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batare-tourBaruch dramatizes Bataré tour with Chauvet
Wednesday, 19 April 2017

USA - When Brandon Baruch first heard from a friend about Nick Wylie’s plans to produce the Bataré tour, he realized that this innovative show was something he would like to light. “I tend to gravitate towards projects that require an unconventional design approach,” he said. “So, when Nick told me the concept of the piece, I was immediately drawn in by the fusion of styles and genres. I was also intrigued to learn there was a narrative arc for the performers, because it speaks to my theatre background as well.”
After a meeting with Wylie of Testu Productions, Baruch got his wish. Designing for the current Bataré tour, he has conveyed the emotional flow of this multi-faceted acrobatic Taiko rock show with a colourful and flexible lighting design, using a collection of Chauvet Professional fixtures supplied by Kinetic Lighting.
“It’s a really fun production. There are many elements that feel typical to a modern rock show, but I get just as excited by the solo Taiko interstitial sequences, because they carry historical and traditional significance,” said Baruch. “The first time I stepped into a rehearsal room with all the drums, I quickly realized that each drum has a very distinct personality. I try to respect that in my design. From a lighting perspective, my design ricochets between high-octane rock-and-roll and subtler theatrical gestures that support the storytelling of the drums. So, my rig was put together with flexibility in mind.”
Baruch uses nine COLORado 1-Quad Tour fixtures, as well as four Rogue R1 Washes and three R

solan1-lrgMartin Audio CDD is right fit for Solan
Wednesday, 19 April 2017

UK - Solan Fitness has opened its latest fitness centre following a £1.2m development in East Grinstead, Sussex.
The 15,500sq.ft. strength training facility, situated in the town’s Atrium Building, has developed out of the martial arts concept at the company’s pilot venue in Orpington. All zones - including Cardio, Weights, Spin and Dance/Fitness - are serviced by Martin Audio CDD loudspeaker systems, specified and provided by Old Barn Audio.
Entrepreneur Josh Ahmet had originally contacted the Martin Audio partners, for whom fitness clubs is one of their specialities, following an internet search. Director, Neil Kavanagh, was soon undertaking a site survey, noting that the facility also included a touchscreen accessible FitboxVirtual, a powerful technology platform to run virtual classes in the fitness centre out of hours.
Mindful of the high degree of reverberation - created not only by the open spaces but the ubiquity of glass and mirrors - he opted to focus the CDD speakers vertically downwards from the overhead lighting trusses to create directionality and avoid spillage.
While the same music source is delivered to the Cardio, Weights and Changing Rooms, specially profiled feeds are delivered independently to the Spinning Classes and Dance/Fitness Studio, which require more specific workout music. Other sources include the FitboxVirtual soundtrack, while the installers have provided an iPod input for yet another alternative music source.
In the Cardio zone OBA has installed eight CDD5 from the overhead truss, and in the Weight

dronenight-39SJP at the Drone Races with ChamSys
Wednesday, 19 April 2017

USA - S. Jeremy Peters loves piloting small FPV drones. There is, he says, “no rush quite like it.” He and his wife Alison Peters wanted to share their passion for drone flying with a wider audience. As owners of SJP Productions, a lighting and projection company experienced working festivals, they were in an excellent position to do so. Hooking up with a local brewery, they created one of the first spectator-oriented drone racing events, complete with festival-like lighting, atmospherics and live video feeds all controlled with a three-universe set up built around ChamSys Software.
“Typically drone races are geared toward the racers themselves without a lot of spectators,” said Peters. “Generally, they don’t have much production. Alison and I wanted to draw on our production experience at festivals like Lockn, Peach, Bisco, Mountain Jam, Taste of Country and Gathering of the Vibes to create an event that engaged spectators, so we could draw newcomers to drone racing. When we approached Brewmasters Brewing Services, they were all over the idea. So four weeks later, we held our drone race/festival at a working brewery. It was a blast!”
Brewmasters Drone Night kicked off at 6:00pm on 25 March. It was soon apparent that this would be no ordinary drone race. Peters got things going in high gear with 150 lights and cryo jets at the start gate. Live video feeds from the racers’ goggles and eight camera live switchers trackside put spectators in the middle of the action. ChamSys MagicQ PC software controlled lighting and video using a PC Wing and

robe-all-time-low-march-2017-all312156446Robe for The Young Renegades
Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Europe - Boston-based lighting designer Jeff Maker once again chose Robe as his main moving lights for the most recent UK and European tour for US rockers All Time Low which was a teaser for their upcoming Last Young Renegade album release, scheduled for release in June.
The band combine their hi-energy, in-the-face mix of gritty pop punk rock with a relentlessly busy touring schedule and are renowned for their live performances. Europe is an ever-popular destination and on this tour they played a whole range of venues encompassing academies, town halls and arenas.
Lighting was supplied by Zig Zag Lighting from Leeds, UK. Prominent on the rig were 15 Robe Spiider wash beams, part of a batch newly purchased by the rental company for this tour, together with other Robe luminaires like BMFL Spots, Pointes and CycFX 8s.
(Jim Evans)

tesla-tour-20174Elation rig complements Tesla big rock sound
Wednesday, 19 April 2017

USA - American heavy rock band Tesla has cultivated a loyal fan base over the last 30 years, playing an unpretentious, blue-collar style of music that hard rock audiences love. For an ongoing tour that started in January, band lighting designer and creative director Ignacio “Iggy” Rosenberg is using an Elation rig to complement the band’s big rock sound and surprising (to some) long list of hits.
“The main thing was they were venturing into having more of a production for the first time in years, so we were trying to be cautious about spending too much, but also giving them as much of a show as we could,” commented Iggy, who has been working with the band for the past three years. “This was a great tour to understand the concept of providing something that was inexpensive, but not cheap.”
Working from a short production timeline, Iggy chose Platinum FLX hybrid moving heads, ACL 360 Matrix LED moving head panels and Protron 3K Color strobes to light the show, along with other gear. “They’re a straight up rock band, so much of the lighting tends to follow the drive of their songs,” he says. “That being said, the more they saw and liked, the more freedom they gave me to keep pushing things. They’re a fantastic group of guys and definitely know what they don’t like or don’t want to see.”
What the band does like are the high impact looks from Platinum FLX hybrid movers that Iggy has located about seven feet off the ground on amp carts. “They really have been a surprise since I had never seen them before,” the LD says of

jojo2LD Matt Guminski chooses Elation for JoJo tour
Tuesday, 18 April 2017

USA - LD Matt Guminski was called in to design American pop singer-songwriter JoJo’s 2017 Mad Love Tour just a week before the tour launched in February and turned to Elation Professional moving heads and effect lights to light the re-emerging popstar’s show. Touring in support of her Mad Love album which came out last October – her first album release since the mid 2000s – JoJo is selling out 900-1800 capacity venues at nearly every stop and is clearly on her way back to top star status after charting in 2004 as a 13-year old.
His first time working with JoJo, Matt felt an immediate bond with the artist, who grew up in Boston near where he calls home, and took the short lead time in stride. Matt acts as lighting designer and operator on tour (he programmed the show on the road) and often handles lighting crew duties as well. To light the artist’s R&B-inspired rhythms he uses a rig of 12 Elation ACL 360i compact LED beam effects, 6 Elation ZW19 LED moving heads, and 8 Elation Cuepix WW2 white light LED blinders along with hybrid moving heads.
Having used the Elation ACL 360 Bar LED batten on a tour last fall, Matt says he loved it enough to delve further into the Elation ACL series. For the Mad Love tour he chose to use the ACL 360i, a powerful RGBW beam fixture with continuous 360-degree movement. “They are fast, have good color mixing and fill the space beautifully,” he says, explaining that he uses them for accent lighting and eye-candy looks. “I texture the air around the band and the artist and use them for cool, unique ACL looks.

claypakyClaypaky lights Wroclaw production of Niebo
Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Poland - Nearly 100 Claypaky fixtures illuminated the interior of UNESCO world heritage site, the Centennial Hall in Wroclaw, Poland, for its live production of large-scale theatrical performance Niebo as part of the closing celebrations of the city's year-long status as European Capital of Culture 2016.
Creative producer and multimedia lighting designer for Niebo was Pawal 'Spider' Pająk, founder of Polish production design company Fish Eye. Spider specified a number of Claypkay Mythos, Sharpy and A.leda B-EYE K20 fixtures from Polish rental outfit Transcolor to craft the production's vast spot, beam and wash effects.
"The Centennial Hall is an extremely high venue," says Spider. "For the Niebo production I needed to rig all my fixtures at around 23/24 metres above stage level. This meant I had to look for fixtures with brightness and quality that would not be compromised over long distances."
To provide the scenic lighting for Niebo, Spider arranged for 20 Mythos, the Italian manufacturer's hybrid spot and beam fixture, to be flown in four groups of five above the stage. The fixture's advanced effects engine and two interchangeable and variable rotating gobo wheels crafted the projection that contextualized each of Niebo's scenes.
"I found the Mythos to be excellent at projecting parts of the stage with sharp, mixed patterns to give me the dramatic looks I wanted," says Spider.
In addition to using the Mythos as an effects light Spider also utilised the fixture in Spot mode to focus on key set pieces

chanhassen-2Rogues on the menu at the Chanhassen
Tuesday, 18 April 2017

USA - The Chanhassen Dinner Theatres complex has been a beehive of activity since it opened in 1968. In a typical year, its kitchen will serve 14 tons of steaks, four tons of prime rib, 120,000 chicken breasts, 18 tons of fresh green beans and half a million dinner rolls. Things are equally busy on the theatrical side. Over 10m people have seen shows at the Chanhassen, which is the largest professional dinner theatre in the US. Most productions run eight shows a week for six months, separated by breaks of only a few days.
The production schedule at the theatre complex, which is located 20 miles from Minneapolis, is not only full, it’s also varied, with musicals, concerts, dramas, comedies, one-person shows and ensembles all being performed on its stages.
Sue Berger, the theatre’s lighting director has three main criteria in mind when selecting fixtures for her oft-used rig: reliability, performance and flexibility. Following these guidelines, she recently replaced her aging 250-watt moving discharge fixtures in the main theatre with seven Chauvet Professional Rogue R2 Washes, supplied by Monkey Wrench Productions.
“Our ownership team is dedicated to doing things the right way and carefully investing in solid equipment, especially because we do maintain such an active schedule,” she said. “Any fixtures we add to our rig must be capable of holding up to extensive use. Versatility is also a key factor, because we produce a wide variety of shows. With space at a premium, each instrument needs to be able to fill a multitude of roles. So resea

dpa-miking-a-cajon-drumDPA brings clarity to the Cajón Drum
Tuesday, 18 April 2017

UK - The all-wooden box drum or cajón may be the world’s most popular percussion instrument, yet it is also one of the hardest to amplify, because it produces sharp bursts of sound energy (transients) when played. Finding the right microphones to capture the subtle “woodsy” tone and transient-rich sound of his cajón was proving to be a challenge for percussionist David Mortara – until he discovered the DPA d:dicate range.
Malambo has performed in many of London’s top music venues and festivals, including the Southbank Centre (Royal Festival Hall and Queen Elizabeth Hall), the Bloomsbury and Ealing Festivals,and on the club and corporate entertainment circuit. Corporate gigs can take place in some very unusual and acoustically problematic spaces not designed for critical listening – such as the Victoria & Albert Museum Refreshment Rooms and Cannon Bridge Roof Gardens in London.
Mortara plays a variety of ethnic percussion and his principle instrument is the cajón. Originally from Peru, this all-wooden box drum is played by slapping the front face with the hands, fingers, or sometimes various implements such as brushes, mallets, or sticks.
“For years, I struggled to achieve a decent, faithful live sound on cajón with those popular models of directional dynamic microphones one encounters on-stage,” explains Mortara. “Although directional dynamic microphones can be great, my sound always lacked articulation and ‘sparkle’; as greater mass and inertia of the moving parts in dynamic microphones (compared to condenser microphon

penn--tellerPenn & Teller theatre upgrades with High End
Tuesday, 18 April 2017

USA - Penn & Teller’s outrageous blend of magic and comedy has remained one of the hottest tickets in Las Vegas for over 20 years, and when the production team decided to upgrade the show’s set and scenery, it was also time to invest in new stage lighting technology. Lighting designer Jeff Croiter specified eight High End Systems SolaSpot Pro 1500s, purchased through 4Wall, for the Penn & Teller Theatre in the Rio Hotel.
Croiter explains, “I was in Las Vegas during LDI, at meetings in preparation to do the Penn & Teller show renovation. I had a day off and went to the convention, and I ran into Al Ridella from 4Wall. He said ‘you have to come over and see this light - I’m thinking about buying some’, and that light was the SolaSpot Pro 1500. Al introduced me to Bobby Hale and the High End team, and they ran the light through its paces. I was very impressed, and started thinking about how I could use this fixture.
“When it came time to put the new Penn & Teller show together, I thought the SolaSpot would be the perfect light to specify for that application. Since we were planning to purchase fixtures, we did a number of shootouts, and the SolaSpot came out on top. I knew I wanted an LED source in order to reduce fan noise and for ease of maintenance. And the shuttering feature was also a necessity. In the Penn & Teller show, as in most shows that I do, it’s as much about what you aren’t lighting as what you are, so I really needed the control to be able to frame the light.”
Croiter says the 1500s are the firs

brian-wilson-tour-2017-by-chris-stuba-1Bandit adds light to Wilson’s Pet Sounds tour
Tuesday, 18 April 2017

USA - With ardent fans still clamouring to see the living legend live, musical genius Brian Wilson extended his 50th anniversary tour of Pet Sounds, an album hailed as one of the world’s greatest musical endeavours.
Bandit Lites provides the lighting package for the tour, which features Pet Sounds being performed in its entirety with band members Al Jardine and Blondie Chaplin along with other hits from the Beach Boys and Wilson’s more recent albums.
“When I was a kid, there was magic in music,” said lighting designer Chris Stuba of working with Wilson. “When I started studying Pet Sounds last year, I realized these pop songs are true, pure music magic, full of honesty and heartbreak. The audiences have been so incredible going on this journey with us every night, and the music is so full of joy, it makes people who hear it happy. I am very fortunate to be a small part of this production.”
Stuba recreates the magic of the 1960’s on stage with the lighting, when Wilson was in his twenties and creating the album and sounds that would become ‘the soundtrack to peoples’ lives.’ “I get to try and express his art into lighting,” explained Stuba, “Brian Wilson is still teaching everyone about being creative and working to make us all better each day. The band and the crew are the best.”
As the tour relaunched in 2017, Stuba took the opportunity to refresh part of the design, specifically adding the new SolaSpot Frame 2000 from High End Systems to solve what had been a distracting buzzing from old ampli

claypakyClaypaky lights Wroclaw production of Niebo
Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Poland - Nearly 100 Claypaky fixtures illuminated the interior of UNESCO world heritage site, the Centennial Hall in Wroclaw, Poland, for its live production of large-scale theatrical performance Niebo as part of the closing celebrations of the city's year-long status as European Capital of Culture 2016.
Creative producer and multimedia lighting designer for Niebo was Pawal 'Spider' Pająk, founder of Polish production design company Fish Eye. Spider specified a number of Claypkay Mythos, Sharpy and A.leda B-EYE K20 fixtures from Polish rental outfit Transcolor to craft the production's vast spot, beam and wash effects.
"The Centennial Hall is an extremely high venue," says Spider. "For the Niebo production I needed to rig all my fixtures at around 23/24 metres above stage level. This meant I had to look for fixtures with brightness and quality that would not be compromised over long distances."
To provide the scenic lighting for Niebo, Spider arranged for 20 Mythos, the Italian manufacturer's hybrid spot and beam fixture, to be flown in four groups of five above the stage. The fixture's advanced effects engine and two interchangeable and variable rotating gobo wheels crafted the projection that contextualized each of Niebo's scenes.
"I found the Mythos to be excellent at projecting parts of the stage with sharp, mixed patterns to give me the dramatic looks I wanted," says Spider.
In addition to using the Mythos as an effects light Spider also utilised the fixture in Spot mode to focus on key set pieces

global-citizenColdplay and L-Acoustics at Global Citizen India
Tuesday, 18 April 2017

India - At the end of last year, over 80,000 people descended on the MMRDA Ground in Mumbai for the first ever Global Citizen Festival India. This was the biggest music festival ever produced in the country and required the biggest L-Acoustics systems ever seen or heard in India. In fact, its sheer scale dictated that India’s most prestigious rental companies join forces to supply the required 200-plus loudspeakers.
The Global Citizen Festival is organised by Global Poverty Project. Based in New York, it has been running since 2012, bringing together the biggest international stars to raise awareness of extreme poverty across the world, its goals being closely aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.
Global Citizen Festival India was produced by Wizcraft India and featured international artists including headliners Coldplay – lead singer Chris Martin is the Festival’s creative director for the next 15 years - A.R. Rahman, Jay Z and Demi Lovato, as well as Bollywood’s brightest stars, including Amitabh Bachchan, Farhan Akhtar, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy and Arijit Singh.
Pulling something of this magnitude together requires precise coordination and cooperation between all parties, as Rajan Gupta of Hi-Tech Audio Systems Pvt Ltd, L-Acoustics Indian distributor, explains.
“I heard about the project through Manish Mavani of Mumbai-based Sound & Light Professionals (SNL Pro), who is a K1 owner and was working on securing the project, as was K2 owner Electrocraft. However, it became clear that no single company had th

ema-slovenia-2017-dsc7715-photo-by-crt-birsa-1Robe helps Slovenia on its way to Eurovision
Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Slovenia - One of the 43 Eurovision hopefuls for this year’s event in Kiev, Ukraine, in May is Slovenia’s Omar Naber whose song On My Way was chosen at a spectacular Eurovision Melody (EMA – Evrovizijska MelodijA) show staged in Hall A2 of the Gospodarsko Razstavisce exhibition centre in Ljubljana.
A stunning lighting design by Crt Birsa amazed audiences – both onscreen and live – for which Crt utilized over 200 Robe fixtures on the rig including Spiiders, BMFL Blades, Pointes, MMX WashBeams, Squares, LEDBeam 100s, PARFect 100s, CycFX 8s, LEDWash 600s, ColorSpot 1200E ATs and a single Robin 600E Spot … supplied to the show by Slovenia’s largest rental company, Event Lighting.
Crt worked closely with set designer Greta Godnic to create a striking visual environment for this high-profile show, which was broadcast live on Slovenian national TV in threeparts – two semi-finals and a grand finale – each attended by a live audience of around 1000.
Crt is one of the country’s leading LDs and gets involved in many of RTV’s (Slovenian National TV) largest and more complex shows.
When Greta and Crt were initiating the designs, they wanted to involve the whole room in the show rather than separating the stage and set from the venue. One big harmonious performance space was a key aesthetic goal.
The imposing set comprised three giant grey industrial style crosses each side of stage – six in total - that resembled huge hammers laid on their sides.
Twenty-four MMX WashBeams were on the front trusses and also under t

aidaAIDAprima sails with Sennheiser MobileConnect
Thursday, 13 April 2017

Germany - On board the AIDA-fleet’s newest flagship, AIDAprima, sound solutions from Sennheiser prove their capabilities every single day. The audio specialist’s premium products help deliver high level entertainment on one of the world’s most modern cruise ships.
Alongside Sennheiser’s reliable wireless technology, AIDAprima uses the innovative MobileConnect streaming solution, which has been recently updated to allow for seamless integration into existing networks.
One of the most technologically advanced ships on the planet, AIDAprima has its own excellently equipped TV-production environment, the Broadcast Centre, which channels all picture signals and distributes them to the numerous clients on board. To monitor sound, this facility uses four Neumann KH 120 A active speakers. The newest addition to the Broadcast Centre is a Sennheiser ConnectStation CS1-M, which lies at the heart of the MobileConnect solution and which Martin Zniva, Entertainment Technical Manager on board AIDAprima describes as providing “a great benefit for people with hearing impediments.”
In the past, entertainment areas on cruise ships had been equipped with special seating areas for guests with hearing impediments; audio signals were transmitted via induction loops installed underneath the floor. On modern cruise ships such as AIDAprima, guests can ask for a pocket receiver which picks up the signals and enables the guest to choose their own seating space.
With the innovative Sennheiser MobileConnect system, inclusion on board is set to go full speed ah

bupa-great-birmingham-runSporting event production with Pearce Hire
Thursday, 13 April 2017

UK - Over the past year, Pearce Hire has witnessed a substantial growth in the demand for their technical production skills and teams to work on a range of running events. During 2016 Pearce Hire supplied up to 20 different running events around the UK, including the Plusnet Yorkshire Half Marathon (Sheffield) and Marathon (York), almost a dozen 10K runs, the Great Birmingham Run and the Great Bristol Half Marathon.
“Sporting events provide a different dynamic and set of challenges from the outdoor events and festivals Pearce Hire might be better known for”, observes John Huson, project manager. “But in fact we have considerable experience providing distributed sound systems for sports events where the PA system needs to cover several hundred metres to provide the necessary information to the competitors, as well as keeping the spectators and supporters fully updated throughout the event.”
These specific audio requirements can be installed by Pearce Hire in conjunction with the necessary event staging infrastructure and temporary power distribution for which Pearce Hire has an award-winning reputation. The temporary power infrastructures ensure the substructure underpinning sporting events such as event timing, first aid, race control and any event village all have a stable and reliable source of power, alongside the staging structures for start/finish lines, the podiums and warm up platforms and stages along the route.
Another challenge for these events is the management and delivery of smooth and efficient set up and de-rig schedules withi

curved-wall-no-imageMatrix glows with new LED purchase
Wednesday, 12 April 2017

UK - Matrix has just purchased “one of the most diverse, user-friendly LED products currently available to the live event sector”. This 2.6mm pixel pitch LED can create a high definition crystal clear image, suitable for exhibitions and conferences that need a superior display platform.
Matrix is able to supply up to 500m2 from the same batch of LED – ensuring the LED panels and quality is of an optimum undiluted quality. The panels themselves are designed with an individual magnetic attraction function. Matrix has invested in 2in1 rigging bars for the LED. An advantage of both of these is the capability to allow single person handling, an appealing option to potentially reduce crew numbers for the build and de-rig.
This adaptable 2.6mm LED product can be displayed in numerous bespoke formats – curved (concave/convex) and straight. The cable management has been carefully considered and discretely optimized to create a flat back. Great for designers when considering their set and stage design.
Matrix LED team states, “We get a lot of demand from our clients and set designers for LED, in particular HD LED. After a lot of research we believe we have found the perfect product for our clients and their clients. It is really adaptable and easy to use, fits perfectly within the conference and exhibition sectors as well as being a great asset for the other live sectors we work within.”
(Jim Evans)

alcons--theaterstuebchen-kasselAlcons LR7 reinforces Theaterstübchen Kassel
Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Germany - In the more than 10 years of its existence, the Theaterstübchen Kassel has developed into one of the country's finest jazz music venues. In order to successfully develop the purely privately run house, renovations took place from 2012 onwards, during which a new public address system was installed. Operator Markus Knierim trusted the clear recommendation of sound engineer Rolf Dressler and chose a pro-ribbon sound solution from Alcons Audio.
Auditiv GmbH from Kassel installed two Alcons pro-ribbon LR7 (left / right) micro line-array in the 120 seats (about 300 without seats) large Theaterstübchen (little theater room), supplemented by one Alcons BF151 single 15” per side as bass support. The system is operated by the Alcons ALC2 (2 x 1kW) amplified loudspeaker controller. This small system "is absolutely sufficient for 95% of the events in the room," as Rolf Dressler emphasizes.
The Alcons LR7 is a passive 2-way loudspeaker system, equipped with a 4" pro-ribbon transducer. Although very small and only 8 kilograms / 17.6-lb in weight, the system captivates by the Alcons-typical intelligibility and outstanding impulse response. The natural clarity of the system makes it the first choice for jazz sound reinforcement.
As a freelance sound technician since 1986 on the road, Alcons has always been the system of choice for Dressler: "I've known Alcons since the first hour and to this day there is nothing better for me in the mid and high frequency range. Anyone who is looking for a system that reinforces 1:1 what comes in, inevitably lands

robe-autosport-2017-2v3a5095Autosport 2017 adrenaline rush with Robe
Wednesday, 12 April 2017

UK - Petrolheads and adrenaline junkies were treated to a new look for the Live Action Arena at the 2017 Autosport show staged in Hall 5 of the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham, UK.
An audacious, eye-popping lighting design by Nathan Wan featured nearly 300 Robe moving lights to provide the power, punch and luminosity needed to match the roaring engines, burning rubber and screeching brakes of the races and performance car action.
Nathan has lit the show for the past few years working with technical consultants and equipment suppliers Network Productions. This year, their technical director Nick Halliday and production manager Dave Beel were working with a new creative team who wanted to inject some turbo-charged theatricality into the tyre-slaying speed drama unfolding on the track.
When it comes to lighting, the Live Arena is notorious as a ‘lumen-killer’ – however much lighting you seem to throw into it is voraciously consumed. But this year with the BMFLs, Nathan was able to achieve some serious high-impact lighting that’s never been seen before.
”There was absolutely no other fixture available with the power and punch to do this job,” he stated.
With cameras positioned 360 degrees all around the arena, it was essential to ramp up the lighting levels to match the excitement, and the aim was to get as much even coverage as possible around the vast space which is also the UK’s largest indoor racetrack for the duration of the show.
Last year Nathan had illuminated the track with around 250 x 1K PAR 64s,

nuoviorizzonti6Yamaha CIS brings joy to Nuovi Orizzonti Citadel
Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Italy - Nuovi Orizzonti (New Horizons) is a Christian, non-profit organisation which has ‘citadels’ in Italy, Brazil and Bosnia-Herzegovina where the socially disadvantaged and marginalised can receive support, care and training. The organisation’s newest facility is at Frosinone in Italy, where a Yamaha Commercial Installation Solutions (CIS) audio system is helping to bring people together.
Named Cittadella Cielo (Citadel of Heaven), the new facility expands the Nuovi Orizzonti mission to ‘bring joy to those who have lost hope’. Its recent gala opening saw performances by Italian stars including Andrea Bocelli, Nek, Raf and Cristina Scuccia (aka Sister Cristina, or ‘The Singing Nun’, winner of the second series of The Voice of Italy).
The Yamaha CIS system is installed in Cittadella Cielo’s 600-capacity main hall and features eight VXS5W and eight VXS8W loudspeakers, powered by XMV8280 and XMV4280 amplifiers. An MTX3 matrix mixer manages the system, with straightforward control via wall-mounted DCP4V4S and DCP1V4S panels, plus remote Wireless DCP. Input sources include two Line 6 XD-V75 wireless microphones and three Shure MX418C goosenecks.
“The system had to deliver high sound quality with very even coverage, despite the hall featuring a number of columns and many flat, reflective surfaces,” says Fabio Morosi of systems integrator On Display. “The venue was originally planned with a different audio system, but I insisted Yamaha CIS products were considered because I previously did a very successful installation with

glp-1GLP GT-1 lights Our Song 2017
Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Germany - On 9 February 2017 five candidates presented themselves before a specialist jury and a Europe-wide television audience, and fought for the right to represent Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kiev.
With the eloquent Barbara Schöneberger presenting the show, former ESC winner Lena Meyer-Landruth sat next to Tim Benzko and Florian Silbereisen in the three-piece jury.
The show was broadcast live under the management of the NDR from the studios of Cape Cross Studio + Filmlichtgesellschaft mbH, one of Germany's leading suppliers of film and TV stage and lighting technology, in Cologne-Mühlheim.
The lighting design for probably the most important pop contest on German TV, came again from the hand of Jerry Appelt, who is almost a fixture at the Eurovision Song Contest.
In 2011 in Düsseldorf and 2012 in Baku he was already lighting designer of the Final shows. In addition, in 2013 he designed the lighting for the Junior ESC in Kiev and in 2014 he took over the lighting design for the preliminary German voting for the ESC - just to name the most recent ESC appearances.
The new GLP GT-1 hybrids, of which Jerry Appelt had specified a total of 52 pieces in his design, were extremely prominent and always in camera shot. "This lamp takes care of everything - design, performance, output and features," enthused Appelt about the GT-1.
"It's the whole package that's impressive: beam, spot and wash all combined in such a compact footprint. Thanks to its slim design and the absence of the classic base, the GT-1 can be perfect

rbs2Six Nations in the Spotlight with 11th Hour
Wednesday, 12 April 2017

UK - The RBS Six Nations rugby tournament ranks alongside the greatest sporting competitions in the world. The average attendance at games exceeds 70,000 and worldwide TV coverage expands its reach to millions.
11th Hour is a regular provider to its client Event360 at The Principality Stadium in Cardiff, one of the finest sporting arenas in the world and home to Welsh rugby. For this year's tournament, reprising its role during Wales' autumn internationals, 11th Hour supplied power and lighting for the players tunnel and pitch-side entrance at The Principality Stadium, as well as mains distribution for the now famous flames that flare high into the air as the drama begins.
The tunnel/entrance lighting comprised Clay Paky B-EYE K20s, Chauvet 230 SR Beams, Atomic Strobes, RGB rope light and Avolite control.
As well as this provision for Wales's home fixtures, 11th Hour also supplied lighting for the trophy presentation to the eventual tournament winners, England, after the final game in Dublin. The presentation lighting comprised Robert Juliat Lancelot followspots and Clay Paky Mythos fixtures in the stands and wheel-mounted Chauvet Beams and Atomic Strobes on the pitch, all controlled by Avolites consoles.
(Jim Evans)

perth-concert-hall-elation-2Perth Concert Hall installs Elation Sixpar 300s
Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Australia - The recent refresh of the entire Perth Concert Hall lighting rig (made possible through the State Government’s Department of Culture and the Arts Infrastructure Improvement Program) saw head of lighting Alex Spartalis with a lot of decisions to make. The choice to make the PCH home to nine Elation Sixpar 300 RGBAW+UV LED fixtures was not one of the difficult ones. With the whole rig headed to LED, Alex had to audition a huge range of luminaires, and the Sixpar 300s were an easy winner.
“I loved the six-chip design, the inclusion of amber, their narrow beam angle capability, the 5-pin DMX, and the build quality,” Alex listed. Added to this is the fanless design, a must in acoustically sensitive applications like classical concerts. “All of the features Alex mentioned were a big plus,” added Sean McKernan of lighting supplier Evolution 512, “but the fact they’re completely silent was incredibly important. A lot of fixtures Alex and I auditioned simply did not have an acceptable noise floor.”
The nine Sixpar 300s are included in the house rig as floating fixtures – they’re often used on stage, but also roam around the venue, sometimes used as powerful uplights on the nine columns of Perth Concert Hall’s iconic Brutalist façade.
“They’ve got great colour mixing, and they’re really bright,” continued Alex. “They’re a good complement to the rig for our school and dance shows. We often use them on a stick of truss lower to stage than our 16.3m ceiling when we need something closer. They’re also our back-li

seminole-ep5smChauvet shines on Seminole Baptist Sanctuary
Tuesday, 11 April 2017

USA - In 1993 Seminole Baptist Temple began holding services in an impressive brick building at the corner of East Republic Road and National Avenue in Missouri’s third largest city. Photographs of the church on that day reveal a building that looks pretty much the same as it does today. Inside, however, the church’s current sanctuary would scarcely be recognizable to a visitor from 24 years ago, except for the three prominent stained glass windows that tower over its worship stage.
Paragon 360 managed to keep the distinctive stained glass windows at the centre of the church’s look, even while creating a completely new and very modern atmosphere, thanks to a carefully planned and skillfully executed renovation project that featured contemporary scenic elements, the installation of an HD video system, and a new LED lighting system anchored by Chauvet Professional fixtures.
“Seminole Baptist was looking to update the worship centre space to make it more welcoming to all generations,” said Donnie Brawner, CEO of Paragon 360. “Lighting was an important part of this modernization plan. Aside from creating warm, inviting colours throughout the area, the new lighting system has been instrumental in accenting the scenic and architectural elements we added to transform the sanctuary, while still retaining the classical look of the stained-glass windows.”
Among the most striking scenic elements put in place by Paragon 360 are faux rock towers positioned to the right and left of those windows. Accenting these towers is light from eight COLORdash


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