The main event took place at The Farm, the circuit's largest venue
UK - The British Drivers Club chose Prolights solutions to illuminate the VIP locations during the British Grand Prix at the Silverstone Circuit. A.C. Entertainment Technologies, the official distributor of Prolights in the UK and an official sponsor of the club, supplied and installed a sophisticated lighting system that left both the A.C. Entertainment Technologies team and the British Drivers Club satisfied.
The main event took place at The Farm, the circuit's largest venue, which hosts a 30m x 30m marquee, terrace, and gardens. To ensure perfect lighting both during the day and in the evening, A.C. Entertainment Technologies carefully selected the most suitable Prolights products:
For the indoor lighting of the marquee, they used 20 EclSoft LinearIP, four Astra Profile400, eight Astra Wash7Pix, and four EclPanel TWC. The internal stage was enriched with four Astra Wash19Pix, eight EclSoft Tube100, eight Smart BatWash, and six Smart BatPlusG2. On the external stage, they positioned four Astra Profile600IP and two additional EclSoft LinearIP.
"The EclSoft LinearIP were the lighting workhorse of the marquee," said Jack Moorhouse, control solutions specialist at A.C. Entertainment Technologies. These fixtures were positioned along all the supports of the marquee, with two support columns at the corners, offering versatile and high-performance lighting.
"The biggest challenge was undoubtedly the weight balance, especially for a structure of this size," added Jack. Thanks to their high versatility, the EclSoft LinearIP provided stable and adaptable lighting for the different needs of the event, transitioning from clear white light for daylighting to an immersive strobe effect for live performances and DJ sets during the evenings.
“The Astra Profile400 projected a punchy, sharp, corporate gobo projection during the day and then transitioned to aerial effect lighting in the evening,” remarked Jack. “Similarly, the Astra Wash7Pix were used to highlight bespoke artworks during the day and transitioned to beam and wash effect lighting in the evenings. Thanks to the onboard CCT and Tint DMX control channels, creating the daytime warm and cool look was effortless.”
Particular applause was reserved for the Smart BatPlusG2, which demonstrated their usefulness and flexibility in dealing with last-minute unexpected events. “Once again, their IP rating and battery power provided us a get out of jail free card. The Smart BatPlusG2 masterfully illuminated a two-metre-high statue of the Ferrari prancing horse, which was only delivered after the lighting was installed, brilliantly solving an unexpected situation,” Jack explained.
The British Drivers Club was enthusiastic about the result obtained, stating: “We've been doing this gig for years, but this was the most beautiful ever, thanks to the suggestive lighting by Prolights. Attention to detail and the ability to adapt to different situations have made Prolights products a winning choice.”

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