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gulliverYamaha flies high in the DOX airship
Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Czech Republic - Perhaps one of the most unusual cultural buildings in Europe, the airship at DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague appears to float above the surrounding buildings. For those that venture inside it, a Yamaha audio system proves that the sound.
Named after fictional traveller Gulliver, the 42m long, 120-capacity steel and wood airship features a zeppelin-shaped structure on top and is a permanent space for lectures, exhibitions, screening and other cultural events.
The venue features an AV system specified and installed by Martin Vondrášek of the Prague-based AVT Group. The audio system comprises four Yamaha VXS5W speakers arrayed along each side of the ‘body’, powered by an XMV8140 multi-channel amplifier, with signal distribution and processing by an Yamaha MTX5-D matrix processor.
Audio inputs come from wireless microphones, a laser projector and a waterproof connection panel for extra AV equipment, as required.
Further rooms at DOX Prague are currently being refitted with new AV systems, including Yamaha matrix processors, mixing consoles and i/o units - ensuring that the visitor experience never goes down like a lead balloon.
(Jim Evans)

hollywoodHollywood Bowl enhances its L-Acoustics system
Wednesday, 15 November 2017

USA - Set against the striking backdrop of the Hollywood Hills with its famed Hollywood sign, the Hollywood Bowl is the summer home to the Los Angeles Philharmonic.
The Bowl has also been the winner of 13 consecutive Pollstar Awards for Outstanding Outdoor Venue since 2004, which was coincidentally the same year that L-Acoustics was selected to help maintain the audio excellence at the venue, first with V-DOSC, then with the 2013 installation of the only K1 system currently installed in a North American venue.
Just prior to the 2017 season, the Hollywood Bowl furthered its pursuit of sonic excellence with the acquisition of 18 AVB-ready L-Acoustics LA12X and 10 LA4X amplified controllers, all sold and installed by Rat Sound. With this addition of 28 new LA Series amplified controllers, the Hollywood Bowl has completely refreshed and updated its power infrastructure, further maximizing the performance of its K1/Kara system, and repurposed some of its LA8 amplifiers to power fill and surround speakers on the same network.
The new amplified controllers are equipped with L-Acoustics’ LA Network Manager software, an advanced network engine that allows capabilities such as automatic discovery of connected units, multiple-group assignation capability, and comprehensive real-time monitoring with event logging. Through the LA Network Manager software, the Hollywood Bowl’s audio team can now monitor the performance of every speaker in the system.
“We can see the status of every driver in the system, such as checking each one’s impedance, which i

img1559CLF Aorun lights up Amsterdam Music Festival 2017
Tuesday, 14 November 2017

The Netherlands - LD André Beekmans from The Art of Light deployed 170 CLF Aorun beams during the 2017 edition of the Amsterdam Music Festival headlined by Armin van Buuren, Hardwell, David Guetta, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike.
Together with design studio 250K, Beekmans designed a square stage in which the Aoruns were placed in different matrixes. Beekmans says: “I really like the double prism of the Aorun. Besides that, the colors are very useful. Guest LD’s were also very happy with the impact of the Aorun beam.”
In the center of each square filled with Aoruns were placed four Ares fixtures, or 60 in total. All Ares fixtures were used without diffusors in order to get the punchy effect of the 21° beam angle.
Beekmans frequently uses the Ares for their light output. “The CLF Ares is one of the best options on the market as it comes to output with saturated colors,” he claims.
All fixtures were supplied by leading Dutch dry-hire company Rent-all.

colour-sound-above--beyond-o2-aab0411179719Colour Sound finds Common Ground at the O2
Tuesday, 14 November 2017

UK - Lighting and visuals rental specialist Colour Sound Experiment delivered lighting and video equipment for Neil Marsh’s show design for popular alt.trance aficionados Above & Beyond at London’s O2 Arena.
The one-off show was effectively a soft album launch for their new Common Ground work and comes ahead of an extensive 2018 tour which will kick off in the US.
Neil took the base elements of the design for this show from their recent AGBT250 show at the Gorge Amphitheatre, near Seattle in Washington State. The band host a weekly two hour radio show - Group Therapy Radio – and celebrate every 50 radio shows with a large ‘ABGT’ live event staged in a different county each time.
As a one-off, Neil’s philosophy was to take a lighting and video design concept that he knew worked very successfully and keep things straightforward given the timescale and high expectations of all involved for this London show.
He had to downscale the rig to fit it into the O2. As with all Above & Beyond live shows, he collaborated closely with the band’s Paavo Siljamäki on developing the stage presentation as well as with video designer and content producer Dylan Byrne from Bog Standard.
A single 15m wide by 6m high wide screen made-up from Colour Sound’s BT-7 LED product formed the backdrop, and this ran in conjunction with two side screens of the same LED, also in landscape format. At times all three had one large single image playing out across all three surfaces and other times they showed individual content.

cdion-ayrton-2--yves-aucoinCeline Dion in the frame with Ayrton
Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Europe - This summer’s Celine Dion LIVE 2017 tour, in support of her Encore un soir album, took the Canadian songstress on a 25-date tour of Europe in her first major tour for eight years.
Dion’s lighting designer of 28 years, Yves Aucoin, put together a lighting design that featured 24 Ayrton MagicPanel-R fixtures.
He says: “Celine takes her craft – and her audiences – seriously, and we spent a long time carefully listening to every song in her repertoire before choosing which she would perform and how they should look. Her collaboration with the design team comes in the early stages of a tour, after which point she concentrates on her performance and leaves us to our work on the visuals. She performs 26 songs in the show but selected 48 in total, switching between French and English from city to city.
“On a tour of this scale, with venues this large, I like to frame Celine so the audience can instantly see, in one look, exactly where she is on stage at all times,” says Aucoin. “Sometimes I do this with followspots or top light, but key to the LIVE 2017 tour was a series of MagicPanel-R fixtures, 8 of which I arranged in a V configuration on the floor upstage to form a frame around her. At times these appeared like a pyramid effect above her head, so it was clear from all angles of the auditorium that she was in the middle of them.”
Aucoin placed another eight MagicPanel-R fixtures on the front truss facing the audience to project effects and colours out into the auditorium, and rigged further eight MagicPanel-R un

preston-trail-1Martin Audio WPM in portable church application
Tuesday, 14 November 2017

USA - A portable church setup designed to go in and out of a middle school gym every weekend, Preston Trail McKinney required streamlined equipment for its audio, video, lighting, staging and furniture setups. Martin Audio Wavefront Precision Mini (WPM) was specified to address the venue’s limitations.
As described by Clark senior design consultant Peter Fitton: “The church is transported into a middle school gymnasium with a 16ft. x 32ft. stage, a 40ft. rear lighting truss upstage and lighting trusses on both sides of the auditorium about midway through the house that provide front light for the stage and house lighting for the audience area. The video system includes a video playback server, a switcher, an 11ft. tall x 14ft. wide screen in the centre and a 13,000-lumen projector in the back of the room. The school provides seating for 300-350 congregants.
“For the audio,” he continued, “there are eight Martin Audio WPM cabinets a side powered by iKON amps and five CSX-LIVE 218 subs in a horizontal array in front of the stage on the floor. In terms of the WPM system’s scalable resolution, we opted for one amplifier channel per box to ensure the most accurate coverage and control for the space.”
Another company provides transportation, trailers and cases for the church setup and Clark handle the auditorium. The entire church fits into five 24ft. trailers with video, audio, staging and lighting in two of them.
According to Fitton, Clark chose WPM because it “provided an ideal solution for the gym - basically a big cinderblock ro

robe-aarhus-musikhuset-mg0443Aarhus Musikhuset joins the Spiiders’ web
Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Denmark - Musikhuset Aarhus – also known as Aarhus Concert Hall – in Aarhus, Denmark, is the latest in a number of high profile theatre venues in Scandinavia to invest in Robe, with a substantial purchase of 78 x Spiider LED wash beam fixtures.
These are primarily designated for use in their main hall where they will be “workhorse fixtures” explained head of lighting Ole Nielsen.
Located right in the centre of Denmark’s second city, Musikhuset is a major music venue and features five principal auditoriums - a 1600-capacity Stor Sal (Main Hall); the 1200-seater Symfonisk Sal (Symphonic Hall); the Lille Sal (Small Hall) with capacity of 300, the Rytmisk Sal (Rhythmic Hall) a flexible space that can accommodate 500 seated or 1000 standing, and where most of the rock and electronic music shows are staged. The Kammermusiksalen hosts chamber music recitals.
It’s an exceptionally busy and vibrant environment staging over 1200 events a year and entertaining around 600,000 people.
In the main house the productions are in and out on most days, so when it came to a recent lighting upgrade, they needed an adaptable wash light solution.
They cater for a variety of different set-ups. Some incoming productions work on a bare stage and clear roof, bringing in all their own production. Others will come in with their own lighting designer but no kit, so they will utilise all the house lighting; and the third common scenario is those relying on the skills and expertise of the Musikhuset’s permanent technicians and creatives to light their sho

hubweek88Elation complements innovation theme at HUBweek
Tuesday, 14 November 2017

USA - Entertainment solutions company High Output decorated Boston’s City Hall Plaza using Elation Professional IP65-rated lighting for this year’s HUBweek festival.
With over 200 speakers, 150 events and 130 artists, the annual civic event brought together creatives in technology, science and art to foster innovation in the area.
Held on 12-15 October, HUBweek 2017 saw a different format than in previous years. Whereas a variety of sites around town have played host to past festivals, this year the festival was centrally located on Boston’s City Hall Plaza, dubbed The HUB. Designed in collaboration with design firm CBT, The HUB featured six geodesic domes, which housed talks, performances, and other interactive experiences, while a scattering of shipping containers were used to house events and art.
High Output provided all production support for The Hub including lighting, video, audio, staging and power distribution, their first year working the festival. “This was the first year where the event has been at this magnitude,” said High Output’s Graham Edmondson, who served as lighting designer on the project. “Part of the increased focus was to highlight and draw attention to the new, central area. We lit the geodesic domes, entry way, shipping containers and site lighting using all IP65-rated Elation lights.”
All of the lighting on the geodesic domes was done using Elation Paladin hybrid lights and SixPar 200 IP LED Par lights. Jim Hirsch at High Output was shown the Paladin by Elation sales rep Gary Fallon and

digicoDiGiCo S21 in the mix for Fickle Friends
Tuesday, 14 November 2017

UK - Brighton-based band Fickle Friends is using a DiGiCo console on their current tour.
The band, who have been making waves across the UK since 2013, were signed by Polydor without even releasing a full-length album yet.
FOH engineer Calum Mordue of Patchwork London, who supplies the audio equipment for the tour, has been working with the band for the past 17 months and has picked the DiGiCo S21 console.
“I chose the S21 because of the compact size, channel count and processing power,” he says. “Being able to get 48 input channels across 16 stereo outputs from a console which is less than a meter wide is phenomenal. More importantly, it sounds like a DiGiGo; as good as a big boy SD7 The FX are great, too.”
Calum has really been able to put the S21 through its paces with Fickle Friends, as their requirements change from show to show.
“We run 35 pre-fade inputs across five stereo outputs. On the smaller shows, we use the S21 for FOH and monitors. At larger festivals, it’s used for monitors only. We also multi track each show; for both occasions where no sound check can be done and when we just have 10 minutes with the PA. The band also like to listen back for any mistakes to critique and improve.”
(Jim Evans)

powersoftPowersoft platform in Sydney’s Prince Hotel
Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Australia - Sydney-based DJW Projects has become the first company in the Southern Hemisphere to install Powersoft’s new Quattrocanali 4-channel amplifiers.
The company installed four Quattrocanali 4804 (1200W pc/8 ohms) that power 16 channels of the 12” Void Venu 12 system subwoofers at the new Prince Hotel in Kirrawee, southern Sydney, for the Feros Group. The amplifiers were supplied by distributors PAVT (Production Audio Video Technology).
Launched at ISE this year, Quattrocanali 4804 features the patented SRM (Smart Rails Management) technology, allowing the efficiency of the system to be maximised and power consumption to be drastically reduced at any load and usage condition. Quattrocanali features the lowest thermal dissipation in the industry, reducing the need for external cooling devices.
It certainly ticked all the boxes for DJW Projects designer, Dave Coxon, a long-time devotee of Powersoft solutions. Explaining his selection, he said that with a typical multi-zone pub operation the Prince Hotel contains many speakers, requiring powerful single channel feeds. “In particular, I needed something with some real balls to run the subs,” he said. “I’m a strong believer in Powersoft amps and when [PAVT MD] Graeme Stevenson said he had the new Quattrocanali series, we saw it as a great opportunity to put them on a job.”
They gave the advanced amplifiers “a real caning” and also tried them with the EAW KF850 in their production event division, running the entire system off a single amplifier before specifying them. “We

hsl-chase-and-status-brixton-cha012344520HSL equips Chase & Status Brixton show
Friday, 10 November 2017

UK - Lighting and visual designer Andy Hurst created a collage of lighting, lasers, set and video for Chase & Status sold-out show at London’s Brixton Academy.
This was the band’s second live appearance in the UK this year after headlining the Lovebox Festival, for which lighting equipment and crew was supplied by HSL, who have been associated with the band for several years.
Andy took the base elements of this show from his design for Lovebox, which he re-scaled and re-worked to fit the Academy’s stage.
A key to delivering the full-on audio and visual onslaught that was needed to accompany the vibrancy and energy of the music is having multiple visual layers and aspects that can complement, contrast and be juxtaposed.
These can then be ‘played’ live and flowed with the rhythm and the action happening onstage, applying these visual elements in a highly musical way.
“It’s a great way to work,” comments Andy who operates totally live. “You have to be 100 per cent into the music and have an understanding of the structure and narrative of each song.”
The aesthetics started with an 11m wide by 6m high 10mm upstage video screen which was supplied by CT and was similar to the one used at Lovebox. Its transparency and the fact that it could be back-lit enabled Andy to pull it right to the front of the picture at times or completely disappear it at others.
This also facilitated new lighting treatments to be applied to some of the older guest vocalist videos - some have been appearing in C&S live shows for

title-fighteLumen8 lights Joshua world title fight
Friday, 10 November 2017

UK - eLumen8 LED battens were used during the boxing match at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff that saw British boxer Anthony Joshua retain his WBA ‘super’, IBF heavyweight and IBO heavyweight titles.
Joshua was illuminated by 24 of the eLumen8 LED Tour Batten TW as he made his ring entrance through the tunnel, with his initials ‘AJ’ in flames at the end of it.
Andrew Jeffrey, managing director of the Prolight Concept Group, says: “The second model in the eLumen8 Tour Batten Series is the TW (Tuneable White) which features a newly designed combination of LEDs with specially designed collimators and specifically written software to emulate the dimming curve and colour temperature shift of a dimmed halogen lamp. Industry standard chassis dimensions allow the battens to easily fit into flight cases already in circulation for the halogen versions, so when upgrading to the new fixture, the existing cases can be retained.”
(Jim Evans)

mongoliaHarman solutions for Holiday Inn Ulaanbaatar
Friday, 10 November 2017

Mongolia - ITC Solutions has installed a complete audio system by Harman Professional Solutions at Holiday Inn Ulaanbaatar.
The newly opened four-star Holiday Inn Ulaanbaatar hired ITC Solutions to install an end-to-end Harman audio solution made up of solutions by JBL, Crown, Soundcraft, dbx and AKG.
Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM, Harman Professional Solutions, APAC, said: “Harman Professional Solutions is privileged to be a part of Holiday Inn Ulaanbaatar. We’re thrilled to see our solutions integrated in the first and only IHG hotel in Mongolia. We thank our partner ITC Solutions for their faith in Harman and dedication to customer service.”
ITC Solutions faced a major challenge during the installation as building construction had begun before the audio system was designed. Fortunately, Harman offered a comprehensive variety of flexible solutions to accommodate the different reinforcement needs and acoustic environments within the hotel.
The system ITC Solutions installed at Holiday Inn Ulaanbaatar consists of JBL loudspeakers, Crown amplifiers, Soundcraft mixers, dbx signal processors and AKG microphones, and enables the staff to produce a wide range of successful events.
JBL 8214 and 8128 in-ceiling loudspeakers discretely deliver elegant music throughout the lobby, Skyview Lounge and other public areas at Holiday Inn Ulaanbaatar. JBL Control HST wall-mount speakers’ design eliminates room reflections and provides a flat frequency response and consistent sonic character throughout the hotel.
The systems in the ballroo

ignitethefight2Chicago River glows With Chauvet Professional
Friday, 10 November 2017

USA - “Why would you light a bridge with moving fixtures?” Tracey Dear heard this question on more than one occasion when he specified Chauvet Professional Rogue R2 Washes to bathe Chicago’s Clark Street and Dearborn Street Bridges in a vibrant purple for the Susan G. Komen Ignite the Fight fundraiser to aid cancer research. For Dear, the answer revolved around a single word - “flexibility”.
“Some people wondered why I would want movers on a static focus,” said Dear, the owner of Chicago-based Dear Productions. “However, I learned from past experience that in a project like this, you may need to change things quickly. When that happens, there may not be the time to make your adjustments with static fixtures. Sure enough, on the night of this fundraiser we got a call from the Coast Guard telling us that we had to reposition our lights because of the glare on the water, so we tipped our Rogues up 10°.”
That adjustment made, Dear went on to transform the night vista on the Chicago River with his 42 Rogue R2 Washes, which were supplied by JR Lighting Design, Inc. He arranged the 285-watt RGBW moving fixtures in banks of eight and positioned them as close as possible to the corner points of the two iconic drawbridges.
“Since this was a temporary installation (7:15pm - 11pm), it wasn’t always possible to put our fixtures exactly where we needed them,” said Dear. “On the north side of the Clark Street Bridge we had to go a level higher than we wanted to because of the restaurant below. We just couldn’t get access to the waterfr

lucas-family2HK Audio unveils latest NANO generation
Thursday, 9 November 2017

Germany - HK Audio has introduced the new generation of its Lucas NANO family of portable stereo PA systems.
New for November 2017 are the NANO 302, NANO 305 FX and NANO 605 FX, joining the already available 608i and 602 models.
The Lucas NANO family is now made up of five individual models across two power classes. A range of different features and options means there is a NANO to suit any need or application, says the company.
Each model includes an active subwoofer that delivers huge amounts of low end. The subwoofer powers the two fist-sized satellites which, when not in use, are stored within the subwoofer itself.
The all-new Lucas NANO 605 FX is an all-rounder, suited for anyone from musicians and bands to DJs and public speakers and features five inputs, built-in reverb effects and Bluetooth audio streaming.
For musicians, DJs and entertainers who want to use their own external mixer, DJ controller or playback device, the Lucas NANO 602 offers a simple interface and single stereo input making it simple and quick to get ready for show time.
The Lucas NANO 305 FX and 302 are slightly smaller in size, power and weight than their 605FX and 602 counterparts, but include the same input options and features. Practical to transport and set up in a variety of locations, the 305FX and 302 are set to “become top choices for audio fans who are seeking a better sounding lifestyle”.
Rüdiger Forse, HK Audio’s senior product manager, says: “The second generation of the Lucas NANO family will make anyone’s world sound big

hall-1-stage-orchestral-1Colston Hall launches fundraising appeal
Thursday, 9 November 2017

UK - A public appeal to secure crucial funding for the £48m redevelopment of Bristol’s Colston Hall has been launched.
The historic venue, which celebrated its 150th anniversary this year, will close in 2018 for a refurbishment which will include remodelling the main hall and The Lantern, transforming the cellars into a performance space and creating a learning suite.
The Bristol Music Trust, who runs Colston Hall, has already secured £41m and is now appealing to the public to raise the remaining sum by naming a seat at the Hall for as little as £5 per month for four years.
Louise Mitchell, chief executive of Bristol Music Trust, says: “This year as we’ve celebrated our 150th anniversary we’ve been overwhelmed by the number of personal stories and memories we’ve received, highlighting the significance the Hall has played in so many people’s lives. Now we’re asking the public to seize this moment to help secure another 150 years of special memories and experiences for their friends, families and future generations. We’re inviting people to name a seat and be a part of this transformational moment in the venue’s history.”
Those interested in donating should visit for more information.

utopiumtedxbristol001Utopium illuminates TEDxBristol
Thursday, 9 November 2017

UK - Bristol-based Utopium illuminated TEDxBristol as influencers from all over the world took to the stage to inform and inspire attendees.
Now in its fifth year, TEDxBristol is one of the largest TEDx events in the UK and attracted over 4,000 delegates, with thousands more joining online through a live stream. Taking place over two days at Bristol’s Colston Hall, the programme of talks was loosely based around a wider theme of ‘disruption’.
Utopium provided SGM G-4 LED IP 65 Wash lights, a new addition to its inventory, to light the stage presentations and audience from the front truss. The stage was also lit from the balcony with Utopium’s ETC 64s.
The set was lit with a number of Miltec LED Batten 2s and backlit with Martin MAC Quantum Profiles. Chauvet Nexus 4x4 LED fixtures were built into the set panels and also suspended around the screen to create an eye-catching lighting arrangement. All fixtures were controlled using an Avolites Tiger Touch 2 console.
(Jim Evans)

moody-gardens-1PixelFLEX goes deep at Moody Gardens Aquarium
Thursday, 9 November 2017

USA - Exhibition and event marketing company 1220 Exhibits was appointed to carry out an interior AV renovation at amusement park Moody Gardens in Galveston, Texas.
The company needed to renovate the Aquarium Pyramid and specified a FLEXLite NXG LED system from Nashville-based PixelFLEX for the lobby. Originally, the brief called for a 25K projector system, but the company convinced its client that using an LED video system would be a better long-term solution.
“One of our primary goals with this renovation was to create a dynamic, immersive experience for guests the moment they stepped foot in the Aquarium Pyramid,” said John Zendt, president/CEO Moody Gardens. “The clarity and crispness of the image on the PixelFLEX video wall helps us achieve this goal and is exactly what we hoped for from this design.”
Dan Chadwick, director of interactive services at 1220 Exhibits, continued: “Since all of the exhibit houses at Moody Gardens are built in a pyramid-style with the outer façade being made of glass, we knew there would be an uncontrollable amount of natural light that would bleed into the space. Because of this, they would need to install a fairly large projector to counteract the natural light, and even at its maximum capacity, a projection system would not provide the image quality that we could achieve with the high-definition FLEXLite NXG 3.9mm LED wall.”
As the system installation got underway, the LED video panels would be mounted high above the crowd on a curved wall greeting guests as they arrive. In a busy A/V renovation

lsc-maxim-consolePKE Lighting adds LSC Lighting consoles
Thursday, 9 November 2017

UK - Manchester-based film, television and photographic equipment rental company PKE Lighting has invested in 16 LSC Lighting Systems consoles to provide its customer base with simple manual control of fixtures on high-profile film and television production projects.
PKE Lighting were looking to invest in fader-based consoles that would provide ease of use for end users working on studio, stage and on-location projects.
PKE's Matt Evans approached LSC's UK-exclusive distributor, A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET), who supplied six LSC MINIM 24 fader consoles, plus four maXim M 48 fader and six MaXim XXL 120 fader desks.
He commented: "The LSC desks have been in and out on film and television production jobs ever since we purchased them, and without any issues at all. We and our customers are really happy with them. As always, the service from A.C. has been excellent as well."
The MINIM console is specifically designed for the entry-level user, providing fast, effortless manual fader control of general lighting looks, and is perfect for live modes of operation. The compact unit is ready for on-location work, with a voltage selectable internal power supply.
The maXim series of powerfully simple consoles has been designed to satisfy the more demanding operator. It includes six models, ranging from the 24 fader maXim S, up to the 120 fader maXim XXL.
Selected LSC control, dimming and distribution models will feature on the AC-ET stand at PLASA Focus Glasgow on 17-18 January 2018.
(Jim Evans)

vextra1Chauvet enhances Vexata video wall
Thursday, 9 November 2017

USA - Chauvet video panels were used for the video wall set up at Vexata's booth at the Oracle Open World conference held in October.
Digital Dynamite Productions, which provided the audio and video for the booth, specified Chauvet Professional F3 LED panels. 
Austin Jansen of Digital Dynamite Productions comments: “We wanted to have a video wall that didn’t look like a video wall. Our challenge was to find an LED panel that had a minimal footprint and one that hid the rigging and rear of the display. The LED video display had to look as though it was part of a large graphic, so visitors could not tell it was really an LED wall.”
Jansen mounted 68 F3 LED tiles on plywood panels. “The panels were positioned on six separate surfaces that we custom built out of birch plywood and covered with vinyl graphics to hide the rear of the display,” he explained. “The F3 panels were perfect for this job, because they’re serviceable from the front. This allowed us to mount the panel cabinet frame directly to a substrate and wire the LED wall from the front. By doing this, we were able to have minimal clearance behind the LED wall, which created the feeling of the panels being part of the overall graphical display.”
Arranged at irregular angles to one another, the board-mounted panels created a flowing multi-dimensional look at the Vexata booth, giving it an inviting sense of warmth and depth. By changing the configurations of the activated LED modules on the

heriot-wattHeriot-Watt University installs Martin Audio systems
Thursday, 9 November 2017

UK - Scottish-based GAB Audio Engineers recently equipped Heriot-Watt University (HWU) with a variety of flagship solutions from the Martin Audio portfolio.
The sound requirements were part of a major refurbishment of two lecture spaces - James Watt 1 (JW1) and James Watt 2 (JW2) - which form part of the university conference centre. Discussions with Martin Audio began at the ISE Expo in Amsterdam, back in 2016.
Stated GAB director, Jim Bryan, “Our relationship with Martin Audio started in the mid-90s when we were looking for high quality loudspeakers for our hire stock. We invested in Wavefront, then soon started to install EM series, Blackline, AQ series and most recently CDD in our church systems. It was therefore logical to turn to Martin Audio again to meet these requirements.”
In fact, GAB, which was originally set up in 1984 to specialise in a range of hire and installation services, principally for houses of worship and local authorities, had been introduced to Heriot-Watt by Martin Audio account manager, Richard Van Nairn after they had seen the Scottish integrators referenced on the Martin Audio website.
Martin Audio’s product support engineer, Robin Dibble, duly met with GAB and the university AV team on site, and produced modelling of the rooms’ response using Martin Audio software. “Having heard the systems previously, HWU technical supervisor, Neil Macintyre, was happy to place an order for the installation,” confirmed Jim Bryan.
“Consequently, we specified left and right hangs of four MLA Mini, each flown be

digico-2London Grammar on the road with DiGiCo
Thursday, 9 November 2017

UK - DiGiCo consoles are enhancing London Grammar’s live sound on their tour in support of the Truth is a Beautiful Thing album.
The desks are supplied by Triplex Productions, who became involved with the band when the musicians decided to push their live production up a notch and invited Triplex owner Mark Sunderland to production-manage their technical requirements.
Ross Cornwall, managing director of Triplex Productions, says: “The collaboration has worked really well and the tour has gone everywhere - the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia. It’s so successful that we don't always know where we’re going to be, as dates keep getting added to the band’s diary. The venues are a real mix from large festivals (Glastonbury, Pukkelpop, etc) to the Eventim Apollo, Hammersmith and O2 Academy Brixton. It’s been a real challenge for the team to deliver constant results no matter what territory or venue they are in.”
Mark also mans the monitor position on a DiGiCo SD10, with Dan McBean at Front of House using the newest of DiGiCo’s consoles, the SD12, with both running Stealth Core 2 software.
“The sound of DiGiCo consoles is great and their flexibility is almost unlimited,” Ross continues. “A major benefit is the Optocore networking tool. Triplex relies on it for the implementation of this project. With Recording and playback to both desks via an Optocore DD4MR, the network is super flexible and FOH and monitors can send audio between themselves, too, keeping the multicores totally digital.”
The tour continue

arcade-fireSolotech system for L-Acoustics’ first AVB tour
Thursday, 9 November 2017

North America - L-Acoustics have implemented the largest AV bridging (AVB) touring system on Arcade Fire’s Infinite Content tour.
This is the first time the company has used an AVB system on tour. Supplied by L-Acoustics North American certified provider Solotech, with support from Germany’s Black Box Music, the system’s benefits include simple deployment with minimal network configuring, long-distance network communication, low latency, improved synchronisation and reliability.
The tour is carrying a total of 92 AVB-equipped L-Acoustics LA12X amplified controllers, 48 K1 and 80 K2 loudspeakers, 56 KS28 subs, eight ARCS Wide and eight X8 coaxials. Processing is being handled by a pair of redundant Meyer Sound Galaxy units, one driving analogue lines over copper for system fallback.
All equipment from L-Acoustics and Meyer Sound is certified through the Avnu Alliance and networked via the AVB/TSN protocol using Avnu-certified 11 Extreme Networks switches. The Avnu Alliance is a community creating an interoperable ecosystem of low-latency, time-synchronized, highly reliable networked devices using open standards.
“It is exciting to see the power of AVB bring together this magnitude of devices into one reliable, flexible, yet massive touring rig,” says Avnu Alliance Pro AV segment chair Patrick Prothe. “We’re thrilled to have members putting their certified products to work in the field. Having L-Acoustics and Meyer Sound equipment working together in the same setup via AVB is a testament to Avnu certification.”

little-ceasers-arena12017toddkaplanDetroit’s Little Ceasars Arena opens with Elation
Wednesday, 8 November 2017

USA - Little Ceasars Arena in Detroit opened in September, with nearly 1,700 custom LED strip lights from Elation Professional mounted to the venue’s vast wire grid.
Designed by HOK architects, the $863m, 20,000-seat arena is part of District Detroit, a major new development in the city centre.
Lighting and multi-media design firm, Illuminating Concepts (IC), was the lighting designer on the project, responsible for lighting the public spaces through to the theatrical lighting in the bowl. The dynamic ceiling is just one part of the arena’s large integrated lighting network in which all lighting is interconnected – indoors and out – to act as one themed environment.
Illuminating Concept’s design for the arena uses lighting to create a space that engages, guides visitors, creates moods and disseminates advertiser information. IC brought in production design company Crossfade Design, a firm with extensive theatrical lighting and video experience, to handle the theatrical lighting elements, including the dynamic ceiling.
The client wanted the arena bowl to be covered by a solid ceiling rather than the typical black void of most arenas, but with challenges like HVAC and rigging to contend with, not to mention cost concerns, the solution wasn’t easy to find. The answer came in the form of SkyDeck, a tension wire grid system created by InterAmerica Stage. The open wire covering acts as a scrim over the bowl, a modular ceiling that can be reconfigured for any event. Keith Irtenkauf of Illuminating Concepts calls it a “functional solu


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