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the-oneTHE ONE Grand Show counts on Claypaky
Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Germany - The Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin has once again been publicly acclaimed, for THE ONE Grand Show. On one of the biggest stages in the world, more than a hundred artists gave life to a show whose extravagant costumes were designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier.
The story revolves around an abandoned revue theatre, which is awakened from its deep sleep by an underground party. One of the party-goers gets lost in the magical aura of the venue, and the director of the former theatre brings back memories of the olden days. Past and present intermingle in a sort of daydream, and the young man is overcome by an ever-stronger feeling of nostalgia for one particular person (The One).
The show lighting was designed by Peter Morse, using - among other lights - 22 Alpha Spot HPE 1500s, 21 Alpha Profile 800 STs, 15 Alpha Spot HPE 300s, 17 Sharpy Wash 330s and 12 K-20 B-EYEs, all made by Claypaky. He also chose a grandMA2 lighting desk.
Olaf Eichler, head of department of the Friedrichstadt-Palast, explained why this equipment was used. "We laid down a few pointers concerning the use of the existing material. From the previous shows, we had put together a pool of products, which Peter Morse was very positive about. He was very pleased to have the chance to work with Claypaky lights. He asked to have B-EYE K-20s and Sharpy Wash 330s. We also increased our material stock with some Alpha Spot 1500s, and hired some Alpha Profile 800 STs.
"Putting on a show full of effects is certainly not a hard task for most people with the grandMA2 system, but Pet

cheltenham-racecoursePower Logistics wins racecourse renewal
Tuesday, 7 March 2017

UK - Power Logistics has won a competitive tender that sees its contract to deliver comprehensive temporary electrical distribution services and generator provision to several of The Jockey Club’s most prestigious racecourses extended for a further three years.
Having already successfully provided electrical distribution services and generators for four and three years respectively, Power Logistics’ track record, high levels of service, investment in equipment and competitive pricing structure have resulted in the contract extension.
The contract encompasses generator hire, design, consultancy, installation, maintenance and de-rig for all The Jockey Club’s temporary power requirements. Power Logistics will continue to provide generators, cabling and distribution equipment and lighting solutions to service catering, trading, display and betting areas at many of The Jockey Club’s flagship events. These include Cheltenham’s Open and Gold Cup; Aintree’s Randox Health Grand National and The Investec Derby at Epsom.
Mike Whitehouse, managing director at Power Logistics said, “We were incredibly proud to secure our first contract with The Jockey Club, so to have it extended for a further three years is a fantastic endorsement of our services and underlines the excellent job that our experienced team of project managers and crew are doing out in the field. Over the last four years we have significantly invested in our fleet, extended the team and committed to improving our carbon footprint, all of which has assisted in securing the contract

swiss-music-awards-1Swiss Music Awards shines with Elation
Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Switzerland - For the tenth anniversary edition of the Swiss Music Awards in Zurich, lighting designers Thomas Gerdon and Nik Evers were tasked with lighting a colourful mix of live acts and chose Elation fixtures for the job, including Platinum FLX and Platinum HFX hybrid luminaires, along with Elation’s new Fuze Wash Z350 LED wash lights and ACL 360 Matrix LED moving head panels.
The awards show, which took place in Zurich’s Hallenstadion, is a tribute to national and international musicians in over 10 categories.
Gerdon, who lit the awards show for the first time, worked together with associate LD Nik Evers of stage/lighting design firm HELL Studio. Gerdon and the design team, which included stage designer Timo Martens from HELL Studio and content designer Roger Staub, were entrusted with creating a great atmosphere in the arena. Production company Habegger was responsible for the lighting, sound and all the technical for the show and provided the Elation gear for the event.
The main visual element of the set design were large scenic video cubes that gave the set both height and depth and were used to color the space in dynamic graphics as well as uniform looks of colour.
Positioned in the largest scenic cube directly above centre stage were 20 ACL 360 Matrix fixtures that Gerdon used for a variety of purposes. He explains, “We pixel mapped all the ACL 360 Matrix fixtures, so we used them for pixel mapping effects. We also used them as generic wash lights in some songs and in other songs as a back light. So they really had a lot of

riders-fri-7smChauvet lights Riders of the Purple Sage
Tuesday, 7 March 2017

USA - Composer Craig Bohmler was on a hiking trip through Arizona’s Tonto National Forest five years ago, when he came upon a small museum dedicated to Zane Grey, the prolific writer (64 novels and over 300 short stories) of American cowboy sagas.
Intrigued, Bohmler began reading Grey’s Riders of the Purple Sage. Not long into the book, the composer envisioned turning the 1912 romantic story into an opera. His vision became a reality this March as The Arizona Opera premiered Riders of the Purple Sage, directed by Fenlon Lamb at Phoenix Symphony Hall.
Supporting the drama on stage and accenting its evocative scenic elements was a flexible and richly coloured lighting design by Greg Hirsch that included COLORado 2-Quad Zoom fixtures from Chauvet Professional. The resident lighting designer and director of production at The Arizona Opera, Hirsch positioned 17 of the RGBW fixtures in his overhead electronics, using them to create an even field of light over the stage.
“We have the COLORado 2-Quad Zooms in our inventory, so we use them quite often,” said Hirsch. “For Riders of the Purple Sage, we relied on them to provide coverage for the opera’s large and very open scenic design.”
With their rich colours and wide 14°-44° zoom angle, the COLORado 2-Quad Zoom fixtures have been particularly effective at bringing out the full aesthetic qualities of Arizona artist Ed Mell’s redolent scenic designs of the 19th century western frontier. “To a significant degree, these performers in this opera are inhabiting an Ed

abcSlovenia’s ABC invests in dLive
Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Slovenia - PA company, ABC Professional Sound & Light, has invested in Allen & Heath’s S Class dLive digital mixing system, adding a S7000 Surface with DM48 MixRack to its hire stock.
ABC’s new system has already been used on a variety of events, such as the Triskel festival in Italy, Idrija Lace festival, concerts for Pinko Tomažič choir and the Komen wind orchestra, and tour dates with well-known Slovenian bands including Big Foot Mama, Vlado Kreslin and Kingston.
“dLive has a simple interface, and is equipped with Allen & Heath sound and build quality,” comments ABC’s owner, Bojan Dolgan. “The preamps sound natural, and the FX section is simply great with fabulous reverb, delays and compressors. We are planning to buy the smaller S3000 system for the other events. We love it!”
(Jim Evans)

rallysweden4Snowy Rally Sweden highlighted by SGM
Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Sweden - Rally Sweden is the biggest recurring sports event in Sweden and a part of the FIA World Rally Championship. No less than approximately 100m TV viewers worldwide and 250,000 attending spectators followed the race that took place in the province of Värmland in the middle of Sweden from 9-12 February.
For the seventh year in a row, Jakob Larsson was the responsible lighting designer and production manager who ensured that the light settings were enhancing the settings the best way possible. For that purpose, he stocked up on SGM P-5 LED wash lights:
“I have a lot of experience with the P-5 and I knew it was the right lamp for the mission. I rented all that Woodlite had in stock which was about 110 pcs. If they have had more, I had rented more, as they were my first choice.”
He installed the P-5s at two different so-called Super Special Stages and also at the prize ceremony. Most of fixtures were used to illuminate a new Super Special Stage located in a big quarry.
Rally Sweden takes place in harsh winter conditions, which was important fact that Jakob needed to take into account:
“First of all, I needed fixtures with a high IP-rating since the gig is outdoor in the middle of the Swedish winter. I feel that the P-5 is a very reliable product and I will definitely continue using it in future installations as well.”
Jakob also found that the mix of a very high output and low power consumption was a perfect match for this big event. Furthermore, he a saw the interchangeable lenses as a big plus, which meant that he co

flaresSolaris Flares on major world tours
Monday, 6 March 2017

World - Coldplay’s Head Full of Dreams tour will commence its Asian stadium leg later this month. The tour has already made history by selling out 100,000 seats in Singapore. At the same time, Kings of Leon is winding up their UK tour and heading for America. What do the Southern rockers from Nashville have in common with the cerebral London band, each heading to opposite ends of the globe? Paul Normandale of Lite Alternative Design is production designer for both tours and Solaris Flare is his LED fixture of choice.
“We’re using 96 Flares for Coldplay and 36 on Kings of Leon,” says Normandale. The genres are a little different but we found the Flares are quite ‘ecumenical,’ the perfect tool for any mood. On both shows we face the Flares toward the audience for maximum effect. We use them in all modes to create interest, occasionally zapping the crowd with strobe effects. And man, they are bright. Even in stadiums the Flares create a total immersive experience for the fans.”
Normandale adds: “We use Flares for a lot of designs. They’re very reliable, extremely versatile, and way brighter than any competing LED fixture around.”
This year marks Normandale’s fourth tour for Coldplay and his eighth for Kings of Leon. Lighting directors are Graham ‘Feastie’ Feast on Coldplay and Hunter Firth on Kings of Leon. Lighting for the UK and European segments of the tours is provided by Lite Alternative.
(Jim Evans)

arminArmin van Buuren embraces Xone
Monday, 6 March 2017

World - Dutch DJ/producer, Armin van Buuren, selected Allen & Heath’s flagship DJ mixer, the Xone:DB4, as his mixer for the worldwide Armin Only Embrace tour.
The tour has been operating for the past nine months, with dates in the Netherlands, Spain, Bulgaria, China, Turkey, Mexico, Taiwan, Brazil, Australia and USA.
“I'm really impressed with the sound of the DB4. I love the separate FX per channel and their overall sound,” says Armin van Buuren. “The mixer is really flexible with routing of inputs, filters, EQ's and FX and that makes it possible to be extra creative. The D/A conversion is superb and it really gives my set some truly noticeable extra depth and dynamics. I was able to test the mixer in several big rooms with big PA systems and the difference with other mixers is just stunning.”
(Jim Evans)

matt-steuart-l-sergiy-zhytnikov-system-tech-r-1Britannia Row rocks RAH with Amaluna
Friday, 3 March 2017

UK - Amaluna, Cirque du Soleil’s latest conceptual presentation is playing to packed houses at the Royal Albert Hall. The drama’s underlying narrative unfolds through Cirque’s seductive style, yet that most potent form of mime is melded to an unusually muscular score.
Amaluna’s music is unique within Cirque du Soleil shows,” confirms Matthew Steuart, Cirque’s head of sound for the show. “It’s a powerful rock driven score, featuring a traditional bass, drums and guitars band alongside some electronic elements that when combined, create Amaluna’s signature powerful musical experience.” That call for a rockier edge saw Steuart ask Britannia Row Productions to readdress the sound design.
“We were extremely happy with the L-Acoustics Kara PA Britrow deployed last year,” continues Steuart. “Prior to last year’s visit in the hall we had done several simulations in Soundvision to check coverage and it really translated well into the gig. It was exactly what we wanted in terms of coverage, power and clarity and delivered on all accounts. It was a simple choice to use Kara again this year. Amaluna has a circular acrobatic grid so we were able to essentially wrap the PA around the grid, six hangs of Kara with the addition of the latest KS28 subs for the desired low end weight.”
While the circular nature of the loudspeaker deployment lends itself to the Albert Hall’s audience space, putting low end energy into the air must be carefully managed.
“Achieving uniform low end coverage for our 270° s

m83brixtonmonitorsDiGiCo SD10 gives flexibility to M83 mix
Friday, 3 March 2017

France - French band M83 has been touring its brand of electro-pop - and its latest album, Junk - around the world, playing festivals including Coachella in the US and Glastonbury in the UK, as well as headlining at academy-sized venues, all to rave reviews.
Their audio system has been supplied by Clair Brothers since the band was big enough to take one out, says Front of House engineer Robbie Barr, with a pair of DiGiCo SD10s now forming an indispensable part of the package.
Robbie has been with the band since 2012, initially on playback / Ableton and now mixing the show for the current album campaign, whilst monitor engineer Laura Davis joined them this year. Both engineers have experience with DiGiCo consoles, both are using an SD10 for the first time for the tour, and both have the latest Stealth Core 2 software which, they say, is a game changer.
“M83’s sound requires a lot of detail and that was something I was finding hard to achieve on other consoles, without resorting to stacks of plugins just to get the initial tone,” explains Robbie. “I’d used an SD8 with a d&b system for a show at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC mixing Ryn Weaver, and found that the console reacted exactly how I wanted it to out of the box, just using the built-in channel strip and DiGiTubes. So, once I heard that Laura was requesting an SD10 for this tour, I did the same.”
“I chose to use the SD10 because it’s so flexible and sounds great,” says Laura. “Coming into rehearsals, we had no idea what we were walking in to, so to have th

malta-1Wings over the Maltese Cittadella
Friday, 3 March 2017

Malta - The walled Cittadella on the Maltese Island of Gozo has been of strategic importance since the Phoenicians first set out in boats to trade with their neighbours more than a thousand years before the beginnings of the Roman Empire. Over the centuries, the fortifications were regularly extended and improved by whoever had taken possession of the island at the time. Ironically, 300 years without a siege has meant that it has been allowed to lapse into serious decay.
The Maltese government has adventurous plans to restore the Cittadella as a World Heritage site and museum to cater for the wave of tourists beginning to pour on to Gozo for its natural beauty. Renowned museum and attraction design and AV specialists Sarner International were engaged to design and implement an unusual experimental visitors’ centre located in the Cittadella’s abandoned water storage reservoirs.
There are no historical objects on display here; every aspect of the experience is purely audiovisual, although many of the projection surfaces are the ornate architectural elements of the building and require highly detailed image masking. There are three main areas. The exhibition area is divided into seven zones. There is a tunnel that links the exhibition area to the main show area. The main show area can fit a maximum of 30 people for each show lasting just over eight-minutes. Each multi-language zone has interactive display content, with a complete walkthrough.
The final zone is a spectacular 360-degree wrap-around projection and sound show using sixteen projectors

dennis-deyoungDennis DeYoung goes Rogue on Valentine’s Day
Friday, 3 March 2017

USA - Former Styx frontman Dennis DeYoung hit 70 in mid-February without breaking stride. Performing a two-hour-and-ten-minute Valentine’s Day concert before a packed house at the 3,400-seat Star Plaza Theatre outside Chicago, the singer-keyboard virtuoso exhibited the same spirited infectious energy that made him one of the more popular rockers of the ’70s and ’80s.
Keeping pace with him note-for-upbeat-note on classics like Babe and Come Sail Away was a punchy Mathew Ryan light show that featured a collection of Chauvet Professional fixtures, supplied by JR Lighting Design, Inc.
“We asked JR Lighting for help in beefing up our show for this concert,” said Ryan. “The first thing they recommended was the Rogue RH1 Hybrid, which we added, along with some beams and strobes, to our touring rig. They more than lived up to our expectations.”
Ryan deployed 10 Rogue RH1 Hybrid fixtures for the Valentine’s Day concert. He flew six of the units on an upstage truss and arranged the remaining four on the deck for aerial effects. “I mainly used the RH1s for really tight beams and straight dead-on looks,” he said. “We layered beams sometimes, but mostly it was a hard straight beam look to evoke the spirit of a Styx concert from the ’80s. The CTO on these things was awesome; it allowed me to mimic a lot of the classic ACL looks.”
The Rogue RH1 Hybrids joined eight Rogue R2 Washes that Ryan had previously purchased from JR Lighting Design, Inc., for his touring package. Flying all of these fixtures mid and upstage as b

painting-with-light-panasonic-ise-2017-p85107411Painting With Light helps Panasonic at ISE
Friday, 3 March 2017

The Netherlands - International creative design practice Painting with Light was commissioned by Panasonic to produce a high-impact multimedia live show for their stand at the 2017 ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) expo at Amsterdam RAI.
Painting with Light’s creative director Luc Peumans initiated the idea of simultaneous tracking and projecting onto multiple objects. It was a mission for which no-one could calculate a potential success rate in the confined and frenetic space of an exhibition booth.
Panasonic’s Hartmut Kulessa and Thomas Vertommen, both in charge of the Visual Systems Marketing, first asked the question which fired Luc’s love for creative risk and experimentation - setting a trail of events in motion. “Luc’s vision and determination plus the unwavering support from Hartmut and Thomas were real driving forces,” confirms Michael Al Far, Painting with Light’s video content producer who was right at the hub of the action.
Luc's concept for the show was that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. His hand-picked team included Michael as the visual designer and Painting with Light's project manager Wouter Verhulst - who worked on delivering this exciting and exacting collaboration which produced stunning results that illustrated the power and versatility of the new super high brightness Panasonic PT-RZ31 31,000 lumen laser projector and the newly launched PT-RZ21 laser projector with 20,000 lumens.
The show combined imagination, humour and interactive live performance with several cool t

maestra-warner-brits-afterparty-2017-1-2-entranceMaestra delivers for Warner’s Brits party
Friday, 3 March 2017

UK - Working for event designer Jason Morais, the team from event production specialist Maestra London returned to the Freemasons Hall in London’s Covent Garden for the second year to ensure that the 2017 Warner Music Brit Awards after-show party was a success. Maestra delivered the full technical and creative production including supplying all the technical and scenic infrastructure – set, lighting, rigging, audio, all décor – including a myriad of bespoke designed items, carpeting, furniture, drapage and soft-goods.
With Jason’s vision, the team led by production designer Jenny Woollard, senior project manager Aisha Tarayan and technical managers Adam Jones and Edwin Higgins coordinated all elements right down to the colours, textures and styles permeating the rooms. This year the entrance was graced with a spectacular sculpture made from 30 silver helium filled spheres, attached to a custom truss ground support structure wrapped in silver lamé and lit with 8 x Robe LEDWash 600 moving lights ensconced in the truss and hidden from view. These were programmed into a number of sequences complete with strobing chases creating a realistic paparazzi flash-bulb effect as guests rocked up to the event.
After the door, at the end of a sumptuously draped tunnel, guests then entered the Entrance Hall. A false ceiling and back wall were installed, and hung in the middle of this was a 1.8m wide Warner logo – which has a distinctive lozenge like appearance. The first upstairs area entered by guests was Bar 1, which evolved as a boudoir like space with sof

fulcrumFulcrum Acoustic reinforces Geelong school
Friday, 3 March 2017

Australia - Christian College is a primary-to-grade 12 independent school located over five campuses in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. The school's Major Events team is responsible for the setup and operation of audio, visual and lighting for events as diverse as band performances at school and local venues, musical theatre productions, débutante balls, art shows and assemblies. When it came time for the school to invest in their own sound system, the Major Events team turned to Fulcrum Acoustic.
Christian College required a versatile, portable audio system capable of delivering high output and pristine clarity for their varied applications through compact enclosures easy for students and staff to handle and set up.
"Based on their familiarity with FA Portable systems I'd provided them over the past few years, Fulcrum became the logical choice for the school's portable PA," explains audio producer and Fulcrum Australian distribution representative Simon Stavenuiter.
"The five FA28ac self-powered dual 8" coaxial loudspeakers they purchased can be deployed as mains, as in the case of their assemblies and services, and can also be used as stage monitors for larger venues outside the school such as Deakin University's Costa Hall, which is also home to an in-house Fulcrum subwoofer cardioid array."
"The Fulcrum FA28ac loudspeakers' sound quality and evenness provides incredibly consistent intelligibility for our entire audience," observes Major Events' technical director Ben Anderson. "Their compact, light-weight enclosures make for easy handling

st-paul-and-the-broken-bonesSt Paul and the Broken Bones rock the Ryman
Friday, 3 March 2017

USA - St. Paul and the Broken Bones, currently promoting their newest album, Sea of Noise, brought their soulful sound to the historic Ryman Auditorium for a two-night engagement with a lighting package provided by Bandit Lites.
Lighting designer Chris Lisle sought to create an effective production package that harkened back to the old school looks of lighting. “For this design, I definitely wanted to think outside of the box and perhaps use a few fixtures that were a little more obscure,” Lisle explained.
“I also wanted the system to be conventional heavy with a lot of warm tungsten. With this, we used the Maxi Brute fixtures, SunStrips, and Scoops. I also found some “tubular ripples” that had not seen some action in a while and decided to add them to the rig. The BB7 units were meant to add some colour and punch throughout the songs as well. It was a super fun rig for sure.”
Due to the height and stage space constraints of the Ryman, Bandit supplied floor towers that varied in height along with the 5K Quartz, 9 Lite Maxi Brute fixtures, Bandit’s exclusive GRNLite Battens and Chauvet Nexus 4x4s.
“Being a very musical and horn based band, there are a lot of opportunities to do cool lighting accents with the music,” Lisle said. Only three songs into the set the band was already receiving standing ovations as lead singer Paul Janeway wailed with the convictions of the soul singers from bygone eras.
“It was quite enjoyable to work with Chris Lisle and production manager Taylor Nyquist over these shows,” said Ba

rcmAC-SP lighting system for RCM Shenkman Studio
Thursday, 2 March 2017

UK - A.C. Special Projects Ltd. (AC-SP) has specified, supplied, installed and programmed a versatile colour-changing performance and house lighting system for the Belle Shenkman Studio at the prestigious Royal College of Music (RCM), London.
The RCM is one of the world’s great conservatoires, training gifted musicians from more than 60 countries for international careers as performers, conductors and composers. Situated in South Kensington, the RCM's teaching and performance facilities are amongst the highest technical standards in the country for musicians studying at undergraduate, masters or doctoral level.
The project brief for AC-SP was to provide a multi-purpose lighting solution for the RCM's Belle Shenkman Studio, which is used by students to make video recordings of musical performances for their portfolios.
Up until now the college had been using portable lighting for student performances in the studio, but it wanted to upgrade to a fixed installation in order to save on setup time, as well as adding optional coloured lighting for filming performances. In addition, the lighting needed to be ultra-quiet in operation, so it wouldn't add any noise to video performances recorded in the studio.
Separate from the performance lighting, RCM also wanted to upgrade the studio's existing house lighting fixtures to newer technology, whilst retaining other existing lighting used for photography in the room. The mounting solution also needed to provide the ability to easily move the position of the fixtures, along with a very user-friendly cont

faberge-leadChauvet lends timeless look to Fabergé launch
Thursday, 2 March 2017

UK - A VIP crowd gathered recently in a 39th floor luxury penthouse in London’s South Bank tower for the launch of Fabergé’s new dual time zone watch, the DTZ. Set to the backdrop of London’s impressive skyline, the unveiling of Fabergé’s watch was accompanied by a special live DJ set by Vogue Williams. An equally impressive supporting lighting concept was created within the penthouse, courtesy of Big Fish SRL, which used a selection of Chauvet Professional WELL Fit, Maverick MK1 Hybrid and Ovation E-190WW fixtures to create a lighting backdrop to the celebration.
With the penthouse itself harbouring numerous interesting characteristics such as high ceilings, a balcony, and a central chandelier consisting of stainless steel balls, illuminating the space was a complicated and involved task. One of the fixtures instrumental in achieving this was Chauvet Professional’s WELL Fit, a discreet high-powered wireless RGBA LED uplighter.
“Given the high profile of the event, one of my key considerations was ensuring elegant illumination while forfeiting the need for unsightly wiring,” commented Hubbard. “The Chauvet WELL Fit fixtures were particularly essential for this purpose, providing saturated uplighting without wires, thanks to the battery-powered wireless LED lighting.”
The WELL Fit fixtures were placed intermittently around the penthouse to uplight beams of saturated colour. “I can’t stress how easy these fixtures are to set up,” enthused Hubbard. “For time-sensitive, one-off events such as this, we really come to appreciat

city-varsity11South African Media school chooses Elation
Wednesday, 1 March 2017

South Africa - The city of Johannesburg is the country’s hub for film, television and music and that focus on the creative industries spells opportunity for those interested in fields like production, design, and multimedia technology.
City Varsity school of media and creative arts plays an important role in the education of young talent in the region and access to professional equipment is essential. So when the school recently launched a new multi-cam studio at their Braamfontein Johannesburg campus they chose to outfit it with Elation Professional broadcast-optimized lighting including TVL CYC RGBW cyclorama wall wash luminaires, TVL Panel DW softlight luminaires and DW Fresnel LED lights.
Elation’s South African partner The Production Warehouse (TPW) was responsible for consulting and installation on the project from start to finish, including design of the lighting rig and installation of the lighting, rigging and control equipment. According to Marnus Nieuwoudt at TPW, the wide range of colour temperatures that the Elation fixtures offer, as well as the power savings of the LED were key factors when choosing to go with the Elation products along with the wide zoom range of the DW Fresnel.
The TVL CYC RGBW cyclorama wall wash is used to light the studio’s green infinity wall, the curved backdrop surface used in broadcast and photography to blend the floor and wall together, creating a seamless background.
The TVL Panel DW softlight luminaires and DW Fresnel LED lights are used for general floodlighting, as well as front lighting a

adlib-a-day-to-remember-img5669Adlib enjoys A Day to Remember
Wednesday, 1 March 2017

UK - Adlib’s busy start to 2017 has included including supplying a full arena sound system for the European leg of A Day to Remember’s Bad Vibrations tour, complete with a consoles / control package for the other sections of the tour.
Adlib’s Sam Proctor and Mike Flaherty have been working closely with the band's own system tech Justin Lenards to fine tune the system each day for their engineers Nate Northway at FOH and Adam Schuler on monitors. “They are all great people to work with and we’ve really enjoyed being on the tour as well as supplying a suitably punchy system to match the energy of the (punk metalcore) music,” stated Sam.
Adlib has previously worked on UK arena tours with ADTR and their late FOH engineer / tour manager Jeff Kaplan, and was delighted to reunite with these very exciting live artists now being production managed on the road by Jacob Raggio (also known for his work with Slipknot).
The L-Acoustics PA was chosen for its power and dynamics - to match the intensity of the band. In its largest format, the main hangs were 14 x K1 per side with three Kara downs, a well-proven arena configuration which is great for loud and even room coverage. These main hangs were complimented by side arrays of 12 x Kara stage left and right.
Giving the all-important bottom end, some serious oomph came from 24 of the new L-Acoustics KS28 subs positioned across the front of stage, selected for their extra 3 dBs of SPL over the standard SB28 subs. They are also a lot tighter which has an audible effect explains Sam.

robe-tpi-awards-2017-tpi272313325Robe rocks TPi Awards 2017
Wednesday, 1 March 2017

UK - Almost 300 Robe lighting fixtures were used to illuminate the 2017 Total Production International (TPi) Awards produced by TPi Magazine and staged at Evolution in Battersea, central London on Monday night.
Robe used the opportunity of being in front of the entire industry to launch a brand new lighting fixture - the pixelPATT - featuring seven 30W RGBW LED multi-chips, one in the centre surrounded by a ring of six, housed in a super-slim and lightweight brushed metal frame - which extends Robe’s PATT range of elegant retro-styled light sources.
20 x pixelPATTs graced a spectacular lighting rig designed by Nathan Wan, together with other new fixtures including the Spiider LED wash beam and the Spikie, and favourites like Pointe, ColorStrobe and DL7 range profiles and fresnels.
The starting point for the lighting design was the shape of the screen / set created by FIX8Group.
A large V-shaped truss was at the centre of his idea, and this zig-zagged across the room maximising the headroom and the lateral space which was 40 metres wide, adding an architectural look and context that pulled the 1450 guests into the action with the lighting.
To get some height variation, 16 of the 20 x PixelPATTs were hung on drop arms off these V trusses, with another four flanking the stage each side on floor stands. The distinctive flower like shape was great eye and camera candy, and they became the signature look of this year’s show.
Another new piece of Robe technology was the Halo pixel ring, of which there were 42 in total fitted onto the

coreDTS CORE centre stage at Extravaganza Prague
Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Czech Republic - Extravaganza is a high-profile corporate event, organized by the multinational Herbalife in the world’s most prestigious cities. The latest edition took place in Prague’s O2 Arena.
The Extravaganza organization enlisted Planet Service for the design and implementation of the event.
The Planet Service staff report, “Extravaganza Prague was an event of the highest technological level. For this production we used the new CORE hybrid moving heads by DTS.
“The COREs have proven irreplaceable for the highly dynamic lighting design we have created. This, thanks to their great luminosity, combined with the wealth of internal effects and their super-fast movements; also they provided the versatility of Spot and Beam projections in the same fixture.
“In addition to the COREs, we installed over 250 DTS projectors of various types. The stage we built in the centre of the arena is circular, to give maximum visibility to all participants.
“We focused our design on creating emotional moments, where we used vertical and horizontal movements of the trusses, special light effects and very concentrated aerial beams of the COREs, to emphasize the highlights of the event.
“We used 19 DMX universes to programme DTS projectors, lasers, CO2 effects and the other technologies employed.” Lighting designers were Luca Casadei and Claudio Tappi.
(Jim Evans)

kic8dnp Supernova enlivens Japanese off-track betting
Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Japan - dnp Partner KIC Corporation has installed dnp Supernova Infinity Screens to create a huge display for customers of Satellite Chuetsu, an off-track betting facility in Japan. This not only meets the customer’s demands for size and clarity, but gives the facility a new selling point.
Based in the Niigata Prefecture, Satellite Chuetsu wanted to upgrade its previous two 130” rear projection displays, and so turned to dnp partner KIC Corporation of Tokyo for the solution.
The customer wanted a display that was not only bigger, but would also offer wider viewing angles. KIC had already installed a dnp Supernova Screen solution at Satellite Aizu, a similar facility in Fukushima Prefecture, and Satellite Chuetsu were keen to use similar technology.
Satellite Chuetsu eventually chose a dnp Supernova Infinity display (comprising four 120” units) using 08:85 ISF-certified screen material. The ability to create large screens with multiple units makes the dnp Supernova Infinity a clear and obvious alternative to rear projection solutions.
(Jim Evans)

harvestFormer store transformed with Chauvet
Wednesday, 1 March 2017

USA - The early years of this century were tough on Kmart. Once the second largest retailer in the US, the company had been surpassed by faster, nimbler rivals. Emblematic of the chain’s demise were the vacant Kmart stores that dotted America’s landscape, like the one at 4411 Olton Road in Plainview, Texas. Vacant since 2002, it stood as a neglected eyesore in this West Texas town for 14 years, until it became the gleaming new home of the rapidly growing Harvest Christian Fellowship.
The transformation of the old abandoned store is instantly apparent to all who pull into its spacious parking lot, thanks to the tasteful landscaping and new building façade. Inside, the utilitarian discount store interior has been turned into a warm and inviting worship environment. At the centre of it all is a bright sanctuary stage that projects a contemporary look, while still connecting to worshippers on an emotional level. The well-planned lighting design by the CSD Group, which uses a collection of Chauvet Professional fixtures, played a key role in creating this new worship environment.
CSD owner Doug Hood and his design team used a combination of moving spots, beams and washes, along with battens and pars to achieve commanding looks on the church’s stage without sacrificing warmth and engagement. “We relied on Rogue moving fixtures because they could help us support the musical performances at this church,” said Hood. “At the same time, the same Rogue fixtures served as wash lights that transformed the mood on the stage and as key lights that highlighted


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