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silverclefSilver Clef Awards supported By PRG XL Video
Tuesday, 11 July 2017

UK - Continuing their long-running support for Nordoff Robbins, PRG XL Video, has provided a package of video technology for the O2 Silver Clef Awards, held at London’s Grosvenor House Hotel.
The glamorous fundraising event which honours both up-and-coming and established music artists, celebrates Nordoff Robbins’ music therapy work, and via live and silent charity auctions, a raffle, and personal donations, raises hundreds of thousands of pounds to enable more people to benefit from music therapy around the UK.
PRG XL Video supplied Barco projectors, and e2 screen management system, along with three large projection screens for onstage, and a variety of plasma screens situated around the Great Room, that displayed lots from the silent and live auctions, and acted as relay screens from the camera system.
Crew chief for this event was Nathan Avery. Gearhouse Broadcast kindly supplied the camera channels for this year’s event free of charge, and these fed into PRG XL’s PPU system. The live camera mix was handled by video director, Mark McCaffrey.
PRG XL Video’s director of music, Yvonne Donnelly Smith commented: “We’re very happy to support the Nordoff Robbins O2 Silver Clef Awards once again. We have such a strong connection to the music industry, and we see how much pleasure it brings people. It’s amazing to see how Nordoff Robbins music therapy actually changes lives for the better.”
Winners at this year’s awards included Alexander Armstrong, Dame Shirley Bassey, Blondie, Phil Collins, Little Mix, and Mumford &

lets-dancePR Lighting dances with the stars in Germany
Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Germany - When Let’s Dance, the German version of Dancing with the Stars / Strictly Come Dancing, celebrated its 10th anniversary series recently, lighting designer David Kreilemann decided to place special emphasis on the versatile and powerful XR 440 BWS moving head from PR Lighting.
He could see this fixture, which integrates spot, wash and beam with a quality optical system, performing all manner of duties. He therefore requisitioned 22 of the heads from rental company MLS.
"The powerful hybrid lamp impresses with its efficient sharp projection in both the spot and the beam modes,” says Kreilemann. “Even with slow rotations of the gobos and prisms, there are no visible jerks in the movement whatsoever. In fact, the two prisms, which can morph and contra-rotate with respect to each other, are absolutely brilliant on the XR 440 BWS.”
He says that this enables unprecedented effects to be produced. “Due to the enormous brightness of the lamp source, it is possible, for example with two prisms, with or without gobos, to produce fantastic beam effects across a really strong zoom range. I am looking forward to working with this lamp in future shows."
(Jim Evans)

urban-heroChauvet enhances Urban Hero Awards 2017
Tuesday, 11 July 2017

UK - The Urban Hero Awards is an annual event bringing together people of all ages for their inspiring work and leadership within their local communities. For this year’s event, which took place at Manchester’s Victoria Warehouse, Jonny Billitt was tasked with providing stunning visual support for the evening.
This included an awards ceremony dinner with accompanying live music performances. To fulfill both of these roles, Billitt specified a number of Chauvet Professional fixtures, including eight Maverick MK2 Washes, eight Maverick MK1 Hybrids, 12Next NXT-1 fixtures, 108 PVP S5 LED panels, eighteen Rogue R1 Beams, 24 Rogue R2 Washes and 21 Rogue R2 Spots.
Performing key lighting roles in Billitt’s overall illumination concept were the Maverick Wash and Hybrid fixtures, and Rogue R1 Beams, which fulfilled a variety of roles including front and ambient stage lighting during the entire event.
“I was extremely impressed with both the Maverick Wash and Hybrid fixtures,” commented Billitt. “While the wash fixtures provided incredible saturated ambience on stage as well as stage effects for performances, the spot and beam combination of the Hybrid fixtures allowed me to create punchy aerial effects to accompany both the awards and musical interludes.”
Billitt also positioned the R1 Beam fixtures across a 14m diameter trussing module at the back of the stage at 45 degrees to beautifully frame the stage. The geometric shape of this feature created an incredible visual design with only simple pan and tilt effects and shutter chases.

panoramaCity Panorama takes wing above Kazan
Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Russia - The City Panorama exhibition and entertainment complex in Kazan opened to the public in early 2017. Breaking new ground in the deployment of high-resolution video in museums and visitor attractions, AV expert Polymedia together with their partner United 3D Labs designed an integrated audiovisual system with the help of AV Stumpfl CIS, using an 800 wide by 300 cm high AV Stumpfl Curve projection screen.
Located in the exhibition hall, the panoramic exhibit uses a virtual fly-over whereby guests and citizens can see modern architecture of the city and familiarise themselves with modern Kazan. Video content comprises over 250 panoramic images taken with an ‘Octocopter’ using a high-resolution camera at different viewpoints and angles.
The system works using a touch-screen and controller placed in front of the AV Stumpfl screen. This enables visitors to look over the city, zoom into points of interest and even navigate their way through each place of cultural significance in great detail.
“The giant panoramic projection screen gives a feeling of complete immersiveness and provides the Panorama visitors with an unforgettable experience. That is why this installation is so popular not only among children but also among adults,” said Elena Novikova, CEO at Polymedia.
“Only the quality of AV Stumpfl’s screen could give visitors that unique opportunity of diving into and flying under the sky,” added Novikova.
Commenting on the latest application of Curve screen technology, Hans Stucken, global marketing manager said: “It

eloVideo Design creates ELO fantasy
Tuesday, 11 July 2017

UK - Visually there has always been a sense of fantasy and science fiction to Jeff Lynne’s ELO while musically his massively successful song catalogue inhabits a clear fusion of pop, rock and classical. It’s proved a happy combination on record and, as a live act, led to an epoch defining tour with a flying saucer in 1978.
Bringing that sense of scale and sci-fi to stadium stature for 2017 has been the task of production manager Chris Vaughan and a creative team lead by Tim Routledge. Like Lynne himself, they have plundered several genres, not least by recreating the flying saucer for the twenty-first century to ‘fly’ above the stage and by using video on an epic scale.
“The stage is wrapped in a back wall of seven very tall and closely packed portrait LED screens derived from the Muse Haarp tour,” Is how Video Design’s Alex Leinster describes it. “Add two even taller screens for IMAG on the PA wings and it’s a big logistical project; four trucks full of LED tiles alone!”
Vaughan had clear imperatives, “This was to be the briefest of outings, just two stadium shows at Wembley and Hull and two in arenas. It needed to meet the tightest budgetary constraints but still fulfil the need for a true spectacular. I knew Alex and his crew could readily provide the right LED system; Video Design are very nimble on their feet and easily able to scale up for big demands like this. It meant we had certainty on costs and feasibility in short order.”
It was Misty Buckley as part of the creative team who had proposed the new flying sa

utopiumUtopium lights back to back Bristol weekends
Tuesday, 11 July 2017

UK - Utopium supplied a range of lighting, rigging, staging and screens to create an electric atmosphere in Bristol’s Lloyds Amphitheatre for two consecutive weekends, July 2017.
Utopium was entrusted to create the perfect setting for thousands of music-lovers when Bristol Sounds (21-24 June) and Grillstock (1-2 July), headed to Bristol’s Harbourside. Both weekends welcomed some impressive music performances from the likes of Bonobo, Craig David and The Manic Street Preachers at Bristol Sounds and Pharcyde, The Darkness and Hot 8 Brass Band at Grillstock. With different stages in different positions and a variety of genres on offer over the course of the two events, Utopium had to be creative and astute when creating their base concert lighting systems for each event.
For Bristol Sounds, Utopium utilised a range of new equipment which included Martin Sceptron VDO 10 LED 1m video battens, an Avolites Pearl Tiger Touch 2 and a Hippotizer Amba. Along with new kit, Utopium also supplied Q-7 LED Flood/Blinder/Strobes, Martin MAC Quantum LED Profiles, Martin MAC Aura XB LED Washes, Chauvet Rogue RH1 Hybrids and 4 Lite Molefays. The team also supplied main stage rigging in the form of 9m and 6m lighting trusses flown using Prolyft Double braked hoists, 9m drapes truss and 10m video wall truss flown using Prolyft Double braked hoists.
To control the lighting Utopium supplied an Artnet networking system, an Avolites ART 2000 Dimmer, Distros and a Wysiwyg system to enable touring LD’s to pre-programme their lighting designs. The team also provided a fl

wind-in-the-willowsUnusual Rigging for The Wind in the Willows
Tuesday, 11 July 2017

UK - This summer, the London Palladium will play host to Mole, Ratty, Badger and Toad as they tread the boards in a major new musical adaptation of Kenneth Grahame's classic novel, The Wind in the Willows.
Adapted for the stage by Julian Fellowes, George Stiles and Anthony Drewe, the British musical, toured the UK late last year, playing in Plymouth, Salford and Southampton. But, says Patrick Molony, the show's production manager, the complexities of touring the production pale into insignificance when compared to putting on the show at the London Palladium. Knowing the challenges that lay ahead, Patrick brought Unusual Rigging on the team so that they could work through these challenges together.
"Producers think the Palladium is a big theatre, because of the number of seats and the shows that have been there in the past," said Patrick," but this is certainly not the case. It's actually a very small stage without any modern facilities. The grid in particular is a tricky one to work in and presents the riggers with massive challenges. While the show in itself is complex (the scenery is traditional but there is an awful lot of it), the Palladium has added hugely to the difficulties we faced and so bringing the Unusual team on board was something that I always intended to do, getting them involved as early as possible."
Patrick added: "On the tour, we were in very big theatres with modern flying systems and vast amounts of stage space. Even in Southampton, which is a big stage, we had three trucks full in the loading bay with scenery to change

bolshoiRobert Juliat Dalis play key role in The Snow Maiden
Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Russia - Robert Juliat’s award-winning Dalis 860 LED cyclorama lighting fixtures are currently playing a key role in Snégourotchka (The Snow Maiden) by Rimski-Korsakov at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, Russia. The opera premiered on 15 June on the 1740-seat Heritage Stage on a set designed by Vladimir Arefiev, with lighting by Damir Ismagilov.
In the largest installation of Dalis to date, Ismagilov chose to use 92 Dalis 860 asymmetrical LED units to illuminate three enormous lightboxes – the largest features of the set in this spectacular production – which form the backdrop to the Russian folk tale that tells of the Snow Maiden’s ill-fated love for the human, Mizgir.
The lightboxes, each of which measure 22m wide x 15m high, are suspended 3m above the stage, and positioned upstage and on each side to form a box, covering the whole stage in width and depth to create an ‘endless sky’ surrounding the acting area.
They are used to provide an even sky-glow, coloured with different shades of cold white and light blue. In the finalé, a strong tungsten light spreads on stage to symbolize the end of endless winter when the dead-cold sky turns to golden-amber as the brightest point of the show.
To create this signature feature and maintain the ambience throughout the performance, Ismagilov required a very even, very strong wash for the lightboxes, and was tasked with finding a fixture that could handle the scale of the production and the challenges of the hanging positions and set design.
The lightboxes were construct

bobbylackeystadiumJericho Horns reinforce Bobby Lackey Stadium
Monday, 10 July 2017

USA - The Weslaco Independent School District in the southern tip of Texas built Panther Stadium in 1990 and later renamed it Bobby Lackey Stadium after the 1950s-era Texas Longhorns quarterback. Lackey attended Weslaco High School, where he was all-American in football.
Today, the stadium seats over 13,400 spectators in a classic home/visitor arrangement, and it is regularly filled to capacity for Weslaco Panther home games. The school district recently hired A/V integration firm Hermes Music (Pharr, Texas) to design and install a new Danley sound reinforcement system.
With two Danley J3-94 Jericho Horns, two Danley BC-218 subwoofers, and three Danley DNA 20k4 Pro multi-channel, DSP-enabled amplifiers, Bobby Lackey Stadium is now a model of how high schools can achieve affordable, high-fidelity, high-SPL audio.
“They take football very seriously in Weslaco,” said Ed Zamorano, director of educational/governmental sales at Hermes Music. “All of the Weslaco Panther home games begin with an hour of pregame interviews and discussion – like an ESPN type production – that are shown on the scoreboard and amplified through the sound reinforcement system. The games wrap up with another 30 minutes of postgame interviews and discussion.”
Weslaco arrived at its new Danley system through an unusual mix of demos, recommendations, and system failures. “The school was planning a new scoreboard, but they already knew that they didn’t want the stock sound system that would come with that scoreboard,” explained Zamorano.
“They had alrea

nielsRogues set stage for Niels Destadsbader
Monday, 10 July 2017

Belgium - With a string of hit singles, numerous sell out tours and countless appearances as a television host, Niels Destadsbader is one of Belgium’s most popular all round entertainers. On his Niels Confesses All (Niels klapt uit de biecht) tour, the versatile star combines his musical and acting talents to create an intimate and highly personal connection to fans as exemplified by a church-like confession booth on stage.
The main task for the K-Events lighting design was to create a church-like atmosphere with a minimal set-up. Chauvet Professional Rogue R1 Washes, which were supplied by SLV Rent, were ideally suited for this purpose, thanks to a number of creative and practical factors which helped create the appropriate mood on stage.
A group of six Rogue R1 Washes were positioned above the central confessional booth on stage, with a further six fixtures positioned intermittently above stage and side stage to provide backlighting. The richly saturated colours, intense output and wide coverage of these fixtures provided the necessary highlighting of the confessional booth.
“Thanks to the intense colours of the Rogue fixtures, we were able to provide stunning wash lighting for the scenes where Niels is performing in the confessional booth,” said lighting director Kristof De Dycker. “The smooth dimming and impressive zoom features allowed us to softly accentuate the detailing of the set.”
In addition to softer moments, there were instances of high energy throughout the performance. Thanks to the Rogue’s 7 RGBW 15 W quad-LEDs, the

chicfohdLive ensures slick Chic set at Glastonbury
Monday, 10 July 2017

UK - Legendary disco act, Chic featuring Nile Rodgers, performed an acclaimed set on Glastonbury’s Pyramid stage using Allen & Heath dLive S Class mixing systems.
Supported by F1 Sound, John Ryan, tech production manager and FOH engineer, used a S7000 Surface linked by FibreACE to an onstage DM48 MixRack, whilst monitor engineer, Marco Dellatorre, used a S7000 and DM48 with MADI for recording.
Ryan, who has been mixing for Nile Rodgers and CHIC for the past 13 years, says: “From the first moment I turned it on, I immediately became friends with dLive. The system proves to be fast and easy to set up and have you ready to go on the fly, something that is quite frequent during festival shows where you are almost never allowed a sound check.
“The basic features, right out of the box, are easy to spot on the dLive surface; quick assignable function buttons and pots where you would expect them to be, 36 totally assignable faders divided into three banks on five layers, amazingly great-sounding plug-in emulations, a user-friendly menu and everything you need to know for any selected channel is clearly displayed on the two touch screens.
“The superb sound quality, processing and nearly non-existent latency almost makes you think you’re working on an analogue desk. The dLive is now on our production rider as my preferred FOH mixer.”
Monitor engineer, Marco Dellatorre, adds: “I have been using digital desks for many years, and I think I can summarize my experience with dLive in three words: easy, compact, connections!”

mall-of-qatargrandMA2 offers multiple options in Qatar mall
Monday, 10 July 2017

Qatar - The Mall of Qatar is a shopping centre that opened in December 2016 in Doha, Qatar. The mall, which is the equivalent size of 50 football pitches with over 500 stores, is the nation’s largest mall. It also features mall-wide live entertainment with a professional live theatre and 360 degree acts and shows performed on a multi-lift rotating stage.
For the stage’s lighting control, one grandMA2 light, one grandMA2 replay unit, one MA onPC command wing, one MA VPU plus MK2 (Video Processing Unit), four MA Network Switches, two MA NPUs (Network Processing Units), 12 x MA 2Port Nodes and two MA 4Port Nodes are used. The technical design was completed by LichtUnit GmbH with Stephan Floeren as lighting designer, assistant LD Udo Rath and operator Desimir Skoracz.
Floeren explained the product choice: "As reliability and easy show control was crucial, MA Lighting was our first choice. Especially because the video content is integrated into the lighting showfile which makes the work a lot easier for the operator. And, of course, MA was chosen because of its overall networking and control features.
“The ‘main shows’ are a mixture of dance, live artist and music and were programmed in our LichtUnit studio with the use of a grandMA2 light, an MA VPU and an MA NPU. The shows are time-coded and each last between 35 and 45 minutes. Because detailed preparation was needed, on site we only had to make small amendments.
“The biggest challenge was that the show takes place on a 360° stage with audience positions on three different levels. T

macbethWhite Light equips Macbeth in Covent Garden
Monday, 10 July 2017

UK - Located at the St Paul’s Church in Covent Garden, Iris Theatre creates bespoke productions specific to that space. The company’s aim is to develop the next generation of professional theatre practitioners and produce a vibrant repertoire of varied work.
This year marks the company’s 10-year anniversary which will be celebrated with a summer season of immersive productions. One of these is Macbeth and White Light was called upon to provide the lighting equipment.
Iris Theatre was originally formed in 2007 and has grown considerably over the years, having won Best Production for Young People at last year’s OFFIE Awards. General manager Sofi Berenger comments: “As an organisation, we seek to produce a fresh and vibrant repertoire of varied work which results in accessible and affordable theatre which caters for all ages. We are also extremely lucky to have a fantastic space located in the heart of the West End which plays an integral role in our productions.”
The latest of these productions is Macbeth which offers a brand-new reimagining of Shakespeare’s tragedy. It is directed by Daniel Winder and features a lighting design by Benjamin Polya.
Benjamin states: “This version of Macbeth is a site responsive piece. As Iris is based within St Paul’s Church, this means that the audience are transported around the different spaces as the story progresses. The director was very eager to make the entire church ground play an integral part of this world and to transport the audience into the world of Macbeth<

nexo-belgiumNexo STM on the menu at the Couleur Café
Monday, 10 July 2017

Belgium - Big changes at the Couleur Café, Belgium’s largest urban contemporary music festival – after more than 20 years in its Tour & Taxis location, the super-multicultural event has moved to a new venue in the beautiful park below the iconic Atomium in Brussels.
On the audio front, it’s business as usual, with regular sound provider Arto delivering Nexo concert PA systems for three stages, covering a huge variety of musical genres – reggae, hip hop, world, soul, funk, Latin, dub, club and electronic music.
Amongst the many different entertainments in the Couleur Café environment, there were three main stages. On the largest RED stage, artists such as soul-funk-reggae star Patrice, Serbia’s Emir Kusturica, legendary Jamaican band Toots and the Maytals and one of Africa’s biggest reggae artists, Alpha Blondy performed with Nexo’s STM modular line arrays in front of a 25,000-capacity crowd.
This year’s edition of the festival was slightly downscaled, a consequence partly of the relocation but also because attendance at large events has been affected by fear of terrorism. Nexo’s STM Series demonstrated its exceptional versatility in complying with the new parameters, scaling down to match the smaller stages without forcing Arto engineers to compromise on the format of the PA.
Fifteen sets of STM M46+B112 per side were flown with 4x S118 subs per side, above a further 20x STM S118s on the ground (per side) in cardioid mode. The smaller STM main cabinets (M28) were used for down-fill and front-fill. Arrays of nine Geo S12

kings-of-leonMartin MLA marks five years at Hyde Park
Monday, 10 July 2017

UK - In its quest to establish Barclaycard Presents British Summer Time Hyde Park Festival (BST) as the leading festival in the world, AEG Live Event Director, Jim King, is celebrating the fifth consecutive year at the site by announcing a two-year extension to the contract with Martin Audio rental partners Capital Sound.
A site which was historically thought to be unworkable because of the way punitive offsite sound thresholds had impacted on sound levels in the bowl, has now been transformed. This is due to the expertise of Capital Sound, and a combination of Martin Audio’s flagship MLA PA and the constantly evolving DISPLAY optimisation software.
States Capital operations & development director, Paul Timmins, “Jim expects to see constant improvements in the service technology and that every component deployed is state of the art. AEG realise that MLA will remain the best tool for the job largely because the software updates are so fast moving - meaning that year on year we can continue to move the festival forward.”
To that end, Capital has this year implemented some significant changes on the main Great Oak Stage.
The rental company has introduced 24 of the new XE500 floor monitors, which saw their debut at last month’s Glastonbury Festival (with RG Jones). These feature unique Coaxial Differential Dispersion technology with a patent pending third static waveguide. This is designed to deliver perfect monitor sound at very high SPL output with a defined coverage pattern that allows the artist freedom of movement, while reducing

pub-awardsChauvet at The London Club and Bar Awards
Monday, 10 July 2017

UK - The annual London Club and Bar Awards has been celebrating the city’s thriving hospitality industry since 1994. This year’s event, which was held at The Intercontinental Park Lane, served up more sizzling glitz than ever, thanks to a stunning lighting design by Halo, which featured eight Maverick MK2 Spots, eight Maverick MK2 Washes, four STRIKE 4s and 12 Rogue R1 FX-Bs from Chauvet Professional.
At the heart of the design was the main stage that was used for the awards ceremony. Yann Guenancia, Halo project manager, drew on the intense output, rapid movements and colours of the Maverick lights to create a compelling sense of on-stage excitement.
Positioned from ceiling truss above the stage, Guenancia made use of the 440W superior brightness of the Maverick Spot fixtures to ensure excellent illumination of the award presentations. “The Maverick Spots provided the kind of powerful spot lighting you’d expect from an awards dinner of this calibre,” he said. “We were able to create a variety of captivating looks with these spots.”
In addition, Guenancia positioned eight Maverick Wash fixtures to build a backdrop of saturated colours on stage and ambient lighting where necessary. “The wash fixtures performed especially well thanks to their saturated colours and pixel mapping capabilities,” he said. “The combination of the Maverick Wash and Spot fixtures provided a solid visual base upon which to build some more experimental and edgy visuals to appease and surprise the bar savvy crowd.”
One of the most well received light

robe-polish-idolPopping it up for Polish Idol
Monday, 10 July 2017

UK - The recent edition of Polish Idol featured a distinctive filmic styling emanating from the visual influence of LD Artur Szyman, one of the country’s leading lighting and scenic designers, who was assisted by 96 x Robe Spikies and 80 x LEDWash 800s among other lights on his plot.
Artur has been an LD for 17 years and was a renowned film and TV DoP for 10 years before that. He’s known for taking creative risks and delivering new and invigorating designs, and for this show - returning to Polish national TV prime time after a 13-year break - his mission was to ensure that the lighting and scenography worked consistently from all camera perspectives.
This approach informed every aspect of the lighting, video and scenic design, bringing a cool cinematographic ambience to the studio.
A reasonably open brief by producers Freemantle Poland meant it didn’t have to be an exact replica of anything that had gone before, and the opportunity to design both set and lighting brought a slick, streamlined default visual harmony to Studio 1600 of the Polsat complex in Warsaw.
“It’s a big space, and so I wanted a multi-layered set but with lots of transparent elements that could be through-lit. I definitely didn’t want any solid walls,” he explained.
The headroom at 9.5m was relatively low so a spherical and curved layout was adopted to maximise the space. Artur examined this from all camera angles. He anticipated their moves, their static positions, their viewing angles and elements like Steadicam paths - so that director Konrad

gntmfinal2017Ayrton brings glamour to Next Top Model
Friday, 7 July 2017

Germany - Ayrton MagicPanel-FX, AlienPix-RS and MagicBlade-R fixtures starred alongside the catwalk models during the grand finale of Germany’s Next Top Model on 25 May 2017. The spectacular, full-scale production – now an eagerly-awaited climax to the annual competition – was broadcast live from the König Pilsener Arena in Oberhausen by Germany’s ProSieben channel, and presented by the show’s regulars, supermodel Heidi Klum, and judges Michael Michalsky and Thomas Hayo.
Expectations for the finale remain high and this year’s show did not disappoint. The set featured long, serpentine catwalks that wound from the main stage into the audience to accommodate the final fashion show and ‘Walk-Off’ runway challenges for the competitors. The whole was brought to colourful, dynamic life by an impressive lighting design from the imagination of Manuel da Costa, with Jonas König and Christoph Damm engaged as his assistants.
Da Costa chose to incorporate no less than 164 Ayrton fixtures as key components of his multi-facetted and versatile design, all of which were supplied for the event by MAGIC light + sound (MLS) of Cologne and Motion, Group, Fürth.
Having already worked on several TV productions with Ayrton’s new MagicPanel-FX, da Costa was clear from the very beginning that the French manufacturer’s exciting zoom panel units had to be present as a major feature in his design. He used a total of 56 MagicPanel-FX to edge the main stage and delineate the catwalks, from which position he could project their beams out into the audi

ikonixAvolites media servers map Day of the Dead
Friday, 7 July 2017

Australia - Audio-visual production company, IKONIX, recently used one of their Avolites Ai RX8 Media servers to video map a Cinco de Mayo event (Day of the Dead) at Melbourne's top trending event space, Peninsula.
The Mexican-themed event marked the end of the five-day 37th Australian Dental Association (ADA) Congress 2017 with 700 guests in attendance.
"For the Cinco de Mayo event, we worked with our client to choose a selection of 3D models that we could projection map on to," says Richard Saunders, co-director of IKONIX along with partner Zachary Burton. "We had a small 3D model printed for demos and testing before moving forward with larger custom-built models made from foam and plaster."
Focusing on the Mexican theme, IKONIX's animator, Daniel Tabacari, created a mix of bright, bustling 3D content that Burton mapped across multiple three-metre high 'Day of the Dead' skulls at the event.
"Daniel did a fantastic job of working to the theme," says Burton. "He made up some great content inspired by the traditional painted Day of the Dead skulls, using multiple layers and blending them using alpha transitions."
IKONIX ran two outputs with a canvas resolution of 1080 x 1080 for the projection, using Ai's Auto Map feature to automatically calibrate their projector positions and warp the content onto the models. Burton utilised remote access to fine tune the projection with a laptop.
"Using the Ai Auto Map feature, we were able to get in close and do final touching up using the model vertices on the output page," says Burton. "Auto

adlib-nashville-tourAdlib brings Nashville to the UK
Friday, 7 July 2017

UK - Adlib was chosen by the production team from the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee, to supply lighting, audio and crew to the recent UK arena tour by the stars of the CMT hit musical drama TV show, Nashville.
Tony Stephens was the popular tour manager who headed the ship with tour director Betsega Bekele.
This, the first arena size tour here for the phenomenon, featured a talented house band backing a selection of stars from the show like Charles Esten, Clare Bowen, Chris Carmack and Jonathan Jackson, who played a lively jukebox mix of favourite songs from the latest series, together with their own original material and some unexpected covers.
Adlib’s Phil Stoker masterminded the audio elements, designing and specifying an L-Acoustics K2 / Kara rig that he knew would work well for the music and the vibe in the venues on the itinerary. Nashville’s engineers John Dauphinee (FOH) and Mark Richards (monitors) worked alongside Adlib’s Mezei Marci, Martin O’Grady and Antonio Calvi on the road.
Lighting was looked after by Charlie Rushton, with a design created by Adlib’s in-house team to a brief received from Nashville touring producer, Steve Buchanan and their show caller, Ken McGriff, both of whom were on the road with the show.
The main PA hangs – in their largest configuration - were 14 x K2 loudspeakers with 12 x Karas for the side-hangs, supplied with all necessary rigging, complimented by 16 x ground stacked KS28 subs, plus some Kara and Arcs for in-fill and lip-fills.
“The key was keeping t

slightly-stoopidSlightly Stoopid tours with Bandit Lites
Thursday, 6 July 2017

USA - Slightly Stoopid may have two decades of touring under their belts, but the genre-busting band still keeps shows fresh and energetic for audiences around the country, pulling from their 12 albums including their recent release Meanwhile… Back at the Lab.
Bandit Lites is providing a lighting package for their current tour. Lighting designer Scott O’Connor created a stellar design for the funk, reggae and punk rock band by capitalizing on equipment that would fill the stage with dynamic, audacious looks, while still allowing for versatility across the various venues and emphasizing a ‘less is more’ mindset.
“Bold, solid and minimalistic looks are what the band is looking for this summer,” O’Connor said. “More textures and shapes using angles and colour have been the ultimate goal for this project. I’ve been having a lot fun fulfilling that and creating beauty out of simplicity; a lot of fun!”
Bandit Lites supplied the tour with a package that includes Martin MAC Viper Profiles, MAC Auras, GLP X4S, Solaris Flares and a grandMA 2 lite console for control, while Bandit crew member Jimmy Murray delivers quality support on the road.
“Bandit Lites has been a model of professionalism and efficiency,” said tour manager and production manager Brian Lyons. “It has been a pleasure working with (Bandit vice president) Michael Golden and Jimmy Murray, specifically. Mike Golden took a chance with us. It was a challenge to provide the design that Scott O'Connor submitted and stay within the budget we had to work with. I

outdoorLa Seine Musicale installs Amadeus systems
Thursday, 6 July 2017

France - The recently opened La Seine Musicale music complex just outside Paris' centre is a marvel of performance spaces. Amadeus was chosen to equip the two main concert halls of the Seine Musicale building complex with their specially developed speaker systems.
As the sole speaker manufacturer chosen for the momentous project, Amadeus also installed their speakers in multiple rehearsal spaces throughout the new music centre. La Seine Musicale is a large-scale cultural public infrastructure, over 36,000 square meters, committed to host every type of musical performance.
The building houses two main concert halls, five recording studios, and several rehearsal spaces - the main 'Auditorium' has seating for 1,150 guests. This hall is the symbol and the signature of the building with acoustics designed by acousticians Nagata Acoustics and Jean-Paul Lamoureux, and features a speaker system custom designed by Amadeus.
Mickael Dinant, the head of the scenography department and concert halls construction at Bouygues Construction, elaborates on the particular electro-acoustical challenges of the new sound system install: "We attached a great importance to the equipment reliability, performance, and flexibility for the Auditorium and the Grande Seine. These aspects were very challenging, and the modularity as well, because we had to be able to change from one configuration to another, very quickly and easily. In this sense, the manufacturer's involvement, as well as their professional integrity, were key aspects to guarantee a final result matching the Sein

blinddatesetLED Creative adds sparkle to all new Blind Date
Thursday, 6 July 2017

UK - As Blind Date returns to prime-time television, illumination specialists LED Creative is supporting the crews at the legendary, iconic dating show and the Big Brother’s themed housemate challenge.
Filmed in front of a live studio audience at ITV London Studios the new Blind Date stays faithful to the winning formula of the original. Hosted by Paul O’Grady and featuring the sliding panel and three question format, the show pits three hopefuls against each other, fighting to win the attention of a mystery date.
Created by scenic designer, Chris Webster and lit with LD Oli Richards, the suitably fabulous set balances a blend of cool neonesque LED against a warm tungsten glow provided by an array of cleverly housed LED practical fixtures that form the backdrop. LED Creative’s Alpha 60 RGB system has been put to good use, adding crisp accents that edge the set pieces as well as providing the smooth, tones inside the all-important sliding doors.
Commenting on the project, LED Creative director Ges Smith says: “It’s an absolute pleasure for us to be working with the crew on such an iconic piece of prime time TV. The team has done a great job with the set - the contrast and interaction between scenic LED and the studio fixtures creates a fantastic look to the show.”
Meanwhile, at the Big Brother house in Elstree, lighting director, Adrian Portinari, has been making clever use of LED Creative’s Sigma Wands and Byte control, which the LD artfully programmed via a Compulite Vector lighting desk, to add some

sa-awardsEventPlus on song at Namibia Annual Music Awards
Thursday, 6 July 2017

Namibia - Walvis Bay, an extraordinary city on Namibia’s coast, with the contrast of sand dunes on one side and the ocean on the other, was the location for the 2017 Namibia Annual Music Awards which was both a livestream and live broadcast on the NBC platform.
Micky Lehr from EventPlus has headed the technical production for the NAMAs since 2015 and had a clear vision of what he wanted the show to look like in 2017. A substantial amount of Robe gear, with 12 Robe Squares being a predominant feature, ran off a grandMA2 control system.
With over 42 years’ experience, Micky Lehr is a leading technical producer, production manager and designer to the live event and entertainment industry. “This year’s production design relied heavily on lighting as the set mostly consisted of scaffold structures,” Micky explained.
“I believed that Joshua Cutts from Visual Frontier, who I hadn’t worked with before, would be the right man for the job. So, I approached him to see if he was keen on the project and he happily obliged. He did an amazing job by providing a wonderful palette for operator Andre Siebrits (also from Visual Frontier). We then had to scrape together every single light fixture that we could find in Namibia!” DB Audio, Windhoek supplied the bulk of the light fixtures, trussing and rigging.
Windhoek based rental company MikelJes were the main contractors, who supplied audio, AV, staging and most of the crew for the event. “It was the first time that I had worked on the awards,” said Michael Vermeulen, owner of MikelJes, who w


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