Stuart Holmes, CEO, PSCo and Heman Deng, VP, Absen
UK - Trade-only visual specialist PSCo has announced the signing of an exclusive distribution agreement with Absen Optoelectronics, a market leading Chinese manufacturer of LED displays. The partnership unites the expertise and experience of both companies to offer customers in the UK access to the very latest LED displays with a dedicated local service centre and in-house technical support for both rental and fixed installations.

Stuart Holmes, CEO of PSCo, said, "We have reviewed a number of different LED manufacturers, asked our partners for their feedback and researched the market in which we operate, ensuring we can offer the right solution for our customers. Our criteria was simple; we needed a partner that produces the latest high resolution LED products for both rental and fixed installation at a very competitive price, with a strong investment in R&D to ensure innovation continues. Absen delivered on all these points and more, making them the ideal partner for PSCo and our customers."

He continued, "With over 10 years' experience in bringing new technologies to market, our support services are specifically tailored to remove all the risk inherent in the customer adoption process. Our passion will see us continue to research and bring the very latest technologies to the UK, ensuring our trade partners always have access to the most innovative visual solutions."

Under this agreement, PSCo is the exclusive UK distributor of Absen's sub 4mm LED portfolio, including 1.9mm, 2.5mm and 3.9mm fixed installation LED displays and 1.9mm, 2.5mm and 3.9mm rental LED displays. As a key partner of Absen, PSCo can provide all products in the Absen LED portfolio, including indoor and outdoor ranges.

This exclusive agreement ensures that PSCo customers leading with Absen products are protected and supported with product demonstrations at the PSCo Assessment Centre, set-up and on-site UK support, as well as repair services and warranties.

For its rental fleet, PSCo has invested in a large quantity of Absen's 3.9mm A3II Pro Rental LED Display. PSCo has placed an additional amount on hold for its rental partners looking to purchase from the same batch of LEDs, enabling them to benefit from PSCo's trade-only rental service.

"We are excited to be aligned with PSCo in the UK," commented Heman Deng, vice president of Absen. "Our priority is to expand the market for our LED displays in Europe and PSCo's knowledge and experience in both rental and fixed installation makes them an ideal partner for us. Our LED displays have been exported to more than 110 countries and regions worldwide and PSCo can now provide extended local support in the UK."

(Jim Evans)

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