bells.
For that first Børns’ tour there was no LD on the road, so Matthieu produced a design and spec which could be followed by local LDs.
With Børns’ rising popularity, everything has moved up several levels on the production for this one, and the visual starting point for the Blue Madonna design was a dynamic backdrop to provide the basic canvas.
Before starting, Matthieu meticulously scanned all the venues on the itinerary and identified the largest and smallest to give him a scalability ratio. After meeting Børns and his management to receive a brief, he produced the first ideas.
Projection was out due to the size differential of the venues, so he decided on a very cool backdrop with a collage of over 1000 acrylic tropical leaves, handcrafted by theatrical artisans in Montreal. The leaves are applied organically to camp netting with gaps in some places to allow back light through, and they are painted grey so they can catch, reflect and absorb all the d

hard-rock-cafeBucharest Hard Rock Café upgrades with Martin
Monday, 23 April 2018

Romania - When Romanian sound engineer Alex Serb left distribution and integration company Paradigma Teknik to become a freelancer, he soon started to provide technical support in live shows for Hard Rock Café Bucharest.
He contacted his former colleagues to indicate the facility needed a new sound system - and Paradigma wasted no time in recommending a Martin Audio W8VDQ and CDD solution based on trust and the reputation of previous Martin Audio installations undertaken by the distributors.
"They wanted to change the entire sound system with a new modern setup and we provided a solution. We sent a technical proposal, taking into consideration the specification put forward by Alex," recalls Paradigma general manager, Laura Angelescu. She added that the bid had been highly competitive, with several other front-line speaker manufacturers delivering proposals. Paradigma also offered some lighting equipment and a digital mixing console.
The clients wanted two different PA systems controlled by the same application - one for live and one for ambient sound and also required the live system subs to be re-deployed with the ambient system, which comprises 23 ultra-compact CDD8 (8” + 1”) Coaxial Differential Dispersion loudspeakers distributed throughout the venue. Each speaker is controlled by a single channel from a combination of four-channel Powersoft amplifiers over Dante.
As for the main live PA system, Paradigma specified eight W8VDQ and four WS218X subwoofers. Four of the W8VDQ are used for the main PA, two are used for side-fill and the fi

rag-n-boneClaypaky creates geometry for Rag'n'Bone Man
Monday, 23 April 2018

UK - Lighting designer Will Potts found inspiration in the subtle shapes of nature for his current lighting and show design for award-winning singer Rag'n'Bone Man (see LSi April 2018 for a detailed report). Potts' design incorporates 'sacred' geometric shapes and an illustrated backdrop of personal significance to the singer. To carefully light these elements, he chose the Claypaky Scenius Unico.
Having worked with the singer for little over a year, the designer delved deep into the psychology of Rory Graham's (a.k.a Rag'n'Bone Man) music, drawing on recurring themes within the artist's debut album 'Human' to inspire and craft his detailed show design.
"There's lots of religious and spiritual references in the language of Rory's songs," says Potts. "When I asked him about these, he slowly revealed a fascination with the afterlife, death, spirituality and the soul. I had to find a way of reinforcing this, but doing it subliminally. So, the structure and proportions of the stage and light design are based around an octagon which holds the meaning of regeneration, totality and rebirth."
In fact, the entire show is carried on a theme of connectedness and this is apparent in the high level of detail in the design. As well the geometric influences in the production, the show features a hand-drawn series of backdrops featuring caricatures of the singer's friends, family and musical heroes.

nelly1Rogue look for Nelly in Augusta
Friday, 20 April 2018

USA - Stars from all musical genres came to headline shows and after parties during the Masters Golf Tournament this month. Among this stellar group is rapper and film star Nelly. The double Grammy winner, who has sold 21m records in his career, got a jump on the festivities this year, when he came to Augusta in early March to perform a Masters warmup concert of sorts at the city’s popular Country Club live music venue.
With an artist of Nelly’s stature visiting his mid-sized venue, house LD John Berret wanted to go all out to create some special looks on stage. He did just that, with help from a collection of ground stacked Chauvet Professional Rogue fixtures, supplied by Quest Sound & Productions LLC.
“Normally, we keep a lot of intense lighting on the dance floor, but with Nelly we wanted to pull everyone’s attention to the centre of the stage,” says Berret. “The best way to do this, given the space and budget we had to work with, was to surround him with bright and colourful deck mounted lights. The Rogues fit this bill perfectly.”
Berret positioned two Rogue R1 Beam fixtures and one Rogue R1 FX-B on either side of the DJ booth. Drawing on the independently controlled prisms of the Rogue R1 units, he split their beams. Coupling this effect with the five independently controlled heads on his Rogue R1 FX-B fixtures, he was able to create a lattice work of beams over the stage, creating a compelling light field around the mega-star rapper as he performed.
“It looked like we had a lot more beams out there, given the number

taitGLP fixtures light up RodeoHouston’s TAIT stage
Friday, 20 April 2018

USA - Known colloquially as RodeoHouston, The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (HLSR) is the world’s largest livestock show and richest regular season rodeo, dedicated to benefiting youth, supporting education, and facilitating better agricultural practices through exhibitions and presentation. It draws more than 1.4m people each year to the 72,000-capacity NRG Stadium and over 2.5m people to NRG Park to enjoy the entire festivities.
Running for 20 days in February-March, it attracts the very top names in country music, from Garth Brooks through to Brad Paisley, who perform after the main rodeo event each day.
Such high calibre artists demand top concert production values and this year the Rodeo boosted its technological infrastructure by purchasing a new stage - built by TAIT in Lititz, PA. Working closely with TAIT, and leaning heavily towards GLP fixtures, were Houston based LD Systems. The company has been servicing the rodeo since 1985, and provided all technical design, live sound, concert lighting, HD video screens, custom truss structures, rigging equipment, production crew and logistics throughout the season.
LD Systems is headed by Rob McKinley, who has specified over 300 GLP fixtures, comprising 140 x impression X4; 70 x JDC1; 108 x X4 Bar 20 and 16 x X4 Bar 10.
The process of designing and building the new stage started after the 2015 event, which is when LD made the recommendation to HLSR to engage TAIT to provide a vibrant structure for the 72,000 capacity stadium. In deference to the Lone Star state, this was conceived as a

colour-sound-feeder-fee1701180872Colour Sound supplies Feeder’s Arrow tour
Friday, 20 April 2018

UK - Lighting and visuals rental specialist Colour Sound Experiment supplied lighting and video for the recent UK tour by Welsh rockers Feeder, who are back on the road with their Arrow album tour.
Bryan Leitch is the band’s LD and visual designer and the person who took the tour to Colour Sound after previous excellent experiences with the west London based company. “It was a video-based tour so ideal for Colour Sound,” he comments. Colour Sound also invested in some new lighting fixtures to ensure that Bryan had exactly the rig he wanted.
Bryan has worked for Feeder since 2004. On this tour he was joined on the road by technician / crew chief - and Colour Sound regular - James Hind.
His creative inspiration for the design started with three festival shows last summer where they used an upstage screen split into three sections, a format that lead singer / guitarist Grant Nicholas really liked.
Another consideration for the overall design was that it had to be scalable to deal the wide range of venue sizes.
This touring version utilised 60 panels of Colour Sound’s proprietary BT-6 LED screen, configured as four tiles wide and five high (20 panels per screen) which was upped to six-high for the London show at Brixton Academy.
Video content was a mix of existing material and new footage which was created by Bryan - much of the new clips were shot on an iPhone 8 - then edited and complied to fit exactly to the screen specifications. This was replayed via a pair of Green Hippo v4 media servers.
New kit bought for

osa71517byelliotmandel-7Harman audio system reinforces Chicago’s Navy Pier
Friday, 20 April 2018

USA - Systems integrator OSA International recently deployed a complete Harman Professional Solutions audio system at Navy Pier in downtown Chicago.
Located on the shores of Lake Michigan, Navy Pier is one of the city's biggest tourist attractions, both in popularity and size. As part of a comprehensive redevelopment of the entire Pier, management decided to install a permanent audio system for the newly-created Polk Bros Performance Lawns, a free outdoor concert space designed to host artists from Chicago's vibrant local music scene, as well as occasional touring acts.
Navy Pier has relied on Harman audio solutions for more than a decade, so when it came time to design the new system for the Lake Stage and City Stage, the Pier hired audio consulting firm Threshold Acoustics to design an all-Harman audio solution based around JBL Professional VTX V20 line-array loudspeakers.
“We needed a line-array system that was highly controllable so that we could manage its impact on the surrounding area,” comments Jason Kartak, senior consultant at Threshold Acoustics. “There's a housing development nearby, and they wanted to make sure that the noise from the shows did not disturb its residents. There had been noise complaints in the past, so that was something we had to look at very carefully with the design.”
The system is comprised of two main hangs of 12 V20 loudspeakers, six JBL VT4886 line-array loudspeakers as front-fills, two delay towers equipped with JBL PD6212/95-WRX loudspeakers, and six JBL VTX G28 subwoofers deployed on the ground

robe-leonardo-da-vince-exhibition-lodz-leo211338050Leonardo da Vinci exhibition powered by ParFection
Friday, 20 April 2018

Poland - The Leonardo da Vinci Energy of the Mind exhibition, which recently opened in EC1 Łódź City of Culture in Poland, is being lit with 120 x Robe ParFect 100 LED luminaires.
Taking centre stage in the EC1 building, an impressive fusion of industrial art, heritage and modern design that sees the original power station of Poland’s third city reimagined as a vibrant science and technology centre.
The acclaimed exhibition - which has previously appeared in Paris, Munich, Brasilia and London - is a collaboration between EC1 Łódź, the Cité des Sciences et de l’industrie in Paris and producers, the Muzei Nazionale della Scienza et della Tecnologica Leonardo da Vinci.
Installed in the majestic former turbine hall of EC1, over 70 exhibits include historical models, interactive installations, films and contemporary examples of bio-inspired robotics, aviation and material technology, all focused on the activity of Leonardo da Vinci as a scientist, engineer and inventor.
There are seven sections to the expo, six presented by the da Vinci Institute and the seventh by the National Festival for Film and Culture in Poland.
Scheduled to run for six months, EC1 has purchased the ParFect 100s, and the fixtures will then be used for other expositions and events taking place in the complex.
ParFects were chosen for their tuneable whites and smooth refined colour mixing by the exhibition’s lighting designer Sebastian Binder, in consultation with Robe’s Warsaw based Polish distributor Prolight, where the supply was co-ordinat

revolutionLED Creative on track for Sky One’s Revolution
Thursday, 19 April 2018

UK - Housed on the UK's largest broadcast entertainment set, Revolution is Sky One’s new extreme sports show which pits skateboarders, BMXers and skaters against each other across a custom-built course.
Filmed in front of a live studio audience, the show is centred around an extensive track layout, constructed at Cardington Studios against a super-vibrant set created by scenic designer Dominic Tolfts and art director Ben Telford.
Working alongside the production crew, illumination rental and installation specialists LED Creative provided their Sigma 60 and BYTE Control system to the show, allowing the team to create the fast-paced mix of electric-bright colour and movement that encircles the on-track action.
The BYTE Controller units have been developed by the company specifically to work in unison with their Sigma product range, allowing maximum artistic control with minimum programming time. The LC Sigma 60 LED is ideal solution for building into complex scenic arrangements such as Revolution, combining powerful, discreet, low energy LED illumination with incredibly precise control over individual pixels.
LED Creative project manager Tim Rees comments: "BYTE’s ability to control a large number of pixels using just a few DMX channels was perfect for a show of this scale where we were able to utilise the Group Function to allow several outputs to be treated as if they are a single fixture. What you have in effect is a system that gets very close to pixel mapping but with very little setup time and no need for the universe and contr

clashofthesequinstokenbritRogues rock Clash of the Sequins
Thursday, 19 April 2018

USA - The stage was set up to resemble a wrestling ring, but the 1000 or so students from four states who gathered at suburban Naperville North High School recently didn’t “duke it out”, they belted it out, in the form of beautifully sung and choreographed musical arrangements. Their spirited performances were part of the third annual Clash of the Sequins, a competition involving 22 show choirs from across the Midwest that raises funds for performing arts programs.
Providing a sparkling and rocking high-energy visual backdrop for the day of non-stop singing and dancing was a Garrett Vander Veen-designed lightshow, anchored by 48 Rogue R2 Wash fixtures from Chauvet Professional. Vander Veen, owner of V2 Productions, covered the entire 48’ wide by 32’ deep stage with his Rogue fixtures, flying eight of them on upstage truss, 24 on the mid-stage ‘claw’ and 16 on a downstage truss.
“In the three years since it started, Clash of the Sequins has developed a large following for being very production-heavy,” says Vander Veen. “We decided to embrace this look more than ever in 2018 - and nothing says big production like a 1980s rock show rig, which is exactly what sparked the concept for this design.
“It’s not all rock and roll though, and that’s where having R2 Washes was really nice,” continues Vander Veen. “We could do anything with the Rogues, from creating wide wash looks all the way down to tight ACL looks, and anything in between. The Rogues in the claw also gave us some nice movement on stage without the r

c-zooPowersoft’s DEVA makes Cincinnati Zoo roar
Thursday, 19 April 2018

USA - The Cincinnati Zoo features a world-class menagerie of animals from far and wide, including lions, monkeys, manatees, and a baby hippo named Fiona that has recently stolen the hearts of its 1.8m annual visitors.
Emphasising an innovative approach, the Cincinnati Zoo emphasises education, outreach, conservation, and giving every visitor a unique experience with wildlife that they would not have anywhere else. What the zoo lacked until recently was a reliable audio system for delivering messages throughout its sprawling campus.
“Innovation is one of our core values and something that we take very seriously,” says Chad Yelton, vice president marketing & communications, Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens. “It informs everything we do, from our sustainability program and our green initiative to how we build habitats, to the people that we hire and every event that we put on here at the zoo. The desire to innovate drove our search for a better audio and security solution, and that search led us to DEVA.”
In addition to providing pristine sounding music throughout the zoo campus, the new multi-point DEVA system also helps with communication and messaging challenges: “With as many guests as the zoo attracts, we recognised the need for the paging system that could clearly and effectively deliver messages throughout our space,” says Dutch Mulholland, IT / AV director of the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens. In his hunt for a practical solution, Mulholland discovered power of the DEVA wireless multimedia device.

james-arthurMartin raises the roof on James Arthur arena tour
Thursday, 19 April 2018

UK - Lighting designer Michael Straun recently deployed a full array of Martin by Harman fixtures to create a dynamic lighting design to support James Arthur’s UK headlining Back From the Edge arena tour.
James Arthur has scored numerous chart-toppers and awards since winning the ninth season of The X Factor in 2012. In support of his new album Back From The Edge, Arthur recently embarked on his first ever UK arena tour. Tour manager JP Firmin and creative director Meggan McKenzie from UK creative production company The Live Dept. hired Straun to join their team, and together created a fresh and exciting lighting design for the tour. Straun partnered with McKenzie, tour lighting director Dan Williams and lighting supplier Christie Lites to create a dynamic visual experience for the tour, powered by a robust selection of Martin fixtures.
“Meggan and I worked on one of James Arthur’s earlier tours, but we really had to scale up the visual production for his first arena tour,” said Straun. “James’s new direction is less pop-oriented - he wants his concerts to feel like a classic rock and roll show. The goal was designing a dynamic show that takes the audience on a ride from beginning to end. The Martin-based rig definitely helped us match his high-energy performances with immersive visuals.”
McKenzie’s set design eschews traditional video walls, instead featuring vintage television sets and arcade cabinets that are integrated with the band’s backline. The back wall of the set features an arched soft ladder wall o

capitoltheatre1scottharrisRock history evoked at Capitol Theatre with Chauvet
Wednesday, 18 April 2018

USA - In 1984, the US federal government added the Capitol Theatre to its National Register of Historic Places. When it comes to the history of rock music in the US, few venues have packed more of it into their confines than this 92-year-old former vaudeville/cinema house just north of New York City.
Eric Clapton performed here; so did Bob Dylan, David Bowie and the Rolling Stones. The Grateful Dead played 13 dates here in a one-year span, and Janis Joplin debuted her signature Mercedes Benz song on its stage, much to the surprise of her band, after writing it in a hurry at a local bar.
History wasn’t the only thing glowing at the 1,800-seat theatre on Saturday night 10 February, when Pink Talking Fish paid tribute to some iconic music from Capitol Theatre alumni with a concert that ran through Pink Floyd’s The Wall album, along with some juicy tunes from The Talking Heads and Phish. Transforming the entire room with evocative images was a video show designed by Vin Pugliese that included projection mapped images and a bright, massive LED wall created with Chauvet Professional PVP X3 LED tiles, supplied by Image Production Services.
Using Resolume Arena 6, Pugliese served up a mixture of custom-designed visuals and live camera feeds to envelop the stage and the room from walls to ceiling with a blissful procession of images that captured the spirit of the music. Working in visual harmony with the video images was a vividly coloured lightshow by Victor Cornette that utilised the theatre’s house rig and a floor package of eight Ch

arx-logoTRC supplies ARX interfaces for Gold Coast games
Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Australia - TRC, the Australian distributor for the ARX signal processing product range, recently supplied Norwest Productions with 20 units of the ARX industry standard USB DI USB audio interface for use at the Commonwealth Games that took place on the Gold Coast this month.
As audio contractor to the Commonwealth Games, Norwest Productions specified the ARX USB DI for converting computer audio to balanced analogue signal as required throughout the complex AV setups across the Games.
Designed to get audio from a computer into a professional audio system easily and smoothly, the ARX USB DI Audio Interface is a plug-and-play 24bit high resolution digital to analogue pro audio interface that removes the need to use any existing sound card outputs, with their inherent noisy environment and problematic grounding. Featuring full transformer balanced output isolation to eliminate earth loops / ground hum and other extraneous interaction noise or distortion, the ARX USB DI has proven to be a tough, versatile and essential product in live production toolkits around the world.
A major production house and one of the leading suppliers to the live event industry in Australia, Norwest’s track record includes large outdoor music festivals, community events and major international events, including the Opening and Closing Olympic ceremonies.
(Jim Evans)

maaninkalutheranchurchGenelec spreads the word in church of Maaninka
Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Finland - Built in 1845, Maaninka church is a 1,200-seat traditional church building that forms part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland. The existing sound system had been in place for several years and presented a number of problems in terms of coverage and intelligibility which was affecting the overall experience of church-goers.
The church turned to local integrators, AVEK Esitystekniikka and Genelec to bring the audio system into line with modern-day expectations and improve the audio experience for everyone.
Genelec’s technology service manager, Markus Kahelin, recalls that the project posed several challenges; firstly, the sheer size of the space to be covered (985 sq.m with very high ceilings and a central dome), and secondly the fact that the church is a listed building which is a challenge for the integrators: “The shape and size of building results in a relatively long reverberation time and a noticeable echo for the human voice,” explains Kahelin. “The existing audio system was unable to deliver natural, uncoloured sound to all of the congregation and so intelligibility of the spoken word was a real problem.
“The other major consideration is the church’s status as a listed building, which means that you can’t just go knocking holes in the wall or running cables wherever you like,” he adds. “AVEK ended up having to run all their cables via the roof space to reach every part of the church. That in itself was a challenge because extra-long cable runs can pose a risk for sound quality, latency and interference l

hillsongbali1smFirst Hillsong Church in Asia lit with Chauvet
Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Indonesia - Multi-platinum and Dove Award-winning recording group Hillsong United have told interviewers that their sixth studio album Wonder was inspired in part by the things they’ve experienced visiting new places. It is fitting, then, that the group recorded some songs on their new record in Bali, home of their church’s first campus in Asia.
Located in a pleasant, low-key new building on a tree-lined street, the recently opened Bali campus embodies the warm, inviting and uplifting spirit that draws over 80,000 people each Sunday to Hillsong churches on five continents. Although the Bali church building itself is relatively simple in its structure, it quickly engages visitors with help from its immersive and colourful lighting, created with Chauvet Professional fixtures, supplied and installed by ASIIS.
“The people from Hillsong first saw us at an exhibition,” says ASIIS owner Andy Mulya Sutikno. “It was clear pretty quickly that we shared the church’s vision for the kind of environment they wanted to create. Having the right lighting was a big part of achieving that vision. We worked very closely with Stephen Pippett, the head of creative technology from Hillsong, to make it happen.”
ASIIS installed six Ovation F-165WW Fresnels and three Ovation E-260CW high-output LED ellipsoidals at the church. Joining these Ovation units were 12 COLORdash Par-Hex 12 fixtures, eight STRIKE 4 multi-formatted warm white lights and one Amhaze Whisper fog machine.
“Seeing this church and knowing its significance, we are very pleased w

john-bishops-winging-it-official-tour-photographEat to the Beat wings it with John Bishop
Tuesday, 17 April 2018

UK - Eat to the Beat has recently returned from a tour with comedian John Bishop. Following the success of his Winging It show, he was back on the road throughout the first quarter of 2018 with an additional 26 shows.
Venues along the way included Birmingham's Genting Arena, the BIC in Bournemouth, Bristol Hippodrome, the London Palladium, Southend's Cliff Pavilion. The tour drew to a close with a homecoming show at the Liverpool Arena on 30 March.
The team at Eat to the Beat provided crew and artist catering for the tour.
In a bid to improve the impact on the environment, the tour provided all the crew with a refillable water bottle rather than offering individual plastic water bottles in catering. This was an initiative and fitted in with Eat to the Beat's own ethos of trying to reduce their plastic usage wherever they can.
A spokesperson for the tour said: "As always the team at Eat to the Beat provided us with fantastic catering for the recent Winging It tour and we had fantastic feedback from everyone on the team. The refillable water bottles proved to be a great success with everyone on the tour getting involved and using them."
(Jim Evans)

jands-vista-on-giulio-cesareJands Vista in control for Handel’s masterpiece
Tuesday, 17 April 2018

UK - Jands Vista's flexible hardware and time-saving user interface provided the right tool to control a cutting-edge lighting design for Bury Court Opera's modern production of Handel's Giulio Cesare.
Loosely based on historic events during the Roman Civil War, Giulio Cesare - translated as Julius Caesar in Egypt - tells the story of feuding family dynasties, revenge, and obsessive lusts of the most powerful figures of the ancient world.
With Bury Court Opera's focus on using a young cast and production team to provide a fresh take on classic operas, the lighting was key to achieving their artistic vision.
To deliver the show's innovative lighting design by Prema Mehta, lighting programmer Robert Price specified the Jands Vista control solution.
He comments: "I use Vista as I love being able to tailor its software and hardware for any type of show I do. I can set it up in any way I see fit, so its layout is always designed around the application I'm using it for, rather than a generic desk layout used for every show - giving me ultimate flexibility and ease of use."
Price found the Vista's feature-set to be suited to the opera's theatrical programming environment. "Vista has so many useful shortcuts,” he says. “The Learn Timing feature made fast work of getting the cues to fire in sync with the overture.
“With the design's heavy use of moving framing and shutter cuts, being able to control them visually on-screen drastically speeded up the programming process. Vista's timeline also allowed me to very

auditoriumDWR Distribution equips Steyn City School
Tuesday, 17 April 2018

South Africa - The new Steyn City School opened its doors in January 2018. DWR Distribution installed curtains and curtain tracks as well as a lighting, audio and AV in the auditorium which will be used by the Dramatic Arts and Music departments as well as for everyday use like assemblies.
Steyn City School is situated just outside the Steyn City Parkland Residence. Interestingly, what is now a residential estate was once abandoned land which included an old mine quarry.
A tender process saw DWR Distribution sub-contracted to supply the audio visual and lighting in the auditorium. Later, DWR were also awarded another tender, this time for the full curtaining system.
“We were one of the last subcontractors appointed and it was a very tight schedule,” comments Kevin Stannett from DWR. “Working on a brand-new school from scratch and being involved with the construction, identifying where points are needed, was a great experience. It’s lovely to see a high-quality school putting in good equipment from the word go.”
DWR’s manufacturing department, headed by Rob Young, were responsible for installing the custom-made 18m long curtain track for the stage as well as supplying the auditorium curtains. All the side windows are on motorised curtain tracks and the main stage curtains are also on a motorised track. The backstage curtain is on a hand winched track and all the leg curtains on stage were also supplied by DWR.
“On the lighting side we installed two lighting bars on stage and two Front of House bars, all controlled off a P

stereophonics-andrew-bengeCapital Sound & MLA deliver for Stereophonics
Tuesday, 17 April 2018

UK - When the Stereophonics decided to requisition a second acoustic stage accessed via a long thrust from the main performance area, on their latest tour, it provided a conundrum for the band’s long time technical crew, FOH engineer Dave Roden, and rental/production company Capital Sound Hire.
With lead singer/guitarist Kelly Jones - exclusively on in-ears for the first time - Capital Project Manager Robin Conway set about reworking the traditional broadside cardioid array of Martin Audio MLX subwoofers into something that accommodated these new parameters. The solution was a central dual cluster in a cardioid design.
“Dave [Roden] is used to us producing even coverage with Martin Audio systems, but I knew that if we went for conventional left and right stacks we ran the risk of lobing. So, with a combination of modelling and experimentation I came up with a solution that would avoid any compromise.”
Conway’s response was two hangs of six MLX in a cardioid pattern either side of the centre-line, flown at a 30° angle pointing outwards; that ensured cancellation of the low frequencies from the centre of the stage and at the same time also ensured the loudest point for low end wasn’t on the thrust (as would have been the case with a L/R configuration). “We tried this at production rehearsal and the coverage was even, with no hot-spotting down the middle. The two MLX hangs functioned, in effect, as a single source.”
According to Capital account manager Martin Connolly, this configuration was adopted universally. We just had three

l-acousticsShowtime Sound extends L-Acoustics inventory
Tuesday, 17 April 2018

USA - There’s nothing funny about the comedy business: when everything is riding on the setup and the punch line, the sound has to be absolutely perfect. That’s why the top-earning comics on tour today - names like Amy Schumer and Kevin Hart - have looked to Frederick, Maryland based Showtime Sound LLC and its CEO Scott Tydings to make sure that their audiences “get it”.
That pursuit of clarity, intelligibility, and coverage is exactly why the DC area’s first Certified Provider for rental (CPr) has been steadily acquiring an ever-growing inventory of L-Acoustics sound components for both touring comedians and other productions.
With its already large inventory, Showtime Sound has just added an additional 40 K2, 36 Kara, 20 X8 and 12 LA-RAK II, each housing three LA12X amplified controllers. Showtime Sound has also now sold off all of its previous loudspeaker inventory to become an all L-Acoustics SR provider because, as Tydings says, “Making sure the world’s top comedians and musical artists have the absolute best sound money can buy is no joke.”
“Comedians like Kevin have the same level and kind of requirements when it comes to their live sound as any major music artist,” says Tydings, preparing for the second North American leg of Hart’s Irresponsible world tour. The first leg kicked off last September with theatre warm-up shows and, in January, moved to small market arenas doing a conventional end-of-floor setup. The current leg began at the Santander Arena in Reading, PA on 22 March with a new in-the-round setup that

hulljbswdwgfhpress0014SGM illuminates 2017 City of Culture
Tuesday, 17 April 2018

UK - Jason Bruges Studio was commissioned to create a series of installations for the closing celebrations for Hull; the 2017 UK City of Culture. The project ran for over two months from December to January and featured multiple SGM products.
“When Jason Bruges Studio approached me to design the lighting for this city wide installation that was to be outdoors during the winter months, I knew we needed SGM onboard,” comments Carlos Valente, the lighting designer behind the installation Where Do We Go from Here? “Asides from the obvious low-power, IP rating, and bright factors, we also found the fixtures provided great lighting for camera with features to calibrate the LEDs Refresh rate.”
The site-specific installation used a specially choreographed interplay of light, shadow, and sound to guide people through three areas around Hull’s Old Town.
“We started the process with demos of just about every small footprint fixture that SGM makes and ended up loving the light from the new S-4. It gave us a bright source in small form factor with beautiful colour correction and dimming,” says Valente.
Each installation featured a different configuration of repurposed industrial robots of varying sizes and at different levels, from ground to rooftop. The robots communicated through woven networks and acted as light guides, which created kinetic animations, resulting in the inquisitive acquaintance with the city. Some were pre-programmed, some were reactive and with a wide range of lighting effects, from beams, to shadows, and reflecti


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