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killersThe Killers go global with Claypaky Scenius
Thursday, 29 March 2018

World - Currently touring their fifth studio album, Wonderful Wonderful, The Killers are travelling the world with an Americana-inspired show design, lit by long-term lighting designer Steven Douglas, who selected the Claypaky's Scenius Unico as the production's workhorse lighting fixture.
From the start, the band, Douglas and the rest of the creative team decided against a fixed creative brief for this production. Instead they worked on growing the show design organically during the recording of the Wonderful Wonderful album. The resulting production features The Killers' idiosyncratic Vegas styling, alongside theatrical small-town Americana set-pieces, inspired by the nature and feel of the album's music.
"Building the show whilst the album was still being recorded felt more natural, as the songs influenced the design process," says Douglas, who worked alongside set and stage design studio Fireplay on the production. "For the lighting, I wanted a lot of beam lights to cut through the on-stage video screen elements, which are extremely bright. However, I also knew I didn't want to be limited to just a beam, so I looked at a lot of different hybrid fixtures for the production's workhorse and chose the Scenius Unico."
The Wonderful Wonderful set is backed by a wraparound, forced perspective panoramic LED screen consisting of geometric video wall panels totalling 17.8m wide and between 7.3m and 11.3m high. The screens display custom content designed in collaboration between the band, Fireplay and Douglas. The content was then pr

masqueradecirculodelliceoClair Brothers unmasked at masquerade ball
Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Spain - An invitation-only masquerade ball takes place each year in the Liceu Theatre within the historically ornate ballroom known as Sala dels Miralls.
Live musicians perform while attendees dance and drink and laugh, each person a mysterious character for the evening. Unfortunately, in the past, because of the mirrored and marbled room’s highly reflective sound quality, the details of the music and the vocals were often equally mysterious. So, in its third year in 2018, the promoters of the Círculo del Liceo Masquerade Ball decided to fix the issue once and for all - with Clair Brothers.
VTècnics, Clair Brothers distribution partner in Spain, recommended using the new C12 speaker system to combat the daunting acoustical challenge. Explains Josep Maria Serra, VTècnics production manager, “An event that caters to high-society elite is expected to have everything perfectly executed. This includes the quality of the sound in the room. I knew what the challenges were; how high reflections make vocals impossible to understand and how hard surfaces muddy the music, especially the low-end. I also knew what speakers would solve the problem: The Clair Brothers C12s with iS218 subwoofers.”
Additional challenges were a result of the basic design of the Sala dels Miralls. Due to its grand artistic architecture, hanging the PA from the ceiling is expressly forbidden; as is building the system up from the ground, an aesthetic impossibility. The only other option was to stack the PA, which can make things more difficult for obvious reasons of close pr

berrycenterproductionroomwithallenheathdlives7000surfaceAllen & Heath in Houston’s Berry Centre upgrade
Wednesday, 28 March 2018

USA - The Richard E. Berry Educational Support Centre in Houston, Texas recently completed a major update to its AV systems featuring seven Allen & Heath dLive S Class Digital Mixing Systems and an ME Personal Mixing System.
Serving the Cypress Fairbanks Integrated School District, as well as the Houston area at large, the Berry Centre hosts 4000 yearly events in its five multi-purpose venues (arena, conference centre, theatre, and two stadiums).
Ford Audio Video Systems provided the Berry Centre’s new AV systems. David Shriver, Ford AV’s Houston Division job centre manager says, “Our big goal in all of this was flexibility because the centre defines ‘multi-use facility’.”
Ford AV installed an Allen & Heath gigaACE network and a second Dante network to supplement the existing Dante network. Together, the three networks allow several of the dLives to be relocated when needed and facilitate resource sharing, recording and live and streaming broadcast from any venue.
The conference centre can be subdivided into as many as 17 separate spaces and Shriver notes, “One of the brilliant things with the dLive is that we could give them the flexibility to run each of these spaces as independent systems from one MixRack using an iPad or a laptop with the dLive Director software.”
Portable dLive surfaces also allow separate FOH and monitor mixing for larger arena events and FOH mixing from an audience location in the theatre. The centre’s ME Personal Mixing System serves performers in the Arena, Theater or other venues as ne

vegasHarman installation at Esports Arena Las Vegas
Wednesday, 28 March 2018

USA - Esports Arena Las Vegas, which celebrated its grand-opening on 22 March at the Luxor Hotel and Casino, features a Harman Professional installation.
The new Esports Arena Las Vegas is a 30,000sq.ft multi-level arena with a competition stage, telescopic seating, daily gaming stations, VIP room, two bars, and state-of-the-art streaming and production studios. The facility also features an interactive area known as The Dome that includes retro games, and a front lobby equipped with gaming stations, a streaming booth and a virtual reality station.
Harman Professional Solutions provided a custom audio, lighting, and control solution made up of JBL Professional loudspeakers, Crown amplifiers, BSS audio processors, AMX control systems and Martin lighting fixtures.
“Esports Arena Las Vegas is the flagship location of our growing global network of Esports properties, and Allied Esports is proud to partner with Harman Professional to deliver an incredibly immersive experience for gamers and fans alike,” says Jud Hannigan, CEO of Allied Esports. “Audio is a huge part of the gaming experience, and the Harman solution delivers premium sound quality and control.”
The opening ceremony at Luxor Hotel and Casino featured a series of events designed to showcase the arena's impressive production quality and interactive entertainment, with more than 20 professional esports players and 500 local gaming influencers in attendance.
“With the opening of Esports Arena Las Vegas, Harman Professional is setting the standard for professional audio

lx-86-photo-laura-mcewenChauvet DJ Festoon stars in The Singing Mermaid
Wednesday, 28 March 2018

UK - After over half a century of memorable theatrical productions, education programmes and workshops dedicated to upholding the art form of puppetry, it’s perhaps little wonder that the Little Angel Theatre in Islington, London, was championed by Time Out in 2016 as "nothing less than an icon of north London childhood”.
For the theatre’s latest show - a puppet adaptation of the children’s picture book, The Singing Mermaid - LD Sherry Coenen incorporated Chauvet DJ’s Festoon fixture into her lighting concept to provide dynamic looks.
Coenen utilised the fully pixel mappable LED Festoon to provide visual support for the lyrical picture book adaptation, which tells the story of a singing mermaid who is tempted away from her home at Silversands to join the circus.
“The theatre required a solution which would give us a great deal of flexibility but also provide specific circus and underwater inspired looks for the new production of The Singing Mermaid,” comments Coenen. “After hearing about the Festoon from a Chauvet rep at Showlight, I was really keen to try it in my design. The looks it’s capable of creating left me deeply impressed, and it ended up being the lynchpin of the lighting concept.”
Positioned in a three-stringed formation fanning out over the audience just out of reach above audience head height, the Festoon creates a circus feel throughout the room, whilst at the same time offering pixel-mapping technology to enliven the theatre’s productions.
“The Festoon gave me the audience i

timax-the-divide-0122-couplesBobby Aitken bridges The Divide with TiMax
Tuesday, 27 March 2018

UK - Alan Ayckbourn’s The Divide, staged at London’s Old Vic theatre features sound design by Bobby Aitken, who declares, “The sound design was defined by the use of TiMax. We could never have produced that without TiMax.”
Directed by Annabelle Bolton with the score composed by Chris Nightingale, Aitken recognised the potential for an immersive spatial sound design. The music is delivered via a 40-piece choir and five-piece music ensemble comprised of woodwind, strings, piano and electronics.
In addition to the score, the piece is supported by the extensive use of immersive sound effects. Out Board director Robin Whittaker provided design and programming support on-site to help Aitken realise his spatial vision.
Aitken was able to use TiMax to strategically create space within the music for the actors’ voices to be heard clearly. Instead of raising the vocal spatial amplification level when music came in over the dialogue, the actors’ voices were made prominent by ‘moving’ the choir and orchestra to the sides, using MIDI-triggered TiMax cues rendered as dynamic “wide” spatial events. Each of the four harmonic groups in the choir were mic’d separately so as ‘to move them around separately for effect’.
“It’s a beautifully intimate sounding piece,” he explains, “it’s almost acoustic. If it wasn’t for the music there would be no electronic intervention whatsoever, but we had to lift the cast slightly if we were to hear the nuances of voice above the music which obviously has a greater dynamic range.

robe-zagreb-festival-img9977websafeRobe rig on song for Zagreb Festival
Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Croatia - The Zagreb Festival, the oldest entertainment music festival in Croatia, was modelled on the famous Sanremo Festival and is a significant event on the calendar for composers and songwriters and attracts a wide range of national and local singing talent.
Lighting, set and visuals were designed this year by Miro Hrg, with the full production technical package - including a complete Robe moving light rig - supplied by one of the top Croatian rental companies, Promo Logistika.
The show was broadcast live on Croatia’s National TV station, HRT (Hrvatska Radiotelevizija). Miro worked closely with their lighting director / designer Vesna Gregurević to create a stunning looking show that thrilled both a live audience in the Conference Hall at the Plaza Event Centre, Zagreb and engaged hundreds of thousands of TV viewers.
They had two full days of rehearsals for the one-day event / broadcast which saw a series of special performances and unique collaborations showcasing a huge amount of new music performed by established and emerging stars.
Promo Logistika, also based in the Croatian capital, has provided technical production for the last three festivals. Two years ago, Miro operated the lights, last year he was the set designer and this year he co-ordinated the team and delivered the full visual package.
The process started with a pooling of everyone’s ideas, including his own quite clear ones about the specification and format of the lighting.
Once they had all agreed on the stage design, he drew it in a WYSIWYG visualiser

sgm-bridgeGreat Belt Bridge goes green with SGM
Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Denmark - On 23 December 2017 and throughout this January, the 18km long fixed link between East and West Denmark was illuminated in BroBizz’s logo-coloured green to mark the beginning of a lower bridge toll.
At the same time, the eye-catching installation on the world’s third largest suspension bridge was an experiment with energy-reducing LED fixtures. The lighting for the occasion was designed by ÅF Lighting for client Sund og Bælt, the owner of the bridge.
“We wanted to create a professional architectural façade lighting, with beautiful even lighting from the roadway and all the way up to the top of the pylon, while leaving out unwanted highlights. The pylons are 254m high and the luminaires was placed next to the roadway at 68m height, which resulted in an approximately 186m vertical structure to light up,” said ÅF Lighting’s electrical and lighting engineer, Frederik Waneck Borello.
Using SGM’s P-10s, I-5s, and P-5s, supplied by VIGSØ A/S, ÅF Lighting was able to create a magical green illumination on one of the two pylons on the fixed link, which consists of two bridges and a tunnel.
“We used the P-10, with its powerful output, to light up the tall vertical sides. To smoothen out the light from the P-10, we used the P-5 with various lenses for both the lowest parts and the middle section. Finally, for the tallest part of pylon, we used the i-5 with the much narrower beam,” explained Borello and continued.
“For a large-scale application like this one, it is a huge advantage to use luminaires with a high lum

x-factorBlackmagic Design powers X Factor arena tour
Monday, 26 March 2018

UK - Blackmagic Design reports that IMAG projection for the 2018 X Factor Lve arena tour was produced with a PPU, built around an ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio 4K with ATEM 2 M/E Broadcast Panel. Live acquisition was delivered by an HD multicam set up which included the URSA Broadcast.
The tour, produced by live specialist, PRG XL Video, took the talent show’s winners to 15 cities across the UK in just three weeks. Vis a Vis Video’s Stuart Merser led on all video production for the tour and collaborated with X Factor’s studio director, Diccon Ramsey, to ensure the live set up matched the format and feel of the popular television series.
“The live set-up is similar to the Saturday night show, with a presenter and acts performing for the audience’s vote each night, so Diccon was responsible for editorial consistency between broadcast and arena content,” explains Stuart. “We fed live camera signals, pre-recorded content of each contestant’s journey, and the X Factor graphics into the switcher, with Diccon at the helm on the ATEM panel, delivering a seamless production every night.”
Stuart paired the URSA Broadcast with a Canon 14ex4.5 ENG lens to deliver 1080i footage for twin LED big screens at either side of the stage. Operating via VizLink RF, Stuart captured the action on the main stage, or quickly shoulder mounted the URSA Broadcast, to turn around and film performers on a second solo stage positioned in the middle of the crowd.
“Getting the audience involved is so important in any arena tour, so I love that I ca

bradford-live-view-from-city-park-tim-ronalds-architectsFurther funding secured for Bradford music venue
Monday, 26 March 2018

UK - The transformation of the vacant former Bradford Odeon cinema into a 4,000-capacity live music, entertainment and events venue has been further bolstered with an extra £4m confirmed from the Government’s Northern Cultural Regeneration Fund. The funding has been secured by the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership.
The 1930s cinema has been vacant since 2000. The redevelopment will be one of the biggest of its type in the country outside of London and will bring Bradford back on the national touring circuit.
The venue, due to be run by NEC Group International, will aim to put on around 225 events to more than 270,000 people every year, creating 50 jobs in the city. The project is being led by a not-for-profit social enterprise, Bradford Live, assisted by Bradford Council.
Programme manager, Kirsten Branston from Bradford Live, said: “We would like to thank all those who backed the bid which has benefited from cross party support, in particular the efforts of Bradford Council and Bradford’s MPs. The redevelopment of this iconic building will be a magnificent legacy project for the Great Exhibition of the North.”
Phil Mead, managing director for Arenas and NEC Group International, added: “This is a project already generating a huge amount of excitement and goodwill – both as a building with tremendous history in its own right but also as a flagship investment that will help deliver a fantastic new venue for the city and support Bradford’s on-going regeneration as a vibrant, thriving destination. This latest funding news

best-screen-supplier-websafeVideo Illusions wins at Festival Supplier Awards
Monday, 26 March 2018

UK - Video Illusions won the Festival Supplier Award 2018 for Best Screen Supplier, impressing judges with the scale of the installation and the technology deployed at Boomtown.
The Festival Supplier Awards, held on 25 January at London’s Hurlingham Club, recognise the achievements, hard work and dedication of outdoor event and festival suppliers.
The award categories cover a multitude of outdoor event essentials, from staging, crowd management, temporary structures and crewing to crowd barriers, toilets, power, technology and screens. There are also specific awards for the green supplier and production teams.
Submissions for the 2019 edition of the awards run from 3 September to 31 October, with The Festival Supplier Awards 2019 set to return to London’s Hurlingham Club on Thursday 31 January 2019.
(Jim Evans)

microwedgeEAW MicroWedge on stage in Chicagoland
Monday, 26 March 2018

USA - Eastern Acoustic Work’s (EAW) MicroWedge stage monitors continue to take the spotlight at live sound venues throughout Chicago. T.C. Furlong, president of TC Furlong Inc, reports recent sales to Lincoln Hall, Old Town School of Folk Music, Lyric Opera of Chicago and Green Mill.
“These are marquee clients that represent some of the more notable live venues in the metropolitan area,” explains Furlong. “The popularity of the MicroWedge does not seem to diminish. The small footprint is ideal for crowded stages and their high output makes them useful for any act that needs stage monitors. Plus, they are rider friendly - everyone that uses them loves them.”
Furlong notes that Lincoln Hall increased their inventory by nine MW15, Old Town School Of Folk Music by eight MW12, Lyric Opera of Chicago added six MW12 while The Green Mill invested in two additional MW12 enclosures. The MicroWedge Series consists of the MW10, MW12, MW15 and MW18.
"I spent many years working on designing the ultimate stage monitor, that is acoustically, visually and ergonomically optimized," explains Rat. "The Microwedge project is all about perfecting a compact, attractive, turnkey wedge system that sounds great and reaches high gain before feedback levels with minimal effort.”
In addition to the recent acquisitions, Furlong adds that his company also keeps a dozen MW12s in their rental inventory – which see plenty of action throughout the year.
Furlong concludes: “The EAW MicroWedge is still the go-to conventionally-powered stage monitor in t

ac-sp-madame-tussauds-3-copyright-wwwi101digitalcouk--ac-special-projectsAC-SP assists upgrade of Spirit of London ride
Monday, 26 March 2018

UK - A.C. Special Projects (AC-SP) has assisted Madame Tussauds London in a full LED upgrade of its popular Spirit of London ride to the latest energy-efficient ProLights lighting solutions.
Madame Tussauds London gives guests the chance to get up close to over 300 lifelike figures of some of the world's most famous stars, ranging from Hollywood to Bollywood, and The Royal Family to ‘Rock Royalty’.
In addition to the nine themed areas and a 4D cinema experience, the attraction's Spirit of London ride provides an exciting and nostalgic black cab journey through London's history. Guests are transported in near darkness from Tudor England to the 20th century, travelling through scenes featuring figures of some of London's best-known characters. From the golden age of Queen Elizabeth I to the Great Plague and Fire of London, to Christopher Wren's re-building of the Capital right through the Victorian age, to World War II and the swinging sixties, the Spirit of London is a whistle-stop tour through 400 years of London life.
The animated ride harnesses sophisticated animatronics, lighting and smoke special effects, and a fun soundtrack reflecting the various scenes and time periods, to create the perfect immersive atmosphere for guests.
With Spirit of London reaching its 25th anniversary, the on-site audio-visual team were keen to upgrade the attraction's lighting to more energy-efficient, eco-friendly LED fixtures, as part of their overall environmental policy.
Having previously commissioned A.C. Special Projects to provide a bespoke ex

Vi-Series provides power for Emmanuel Centre
Monday, 26 March 2018

UK - Located in the heart of London’s Westminster, the Emmanuel Centre is a trans-denominational church serving the broad Christian community in the area.
The 1,000-capacity venue - a Grade II listed building with a glass dome auditorium, marble columns, high-arched windows and oak panelled walls and seating - presented a sound reinforcement challenge.
The reverberation time in the main auditorium measured around three seconds, a significant obstacle to speech intelligibility, and the building’s listed status meant drilling into the structure was forbidden, ruling out the installation of flying points.
To bring the increasingly multi-purpose Centre up to date, Elvis Uriona, head of sound at the Emmanuel Centre, approached long-term sound system partner Autograph Sales & Installations.
Peppe Mallozzi, who led the system design for Autograph, was familiar with the acoustical challenges and structural limitations of the venue and was well aware that a ground-supported flown solution would look “horrendous”. Fortunately, the Emmanuel Centre sound team already had a positive experience of the only acceptable alternative - a ground-stack solution, as one of their biggest clients, Hillsong Church, whose services feature full rock and roll shows, had for some time been bringing in its own PA - a d&b V-Series system.
Keen to cater for visitors, Emmanuel Centre wanted a permanent system which would serve a big rock and roll show, and which Hillsong would be happy to use – while still providing crystal clear speech reproduction f

mceverchapelexteriorDanley speakers enhance Gainesville chapel
Monday, 26 March 2018

USA - The new wedding and reception chapel on Free Chapel's McEver Road site in Gainesville, Georgia received a sound system from Danley.
Local AV company dB Integrations designed and installed the system for the Chapel on McEver and its outbuildings using Danley Sound Labs SBH-20 column form-factor, point-source loudspeakers, SM-100 synergy horns, weatherized GO-2-8CX loudspeakers, and TH-mini15 subwoofers.
"The Chapel on McEver is a beautiful setting for a wedding, but its aesthetic also makes for some challenging acoustic conditions," explains Paul Lynch, inside sales associate at dB Integrations. "There's imported marble tile everywhere plus lots of glass and highly reverberant wooden pews. To compound the challenge, the church put off some acoustical treatments we recommended while also requesting that the sound system be 'invisible'. They don't want to see technology in the room. With very few places to even put a loudspeaker, Danley's point-source fidelity and intelligibility were going to have to save the day."
The architecture included niches in the decorative and structural support columns for column form-factor loudspeakers, so dB opted for Danley's SBH ‘Skinny Big Horn’ series. A Danley SBH-Series loudspeaker acts as a single point source while delivering a wide horizontal coverage pattern and a tight vertical pattern to keep energy off the ceiling and floor.
When the recommended acoustic treatments were still on the table, the dB design team designed the system with four Danley SBH-20LF columns - LF denoting additional low-

teenageHarman supports Teenage Cancer Trust concerts
Monday, 26 March 2018

UK - Harman Professional Solutions is supporting Teenage Cancer Trust’s 18th annual concert series at Royal Albert Hall with a complete Martin by Harman lighting solution.
Conceived and curated by TCT patron Roger Daltrey CBE, frontman of The Who, this year’s line-up includes Daltrey, UB40, Nile Rodgers & CHIC, Corteneers, Kasabian, Def Leppard as well as an evening of comedy hosted by Russell Howard.
As part of a long-standing pledge to support Teenage Cancer Trust, Harman, along with partners PRG and Fineline Lighting, is supplying a complete Martin lighting rig to provide a premium visual display for the performances.
"Teenage Cancer Trust is extremely grateful to Harman Professional Solutions for all their support at our Royal Albert Hall shows,” says Jane Ashton, head of music and entertainment, Teenage Cancer Trust. “The Martin lighting solutions help us to create a world-class lighting display that enhances the production value of the event, and provides guests with an incredible experience they'll never forget."
The Martin lighting solution at Royal Albert includes including 20 MAC Axiom Hybrid fixtures, 28 MAC Viper AirFX fixtures, 10 Atomic LED strobes and 290 VDO Face 5 HB video panels.
“Harman is honoured to support the Teenage Cancer Trust and their performance series at the Royal Albert Hall,” says Mike Walker, senior sales director, live entertainment EMEA, Harman Professional Solutions. “I have been lucky enough to know and to work with the production team behind the Royal Albert Hall shows for a numb

avowebsafeAvolites' Titan at Exodus Festival
Friday, 23 March 2018

Poland - The Christian Exodus Festival took place at Gdańsk's 15,000-capacity Ergo Arena in February, featuring inspirational effects lighting controlled by an Avolites Sapphire Touch console, supplied by Prolight.
LD Tom Jones created vibrant and uplifting lighting for the four-day conference and festival, which featured talks as well as live performances. To achieve his challenging and ambitious design, Jones programmed and controlled the lighting for all events using the Sapphire Touch, powered by Avolites' effects-focused Titan 10.1 interface.
"Despite some elements of the show being programmed using cue lists, such as the opener and some guest artists, most control was made on the fly as worship is a dynamic environment," says Jones. "Thankfully, the Sapphire Touch has an intuitive layout, which makes busking extremely fast and simple. Motorised faders and on-screen labelling save a lot of time when needing to jump from page to page."
Aimed mainly at young people, Exodus prides itself on being a modern and atmospheric experience for attendees. The theme of this year's Exodus was 'Forward', focusing on 'putting trust in God and his plan for us'. Reflecting this theme, the festival organisers designed the initial lighting and video content before collaborating with Jones to finalise the show design.
"We attempted to translate the theme of the festival as much as possible with the use of video walls surrounded by effects lighting," says Jones. "There were many challenges, such as the variety of stage performers and the different feels requi

denverDiGiCo flexibility helps Denver theatre group
Friday, 23 March 2018

USA - The Denver Centre Theatre Company (DCTC) is a busy troupe. Noting its 412 productions, 159 readings of new works, 138 world premieres and 27 commissions, it likes to say, “After 35 seasons, we’re just getting warmed up”.
The production company primarily uses the four theatres of the Helen Bonfils Theatre Complex housed at the massive 12-acre Denver Performing Arts Complex, itself home to 10 theatres and 10,000 seats. So, the compact and flexible DiGiCo SD10T, which was acquired through Colorado Springs’ Second Opinion Audio was an appropriate choice for the peripatetic ensemble, whose performances will move between the complex’s four theatre spaces and, sometimes, beyond.
“We’ve had the console in all of the theatres we use regularly so far and it’s been very successful,” says director of sound Craig Breitenbach, sound designer for many of the company’s shows. That began last August, with a musical production at the 778-seat Stage Theatre, the largest of the four theatres in the Helen Bonfils Theatre Complex (the others are The Space Theatre, The Ricketson Theatre and The Glenn R. Jones Theatre), but was followed in October with The Wild Party, which was performed offsite in a former aircraft hangar. It’s now on its third production, and Breitenbach says the SD10T is a great performer.
“We really like its flexibility and I/O capacity,” he says. “Some of our projects, especially musical theatre, can get fairly complex.”
Breitenbach specifically called out the software’s matrix nodal delays: with up

gem-festivalChamSys magic creates Tanzanite lightshow
Friday, 23 March 2018

USA - Among the qualities that make Tanzanite a much-sought after gem is its remarkable colouration, which changes from blue to violet to burgundy, depending on its crystal orientation. It is altogether fitting, then, that this stone lent its name to the Tanzanite Stage at the recent Gem and Jam Festival, which was held at the Pima County Fairgrounds.
Aside from the procession of jam band stars that appeared there from 25-28 January, the stage served up an array of beams and washes in ever-changing colours, thanks to a multi-faceted lighting rig that Matt ‘Jonezy’ Jones drove with a new ChamSys MagicQ MQ500 Stadium console.
“Some of the artists brought their own LDs, but we handled the majority of acts with the MQ500,” said Jones. “We had a diverse range of bands like Endoplasmic, Railroad Earth, Truth Cartel, Masego, and Breaking Biscuits (a side project by Break The Silence and Disco Biscuits), to name a few. There were 77 fixtures on our rig, and we ran them a lot of different ways, using seven different universes via Art-Net. Our goal was to give every band its own look and avoid repeating ourselves over the course of the festival. I busked the entire time – and yes, the MQ500 was great for busking.”
Jones programmed the show on his MagicQ MQ80 with LightCoverse, then transferred his work to the MagicQ MQ500 Stadium. “I have been a long-time ChamSys user, and this was my first time working on the MQ500,” he said. “I absolutely loved having the second screen on the MQ500. It gave me more real estate to put things on. So, I co

robe-metallica-photo-ralph-larmann-dsc01374Robe is hardwired for Metallica
Friday, 23 March 2018

Europe - Thrash heavy metal megastars Metallica are in the middle of a world tour following the release of their number one album Hardwired … to Self-Destruct at the end of 2016, featuring a provocative in-the-round production design by Dan Braun for the arena section, with creative lighting by Rob Koenig and 72 x Robe BMFL WashBeams from Premier Global Production as the main lighting fixtures on the rig.
Rob has worked with the band for around nine years, and in that time, they have performed several in-the-round tours. It’s a format they prefer for getting physically and psychologically closer to their fans.
For this one – which started with a stadium section and is currently playing arenas – Dan’s idea was based around 52 video cubes suspended above the stage, 36 of which are on steel cables and a custom motion-controlled hoist system developed by TAIT and the other 16 are in fixed positions.
Apart from presenting a distinctive and very precise aesthetic, this set architecture has defined Rob’s lighting positions for the indoor legs of the tour.
As per Dan’s request, there is no ‘traditional’ trussing on the show, instead all the BMFL WashBeams are attached to and associated with a video cube.
A combination of the TAIT Navigator and grandMA2 control systems and virtual markers in the MA 3D visualizer are being used to process and physically pinpoint the lighting positions. A Disguise (formally known as d3) video server also receives positional information from the Navigator to map the video exactly to the 4-f

vietnamHarman makeover at Ho Chi Minh City broadcaster
Friday, 23 March 2018

Vietnam - The Voice Of Ho Chi Minh City’s People (VOH) is the official radio station of Ho Chi Minh City. For over 40 years, the radio station has hosted programme broadcasts and live performances from its VOH Music One Theatre. In addition to station-organised concerts and tapings, the theatre hosts receptions, state delegations, business meetings, private events and more.
In order to keep up with the increasing demands of modern live productions and strict broadcast standards, VOH hired Ba Sao Investment to upgrade its aging sound system with a complete Harman audio solution.
“We wanted to upgrade from the previous system to better meet the latest production standards for audio, lighting and video,” said Mr. Le Cong Dong, Director, Voice of Ho Chi Minh City’s People. “The new system that Ba Sao Investment installed ensures the station’s rich legacy remains relevant now and into the future.”
The system installed in VOH Music One Theatre includes a main hang of three JBL VRX932LAP powered line array speakers per side, joined by one VRX918SP subwoofer per side. Two JBL PRX710 two-way speakers serve as centre down-fills, while two additional PRX710 front-fills are grouped on the floor with two PRX718XLF subwoofers. Two JBL PRX715 speakers are installed as under-balcony-fills, while JBL PRX715 and PRX712 powered speakers provide clear on-stage monitoring.
To ensure optimum system performance, Ba Sao Investment selected the Soundcraft Vi3000 digital live sound console. A Soundcraft Compact Stagebox supplies the Vi3000 console with 6

firstclubinterior1China nightclub chain opens with Clair Brothers
Friday, 23 March 2018

China - First Club is a new brand of nightclubs, commissioned by the Nuochuang Group, with its sights set on evolving the Chinese nightclub scene by combining art, fashion, music, sound, lighting and high-end social sophistication.
Both Mr. Wei, vice president of Nuochuang Group and Mr. Wu, president of the First Club Brand, agreed on the vision to create a nightclub that delivers high-octane EDM experiences unlike any other. Clair Brothers was the unanimous choice to provide the brand’s signature sound. “Their reputation for audio innovation and excellent service is world-renowned,” says Mr. Feng Min, First Club general manager.
Integral to the brand architecture is the Clair Brothers custom-designed sound system that includes the Clair Brothers kiT12, kiTCurve12, FF2-HX, CS-218, CB-FP14000/10000+ and CB-LM26 models.
“Our goal is to give club patrons a feeling they can’t get anywhere else,” says Mr. Wu. “And Clair Brothers does that.” The system, installed by Newegg, a Chinese integrator specialising in the entertainment industry, is further augmented by custom Lake processing on the kiT12 making it more powerful.
First Club is a growing chain, currently with three venues open for business. A crucial attribute of this custom Clair Brothers system is its versatility within all three spaces. While each First Club is slightly different in layout, the sound system is purposefully flexible to enable each venue to offer consistency of the signature experience.
(Jim Evans)

abrsmSqueek Lights goes Rogue for August Burns Red
Thursday, 22 March 2018

USA - Grammy-nominated August Burns Red kicked off its winter tour in January in support of its seventh studio album Phantom Anthem. From Montreal, where the tour began, to the House of Blues in San Diego and everyplace in between, fans are packing venues. The deep transformative lightshow is designed by LD Victor Zeiser of Squeek Lights.
Working with his lighting director Dave Summers, Zeiser has created a seamless flow of big multi-faceted looks that draw audiences into the captivating music of his client. Impressively, he and Summers conjure up this magnetic visual aura with a relatively small rig anchored by Chauvet Professional Rogue fixtures.
“We have six Rogue RH1 Hybrids, four Rogue R1 Washes and three Rogue R1 FX-Bs, along with four NEXT NXT-1s and some strobes, that’s about it,” said Zeiser. “We applied the same design aesthetics to the rig as we have in the past, but we wanted to add new fixtures and new looks to keep things fresh. The band was excited by the demo we gave them of the RH1, and they were gung-ho about incorporating this fixture into the rig for their tour, so it became a big part of our design.”
That design is described by Zeiser as “hard hitting”, with continuous movement, variations between spot and beam displays, and transitions from beam heavy looks to layers of texture. Like the music of August Burns Red, which at times will depart from its traditional metal sound to incorporate other influences, the lightshow avoids predictable patterns.
“Dave has been great at flowing with the music,” s

bangkokBangkok complex switches on with Harman
Thursday, 22 March 2018

Thailand - Mahajak Development recently installed a building-wide multi-zone audio system by Harman Professional Solutions at 137 Pillars Suites and Residences Bangkok.
Opened in April 2017, 137 Pillars Suites and Residences Bangkok is a luxurious hotel and apartment building located in the popular Thonglor district of Bangkok. In addition to 179 residences and 34 suites, the building features a wide selection of modern restaurants, bistros and pubs.
In order to provide an elegant audio experience for residents and guests alike, 137 Pillars hired Mahajak Development to install a building-wide fibre optic multi-zone sound system that could be easily controlled from one central facility. After careful consideration, Mahajak selected an end-to-end Harman networked audio solution for its premium sound quality, intuitive operation and unmatched reliability.
“We’re very proud of the system we installed at 137 Pillars Suites and Residences,” said Pongsakorn Kanchanachayphoom, project director, Mahajak Development. “The client asked us to provide a reliable multi-zone audio system with simple localized control. We worked closely with Harman to deliver a professional solution that would satisfy their technical requirements.”
A BSS Soundweb London BLU-100 signal processor serves as the centrepiece of the system, seamlessly handling the complex routing over fiber optic connections throughout the building. A Soundweb London BLU-BOB1 break-out box offers eight additional analogue outputs. Harman HiQnet London Architect software enables intuitive


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