Protec has invested in Admiral Strong Boy truss dollies from Stage Electrics

UK - Protec, a full-service rigging and AV company serving the events and conference industries, has significantly improved its operations and reduced equipment damage by investing in Admiral Strong Boy truss dollies from Stage Electrics.

Graham Thomas, a key member of the Protec team, first learnt about the Strong Boy truss dollies from an industry peer after facing persistent issues with damaged truss. Following a consultation with Admiral Staging, Protec was directed to Stage Electrics, who facilitated the initial sale of four Strong Boy truss dollies and spacer bars. Impressed by the product's advantages, Protec has since purchased five additional pairs of dollies.

Before purchasing the Admiral Staging Strong Boy truss dollies, the Protec team were noticing considerable damage and wear and tear on their truss as is typical for companies in the rigging industry. "The dollies have drastically reduced the damage being done to our truss.” Says Graham Thomas.

“The Strong Boy truss dollies have not only saved time but also enhanced operational efficiency for Protec. The dollies make life easier for our employees with loading and unloading on and off-site. Instead of carrying two or three lengths of truss by hand each time, they can now load all of their truss onto the Strong Boys and roll it directly off the van and into the venue. The dollies also make the truss easier to handle in the warehouse between events.

"Admiral Staging and Stage Electrics both have solid reputations, so it was a no brainer when deciding who to purchase a truss transport solution from. Admiral Staging having a UK distributor also means that we didn't have to worry about shipping costs and issues as this was all handled by Stage Electrics. Mike Clarke (technical sales consultant at Stage Electrics) was especially brilliant, he explained everything very clearly and handled the project efficiently from beginning to end. We are looking forward to working with Stage Electrics more in the future."

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