ProLights – inside and outside at Silverstone
UK - A range of ProLights fixtures recently provided lighting for the glamorous British Racing Drivers' Club's (BRDC) annual British Grand Prix party at Silverstone racing circuit. Staged every year as part of the F1 British Grand Prix weekend, this legendary occasion attracts high-profile members and personalities from the world of motorsport.

On outdoor duties was the ProLights Solar IP65 washlight. Used to light the exterior of the buildings and marquee, it extended the ambience of the event into the outdoor spaces. With its powerful output and fantastic colour range, the Solar is perfect for bringing large outdoor spaces to life.

The Solars were really put to the test, operating throughout one of the hottest July daytime temperatures of recent times, as well as heavy overnight thunderstorms.

To welcome leading lights of the motorsport world, the ProLights Ruby beamlight was used to create a star-studded red carpet feel. The compact and lightweight fixture uses an Osram Sirius 132W source with superb optics to generate a bright, punchy and even 2° beam.

"The Ruby's output achieved a glamorous searchlight effect which could be seen from far outside of the site, adding to the 'premiere' feel of the party," said Andy Walne Smith, production manager for the event.

More Ruby units were used inside the marquee, along with ProLights Diamond7 LED washlights and ProLights Jade Hybrid fixtures, to provide a flexible package of consistently high quality lighting for the different elements of the evening.

Commenting on the overall event lighting schemes, BRDC Club secretary, Gillian Carr, said, "It was essential that the Farm facility looked as dynamic and contemporary as possible for the British Grand Prix party, without losing the ambience of one the most historic locations within Silverstone circuit. The stunning visuals had a high impact effect and set the mood for another successful party."

(Jim Evans)

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