The ProRent team has already utilised the SD12 at various events across the country

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Earlier this year, ProRent enhanced its already impressive array of rental solutions with a new multifunctional workhorse - the SD12 digital mixing console.

“At ProRent, we are committed to delivering top-notch solutions for our clients, and the addition of the SD12 aligns perfectly with our mission to provide cutting-edge technology,” says Sinisa Ninkovic, owner of ProRent. “DiGiCo is a premier global brand, and SD-Range consoles are often featured on technical riders of both regional and international artists, which played a pivotal role in our decision to make this purchase. The SD12 is recognised as a reliable solution within our industry.”

Ninkovic also notes that the SD12 commands an impressive array of features, including 72 input channels that can be expanded up to 96 channels, 119 dynamic EQ processors, 16 graphic EQs within the master section, 12 digital effects, and up to 12 control groups (VCAs). “This console's adaptability to diverse installations beyond live environments, combined with its eight microphone and line inputs, eight line outputs, eight mono AES/EBU inputs and outputs, and compatibility with DMI input cards for expansion, makes it a versatile and worthwhile investment for us,” adds Ninkovic.

Delivered ahead of the summer season, the ProRent team has already utilised the SD12 at various events across the country, including musical legend Lepa Brena's most recent performance at the Zetra Olympic Hall in Sarajevo, receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from clients.

“The SD12 stands out for its user-friendly interface, allowing faster and easier parameter adjustments compared to other consoles on the market,” Ninkovic continues. “The practicality of the two 15-inch touch screens has garnered positive reactions from visiting audio engineers and the support we get from AVL Projekt has been great, their expertise and training is another bonus of purchasing from them.”

Complementing the SD12, ProRent also acquired the DiGiCo D2-Rack, an expandable digital stagebox that provides DiGiCo's digital connectivity with an increased channel count and high sample rates. Featuring two MADI ports available in BNC or DiGiCo CAT5E connections, the stagebox seamlessly integrates with the SD-Range consoles.

“As a a pioneering force in Bosnia and Herzegovina's professional audio-visual equipment and truss rental industry, we take pride in delivering complete event solutions,” Ninkovic concludes. “From stage assembly to audio, video, and lighting equipment, ProRent leaves no stone unturned to ensure the success of concerts, conferences, sports events, and more.

“To stay at the forefront of innovation, we must offer the latest technologies– and the DiGiCo SD12 is a highly requested solution. We’re thrilled to have the console readily available and are eagerly anticipating a busy and successful summer ahead.”

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