‘The event solidified Racquet Studios' commitment to fostering innovation and excellence in the field of virtual production’
UK - Racquet Studios, a Sussex-based operator in the realm of virtual production, celebrated a successful student open day with East Sussex College at their Eastbourne facility on 22 February, offering more than 120 attendees from a range of creative courses a ‘deep dive into the transformative world of virtual content creation and filmmaking’.
The event, which was hosted in partnership with Canon Cinema EOS Cameras and Croatian specialist manufacturer, stYpe, illustrated the evolution of virtual production, highlighting its significant advantages over traditional filmmaking methods while emphasising the various creative and technical skills that feed into the cutting-edge solution.
The event solidified Racquet Studios' commitment to fostering innovation and excellence in the field of VP while engaging with young creatives to develop and retain skills in the region.
The day, which was split into two sessions, kicked off with a comprehensive introduction to VP, where the Racquet team guided participants through the sector's evolution.
The team also delved into the process of photogrammetry, unveiling the intricate method of creating digital twins of objects and environments through complex photography techniques. This process plays a crucial role in the complex recreation of assets that fuel the digital creative ecosystem.
Before breaking for lunch, all students had the opportunity to take to the stage and get hands-on with the professional setup, which included Canon Cinema EOS Cameras, lenses and global-leading camera tracking technology from stYpe.
The afternoon session continued to include a detailed technical and practical masterclass in camera tracking technology, featuring a special guest and technician from, stYpe, the Emmy Award-winning leader in camera tracking hardware and software, who had flown in from Croatia, especially for the event.
Simon Skinner, managing director, Racquet Studios, said: “Since launching in June 2023, we have engaged with local and regional education partners to drive technological and creative skills in the South East. It is critical for us to encourage the development of an advanced creative digital economy in the South-East. It is an exciting and vibrant time for the burgeoning UK creative industries as games, film and high-end TV especially, drive the strongest sector of the UK economy that is currently worth circa £115bn per annum.
“The popularity of this event demonstrates the appetite of young creatives in our area. We have a rich program of events planned for 2024, for individual training partners and open events for freelancers, production houses and creatives in the region.”
Kristina Crgar, project manager, stYpe, said: “We eagerly anticipate further collaborations with Racquet Studios, as we believe our partnership holds great promise for driving impactful advancements in technology and creativity.”
Matt Kemp, head of curriculum, creative and digital, East Sussex College, Eastbourne, added: “The team at Racquet scheduled a fantastic opportunity for our students and staff at East Sussex College in Eastbourne. Racquet very kindly offered us a day of dynamic and engaging talks, presentations and hands-on activities to help explore the opportunities for creative students in virtual production.”

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