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norwegian-aircraft-1Unusual Rigging at Norwegian Aviation Museum
Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Norway - ViFlyr is a new permanent exhibition at the Norwegian Aviation Museum which details the history of civil aviation within Norway. Truly a part of modern Norwegian culture and history, aviation has linked the country together, overcoming the mountainous terrain.
When Michael Loftus, curator at the museum and the man responsible for the care of the exhibits, was briefed with the task of preparing and suspending the aircraft, he brought Unusual Rigging on board to come up with an effective solution that would show off the objects to maximum effect while ensuring that each item was conserved and protected.
Michael explained, "It was quite clear early on that the suspension plan for these aircraft was complex enough to require specialist skills. I had previously worked for Engineering Conservation at National Museums Scotland and knew that Unusual had been contracted there. I also spoke with colleagues at RAF Museum Cosford to find out how they had suspended aircraft and they also recommended Unusual Rigging. The company's prior experience of aircraft within a gallery setting really made Unusual Rigging an attractive proposition."
Unusual's project manager Robin Elias and Chris Johnson, head of design and his team visited Michael in Norway for preparatory meetings and aircraft inspections and the aircraft were suspended in phases over several visits. Unusual Rigging manufactured and supplied attachments which were fitted to the aircraft, in many cases replacing the wing bolts.
Mike continued, "The fittings supplied by Unusual Rigging are we

little-angel-webDoughty helps Little Angel Theatre transform
Tuesday, 21 March 2017

UK - The Little Angel Theatre (LAT) in the heart of Islington, London, is a home for puppetry. Not only does the theatre serve to inspire and ignite the imaginations of young minds with its repertoire of productions but it also works to equip tomorrow's puppeteers with the tools they need to succeed. The LAT has a lively and imaginative education programme which works with local schools and community groups as well as providing training opportunities for puppeteers and puppet makers, helping to maintain this rare art form in the UK.
In 2014, the LAT took on a second building - a disused community centre behind Islington Town Hall. After a couple of years of using it for education and rehearsal space, David Duffy head of production, decided that it could be used to stage performances. With the support of the local council, the LAT made plans to install a lighting rig, sound system, track curtains, removable dance floor and flexible seating and chose to work with Doughty Engineering following a change meeting with Laurence Dyer at ABTT in 2016.
David said, "Initially, we were interested in the Modular Rigging System. Little Angel Theatre is a venue dedicated to puppetry and much of the lighting design for puppetry involves lots of side lighting. Our main theatre was developed to give as many rigging positions on the side walls as possible. Moving into a more open studio space which would be used as an education venue most of the time meant that we would be relying more on a fixed overhead lighting rig.
“The Modular Rigging System allows us to drop r

hhafcRML supports Harry Hill’s Alien Fun Capsule
Tuesday, 21 March 2017

UK - Aliens have invaded earth and in order to save humanity you need to create a capsule with the best the human race has to offer – what would you choose?
That’s the very loose premise behind the new ITV show Harry Hill’s Alien Fun Capsule. Lit by lighting designer Martin Kempton, supported by Richard Martin Lighting, the show sees the responsibility fall to the wacky comic who gathers a panel of celebrities each week to deliver judgment on comedy moments, some of which are dug up from television gone by, some created in the studio to help fill the capsule. All to sway our new alien overlords to spare the human race.
The celebrity panel each week are put through their paces like all of Harry Hill’s victims in previous success TV Burp, with clips from television appearances dug up and commentated on with the dry and witty asides Harry is famed for.
For what is being deemed a spiritual successor to TV Burp, Martin has opted for lighting that accentuates the whacky and bright nature of the show. The rig comprises MAC Auras, VL1000TS, Pixel Par 90s, Alpha Spot 575 HPEs, Robin LED Beam 100s, Stagebar 54s, Chroma Banks and Chroma Floods.
Martin said, “Harry’s humour is cartoon-like so the lighting has to reflect this with bold, bright colours. I also had to be able to change the look of the set in an instant when a piece of music was played or a sting happened. Action could and did take place all over the set so this was no ordinary panel show. The rig I used gave me this flexibility.” Harry Hill’s Alien Fun Capsul

shaping-sound-after-the-curtain-photo-by-lisa-koh-1Bandit lights Shaping Sound’s new production
Tuesday, 21 March 2017

USA - Shaping Sound, the mash-up of contemporary dancers, musical genres and dancing styles has returned to the road with a new production with Shaping Sound: After the Curtain.
Bandit Lites is providing the lighting package for the spectacle which is cultivated under the artistic direction of Emmy Award winner Travis Wall and co-created with Nick Lazzarini, Teddy Forance and Kyle Robinson. The dazzling show follows the story of a man as he struggles to come to terms with the loss of his one true love, his struggle to find his creative voice and grasp the reality around him.
Co-lighting designers Nathan W. Scheuer and Teresa Fensler created a plot based on a typical dance set up, with four booms for side light and spreading out overhead electrics for high sides and a good down wash.
“In dance, the most important aspect of the design is obviously showcasing the form and movement of the dancers and secondary is creating that atmosphere that supports the choreography,” Scheuer said. “Shaping Sound is a unique company to work with, because not only does the show demonstrate the dancers technical ability, which I want the lighting to enhance, it also has a framing story that needed the lighting to help guide the audience through the performance.”
Drawing on Walls’s vision of an early 20th century, vaudeville feel, the lighting design features the warm, incandescent feeling and architecture of historic theatres to draw in the audience.
For the majority of the show, Scheuer utilized a range of warm and CTO based colours in addi

robe-eesti-rahva-muuseumRobe for Estonian National Museum
Monday, 20 March 2017

Estonia - The new Eesti Rahva Muuseum (Estonian National Museum) in Tartu has recently opened in a new single story state-of-the-art 350m long architectural masterpiece resembling a portion of a runway lifting upwards. It is built on the former Raadi Air Base just outside the cultural hub and second city of Tartu, and near to the site of the original Muuseum at Raadi Manor.
Around 100 x Robe LED fixtures – a mix of DL4S Profiles, DL4X Spots, LEDBeam 1000s and CycFX 8s have been specified and supplied for the Muuseum’s three main performance, event and conference spaces.
A government tender was issued for all the various technical elements. Andres Sarv, head of lighting at Tartu’s Vanemuine Theatre was brought in as a consultant for lighting and visuals, and he recommended the choosing of Robe after having an excellent experience with various Robe moving light and LED products at Vanuemuine’s three busy venues.
“Our Robe fixtures have been installed for three years now and are working every day. They have proved super-reliable as well as excellent creative tools,” he commented.
He and the Muuseum’s deputy director Viljar Pohhomov looked closely at their different venues and the activities planned for them, and based on this information, Andres also suggested the type and style of the fixtures together with Olev Luhaäär from Robe’s Estonian distributor, Tallinn-based E&T.
The Muuseum is a beautifully streamlined modern space carefully designed to maximise natural light by French based DGT (Dorrel.Ghotmeh.Tane) Archite

canariesL-Acoustics lands in the Canary Islands
Monday, 20 March 2017

Spain - For more than 25 years, Sonopluss Canarias has been held in high regard by its customers, with quality and expertise its two fundamental principles of business. In the summer of 2016, Sonopluss Canarias took delivery of an L-Acoustics K2 system, the first in the Canary Islands, taking the company’s audio inventory to a new level.
The investment was one that the company had been keen to make for some time. “We had been talking for a number of years and they knew they wanted to make the change to L-Acoustics from their existing system,” explains Marc Neuhaus, owner of Take Off, L-Acoustics’ Spain-based distributor. “It was simply a question of timing.”
Sonopluss’s new system comprises 28 K2, 28 SB28 subs – purchased to service the expanding Electronic Dance Music scene in the Islands – along with 12 Kara and eight ARCS II.
“The first and main attraction of the L-Acoustics system for me is how it sounds,” says Simone Higuera, director of Sonopluss. “Marc did an A/B demo against our existing system and there was just no comparison. The L-Acoustics system was so much better that the decision was made there and then.”
The decision went beyond audio quality. The Canaries’ enviable position as an island paradise come with a downside. “We’re in the middle of the Atlantic, three hours away from anywhere by plane,” explains Simone. “It can take 10 days for shipments to arrive, and we also have a different customs and tax system from the mainland, which means we need to be self-sufficient. It’s not practical f

red-hot-2Chili Peppers brighten venues worldwide with Solaris
Monday, 20 March 2017

World - In a bid for the title “The hardest working band in show biz”, the Red Hot Chili Peppers have 52 dates booked for The Getaway tour across the US, Canada, Europe, and Latin America. Such a rigorous schedule requires rugged and reliable lighting fixtures, which is one of the reasons why the tour’s lighting rig features the Solaris Flare.
“We have 22 Flares arrayed on moving torms across the backline, 11 of them with two Flares each,” says the tour’s programmer Leif Dixon. “The Flares are great because they’re bright, bright, and bright! We also use four more on the deck as shin-busters. They don’t get as hot as conventional lights, which can be disappointing if you’re looking to heat up tacos like we used to do with the old-fashioned lights.”
Dixon adds, “The Flares are also extremely reliable. We love that they can just be on for long durations and don’t time out like a traditional strobe. And another thing we like about them – they’re bright! It’s great that they are so multifunctional and we can control strobe and wash features independently.
“This is the first time we’ve used Flares in a design and they’ve proven themselves beyond our expectations. We will absolutely continue to spec them!”
Lighting for the tour is provided by Premier Global Production of Nashville. Lighting design is by Scott Holthaus. Programmers are Leif Dixon and Zach Peletz; Narci Martinez is the production manager; lighting crew chief is Jason Henry; Lighting techs are Cort Lawrence, Greg Nunz, Ryan Sclavi, and Mark “Pa

sslandrerieufohprSSL L500 on song for André Rieu tour
Monday, 20 March 2017

Europe - André Rieu is a Dutch violinist and conductor who has consistently made it into the world's top ten grossing tours lists with his exposition of the popular classical canon. His Johann Strauss Orchestra entertains and involves audiences worldwide by mixing exceptional musicianship with immersive, light-hearted, and energetic performances.
Front of House engineer Wim Van Der Molen, who has been touring with Rieu for about 24 years is considered as much as part of the orchestra as the musicians. Rieu himself told Van Der Molen early in their partnership that the mixing console was to be his instrument – an instrument that has recently been upgraded to an SSL Live L500. The console, supplied supported on tour by Solotech, now mixes up to 128 inputs from stage for both the PA and monitors, from the FOH position. Also touring with the show is Solotech project manager and systems tech Alexandre Dugas.
The tour's previous digital console had been in service for 12 years when Van Der Molen decided to look for new blood. The old console was large, heavy, required a lot of flight case real estate, and the evolving show deserved a new generation of technology - a step up in flexibility, power, and quality. Solotech suggested he look at the SSL L500.
"I met with Roland Mattijsen of AEM in The Netherlands," he says. "Who introduced us to the SSL team. Of course, we know SSL by name and by reputation, and we had long chat and a demo there . . . Later we visited the SSL HQ in Oxford, UK, with audio tracks from the show, and after that we moved on to run

kenolydLive debuts at Nairobi gospel event
Monday, 20 March 2017

Kenya - PA company Sound Creations introduced its new Allen & Heath dLive S Class system at the third annual Gospel Extravaganza in Nairobi. Comprising the flagship S7000 surface and DM64 MixRack, the system was installed at FOH, managing a wealth of national and international gospel artists.
Attended by around 2000 people, Sound Creations and organisers, Trublaq Entertainment, hosted performances from artists, including, Gloria Muliro, Dr. Ron Kenoly, Esther Wahome, Size 8, Willy Paul, Solomon Mkubwa, Mercy Masika, and Pitson.
Lead sound engineer Edwin Martin was overwhelmed by the functionality of the system, noting, “This is the best desk I have worked with.”
(Jim Evans)

falls-1Philips Lighting controls Niagara Falls spectacular
Friday, 17 March 2017

USA - Philips Lighting’s control systems are managing the new stunning colour illumination of the landmark 167ft (50.9m) high Niagara Falls, located on the border of the USA and Canada.
The systems from Philips Entertainment Lighting form the centrepiece of the recently opened LED upgrade. Two Philips Strand Lighting NEO consoles, used widely in theatrical lighting, control 1,400 third-party colour LED luminaires for the Niagara Falls Illumination Enhancement Project. The luminaires, grouped in 350 controllable zones, enable lighting effects, such as sunrise, sunset and the Aurora Borealis, to be played on the 600,000 US gallons (271,247 litres) of water cascading over the falls every second.
The goal of the Niagara Falls Illumination Board is to enhance the visitor experience and gain energy efficiencies and longevity from the LED lighting. The $4m upgrade of the previous Xenon lighting system will provide a 60% energy saving and the crisp, clear illumination will be up to 4-14 times brighter than the original system depending on which of the 18,000 available colours are projected. A consortium of companies implemented the project: ECCO Electric Ltd, Salex Inc, Mulvey & Banani Lighting Inc, Scenework and Stanley Electric. The illumination was unveiled to the public on 1 December, 2016.
Colin Kavanagh, general manager of Philips Entertainment Lighting, said, "This was a challenging and ambitious project for one of the top 10 most visited tourist attractions in the world. The beautiful night-time spectacle we helped create underlines the depend

kongChauvet video wall for King Kong premier
Friday, 17 March 2017

UK - Since the world’s most famous oversized gorilla first appeared on cinema screens in 1933, King Kong has become one of the most renowned movie icons, with countless comics, video games and theme park rides adding to a string of film remakes. Now the iconic ape has surfaced again with the release of the Warner Bros. film Kong: Skull Island.
For the recent UK premier of the highly anticipated film, Limited Edition Event Design awarded the red carpet in London’s Leicester Square with a 36m long Kong-worthy video wall to display graphic content and film related video, utilising 216 Chauvet Professional PVP X6IP LED video panels, supplied by Impact Production Services.
The low 6.9mm pixel pitch and the 4,500 NITS of the PVP X6IP panels provided the perfect solution to display video and King Kong graphics with exceptional visual clarity both during the day and evening at the event.
“The Chauvet Professional PVP panels ensured incredible brightness, contrast and clarity,” commented Tom Warden, project manager at Impact Production Services. “The panels even performed staggeringly during the daylight hours, with the wide viewing angle of the panels also ensuring maximum visibility for the gathering audience.”
The video wall, which consisted of three separate 6.5m x 3m LED video screens, could be connected to the Layher trussing platform with effortless ease, thanks to sturdy die-cast aluminium housing and magnetic interlocking ability of the panels, a much appreciated feature for Warden and his team.
“For these kin

light-motifLight Motif helps launch Britain’s Next Top Model
Friday, 17 March 2017

UK - Launching on Lifetime channel last night was series two of Britain’s Next Top Model. To kick off the new season, the network hosted a ‘Riot Style’ launch party in Shoreditch, at Village Underground. Working with Laura Hatton at A+E Networks UK, Light Motif provided full event production and design.
The venue provided the perfect back drop for the ‘Riot’ themed event, blending lighting, scenery and AV to create a high impact visual. The show’s judges – Abbey Clancy, Paul Sculfour, Hilary Alexander and Nick Johnston - and the 12 model contestants strutted on to the truss lit catwalk with an impressive video backdrop giving it a real urban feel.
Laura Hatton, A+E Networks UK, said: “The night was a huge success, everyone who attended had such fun and the network are really pleased with the start of series 2. It’s amazing to work with such a creative team who have pulled off this incredible event.”
(Jim Evans)

hong-kong-museum-2Altman Lighting at the Hong Kong Science Museum
Friday, 17 March 2017

China - Since its opening, the Hong Kong Science Museum has captivated the public's curiosity through interactive and enlightening exhibitions. Housing over 500 exhibits in an area that spans over 65,000sq.m, the Museum recently opened a series of new exhibits designed to encourage a greater understanding of the world all around us.
Wanting to implement an energy-efficient LED lighting system to accentuate the exhibits, the Museum called upon long-time partner Pacific Lighting Ltd who provided them with complete system of Altman Lighting Pegasus, Spectra Cyc 50 and ME4 luminaires.
“We have a long and successful history of working with the Hong Kong Science Museum designing and installing a number of their exhibition lighting systems,” began Hugh Chinnick, Pacific Lighting director and project lighting designer. “With the latest exhibition, they wanted to use LED technology when possible so the choice of fixtures had to be carefully managed. Although there was no detailed design brief, we knew they wanted the lighting design to create the appropriate theatrical atmosphere, so we chose to implement a system of Altman Lighting LED luminaires.
“When looking at our choices for the fixtures in the design, we had to keep in mind the physical size, light output, beam spread, fixture control, and of course cost,” continued Chinnick. “Since the Museum already has a flexible grid system with distributed dimming and DMX outlets, the challenge really became how to effectively amplify the theatrical environment once all the set pieces and exhibitions

backupBackup charity raises awareness at special event
Friday, 17 March 2017

UK – Supporters and trustees of Backup - The Technical Entertainment Charity - gathered in London on Monday evening to help raise the profile of the charity’s new name and logo in entertainment industry. Around 80 guests attended the event, which included live entertainment from Jay Johnson.
Backup exists to provide financial support to technical professionals working in live events, theatre, TV and film, helping them to get back on their feet when their lives are disrupted by illness or injury to themselves or to family members. Previously known as Behind The Scenes UK, the charity changed its name to Backup in 2016.
Backup’s chairman, John Simpson, welcomed guests to The Hospital Club in London’s Covent Garden, which generously sponsored the event. He reiterated the purpose of the charity by highlighting some of its achievements to date. “We have helped a number of technicians and their families when they have suffered falls from sets and studio rigging, been involved in horrific vehicle accidents, suffered rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, mental breakdowns and other circumstances that have prevented them from earning a living for a period of time.”
Among those being helped by the charity is Mark Pritchard, who was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma while touring with Level 42, and has just undergone a fourth round of chemotherapy. John Simpson read a message from him, in which he thanked the charity, saying: “We are amazed at the generosity of our industry in times of trouble.”
Simpson said: “Backup wil

macbeth-at-caerphilly-castleWhite Light supplies Macbeth at Caerphilly Castle
Thursday, 16 March 2017

UK - Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru recently staged a Welsh-language version of Macbeth at Caerphilly Castle. This new, site-specific production ran last month and was the company’s first show to be performed in this historic ruin. Following its work on several other site-specific projects, White Light was asked to provide the lighting equipment on this production.
Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru was formed in 2003 with the aim of offering a variety of productions that enrich Wales’ theatre culture in all its form, especially through the medium of Welsh. The lighting designer on Macbeth was Joe Fletcher and the production and lighting assistant was Joshua Kroon. Joshua comments, “I worked closely alongside Joe to help create the systems and structure that would facilitate his design. This was an extremely ambitious production and key planning at every single stage was vital.”
Macbeth was a promenade piece which took place in three internal spaces throughout the castle as well as transitioning through one external space. This meant that each space required rigs that needed to be connected to one another as they were each sharing various elements. Alongside this, the production was being broadcast live to 12 cinemas across Wales, meaning the lighting had to be suitable for recording.
Joshua comments: “During the fit-up, accessibility was a particular challenge. One of the dimmer rooms was actually located up three sets of spiral staircases! Similarly, this was a site-specific show, in Wales, during the Winter. This meant we had to

prof-ed-byrne-ac-commissionNexo line array for Melbourne concert hall
Thursday, 16 March 2017

Australia - The prestigious Robert Blackwood Hall at Melbourne’s Monash University has been equipped with a versatile inventory of Nexo sound reinforcement technologies, including a new Geo M6 compact line array as main PA.
Monash is a public research university based in Melbourne, one of the oldest in Australia. Named after its founding Chancellor, Sir Robert Blackwood, the Robert Blackwood Hall has become Melbourne’s most prestigious venue outside the Central Business District, now celebrating its 40th anniversary.
Group Technologies, the Melbourne-based design and installation company, was briefed to specify and supply new audio facilities appropriate for the Hall’s different uses. “Acoustically, it ranks with the best available in Australia,” explains GT director Mark Ladewig. “It has been the venue for numerous commercial recordings for the ABC, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and various film scores. In addition to hosting local and world-class performers, it provides ceremonial functions; it is used for small gatherings, even just using the balcony by itself for presentations.”
Being a concert hall, the RBH has no proscenium, stage curtains or fly tower. Its climate-controlled auditorium has fixed seating for up to 1598. The raked stalls hold up to 1256 seats, with a further 342 seats situated in the balcony.
For the main house PA, GT chose Nexo’s Geo M6 compact line arrays. Left and right clusters used three Geo M6B low-mid frequency modules, flown in line above eight Geo M620 full-range cabinets. In the centre, a cluster

sxswAllen & Heath supports Best of British ay SXSW
Thursday, 16 March 2017

USA - Allen & Heath digital mixers are once again at the forefront of this year’s South by Southwest Music and Media Conference (SXSW) in Austin, Texas, USA.
Mixers from across the dLive, GLD and Qu ranges are employed in many participating venues across the city during the six-day event, most notably for the renowned British Music Embassy showcase.
Hosted at the Latitude 30 club, British production company, CATO Music, has installed three dLive systems to manage FOH, monitors and broadcast duties for up to 12 bands a day.
With a new band appearing approximately every 40 minutes, a quick setup and easy navigation for each visiting band engineer are the key system requirements. Secondly, the system needs to provide a multi-track recording feed for the BBC, which plans to broadcast much of the British Music Embassy programming.
A dLive S5000 Surface with DM32 MixRack is installed for FOH, digitally split via GigaAce to a DM64 with S3000 for monitors. Also, a new C Class system, comprising the C1500 rackmount Surface and CDM32 MixRack, is employed for system control, continuity, VT, DJ, announcements and the recording and broadcast feed for the BBC via Dante.
Simon Buckley from Cato Music, comments, “The setup we have provided means it only takes a few minutes for an engineer to get comfortable with dLive. Everyone is really happy with the intuitive workflow and exceptional FX and processing options. Combined with the rich audio quality, I think we are in for a smooth run!”
(Jim Evans)

alice-in-wonderlandAlice in Wonderland lit with Elation
Thursday, 16 March 2017

USA - Lighting designer Herrick Goldman used Elation Professional’s colour-changing Colour 5 Profile LED ellipsoidal spot as part of a large lighting package for the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre’s recent production of Alice in Wonderland.
The Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre’s version of Lewis Carroll’s timeless classic ‒ first created in London 20 years ago by a design team at the English National Ballet ‒ ran 10-19 February at the Benedum Center for the Performing Arts in Pittsburgh.
“It was a fun challenge to update the work to a much more modern and vibrant aesthetic in collaboration with choreographer Derek Deane,” Goldman commented about his work on the ballet. “When Derek told me he wanted a modern Vegas feel to the show, [director of production] Curtis Dunn and I immediately began discussing adding LEDs to the plot. We were able to use 26 Elation Colour 5 Profiles and they were a workhorse of the show.”
Alice in Wonderland is a classical-style story ballet that the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre gave an imaginative, contemporary flair to. Alice’s peculiar escapades give ample opportunity for colour and creativity, an appropriate task for an intelligent luminaire with a wide palette of colours like the Colour 5 Profile, which Goldman incorporated into most scenes. He describes his use of colour: “Given the desire of the creative team and the themes of Alice in Wonderland, we started the ballet in a naturalistic light and then shifted into ever more saturated colours to enhance the story. The tea party was lit in a golde

richard-mosse-incomingThermal images and new technology at the Barbican
Thursday, 16 March 2017

UK - An extraordinary new exhibition at the Barbican uses a military camera capable of detecting an individual from 30.3km distance, day or night, to make a visceral three-channel video installation about the journeys of refugees fleeing conflict.
Christie M Series 3DLP projectors were designed with features able to show the luminous footage, with remarkable detail and clarity, at a greatly enlarged size. The immersive quality of the projection not only underlines how technology is putting new tools in the hands of artists, but how those tools combine to create new art forms, content possibilities and – ultimately – new experiences to keep audiences engaged. “We’ve had a record 20,000 visitors in three weeks with over 2,400 on the opening weekend,” said Alona Pardo, curator at the Barbican.
For Incoming, conceptual documentary photographer and Deutsche Börse Photography Prize winner Richard Mosse worked in collaboration with composer Ben Frost and cinematographer Trevor Tweeten. They followed refugees trying to flee on foot, by boat or on vehicle. The camera’s extraordinary telephoto capability can pick up staggering details of the human form from a great distance. In turn, the 3DLP Christie M Series can translate that level of detail because it is designed to maximise every facet of the video pathway. Projecting along the wall are three Christie HD10K-M (3-DLP, 1080P, 11,000 lm) projectors, with dual lamp Lens. When enlarged in a three-channel display over the curved wall of The Barbican, even a human hair filmed from hundreds of metres appe

abbey-road-session-1Sennheiser gets Comfortably Numb with Pink Floyd
Wednesday, 15 March 2017

UK - Audio specialist Sennheiser has partnered with Pink Floyd to demonstrate its AMBEO 3D audio technology in action as part of the sound expert’s work for The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains, which opens to the public at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum on 13 May.
One of the most anticipated elements of the exhibition is a new immersive mix of Comfortably Numb from the Live 8 concert – the last time David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Richard Wright played onstage with former member Roger Waters – created using Sennheiser’s AMBEO 3D technology in a brand-new format using 25 speakers. AMBEO 3D places sound both around and above the listener, delivering an immersive audio sensation unlike anything visitors have experienced before.
The 360° surround mix was presented earlier this month at Abbey Road Studios in London, where Pink Floyd recorded a number of their albums including The Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here.
Pink Floyd associate, recording engineer Andy Jackson, who worked with Pink Floyd on several albums including The Division Bell, is collaborating closely on the project with Simon Rhodes and Simon Franglen, the mastermind producers behind the brand new AMBEO version of Pink Floyd’s music, creating new mixes which utilise many more discrete channels than were previously possible. Rhodes is a senior engineer at Abbey Road with over 18 years’ experience of working on productions for projects including the Avatar and Spectre movies, whilst Franglen is a Grammy

avolitesAvolites Arena makes headlines at Printworks
Wednesday, 15 March 2017

UK - An Avolites Arena console has been selected to control the custom designed, automated house rig on debut electronic dance music series Issue 001 at London's new, experimental cultural hub, Printworks. The 001 series sees some of the industry's most progressive electronic dance music promoters including Junction 2, Melt Festival and Knee Deep host top and emerging dance music talent.
The Arena was selected and installed alongside the rest of the event's lighting package by Poole-based lighting and rigging expert Wolf Lighting. The console is networked in the venue's 'crown jewel' event space; a 16.8m high, 120m x 30m area dubbed 'The Press Halls' on account of the original printing presses that still flank its sides.
"There was never a question of not using an Avolites console for the Printworks project," says Jonathan Oliver, director of Wolf Lighting. "We needed a console that could offer a wide range of live control options for each show. Lighting programmer and operator for the Printworks Issue 001 series, Jonny Godsmark, worked alongside me in selecting the Arena for its substantial, intuitive control surface, large touchscreen and audio input."
The Arena is the latest lighting control console to be released by the British manufacturer and is currently providing Godsmark with full creative control for the 13 week Printworks run. The console hosts two touchscreens, the second screen providing an additional workspace window and labelling the adjacent macro buttons and rotary pots. The fully assignable playback encoder pots allow Godsmark to i

mwcCT delivers for Mobile World Congress 2017
Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Spain - Held at the Fira Gran Via in Barcelona, the GSMA’s Mobile World Congress draws together leaders from the world’s largest and most influential companies in the mobile ecosystem, as well as government delegations from across the globe.
Creative Technology (CT), contracted by the Fira and working with creative communications and brand experience agency Line Up for the GSMA, provided their full suite of services to support the Mobile World Congress Conference and Ministerial Programme.
Project managed by CT’s Mick Jones and Nick Whitehead, these programmes utilised video, projection, cameras, audio, digital signage using CT’s Mercury system, PowerPoint management software using CT’s Apollo system, full networking, IT infrastructure and streaming services.
Almost 100 crew members from every CT service and department were on site for this project, for the build, show and de-rig. Line Up’s team, headed up by technical director Mark Bell and managing director Rob Leach, managed all the production and creative elements for the project.
CT also provided full live stream and broadcasting feeds to Mobile World Live (MWL) TV, with CT’s Chris Ellis and Nick Askew managing this aspect of the project.
CT’s head of corporate events, Matthew Eve commented, “Mobile World Congress really runs in my blood after so many years of involvement in various projects for exhibitors. After successfully supporting the Mobile World Congress Conference and Ministerial Programme, I couldn’t be more proud of what CT’s team have achieved in de

bourneWhite Light Bourne again with Early Adventures
Wednesday, 15 March 2017

UK - Matthew Bourne’s latest show Early Adventures is making a triumphant return as part of the company’s 30th anniversary celebrations. The show sees Matthew Bourne return to his roots with a programme of early pieces that launched his career and saw the birth of his enigmatic style. Following the company’s work on Matthew Bourne’s previous show The Red Shoes, White Light has been called upon once again to provide the lighting equipment.
Early Adventures is a triple bill of classic Bourne work: The Infernal Galop, Town and Country and Watch with Mother. The set has been designed by long-time collaborator Lez Brotherston with a lighting design by Andy Murrell. Andy comments: “My role was to create a design that would be suitable for the overall show whilst also ensuring that each piece had its own individual identity. For instance, The Infernal Galop envisions France through an uptight English imagination, while Town and Country is very much a pastiche of a bygone 1930s whereas Watch with Mother is closest to a more contemporary dance feel.”
Andy worked closely with both Lez and Matthew to ensure his design managed to create the feel that was essential to all three pieces. Andy comments: “Once I decided on my look and feel I immediately approached WL to provide me with the exact equipment I needed”.
Andy drew on a range of fixtures, including 16 x Martin MAC 700 Washlights, Philips Vari*Lite 1000s AS, ETC Source Four Profiles and ETC ColorSource Profiles. There is also a

rayblk-deezerLED Creative helps illuminate Deezer Next
Wednesday, 15 March 2017

UK - Working alongside lighting designer/director Sturat Pring, LED Creative provided an array of their Alpha 60 RGB Wand Kits to add highlights to an absorbing performance by Ray BLK for Deezer Next, a new programme supporting music’s next generation.
Using the Alpha 60 to great effect, Stuart positioned the wands to create an intricate layered backdrop that pulsed in time with the rhythm, adding subtle accents to a suite of soulful, stripped back versions of songs by the newcomer.
Available as ‘plug and play’ rental kits, the LC Alpha Soft RGB Wands are available in a choice of length and colour temperature to provide a versatile, highly controllable illumination solution. For the Deezer installation the LD cleverly added a sense of depth to the intimate studio choosing to ‘float’ the wands within a haze filled darkness, creating a simple monochromatic ambience that allowed the soul filled, acoustic performance shine through.
LD Stuart Pring said of the show: “I was looking for a solution that would be relatively quick to set up but would still allow us to create an interesting backdrop. The LED Creative Alpha Soft Wands were a perfect choice - bright, controllable and a really effective accompaniment to the music.”
Commenting on the project, LED Creative director Ges Smith said, “Used creatively, our Alpha 60 Wand Kits are an effective tool that can add interest to what might look like the simplest of installations. Stuart did a super job on his Deezer project - cleverly working within a fairly limited space to add subtle mo


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