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macbeth-at-dcpaphoto-credit-adamsviscom1Elation LED for modern Macbeth in Denver
Wednesday, 6 December 2017

USA - The Denver Centre for the Performing Arts (DCPA) is staging an inventive and re-imagined version of Macbeth that features an all-male cast, EDM style music and modern design elements. Lighting the contemporary version of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy is Alex Jainchill, who uses LED lighting from Elation Professional to meet lighting challenges and create magical moments in the show, including special black light UV effects.
This modern version of Macbeth which takes place in the DCPA’s newly remodelled in-the-round Space Theatre and, is directed by Robert O’Hara, who has infused the story with fresh ideas and used the intimacy of the space to create an engaging production. Jainchill puts his own creative imprint on the play as well using Elation LED lighting fixtures - Satura Profile and Platinum Seven LED moving heads, SixPar 200 and Arena Par Zoom LED Par lights, as well as other lighting. “The show is very current, if not futuristic, so LED seemed like an obvious choice,” the designer stated of the LED fixtures’ modern appeal.
Jainchill explains that the design concept was based on a line in the play where the character Hecate tells the witches to ‘meet me at the pit of Acheron’. “The concept was based around a ritual performed by warlocks in the pit of Acheron, sort of a cave at the end of the world. We were very interested in this version of the ritual being almost futuristic, certainly modern.”
There are also sections of the show that don't exist in the Shakespeare original, the designer says, segment

robe-gibonni-arenazg2017-19Gibonni rocks Zagreb Arena with Robe
Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Croatia - Singer, composer, musician Gibonni is one of the most popular and influential artists in Croatia and across the whole region, known for blending contemporary rock and pop with Dalmatian folk songs for a sound that’s gained him a huge following.
A recent show at Zagreb Arena featured another spectacular lighting design by Sven Kučinić of LumiLas d.o.o. who used Robe Pointes, MMX Spots and MMX WashBeam moving lights to bring the stage alive and keep the visual thrills and spills rolling for 20,000 excited fans who packed into the venue to enjoy a memorable evening.
Sven has worked as Gibonni’s LD for the last five years, and for this seminal show he collaborated with Olgierd Kamienski on the video design. The scenography followed a show theme suggested by Gibonni himself, where the main set feature was a life-size cross-sectioned boat mid-stage, complete with a selection of sea-based props sourced from the Adriatic coast. This also provided the starting point for Sven’s lighting design.
Four highly-distinctive curved trusses which also corkscrewed around thanks to a series of custom corner blocks, were flown above the four corners of the performance space, metaphorically representing wind and waves to keep the nautical theme.
Gibonni takes a keen interest in his show presentation, but when it comes to technical specifications and matters, Sven has a free hand. Having built up an excellent rapport with the artist over the five years, he is effectively an additional band member when it comes to planning any live work.

midas-gunning-for-battle-promsMidas gunning for Battle Proms
Tuesday, 5 December 2017

UK - Midas will supply full site power and distro to JSL Productions’ Battle Proms picnic concerts across five sites next summer.
With LEDs slashing lighting rigs’ requirements and audio ever more energy efficient, Symphotech, which has looked after technical production since the event started at Battle Abbey 30 years ago, commissioned Midas to contemporise the power process.
Symphotech director, Julian Spear, comments: “We work with Midas on a number of projects. It’s a proven main stage supplier at Jockey Club Live and Music Plus Sport, we know the quality of its kit, its people, its service, and the Midas touch will be a big benefit to Battle Proms 2018 and beyond.”
Dave Noble, managing director at Midas, says: “July/August is peak season, obviously, so winning this contract is testament to our ongoing investment in highest quality machines, transport and people.
“It’s always a pleasure to work with Symphotech and we’re looking forward to joining the big guns next summer.”
Featuring a full orchestral programme, Battle Proms features Beethoven’s Battle Symphony performed as the composer intended, with 193 cannons, muskets and fireworks.
Held at Burghley House (7 July), Hatfield House (14 July), Blenheim Palace (21 July), Highclere Castle (13 August) and Ragley Hall (11 August), the Battle Proms 2018 will also feature Napoleonic re-enactment, a WW1 cavalry display, performance from the Vignettes, and Spitfires in a choreographed aerial display.
(Jim Evans)

bttowerBluman Associates aids BT Tower screen upgrade
Tuesday, 5 December 2017

UK - LED Installation shines bright after a new digital screen upgrade. Bluman Associates partnered with DOOH LED expert, Bob Kronman, to provide consultancy for the high-profile installation.
In 2015, BT expressed interest in replacing the existing LED screens, which due to age, no longer represented the brand to their highest standards. Partnering with Bob Kronman of Kronman Associates, Bluman Associates were commissioned to undertake an initial feasibility study of the refurbishment.
Environmental issues needed to be taken into consideration - the outdoor display is at the mercy of the UK weather at all times, facing high winds and extreme temperatures. There were several essential parameters the custom panels had to comply with - they had to be manufactured to fit within the existing rigging infrastructure, be optimised for resolution and brightness, have an IP rating of 67 + and visible at distances of 100m or greater.
Incorporated into the new LED specification was LED processing by UK manufacturer, Brompton. The Brompton backbone allows for local and remote diagnostics as well as the ability to deliver real time control over all screen parameters. Future LED display upgrades will be quick and eaLondon’s BT Tower sy, with processing and power all supported by the Brompton control.
After significant testing, ESD panels were chosen for the job. The finished installation resulted in a 59m x 4.8 high circular LED display, visible in all 360 degrees of viewing.
“We often work with brands in consultancy roles and we’re proud to

matthew-stubbs5Black Friday magic with Chauvet DJ
Tuesday, 5 December 2017

USA - Great deals on televisions and refrigerators? That’s nice, but for progressive music fans in the Boston area, the really big news on Black Friday was the album release party for the eponymous LP by Matthew Stubbs and the Antiguas.
Lending some eye-popping sizzle to the sold-out event at the Sinclair club in the heart of Harvard Square was a fast-moving lightshow by freelance visual artist and lighting designer Vin Pugliese that was supercharged by a Chauvet DJ Intimidator floor package.
Pugliese brought eight Intimidator Hybrid 140SR moving fixtures to the club, positioning them tightly on upstage risers. “I was looking to create coloured aerials we could use to accentuate the psychedelic timecoded visuals and live camera feed that would be projected on the center stage screen,” he said. “The Intimidators are punchy and jam packed full of features. Using them as the floor package gave me the versatility to accentuate the visuals with a wide variety of killer looks."
Using Resolume Arena 6 to create content, Pugliese projected edgy breakout patterns and historic counterculture videos on the wall. These images were essential to evoking the desired mood for the party, since the psychedelic surf rock fusion sound of Matthew Stubbs and the Antiguas’ new album represented something of a departure for its frontman. A world-class guitarist who does 50-60 tour dates a year with the legendary Grammy-nominated harmonicist and Blues Hall of Fame inductee Charlie Musselwhite, Stubbs has always been strongly associated with blues.
“The vi

queensferryAvolites in control at Queensferry opening
Tuesday, 5 December 2017

UK - Two Avolites Quartz consoles running the latest Titan 10.1 software were used by Scottish lighting, sound and AV specialist Black Light to control the 'surprise' lighting spectacular at the ceremonial handover of the new £1.35 billion Queensferry Crossing, the UK's tallest bridge.
The ceremony took place one week before the bridge's official opening on 4 September. Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon led the ceremony, thanking the workers for their dedication and skill in constructing the crossing. JMP Productions designed the event and contracted Edinburgh-based production specialists Black Light to provide the lighting fixtures, control network, pre-production support and on-site team.
"Black Light works regularly with Jon Pugh from JMP to fulfil many of their events," says Thomas Ramage, project manager at Black Light. "Our team created visualisations for the project, finalised the fixture choices and locations, and delivered the project on site. We faced a tight turnaround for installation, working alongside the construction contractors to enable us to access to the site."
To control the ambitious lighting design, Black Light specified a pair of Avolites Quartz consoles on a dual redundancy fibre network, as the primary and backup control systems for the event. Ramage cites the Quartz, Avolites' most compact console, as the perfect tool for the job due to its small footprint, powerful processing capabilities and built-in visualisation - all features which, he says, made his control choice a 'no brainer'.
"To keep the lighting a

moscowOptocore & Broaman network for Moscow stadium
Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Russia - When Moscow’s original Luzhniki Stadium was demolished in 2013 to give way for the construction of a new stadium, it was with the 2018 FIFA World Cup in mind.
At the end of 2015, a new tender document was drawn up on behalf of the principals, The Big Sport Arena Luzhniki, for the 81,000 seat stadium, with the technological requirements detailed by Moscow integration specialists S-Pro Systems, together with the German company Broadcast Solution.
Selected by the Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup bid as the venue for the Final, the Stadium will also be used as a heritage venue after the Championship.
At the heart of the new network broadcast transmission are some 57 Optocore and BroaMan fibre interfaces, designed in a fibre ‘star’ out of the ring topology, and supplied by Moscow-based distributor Audio Solutions. After the bid was accepted they became involved in the project as an S-Pro partner, with responsibility for equipment supply and warranty service management of the whole system.
They were able to demonstrate the advantages of producing a site-wide multi-node fibre transmission system and broadcast/multi-format links to the OB vans.
According to Igor Kovalev, who manages Audio Solutions’ pro audio department, “Optocore and BroaMan create a perfect synergy, providing an extremely robust optical network system for audio transport and auto routing functionality.
“Optocore I/O modules also have a wide working temperature range, which was one of the important criteria for choosing equipment for this project.”

robe-aalborg-theatreAalborg Theatre chooses Robe
Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Denmark - Aalborg Theatre is in the heart of Denmark’s attractive fourth largest city’s old town area. Established in 1878, it has a rich and colourful history and is known as a ‘heavyweight’ on the Danish theatre scene. This long standing critical fortitude was further advanced with the arrival of Hans Henriksen as artistic director in 2015, who had several key objectives including one to make the production programme more dynamic, cutting-edge and accessible.
One of the ways in which he’s achieving this is by changing the scheduling to repertory style, with several productions running simultaneously in rotation over several weeks, and this fundamental shift in turn demanded a different approach to lighting.
The installation of Robe DL series moving lights has helped complex shows to be quickly and efficiently turned around - de-rigged, re-rigged and re-lit on demand.
Robe was selected primarily on the recommendation of three lighting designers working regularly in the theatre – Kasper Daugsberg, Stine Fumz and Matthias Hersland.
An initial purchase of five DL4S Profiles at the start of the 2016 season (September) was followed by a further investment of 13 x DL7S Profiles in mid-2017. These were the first profile moving lights that the theatre has owned.
The fixtures can be moved between any of the three performance spaces – a 450-seater main auditorium, a studio seating 150 in different configurations and an experimental space that can accommodate 50 people. However, the DL7S’s so far have been used primarily in the mai

zhiyinhaoEZpro International system for Yangtze attraction
Tuesday, 5 December 2017

China - Zhi Yin Hao is a multi-dimensional live theatrical performance, created by the noted director and artist Mr. Fan Yue. The drift-style experience show is held on a steam ship that cruises the Yangtze River from its base in Wuhan City, China. A 1920s styled steam ship and two piers have been built to recreate Wuhan during an era when it was China's second largest city after Shanghai. Wuhan was often called ‘Eastern Chicago,’ due to its cosmopolitan atmosphere.
EZpro International was responsible for the creative design, installation and commissioning of the audio and video systems, which deliver an immersive experience for the performers and the participating audience.
The two-year, RMB 400m project was developed by the Wuhan Tourism Development Investment Group, together with Fan Yue. Determined to find the best audio system for the production, the director's team initially approached several different companies. The EZpro International team was led by vice-president Tao Zhang, who took on the role of chief designer. EZpro designed the first version of the system and rented a warehouse in which they built a 1:1 steel structure to simulate a section of the ship for proving and demonstrating the system. The director, composer and sound engineers were so impressed that EZpro was appointed and the project commenced.
As the show runs every day, reliability is crucial and EZpro designed a system combining Community, Powersoft, Symetrix, Allen & Heath, Apart Audio and Furman equipment, running on a Dante network with fibre optic tran

china-theatreXiaguang Grand Theatre installs Martin Audio
Tuesday, 5 December 2017

China - China has been focusing on enriching its cultural landscape in recent years and the recently opened 50,000sq.ft Xiaguang Grand Theatre & Performing Arts Centre in Shijiazhuang is a shining example of this.
The complex, put together at a total cost of RMB380m (48.5m euros), includes a 1,200-seat theatre, a more intimate 600-seat multipurpose hall, a rehearsal hall, teaching rooms and offices. The theme for the building’s design is “creating harmony through spirit and song”, and it instantly became a landmark in the Hebei provincial capital.
Tasked with meeting the project’s desire for a world-class sound system, Beijing Pacific Budee and Shaanxi Lanyu Audio Video Technology teamed up to meet the demands. The choice was clear; Martin Audio’s line of products would be able to handle the rich repertoire of diverse performances.
For the main theatre, the designers chose a mixture of 18 WT2’s & WT3’s as the main sound system, with the ability to cover the audience area and deliver excellent sound clarity. Around the stage, 12 AQ6s and nine AQ15s were used as fills to further boost the quality of the sound coverage. The acquisition also included 15 XD12s and five WS218X subwoofers for use on larger shows, or those events needing a greater array of effects.
The smaller hall features electronic telescopic seating so that it can variously function as a concert hall, performance space, or be reconfigured to have seating around the outside of a T-shaped stage.
The adaptive nature of this venue required an equally a

lapapalvisit1L-Acoustics reinforces Papal visits to South America
Monday, 4 December 2017

Columbia - When Pope Francis visited South America in September, full service Colombian rental company, Línea Estrategica, provided the audio system for his visit to Colombia, where over a million faithful braved rain and fog for the pontiff’s outdoor mass, held on the Olaya Herrera Airport in the city of Medellin, the third stop on his five-day visit to the country.
Ensuring even coverage across the site, which stretched to one kilometre in length and 200m in width, required meticulous planning and a vast L-Acoustics system that totalled over 300 cabinets.
Linea Estrategica used L-Acoustics proprietary 3D sound system design programme, Soundvision, to devise a system of 24 distributed arrays along the runway, each comprising 12 K2 topped with a K1-SB sub, plus five arrays of 10 Kara.
This relatively simple set-up required throws of no more than 80-90m which, says L‑Acoustics’ Alex Soto who helped design the system, was no challenge for K2. However, heavy rain and electrical storms posed their own challenges for the crew, the audience and even the Pope, who was delayed by 30 minutes due to the weather conditions, but with K2’s IP55 weatherproof rating, this was not a problem for the system itself.
The Linea Estategica team are no strangers to such challenging events. In 2015 in Quito, Ecuador, over a million and a half people attended Pope Francis’ open-air mass in the city’s Bicentennial Park. This was the first visit to the country by a pontiff in 30 years and thousands had camped overnight to hear him, having made the journey f

jandsRobe Pointes create ‘moody nightclub’
Monday, 4 December 2017

Australia - As part of Hobart’s annual Dark Mofo festival, the Red Bull Music Academy returned to present an industrial-scale, transcendental warehouse rave titled Transliminal.
Held in Hobart City Hall, the event showcased the dark, electronic underbelly of the subterranean club scene, and featured a stunning light show by audio-visual artist Robin Fox. Known for his mesmeric, future-forward, laser-driven light installations, Robin collaborated with Melbourne’s Additive Lighting who designed, pre-visualised and operated a disorientating and atmospheric light installation for the late-night music venue.
“Robin had been approached by Dark Mofo to create a very streamlined, dark and moody nightclub,” commented Tom Wright of Additive. “Robin is a laser artist, but he soon realized the project was more suited to a lighting installation.
“He wanted to do something that was very dramatic yet simple, which is why we came up with what is essentially a single line of fixtures but configured in a square around the room. We hung the truss exactly at the balcony level so people could sit above the ‘light ceiling’ or dance beneath it.”
In creating the light show, the Additive team decided to throw everything out the window that they would normally do, whilst prevising in their Melbourne studio. After a couple of day’s discussion with Robin, learning about his way of doing lasers and also audio, they built what could be described as a lighting synthesizer rather than creating the normal busking type show.
“So by th

evitaGearhouse Splitbeam on Evita in South Africa
Monday, 4 December 2017

South Africa - In mid-October 2017, South African audiences enjoyed the return of the celebrated musical production of Evita – seen for the first time on South African stages since the 1980’s. After its premiere at the Montecasino Teatro in Johannesburg the production will be at Cape Town’s Artscape Theatre, before embarking on an Asian tour.
The creative team has striven to create a faithful recreation of the original West End production in all aspects – from the direction, choreography and musical direction to the building and creation of set, wardrobe and props. But while remaining true to the original, there is a great deal that has been updated technically, to make the current production a spectacular theatrical experience.
An extensive lighting rig, and state-of-the-art PA system recreate the imagery and feel of the original, coupled with projection and automated scenery to enhance the iconic story.
The new automation system controls the motion of the moving projection screen, balcony, two wagons and two revolves, adding motion to the show’s AV design and transforming the minimalist set.
As technical director for the South African and Asian tours Alistair Kilbee, and his team of technicians at Gearhouse Splitbeam have supplied personnel and equipment in various departments, for the setup and handover of the automation system, lighting system and as supplier of all rigging for the tour.
As supplier of the complete rigging package for the tour, Splitbeam has supplied a total of 50 new 1T Prolyft Chain Motors, which w

brian-seltzer2-mediumIMS rocks on Brian Setzer Orchestra tour
Monday, 4 December 2017

USA - How many gigs can a 19-piece rockabilly band do in 48 days? The Brian Setzer Orchestra’s 14th Annual Christmas Rocks Tour is on a 35-date tour from 10 November to 28 December, which will be followed by concerts in Japan early next year. Highlighting the set is a 12-foot high marquee featuring 172 IMS Mk2 RGBW lamps.
“The IMS LED lamps are very easy to address,” says Joe Golden of Gallagher Staging. “They are extremely bright, with rich, warm colours and are extremely durable – a must for a rapid-moving tour such as this one. Driven by two IMS Universe Drive DIN Rail units, conveniently mounted in the set, the IMS lamps work seamlessly with incandescent lamps on a 3-channel chase. With so many load-ins and strikes in a short time, the reliability of IMS was as much a consideration as its versatility. The clients are extremely happy with the results. We’ll definitely be using IMS again.”
Lighting designer for the Setzer tour is Bud Horowitz and the system was designed and installed by Joe Golden. The Setzer marquee sign was designed by Jonathan Perez and built by Gallagher Manufacturing.
Based in La Mirada, CA, Gallagher Staging also featured 167 IMS lamps in their rotating, colour-changing sign at this year’s LDI show. Gallagher offers custom and rental staging for concerts, tours, red carpet events, award shows, corporate events, film and TV production, trade shows, sports events, and more.
Intelligent Marquee Systems Mk2 individually DMX-controlled, long-life, LED marquee/festoon lighting systems feature RGBW, dy

lite-alternative-invests-in-chroma-q-color-force-iiLite Alternative chooses Color Force II
Monday, 4 December 2017

UK - Lighting rental production company Lite Alternative has added the multi award-winning Chroma-Q Color Force II LED batten to its stockholding - using the fixture on a number of high-profile European concert tours and events to date.
The Color Force II was central to lighting designer, Steve Baird's scheme for the 16-date European leg of the Day Breaks tour for nine-time Grammy-winning American singer-songwriter, Norah Jones . Playing to various sized venues and outdoor festivals, Color Force II 48 units were placed on the floor to uplight a huge white voile cyclorama in subtle pastel colours - providing the perfect visual backdrop in texture and mood for each song.
In addition, during an 18-date European tour by American alternative rock band, Interpol to celebrate the 15th anniversary of their acclaimed debut album,Turn on the Bright Lights Color Force II 48 fixtures provided atmospheric cyc backdrop lighting for each song, providing a contrastingly more vibrant colour palette of deep red, blue and green saturates.
In addition to supplying the fixtures for major concert tours, Lite Alternative has provided the Color Force II for several corporate events, including a 1,000 seater exhibition space at a Titanic-themed Liverpool hotel, plus various Halloween and conference events.
Lite Alternatives' hire director, Jon Greaves commented: "The original Color Force fixture has been a mainstay of our hire stock for many years and proved very popular with our lighting designer clients.The Color Force II was therefore the obvious cho

new-york-at-christmas-2-web7thSense delivers for Radio City Rockettes
Monday, 4 December 2017

USA - Media serving and display technology company 7thSense Design delivered updated video technology for the 2017 production of the Christmas Spectacular Starring the Radio City Rockettes, presented by Chase.
The full system technology upgrade has transformed the world’s largest proscenium theatre and has enabled video content to be displayed on all eight of the venue’s proscenium arches. 7thSense has provided video systems for Radio City since 2011.
A total of 34 7thSense Infinity Media Servers output two channels each of single mode fibre 12G-SDI at 4096 x 2160 60fps 10-bit 4:2:2 resolution, into an Evertz EQX 12G fibre router and EMX multi-viewer system, offering A-B source redundancy with clean switching and monitoring before heading out to facility fibre distribution.
For the first time ever, digital projections extend from the stage to all eight of Radio City Music Hall’s ceiling arches, to help audiences feel immersed in the show. An expanded 36-channel bank of double-stacked Christie Boxer 4K30 projectors receive the server feeds for projection mapping, and four channels reach a brand new 8K x 4K LED wall with BOE tiles and VER Revolution M8 processors, spanning 94 x 43ft which provides a critical digital backdrop for the production.
“Being a company known for their niche in high resolution, high frame-rate, uncompressed frame-based video playback, 7thSense is accustomed to dealing with larger amounts of data than your average video playback system,” says Ken Showler, experience director at 7thSense Design and projec

land-of-kalevala-copyright-photo-ralph-larmann-6grandMA2 helps celebrate Finnish history
Monday, 4 December 2017

Finland - Kenneth Greve’s ballet production Land of Kalevala is currently being staged at the Finnish National Opera, with set, projection and lighting designed by Mikki Kunttu (profiled in LSi November).
The performance focuses on milestones in Finland’s history and incorporates a combination of diverse art forms.
For lighting control, Kunttu used the opera’s grandMA2 system and an MA 3D system for previsualisation.
“I always work with grandMA2 because the console plays a very central role in the process of transforming the production from design to reality,” said Kunttu. “grandMA2 helps me to concentrate on the creative elements of the show, right through from the stage rehearsals to opening night.
“I took on the design and programming on this one”, explained Kunttu. “And for the show run, the lighting operators are Tommi Kiviranta and Heikki Riihijärvi who work on the opera house crew. Together with Tommi Härkönen (head of lighting) they make sure all aspects of the show run smoothly.”
Kunttu continued: “The main concept of the stage design is defined by 38 x 12m tall pillars that fly in ‘space’, creating different three-dimensional scenes and transitions. The lighting and projection content complement the volume and mass of the pillars. I’m looking at the whole visual panorama, rather than as separate entities, so for me set, video and lights are a

bahia-principe-fantasiabDominican resort offers magical SGM light show
Monday, 4 December 2017

Dominican Republic - Luxury resort Luxury Bahía Príncipe Fantasia needed excellent design skills along with reliable luminaires for a permanent light installation.
Located at the heart of the Caribbean and focused on providing entertainment experiences, the resort turned to Javier Álvarez’ Madrid-based installation company Capicúa to create ‘magical’ lightshows.
“With the Dominican Republic’s challenging weather conditions of constant humidity and severe rain, we had to use SGM luminaires,” said Álvarez.
Faced with a job to transform this luxury resort into a hub for shows and international artists, lighting designer Manuel Vicente chose a mix between architectural fantasy spaces, show lighting, and video mapping. Especially thrilled about the versatile P-5 POI, Vicente and Álvarez were able to mount a magical fairytale light installation for the resort in the popular tourist destination of Punta Cana.
“With its high IP66-rating, five-year warranty, the variety of optics, the P-5 POI was the ideal luminaire to light the buildings, facades, architectural structures, and thematic attractions,” said Vicente.
Bahía Príncipe is a Spanish group with resorts around the Caribbean, where Luxury Bahía Príncipe Fantasia brings the guests “a world of entertainment full of magic and sensations”.
Shortly after the installation, the resort was hit with extremely heavy rain, however, the SGM luminaires stood unaffected.
(Jim Evans)

pl-coca-cola-night-rooftop-angled-003resizedEngage selected for Piccadilly Lights switch on
Friday, 1 December 2017

UK - Engage Works, the full service creative technology agency, reports that it worked behind the scenes with Landsec, the UK’s largest listed commercial property company and owner of London’s Piccadilly Lights, to create an innovative charitable campaign, #PiccadillyOn, to mark the build up to the switching on of the famous Light’s on 26 October, following nine months of renovation work.
The #PiccadillyOn campaign was devised by Engage Works for Landsec, with the intention of creating a community spirit ahead of the launch, whilst raising money and ‘bringing colour to life’ in aid of Barnardo’s – the UK’s largest children’s charity and Landsec’s national charity partner for 2017.
Launched on 15 September, #PiccadillyOn invited people from around the world to sponsor a unique colour ‘chip’ for a minimum donation of £2. The chips formed part of a 3D countdown clock, before being the central component of a spectacular three-minute launch film, screened during the 26 October switch on. The creative was, until then, a closely guarded secret.
Linking to Just Giving to facilitate donations, Engage devised the concept and ran the campaign, building and maintaining the campaign’s micro site and creating a promotional video and the spectacular launch video that was screened immediately after the lights were powered up.
Screened immediately after the switch on of the Piccadilly Lights’ huge new greater-than-4K (5490 x 2160 pixels) 8mm pixel pitch Daktronics LED screen – the largest screen of its ki

picture-thisAvolites in harmony with Picture This
Friday, 1 December 2017

Europe - Lighting designer James O'Neill and video designer Mark Cunniffe combined their extensive skills with the latest technology from Avolites to provide the production design for the current tour by Irish pop-rock band, Picture This.
With O'Neill controlling his lighting rig with his tried-and-trusted Avolites Arena console, and the video content run through Avolites Ai media server operated by Tim Hornung, the band's European tour is showcasing the cutting edge of light and video control.
O'Neill, who was responsible for both set and lighting design, created a raised performance area backed, flanked and fronted in LED screen. The production's wraparound surfaces featured a mixture of rich video content developed through a close collaboration between the band, Cunniffe and Tom Readdy of Yes Please Productions.
"Looking at the stage head-on or from an angle the placement of the LED screens makes the band appear that they are emerging from the onstage video content," says O'Neill. "If you see the guys performing downstage they look as though they are standing on and performing out of the images, as opposed to just performing in front of them."
From there, O'Neill created a lighting design which would provide texture, depth and movement to the onstage video content.
"Picture This had strong ideas on the looks they wanted for the video content," explains O'Neill. "We contacted Mark to come over for the first arena show, the SSE Arena in Belfast, to work with the band to create additional content for the live Notch effects on the scree

lingfieldMLA Compact ignites Lingfield fireworks
Friday, 1 December 2017

UK - For the second year in succession, AvensysLive provided a Martin Audio MLA Compact PA for the Lingfield Park Resort Fireworks Display in Surrey, marking the beginning of a new three-year contract with the site.
The company’s operations manager, Angus Galloway, confirmed that they had specified MLA Compact as best fit for purpose for the event, and will continue to deploy it at the site in future. Stating his reasons, he said, “It meant we could use the Display software to ensure audio levels outside the audience area were kept to a minimum. We also love the power, sound and clarity that MLA Compact provides.”
The service company fielded 16 x MLA Compact elements and eight WS218X subwoofers, rigged in four stacks, each comprising four MLA Compact and a pair of WS218X. The stacks were placed on LiteDeck decking system at 1.2m in height, evenly spread along the audience viewing area.
The signal feeds comprised a pre-recorded mix of popular music that was triggered at the same time as the fireworks. The display itself lasted around 15 minutes, however there were other amusements and attractions taking place both before and after.
“The site does have to consider its neighbours during events,” confirmed Galloway. “Although we were not asked to keep to any noise restrictions, MLA Compact and Display undoubtedly helped restrict the offsite noise.”
Angus Galloway also operated as system tech, inputting the dimensions of the audience area into the Display software, to ensure even coverage throughout; this took into account rake

stagenewsmdesk-6New Stage Electrics desk for The Grand Theatre
Friday, 1 December 2017

UK - Stage Electrics has supplied a custom-built Stage Management desk to The Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton. Located in the heart of the midlands, Wolverhampton’s oldest running theatre, The Grand presents a wide range of major touring productions every year. After their stage management desk of 20 years was no longer suitable for their needs, Ray Tizzard of The Grand, turned to industry experts Stage Electrics for a custom designed replacement.
Stage Electrics’ Paul Lucas, liaised with The Grand to establish the requirements of their new Stage Management desk. Once specifications and drawings were signed off and an inspection of the existing infrastructure was undertaken, the Stage Electrics in-house team then went into production of the desk.
The facilities of the desk are a Theatre Cue 16 channel cue light master station, 12 individually addressable cue light outstations, four 8” flat screen video monitors, an Altair dual channel comms master station, dimmable LED task lighting, a bespoke control panel with control for show relay speaker, show relay muting, paging, a digital clock & stopwatch as well as a multicore cable to connect the new desk to the existing building infrastructure. The whole Stage Management system was built into a Flight Case that cleverly transforms into a traditional SM desk shape.
This new stage management desk, was delivered by Stage Electrics’ own Steve Chappell who commissioned it to work with the existing building structure. The Wolverhampton Grand Theatre team is “thrilled” with this “major improvem

yamaha-ca-system-design-conference-2017-95rYamaha designers conference heads for The Alps
Friday, 1 December 2017

Austria - In late September, 145 audio professionals from throughout Europe headed for the Austrian Alps, as Yamaha hosted its sixth annual System Designers Conference in the stunning location of the Scalaria Conference Centre, St Wolfgang.
Featuring workshops and lectures on a wide variety of topics, it was a truly international gathering, attracting audio professionals from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UAE and the UK.
Participants could have been forgiven for being distracted by the stunning views from the conference centre, located on the shores of the picturesque Wolfgangsee. However all of the seminars hosted in the eight conference rooms were delivered to fully attentive audiences!
As usual, Yamaha Music Europe worked in close co-operation with a number of other leading manufacturers, who provided staff leading the seminars, expertise and equipment. This year they were Audinate, Beckhoff Automation, Dan Dugan Sound Design, Nexo, Revolabs (which has recently joined forces with Yamaha under the banner of Yamaha Unified Communications) and Stage Tec. Atterotech and Shure also provided product support. A dedicated crew of 43 from across all the participating companies planned, managed, built and presented the various demonstration systems.
Seven main spaces at Scalaria were used for the seminars. The biggest was the Circus Circus Hall, which hosted

etc-eos-ti-scary-good-on-criss-angel-mindfreak-liveETC Eos Ti makes magic on Mindfreak Live!
Friday, 1 December 2017

USA - Criss Angel’s Mindfreak Live! at the Luxor Resort & Casino in Las Vegas upends people’s views of magic and awes spectators with a goth-horror vibe mixed with rock ‘n’ roll spectacle.
The production has the largest number of moving lights on the Strip, and combines movers, lasers, video and more into one over-the-top vision. The large number of fixtures and media demands would tax the average console – but not ETC’s Eos Ti. ETC’s latest video follows lighting programmer Josh Selander and gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at how he pulled together one of the flashiest, most technically demanding shows on the Strip and demonstrates why the Eos Ti, in the hands of a master programmer, delivers the magic.
Some of the features of Ti that Selander calls out in the video include syncing the console to music and multiple versions of time code for the different ways needed to call a show; using absolute effects to work intensity and colour changes, adding a charge to an illusion’s finish; and leveraging the pixel mapping feature to treat the console as a media server and easily snap between content on LCD panels.
Criss Angel pushes magic to extreme new edges in his show, and ETC’s Eos Ti console delivers unreal lighting for it all.
(Jim Evans)


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