The Modular Rigging System is now making appearances across a range of disciplines
Germany - Doughty Engineering's award winning Modular Rigging System will be launched in mainland Europe at Frankfurt. Doughty took its prototype range of Drop Arms and H-Frames to Frankfurt last and it was the astounding reaction and positive feedback from delegates at the show that persuaded Doughty to develop the concept.

Turn the clock forward a year and the Modular Rigging System is riding high on a wave of success, having won the ABTT Award for Engineering (again, while still only a prototype) and with demand for the range surpassing all expectations.

Mark Chorley, design engineer at Doughty, explained, "When we first set out to create this range, we knew that it had all the ingredients to become a success story. For years, we have seen lighting designers and riggers make their own version of a drop arm out of whatever bits and pieces they had lying around. The results would be either grossly engineered or quite the opposite.

"There's no denying the concept behind the modular rigging system is a simple one, but perhaps this was the reason why no other company had developed a method of suspending lights in an artistic manner without the use of complex structures. We saw a gap in the market to develop a range that could be flexible, easy to use and most importantly safe and fit for purpose."

The Modular Rigging System is now making appearances across a range of disciplines - including high profile international concert tours and popular television programmes. Laurence Dyer, UK sales, said: "We are identifying a need for this product across all the sectors in which we work. The system gives lighting designers options that were previously unavailable to them, opening up the possibility for highly innovative lighting design."

Mark added: "Such is the success of the range, we're continually developing new items that will give lighting designers the freedom to let their ideas run wild. The latest additions to the range are the half connector with eye and half connector with cable holder which allow for the H-Frames to be flown at different heights. We look forward to receiving even more feedback at this year's Prolight+Sound, so we can take on board what our customers want and turn their requests into workable products."

(Jim Evans)

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